nothing is more attractive than a good personality

160cm (5'3")
left: over 90 kg (nearly 200lbs or more)-1st year of uni
right: 68kg (a bit under 150lbs)-4th year of uni

This literally made me cry! I can’t believe this is both the same person. I have never realized how big I was, even though everyone around me had! So much stress, crying, fighting with my mom, struggling with a slight depression… it’s finally ending!
I’m not at my gw yet, I need to reach 55 kg/121 lbs , but nothing can stop me now!
I can finally dress up nice and look and FEEL good and attractive.
I look forward to finally drop under 60kg/132lbs which I haven’t been for more than 8 years.

“It is also said that man is by nature rational. Let us consider this proposition too, says Maistre. Consider the institutions by which man is governed. Consider the institution of marriage. Nothing is more irrational than marriage, says Maistre. Why should a man choose a woman with whom to live for the rest of his life, when his attention might easily be distracted by other persons more attractive to him in later life? Nevertheless marriage is the one fundamental institution upon which human society is founded, and all attempts at creating societies founded upon free love have toppled. Consider the institution of monarchy. What is more irrational or absurd than that the son of a king, even a good king, should succeed him because he is his son? A wise king may have a stupid son, a good king may have an abominable son, and there is no reason for supposing that the children of good men or of strong men or of useful men will have the same qualities themselves. Consequently it is a far more rational arrangement to have such a system as you have in Poland, where you have the liberum veto, where you do not have hereditary succession, where the nobles must agree upon who is to be king. But what has actually happened? France was governed by sixty-six kings, some good, some bad, but mostly efficient, mostly capable, and is certainly the fairest kingdom upon the face of the earth, whereas Poland with its rational system is plunged into constant turbulence and has collapsed before the very eyes of the civilised world in a welter of blood and chaos.”

— Isaiah Berlin, Two Enemies of the Enlightenment

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🔥 - Name something that your muse finds attractive on others.


Jun’to believes every single person is their own entity with their own very distinct lives and personalities and flaws and strengths and he loves that. People who are willing to embrace theirs for the good and the bad are the most attractive thing to him. He thinks there’s nothing more beautiful than finding oneself. Even if it’s shaky or hard or scary or you’re not too sure about it, just that you’re trying makes the difference for him.

Unless you meant physically, in which case he just really likes a good smile. 

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Domestic AU with Takao? Like what happens throughout his day. Just fluff everywhere pleeease~!!

YES MORE TAKAO. Thanks for the request anon, and enjoy! -Admin Red

Being married was something you’d planned for. Married life was filled with prospects that attracted you endlessly. You were a helpless romantic back then, and nothing sounded better than spending the rest of your life with the person you love, seeing them everyday and hearing their voice, and being loved.

Just like in the novels.

But being married to Takao Kazunari was a little different from what you’d imagined.

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