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Access Granted (1/1)

So a couple of weeks ago, I made a post about a Hacker!Killian, FBI!Emma fic and voila, here is the whole thing. This is dedicated to (just) Ruhi @ofshipsandswans because she practically forced me to write it and she selfishly made me change my entire ending (shame on you rohana), but she also made me this amazing banner, gave me the title (which makes this boring fic seem way more exhilariating) and she just spread a whole lotta love in general which I am hoping to return with this. <3

~10,800 words

Finding the code to success of being a good hacker is easier than one would think. It’s all about knowing and understanding your opponent and adapting your tactics as you go.

Small websites are like young, inexperienced fighters. There’s sloppiness and there are unguarded bits and spaces; they use all of their energy in the first ten minutes, trying to wear their opponent down, but end up tired themselves and even laxer. That’s when you attack and strike the death-blow.

The key to hacking a multinational lies somewhere else. Think of them as the big, muscular, intimidatingly staring fellows whose arms are adorned with black tattoo lines and whose teeth are in dire need of attention. There is no way in hell you would win in a head to head battle; there’s no point in even trying. What do you do instead? You look for their weak spot, their Achilles heel just waiting to be uncovered. You study their every movement, their system, how they function. And when the bright, neon arrow starts flickering; well, that’s when the fun begins.

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We’ll Have Tonight, LMM/Reader

Prompt: New York City is your own weekend mistress.

Words: 2,007

Author’s Note: This was heavily inspired by the movie ‘Before We Go’ (which is on Netflix, you should watch it!). Title taken from TL5Y, because I love that musical with all my heart. This is probably as close to angst as I will write.

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, cursing.

Askbox | Masterlist

It seemed that every person’s mission in New York was to make you miss your train.

You had it all planned out, too. An itinerary sat unused in your purse, your meticulously timed day was off to a late start with the first item. Checking out of your hotel.

You gave yourself twenty minutes for this. Collect your bag - which had been carefully packed the night before - and turn in your keys. A particularly difficult family ahead of you and an excruciatingly slow computer decided against your twenty minute window.

Ten minutes behind schedule.

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Summary: After getting a bad review on your debut novel, Lin is there to console you. 

Author’s Note: This was actually inspired and influenced entirely by the hateful anons a lot of my friends (and I) ran into this morning. I took something terrible and turned it into art. You’re welcome. 

So, officially, this is dedicated to the following people for being forces of talent, positivity, and radiance in this fandom and their daily lives. I appreciate and love all of you. 

@hamilbye | @strongenoughfoundation | @gratitudejoyandsorrow | @sunshinemiranda | @buckybarneshairpullingkink 

Additionally, the song Doubt by Mary J. Blige completely always helps me out when I have self-confidence issues (I listened to it while writing this, hence the title) + this Girl Power playlist is always helpful (and super fun to listen to). 

A special thank you to @spicydice for helping me out with some details for this fic! 

Words: 2,646 

Warnings: a little harsh criticism 

The city ran like it had just put down thirteen cups of coffee. The colors blurred, car horns honked in a never-ending sequence, and people jostled you to the side of the walk. You kept your head down, pressing a hand to your free ear while trying to make out what your friend was telling you through the phone that was pressed against your other ear.

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A Little Slow On Love (pt. 2)

title : A Little Slow On Love

with : Hyungwon (Monsta X)

summary : Seeing as you’re failing your classes, your Mother hires you a private tutor. (fluff) 

(Part 1 x )

Originally posted by wonhontology

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Princess of the Stars (pt. 2)

Title: Princess of the Stars (pt.2)

Prompt: Read the A/N below this

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Relationships: Reader x Jim Kirk

Warnings: n/a

A/N:  Okay so Jim’s b-day was what spurred me to post pt. 1, but the actual prompt is something I don’t quite want to reveal just yet right up here (even though I feel like it’s obvious as to what it is). If you don’t already have an idea of what it is, this part gives it away :)

This is apart of a series! You can read the previous parts here: Part One |

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sick days | kenny omega

Originally posted by daintymissdevitt

It was an awful time to get sick. I mean, there’s no “good time” to be overcome with a horrible cough, pounding headache, and relentless sneezing, but now was really not a good time. Kenny was busier than ever and the last thing he needed was a sick girlfriend, not that he would ever let on the extra trouble it added to his schedule. He’d told me too often to worry less about his time and more about feeling better. “Having a sick girlfriend is no fun. I prefer you when you’re healthy,” he joked one day, earning him a rightful eye-roll from me.

I knew, of course, from the very beginning of our relationship that Kenny was a good boyfriend. An amazing boyfriend, considering the circumstances we had to deal with. But when he was faced with such a challenging task, handling my sickness-induced demands and requests for attention, it became clear just lucky I truly am. There wasn’t a single thing the man wasn’t good at, besides iMessage games, which he would never admit. 

Thankfully, the day was just about empty for Kenny. His schedule only included a brief something or the other he had to tend to much later on. And despite my plea to spend this foreign free-time outside of the building I’d been practically quarantined in per Kenny’s request (perhaps order is a better word), he insisted otherwise. According to him, if I wanted to get better quickly, our best bet was to stay home all day laughing at stupid videos and distant memories. While his belief certainly held some truth, I’m sure it was just his excuse to let the day pass by with ease and laughter lines. 

Because Kenny just had a magnificent way of always getting want he wished for, the day did end up being wasted away just as he’d proposed. Though, “wasted” is a harsh term considering just how great the temporarily serenity truly was. Soon enough, my mere cold (which is all it really was, even if Kenny treated it like the Plague) would pass and I’d be set to return to my schedule while he would focus on his. The least we could do was appreciate this rare moment of peace, tucked away under a haphazard mess of blankets and surrounded by an array of snacks. 

It was also his request to go through a vast majority of the popular “important videos” playlist on YouTube. There were too many short, meaningless videos that we laughed a little too hard at and plenty more that were so stupid and simple we couldn’t help but laugh at even more. 

“I just don’t understand why the dog was in the swing,” Kenny mentioned yet again, his whole life seeming revolutionized by it, “I need an answer.”

Unable to grasp why this was the one that had him so confused, I laughed, shifting a little too jarringly as the bowl of chips between us titled and poured its salty contents all over the couch. 

“Nice job, sneezy,” he quipped, the nickname an obvious attack on my current state of well-being. I poked my tongue out at him, a gesture he returned as he gathered the spilled chips. 

“I haven’t even sneezed in, like, an hour,” I reminded, “At least I’m not the one reevaluating life over a sixteen-second video of a dog in a swing.”

He feigned a hurt reaction, gasping as he finally finished cleaning the mess I’d created. If I wasn’t sick, we’d probably have already had several rock-paper-scissors matches over who was to clean it. Considering it allowed me to be as utterly lazy as possible, I’d take a couple more days of being sick. “But why was it swinging?!”

I shrugged, continuing to scroll through the playlist while Kenny retrieved a new snack for me. A quick but regretful look at the clock revealed he needed to leave rather soon, although he’d probably wait until the last minute to head out. 

“Don’t you need to leave soon?” I asked, his attention immediately diverting to the mocking numbers in the corner of our screen. 


“Shouldn’t you be…getting ready?”

He sighed, clicking on another seemingly-interesting video among a pool of other ones we’d already watched together. “Maybe,” he agreed.

Although I’d graciously accept any extra time with Kenny, I reached forward and shut the laptop, taking it upon myself to distance him from the rabbit-hole that was this playlist. Even when he stared at me with unsatisfied eyes, remaining firmly on the couch instead of heading to our room to get rid of his telltale lazy-day outfit, I refused. With the computer stuffed behind me and out of his reach, his only option was to release a dejected groan and follow my suggestion.  

“You’re welcome!” I shouted from the living room, receiving nothing but silence from his end. 

In a few minutes, he was back on the couch and impatiently waiting for me to set the computer in front of us again. When I didn’t, he leaned over, grabbing at the thin device himself, only to be stopped in his tracks.

“I still have time!” he groaned, the situation seeming more like a mother punishing a child rather than a girlfriend simply looking out for her boyfriend’s tight schedule.

A disapproving head shake told him he wasn’t going to be winning this battle, and so he made quick work of gathering his things and heading towards the door.

“When I get home, I expect to see you fast asleep in bed,” he pointed an authoritative finger at me half-jokingly, “Don’t forget you’re still sick.”

“You can’t make me,” I smirked, arms subconsciously folding across my chest.

He groaned once more, “What are you? Five?" 

"Maybe,” I said simply, repeating his word from our earlier conversation. He leaned against the couch I was still sat upon, pressing a quick, chaste kiss to my temple. 

“And don’t watch any of those videos without me!”

Watching these pointless videos just didn’t feel right on my own, so I never did. It was like we were meant to watch them together, no matter how silly it may sound; it was a time we cherished merely because it marked a separation between our chaotic business lives and our laid-back moments of silliness. And maybe it was just my ears failing me because of the slowly-but- surely passing illness, but I swear I heard him say something along the lines of, “Still don’t understand why the dog was in the swing” just before he left.

“An evening in 1946″ Snafu Shelton Fanficion. Smut Mondays.

AN: Hello there sweet cheeks. It’s me again with a finally something I can all a good fic with our dear Snafu. I sincerely hope you will like this and I would appreciate a lot some feedback. Happy reading!

Title: An evening in 1946
Fandom: Rami Malek, The Pacific, BBC War series
Pairing: Reader x Snafu
Rating: Mature content present
Word count: 822

- - - - - - -

December 4th 1944

In a bit playful manner, a young man caressed your cheek and placed a soft kiss over it. “I am going to miss ya girl. It would have been extremely selfish of me to tell you to wait for me. I am not even sure how positive my return is. All I can say is, that when” a deep breath “-if I come back, I am going to give you a really big hug, pick you up in the air and spin ya’ around, just like when we were champs alright?” he said and smile lightly at you. “But up until then, I want you to treasure this…” Snafu said and handed you a medium sized bear with brown fur. Two black orbs as eyes and a big stitched heart over its chest. “Treasure the bear, I mean of course if you want to. I love you very much.”

And those were his final words. He stood up straight and blew you a kiss, before entering the dark green bus. And that was it, he went to war, just like that.

Two years later

After plenty of months, seven letters and approximately 468 sleepless nights, you couldn’t handle this, so called hell anymore. The war has ended two months ago, why hasn’t he came back? The only answer to that would be, yes you guessed it, that he died.

Of course, you saw a moment like this coming, but you never wanted to imagine how this would feel, how would you react to this. Then again, if he had actually died, his mother would have received a letter, and you would have been at least the third person to find out. But nothing was going on. Until… you heard someone entering the house. Damn it had gotten you terrified. You stood up from your bed, making sure your night gown is placed where it’s supposed to be. But to make sure you pulled a blanket off the chair and wrapped it around your body. Without thinking, you’ve made your way down stairs, glancing at the main entrance. Who was that.

You couldn’t see clearly, but you noticed a tall dark figure, tossing a heavy bag next to the door. The man removed his hat that was covering his eyes. It was him, he actually came back. He revealed his soft puppy eyes, sparkling in the dark. You then quickly grabbed a candle off a stand next to the end of the stairs, to take a better look at him, your hands shaking. “It’s you, i-it’s really you.” You muttered almost dropping the candle and causing a mess. But he helped placing the candle somewhere else.

Snafu wrapped his hands tightly around your body, placing several kisses over your hair. “Dear God I have missed you so much, still beautiful as always … I love you.”

“I love you too, so so so much.” You said with a wide smile and placed a loving kiss on his lips. Gosh he made you really weak. He picked your body up bridal style and carried you up the stairs to your bedroom. “There is something that I had pictured doing so many times in those sleepless nights when we were crossing the river..”

He made your body shiver, laying it down over the bed. “You look so wonderful…” mumbled and slowly removed your night gown of your body. Tossing it somewhere and placing hands over your chest, giving your lips a passionate kiss. “I sincerely hope you waited for me after all, I want to marry ya.”

He continued placing soft open mouthed kisses don your neck and shoulder, slowly transitioning to your torso, removing his hands so he can hold your hips, playing with your underwear. “Please I cannot wait any longer..” You mumbled and placed your hands over his back. To which he obliged and removed your pants. Then sat up and removed his uniform peace by peace. God knows when was the last time he had a proper shower but you couldn’t care. He laid down next to you and you couldn’t help but to touch his body, being in the army for two years, does something.

With all his might, he held his body over yours and slowly pressing his length against your entrance, pushing inside as gently as he could. You moaned loudly and held onto him. It has been a really long time. He pushed deeper and deeper, and once he was fully inside and began moving his hips slowly, thrusting his length in and out of you. Bringing your body over the edge in first five minutes of constant movements. Damn he was quick. The moans and pants were getting louder and more intense.

You kissed his lips passionately, allowing him to suck on your lower lip. He made every single thing about this enjoyable. And it went on like this, through the entire night.

Title: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Pt. 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: mentions of self harm, light language, more angst so sorry
Word Count: 2,505
Theme Song: The Wolf by Mumford and Sons
Summary: After weeks off the radar, Peter shows up at the readers door, and he wants answers. The reader will finally reveal her darkest secret, and fears she may have lost her best friend.

A/N: Y’all, I fucking finally did it, I finished part 2! Please believe me, I am mortified it has taken me this long to get it out, please don’t hate me. I really was and am, ecstatic that the first part got such positive feedback, and I just hope this part is what everyone hoped. If y’all are still with me, I’ve got a third part rattling around…. But for now, all I can hope is everyone enjoys this part and can forgive me for the wait 💕

Reader’s P.O.V.

   “We need to talk.” Peter’s jaw is set as you draw your eyes up to meet his; they’re hard, but not completely lacking warmth, or pain. Pain that was there because of you. 

  “Peter,” you breathe his name like it’s the first breath you’ve taken in three weeks. His gaze flits behind you and then to the floor; you didn’t blame him, you could hardly look yourself in the eye either. Even before you broke your mirror with your bare hands. Shaking yourself from your frozen state, you move away from the doorway so Peter can come in, then close the door behind him.

 Peter walks forward until he steps on a piece of glass from your picture frame, he bends down and picks up the picture of the two of you that must have dropped when you got up to answer the door. Standing back up, he stares at the picture a minute longer before placing it on your nightstand. The slightest crunch of the glass sounds like a thousand miles away, across the chasm that seems to have ruptured between you and Peter.

 You rush forward and drop to your knees, trying to pick up the glass. You almost choke on a sob at the way Peter takes a quick step back from you. “I’m sorry about this, it was just like this when I woke up. I don’t-” you try to babble out, but as you get up and take the pieces you’ve gathered to the trash Peter cuts you short.

 “Y/n, you know why I’m here. You’ve got to look at me,” his tone is brooking no argument. You slowly turn towards him and the moment you face his gaze, you’re locked in.

  “My nightmare,” you mumble just above a whisper. “I- I can’t look at you without seeing the blood, what she did to you… God, what did she do!?” Tears start to spring to your eyes and you clamp your eyes shut.

 ”No, you don’t get to ask the questions right now,” Peter asserts. You breathe out a shakily, but nod your head and steel yourself to keep your eyes on him. “What the hell is going on with you, Y/n? What do you mean she??” He questions, almost frantically.

 “Multiple personality disorder,” You start, he narrows his eyes and you rush on to continue explaining as well as you could, though you’ve never been able to make much sense of it yourself. “It’s kind of like that only, I wish it were that simple. I can’t tell you what’s going on because I don’t know what she is, really, besides that she’s… Dark.” Searching your mind and memories, that’s the best word you can think of to fit your alter ego.

  “Oh, I got that much,” Peter scoffs grimly. When he doesn’t say anything more, you go on. 

 “For as long as I can remember, I’ve hardly ever dreamed, and as I got older the dreams I did have were nothing but nightmares. It’s only been the last few years that I felt things were different, getting worse. Little things here and there, things missing, or things appearing that I’d never seen before, people telling me about conversations I don’t remember having.” 

 “Like, that time you called me in the middle of the night asking about where Aunt May worked?” Peter interjects. You think for a minute before remembering, he had asked you about it and you skirted it because you didn’t remember it, but you knew it hadn’t actually been you; you nod in confirmation. “Then the place got robbed a month later.” You wince at the scathing tone he’s barely restraining himself from throwing at you. You fall silent and wait to see if Peter will say more but he just looks thoughtful, dangerously close to brooding, so you continue.

 “Most of all, I could actually feel her more. An undistinguished whisper, a shadow just out of eyesight. But she was there. It wasn’t until I started seeing reports on the news about the… whatever they call her… The menace?” You pause momentarily in question, Peter just shakes his head with no comment.

  “Well, whenever she started getting bolder, she started getting stronger. And I finally realized what that feeling was. It was me, or a darkness inside of me; a darker me. But, I promise you, Peter, I have nothing to do with her. I mean, I only get fragments in nightmares…” You try to reassure him, but as his eyes come up to meet your desperate ones, you can tell your promises are all but empty to him and you let your voice fade.

  “That is sure as hell not what it looked like that night. I don’t- how am I even supposed to believe you? I mean, why didn’t you tell me before? We could have gotten help, there’s all kinds of unbelievable things going on in the world now, it’s not like you’re the weirdest thing out there,” Every word Peter says is like an accusation, and not without basis, but you can tell by the sting of his words that they come from his own fear. You lift your eyes to the ceiling, once again fighting to keep the tears at bay, before you can reply. 

 “I know. I’m so sorry, Peter. She wouldn’t let me. Once I started to figure it out, she threatened-” The memory of the night she had woken you solely intent on terrorizing you into submission, completely paralyzing you with the sheer force of fear generated by her words, makes you stop short. Incidentally, for the first time since Peter arrived, his eyes seem to soften again and you remember every single moment of him that made you fall in love. 

 “She threatened you?” Peter moves closer and grabs your arm but you flinch as his fingers close around the scabbing cuts there. He lets go and you try to move your arm from his view but he catches on. Taking your hand faster than you can blink, he twists your arm gently around and examines it, seeking what you were trying to hide.

  “No, she knows even if she could hurt me, there would be no point,” you quietly concede as Peter’s gaze lands on the the marred skin. “So, she threatened the people I love the most.” Peter finally lets go of your hand and looks back into your face, his eyes have gone glossy.

  “Your family.” Peter acknowledged solemnly. You give a small nod.

  “I know none of this excuses what she’s done, nothing can. I just- couldn’t ever risk them getting hurt. She knows where to hit hardest,” you muse mirthlessly, before feeling even more vulnerable than ever, you add softly, with a small quaver in your voice. “Then she threatened you.” 

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Tender Love

An optional bias scenario inspired by the lyrics of EXO’s Tender Love. I was nervous to post this since it’s a little bit different from how I usually write but I hope you all like it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Even in a morning with little sleep, I wake up early to give you a morning call.

You reached blindly for the cause of the disturbance, patting your bedside table until your fingers found your cellphone. His groggy voice was the first to greet you every morning.

“Wake up; it’s time for school,” he droned.

“How do you know I’m not up already?” you teased while stretching.

“You always hit snooze twice, but even then you don’t get up. At least I know you’ll answer my calls.”

What you didn’t know was that he woke up extra early every morning for your wake up call. Even when he only received four hours of sleep due to his scattered insomnia, hearing your voice comforted him.

Come, come to the inside of the sidewalk. I pull you just in case you get hurt.

“Hey, be careful.” He put his hand around your waist and tugged you to the inside of the sidewalk, causing you to narrowly miss hitting the stop sign.

“Oh, thanks.” You gave him a sheepish grin and he shook his head at your inattentiveness but was unable to repress his smile.

“Do you want to come in to eat?” he asked, knowing that you had assignments to complete but wanting to selfishly spend more time with you.

“Sure!” you’d always respond, because it never mattered where you were. His home was your home, as yours was to his; home was wherever the heart was.

Even when we eat, I cleanly put a spoon and chopsticks on top of a napkin for you.

“You’re so messy,” he chided, although there was nothing but affection to back his statement.

He used chopsticks to fish for your favorite additives: chicken, soft cabbage, carrots — no radish, or you’d spit it out onto the dining table — bits of bean curd even though you said you hated tofu but he always found a way to sneak it into his cooking anyway.

He placed the bowl in front of you, but you always refrained from eating for five minutes when food was served because you didn’t like it to be too hot, and he knew that.

He carefully blew on the spoonful of soup and placed it in your mouth, his free hand stopped at your chin just in case. You had long ceased trying to reject this for it was a habit. When you were younger, you had gotten into an accident causing you to be admitted to the hospital. He stayed by your bedside whenever he could and helped feed you your meals.

Perhaps that was the time that you realized you were in love with him. Sometimes he would skip class to visit you, to let you know how things were going at school. You would ask him about make-up assignments, but he would always tell you not to worry about them, and that the teachers understood your situation and simply didn’t provide you with any. At times when you couldn’t fall asleep, he would hum simple tunes until your eyelids swung and you drifted off peacefully. Only then would he silently slip out of the room and back to his home, lugging his backpack that contained double the weight and double the work that would’ve been a burden for anyone else, but never for you.

From the first second I started liking you, every day passes by wonderfully like a beautiful dream.

His worn couch doubled as a bed, something to welcome you into dormancy after a mountain of worksheets and study notes. He gathered blankets from your niche in the hidden corner of his room that you thought he hadn’t discovered and wrapped you up gently, wishing that it were his arms instead.

“Sweet dreams angel,” he would whisper while placing a tender kiss on your forehead.

I pretended we had just a close sibling-like relationship and hid my feelings by introducing you as my little sister.

“Guys, this is my best friend.” The words felt uncomfortable, almost stuck on his tongue but he forced them out with a smile nonetheless.

The title somewhat stung but you accepted it because that’s what you were. Best friends since childhood, yet you longed for something more, something greater, and for some reason you felt like he did too. That’s why you had made up your mind to confess to him that day.

You swapped introductions with his friends before quickly excusing yourself. Fetching a neatly folded slip of rose paper from your bag and waiting for him to finish conversing with them, you couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.

“She’s the one you always talk about, right?”

“She’s just as pretty as you said…”

A timid blush crept onto your cheeks.

“Hey, do you have a crush on her?”

Suddenly, all you could hear was the intense thumping of your heart, anticipating the moment that you had been waiting for for years.

“What? No way, she’s like my little sister.”

And just like that, everything shattered. The written confession was crumpled in your hand. His words tasted of poison, yet the venom only numbed more than anything else. It was in that moment that you realized you had never heard the words ’I love you’ spilled from his lips, never had you felt the warmth of a lover’s embrace from his frame, never had you had the privilege of his gentle lips upon yours because you were nothing more to him than a little sister — someone who one takes care of because of responsibility, who gets looked down upon and receives love in a sympathetic-like fashion.

You swallowed your emotions whole and proceeded to tell them that you needed to leave early. He sensed the tremor in your voice and the glossiness of your eyes and the way your hands twitched whenever you were anxious or upset.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, pulling you aside.

You shook your head and avoided his gaze, muttering something even you couldn’t distinguish. In your haste to leave you had dropped the love note on the floor but snatched it in a moment’s notice.

His eyes caught sight of his name in beautiful calligraphy, the calligraphy that he so insisted you teach him several summers ago even though he knew he could never reach half of the finesse that you possessed. Calligraphy decorated with tiny hearts that represented yours now in tiny pieces, and everything he wanted to reveal was caught in his throat as he watched you shuffle out the building. He did not follow you. He could not follow you because his feet were agonizingly rooted to the ground.

That was his first mistake.

My close friends already noticed, endlessly urging me, “If I love you I should courageously tell you.“ After I regretfully let you go, my feelings are misunderstood.

Things were different since then. Excuses were made, plans were shifted, visits were fewer and farther in between. On the surface, one would’ve never noticed that the friendship had been stifled because the jokes persisted, the smiles persisted, the memories still persisted. He was your first love, still is your first love, and that would never change.

The time to leave home came before you knew it, and you had already packed your luggage into the minivan, ready to depart to the airport to college campus for your first semester. He met you on your lawn to say goodbye and he couldn’t shake the ache in his heart and the words that longed to tumble out of his mouth, yet he held his peace.

"So I guess this is goodbye,” you stated.

“Don’t say that. We’ll see each other next summer, right? And you’ll keep in touch?”

You weren’t sure how firm you were on the promise but nodded nevertheless. Breathing in his scent once again in a deep hug, you departed for a new chapter in your life.

Before boarding the airplane, you took one last look around. Half of you wanted for him to be there, to stop you, to beg you to stay but you realized that this wasn’t a movie and not everyone received a happy ending. What if you had confessed to him that day? Maybe things would’ve been different now. Or maybe he was only supposed to be an unrequited love.

But more importantly, why hadn’t he said anything? It was his last chance before you left. He knew that eventually, the two of you would drift apart and it pained him to think so, but it was only the truth. But he was afraid. He was so, so afraid. Especially now, when the pair of you were grown and old enough to make your own decisions and choose a path in life. Away from each other, how would feelings transpire? Being apart would do the heart no good; a revelation before a farewell would leave the soul at unrest. So he bit his tongue.

That was his second mistake.

I want to love but I can’t say it. I want to give you tender love.

It was a foreign feeling not being with him. You had shared a space for so long you forgot what it was like to be alone. Sometimes your mind would wander back to him and you’d wonder, how is he doing right now? What is he doing right now? Is he well? Does he miss me? Or has he forgotten about me?

He sat at his desk in his bedroom, working on polishing his lecture notes. College wasn’t easy but at least he could relax in the comfort of his own home. His stomach grumbled and was in need of attention so he acquired some food from the pantry to appease it. On the way back, a glimmer caught his eye. It was the sunlight reflecting off of the zipper of a hoodie of yours tucked safety within your niche. He realized that you had forgotten to clean it out when you left, and that although it always sat there, he rarely touched it unless he was bringing you something. But something propelled him to dig through it that day, and so he did.

It was mostly your essentials and then some, with junk piled on top. He was intent on tidying it up when he saw a small rose note crumpled at the bottom of a drawstring bag. Memories of that day flashed through his mind as he smoothed out the piece of paper and read it for the first time, eyes close to tears as he took in your inner dialogue. The ink was long dried yet the imprint you had made in his heart was freshly stained and bleeding. Words reminiscent of his beauty; of how the gentle summer breeze made the tendrils of his hair dance in the wind; of how maybe he thought his eyes were plain but to you they contained the entire galaxy and beyond; of how you loved how eloquently he spoke during your heart-to-heart talks at two in the morning, his words dripping out like honey, golden drops of sweet revelation; but most importantly, of how you loved him.

It was in that moment that he realized two things: firstly, that he was an idiot for letting you go; but above all, that he loved you too. No, he didn’t just love you, dear God he was in love with you, and he’d be damned if he tried to convince himself otherwise. He was in love with you and your soul and every ounce of your being. And no amount of distance could change the fact that he was absolutely infatuated with the idea that he wanted to wake up next to you and fall asleep with you tucked safely in his arms every single day for the rest of his life. He was in love with you.

And he was going to do something about it.

That’s why he found himself sitting in the airport terminal at four in the morning with nothing on him but the ticket and the clothes on his back. He missed your smile and the way you would shyly hide your laugh around others but not around him because you felt comfortable enough, and he longed for your touch and your presence because things just didn’t feel the same without it.

The tips of my eyelashes face down as I spill the words. In that moment, my heartbeat becomes loud. My face is burning, my ears are on fire. My mentality turns into glass, obviously broken.

Frantic pounding was heard at your door. Your name was being yelled repeatedly from the other side, so you rushed to open it as he stumbled through the doorframe.

He locked eyes with you, panting and flushed from his exhausting journey but you could only stare at him in bewilderment.

“What… what are you doing here?”

He swallowed roughly to steady himself.

“I love you.”

“… w-what?”

“Oh my god, I love you.”

He closed the gap between you two, holding you and lingering just before your lips as his voice came out at a whisper.

“But do you still…?”

“Still what?” you breathed, searching his eyes for any indication of an answer.

“Still love me. Do you still love me?” His expression was anguished, as if he was struggling to grasp your current state and afraid of what you might say next.

Your reply consisted of closed eyes and parted lips. It was like a puzzle that had finally found its missing piece, the last scrap that revealed the ultimate picture and made everything click into place. His lips conveyed a million ’I’m sorry’s and ’I love you’s but none of it mattered because they meshed perfectly with yours, in-sync with a rhythm that was entirely your own and it made sense; everything made sense.

There are certain things in life that feel right because they are, and you’ve come to learn that he is one of them.

Tender love, deeper and more cautious than anyone else. I admit I love within my heart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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[Fic][Request] Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life, Too)

I apologize for being so slow with these prompts. My speed with them depends on what pops into my head. I hope you find this to your liking. o_o

Edit: You can now read this on AO3.

Title: Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life, Too)
Genre: Angst, fluff
Word Count: 2627
Summary: After a while, the joking around stopped being funny.

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You Never Know, Dear. You Are My Sunshine Part 5.

Title: You Never Know, Dear.

Prompt: In which Y/N chose to be on Team Cap, she meets him the team at the airport and sees Bucky for the first time in over two years.

Triggers: Drama. Fighting. Angst. Blood.

Enjoy :3

Should I write an alternative ending in which she sides with Iron Man?

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Five Minutes More

[title]: Five Minutes More

[pairing]: 1940s!Bucky x Reader

[summary]: Bucky finally gets a date with the Reader after a year and a half of asking. Based off of Five Minutes More by Frank Sinatra.

[warnings]: none

[a/n]: this fic is so cliche and it’s been done a million times but it’s cute and im lame so…

{Listen to Five Minutes More by Frank Sinatra here}

Also if the only song you know from the 1940s is Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and you got there from Pitch Perfect 2 and/or Pentatonix, I strongly recommend looking into more of the music because it’s gorgeous and it makes me swoon.

Originally posted by skinon-skin

           A year and a half. Bucky had been waiting this specific Saturday for a year and a half.

           The predicament that Bucky Barnes had found himself in was one rather cliche for most folks’ taste, but it was sweet nonetheless.

           His insufferable confidence and swagger was due to fail on some girl sooner or later, but why it had to be the most beautiful thing that Bucky had ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on, he could not figure out. He had tried nearly everything he knew. He had given her the sweetest compliments in the book, flashed her his fail proof smirk millions of times, showed off whenever he could in front of her, he had even left her roses on her doorstep. But nothing had worked, not until last Tuesday.

           She worked in Steve and Bucky’s favorite diner, making it easy for Bucky to see her everyday, considering he’d know exactly where she’d be.

           A small smile tugged on her lips as she saw Bucky stride into the cute diner. Her hands landed on her hips as she looked up at him with that gorgeous half smile that he adored.

           “Well if it isn’t Bucky Barnes,” she spoke, directing her eyes back to the table that she was clearing. He smirked back at her.

           “You know what I was thinking today Doll?”

           “I don’t know Barnes, what?”

           “You, me, dancing on Saturday,” he proposed, feeling like those same words had passed his lips an uncountable amount of times before. [y/n] tapped her chin lightly, as if she was pondering the proposition.

           “I’m busy,” she replied, carrying the empty plates behind the counter and piling them into the sink. Bucky’s eyes followed her. She blurted the lame excuse out as if she had only just thought of it, but Bucky remembered quite vividly that she had said the same thing last week and the one before.

           “No, you’re not.”

           “I’m really that transparent?”

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Make My Wish Come True | Teddy/Victoire

title | ffnet | AO3

Very carefully, Victoire hid the mirror inside her (brand new) Weasley jumper and crept down the stairs. She went as quietly as she could, not wanting to drawn any attention to herself. There was, after all, only one thing worse than being pathetic, and that was being caught being pathetic by your younger sister. Again.

“Victoire?” She winced.

Or being caught being pathetic by your father.

“Calling Ted again?”

“No…” she said, blushing. He gave her a look. “Maybe. Yes. It’s Christmas!” she added in her defence.

Her dad laughed. “It is,” he agreed. “And it’s no fun being separated from your one true love at Christmastime, is it?”


“It isn’t!” he said. “The first Christmas your Mum and I were together, she came back here for Christmas, and I stayed in England with Grandma and Grandad. It was rubbish!”

“Did you vow never again to be separated on this most festive of days?” she teased.

“Well, next Christmas she spent with us because we were engaged—don’t,” he added, his voice turning very serious very suddenly, “get engaged by next Christmas.”

“Honestly, Dad!” Victoire said shaking her head. “Do you think I’m an idiot? Ted and I are definitely going to wait until the Christmas after that, when I’m done with school!”

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Me & Mr. Bale.

“Where the hell are we going, Mr. Bale?” I sat in the passenger seat as confused as I had been when I entered the car thirty minutes ago. All I was told was that I needed to get dressed quickly and I was rushed out of my home as soon as I had on a decent outfit. I didn’t even know what I was getting dressed for so I settled on a simple button up blouse, a pair of jeans and nude pumps to match. I hoped that would suffice.

Meanwhile, Gareth kept his lips sealed on what our destination was and found amusement in my anxiety and impatience. “We’re almost there. You have no patience, baby.” And that was the truth. How the hell could I be patient when there was a surprise waiting for me?!

The last time Gareth had surprised me with something, I was forced on a flight to London for a brief vacation literally taken from my home to the airport without a bag packed or a clue. No worries though as he had simply bought me bags of new clothes to cover our stay. Now I wondered if he was planning another impromptu vacation without my knowledge. After thinking about it for a moment I realized that was impossible since there was a match tomorrow so what the hell was Gareth up to?

I pouted to myself in my seat, gazing out of the window to try and figure out where we were and where we were going. I didn’t bother asking anymore questions since I knew no answer would be satisfactory. My boyfriend just sat carefree in the driver’s seat drumming his fingers on the steering wheel to the music that played.

I found myself lost as my eyes dazed out of the window until we finally came to a permanent halt and Gareth turned off the music playing, unbuckled his seatbelt and spoke with a mischievous grin piercing his face. “We’re here.” There was nothing but rows of cars outside of my window so I turned in the other direction to look out of his window, revealing a movie theatre.

“A theatre?! We’re going to see a movie?” I asked in surprise. He had done all of this just for a movie?! I could admit to myself I was a bit disappointed. When you thought you were going to be off on a jet to some foreign location, watching a movie didn’t seem all that enticing.

“Yeah,” Gareth assured. “You don’t like movies now?” He stepped outside of the car leaving me behind sitting in the passenger seat as I gazed down at my attire. Definitely overdressed for a movie.

I finally got out of my door and joined him by his side, allowing him to take my hand into his and lead the way to the entrance.  We reached the inside rather quickly and he paid for our two tickets before heading off to the theatre number we were assigned to.

“What movie is this we’re seeing?” I didn’t even know what was currently out and I doubted he did either. “You ask a lot of questions.”

I laughed incredulously at his response. “I can’t ask what movie I’m about to sit through for 2 hours?” I gazed up at his tall frame as he briefly looked to me with a smile on his face. “Relax. Consider it a surprise movie or something. Don’t ruin our date,” he joked.

I playfully rolled my eyes and grew quiet by his side. When we entered our theatre, it was already rather dark as the lights were low. I didn’t think anything of it until I entered to find every single seat empty. A confused frown decorated my lips. “Where is everyone? What time is this movie starting?” I hoped to myself Gareth hadn’t chosen a film that wasn’t to start for another hour.

“Again with these questions,” he warned, pulling me up the steps to a seat perfectly in the middle and a good space away from the large screen. He sat down and waited for me to do the same which I reluctantly did. I wasn’t sure what Gareth had planned but something seemed fishy.

No movie name? No one else in the theatre? Something was off…

Rather than uttering another question I relaxed into my seat and grew silent. It remained that way for another few minutes until movie commercials began to roll. Gareth wrapped his arm around my shoulder and placed a kiss to my cheek before facing back to the screen.

I did find myself laughing at a few of the movie promotions playing. I didn’t watch much television these days so I wasn’t familiar with half of the titles but I was definitely willing to see them now. I didn’t notice how many had played until the screen grew black again to indicate the start of the movie. Finally, I would know what I would actually be watching.

But again, something was off. My face screwed with confusion as I watched Gareth’s face pop up on the screen. He hadn’t mentioned anything about being in a film. I looked over to him but he sat facing straightforward and avoiding my gaze, forcing me to look back to the screen.

It was a video I recognized from 2012 as he donned a Spurs jersey. He was on the pitch but it seemed to be after the match, with him talking to the camera for a moment and then pointing off to the distance. Whoever the camera person was turned the lens in the direction Gareth pointed off to and as soon as the focus adjusted, I recognized a younger me just a few steps away, waving energetically.

Now I was even more confused. These were our personal videos we had recorded over the course of our relationship. No matter where we went, I made sure there was a camera around to capture the moment whether it was a normal day, game day, we were off on a flight, it didn’t matter. I wanted to capture every memory and now that was what was playing in front of us.

I recognized the video I recorded of Gareth after his first goal with Real Madrid, him laying in bed comfortably with a kiddy grin on his face. He was ecstatic and it was easily apparent as I could feel his energy radiate through his smile.

And the videos continued. Videos of me recorded by him, videos of him recorded by me, videos of us together. It continued on for an hour but what felt like just a few minutes as I basked in all of the memories. I hadn’t looked to Gareth the entire time the videos played until once again the screen went dark.

A tear fell to my cheek just feeling all of the positive emotions rising in me. I turned to thank him for the surprise only to be caught off guard by the sight of him bent down on one knee beside me, peering up with a smile on his face.

“Y/N, you are the most impatient, pouty, dramatic and sarcastic woman I know…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been a blessing to wake up to you every morning and I thank the heavens above every time I realize I have you in my life. I thought of how I was going to prepare this proposal for weeks and I didn’t know what I was going to do until I realized nothing makes you happier than a ‘simple night with me doing absolutely nothing but laying back and watching a screen’.” I grinned to myself, thinking of all the times I had said those exact words every time Gareth asked me what I wanted to do all of those evenings. He had nailed it right on the head.

I could feel my chest beating a mile a minute, completely tuned into his words and my tears already falling before I heard that familiar phrase. “Nothing would make me happier than calling you my wife…” He grabbed for my hand and used his other to reach into his pocket, remove a ring box and pop it open to reveal the gorgeously cut diamond ring especially for me. “Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

And that was when the tears really started to flow. I nodded vigorously, unable to speak through my joyful sobs and not even giving him the chance to slip the ring onto my finger before I got up and dived into his arms, both of us breaking into laughter as he squeezed me tightly.

We stayed that way for a while, Gareth caressing my back and repeatedly kissing my cheek before he stated, “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”



Title: I Battled My Heart (And Lost)

Pairing: Sargenut (Sarge/Donut)

Rating: Mature for gay sex and PTSD

Summary: When Sarge’s car breaks down in the middle of Iowa, he’s forced to walk to the nearest farm in search of help. He doesn’t expect the owner to be an attractive young man that goes by Donut, neither did he intend to have four hours to blow with him.

Word Count: 3,424

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Need a Little Sweetness in My Life | Harry Styles

Part 2 of Sugar! Yes, please!

Sugar by Maroon V


*photo edit is mine

Need a Little Sweetness in My Life (2 of 2) | Harry Styles One-Shot Imagine

Harry’s POV


I was suddenly yanked out of bed and thrown against the wall by a very pissed off Zayn.

“What the hell?!” I shouted as my sleepy self stared in complete shock at my band mate who I swear had fire in his eyes.


Zayn’s fist was about to punch my eye but luckily Louis pulled him away from me before he could and dragged him across my room.

“WHOA ZAYN! Calm down mate!” Louis struggled to hold Zayn’s arms behind him as Liam and Niall rushed into my room.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Liam stood in between us, his arms spread wide.

“I don’t know! He just barged in here when I was sleeping!” I shook my head.

“YOU KISSED Y/N?! SHE’S LIKE A SISTER TO ME!” Zayn roared, while Louis still held him back. 

Liam was now wide-eyed as he shifted his eyes from me to Zayn.

Oh shit.

I glared at Niall, knowing he was the one that told him. Leave it Niall to blab.

Niall clapped his hands together and apologized as he came to my side, “I’m so sorry mate! I didn’t know he was going to react this way!”

“Zayn! Calm down! Let’s just talk it out!” Liam tried to mediate this.

I held my arms out, palms facing up, “What the hell is your problem? It was just a kiss!”

“Just a kiss? Just a fuck- Are you fucking serious? She’s my best friend! She’s one of the best people I know! I refuse to let her be another one of your fucking playthings!” Zayn’s eyes glowered at me.

“Playthings? What the hell? Is that the kind of guy you see me as?” Now I was offended.

He cocked his eyebrow and shot me a are-you-fucking-kidding-me look, “Caroline? Taylor? Kendall? Cara? Nadine? Random chicks at the clubs? Do I NEED to continue?”

He turned his head around, “Louis, let me go!”

“Not until you chill out!” Louis shouted back.

“I’m calm!” Zayn jerked his arms away from Louis’ grip and straightened himself up as he looked up at me.

“Zayn, I would never hurt her. I wouldn’t do that to you! You’re one of my best mates! I would never ever disrespect you like that,” I said calmly.

He continued to glare at me.

“I’m serious! I really do like her! Look, I’ll be honest with you… I asked her out on a proper date because I want to get to know her. I should’ve asked you first but the words just flew out of my mouth,” I explained.

Zayn took a deep breath and lowered his eyes for a few seconds, then he looked me dead in the eyes, “Fine, but I swear to god, I will beat the shit out of you if you break her heart, and you three can’t stop me,” He pointed at Liam, Louis and Niall.

“Deal,” I smiled, I was just happy that I wasn’t going on my date tonight with a black eye.

Zayn walked passed them as they all held up their hands.

“Yep! You got it Zayn,” Louis said quickly.

Liam nodded, “I understand.”

Niall just kept his mouth shut, still feeling guilty since he cause this whole mess.

When Zayn was out of my room I looked at Liam and Louis, “You understand? You would let him kick my ass?”

“Well, if you broke my sister’s heart, I would want to kill you as well.” Louis shrugged.

“Yeah mate, how would you feel if someone broke Gem’s heart?” Liam smirked.

I shudder as I thought back to how I wanted to kick Ashton’s ass when they briefly dated.

“Okay okay, fine, I get it. But I really do like her guys.” I smiled.

“Whatever mate, just have fun tonight, be glad Zayn let you live.” Louis tapped me on the shoulder and walked out of my room.

“Yeah, let me know how it goes.” Liam smiled and followed him out.

“Harry, mate, I am so-” Niall began.

“It’s okay Niall, don’t worry about it.” I threw my arm over his shoulder, slightly hugging him,“Now let me get some more sleep.”

“Alright,” He grinned then headed to his room.

I shut the door and dove back in my bed.

- - - - -

Your POV

As I was in the middle of doing my morning Yoga, I heard my doorbell ring twice and then furious knocking.

I opened the door to see a very upset Zayn.

“You’re going on a date with Styles?” He spat out then barged in pass me.

“Well good morning to you too.” I shut my door and followed the dark haired idiot into my living room.

Zayn paced around with his arms folded across his chest, “Why didn’t you tell me? I had to find out through Niall of all people… AND I almost smashed Styles’ face if it-“

“You almost what? You almost hit Harry? Why?! Zayn! I can take care of myself.” I stared at my best friend in disbelief, my hands on my hips.

Zayn’s face softened as he stopped and looked at me, “Y/N, I know you can. It’s just… Styles has a history with girls and I don’t want you to be just another one on his list.”

“Zayn. I appreciate your concern. But you know me!” I placed one hand on my chest, “I would kick a guy’s ass before I allow him to make me his plaything… Hell that’s probably why I’ve been single for so long, I’m too intimidating.” I laughed as I pulled Zayn down on the couch next to me.

“No, that’s not it. No guy has been good enough to date you like no guys are good enough for my sisters.” He finally smiled.

“Well whatever the reason may be, I love you for caring, but I can handle Harry. I mean… I don’t even know exactly what it is between us, it’s just a date Zayn. Hell, we might not even have anything in common and end up not being able to stand each other,” I grinned.

“No way, only an idiot would not like you.” He leaned back against the couch.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” I rolled my eyes.

I mirrored him and leaned back and tilted my head on the couch.

I turned my head towards him, “I can’t believe you almost hit him.”

We both erupted with laughter and continued talking for a couple more hours until I had to get ready for a meeting with my manager.

Around 1pm as I was sitting in a little cafe in central London listening to my manager go over my schedule for next week, I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize.

Hey, Y/N it’s Harry! I would have called but Zayn said you were at a meeting. I completely forgot to ask for your number last night and had to beg Zayn for it so I hope that’s okay! Was wondering if I could pick you up tonight at 7?

I felt myself blushing and grinning as I read his text.

Yes! Seven is perfect. Can’t wait!

“Who’s distracting you and is the reason for that smile?” My manager Diane smirked. She had become more of a friend than manager since she’s been here for me for over a year.

“Just a guy,” I shook my head.

“Oh my word, a guy? You know, You have never once told me you fancied a guy before. Who’s the lucky man?” She closed her folder and shut off her iPad, ending the ‘meeting.’

“Okay Diane, but if I tell you, it needs to stay between us, it can’t get out.”

“Of course not. I’m your manager, remember? I’m suppose to know these things anyways,” She smiled and leaned closer.

I looked around the cafe to make sure no one was in ear-shot, “It’s umm Harry Styles,” I whispered.

Her eyes grew wide, every management company in London knew who One Direction were; they’ve all been trying to poach them from Modest. 

Well who am I kidding, every person in the world with Internet access knew them, of course.

“But- it’s nothing, we are just getting to know each other.” I looked down at my hands.

“Really? Harry Styles?” She whispered back at me with wide eye.

“Well you know I’m close to Zayn, I just met the rest of them the other day and I don’t know… Harry… caught my eye.” I pressed my lips together.

“Well, just be careful, that boy has a little reputation. I don’t want you getting hurt, okay? Oh, gosh, I’m going to have to prepare for all the pictures and the media going crazy tonight,” She pulled out her phone, opened her folder, clicked her pen and quickly jotted down notes.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just one date…” I bit my lip, I got really nervous.

“I know but HE’S a big deal… They are followed everywhere. Fans literally stalk them, so don’t be surprised if they bombard you during your date. Just be ready,” She warned me.

She sent a quick text to someone then packed her things, “I’ll see you in a couple days at the office, alright? I’ll be next to my phone so if you need me, don’t hesitate to call.”

I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek before she left.

Harry Styles apparently has a reputation I know nothing about. I sat there for a couple minutes finishing up my tea. I pulled out my MacBook and opened up safari then typed in: ‘Harry Styles dating.’ Over thousands of articles popped up.

I didn’t even want to read them because scrolling through the titles were enough.

Do I really want to get myself mixed with him? I was just starting my career, even though my single had been number one for the past month in the UK, I still wasn’t use to the fame. I hated when the media focused their attention on me. I hated that every move I made was carefully dissected. 

I picked up my phone off my lap and started texting him to cancel but I erased it.

Everyone deserves a chance, right?

- - - - -

At 7pm sharp I heard my doorbell ring.

I opened my door to see Harry wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a black button up shirt which was actually only half buttoned, revealing both the heads of his swallow tattoos, which made me blush. His hands were behind his back.

“Hi!” He flashed me an incredible smile, showing off his teeth and dimples.

“Hi!” I smiled.

A bouquet of red roses appeared as he brought his arms in front of him, “Is it too cheesy that I got you roses?”

I blushed and shook my head, “No, I think it’s very sweet! Thank you! Come in!”

Harry handed me the bouquet, “You look beautiful by the way.”

I looked down at my outfit, which consisted of a black v-neck and high waisted royal blue shorts with a gold belt, I wasn’t sure how to dress for tonight but I wanted to be comfortable.

“Thank you. You look very handsome yourself. I’m going to put these in a vase.”

After I placed the flowers in a vase and filled it with water, I brought it out to my living room and placed it on the coffee table. I found Harry walking around my living room and admiring the paintings that had hung on my walls.

“Did Zayn- are these Zayn’s work?” He turned around when he heard my footsteps.

“Yeah! He wanted to buy me something as a house-warming gift but I asked for some of his art work instead.”

“These are amazing, your flat is beautiful.” Harry smiled as he walked towards me, “Ready?”

“Almost! Let me just grab a pair of shoes.”

“Wear something comfortable,” He smiled.

Harry drove us out of central London in his Range Rover, to west London. He pulled up to the Natural History Museum, which shocked me. I absolutely loved museums.

I looked over at Harry and bit my lip as he turned off the car he looked up at me.

“Why the museum?” I was curious.

“I’ve always wanted to come here, is this lame? We can go somewhere else…” Harry was about to turn on the car until I put my hand over his.

“No! I love museums! I’m just… No, I’m really excited.” I smiled at him.

“Great! Wait here.” Harry quickly got out of the car and came over to open my door for me.

“Thank you.” I blushed, he sure knows how to work his charm.

As we walked up to the museum I remembered that it was already closed, at 5:50pm to be exact. I looked down at my watch to see that it was 7:35pm.

I stopped walking and looked at Harry, “Wait. The museum’s already closed…” I frowned.

“I might’ve pulled some strings.” Harry winked at me as he continued to guide me to the door.

My eyes brightened and my heart raced, “No you didn’t.”

Harry just grinned at me as we were greeted by the a lady in a white dress suite who was waiting for us.

“Mr. Styles, I am honored to have you visit us tonight, I’m Sharon Ament, the director of this museum.” She shook Harry’s hand and then mine.

“Please, call me Harry, this is Y/N, thank you so much for allowing us to be here on such short notice.”

“It’s no problem at all, anytime!” She opened the door for us and guided us in.

Even though I’ve been here before, it was different when you’re the only one there and it’s much quieter.

The museum was absolutely beautiful. When you first enter, you immediately notice the giant dinosaur skeleton right in the central of the museum, the ceilings were high and the building itself was magnificent, resembling a cathedral that I had been to in Italy.

She gave us a quick overview of the museum, showing us on a map what exhibits were where.

“You two are free to walk around and do whatever you want, take your time. My employees are stationed at every exhibit and will be happy to help you if you need anything.” She smiled at us.

“Thank you so much Sharon!” I said excitedly and Harry just grinned and nodded as he took my hand in his and began our little adventure.

Harry and I spent two hours in the museum. We took tons of pictures with different fossils of dinosaurs, we studied the art pieces, read to each other about the history of different cultures, did the little activities that were meant for kids, learned about kings, queens, mythical characters and artists and then acted like them for each other. I never had felt more like myself when I was with someone, well besides Zayn.

Harry made me laugh so much and roll my eyes at his cheesy jokes and pick up lines. I could definitely see why girls liked him. He was very charming, sweet and kind. He thanked every person we saw at the museum, whether they helped us or not.

“Hungry?” He asked as we walked towards the exit of the museum.

“Yeah… I’m actually starving now that you mention it.” I haven’t eaten since my meeting with Diane which was around 12:30pm.

“Thank you so much again for everything Sharon,” Harry shook her hand while handing her an envelope.

“Of course and thank you Harry, please come back any time.” She nodded at the both of us and walked us out.

“Great there’s somewhere I-” Harry stopped talking as we walked out the door and were blinded by over two dozen flashing lights. Paparazzi. Then we heard girls screaming… and fans.

“Oh my god, how did they know we were here?” I looked at him.

“Just follow me and don’t say anything, I’m so sorry Y/N.” He apologized as we walked towards his car.

Questions and comments were thrown at us left and right as they snapped pictures while following us.

“Are you two dating now?”

“Harry, what about Nadine? She was just with you a few weeks ago!”

“Hi Harry! You look amazing!”

“How long have you two been dating?

“Y/N are you dating Harry just for more fame and attention?

“Why are you with her Harry? She’s not good enough for you!”

“Harry can we please have a picture?”

“Are you two sleeping together?”

“Y/N you’re so pretty!”

“Y/N are you dating both Zayn and Harry?”


“Y/N are you using Harry and Zayn for your social gain?”


Harry opened my door for me and quickly shut it when I was inside then he ran to his side and climbed in. Even though we were both in the car, paparazzi surrounded his car and still continued taking pictures.

I had to take deep breathes to calm myself down.

“Y/N… I am so very sorry for all of this.” He shook his head as he started the car.

“It’s… it’s okay Harry, I sort of mentally prepared myself for this before our date, let’s just get out of here,” I pleaded.

“You got it.” He looked straight ahead and pulled away slowly.

Once we were finally on the highway, Harry apologized again.

“Y/N, I am so sorry, I don’t know how they found out about our date.”

I pulled out my phone to see a text from Diane.

“Apparently someone at the museum tweeted a picture…” I showed him a picture of us holding hands and walking around the museum.

“Damn it.” Harry frowned.

“It’s fine Harry, I’m not upset about it anymore.” I put my phone back in my pocket.

“Okay good.”

Harry drove us to the edge of the Battersea Bridge and parked. 

He reached to the back seat of his car and brought a picnic basket to the front.

“Dinner a la Harry.” He grinned at me and I let out a laugh and covered my face.

He laced his hand in mine as we walked down the bridge that was over the Thames River. I loved the architecture of the bridge and lamp posts they had every few feet. 

Harry picked a spot that was in between two lamp posts and we sat down. He opened up the basket to reveal two glasses, a cold bottle of apple cider and a plate of different sandwiches, a variety of fruits cut up in a bowl and two beautiful cupcakes.

“Wow…” I was really surprised, this was really romantic. I felt butterflies through out the whole night but at this moment, they were fluttering faster than ever.

“This is really…”

Harry panicked, “Lame? Oh my god, I knew it. I should’ve just taken you to-“ 

“NO! Harry no! I love this, this night has been perfect, minus the paparazzi, but no it’s perfect. I love this… I haven’t been on a date in years…” I placed my hand over his, “This is perfect.”

“Really?!” His eyes lit up as a huge grin spread across his face.


I drank apple cider as Harry explained what each of the sandwiches were and what were in the them, he had made four different kinds for us to share.

I look a bite of the first sandwich, as I looked out onto the river.

"This is really good Harry!” I nodded and he just smiled.

“About earlier…” Harry started after he finished his half of the first sandwich, “I feel like I should clear some things up that you might’ve heard the pap ask.”

“Harry, it’s okay. Really. Whatever girls you dated before, it’s not my business and it doesn’t affect me.”

Harry looked at me in shock.

“What?” I cocked my eyebrow.

“You’re just so… amazing… But I’m letting you know that I would be honest with you, anything you want to know, I would tell you.” Harry looked in my eyes.

I took a sip of my drink, “I mean, this is just our first date, I don’t even know if you even want to keep dating me and-“

“I do.” He said without hesitation.

“What?” I was the one in shock now.

“I do want to go on another date, I want to go on many more dates with you. I really like you and I want to keep getting to know you… if you feel the same way.” He bit his bottom lip and blushed.

“I do… It’s just… to be honest? I’m still not use to the attention. I mean I’m only beginning to get big here in the UK and apparently my single is climbing in America… I’m still adjusting to this life… AND I actually haven’t even been on a date in two years.”

“What? Really? Then why did you agree to go on a date with me?” He grabbed another sandwich.

“I just haven’t found anyone interesting… until you.” Okay now I was red and sweating perhaps even slightly shaking.

I stuffed the rest of the sandwich in my mouth out of nervousness and looked away from Harry as I chewed.

“Wow, I’m really flattered and to be honest as well, I don’t actually ever date girls while I’m on tour… Nadine is actually just a friend that apparently the world thinks I’ve dated, including your best friend. But that’s all she is to me, a friend.” Harry then continued eating.

I took a drink of my apple cider.

“Well even if you did date her, that stuff doesn’t matter to me. A person’s history of who they dated or slept with doesn’t define who they are as a person. To me what matters is how you treat other people, how others treat you out of love and respect, how you view the world, your relationships with the people around you… things of that nature.”

“Wow. You- you’re really different from any girl I’ve met. I really do like you Y/N… and I understand that this lifestyle can get pretty rough, but trust me, when you perform in front of all those people and you hear and see the fans sing the songs that you wrote, it makes it all worth it.”

Listening to Harry made me feel butterflies. I haven’t ever felt this way about a guy before and it was very foreign to me. I’ve always been the type of girl to go with my gut and trust my instincts and right now they were telling me two things: one, take a chance and see what it will be like to date Harry and two, kiss him.

I put my hand up to his cheek and turned his head towards mine and lightly placed my lips on his. It took Harry a second to register what was happening, since he was caught off guard, but he dropped his sandwich and kissed me back.

My stomach was officially in knots, I was really happy. I felt like fireworks were going off in my body as Harry pulled me closer to him, deepening the kiss.

I was the first pull away because a biker riding by whistled at us and made me feel slightly embarrassed.

“Wow.” Harry exhaled as he looked out onto the river.

I cleared my throat and grabbed a cupcake. I held it up in my hand to see that it was red velvet flavored with pink frosting topped with silver sugar pearls.

“Harry… did you make this…?” I looked at him as I reached for my phone in my pocket.

“Yeah!” He said enthusiastically.

I snapped a picture of the cupcake with the London skyline in the background before I took a bite.

It was delicious, it was moist and the frosting was made of cream cheese, which I loved.

“Harry!” I looked at him in complete shock as I covered my mouth, “These are delicious! Oh my god!”

“Did you know… before all this One Direction business…” He turned his head towards me and said in a very serious tone, “I use to be a baker.”

“No fucking way!” I laughed.

“Really! If I didn’t go to my audition, I would be probably still be there or own it at this point!” He held his hands up in all honesty.

“Really now? Harry Styles, a baker?” I pulled my bottom lip in between my teeth and shook my head.

We both finished up the rest of the food, me eating all the fruits and cupcakes while Harry ate most of the sandwiches. We kept talking and learning about each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, music preferences, role models, favorite concerts, artists, and our experiences with paparazzi and fans.

“Do you wanna come over and see the guys? I’m sure Zayn would be happy to see you.” Harry suggested as walked back to his car.

“Yeah sure!” I nodded.

“Actually, the flat that we rented out for the week while we are here in London for our tour isn’t even that far from where you live.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah! We were tired of hotels and we told our manager that we wanted to stay in an actual home since we were here for a week.”

“I would get tired of hotels too…” I felt bad for them, having to go from hotel to hotel constantly for 8 months? I would go crazy.

“Well once you start touring, you can share our pain.” He said as he opened my door for me.

I faced him, “What tour? I’m not going to tour any time soon.”

“Yeah right, don’t act like once your album drops people aren’t going to demand concerts.” He kissed my cheek, “Hop in, beautiful.”

We finally pulled up to their flat and Harry let me walk in first. Nice doesn’t even begin to describe the flat they were staying at. I thought my flat was really nice considering that it cost over six figures; but this flat that they had rented was ridiculously luxurious. 

“Come,” He held out his hand as he guided me in the enormous home.

We approached the living room area and I saw that Niall and Louis were playing FIFA against each other.

“Harry! What are you- oh! Y/N!” Niall waved as he saw me.

“Hi!” I waved back.

“Hi Y/N! Excuse me for a second as I kick his ass.” Louis greeted me as he turned his attention back to the T.V.

“No problem, you can kick Niall’s ass all you want but just letting you know, I can probably kick all of your asses at this game.”

Niall immediately paused the game as Louis dropped his remote and all three boys stared at me with their jaws dropped.

“Harry… if you don’t marry her… I’m going too.” Niall slowly said.

“Is that my best friend I hear?” Zayn came in and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“Yep! Just telling these guys that I can beat them at this game.”

“Oh yeah, did I forgot to tell you guys that she’s a hardcore gamer? Must’ve slipped my mind…” Zayn innocently said.

“GAME ON!” Louis picked up his remote and grabbed another and tossed it to me, “Let’s see what you’ve got Y/N!”

“Come on Haz, you play too. You and Y/N can be on the same team!” Niall threw Harry a remote.

Harry and I sat together on the floor as Louis and Niall sat on the couch.

Zayn sat down on the la-z-boy recliner next to us, “This should be amusing.”

“Where’s Liam?” Harry asked as Niall and Louis picked their teams.

“I think he’s off skyping Sophia,” Zayn shrugged.

After losing to two matches against me and Harry, Louis and Niall cried, okay not literally, but they were upset. Harry and Zayn laughed as Louis and Niall pretended to weep while I stood up turning around slowly with my hands in the air claiming victory.

“I warned you that I was going to kick your ass!” I went over and hugged both the boys as they dropped their head in their hands in defeat.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… I can’t believed that happened… I’m depressed, I’m going to sleep!” Niall hugged me then stormed off.

“Me too… Good game Y/N! You’ve impressed me.” Louis hugged me before he headed off to his room.

“I got to run to the bathroom really quick then I’ll take you home!” Harry shuffled off.

“So… how was your date?” Zayn sat next to me.

“It was perfect. I really like him Zayn.” I bit my lip as looked over to make sure Harry was still in the bathroom.

“Really? Well… I just want you to be happy.” He put his arm around me.

“I think he would make me happy. He was honest with me tonight…and I appreciate that more than anything. You know that I’m scared of being in a relationship, but with Harry, for some reason I don’t feel scared, it feels right. God I sound like a sap.” I slightly hit myself in the face.

Zayn let out a little laugh, “Hey that’s okay, and it’s a good thing. If he makes you happy then that’s all that matters to me. I’m not going to get in the way of that.”

“Thanks Zayn.” I wrapped my arms around him.

“I’ll still kick his ass if he hurts you though.” Zayn whispered as we heard Harry’s footsteps.

“Ready?” Harry smiled as he picked up his car key.

I looked at Harry and I just felt that being with him was right and that I hoped to God that we work out.

I nodded, “Yeah, I think I am,” 

I glanced at Zayn and he knew exactly what I meant.

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