nothing more to say about this weird year

Ok honestly i’m just laughing at Casserole who says she’s writing Malec’s first time. Don’t fall for it guys, she’s just doing this because of malec’s popularity in the show. NOTHING MORE. In six books we got clace sleeping together and having sex and kissing + sizzy sleeping together + vampire sucking blood seductively + kissing. Malec was mentionned to be away on a vacation + alec being biphobic because magnus dated a woman 200 years ago.

In the show we have malec scenes, and alec is indifferent to Magnus’s bisexual status he’s not shocked about it or weirded out and not scared or threatened by it

“can i in fact make entire playlists for the stan twins using nothing but the mountain goats songs?” i asked myself

the answer was apparently “yes”

have to explode (the mountain goats)
lion’s teeth (the mountain goats)
cry for judas (the mountain goats)
this year (the mountain goats)
werewolf gimmick (the mountain goats)
counterfeit florida plates (the mountain goats)
southwestern territory (the mountain goats)
outer scorpion squadron (the mountain goats)
love love love (the mountain goats)
attention all pickpockets (the mountain goats)

woke up new (the mountain goats)
amy aka spent gladiator 1 (the mountain goats)
new monster avenue (the mountain goats)
in the craters on the moon (the mountain goats)
no children (the mountain goats)
up the wolves (the mountain goats)
family happiness (the mountain goats)
autoclave (the mountain goats)
maybe sprout wings (the mountain goats)
never quite free (the mountain goats)

anonymous asked:

I hope this isn't too weird a question, but I'm writing a story about a character who's a marine biologist, and it's been awhile since I've done a lot of research on animals (I read a lot about them as a kid, but it's been years). What should I know about your profession so I can do it justice in my story?

No question is too weird (that I’ve come across yet anyway).

I cannot speak on behalf of all marine biologists, and there are quite a few different jobs under the same umbrella. But I can say they all have one thing in common, a deep rooted passion for marine life and their environment. Your character should definitely emphasize their passions for conservation, maybe with the attitude of nothing else being more important.

Money doesn’t drive marine biologists, conservation does.

I hope that helps!

- Meg 


Honestly, dude, when I was little…. I know there’s nothing more annoying that when actresses or people that are considered attractive say stupid stuff like: “I was so ugly” but let me tell you – I was just like my brother until I turned 14. Terribly worried because of it, really weird, totally lanky, clumsy, people used to confuse me for a boy constantly. The first time someone had to put a mic on me, the sound engineer put some tape on my chest – now don’t make a big deal about it – I was 10 years old. He was pressing hard and he said: “Hey you’re a strong kid, what’s up boy?” And I sat there and replied in a small voice: “Hum, no. Stop.” (she laughs). And it was like that every single time. At some point, I liked being treated the way that I was. But do I love myself? That’s a funny question. I’m happy, I have a lot of luck, I’m healthy and I’m aware of it all. (when asked: When you look in the mirror, do you like what you’re seeing?)

[Certain] swathes of the internet went positively wild with excitement when photos surfaced this year showing the couple sharing a kiss on stage, or relaxing on a bed with X-Files merchandise.

People who want to read more into that closeness, however should “know there’s nothing to it” says Anderson.  “It’s a game.”  She shifts in her seat, and fixes me with a cool gaze. Does she really think people believe that? Plenty, as a quick Google search reveals, seem absolutely convinced that there’s more to it.  “Does he live in London?” she snaps back. “Does David live in London?” Not to my knowledge I say, but were they ever romantically involved? “Nope,” she replies crisply.  “Is that going to be the headline of this interview?”

The Daily Telegraph, Feb 2016