nothing is stronger than family

“Family” - Void Stiles

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REQUEST: (void Stiles; (Y/N) is Stiles’s little sister) The scene when Melissa is talking to Stiles when he is on the couch but instead of Melissa, it’s (Y/N) and though he is paralyzed, he’s able to capture her in a trance like a state and she can’t move so the pack has to drag her away from void Stiles, kicking and screaming.

Stiles was pinned to the couch in Scott’s living room. Deaton and Melissa were by his side, making sure the young boy wasn’t going to escape or hurt anyone. Stiles was harmless but void Stiles wasn’t, and they all had to be careful, because the fox inside him was clever and stronger than ever.
“Am I the only one who thinks this is a terrible idea?” Scott said. “He is dangerous! I’m not letting (Y/N) go anywhere near him.”
“I agree with Scott. We shouldn’t let her see him.” Melissa declared.
“It’s (Y/N).” Lydia said, holding her phone before Scott’s eyes. “She is calling again.”
“Tell her I’d love to see her. She is my little sister after all. I would never hurt my little sister.” Void Stiles said, smirking.
“She is not your sister. You are not Stiles.” Scott spat.
Deaton put tape on void Stiles’s mouth before he could say anything else. He screamed angrily, but the tape muffled the sound of his voice.
“Tell (Y/N) she can come.” Deaton informed Lydia.
Everyone looked surprised, maybe even void Stiles. Lydia left the room to take (Y/N)’s call. Scott tried to talk Deaton out of it.
“Have you lost your mind?” Scott said.
“Think about it, Scott. (Y/N) is related to Stiles. She is his family. Maybe this is our solution to bring Stiles back. Nothing is stronger than family.” Deaton explained, but Scott didn’t look convinced.
“We don’t know what he can do to her. This is too risky!”
“He can’t do anything. He can’t move or speak. And if the situation gets out of hand, we will be there to protect her.” Deaton sounded calm and confident. Scott looked up to him since he was thrown into the supernatural world and became a werewolf. Scott trusted Deaton, he had to.
“(Y/N) is on her way.” Lyda said when she came back into the room. Scott looked at Deaton.
“OK, but (Y/N) is my family too, and if something happens to her-” Scott couldn’t finish his sentence. He couldn’t think about the worst case scenario right now.
“Everything is going to be fine.” Deaton reassured Scott.

When (Y/N) opened the door of Scott’s house, Scott was waiting for her in the kitchen. He hugged her and put his hands on each of her shoulders.
“Listen, before you go in there…” Scott paused, he was looking for the right words. “He looks like your brother, but he is not.”
“I know.” (Y/N) said.
“I mean it (Y/N), the boy you’re about to see is not Stiles. Just keep that in mind, OK?” Scott looked very concerned.
(Y/N) nodded, took a deep breath and walked into the living room with Scott by her side.

(Y/N) hadn’t seen her brother for three days. Since Scott figured out that his best friend was the nogitsune, he had kept (Y/N) from seeing Stiles. So when (Y/N) saw Stiles -or void Stiles- sat there on the couch, she had the sudden urge to throw herself in his arms, but she didn’t. Instead, she didn’t move and stared at her brother. He looked pale and had enormous dark circles. His eyes were different too, they were darker and a bit red. Stiles looked like he didn’t sleep for weeks.
(Y/N) was staring at him, but Stiles -or what was left of him, wasn’t looking at her.
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Scott told her but (Y/N) started to walk towards void Stiles. She bit the inside of her cheek in order not to let tears escape from her tired eyes.

(Y/N) sat on the couch next to void Stiles. She had a lump in her throat but she tried to ignore it. She took a deep breath again. Her hands were moist.
“Stiles?” She said but her brother was still not looking at her. “I know you’re in there. Somewhere.” She added.
(Y/N) was only a year younger than Stiles and it must have been the reason why the two of them have always been so close. They weren’t just siblings, they were best friends. And nothing was more painful than to lose your brother and your best friend all at once.
“Stiles, if you can hear me, don’t give up. We are going to save you, OK? We will figure it out.” (Y/N) said, trying to get her brother to look at her, but it was unsuccessful. (Y/N) looked at Deaton.
“Keep talking to him.” Deaton told her.
“What am I supposed to say?” (Y/N) asked.
“Just speak with your heart.” Deaton replied.
(Y/N) focused her attention back on void Stiles. She tried to think of something to say but she has never been good with words. She gave it a try anyway.
“We’re not giving up on you, Stiles. I can’t imagine how scared you must be, but you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.” (Y/N) paused. Her voice was trembling. “I need you. I can’t do this without you. Do you hear me? I can not do any of this without my brother. I need you here with me. We all do.” (Y/N) couldn’t held back her tears anymore. And Stiles was still not looking at her.
“Stiles?” (Y/N) sounded desperate. “Stiles!” She said a little louder.
“This isn’t working. Let’s get her out of here.” Scott said.
“Stiles!” (Y/N) repeated. “Hey!” This time she shouted.

Suddenly, Stiles looked at her and she felt her blood freeze in her veins. She felt Something she couldn’t describe, as if she just lost control of her body and mind. Her eyes couldn’t leave Stiles’s.
“(Y/N)?” Scott walked slowly towards her.
Neither (Y/N) nor Stiles was moving. Scott could tell that void Stiles was maliciously smirking -even if he had tape on his mouth, and (Y/N)’s eyes were filled with fear.
“What’s happening?” Melissa asked. She looked at Deaton but he didn’t seem to have an answer to her question.
Then Scott noticed that (Y/N)’s nose was bleeding. He crouched down next to her and tried to get her attention, but she seemed to be mesmerized by void Stiles.
“Deaton, what’s happening to her?” Scott asked, angry and concerned.
“I don’t know.” Deaton replied. He was confused.
“OK, this is it. I’m taking her away from him.” Scott declared.
But when he lifted her up from the couch, (Y/N) started screaming and kicking everything around her. Everybody in the room looked surprised and extremely confused by the situation, including Scott, but he didn’t let go of (Y/N).
“Deaton! I need some help!” Scott shouted, trying to control (Y/N)’s odd behaviour.
Deaton helped Scott dragging (Y/N) away from void Stiles while she wouldn’t stop screaming and kicking.
“(Y/N)! Calm down! You’re okay!” Scott said. Then, he looked at what used to be his best friend and shouted: “What the hell did you do to her?”
All he got in reponse was an evil laugh from void Stiles. Even if the sound was muffled by the tape, his laugh sounded very loud in (Y/N)’s head. She closed her eyes and heard him whispered in her head : “Your brother is dead.”

Family. Family is stronger than anything, but it also can be your greatest weakness.

there is something that i very much appreciate about the story of god and the darkness and how it was carried out in s11. 

it reaffirms the message of supernatural… that nothing is stronger than family. and that the main theme of the show will always be just that.


A WTF Meta

GUYS. Do you remember back when Cas thought he had a date? And he shows up to the house and this happens:

I always thought it was framed weird, since Cas is off center. Like they wanted us to see something else. The only thing I can notice is the 411 for the address.

Now, we know that set designers don’t show us things they don’t have to. It wastes time, and extra set pieces waste money. So what is so special about 411?

It’s an episode of Supernatural, and it has lots of things prevalent to what we’re seeing in season 9. First thing: episode 4x11 was called Family Remains. Basically, it’s telling us when all else is gone, family is left. And who has Dean called family? Sam and Cas.

Second: the monster of the week in 4x11 wasn’t even a monster. It was a human behaving like one. Parallels arise between a human behaving like a monster, and Dean, who actually is a human behaving like a monster.

In case the parallels were too obscure, 4x11 actually has dialogue about Dean torturing souls in hell. “I enjoyed it, Sam. they took me off the rack, and I tortured souls, and I liked it.” (from Super-wiki).

One last thing. You know how we’re always comparing the love story between Dean and Cas to the love story of the X-Files? Yeah, 4x11 has a connection to that as well. The housekeeper in 4x11 actually played on an episode of X-Files that Kripke himself once referenced.

So what does it all mean? That nothing is stronger than family to Dean (that means Sam and Cas), that Dean is becoming a monster, that he enjoyed torture even before he got the Mark of Cain, and that the writers are well aware of the X-Files like relationship between Dean and Cas.

And they let us know this way back at the start of the season. None of us knew what to make of it though. Damn I love our fandom.

Chapter 19


“Are you sure?” I asked Mami and she smiled.

I was finally talking to her about these weird feelings I keep having. It seemed like everyday it was something different. The shit was really starting to scare me actually.

“I’m sure. Zaria you are my first granddaughter. I’m not surprised it’s you.”

“Why me is my question? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the gift mami but it’s a lot to take in. Why not Kai?”

“It’s not mean for Kai it’s meant for you. What are you scared about?”

“I don’t know, it just feels a little weird.”

“Let me ask you something. You knew something was going to happen to Anthony?”

“Yes, I just didn’t know what. That’s why I wanted Kai to fix it I knew something was going to happen but I couldn’t tell what it was. Did you know?”

“I had a feeling but it wasn’t that strong. Same thing happened with my mother. She had the gift too but as mine was getting stronger hers got weaker. It’s just the way life works.”

“Wait didn’t you tell us that when you were at your strongest she passed away?” I asked and she nodded.


“Mami,” My voice cracked. “You’re dying?”

“Well technically we’re all dying. I just know when.” I knew she meant that as I joke but I really didn’t find that funny.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“You want me to worry all of you? You all had enough on your plates.”

“but you know you come before all of that you should have something. How long?” She wiped the tears that fell down my face before grabbing my hand.

“Close your eyes.” I did what she said and I felt her place her head on my lap. What I saw caused me to jump.

“Three months mami really?!”

“Zaria, look at me.” I looked at her and smiled. “I’ve taken care of this family for a long time. It’s your turn.”

“Me? I can’t take care of everybody.”

“Yes you can and you will.”

“Why is everything falling on my shoulders? I love my family to death bu-“

“But nothing, you’re stronger than what you think. Stop selling yourself short.”

“It’s hard, you raised me. It’s like I’m losing another parent.”

“You’re not losing me. I’m not going to here physically but I’m never leaving you. I’m just finally going to be at peace.”

“How are we not seeing this? I can’t even tell you’re sick. You take care of yourself.”

“No matter how well you take care of yourself when it’s your time to go it’s just that. Zaria promise me that you will take care of everyone.”

“I can-“

“Don’t even say that word. There is nothing you can’t do. You have to, I promise you Zaria if you don’t step up this family will fall apart.”

“That makes me feel so much better.” I said sarcastically.

“I know it’s a lot of responsibility but you can handle this just like you handled yourself when Alejandro died. Just like when your uncle died. Kai has a husband and she has brothers but you were what kept her sane. Stop doubting yourself.”

“Who am I supposed to come to when you’re gone?”

“You can still come to me. I will always be here.” I put my head on her shoulder while she hugged me.

I felt like that 13 year old girl again and it was scary. I don’t know what was going on with my family and how everything was spiraling out of control but somebody had to fix it. I just didn’t want to be that person. Not because I don’t care, it’s because I don’t want to fail. Like she said everything is on my shoulders if something goes wrong it’s my fault. This was too much for one person to take.


“Zion I swear to God you’re about make me fuck you up. Sit down some fucking where!” I yelled at my son.

This little nigga has been running around like he’s lost his fucking mind for the last three hours. I was just happy Egypt was with Kai or I would be going crazy. My kids are no joke, especially Zion. This is the first time I’ve been with him this long by myself. Usually Trell has TJ with him over here or Zaria has him. Now I see why he’s always getting his ass whooped.

“Where’s mommy?”

“She went to see her grandmother don’t change the subject up. Sit down if you run past here again it’s going to be a problem.”

“You sound just like mommy.”

“Yeah and I see why she always getting on you. Learn how to sit the fuck down.”

It was a little over a hour before Zaria finally walked in the house. When she did she didn’t even bother saying anything she went straight upstairs.

“Zion stay down here.” I told him before going up after her. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked Zaria after making it to our room.

“Nothing.” She answered while lying back on the bed.

“When did you start lying? Tell me what’s wrong.” I got on the bed and pulled her onto my lap.

“I’m just overwhelmed.”

“With what?”

“Remember Eli and them were saying I might have the same thing going on as mami?”

“Yeah, but you brushed that shit off.”

“I know that but when I was at Kai’s house the other day and all that shit with Candace went on I had a feeling. I knew what she was talking about before she could even say it.”

“So what are you saying?”

“I talked to mami and she said I am like her.”

“Are you serious? You don’t see everything like she does.”

“That’s because its just starting. She said it’ll get stronger eventually.”

“Alright.” I nodded. This was some weird ass shit for real. “That doesn’t explain why you’re overwhelmed.”

“It’s a lot to take on. Everything will fall on my shoulders.”

“Everything like what?”

“My family, all of it is on me. She said I would have to step up and take care of everybody like she does.” She answered as tears went down her face.

“Why are you crying? Taking care of your family is not a bad thing.”

“It’s not but it’s the reason why I have to that has me crying.”

“Are you going to tell me or are you going to keep talking in riddles?”

“Mami is dying.” She said before breaking down completely.

I didn’t even know what to say at the point. All I could do was hold my wife while she cried. I was confused as to what was even going on right now. It was too much for one nigga to understand. First she tells me she’s psychic and now she’s saying their grandmother is dying. It’s always something with their family.

“Who told you she was dying?” I asked Zaria once she finally calmed her crying down some.

“She told me. She said that what I’m dealing with is the same exact thing she went through when her mother died. The stronger she became the weaker her mother got. That’s why she didn’t feel anything when my uncle was about to get in that accident and I did.”

“Wait so her mother was a psychic too?”

“I guess so; it must be a girl thing with us because now I have it.”

“Wow, but she knows for sure she’s dying?”

“Yes, she said she knows for sure but didn’t want to say anything so we wouldn’t worry.”

“That didn’t work too well. How long?”

“Three months.” She said before crying again. “I can’t lose her too.”

“Z chill, you haven’t lost her she’s still here ma.”

“Not for long. I can’t keep doing these funerals. It’s too much.”

“Baby you have to be strong alright. You think she would want to see you cry?”


“Alright then,” I wiped her tears then kissed her forehead. “You’re going to be good, I got you.”

“How am I supposed to tell my brothers this? What am I supposed to say to Anthony and them? They just lost their father and now mami. When is this shit going to stop?”

“Unfortunately it’s not Z. You never know when something is going to happen you just have to be strong enough to make it through?”

“How? I have to be there for everybody every time something happens. I have to sit there and hold it together like nothing is wrong.”

“No you don’t you just think you do. That’s what makes you just like your grandmother. You’ve been doing what she’s telling you to do for a long ass time now, you just not looking at it like an obligation.”

“It’s not one.”

“Exactly so stop doubting yourself. “

She nodded. “Thank you.”

“No problem ma. Now stop crying.” I wiped the tears from her face then wrapped my arms around her again. This was fucked up.