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Sometimes I think about the idea of McCree being a trans man and I cry tears of happiness

Like?? Imagine a Jesse who always used to bind with ace bandages or other unhealthy shit in deadlock. Gabe finds out by accident and just throws a measuring tape at Jesse and gets him a real binder super quickly. (Overwatch may be a shittily prejudiced organization but Gabe knows what its like to get completely screwed over and wants to help Jesse.) And Jesse just happy to have a good and clean method of binding??(Although being annoyed at having to hand wash the binder) 

Alternatively a Jesse who never bound before and just being ridiculously happy to finally see a flat chest. Like just trying on all his clothes and seeing how none of them have a bump at all and just feeling so good about it. 

So it just dawned on me why Jay steals, and why Jafar makes him steal. Jafar was trying to turn Jay into another Aladdin. Because only Aladdin could get into the cave of wonders to get the lamp. If Jay could become just like Aladdin, he’d be able to find something just as amazing as the lamp, and he wouldn’t be denied entrance to somewhere for not being a diamond in the rough.

Idk why it took me this long to realize why he’d just be a thief. Though I’m still bitter he shows no sign of being able to use magic, considering Jafar was sorcerer.

Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 15: I’m Here

Summary: Jay is possessive of his property. 

Words: 1190

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“It’s me. I’m right here.” He came towards me. Grabbing my elbow, he pulled me into the baby’s room and closed the door.

“Where the fuck were you?” I just rolled my eyes. He was overreacting, nothing new.

“Jay, I’m still here. I was told to come here when I was done with breakfast.” I pulled away from his grip and rubbed it since it was slightly sore now.

“You’re mine.” He grabbed my face forcing me to look at him. I closed my eyes not wanting to show him fear. He fed off of it. “Open your eyes.” I tried slapping his arm away and pushing him but he wouldn’t let go.

“No. Just leave me alone.” His grip got tighter to the point where it hurt. I kept grabbing at his hand to try and pry it off but his grip was too strong. 

“Now.” He hissed as he was hurting me for no reason.

“Jay, please stop. It hurts.” I looked him in his eyes as a tear slipped out my eye and that’s when he let go. I stepped back from him and rubbed my face. I really hoped it wouldn’t bruise.

“Let me see.” He came towards me trying to look at my face but I flinched when he lifted his hand. I was afraid he would make it worse. 

“Just leave me alone. You’ve done enough.” I walked toward his room trying to go to the bathroom to see what he had done.

I was looking in the mirror when he opened the door. I could see his hand marked on my face, they left a red outline behind. I gently touched it to see if it would hurt. I hissed from the sting. He left the room. I didn’t understand what he wanted and why he would just come and leave but I wasn’t going to ask him to stay. I looked for pain relief medication. I read the label on the bottle which said it wasn’t okay to take during pregnancy. “Fuck!” I threw the bottle which broke spilling the pills on the floor. I sank to my knees and started crying. Why did Jay want me or the baby? Why couldn’t he leave me alone? This wasn’t healthy for anyone. He can’t control himself when he’s angry and he’s way too possessive. I’m just a fucking toy to him.

I heard the bedroom door open which meant he returned. I wiped my eyes as best as I could but it was too late. “I know I hurt you but I brought you some ice.” I grabbed the ice from him and looked away. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

My body shook as sobs I was holding back came out. “It doesn’t change the fact that you did. I can’t do this, Jay. You can’t control yourself and what if you go too far one day and hurt Alex?” He sat down next to me and I moved away.

“Doll, I’m sorry.” He tried to hold my hand but I pulled it back.

“You’re sorry? Sorry doesn’t fix the fact that I have a bruise on my neck from you. It won’t fix the fact that I’ll have another in a few hours. It won’t fix the fact that I’m here. The only thing you are is a man who destroys anything and everything that cares about him because you’re selfish.” I threw the ice at him. “Go to hell, Jay.”

He tsked at me like this was some fucking sick game of his. “You know better than to talk to me like that.”

I scoffed. “You don’t get to decide how I talk to you. What are gonna do? Shoot me? If you could you would have already. There’s something wrong with your mind not allowing you to and you keep getting angrier because you don’t understand it but if you just tried it would be a lot fucking easier for everyone. Especially you. If you just admitted to yourself that you may actually care then maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to control yourself. You’re too busy being afraid that you hurt everyone else.” He came towards me and held my waist keeping me to him. I tried to push him away but it was useless. “Let me go.”

He raised his hand and caressed my cheek. “I don’t mean to hurt you. You just get me worked up when you don’t listen.” 

I looked at him. I was scared but I had to try to help him. I was going to be stuck here for a while until I had a chance to escape again. “I’m not a pet, Jay. You don’t get to control me. I’m having a baby and you keep hurting me. Every time you hurt me it harms the baby. Every time my emotions get messed up it hurts him too. You gotta be softer with me. You’re gonna have to be softer with the baby.” He got closer to my face and we were almost kissing but I couldn’t fall for him.

“Teach me. I don’t want you hurt. You’re afraid of me.” I just nodded.

“Okay. You gotta meet me halfway.” I slowly put my arms behind his neck. 

He kissed me roughly. I kissed him back. If Jay was gonna try maybe this could work. When we pulled away he rested his head against mine. “Oh, you’re so good to me.” I smiled as he moved to hold my cheeks softly.

“You gotta be good to me in return. You hurt the baby and I’ll hurt you way worse. I’ll punish you with pleasure. Got it?”

“Pleasure me with pain, baby.” He had a dark smirk which caused my cheeks to flare.

“Don’t you got work to do?” He went to his closet pulling out some clothes. A black button up shirt which he wasn’t going to button and some black pants to match.

“Got meetings at the club while the heist happens tonight. I’ll see you later, doll.” He came back and kissed me harder than before. I heard his little purr as he pulled away which just made me bite my lip so I could stop a smile.

“Jay, before you go I was wondering if Jonny could stay here for tonight or even just not go on the heist? He just came out of the hospital and I get he’s the best man you got, but he’s my brother and I don’t want him hurting himself more than he already has.” Maybe Jay would continue to play nice. One could hope, right?

“Why not? If it’s what my queen wants.” I smiled at him.

“Thank you, Jay.” I smiled to him.

“Stay good, baby.” He left the room with a wink. I took a deep breath. Maybe Jay could change. Maybe he would just play nice with me and the baby. All I cared about was him not hurting us or Jonny. This was one way to get it done. I went back to Alex’s room finishing what I was doing before with a smile on my face.

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The Ninjas + The Avengers


Human-oid. Human at code but still learning. Portable charger who tries to be funny but comes across as deeply philosophical. Less physical limitations than the rest of the team. Just wants a family. And love. Very chill but secretly going through an existential crisis 90% of the time.

Jay:Iron Man

Techie. mechanic whiz with a heart of gold and an obnoxious tendency to quip consistently to cover his insecurities. Somehow turns useless metal junk into crazy mechas and weapons at the spur of the moment and postures to try and impress his girlfriend with big flashy things. Shoots blue electricity at baddies from his hands.

Cole:Captain America

Group Shield. Stoic but very emotional inside. Wants to do the right thing. Has feelings for the girl but gets over it. Consistently at odds with the mechanic. Eats more than everyone else but doesn’t look like it. Throws themselves into hazardous situations for the team without thinking. Dies and then gets resurrected.


Idiot. Only there for their skills. Comic relief and highly temperamental. Prefers range attacks. Smurfette’s annoying, slightly less talented brother. Likes fancy weapons and tries and fails at coolness. Really wants to be cool. Probably owns a motorcycle.

Nya:Black widow

Spunky smurfette. The only one besides the robo who keeps their cool in stressful situations. is not having your sexist garbage. Also, hands down best at combat. Seriously done with smurfette syndrome. Secretly the boss’s favorite. Your best for covert ops. Genius with disguises and gadgets that doesn’t get enough screen time, imho.

Wu:Nick fury

The boss. Calm and super chill except for when they are not. Doesn’t tell their team a damn thing until it is too late and everyone is running for their lives. Cannot be bothered by collateral construction damage for the greater good. questionable motivational tactics. Mysterious at first but really just a grumpy old coot with mad fighting skills that he won’t break out until the Last Possible Minute.

Lloyd:Luke Skywalker

Blond fluff. Aka THE CHOSEN ONE. Youngest of the bunch. Very isolated childhood. Whiny at first but Trying. Has to mature after spending the first chunk of screen time whining about everything and not knowing what is going on, exactly. Has a father that turned to the dark side due to lost love and major angst and also corruption by some nasty essence within him who then turned his back on his good teacher to run after some creepy creeper with a complex who wanted to subjugate humanity but eventually sacrificed himself so the son would carry on the legacy and Be Better. Also has a bearded mentor who tries to make up for his black-robed father’s issues.

The ninja naming their dragons:
  • Zane: I have gone over every single possible ice pun in my head and concluded that Shard sounds the best.
  • Jay: Okay so in hindsight Wisp doesn't make sense because it implies he's a wind dragon even though he's a lightning dragon, but I can't change it now because he likes it so whatever.
  • Kai: Uh....Flame I guess I dunno I'm not good at this.
  • Cole: He's an earthbender right? Rocky!
  • Lloyd: Flame Wisp Shard Rocky Potter, you were named after the four dragons who combined to create you.

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I always knew I could climb… I knew I could only climb if I climbed alone…
—  Jay Gatsby