nothing makes more sense

Ya’ know how there’s supposed to be, like, 9 seasons or something of Gotham?

Well imagine this.

Imagine Wayne befriending a majority the Gotham villains. Yeah, Wayne’s already friends with Selina, but imagine him befriending all the other villains as well.

Imagine Wayne gaining Ivy’s friendship– imagine him growing on her, because a friend of Selina’s is someone Ivy decides she can trust despite having trust issues.

Imagine Oswald having a soft spot for Wayne and Wayne actually growing on him because Oswald knows what it’s like to lose a mother and he can sympathize.

Imagine Wayne actually trying to answer Nygma’s riddles and even finding them fun rather than rolling his eyes and saying he doesn’t care for riddles. Imagine how impressed Nygma would be when Wayne actually manages to figure a few out.

Imagine Wayne befriending Harvey Dent, because hey– he’s genuinely a good law attorney, and there’s not many of those, so they automatically click and Harvey even gets a bit protective of him in a brotherly sort of way.

Imagine Wayne becoming a friend of Jonathan Crane despite Jonathan having random terrors. Imagine Wayne helping calm him down when he’s freaking out.

Imagine Wayne even befriending Jerome. Imagine Wayne going against his better judgement and helping Jerome get away from Hugo Strange in Blackgate, and imagine the only reason Jerome doesn’t kill him is because he doesn’t have enough energy to do so. Imagine them actually eventually growing on each other as time and seasons went by, and Jerome actually gaining a soft spot for Wayne despite never admitting it.

Now imagine what the last season of Gotham would be like.

Imagine everyone Wayne became friends with becoming even colder criminals.

Selina would cross the line and kill someone innocent in a robbery gone bad– it would be an accident, and someone she didn’t mean to hurt, but she did and that was that.

Ivy would push Wayne and everyone around her further and further away while a teacher (as in the comic origins) isolates her and convinces her to let him do biological tests pertaining to plant life on her because he ‘loves her’ and guilt trips her into agreeing, and eventually he’d mentally break her down so horribly that she’d stop trusting him along with everyone else.

Oswald would grow convinced that his mother’s death was something that had to happen for him to get where he was, and eventually there would be a day he just didn’t even care– he’d be ruthless.

Nygma would use the job Wayne gave him at his Enterprises (as is done in canon) to make a weapon of mass destruction and not see anything wrong with his intellectual invention.

Harvey would develop the Two Face personality, and Two Face wouldn’t look out for anyone but himself because, hey– that’s what gangsters do.

Jonathan would one day stop feeling fear because the treatments would work… but along with the loss of fear he’d lose every other emotion with it.

Wayne would be forced to go up against everyone he’d befriended. He’d have to go up against Selina for murder, against Ivy for blaming everyone and waning to make humans rot, Oswald for becoming a mob king who had no more empathy, Nygma for going rogue, Scarecrow for deciding to put everyone through what he’d gone through… but he wouldn’t be able to do it as Wayne.

Wayne would have to do it as someone else– someone neutral to knowing these people he’d once cared more than anything for.

Wayne would have to do it as Batman, and that would be one of the major reasons he’d become batman.

Despite having seasons of showing Wayne befriending these villains, in the end he’d have to go up against him as all vigilantes must.

In the games Scarecrow says Joker was created because of Batman– if Batman had never existed, then neither would Joker.

So imagine Jerome seeing the bat vigilante and being the only one who fits the pieces together and he finds it funny– he finds it REALLY funny that the one kiddo he ended up getting a soft spot for is turning on everyone.

Imagine Jerome turning on Wayne before Wayne can turn on him– imagine the Joker and Batman having a dreading feeling they know who the other is, yet rather than daring to find out they never even try, because Jerome’s not sure he wants to know if Wayne is the bat and Wayne’s not sure he wants to know if Jerome is the jester.

Imagine Wayne having to go up against everyone he cared about and hoping one day his once-friends will actually get better in Arkham Asylum if he just keeps putting them back in there, and until then he can’t afford to hope so he simply shuts down and carries the burden of knowing he’s going up against the ones he spent seasons seeing as family, yet they wouldn’t know the one fighting them is the fourteen year old kiddo they had once cared about.

Imagine that being why Wayne makes up the 'no killing rule’– because he forced himself to believe it’s ethics, when really he just can’t bring himself to kill the people that looked out for him as a kid.

Imagine Wayne shutting down and being the cold law enforcer he is because he doesn’t want to face the fact he can’t save his friends, because if he did then he knows that would be where Batman met his limits– that would be where Batman broke.

Imagine Wayne realizing it’s Gotham, and Gotham doesn’t have happy endings.

Imagine that :)

Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.

Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.

Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.



a page of seijou doodles

Okay I’m sorry, but how did “There is nothing going on between me and Marcus. I asked you to the dance because I wanted to come with you. I know you want to push people away, but I like you. I like you and there is nothing you can do to change that” followed by

into Pin saying “She made it pretty clear she’s not interested.” and Zoe making out with Marcus? 

Like I know that there was this whole “Last night was pretty crazy, I guess we weren’t ourselves.” conversation, but come on? That was just cute confusion. I’ve now watched this show twice, once alone and once with a friend, and she also remarked on how it felt like there’s a whole episode missing? 

Like when did Zoe develop feelings for Marcus? How are we supposed to even like him, when he behaved like a dick to her the second he heard she was going with Pin and we don’t even know what his personality is like? Why did her and Pin have eight episodes of build up just to be shoved under the rug like it had never happened in episode 10?

Tree Bros is a confusing ship

I don’t wanna get into it but like

It’s cute none the less but like
Can you??Not???

You can’t get past the fact of what Evan did with the ‘power’ he had with the usage of Connor’s suicide. He used it for his advantage until it backfired. But what if it didn’t? What would have happened?
A majority of Connor that we saw throughout the play was Evan’s self conscious and made up version of him. Connor!! Wasn’t!! That!! Good!! 
Evan created this fake version of Connor and used their “friendship” to his advantage. I said I wasn’t gonna get into it  
In summary,
I may like the ship somewhat but that’s only surpassing the part of me that knows it’s kinda wrong?  ?

Sucy purposely set up the “Sleeping beauty” scenario, either consciously or unconsciously.

When we first enter sucy’s world, there are a bunch of mushrooms bringing a sword and shield to sucy. Akko takes them

The sucy who represented sucy’s feels for akko turned into a dragon. the dragon also represents sucy’s feelings. It’s possible sucy can see through the dragon’s eyes, too . Not sure

The way sucy’s room set up clearly mirrors that of a fairytale. Sleeping beauty, to be exact. The vines have nothing to do with mushrooms. Mushrooms would make much more sense if it wasn’t planned. Mushrooms are sprouting out outside, destroying the school! Why aren’t they here? Because sucy wants a fairytale.

Akko has to fight through the vines and the dragon with the shield and sword from before. My guess is that the mushrooms would’ve left them at the door for akko if she didn’t scare them in the beginning. After all, sucy has no need for either.

The dragon could attack akko right now, but does nothing and just watches. 

The vines start to disappear when akko tells sucy she loves her. The dragon is still just sitting there. 

Sucy probably expected akko to assume a kiss would wake her up, but that works too

How dragon sucy is seeing this scene

Sucy is VERY excited abt this, she has hearts in her eyes!

Akko is taking too long. She’s just standing there. Though it’s mainly just nerves, from sucy’s pov it probably seem like akko doesn’t want to kiss her. 

Sucy wakes up at this point. Akko did nothing, so the cure wasn’t necessary, which pretty much confirmed to me sucy set everything up, and stopped because she thinks akko didn’t want to kiss her.

She’s very upset about it. Dragon sucy looks utterly crushed : ( poor sucy

Anyway that’s all, let me know if I missed anything!

I’m so annoyed with people claiming it was surely Ciel’s twin who attacked Soma because “Soma acted like he knew the person well” so I made a little compilation post of how Soma usually greets Ciel.

Now compare it with this one.

Yes, Soma definitely knows the attacker (well, the murderer now). And he knows the attacker well enough to invite them inside the mansion and not suspect anything. BUT in the same time, the attacker is not someone as close to Soma as Ciel and Sebastian are. It is someone Soma met enough times to let them inside the mansion but not enough to greet them so enthusiastically as he greets Ciel. He still keeps his distance from this person. If by any chance it was twin Ciel (or even someone disguising himself as Ciel), Soma would react differently.

As for why he attacked Ciel - remember that Soma is (or rather, WAS) completely unaware of Ciel’s work as “queen watchdog”. He was never told anything, unless it was absolutely necessary. In fact, it was Agni who suspected that Ciel and Sebastian are hiding something from them, Soma still thought that Ciel is a typical, careless royal like him and he’s only cold and jaded because he is still depressed his parents are dead. He had absolutely NO CLUE what Ciel really is doing. If Soma learned from the attacker how much Ciel is hiding from him and how much dirty work he is doing (and well, how many people he killed), it’s understandable he is furious. Even more if it attacker told Soma they were targetting Ciel and Soma was in the way. Soma blames Ciel and Sebastian for Agni’s death (because if both were at the manor, the attacker would be dead in a blink of an eye) and that’s why he lashed out at Ciel.

Honestly I kind of want King Tony’s concubines to wear regular clothes?? Like Steve and Bucky are walking around like they’re knights in breeches and sleeved shirts and foreign dignitaries are like “Your concubines??? Should be nearly naked???” And Tony gets v offended because his concubines will dress however he likes and if he likes for them to not get ogled by other people that’s his business now isn’t it? (The foreign dignitaries say nothing more because that makes sense and also King Tony’s concubines look like they’re perfectly willing to commit murder for their king.) And the trio always walks around like they’ve been well-fucked so whatever apparently full coverage does it for King Tony.

(Little does anyone know that Tony likes being taken care of after a long day of ruling a country, and he shows he needs to be taken apart slow and steady and get told that he is loved for who he is instead of just as a good king by wearing the typical concubine clothing: see-through fabrics, silk ropes, decorative chains. At one point Obadiah tries to set up a coup and Natasha and Clint burst into Tony’s room to get him to safety and they just have to pause because their king is wearing pink mesh fabric around his waist and nothing else. “Well,” Natasha says as Steve flails to cover Tony with a sheet and accidentally slaps Bucky. “This actually explains a lot.”)

((They get Tony to safety. Bucky valiantly gives up his pants so no one can judge Tony. Tony uses the pink fabric as a belt because Steve and Bucky are built like fucking brick walls and it still doesn’t keep the legs of his pants from covering his toes.))

Kiss Me With Your Eyes Open

My First Klance au!!!! I’m excited!! Hope you guys like it and :3 

Ari xxx

Lance was famous for his ‘accidents.’

How he ‘accidentally’ mixed the two wrong substances in chemistry and caused a school wide evacuation. 

How he ‘accidentally’ had his leg out and tripped someone who has been mean to Hunk. 

How he ‘accidentally’ dropped thumbtacks onto the wheels of the guy who bullied Pidge’s car and scratching up his precious car. 

So maybe they weren’t really ‘accidents.’

But one thing Lance didn’t plan on was how he truly accidentally fell in love with his best friend. 

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Too Much Pressure

Hey angels!
This one is a bit shorter, hope you enjoy it anyway. Feedback is always appreciated. xx

Also, please note that my mother tongue isn’t English so there might be some mistakes. Feel free to correct me if I made mistakes!

Requested by @littlemisscaptainfandom: Could you do a fic with Reggie and the reader where he comforts her after she panics big time over exams because she is pretty useless at maths and has never failed anything in her life because people expect so much from her? (Sorry, this is pretty much my life right now) x

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader
Warnings: none I guess
Words: 825

It’s that time of year again where students are stressing themselves out; where some of them cry most of the time due stress; where some of them don’t do anything but sitting in their rooms, isolating themselves from the outside, and studying non-stop. It’s exams time. The horror of every student. Where others still enjoy their lives and meet up with their friends, I’m one of those people, who are just thinking about studying and good grades. School matters more than having a social life. It’s been like this my entire life.

Since I was little I’ve been taught that doing mistakes is unacceptable; that failing is unacceptable. Being any less than perfect would be a disappointment to my parents, so I work hard on not making mistakes, not even small ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I’m glad I have them, but sometimes it feels like they care more about our image than me as an individual.

That’s why I’m currently sitting in the library with dozens of textbooks in front of me, my eyes focused on the words and numbers. Math’s always been a weakness of mine. As hard as I try it seems like it’s impossible for me to memorize all these formulas. Slowly but surely I can feel the panic rise in me. There’s a heavy feeling in my chest when I think of how disappointed my parents will be when I fail this exam.

This can’t happen, I think to myself, Come on, Y/N, you can’t let them down. Taking a deep breath, I try to focus on the book, which is laying right in front of me. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, nothing in this book makes sense to me. The panic rises even more. My vision starts to get blurry, my heart beats so fast I’m afraid it’ll jump out of my chest. Even my mouth gets drier and drier each second that’s passing by. It’s getting harder to breathe, my throat’s closing itself. Not now, Y/N, hell will be loose. You have to keep going. The first tear escapes my eye, making its way down my cheek. Frustrated I wipe it away and sniffle. Dammit. Deep in my thoughts I don’t notice how someone sits down beside me.

A hand on my shoulder pulls me out of my own world. “Hey, Y/N, is everything alright?”, a familiar deep voice asks me. I look to my left. Reggie. A small smile forms on my face. Despise what most people might think Reggie has always been nothing but friendly to me. I can’t say how and when but we became friends a while ago. Honestly, he’s the only one who I can rely on. He’s been there for me when no one else was. We share most secrets with one another. Of course, I’m not a fan of his behavior towards some persons, but I’m trying to change that.

“Yeah,” I say quietly. He raises an eyebrow, obviously not believing me. “What is it? You know, you can talk to me.” I sigh and look at my hands, which are playing with the hem of my shirt. “I don’t get this stuff,” I murmur, gesturing to the books. I take a deep breath, before continuing to speak, “How should I meet everyone’s expectations when I can’t even get the simplest things?” I swallow hard as I think of letting everyone down. Tears making their way out of my eyes, leaving wet marks on my cheeks. “No one’s expecting things from you,” he softly says, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “You don’t know my parents. For them is failing a tragic. For most parents it’s okay if their kids make mistakes. But not for mine. If you make one, you’re a loser, a failure, a disappointment.”

“I can’t disappoint them, they will hate me,” I sniffle, leaning in on Reggie. His grip tightens, giving me a secure feeling. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you, but first of all you need to get your mind off,” he smiles, wiping my tears away and pressing a light kiss on my temple. “Reggie, didn’t you hear what I said I-” The boy cuts me off, “I know, I know. But you can’t sit inside and studying your ass off all day. Once in a while you gotta have fun” I open my mouth to protest but before I could say anything, I get cut off, again. “No buts.” I sigh, but can’t help the smile that forms on my face. “Thank you, Reg. You really are my hero,” I whisper, wrapping my arms around his waist and hugging him tightly. “Anything for my favorite girl.” He presses another kiss on my temple. The smile on my face gets bigger. I’m grateful for having a person like him in my life, who supports me and accepts me for my imperfect self, not wanting to change me.

Nct Dream's reaction to their crush asking them out

Request: Nct dream react to their crush asking them out just before they were going to?

A/N: i assumed ‘asking out’ as in going on a date right?? if you meant asking them out to be their partner then do request again ahh, hope you enjoy reading this!



This nervous little bun literally spent three sleepless nights thinking of how to phrase his words, and had mentally prepared himself if he got all flustered and forgot how to speak in front of you. He prepared himself in the morning, looking his best for you, his heart beating loudly against his chest.

But he was too shocked and flustered to answer when you asked him out instead, his cheeks instantly turning red as he avoids yout eye contact. But after you ask him again, he’d get out of his trance, nodding almost too excitedly as he stammers on his words, too happy and nervous at the same time.

“Y/N Hello-”

“Oh i was just about to find you!


“Yes! I was wondering, if you want to catch a movie together?”


“O-Oh.. Yeah sure!”

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He wasn’t nervous over the fact that he was going to ask you out, but instead afraid of your response and that you might reject him. Thank goodness for Jeno for giving him encouragement, as he decided to ask you during lunch break.

Without thinking much, he greeted you with a daily smile as soon as he saw you walk up to him at his table. As soon as you asked, he would be flustered at first, then slowly start to feel excited and happy, as his smile becomes wider and brighter, agreeing with you.

“Oh Y/N what are you doing here?”

“Study date after school? At the moomin cafe?”

“D-Date? Oh… Sure of course!”

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Was already well prepared and wasn’t feeling as nervous as he thought he would be, as he trusted that you’d go out with him, since both of you were pretty close friends. He greeted you while patting your head, flashing you his sweet smile. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth, ready to ask.

But when he saw that you were going to say something, he stopped and nudged for you to continue. He’d giggle to himself immediately, his eyesmiles shining brightly as you notice a slight shade of pink on his cheeks. He’d nod his head quickly, then pinching your cheeks, “Of course”

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This dork was internally about to break down and scream from all the nausea and nervousness he was feeling, but still tried to keep his cool in front of everyone else. He had tried out many different ways to ask you out, ranging from really cheesy pick up lines to the ‘cool guy’ versions.

Would become speechless as soon as he beard your question, until all his nervousness has been replaced by pure happiness and excitement. Would probably tease you too, as both his cheeks turn red. But would agree in the end, but still not making it obvious that he likes you.sseeer/p>

“Haechan do you want to go to a cafe after school together?”

“Together- Oh sure of course, but i need to see if i’m free though, i’m very busy you know *wink*”

“All you do is sleep though, how busy can you be”

“Shush, see you outside your classroom at 2!”

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Like Jeno, he’s really calm about this and didn’t really think much about it other than a small faint feeling of nervousness. All he wanted to do was spend some time with you so he didn’t see the need to think so much, as he’d let his words take over at the point of time when he’s going to ask you.

So as soon as you asked him before he did, he’d smile sweetly to you immediately, agreeing and making you feel more comfortable. He felt nothing more than a sense of achievement, but couldn’t stop himself as his cheeks showed a light shade of pink.

“Jaemin, are you free for a small dinner date later?”

“Dinner date…? Oh haha sure, of course!”

“I’ll pick you up at 7?”

“Sounds great, see you later Jaemin”

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A mixture of Jaemin and Haechan- a part of him wanted to scream out loud and hug you but he decided to keep his cool as he didn’t want to scare you. He didn’t really have a plan on how to ask you out, and was praying for the best that you would agree.

Which is why he was over the moon when you asked him first, his cheeks blushing instantly as he kept his head low, giving and awkward but cute laugh. He’d nod at you excitedly like a child, mentioning about how happy he was to be able to go out with you.

“Chenle! There’s a carnival nearby, i was thinking if you wanted to follow me there this weekend?”

“*instant red cheeks* Really…? Me?”

“Yes haha”

“Yes yes!!”

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This boy had thought long and hard about how to ask you out, but at the same time, didn’t seek help from the older members because he was afraid that they might tease him, which was why he was lost at what to do. He wasn’t expecting you to ask him at all, because he felt that you never really paid attention to him,which was the total opposite of what you did because he’s too adorable not be noticed.

Which explained why he was in literal shock when you asked him. He was so flustered he dropped all the books he was holding in his arms onto the floor, his body instantly jerking up as soon as he heard your question. Would literally be frozen to the spot and wouldn’t be able to say anything.

“Jisung! Do you want to go to the park with me?”

“*drops everything*Park? T-Two of us, alone?”

“Y-Yeah… Are you okay? It’s okay if you don’t wa-”

“No- I mean yes, i-i’ll go”

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Hot chocolate

There isn’t enough Adrinino stuff so here is my first contribution to help rectify that. Definitely not the last I’ll be writing of them.


“No, Nino, what’re you doing? I’m nice and warm.” Adrien whined as his best friend shuffled off the bed they were sharing while they cuddled. “Very rude.” He immediately gathered up the rest of the blanket that Nino wasn’t using to cover himself.

“I’m just getting a drink, bro, sheesh.” He chuckled and shook his head. Even in winter pajamas Adrien was apparently still cold.

“But I’m cooold.”

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“remove the dependence on the brain’s sensory system”

Don’t trust your senses…WTF!

That’s why we “invented” science and “the tools of science”.

So that Science will interpret everything you need to know, just believe everything science has to tell you as your not capable as an individual to do this for yourself.

This is a personal attack against every human clearly stating that humans cannot trust their sensory selves.

Never allow yourself to be Bullied into thinking that you are less than you are.  You are a powerful, individual creation, quite capable of interpreting everything that this Incredible Earth has to offer, with ALL the senses you were given.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a paid actor with a very large Ego and a slight self-importance issue as he has surely asserted himself and science clearly above us dumb humans.


Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Requested by @trekken81 – McCoyXReader: reader collapses while on duty and McCoy goes all protective while taking care of her.
Word Count: 2263
Rating: Teen+
Author’s Note: Thank you to @trekken81 for the opportunity to write this – I was sad that I didn’t get to include something similar in my A to Z series, so when I got this request I was absolutely delighted to get the chance to write it.  I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!


It was no surprise to you when you began to feel extremely faint at your station.  The instruments you’d been holding clattered to the tabletop, narrowly missing destroying the uncapped vials of a plant antitoxin you’ve been working on as you swayed and toppled to the ground, your head spinning.

After an away mission gone awry, you’d been working on an antitoxin for a plant venom that the crew had been dosed with while the medical team fought to keep the exposed crew members stabilized.  The initial incident had occurred nearly 24 hours prior, at which time you’d already been six hours into a 12-hour shift, which meant you were currently on your nearly thirty-second straight hour without sleep.  It’s your job to oversee the development of the antitoxin as the Enterprise’s chief botanist and you’re taking the responsibility with the utmost seriousness. As such, you’ve also barely eaten anything in over a day and you haven’t had anything to drink besides coffee.

You hear footsteps nearing you as you lie on the floor, your head spinning and nausea making your stomach churn and spasm. Your eyelids are heavy and you’re having trouble orientating yourself, even as hands land on your shoulders and a voice above you calls to you.

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