nothing is wasted



081316 // i just took my finals for chinese 101 a couple days ago, so now i can finally focus on geometry! i’m behind by several days and i don’t want to end up not finishing the course like i did the first semester. yikes. and i recently quit my bullet journal ( pictured up there ), and turned to the most basic checklist/to-do journal? but now i’m using the old journal as a sort of writing dump, so nothing goes to waste!

anonymous asked:

Did you guys go to school? Or are you in college?

“I’m going to be a Junior soon at our mom’s school! Chara graduated last year, but hasn’t persued college yet. They don’t seem to be in a rush, but I expected this… School wasn’t something they particularly enjoyed. But I don’t think college is something they’ll avoid forever.”



“Nothing Is Wasted” -Elevation Church