nothing just thought making something for this amazing character

Grant Ward deserved so much better than that bull shit. The writers had the chance to do something wonderful, something amazing, such a great character arc, and what do they do? Nothing. They put out bait for the few Ward fans that they have left, making us believe there’s hope, there’s a chance that maybe he might get redeemed. We still saw that one piece of a good man inside of him, and hoped for the best, and the writers and show just shit on it. They saw we thought Ward wasn’t a good villain, so what do they do? They make him death, and that kills me. Do they realize what the character of Grant Ward has done for some people? How they’ve connected to him? What it would have meant for them to see him redeemed? But they didn’t care, and they still don’t care, and the way they have treated us is downright cruel. Not to mention how the rest of the fandom treats us, I mean, just take a look at the Grant Ward tag right now. People aren’t even the least bit considerate to the fans who might have suffered abuse and connected with Ward so much. I have seriously never seen such a hateful fandom before. 

Either way, to me, this story line means that Grant Ward is dead. Phil Coulson, the supposed “good guy” of the show killed him over a women he barely knew for a few months, while Ward was trying to kill him over someone he had helped build up back to herself. I really don’t understand what the difference is on why Ward deserved it but Coulson didn’t?  

People keep going on about how Coulson was able to beat Ward, which I thought was ridiculous at first, but when I thought about it some more … I honestly think Ward wanted to die on that planet, and I guess he did. 

Anyway, I keep hoping that the show is going to somehow make him turn around and be good, but I’ve decided that’s really just hurting me more in the end, so I think from now on I’m going to keep the tv turned off on Tuesday nights and live in my AUs. 

This is really long and rambly and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make sense, but I needed to get it out.