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Rescue Me - Part 3

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Part 2

Summary: Imagine after the Joker saves you, he falls for you and wants to help you get revenge on the man who abused you.

A/N: Theres going to be a part 4 to this, so don’t worry XD~ <3

Warning: swearing, mentions of Abuse and Rape, violence

Pairings: Joker x Reader

The club lights were bright and hot, but nothing was hotter then what was happening between yourself and the green haired villain who’s lap you were sitting in. Your hands were moving up his chest as your lips refused to leave his. His hands gripped your hips, pulling at the fabric of your tight club dress. The moment was mutual between the two of you, both wanting to rip off each other’s clothes and make the most of the evening.

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A Fruit of the Loom kind of day. Love basic white briefs!

Do you wash your brand new briefs before you wear them or put them on right out of the package? Me, I love putting on brand “spanking” new briefs…nothing hotter than that fresh new feeling against your skin 😊

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annie! do something sexy.

         “ That economy has been really beneficial to my
           business dealings and my specific branch, hasn’t
           it? Doesn’t that just make your financial decisions
           reliable and more effective? ”

         “ …I’m not entirely sure I know the definition of sexy. ”

God Damn It Dude !!! There’s Nothing Hotter in the World than to see and watch a Sexy Good Looking Masculine Manly Real Life Redneck Man Pissing at a Public Urinal. Fucking Hot Bro. God Damn It Dude I’m So Father Fucking Hard Bro that I’m going to have to Masturbate and Rub One Out Now before I Go to Work!!! Hot Damn!!!