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october 25th, 2016.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s friendship is Good and Pure and Wholesome and beautiful proof that platonic love is not Lesser than romantic love.


tw ladies + their animal counterparts

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Sam: *holding up hanger with shirt on it* "you'd look great in this" Gabriel: *holding up hanger with nothing on it* "you'd look great in this😏"


this is literally the funnies shit I’ve seen all year. I love you anon, whoever you are. you are a genius omg

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Happy anniversary to the three men who made an impact in WWE, who in the span of four years have done exactly what they said they’d do and own the business whether they’re friends or enemies, who got me back into watching wrestling, and who have done so much in the last few years and still have so much more to give us and are paving the way for the next generation that are still to come.

The Hounds Of Justice, The Shield: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. Words can’t describe how incredibly proud I am of all three of these men for what they’ve accomplished and everything they’ve done for the industry. They deserve all their success. Whether they’re together or apart, I will always support them and they will always have a place in my heart.

I wish them nothing but success and happiness. I look forward to more great storytelling from these incredibly talented men.

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  • Roommate: Your ass looks great today.
  • Me: Thanks, I've consumed nothing but coffee and red bull vodkas for the last 24 hours.
  • Her: Damn I gotta try that diet.
have some haikyuu!! headcannons because it’s all I can think of
  • Nishinoya has crawled through the karasuno air vents before and nothing can convince me otherwise
    • Only Tanaka and the other second years know, but Suga found out anyway because Noya crawled into his math class
      • Suga nearly pissed himself laughing when he realized it was Noya, while trying to keep himself quiet as well so to not disturb class
        • nobody will ever tell Daichi
  • Yamaguchi is a math whiz, ask him any question and he can do it!
  • Kageyama is actually very fashion forward, but when it comes to disguises he tries too hard, thus causing a mess
    • The other first years lost it when they saw him in casual clothes because they expected like, gym shorts and a tee shirt but NOPE
  • Hinata is actually really organized, like his room is spotless down to the last stacked piece of paper
    • His momma made him organize everything for the longest time and eventually it turned into a habit without her telling him
      • Even his lunch is organized it’s actually really cute
  • Suga is actually like the most hardcore Memer out of the whole team
    • You thought it would be noya or tanaka? NOPE. It’s sugar.
      • He’s actually got such a good sense of humor and makes the funniest jokes ever
      • Some of his jokes are like, so cynical though that it makes Asahi and Daichi back up a bit
        • “Hey daichi you know what’d be nice right now?” “What?” “Death” “SUGA.”
        • He’s a devil in an angel’s costume
      • He sends memes in the volleyball chat and everyone loses it because they’re so funny
    • He’s also good at telling stories, like he can explain situations really well
    • He once told a scary story SO well during volleyball training camp with everyone  that Daichi nearly pissed himself
    • Nobody talks about it
    • Suga isn’t allowed to tell spooky stories anymore
  • Kenma is actually so fearless it’s scary
    • Kuroo is actually worried about how fearless he can be
    • Nobody lets Kenma drive because he is 
      • a) a speed demon, 
      • and b) literally takes such sharp turns you’d flip to the other side of you didn’t have a seat belt on. 
      • He could be a drifting king if he liked racing
    • He also crosses the streets without looking sometimes and it’s SO. BAD. no matter how much Kuroo and Yaku scold him
  • On another note, Kenma and Akaashi actually get along really well! They have each other’s numbers and even hang out sometimes without Bokuto and Kuroo so they can have peace for a bit
    • They usually go to a cafe to hang out
  • Oikawa knows how to do makeup and nobody knows how or why
    • Past girlfriends have left the relationship with better makeup skills than when they started
    • One time the volleyball team all got a makeover from Oikawa and surprisingly, Kindaichi and Kunimi rocked it almost better than Oikawa
      • Nobody is to ever speak of it again though
    • Oikawa never uses makeup but finds it fun to do it on others
    • His skin is so soft?? How? The world may never know
    • His hair is naturally wavy like that, but used to be more curly when he was younger; he hated it
  • Iwaizumi is a B I G momma’s boy. He loves his momma and has so much respect for her and his father
    • He’d do anything for his mom though, need help with groceries? Go inside he’ll grab them all for you (he has those nice buff arms he can do it)
  • Iwa-chan goes to the gym four times a week, and tries to bring a whining Oikawa with him every day he goes
    • It doesn’t always work
    • He has to drag Oikawa
  • Noya actually was the tallest of his class in his first year of middle school, but after the year was over he ended up the shortest because he had a really small growth spurt, unlike everyone else
    • He brings it up a lot
    • He is still bitter
  • Ushijima loves gory mangas (Tendou thinks he doesn’t read anything but the ads but trust me, he got hooked on Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan really quickly)
    • He somehow got Semi into Tokyo Ghoul too, and they text about it a lot; they’re both not finished with the manga yet and plan to binge-watch the anime together along with Tendou
    • He has two fish; his goldfish is named Kaneki and his beta fish is named Touka

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