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#ThankYouBones Week

Day 12: 1 Bones Cast, final THANK YOU

“In our culture, we all search for closure. But closure is an illusion. Science shows us that the universe is constantly in flux. It’s what allows our friendships and our love to constantly surprise us.” 

“Quantum physicists have postulated that the way we experience time is an illusion, that it doesn’t happen in a linear way. That past and present– in reality, there’s no difference.”

Those good times with Bones are happening now. They will always be happening. And we can keep them alive forever. It’s not goodbye. Bones will live on- through the fans, cast & crew, and 246 brilliant, beautiful, incredible, awe-inspiring episodes. Always


Jonsa AU: Sailor Moon

Sansa as Usagi Tsukino, Jon as Mamoru Chiba
“Why can’t you keep your stupid shoes on your feet, Odango?”
“Why do you have to be where my shoe lands?”

  • Jroth, probably: no answering anything about bellarke okay bob?
  • Bob: nothing about bellarke. Got it
  • Fan: how's bellamy's doing with anything but Clarke
  • Bob: oh he's doing great with that, bUT not as great as with Clarke they're just wonderful and you know I really think they're pushing for-
  • Jroth, hissing from backstage: what are you doing!!!
  • Bob: what? I'm answering anything but bellarke
  • Me: I can't believe you claim to be vegan and then know nothing about vegetables
  • Ky: I eat dirt okay I never said I know anything about veggies
  • Me: (losing my mind in chipotle)
  • Kise: Can we talk?
  • Aomine: About what?
  • Kise: Us.
  • Aomine: Why would you want to talk about the United States?

greenekangaroo  asked:

okay so keeping in mind I only peripherally know anything about the Star Wars universe and this might have already been addressed, we know that twins genetically run in families and tend to skip a generation. So Anakin and Padme had fraternal twins. This begs a question. Is there, somewhere in the big wide Galaxy Far Far Away, a woman or man who bears a striking resemblance to Shmi?

I will keep that in mind, and while I am far from being fully educated in Star Wars I don’t think this is ever properly addressed. In fact I don’t think we ever were told anything about Shimi’s family other than her magical man-free pregnancy. 

I have never seen a fic or headcanon that addresses that question (though I will be honest I haven’t looked for much content centered around Anakin yet being as preoccupied as I am with Obi-Wan) but I love that idea. There are so many ways this could work out, and it could end up being even angstier for poor Anakin or a massive blessing to him. 

Do they meet under good circumstances? Are they on separate sides of the war? Is his aunt/uncle a slave like his mother? Are they aware of Shimi, or were they separated at birth? Do they reject the connection to Anakin, or do they welcome him into their family with open arms and hearts? Do they have a family of their own? Is there an entire Skywalker family living peacefully and safely away from all the bad in the universe for him to join? Or does he learn about them when their home has been razed to the ground by enemy troops and arrives in time to watch this last previously undiscovered bit of him family die the same way his mother did?

I could probably write for ages on this, I am feeling far more inspired to write this than I have anything in a long while and I debated for a while about just answering your question and writing a drabble of the first scenario that came to mind. I did both. 

Fun fact: this is the first bit of SW fanfiction I have ever posted anywhere. I feel like I am opening a floodgate….

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A Gamble With Love Part 9: Is This Forever?

Sorry this took so long, I just moved into my own apartment so i’ve been working full time the past month just to save up as much as I can. But the next 3 parts should be coming out in total within the next few weeks. Thank u for being so patient!!!

Summary: Reconnecting with an old friend makes Minseok a little bit jealous.

Word Count:

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Minseok, Eric

In the months you’d been with Minseok, you’d found yourself happier than you’d ever been. You’d even taken the step of moving in with him. He was occasionally stressed by work and would send you away to spend a weekend with Luna and Jonghyun when work got to risky. Luna and Jonghyun had gotten married, and you were more than happy to arrive as the bridesmaid with Minseok by your side. He treated you like you were his world (and he never failed to let you know that you were his world.) The only downside to your exciting life was your boring desk job at a company you despised. “Power through it. You’ll make it far if you keep at it!” Luna had promised when you took the job nearly two years ago. But you were sat at your desk, bored just like every other day.

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Teen Wolf x Reader x Supernatural 9

Previous Part : Part Eight

Stiles would usually brag and say he’s a lot of things. Handsome, smart, funny, dedicated, loyal. But now he could add speechless to that list: and he hated that. (Y/N) just basically confessed a horrible back story, and he didn’t even know what to say to comfort her.

‘I’m sorry’?

‘That’s awful’?

'I had no idea’?

None of them seemed like they would do any justice, he remembered being annoyed when people always apologized after his mom died, how he hated that everyone had the same speech.

'I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m here if you need. How are you doing? How’s your dad? I know how you feel.’

But none of their empty words made him feel better. Sometimes people just needed…people.

With hesitation he wrapped an arm around her shaking shoulders, pulling her towards him. He rested her head on his chest, rotating his body so she could lean against him more comfortably, ear pressed against his heart. He kept his mouth shut, shocker, as he rested his chin on top of her head.

Not a word was spoken between the two, as one of his hands began running through her hair to sooth her. Though she hadn’t stopped crying, (Y/N)’s tears were slowed down.

Inside Scott watched his best friend and the witch - witches now what’s next? - with a childlike curiosity.

He turned towards Sam, Dean scared him quite honestly, “What did that demon mean about Stiles being her spark?” Without letting Sam say anything he spoke out again, “Is he supernatural too?”

Sam shook his head, checking his watch and going back to pouring stuff in a bowl. Scott had no idea what was going on - Derek was right he needed to pay more attention to stuff.

Dean spoke up. “How old are you kid?”

“17, almost 18.”

He nodded, “How well do you know anything about anything supernatural?”


“So just about nothing. Okay. Not sure if eyebrows over here is your teacher or something,” Derek made an annoyed huff, “But let me give you a quick lesson.” He sat on the corner of the table, moving a few knifes away.

“All supernatural creatures were made by the mother of all monsters, Eve. She - ”

“Like Adam and Eve?”

Scott could have sworn he heard Sam mutter, “Shit Adam!” but he was focused on Dean.

“Would you shut up and let me finish?” Scott nodded, “She considered herself their mother. And while she was bat shit crazy well,” He and Sam shared looks, “She was a dedicated mom I’ll give her that. More so than that big guy up there.” He pointed upwords, sending a dark look to Scott who opened his mouth.

“She didn’t want her kids to be lonely or some crap. So she did the cheesiest, romance teen flick thing anyone could have done. To put it easily, every supernatural creature has a 'soulmate’. Sometimes human, sometimes not. Different species have different names, for witches it’s a spark. And well…” He nodded to where (Y/N) and Stiles were just now standing up. “Though I’m not sure she’s so sure.”

“But what - ”

“Don’t say a word. She’s got enough on her plate as it is.” Dean pointed threateningly at the teen wolf who raised his hands in surrender.

The door opened and in walked said 'couple’, oblivious to the looks they were receiving. (Y/N) looked up at Dean expectedly.

“Well Sam just finished summoning Crowley. He should be here.”

“Crowley?” Stiles asked.

“King of hell.” You said, off handedly and nonchalantly.

“So the devil?”

“No he’s in a cage. Crowleys the king of hell.”

“The devils in a cage?” Was all that managed to tumble out of Stiles mouth.

“You better believe it darling.” The draw of a British accent made the weres and girls jump, turning where a shorter MA clad in a fancy suit stood, eyes flickering up to the demon trap drawn on the ceiling.

“Let’s just hope he stays there.”



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so you read manga

a little spin off/one shot from my ushioi fic “by popular demand”. i literally. never planned iwaten when i started this fic. i didnt even THINK of that ship ever before. but it kind of happened and now i ship it and??? it’s very cute okay i had to write this fic, i’m the mother of this ship

  • pairing: iwaten (iwaizumi/tendou), ushioi as side ship
  • characters: iwaizumi hajime, tendou satori, oikawa tooru, kamasaki yasushi
  • rating: t 
    word count: 5,238

“I also have Nightcore, if you don’t like Dubstep.”

“What is that?”

Tendou holds the wheel with one hand and Iwaizumi holds his breath, as he watches Tendou change the song. He’s so going to die by the hand of this guy.

“Oh god,” he breathes out, “this is worse. Give me that Skrill dude again.”

Tendou laughs. “Skrillex.”

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Ehm… okay.. I have nothing to say about it.
You haven’t seen anything!!! I was alone!!

[  Romano: my friend Misa chibimisa94
Nyo!Germany:  me

My blog with only my cosplay ]

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Swap_Fatal:I know plenty about family fell.

Slash Pairings Never Die

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that matters is what’s in the story, and where we can take that story if we want to (in sum: everywhere).

Creator intentions, or commentary about creator intentions, or creator’s fakeout commentary about their intentions, while interesting, are not that important, in the end. The story is the story, and it is what it is. It’s out there to be interpreted and reinterpreted as we see fit. Creator intentions are all well and good, but if they aren’t watertight in the story (which is always), if the opposite argument can be made using evidence from the narrative (certainly always), we’re cooking with gas.

Slash fandoms have existed for a long time in spite of the original intentions of creators. Many creators have been actively and openly hostile to slash fandoms. There has been eyerolling, dismissive commentary, explicit prohibitions, and lawsuits. But slash fandoms have flourished anyway.

As far as I can tell, nothing can kill a slash pairing. Creators can marry characters off, kill them, make them as butch and heterosexual as they possibly can, and slash fandoms will keep on thriving. Maybe it’s because we like the challenge. Maybe it just adds angsty fuel to the fire, and you know where all that angst leads.

There is always an explanation to be made, a narrative or character loophole to exploit, a perfectly reasonable way to continue doing as we do. Human beings are too complicated to restrict that way, and I mean both fictional people and their fans. We aren’t going to be boxed in by canon, because narrative is naturally non-restrictive. No matter what the creator’s intentions are, narrative will set us free. Their stories will just give us more loopholes and ideas, always. They will never shut that door.

Long live slash fandom!

Different Worlds

Note: I want to get to know you guys so feel free to ask me questions or just stop by and tell me a random fact or story about yourself. I’d love that.

Summary: Your world is so different from Shawn’s, but somehow it just works, and you wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


“Alright, so just get started writing, you can choose from those points up there.” I say to my group of third graders while I motion to the board behind me. Of course none of them are starting to write, choosing instead to talk to each other and over each other. I start helping one girl who is actually somewhat focusing, but the little boy sitting to my left interrupts me. He pokes my wrist with the eraser of his pencil.

I look at him, and he proceeds by saying, “I once threw up in my mouth, but I swallowed it!” This has absolutely nothing to do with what we are writing about. This has nothing to do with anything.

“Okay Nate, thank you for that information.” I respond. “Can you please start writing?”  

“Okay,” He replies happily, as though he did not just get through telling me something completely irrelevant and gross moments before. He looks down at his paper, starting to write. I just roll my eyes once he’s not looking and wonder what I’m even doing.

I’m walking from work to campus for my first class of the day. My university works with elementary school nearby so every morning a few of us go there to help the kids with reading and writing.

My phone rings as I’m walking. Shawn knows what time I finish work every day and he will often call me around this time knowing that I’m not busy. “Hello?”

“Good morning babe!” He says.

“Morning, what are you up to love?”

“I’m backstage, waiting to go on.”

“What time is it?”

“Uh like 5pm.”

I just shake my head. “You’re playing Treat You Better?”

“No, Mercy.”

“Oh, got it. How are you feeling?” I ask.

“Great, its such a cool atmosphere here babe. You’d love London. I can’t believe you’ve never been here yet.”

“Yeah, because you keep on going without me.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry.” His voice comes through the phone.

“I was just kidding.”

“I wasn’t. I wish you could get to come see all of these cool places with me.”

“Me too babe. But not all of us get to live the rockstar life. Some of us are just meant to be peasants. Some of us are just meant to talk about puke with third graders for a living.”

“What?” He asks, now thoroughly confused. So of course I have to tell him about my morning at work. My job, although not my career, is definitely so different from Shawn’s. And although I know that his is not all glamorous by any means, it is still so different.

He, of course, laughs at my story and misery. “I can’t believe he said that to you.”

“You don’t know Nate.” Is all I can reply.

“I’m sorry you have to deal with that everyday babe. There’s no way I’d be able to do that.”

“I love them. I mean, they’re crazy some days and they don’t listen most of the time, but they have their moments. And you’d be great at it. There’s no way I’d be able to do what you do every single day. Sometimes just thinking about what you do freaks me out.”

“You wouldn’t like it.” He admits.

“I know I wouldn’t babe.”

“But you could do it if you wanted to.”

“You don’t have to lie to me baby. I don’t want to do what you do.”

“I wouldn’t be able to do it without you though. You always bring me back down to earth. Everyone who’s always with me sometimes gets so wrapped up in everything related to my career. I’m so thankful I have you.”

“So that I can tell you stories about puke and remind you about the real world?”

“Exactly.” He replies.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Now go kill that performance. I’ll watch it on youtube tomorrow.”

“You’re really going to watch it?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll talk to you later. I want to hear more about your day, sorry I have go so soon.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you all about it later. You’re gonna do great tonight babe.”

“Thanks, have a good day at class.” He replies.

“Sing your heart out.” I respond.

“I will, bye baby.”

“Bye Shawn.”

Even though I’ve been with Shawn for a year, it still blows my mind everyday how he manages to do what he does. I’m just going to college and living the most average life, while he’s traveling the world and selling out arenas, but yet we manage to make our relationship work. And not just work, but thrive. In the weirdest way, our lives make it even easier to be close to each other even though we’re often far in distance. We are always there to remind each other what’s important. I can’t imagine our relationship being any different.

young god || b.i
  • notes: here is the second scenario of the series and honestly, if you listen to this song and tell me that it doesn’t fit hanbin perfectly……….. I think you’re lying :3 hope you like it! and hey, getting messages & such is nice js :3
  • genre: I don’t really know tbh
  • warnings: none, but i would read with caution because it is hanbin

Originally posted by mrskimhanbin

He says “oh baby girl, you know we’re gonna be legends

I’m the king and you’re the queen

and we will stumble through heaven.” x

           A year with Hanbin felt like an eternity with bliss.

           It amazed you, how in just a year you managed to go to places you’d never been, learn things you never knew before, feel like you were the luckiest person in the world, and fall deep in love with a boy who seemed to have the whole world at his fingertips.

           “You’re pretty much a king, you know,” you’d tell him on often occasions, and almost always, the first thing you’d receive in response was a smile from him. “The only thing you need to make it official is a crown.”

           Hanbin would usually roll his eyes slightly as well, although that faint smile still on his lips ensured that he too thought of himself as something like a king. I mean, if you were Hanbin, you wouldn’t resist the thought either.

           “If I’m the king, then you’re my queen.”

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anonymous asked:

Is there any evidence that Tobin and Press is a real thing? Or could it possibly be nothing?

Okay so clearly they haven’t come out and said anything about being together. So technically, yes, Tobin and Press could be nothing. However, I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Preath and let you come to the conclusion yourself, if T and C are together. 

Example A: Tobin and Press started to hang out a lot 

Example B: Tobin went to Seattle to watch Chicago play! 

Example C: Tobin wearing Christen’s shorts. In the first pic they are training together and was one of the first big PREATH signs. The 2nd pic is much more recent, thus why it is 12 because that pic is from a week and a half ago and Press is # 12 now. 

Example D: Preath on the bus. Everyone knows Talex are bus buddies. But…. now Preath are. :) 

Example E: THE BODY ISSUE. Now okay, you can always argue that Tobin was just there as a friend to support Christen but lol I’m sorry I would never invite my friend to come see me pose naked, over my dead freakin body. So ya, you get why people freaked out. Also look at how they look at each other and Tobin is holding Christen’s hand :)

Example F: The famous insta post. I love my friends. We are SUPER close. Like I sleep in a twin bed with them and I change in front of them and all that but in a group photo, I wouldn’t pose like this with anyone unless they were my significant other. I mean Tobin is sitting on Christen’s lap and they are holding hands while C wraps her arm around Tobs.

And then yesterday a snap video had preath hanging out which I won’t post because it is a breach of privacy, IDK who found the video or how they got it, but I feel it is rude to post. 

So ya this was my long answer to your “is preath real” question. I would like to say that I personally think they are together and that is great but anyone can think anything else about them. The most important thing is that we don’t go on instagram or twitter and tag either T or P in anything Preath related. We don’t harass them about it AT ALL. To me preath is real but it stays on tumblr.