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As a pagan I find it kind of offensive that you're doing this because it's "cute". I don't really mind if you're doing it, just be respectful please?

theres no right or wrong way to be pagan except for telling other people theyre doing it the wrong way. i can do something because the idea of it makes me happy & that can be the extent to which i take the answers/advice seriously, if i want.

and i will, because i do think my runes & pendulums & crystals are cute. whether or not i fully 100% invest myself in the concept of them having the metaphysical attributes other people choose to believe in, doesnt matter or affect you/your beliefs. ;^Y

People who are virulently opposed to Kaepernick’s form of civil protest may need to acquaint themselves with Civil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau. When institutionalized injustice tramples the rights of even the most obscure citizen, it is our civic duty, our moral obligation to act against it. Taking the knee is innocuous compared to the lengths others in our country’s history were willing to go to in the face of oppression.

Yep. He opened his jacket in the end…like clockwork.
Hope he doesn’t catch a cold. :)

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one of the reasons I don’t really ‘get’ people who make fun of kids with silly, super self indulgent OCs/self inserts is because as an adult I still have those. I just don’t share em. But you can bet after seeing a great movie I spend the whole car ride home imagining the WORST possible self insert and enjoying the helllllllll out of it

  • Hoseok: i'm cold
  • Yoongi: here, have my jacket
  • Jimin: hey, i'm cold too
  • Jungkook: what? [taking off jacket] i told you to bring more layers but of course you didn't listen and now [piling scarves on Jimin] now look, i've got to make sure you don't FREEZE to death and [taking somebody else's hat] how long have you been cold you should've said something sooner,
Joseph Christiansen Secret/Cult Ending Manuscript

I went digging through the Level 18 gibberish and sorted out all the dialogue into a manageable manuscript if anyone is interested in reading this secret wild ride. None of the dialogue is labeled so I did my best to interpret who was saying what so any mistakes are my bad. It took a few hours to put together but I felt like some people would like more than just a summary so here is the full text:

MC will be short for Main Character or your player.

** edit 07/26/17: minor text fixes, better formatting, the insertion of more images (courtesy of purpledragon42) , and insert of a working readmore **

Level 18- Joseph Bad Ending or True Ending ( Who knows? )

This appears to take place after MC and Joseph Christiansen engage in sex in the yacht, except you don’t wake up to what you expect. This takes place in Cult_Dungeon1.

(Photo Credits: Game Grumps)

START: You’re A Monster


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. What time is it? Must have been asleep for ages. I wonder what will happen now that Mary is gone? What about Joseph’s kids? And how will Amanda feel about all this? That’s what matters… . Well, we all have each other. I guess time will tell, right? Better get up and greet the day.

Am I tied up?! What the hell?! How did I get here? What’s going on?! Joseph? Anybody?

You’re probably just dreaming. Why would there be a… Don’t panic… . a dungeon. An evil dungeon. Why would there be an evil dungeon here? This can’t be real. Maybe I had too much Twilight Rouge. I’m dreaming, or something.


Oh, I guarantee this is real.

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I don’t care what people say, he’s beautiful to me. Go suck an egg. | Redbubble


Here’s to you beefy women of Cartoon Network.

I have Ruby because she’s got some beefyness to her even though she’s tiny

If I missed any, feel free to add them to the list. They can even be from non Cartoon Network shows.

You know what?? Let’s just add beefy women in general. Shows, comics, movies, your choice.

“Why does the les mis fandom obsess over les amis when they have no content and aren’t even the main characters???”

i mean idk about you but i can relate much more to young people suffering at the hands of society than i can about an old dude who yanked a child from the woods and carries wigs in his pockets

Pewdiepie: *began his career yelling “rape” in every vid at the top of his lungs*

Everyone: This is fine.

Pewdiepie: *accidentally says “nigger” during a stream, immediately apologizes in the stream before any backlash occurs*

Everyone: Pewdiepie is cancelled, y’all.