nothing lasts forever except you and me

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: hey ya! by outkast is such and underappreciated song and i feel like we take it for granted. like i mean sure, it’s catchy and fun to dance to. overall, the instrumentation and composition are fantastic. but it’s also strangely eerie and i feel like nobody pays attention to that side of the song. if you take a closer look at the lyrics, there’s just something so poetically despondent about them. there are a few lines, especially in the second verse, that just sort of haunt me.

“thank god for mom and dad / for stickin’ two together / cause we don’t know how”

“we get together, oh we get together / but separate’s always better when there’s feelings involved”

“if what they say is/nothing lasts forever / then what makes love the exception?”

“so why oh why-oh / why oh why oh why-oh / are we so in denial when we know we’re not happy here”

and while all of those are fantastic, the one that gets me the most is the part where Andre 3000 goes “yall don’t wanna hear me, you just wanna dance.” like, he knew that lyrics were probably gonna get lost in the fact that the song is just so undeniably catchy. he knew this was gonna end up as a dance track even before it was released. like how fucking wild is that. in conclusion outkast is a gift to this world and if you think otherwise you’re just straight up wrong

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Hey do you have any royalty au recs?? preferably where one of them is royal and the other isn’t. thank u !:)

Hello lovely! Check out the royal tag (x), but here’s some more for you:

Like a Bullet in the Dark by Vurdoc:

Summary: Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway.

With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about.

Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own.

Word count: 99,456

Turn and face the strange by orphan_account:

Summary: “Yeah okay, look, um. I’m in a relationship now, mum. And it’s pretty serious and I’m very much in love with him.” Louis’ mum’s face lights up at that.

“Well why didn’t you say?! Can we meet him?! Is he here today?”

“This is the catch. He’s kind of, well, he’s incredibly famous. So he couldn’t be at the ceremony but he’s in the car and we’re going to go back to his home for some lunch, is that okay?”

“Famous?! Louis, if this is some sort of joke…”

“It’s not, mum, I promise. Please can you just get in the car? He’s in this one, I want you three to meet him first, just don’t freak out, please,” he says, gesturing at Harry’s traditional black car.

Or the one where Harry is going to be King, Louis can’t handle it like he thinks, Zayn is finally happy, Liam’s a massive geek and Niall’s marrying a princess.

Word count: 26,013

through struggles, to the stars by thedeathchamber:

Summary: Louis is a Starfleet captain trying to find his place in the universe. Harry is a prince just trying to do what’s right.

Word count: 80,582

call it magic, call it true by itiswhatitisbutterfly:

Summary: Harry Styles loves hockey, art history and speaks Italian. His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Wales is second in line to inherit the British Throne. Their relationship is sometimes a fairytale but occasionally a nightmare.

(Louis is the Prince William to Harry’s Kate Middleton.)

Word count: 17,102

King and Lionheart by haloeverlasting:

Summary: Prince Louis Tomlinson is the first out gay monarch in his small country’s history. After facing a failed attack in town, he understands why. Expect the unexpected seems applicable, but nothing could have prepared him for his own mother’s reaction – a bodyguard by the name of Harry Styles.

Word count: 30,137

Conflict of Interest by louispalooza:

Summary: Harry Styles was seventeen and hoping to survive high school, too bad his newfound family had different ideas. Now he was facing the biggest decision of his life: whether or not to accept his princely crown. He’s being swept halfway around the world and must, not only face the royal family, but also deal with his smoking hot head of security, Louis Tomlinson.

Word count: 83,920

Nothing lasts forever, except you and me by orphan_account:

Summary: “I can’t believe they got married,” Louis says sleepily once he’s curled up into Harry’s chest.

“Neither can I,” Harry mumbles. “I can’t believe my best friend fell in love with your best friend. I can’t believe how disgustingly happy they are.”

“We’ve got competition, Haz,” Louis giggles. “We need to be the most disgustingly happy; do you reckon we can beat them?”

“Oh please,” Harry snorts. “We’re the nation’s sweethearts, babe. Nobody is more disgusting than us.”

Or the one where Louis does what he thinks he has to, Harry becomes King, Zayn gives Louis false hope, Liam wishes Harry would cry less and Niall still can’t believe he’s married to a princess.

Word count: 34,726

In My Place by kassio:

Summary: Prince Louis has it all. He’s wealthy, privileged, famous, and handsome, with a loving family and a world of opportunities. There’s only one problem: he isn’t actually the queen’s son.

Harry and Niall Horan don’t have much, but they have a dream: to win the X Factor and achieve something more than their normal middle-class life.

Two dreams collide and two very different paths come together when Louis requests to meet with Harry after seeing him on the X Factor.

Word count: 97,500

Sail into the Sun by orphan_account:

Summary: Prince Louis Tomlinson is sick of the closet. Harry Styles is a con man with a hatred of rich people. Louis needed a way out, Harry needed a husband. It was a mutual agreement. Doesn’t mean they have to like each other.

Word count: 31,981

Liberté by larriebane:

Summary: AU. 1647. “Pretending you don’t have a heart is not the best way to not get it broken. It’s just the easiest.”

Word count: 64,603

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Heyo! So I'm so overly hufflepuff that I almost cried when I found out sunflowers completely die every year (bc they are may babies I love them!) So can I get RFA + V and Saeran for MC in this situation? Sorry if this is weird, luv u ^^

yo yo yo!
Weird is good!
[ Admin Jiyeon ]

RFA + V & Saeran react to an MC who cried because sunflowers died


  • aww what a precious person
  • “so cute, someone protect MC!” 
  • He’d cry too tbh
  • Sunflowers are very nice for him, 
  • They’re bright, yellow (even if it reminds him of yoosung) it’s pure
  • for him, its a sign of hope or something 
  • but he’d also buy you some sunflowers every year (sometimes even the artificial ones so he cant see you cry)


  • cries
  • “Im sad because it reminds me of Rika”
  • lol sorry
  • He’d also cry because this boi is very soft hearted and he’s really a gentle person
  • so yea 
  • sunflowers for him, are kinda like a normal plant that is beautifully simple 
  • It’s plain yellow, then brown and green, simple but beautiful
  • He likes simple things so yes! “Like you, MC, you’re simple but beautiful!”


  • She has neutral emotions for sunflowers so she’d find it sad that MC cries that their sunflowers had died
  • Because it was really pretty and added an old fashion aesthetic to the designs
  • On more serious notes, she’d find it a little weird but she would melt at how soft you are
  • “Aww, MC… that’s.. cute.”
  • and that’s gay but who’s complaining 
  • “It’s okay, MC we can always buy another one every year.”
  • for her, sunflowers are just plants but since she was/is an assistant and im sure she researched plants, she’d know more about the meaning than her own connotative meaning


  • “do you know we can always buy one”
  • “stop crying its making me want to buy you every sunflower that exists.”
  • He’d be more logically thinking and says “its okay. Nothing lasts forever except our love. It lasts.”
  • Sunflowers for him dont really bother him. For him, it’s kinda too plain (its my hc of Jumin okAY CHILL) 
  • Imo, he’d prefer seeing more extravagant and beautiful flowers but there was that time when smol jihyun and smol jumin went to picture sunflowers because his bestfriend is too nice and polite to ask to go
  • like Jaehee, he’d know more about the dictionary meaning than his own


  • “what a crybaby” takes a video for future blackmail 
  • also, he knows 
  • but he’d also feel sad and he gets reminded people and plants actually die
  • He knows MC would die
  • he would die
  • the whole RFA would die
  • Saeran would die
  • just… everyone. and the new generations passes on. 
  • “its okay MC… let’s go buy sunflowers soon, now dont be sad okay? Come, let’s go prank Yoosung!” 
  • Sunflower’s death reminds him of death in general, however the sunflowers remind him of his own eyes. It’s nice, unique and simple

V/Jihyun Kim

  • he’d c r y lets be honest here
  • V is a marshmallow and he loVES PLANTS!! He loves them so much so he also cried
  • sunflowers are precious to him too. It holds memories. Lots of them
  • “Don’t worry MC, till death do us apart.” (idk if its correct rip) 
  • “When we marry, I want you to personally have a sunflower in your bouquet. It will  be our symbol to leave the past behind us and that how soft hearted you are.”
  • What a man!
  • lets pretend he can see ok let me live
  • Symbols of sunflowers for him are pure, sincerity, simplicity, memories of Rika, Jumin and new memories with MC 


  • Why would you cry over a sunflower.”
  • “It’s just flower. Everyone and everything eventually dies.”
  • for him its very weird
  • he prefers you crying over something more meaningful 
  • Im not saying he has a tough heart but the idea for him is a huge turn off (imo) 
  • It’s like saying you cried because your phone died
  • so
  • yeah
  • eventually, he just gets used to MC’s yearly sunflower deaths rants but he still doesnt know why MC would cry over that thing
  • Symbols for sunflowers: he probably doesnt have “its just a flower.” 

Cole: if you think about it, everything was made to be broken, because nothing is built to last forever, a long time maybe, but no one ever designs anything forever.

Zane: and technically nothing is impossible, you cannot be doing nothing, you are sitting down or standing up or staring into space.

Nya: if you wear a t-shirt inside out, is everyone in the world wearing it except you?

Lloyd: also all the matter in you without all the empty space would be the size of a large penut.

Jay: will you guys stop making me question my existence before 10 am please? Thank you.

Sensai Wu: time is a human conception, it doesn’t move, we move through it. And for all we know, it could all be happening at the same moment. If we had a different way of measuring it, it could be 12:30 right now.


I Was Happier (Part 2)

Originally posted by the-lokis-queen

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 713

Warnings: ANGST, sad!Loki, angry!Loki?, basically just a lot of angst…sorrynotsorry

Summary: You had been in love with the God of Lies and Mischief since you could remember, standing by him through everything. When he was brought back by Thor to answer for his attempts to take over Midgard, you couldn’t take anymore. You left both him and Asgard, behind for a life on Midgard to heal your broken heart. Now you’re gone, he realizes he’s missing more than his best friend, and he needs to fix what he broke, starting with finding you.

A/N: So this is for @sanjariti‘s writing challenge (congratulations again on the milestone!) and my prompt was the song “Happier” by Ed Sheeran. I hope you enjoy it and any feedback is immensely appreciated.

[Part 1]

Previously: He was Loki. Thor’s adopted brother. The wayward God. The outcast of Asgard. The forgotten. He had broken long ago, or maybe he was born with the cracks in place, all he needed was the push to crumble into jagged pieces. He made his pieces his weapons, cutting those who opposed him. Cutting those who made him feel like a shadow. Cutting those who got too close. He was too blinded by his fury, his own pain, to see that he was cutting you too. Where he was a broken piece, you were cutting yourself in loving him.

He never saw his pieces carve themselves into your chest, doing untold damage to your heart. The one you had always held for him. Not until he had been brought back to Asgard to face penalty for attempting to take over Midgard. The way you had looked at him, the walls that had slipped into place between you and he were walls he had never encountered before. Not with you.

Now, he could see. He had broken you, as he had been broken, and you still came back to him. Over and over.

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Letters To Theo (Epistolary Series)

MASTERLIST    //LETTER 1//   /LETTER 3//  //LETTER 4//  //LETTER 5//  



Dear Theo,

I don’t know why I keep writing to you. I guess this is the only ranting outlet I have now. I’m trying to move on you know? From something that never really was. It’s harder when it was a relationship all in my head and had no effect on you. It’s taking a toll on my mental health.

I’ve tried so hard to empty my emotions and become this cold bitch but nothing seems to work. I just remind myself that heartache doesn’t last forever and I’m okay, but every night I have to cry myself to sleep. Liam thinks I should see a doctor, I need to convince myself that I’m not going crazy.

I can’t seem to let it go, the thought of you is haunting me like a shadow.  As cheesy as it sounds, all the sad songs make sense now. Liam has been hanging around a lot more often now.

He’s being very kind to me, he would have kicked your ass if you were here. I told him everything. Except these letters. If you think about it, these are actually creepy and I’m going to take this to my grave. Back to the point. Since Hayden left, me and Liam have the same aura around us so we just vent and rant about. It’s nice to have someone to talk to, who understands.

You were a bad habit. He said I needed to forget you and move on. I know that, that’s what I’m trying here. You shouldn’t have kissed me at all that day. Maybe none of this would have happened. If you hadn’t kissed me, I wouldn’t be so miserable. You teased me. You led me on. You made me believe there was something there when there wasn’t. Why were you so cruel? But you did, you kissed me. It gave me hope. Hope that something more could have happened.


I feel naïve and psychotic, I’m writing letters to my dead love who didn’t love me back.


Yours truly,


250817 off sick
Taemin First Concert

Much of what happened last night has been recounted by others, and i don’t have anything much to add except to say again that Taemin is such a phenomenal performer and i feel nothing but pride at how far he’s come and what amazing feats he would surely still achieve in the future (i sound like such a mom! lol). But he just makes you feel that way, because he’s so hardworking that you just want to cheer him on.

One moment that I’ll forever cherish from last night was at the start, in his first ment. He introduced himself as “SHINee’s Taemin”.

That spoke volumes to me, with all that’s happening right now, and I love him more for it.


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Request By Anon.



I was getting very bored waiting to be called for the simulation. Like yesterday, I was the last one to be called, and it took forever. There was nothing to do but wait. Even when all of the initiates are in here, nobody talks. There’s nothing to talk about except what you might see in your simulation. And believe me, nobody wanted to talk about that.

Finally, the door opened, and the initiate that went before me came out. I sat there for a moment, waiting for Four to come out and get me. Then I saw him, and he motioned for me to come in. So, I slowly stood up, not wanting to see what fear I had to face today. I followed him back into the room. Nervousness was just one thing I was feeling right now.

“Don’t be nervous.” Four said, as if he were reading my mind.

I nod, as he gets the serum. He proceeds to stand next to me, and tilts my head to the right.

“Ready?” He asks.

“No. But go ahead.” I respond, being completely honest.

He lets out a small laugh, and then sticks the needle into my neck. I flinch at the pain, but it soon becomes nothing as I slip into the simulation.

I was standing next to the Chasm, watching the water fall and crash against the rocks. I didn’t get what I was afraid of at first, but then I saw him. Four came around the corner, with his arm around a girl’s shoulders. She was laughing, and he was smiling. But what really killed me was the look he gave her. He looked at her as if she were the light of his life. He was truly in love with her. And I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t in love with him.

I walked up to him and said, “Four. What’s going on?”

What he said next, completely broke my heart. “Oh my goodness. Y/N! Can’t you see that I’m happier with her than I am with you?”

I was trying to hold back tears, and managed to respond. “What? That has nothing to do with-”

“You will never make me happy. I’ll never love you.” He spits out.

I couldn’t take it. I ran off, letting the tears run down my face. I couldn’t believe he said that to me. Why did he have to be so mean? It doesn’t matter. I have to get over him. If he doesn’t love me back, there’s nothing I can do.

I stood up, wiping the tears off of my face. I didn’t care if he loved me back or not.

Then, I awoke in a chair. Looking around the room, I saw Four staring at me, his mouth hanging slightly opened. Oh my goodness. He saw that! He saw all of it!

“Y/N.” He said.

I looked away, letting the tears fall. I couldn’t face him. Not like this. I never wanted him to find out this way! I don’t even think I wanted him to find out at all! Now my seceret is out, and he’ll probably laugh at me and make fun of me.

I get up and run out of the room. Thank goodness I was the last one. If anybody saw me right now, Four wouldn’t be the only one making fun of me.

I run. I don’t know where to. I just run. Soon, I get tired of running and sit down in an empty hallway. I cry even more and let it all out.

Long after I was done crying, I was still sitting in the hallway. I would have to face Four at some point.

“There you are! I was looking everywhere for you! You scared me!”

I look up and see Four walking towards me.

No. No. I didn’t meant I wanted to face him right now. I take it back. I don’t want to face him. I don’t want to.

He sits down next to me. Great. That’s great.

“So. About your simulation today.” He says. looking over at me.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I reply quicker than I meant to.

“Well I do. What was that about? You’re afraid that I would be happier with someone other than you?”

I don’t say anything at first. I really don’t want to talk about this. Especially with him. But I guess I’m going to have to be Dauntless for a moment.

“Yeah. I’m afraid that you would be happier with somebody else than with me.”


Here goes nothing. “Because I like you. I’ve liked you for a while now. There. I said it. Go ahead and laugh.”

“I was never planning on laughing at you. I just wanted to find out if my suspicions were true. And they were.”

“What suspicions?” I question.

“That you liked me too. I like you too Y/N. I like you a lot. And I would never be happier with somebody else other than you.” His voice is very serious.

“Really?” I respond, trying not to sound too happy, but probably failing.


I smile and lean up and kiss him. Surprisingly, he doesn’t try to pull back. He grabs my face in his hands and kisses me back.

Later we get up, both of us smiling, and walk out of the hallway hand in hand.

You are not what people say you are, okay? Life is about finding yourself, and if you’re so unsure of everything to the point where you just don’t know what to do anymore, then all I have to say, is just live life day by day and don’t ever expect anything from anyone. Don’t chase happiness, don’t look for it. And don’t even try looking for love. Be patient, focus on yourself, and it will come to you. Love yourself first to be loved. Loving yourself and being confident doesn’t make you selfish. Confidence is key. Once you’re confident, nothing will ever tear you apart. Fuck all those bitches that call you selfish. They don’t know your story, they don’t know what you’ve gone through. No matter how many problems you face, there will always, always be a way out. Being positive is good. Don’t get too positive to the point where you even start believing in forever and happy endings. Be more realistic. Well, be both positive and realistic. Because being positive and thinking happy, good thoughts actually attracts good things to your life. So you have to be positive and say something positive while looking at yourself in the mirror everyday. Everything at some point have to end. Except family. You have to know that your family would never hate you no mattter what they say and do. They love you because you’re a part of them and you’ll always be. So when you feel alone and feel hated, just remember that and be sure they’ll always be there. What stays and lasts are the things that you aren’t too caught up in. Accept things and life for what they are and I promise you, you will never be unhappy again. Tbh, for me its heartbreaking to just hear the phrase “Nothing lasts forever,” because I always wished I would find my forever someday.  And every time I thought I finally have it, It slips away. But if we can’t live forever, then nothing can last forever. Allow experiences in your life and learn from them, you were born to experience things and comprehend life and be able to confront the consequences. Just because you’re alone now or you don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you’ll forever be alone. You can’t just be alone forever. You will find someone eventually. But don’t expect everything from that person.  Don’t be negative though. Just live life day by day, and cherish every moment. Things will be okay.
—  My words
Heart Broken


Requested by @mrshemmings26 

 Y/n was a musician like Luke but due to various reasons they didn’t click anymore as a couple. Regardless of fans wishes this was a reality and was difficult for the both of them to process, but on a night out when y/n is seen with someone else things get complicated.

 If you have a request do ask! :) 

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 We were called ‘The Dandelions’ as we were seen as light, sweet and can make dreams come true, since we are a primary example. Two years ago we were not well known, there was simply me and my three friends forming a band and recording covers for YouTube, trying to get by or known by any means. Then we got an email from a company who were interested in our music, instantly we agreed and it was an almost overnight success. A few videos later we were nominated for a teen choice award, that was when I had first met him.

 We were on the red carpet having photos taken and I looked past the flashing cameras to see a group of guys, most of them were talking but one was looking at us, observing our movements and once I smiled to him he turned away quickly. Once we had gotten past the photos and were onto the interview stage I asked an interviewer who the group were, she started to gush on about them and that they were this Australian group '5 Seconds Of Summer’ if only then I had known how much of an impact that name would have had on me. I remember the interviewers then directed questions about the guys onto us, then I heard his name, Luke Hemmings; the first time I had heard his name and it stuck to me. Eventually the interviewer stopped talking about the guys and about our music, about how I felt about singing and playing the piano and how I learnt, all of it was fascinating being the first time we had been put in that environment. 

 Once we had been seated inside I glanced around for these four guys, trying not to look like a desperate fan girl I spotted him, again he was looking back at me. Now it was my turn to dart my head away but y/f/n noticed and waved to them instead. It was after winning the award one of the other guys came up to me to congratulate us on the award, that was when I was given his number. That was the night it all started. 

 When speculation came out about the two of us talking all the time on social media, interview topics began to turn away from our music and to dating rumours except neither of us had made anything official, that was until Mikey had made a comment in an interview about us dating and since then it seems that the fans had made it official for us. 

We met up whenever we could, talked all the time and slowly but surely fell in love with each other. Fans of both the bands loved the idea of us being together, that it was the perfect combination of people and music genres. So many of them wanted us to tour together but then things began to get complicated as both our bands rised and blossomed. 

 We were touring at different times, we found we were never in the same time zone anymore and when we did have time for each other we were exhausted. Two solid years of being loved up began to crumble beneath our feet, articles and social media began to tear us apart. They created lies upon lies about Luke seeing someone else, about me moving on or about both of us being miserable or avoiding each other. 

 The truth of the matter was we just couldn’t click, no matter how hard we had attempted to keep it alive and make it work we no longer had the same excitement we had when we first met. Me and Luke broke up five months ago officially, yet the fans still ask about us and about the two of us being the ultimate couple. How we were goals and everyone loved us together, that whenever we were seen with other people of the opposite gender not only us but they would receive mass amounts of hatred or abuse for being seen. On many occasions I tried and tried to bring myself to talk to Luke, but the endless amounts of touring got in the way and I couldn’t bring myself to calling him.

 The last time I saw him was when we ended it, it wasn’t exactly the prettiest of break ups but then again when are they? Luke was never there completely for a few months prior, neither of us spoke much and I found myself bottling it inside. Then I burst into tears one evening and the yelling, the screaming, the cries began to get worse. Then came the fatal words, 'why don’t we just end it.’ I remember how he yelled them in the heat of the argument, how I stood up and quietly walked past him refusing to say a single word whilst I packed a bag of belongings, enough for a few days. He didn’t follow me, nor try and hold me back as I walked out of that door that night and I never looked back. For a while I was radio silent, y/f/n got my belongings and I moved in with her just to keep myself secure. As soon as we were touring again I got back to my old self, questions about relationships were no longer aimed at me which I was thankful for. 

 Now I spend most of my time touring, writing, sleeping and partying. Initially I mostly partied a bit too hard and managed to get myself a bit of a state but part of my inspiration to write these songs came from that, my attempt to make something good from a bad situation. 

 I get messages from fans everyday asking what I’m doing or how I feel, you know being indirect about Luke but I usually I just answer those that I find more funny, sometimes I check up on Lukes Twitter or Instagram to see how he’s been, what he’s up to. It makes me glad that he is happy, that he has these chances like me to go to unique events or just chill with your friends. Except I try to not let the inner bitch get wound up when I see the same girl frequently in his photos, if he’s moved on its good for him. Maybe it’s just taking me longer since I keep it bottled inside.

 'You tore it up, what I believed you could treasure. Guess that goes to show how nothing can last forever’ I wrote down the odd lyric that came to mind, occasionally I would go to the studio and test it out, experiment with it and the keys of the piano. 

 "Y/n?!“ I placed my pen down and closed my notebook, getting down from my bunk to see y/o/f/n stood before me, dressed in less than usual. "You coming to the club or what?” She asked, seeming inpatient with my current appearance being my pyjamas. 

 Wondering up and down I negotiated with myself on going out for one night, it had been a while since I allowed myself to let loose. All I have to do is be moderate with myself, not be excessive like the last time. Letting out a sigh I turn to face her and nod, she squeals before calling the others.

 "Yo Dandos! We got y/n back! Let’s hit The Nice Guy!“ She yelled as I quickly found something to wear before changing and leaving the bus. 

 As soon as we got inside of the club I was greeted by fond memories, coming here with Luke and dancing, drinking and letting ourselves go for a few hours or all night on many occasions.

 I felt someone tap my shoulder and as I turned y/f/n stood there holding a shot glass. "Oh come on, you know you love them.” She egged me on and I didn’t oblige, knocking back the shot before she had considered hers. “Shit, I forgot how much you liked them.” She joked and I shrugged my shoulders, now taking hers. 

 "I just needed to take the edge off of being here that’s all.“ I yelled to her and she nodded, knowing exactly what to do. 

 "Let’s party!” She yelled as we made our way to the crowded dance floor. 

 After a while of dancing and grinding I went to sit down for a few minutes, just to regain some sort of sense. Whilst I kept my head down I heard a shuffle and as I glanced up a stranger smiled to me. He had light brown hair that was swept back out of his face allowing me to fall for his dark green eyes and small smile. "Y/n, right?“ He asked with a now wide smile. 

 "That’s right.” I giggled and played with my hair, unsure of why I was doing either.

 "Can I get you a drink gorgeous?“ He now smirked and placed his hand on my thigh, as his hand continued to move up I went to stop it but someone had beaten me to it. 

 "I’d watch where you put your hand mate, it’s not something you get a choice in without consent.” His hand was torn off of my thigh and the voice was rough.

 "Chill dude, it was harmless.“ He said scoffing and walked away, leaving me with the all too familiar voice.

 "So, you’re here? Of all places.” He jokes and I tut, wanting to go back to my friends. As I stand up he places a hand on my shoulder, being gentle as he always was not wanting to inflict any form of force. Even in the dark lighting I could see the sorrow in his eyes, the glistened look he had when he was upset. 

“Look, I’m over you and it’s obvious you are over me so why interfere? I could’ve handled that.” I state crossing my arms, trying to appear more certain that I was. 

He rolled his eyes and sat down, “Sure you were.” I turned my face away from him, since I couldn’t leave as my balance had not been on my side it didn’t mean I had to talk to him. “Why can’t we just talk this out?” His tone changed, it was less sarcastic and more sincere. I slowly turned to face him to see he had his hands, shaking his head. 

I cautiously reached my hand out to his knee, and immediately he cocked his head back up. “I got jealous.” He mumbled. “I don’t know what it is y/n, you just remain a constant on my mind. No matter how often I convince myself that we weren’t good together I contradict myself.” He huffs and raises his arms in annoyance whilst I sit in silence, I focus less on the music and more on his mannerisms. 

How he would run his hand over his stubble and sigh, bring his hand around the back of his neck before placing it on his lap. How his eyes would glance around trying to avoid observing me in a less than discreet manner, and that he didn’t want to seem shy or lacked confidence so he sat up right, trying to reinforce his manliness. 

 "Luke, things are different now.“ I told him, trying not to focus on him as I spoke knowing he would be a clear distraction. "The way things ended I, I can’t risk going back to that.” Abruptly I stood up, before collapsing back into the chair with a thud. 

“For Christ’s sake.” He muttered under his breath as he picked me up, regardless of my protests and lead the two of us out of the club. Once we got outside immediately we were greeted by flashing lights and noise. I shut my eyes and wrapped my arms around Luke’s neck, burying my head in his chest to block them all out. 

“What happened to y/n, Luke?" 

"Did someone drug her?" 

"Is she completely wasted?" 

"Looks like someone can’t handle their drink." 

"Are you two together again?" 

 Various questions and statements were shouted towards us as Luke kept walking until we were far enough away to get into a car for privacy. As Luke set me down he shut the door and got in the other side. I closed my eyes and rested my head on Luke’s shoulder, tiredness overtaking me. "Can I go to sleep?” I yawn as I close my eyes. 

 "Of course y/n.“ He mumbled into my hair as I shuffle next to him and drift off. "I’ll always be here for you.” He kissed the top of my head as I shut my mind off for a little while longer.

Chen’s EX’ACT Interview

If EXO was a movie genre, which movie would EXO be? What about your life?
EXO would be a movie about friends in their youthful 20’s. The members all have overflowing energy, and have exciting experiences. We laugh together, fight sometimes, are sad together, and these youthful appearances would add up to a youthful movie. For my life um, a normal documentary would be the closest. It was really boring. Before I did music. While doing music my personality changed a lot, and my life has changed from a documentary to a youthful movie.
In this album, which of the lyrics do you like the most?
I like truthful lyrics. In “Lucky One”, “In the same time Oh, the moment we become one I am the lucky one” seems to be the best to me. It’s saying that that moment is lucky. Rather than lyrics like “We met and it was fate”, I like these expressions more.
What time and place do you like?
I like midnight. At 11:59:59, after 1 second the day changes. That standard is fun. I’m just sitting still, nothing is changing, but at midnight the day changes in the entire world. It’s as interesting as growing older.
I don’t know about a places that I like. Rather than liking a certain space, I think I like places with certain feelings. Rather than new and stiff places, a place with a subtle mood, a vintage feeling. The charm of vintage places is that there is a comfort in increased value.
Do you prefer familiar or unfamiliar places?
Familiar places. It’s comfortable with people working or in a familiar environment. But even though I like familiar places, I can have fun in unfamiliar places. There are times when I try new things in familiar places. For example, in music I like working with unfamiliar genres.
What brings up memories the most?
These days, there have been more TV programs and experiences of listening to remakes of old songs. So when I listen to songs with a lot of memories, I suddenly think of memories. For example, ballads that were popular at the time, or when I listen to seniors’ songs I think of that time. How old I was, and what I was doing when this song came out. Rather than pointing out a concrete song, I think of TVXQ hyungs, when TVXQ debuted I was in elementary school. Then I think of how much I liked TVXQ hyungs and sing along with the memories.
What do you want to always be curious about?
Songs. Ah, rather than saying songs, saying music is more accurate. Rather than only liking to sing, I like music itself, so I want to try more diverse genres and challenge different areas of music in the future.
Of the past, present, and future, which is the most important?
The present. I think of how I can make my next self from today’s self. I don’t want to dwell on the past. The past is gone, and you can’t return. Of course, past experiences have shaped my present existence, and I will exist in the future. But I can only shape the future today, in the present, so I think right now is the most important.
One thing that’s good because it’s old, and one thing that’s good because it’s new?
One thing that’s good because it’s old is relationships. Of course, meeting new people and having new experiences and making new connections makes good things happen. But I’m the type, when I meet someone, to first see whether I can meet the other for a long time, and I’m more comfortable when I’m with people for a long time. Of course, I like trying new things and learning from meeting people. Recently, on a music program I did a duet with Chanyeol, and it was a very new experience. I knew that Chanyeol was good at singing and had a sense for music. But doing the song with just the two of us, I felt that Chanyeol’s musical sense was intact, and that part was new to me. So in the future, I want to work with more artists. Like I felt when singing with Chanyeol, I was motivated to work with others with musical sense.
What moment do you absolutely need in your life?
I want to make myself a song that I want to sing, and I want to sing it onstage.
In daily life, has there been a moment that you thought was perfect?
As I’ve been working, that kind of moment has not happened as of now. There’s always something I found regretful, or a greedy part. Ah, a few days ago I was with my family, and all of us were gathered together in one house, that was really perfect.
Have you had an eye-opening experience?
When I entered the company and debuted. In the beginning, my breadth of thought was too narrow. And when I started music, I thought the areas of music were restricted to vocals, everything was drawn in a narrow world in my head, entering the company and debuting and promoting I started seeing many other things, I started trying other music genres, and I met a lot of people who think differently from me.
When do you have the most confidence?
Honestly, I think I’m the most like myself when I’m singing onstage. And when I’m with my family. When I’m with my family I’m Kim Jongdae, when I’m singing I can show Chen’s appearance the best.
If you had a twin or a doppelgänger, what kind of person would you like them to be?
A model student that follows the rules. I like living freely, but it would be fun if that person followed the decided frames and lived by the textbook. But at the same time it would be good if they were very gentle. Facing that myself would be fun. When I meet that person they would be influenced by my methods. And say, ‘You can’t live like that.’ (Laughs)
Do you think you’re a consistent person?
I have consistent beliefs and promises, but to some extent I change according to the surrounding environment or situation. My unchanging belief is that ‘I don’t regret my choices.’ Because of that, I make careful choices.
Do you think people change due to internal factors or external factors?
External factors. Definitely because of the environment. There is good change and bad change. Rather than saying that people change due to internal factors, external motives are more important. For example, if someone’s attitude toward me changes, I change according to that as well. And aren’t there people who change based on what is available to them? But at the same time, I think that not changing and holding the belief of sticking to your priorities is part of existing.
Is there someone who you were close with that you suddenly found unfamiliar?
When I debuted and gained fame. People I knew for 10 years were still seeing me as ‘Kim Jongdae’, but suddenly they saw me as ‘EXO’s Chen’. People become unfamiliar to me when I’ve known them for a long time and they don’t say that ‘I know you as Kim Jongdae’. With those people, when we talk or go around it’s not as comfortable as before and I have become more careful.
Are you burdened from others’ expectations? At what moment do you let go of that burden?
Always. When I think of others who expect from me, I think of the fans’ expectations first. I always have to try to show a different color or a different appearance. When we prepare for an album, recording or practicing choreography, just because we’re pros doesn’t mean that we have a burden and we settle. But that burden is not stress. I want to keep doing music in the future and giving better songs, so that kind of thing is like fun homework. And I know that I’m still lacking, so I think it’s a problem that I definitely have to cross.
What are you most afraid of?
Nothing is scary. We don’t know what sort of thing is approaching us, and it’s unbelievable, but Earth could be destroyed tomorrow. Rather than worrying and preparing for that part, I think of it as passing anyway and I stay faithful that the things I do today will help me in the future.
Do you believe in coincidences, or inevitability?
Coincidences. I don’t know much about inevitability. It’s like saying, ‘This is your fate.’ I don’t have things like that. Everything is a coincidence, even if it’s just for a moment. Every moment can become an opportunity, those opportunities should not be dropped and grabbing them is a coincidence, if they pass then they pass. I even think that my appearance right now is a coincidence, really.
Do you like clear or ambiguous things?
I like clear things. Ambiguous things have a lot of variables. So you handle plans according to the situation. But if you particularly pick a clear answer, you can have clear situations.
When does silence demonstrate the most force?
When you need silence more than words is when you’re talking about your feelings with others. Rather than just me talking, I think it’s more important to be quiet and listen to what the other person has to say first. When you find that people are hurt by others, or need something, or find something in particular, when the other party is talking, always be quiet and listen.
If you could make one thing in the world last forever, what would it be?
I don’t know. Health. But I don’t really show a lot of concern for health. So I think I want more health. Of course nothing is forever, everything changes, grows old, I know that everything goes on, but I want my health to last forever. But I don’t want everyone except for me to get old. Sometimes there are scenes like that in movies. It looks really lonely. So that’s a contradiction. I don’t not want to get old, but I want to stay healthy.
What is the most valuable thing that you cannot see?
Trust. Reciprocal trust between people.
trans: andie @ fychen ϟ please take out with full credit!



Change pronouns / descriptors as necessary!

  • “I wouldn’t be here if I had a choice, but I have to do these sorts of things now.”
  • “Nobody showed up at his funeral, except me.”
  • “When they bury me, it won’t be in my backyard, and when they come to pay their respects, they’ll have to wait in line.”
  • “Separate the wheat from the bullshit.”
  • “I’ve always said that power is more important than money. But money gives power… well, a run for its money.”
  • “Go fuck yourself.”
  • “Christ, that felt good.”
  • “We used to make each other stronger, at least I thought so.”
  • “I didn’t think I deserved her.”
  • “I was half the man before I met her.”
  • “And now, I’m just weak and small and I can’t stand that feeling any longer.”
  • “It’s you that’s not enough.”
  • “She can go after me all she wants, but she goes after her and I’ll slit her fucking throat in broad daylight.”
  • “Am I shattering your illusions about the guy?”
  • “Are you afraid of what I wrote?”
  • “Legacy is their only child.”
  • “His motivations were atrocious, but his logic was sound.”
  • “This isn’t pretend. I’m real.”
  • “I wasn’t invisible anymore. I couldn’t escape myself.”
  • “I will put you in your fucking grave.”
  • “He is my friend and you came very close to killing him.”
  • “Please, slit my wrists with his butter knife.”
  • “As least you got laid.”
  • “You better not fuck him over.”
  • “He’s not foolish. I wouldn’t take a bullet for a man who was.”
  • “It’s like you want me to fire you.”
  • “I only care about the man.”
  • “Nothing is forever - except us.”
  • “You don’t have a monopoly on secrets.”
  • “We have to do something.”
  • “The last time I got this drunk, I broke into a library.”
  • “He had more courage than you’ll ever have.”
  • “I don’t believe you love your husband more than ever.”
  • “You don’t add up.”
  • “You can’t love the people you kill.”
  • “You have to love the people who are trying to kill you.”
  • “If you’re doubting yourself, I can’t indulge that.”
  • “Why did I hold back? Why did I show him any mercy?”
  • “There’s a fine line between duty and murder.”
  • “Refrigeration. Are you talking about refrigeration?”
  • “I don’t have that many close friends, I count you among them.”
  • “I love this man as if he were my son.”
  • “Love? Is that what you’re selling?”
  • “You should consider a career on the stage.”
  • “Imagination is it’s own form of courage.”
  • “Well hey there. You want a peanut butter and jelly?”
  • “Have you asked that of yourself? What are you willing to die for?”
  • "The American Dream has failed you. Work hard? Play by the rules? You aren’t guaranteed success.”
  • “I’m leaving you.”
  • “Must I destroy this man?”
  • “You’re nothing without me.”
  • “You wanna know what takes real courage? Keeping your mouth shut, no matter what you might be feeling.”
  • “I was trying to rile you up. And I succeeded.”
  • “He’s a son of a bitch.”
  • “No writer worth his salt can resist a good story.”
  • “What is the face of a coward? The back of his head as he runs from the battle.”
  • “What I hate is… how much I need us.”
  • "You are entitled to nothing.”
  • “It’s tiresome, constantly swinging a sledgehammer at the facade, just to get a glimpse through the cracks.”
  • "We’ve been lying for a long time. Not to them. To each other.”
  • “This is what happens when you don’t sleep for three months.”

“I want to stay with you forever, Arin.”

Drew this last night but it didn’t post…Egobang fluffies to COUNTERACT THE ANGST BROUGHT ON BY @penguinpatrolerarmy

Anyways, I’m p proud of this, except what is a hand and how do you draw it exactly?

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I never got to thank you, Delena.

I wanna thank you for giving me everything I always wanted. A love that consumed me.

And adventure. 

And passion.

There’s nothing more that I could’ve asked for, except for it to last forever. 

But it can’t.

This is the last time I’m gonna see you.

I love you. But I have to let you go. 


Where will we go?: A Jon x Sansa fanmix

I Will Wait - Mumford and Sons || well I came home | like a stone | And I fell heavy into your arms | these days of dust | which we’ve known | will blow away with this new sun

Wings - Haerts || love | I will never leave your fears | I know you’re lost now | I know you’re lost now | counting days won’t buy us years | let’s start all over | start all over

Four Walls - Broods || all I’ve got is a bunch of sad stories |
and I told them all before the night was through and we cried | but we’re here now | and I’m trying hard to make you like me | but I don’t wanna try too hard | and I’m trying hard to take it lightly | but we’re here now

I Know You Care - Ellie Goulding || I know you care | I see it in the way you stare | As if there was trouble ahead and you knew it | I’ll be saving myself from the ruin | but I know you care

Endless Summer - The Jezabels || you came home | for the endless summer | watch me go | paint a famous warrior | of the light | you were the strongest follower | in my mind | you are an endless summer

Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin || you are the snowstorm | I’m purified | the darkest fairytale | in the dead of night | let the band play out | as I’m making my way home again | glorious we transcend

Shattered and Hollow - First Aid Kit || I cannot leave you behind | we are going to get out of here | run from all our fears | follow what we once held dear | when will we get out of here

We Won’t Run - Sarah Blasko || I’ve got the meddle | the means to make things right | tired of guilt | tired of being sorry | haven’t we suffered enough | we won’t run | we can fight | all that keeps us up at night

Mountains - Biffy Clyro || you can’t understand | that I won’t leave | until we’re finished here | and then you’ll find out | where it all went wrong | nothing lasts forever | except you and me | you are my mountain | you are my sea

King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men || howling ghosts – they reappear | in mountains that are stacked with fear | but you’re a king and I’m a lionheart | a lionheart | his crown lit up the way | as we moved slowly | past the wondering eyes of the ones that were left behind | though far away | we’re still the same

thephotoshaveillusions  asked:

Hey dear! :) How are you? I was wondering if you could help me find some good Sterek ff to read (no less than 20K)? ^^ Thank you!

i’m good thanks :) and sure thing, here are some fics i’ve read and loved recently, all over 20k:

Hunger of the Pine by utsu

Normal. A word with meaning akin to water, slipping right through his fingertips. Elusive in the long-term; a flickering understanding he accepts and loses track of in a passing moment.

Normal had never, ever seemed an applicable term to a life ridden with werewolves.

or: the one where the pack figures out that Derek and Stiles are in love before Derek and Stiles do.

Bad Habits by Fudgebug

“Mmmmh pretty.“ Stiles purrs in a way that makes a wild fire torch the planes of his skin.
He knows Stiles is drunk and that the boy would probably stroke a pineapple and compliment its attractiveness, but Derek can’t help the way his heart starts to be a huge backstabbing dick, thundering uncontrollably against his chest.
It’s painful, because Derek knows it isn’t real.

A story about goody-two-shoes Derek crushing on a Polish Prince Charming with a drinking habit - also the universe keeps on shoving astral poop into his face. It’s utterly spectacular.

Reports of a Lover’s Tryst by CharWright5

New York Mets shortstop Derek Hale was riding the high of being his team’s hero on Opening Day, only to have it come crashing down the very next day when pictures leak of him acting more than friendly with his roommate Stiles Stilinski. Now, not only is Derek outed before he wanted, but he’s also a target for more harassment and suddenly single after accusations fly over how the media caught wind of his secret relationship. And he’d thought his biggest issue during the season would be questions over a rumored contract extension and impending free agency.

Really, Derek Hale? by relenafanel

Derek loves his sisters, so when Allison expresses the need to visit her family home in Beacon Hills years after the death of her parents, Derek agrees. It’s the perfect setting for him to work on the storyboard for Lycaon Production’s newest horror movie. It also happens to be the hometown of one of the most popular horror movie vloggers.

Stiles’ Horror Picture Blog just might be the inspiration he needs to put Lycaon back on the big screen. He doesn’t expect Stiles himself to become his inspiration.

And he certainly doesn’t expect Stiles’ antagonistic treatment of him in return, even if he understands how it happened. Derek has never been very good at people, and he has no idea how to make it right when everything he tries just makes Stiles’ opinion of him worse.

‘Till You Make It by standinginanicedress

“I’m saying – let’s fake it.”

Derek blinks at him. Hard. Stiles never knew that someone could physically make a blink look hard, but there Derek goes, slamming his lids together like he’s fucking exercising them. “Fake it.”

“Pretend, dumbass,” he backhands Derek lightly on his upper arm. “Pretend like we’re doing as well as our parents want us to and then they’ll be off our backs, right?”

“We don’t have to pretend anything, Stiles,” Derek says evenly, in a tone that suggests he’d much rather be yelling. “We’re literally soulmates.”

“That’s the beauty of it! It’s going to be so fucking easy. I can’t believe we never thought of this before,” he runs his hands through his hair and shakes his head in amazement, grinning from ear to ear. “Holy shit. I can’t believe I just solved all our problems for us, man.”

Collide by allyasavedtheday

“There’s a legend among the druids,” Deaton begins, “it tells of two souls, Silvanus and Antheia, bound inextricably across universes. Two souls that are constantly colliding, not completing each other but-“

“Balancing,” Stiles says faintly, thinking back to all those times Morell talked to them about druids maintaining the balance.

“Mhm. Balance is imperative in our world, Stiles. The supernatural is a turbulent and unpredictable thing, without balance it would implode on itself.”

“So these two souls…”

“Were the bonding of the natural world and the supernatural one,” Deaton finishes for him.

Stiles and Derek are soulmates. It would be just Stiles’ luck that his universe is the only one where they don’t end up together.

Someday When You Leave Me by standinginanicedress

“Every thing is so fucking temporary, including people – it just feels nice to accept that nothing lasts forever. Right?”

Derek narrows his eyes. “Are you telling me your entire life philosophy is based around a Taylor Swift song?”

Stiles narrows his eyes directly back at him, turning in his seat so his entire body is facing in Derek’s direction. “Would that be a problem?”

or the one where Stiles is a manic pixie dream boy who doesn’t ~believe~ in relationships and Derek is the idealistic booknerd trying to nail him down

A Devotion by TroubleIWant

There’s a boy exiting the doors as they approach. Where Derek is tan from hours outside, the boy is pale except for a few beauty marks on one cheek. He’s dressed in fine riding clothes, and flanked by a guard wearing the sign of the royal house. A noble, then. He’s younger than Derek, but, considering his higher station, a bow would be appropriate. Despite that, Derek can’t help looking curiously at the boy, who’s looking back at Derek with just as much interest. For a moment, their eyes meet - the boy’s are a deep amber in the sunlit courtyard, ringed by long, tawny lashes.

A gloved hand smacks the back of Derek’s head and he instinctively flinches away, hunching his shoulders. He loses track of the other boy as they pass one another, and as he turns to get another look, the knight grabs his shoulder and marches him forward into the stable.

“Keep your eyes to yourself,” the knight instructs. “And next time, show the proper respect to Crown Prince Stiles.”

Or: A medieval AU that’s a little Princess Bride, a little bit more Game of Thrones, and a healthy side-serving of gay erotica.

Make it stop, Luke Hemmings imagine.

A/N: okay so fyi im going on holiday till the 17th meaning i have wifi till then so i will not be posting anything i am really really sorry and i hope you can forgive me. i will write all of your amazing requests when i get home and apologize for the wait. also this one turned out really long just also an fyi.

Y/N´s P.O.V.

Music had always been a passion of mine. Ever since I could stand up I wanted to perform my favorite photo of me when I was young is me and a friend playing pop artist concert. I learned how to sing and read notes when I joined the church choir. Not because im remotely religious but a few of my friends did it and it sounded like fun. Plus my parents could not afford for me to have any more interest when they already had to pay for me to get piano lessons. The choir teacher was a sweet old lady that always made you feel special. It made me want to keep on singing.

People has always told me it was a stupid dream. That I should just give it up. This happened when they found me scribbling lyrics into my notepad or humming random tunes whenever I felt like it. This of cause also made me very popular with the teacher but I did not mind. When I got into highschool I met a couple of fellows and we started a band. We started out only playing local things like a small party and such but the gigs grew bigger and bigger. One day we were rehearsing and I got a call, it was from our manager and we had been hired as warm up band for 5 seconds of summer. Nothing could have made us happier.

After touring with the guys for a little over half a year I was starting to really like them. They were fun to be around and it was nice to be around other musicians for a change. Since I came from a small town and the closest thing we had to other bands was the church choir.

We had also gained a lot of fans over the 6 months of touring with them and more and more often we saw people coming to the concert wearing our t-shirts, screaming our lyrics back to us. Nothing is a more incredible feeling than having your lyrics screamed back to you. Nothing.

I had even started dating this movie star, I had met him at an award show after party and we had just clicked. Dated ever since and I could not be happier. Also because it kept the boys of my back, since I was the only female around sometimes it made me a great target for the boys. At first I did not notice but I came to realize that they were all flirting with me all the time, giving me special treatment and stuff. Not my own bandmates they loved to annoy me which I was very grateful for. I did not care for special treatment. That was one of the greatest things about having a boyfriend, it gets other guys off you back.

And I loved him with all of my heart, we had fun and he saw me for the real me. I felt like I could tell him everything, and it also felt like we were going to last forever. Nothing could come between us.

Except the fact that love is not a constant state and once you get out of the honeymoon faze things change.

We had three days off and I had called him on skype wanting to spend as much of my freetime with him as I could.

Half an hour later I closed the laptop and walked out of my hotel room I walked down the hall and knocked on the other guys room door. I waited a for what seemed like forever until the door was finally opened. In front of me stood Luke smiling widely when he saw me.

“Hey, the guys are out getting pizza but I had some homework to finish up. Whats up?” He asked smiling at me.

I did not say anything I just took two steps forward so I stood right in front of him, I put my head on his chest and began sobbing right away he put his arms around me holding me tightly.
After a little while I pulled back and we walked into the hotelroom, we sat on the couch and I put my head on his shoulder needing comfort and not caring what anyone would think if they walked in and saw us. He let me sob into his shoulder for a while longer.
When I had calmed down a little I pulled back and looked at him, he gave me a vague but comforting smile.

“So you wanna tell me about it or just cry some more?” he asked.

“I’m sorry for ruining your shirt,” I started and he laughed whole heartedly, he shrugged and smiled at me.

“It’s okay I have more.” He said and it made me smile a little, I took a deep breath to calm myself down before telling him about what had just happened.

“Caleb dumped me.” I started and Luke looked at me confused but motioned for me to continue.

“He called and told me that I was too self-absorbed and had turned into such a diva since he met me.” I said pausing for a moment collecting myself.

“So there I was thinking everything was going great and I get told im a diva. I’m not a diva am I?” I finished looking into his eyes trying to read what he was going to say. When he paused for too long I felt like crying again.

“Oh shit im a diva,” I said and he shook his head and chuckled.

“No, you are not, he is the diva if he cannot see how great and down to earth you are. You are not a diva because you are grateful for everything you have and I diva is not,” He said lifting my head and looking into my eyes. I smiled a little and took a deep breath sighing.

“Okay, enough talking now I just want to cry a little more,” I said and he nodded and let me cry into his shoulder.

What he had said had comforted me but there was still so much more I had not told him, all those other reasons he had broken up with me because of. It had been like a bully sitting there pointing all of my flaws as if I did not already see those. I cried till my eyes could barely squeeze out another tear.

“Luke.” I started but was stopped by my sobs, it took me a little while to gather up more strength to say the next thing.

“It hurts.”

“Make it stop,” I finished and he pulled me closer hugging me.

“Shh. you will be okay,” he said.

He moved his head from the comfortable position it had been in on top of my head and he gave me a small kiss on the top of my head.

“Make it stop,” I said again.

He kissed my forehead again. I sobbed a few times as I moved my head to be face to face with him. I sobbed a few more times before leaning in a letting his lips meet mine.

His lips were warm and soft against mine I had not expected it but he kissed me back immediately. at that moment I did not care about anything just the moment I shared with Luke. We started moving our lips and our kissing became a little more agressive than before, passionate. His mouth moved perfectly in sync with mine and he defiantly knew what he was doing. His hands were all over me and I did not mind. I pulled away for a small second to take my shirt off them my lips were back on his as I wrapped my legs around his waist and started taking his shirt off. He lifted me off the couch like I was light as a feather and wanted to carry me to the bed, but with no sense of direction and not wanting to pulled back for even a second I ended up my back against a wall.

After a little while he pulled away from me and created a lot of distance between us. He was panting as was I and he looked a little distressed. I wanted to say something but I did not know what to say. Still out of breath he managed to get out.

“I need you to tell me something,” He started out finally getting his breathing back to normal, I nodded and let him continue.

“Answer a question. Answer it right and its back to fireworks and rockets red glare. “ He said and I nodded yet again this time biting my lower lip a little he seemed very serious, serious was not good right now.

“I need to know that you are not just doing this because you are hurt about caleb,” He said I opened my mouth to say something but he cut me off.

“I need to know because I do not want to be your rebound. I have wanted you so badly for so long and I just need to know. Say the word and im yours.” He said, I got tears in my eyes and I looked away thinking about my next move.

I did not know until I kissed him how much I craved Luke´s touch. And he was one of my best friends, but I had no idea. Right now I wanted to feel better.

“What you just said is probably the nicest thing someone has ever told me,” I started as I looked back at him. I took a step closer to him and bit my lip again.

“To be honest, I don’t know. You are one of my best friends Luke and until a few moments ago I had no idea of how badly I wanted to kiss you,” I said and paused he looked away hurt.

This is what I wanted to avoid, hurting him was the opposite of what I wanted.

“I understand,” He said not looking at me but I bit my lip thinking again.

“How about this? We stay friends while I get over that douche. And when im ready we can go out,” I said and he looked back at me shrugging.

“I guess,” I hugged him and I could feel him smile as he hugged me back.

A week later I walked into our dressing room which we shared with them. There was not many people in it at the moment and I was a little grateful for that.

“Hey,” I said.

Luke turned his head to look at me just to have me lean up and kiss him. At first he did not move his lips probably out of surprise but after a moment he started to move his lips in sync with mine. I could see what he meant with fireworks and rockets red glare now. We had to pull apart because we started giggling when the guys started wolf whistling at us. I looked at them just to have Michael look fake hurt.

“And here I thought you loved me,” he said faking hurt, I smacked him on the shoulder lightly and he faked hurt even more.

“Now I’m glad it’s not me, watch out Luke looks like you are getting into an abusive relationship,” he said and I rolled my eyes at him.

Luke shrugged and kissed my temple putting his arm around me.

“Any other comments?” He asked and Ashton nodded.

“Yeah, Cal you owe me 50 bucks. “

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