nothing is gonna be alright

I LOVE THE WAY THIS TEAM SHOWS positive attitude..

Being in the situation of where  life-death matters they don’t loose hope and always looks on the positive side of things.. This scene itself shows how much they see life in optimism despite the fore coming obstacles. See they always hope that Chief Bang will be alright and nothing bad is gonna happen to him.Seeing them makes me want such people around me. They are the best collegues/friends that anyone could have .

Always see opportunity in every possibility.

Forgive me

Word count: 902

Breaking up with Kai but then he tries to fix it and bring you back

You and Kai were completely fine. Happy. Enjoyed everything your relationship brought to you. Until one day when Kai made a huge mistake. You knew he was capable of everything, but you  never thought Kai would hurt you.

‘Save it Kai, I don’t care.’ You said as you packed everything you had into your suitcase. You closed the zipper and stood  up, Kai still standing in front of you.

'Please, you need to listen-’ Kai started talking but you interrupted him. You just shook your head and took your suitcase. You walked down the stairs, struggling with it, the suitcase constantly hitting your feet. You kept stumbling while going down. Kai offered help, but you refused it. You finally reached the front doors as you opened them. You turned around where you saw Kai standing with his hands in his pockets. He looked like a kid whose mom just yelled at him for doing something wrong. Your eyes started watering, but you refused to cry in front of him. You wanted to act strong, not letting him see how hard this was for you. You never even imagined you’d break up with Kai this soon. Seeing him like this was breaking your heart, but you thought this was the best for both of you. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath. You weren’t  even able to look him in the eyes without crying.

'Goodbye.’ That was the last thing you said as you walked out of the house and closed the doors behind you. You got into your car and closed the doors. You couldn’t find yourself to start the car so you just sat there. Tears started rolling down your cheeks as you finally gave in and cried your eyes out. It hurt too much. You wanted to go back into the house and hug Kai and take him back, but it was better this way. You drove off to your old apartment, which was empty. You left the suitcase on the floor and went to your room. You laid on your bed, covered yourself and started crying again.

Days have passed and you felt a little better but you missed Kai like crazy. He kept calling you, he even stopped by your apartment. Every single time he stopped by, you were standing by the doors, listening to his words which only made it harder for you to forget him, but somehow you managed to stop yourself from opening the doors and running into his arms. You got ready to go out with friends, but when you opened the doors, there weren’t your friends waiting for you. It was Kai and there was no way you could avoid the situation you were put in.

'Hi.’ He said, an obvious smile appearing on his face when he saw you.

'Hi.’ You trailed off as you kept looking at him. Everything in your body was pushing you to kiss him, but you managed to control it.

'Can we…talk?’ He asked, his hands in his pockets.

'Um, yeah sure’ you said, letting him into your apartment and closing the doors. You turned around and saw him looking around your apartment. It’s been a long time since the last time you were here together. All the memories started flooding back, making your eyes watery.

'You look beautiful.’ Kai said, smiling at you. A smile appeared on your face but disappeared too soon, making Kai go serious.

'What do you want Kai?’ You asked, wanting him to get to the point already.

'Look, I’m sorry. I can’t explain how sorry I am. I am here because my guilt keeps me up at night. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t even describe how empty I feel without you. It’s like someone ripped a part of me from my body.’ He said as he cupped your face, making you look him in the eyes. They were even more beautiful than the last time you saw them.

'Kai, you hurt me like never before. You broke my heart.’ You said, your voice cracking on the last word.

'I know and I’m an idiot for doing that. Just please, don’t give up on me. You’re the only person who believes in me and I don’t know what I’d do without you.’

'I don’t know Kai. There’s so much things that-’

'I know, I know. But we can fix them. I’ll change again. Just please don’t leave me. I need you in my life.’ He said, making your heart melt. You couldn’t stay mad at him. You needed him too. The last few days felt like hell to you and at the end of every day you just wanted to be with Kai, in his arms. You didn’t say anything, you just pulled him close and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around your body, hugging you tightly.

'I’m never letting you out of my life again. If I have to do that, at least let me watch you while you sleep.’

'Kai, that’s kinda creepy.’ You said, making him laugh.

'You know I’m joking.’ He said, smiling. 'But seriously, you’re too important, so I guess you’re kinda stuck with me.’ He said as you hit his arm playfully and laughed. He leaned down and kissed you again gently. At that moment you knew everything was gonna be alright and that you have nothing to worry about.

New Here 1

Pairing: Jackson Wang x Mark Tuan x reader

Genre: fluff

Warnings: strong language

Summary: It’s your first time in Korea and can barely speak any Korean at all. Until you meet two very friendly men neither fully Korean. One from Hong Kong and one from the USA where you’re from. But things take an unexpected turn.

“Yah! Where the hell do i go?” You say to yourself. “I really should’ve learned more Korean before coming here.” You say to yourself. As you’re aimlessly walking around trying to discover where you are and how the hell you get back to your apartment you walk into someone. “I’m really sorry I don’t-” you look over to see a handsome young men. You realize that he might not speak English. “Shit umm.. 안녕하세요 (hello) 죄송하지만 저는 한국어를 잘 하지 못해요. (I’m sorry my Korean is bad) 하지만 지금 한국어를 공부중이에요. (I am still learning.)” he smiles at you. “For still learning it isn’t that bad.” His fluency in English surprises you. “You speak English very fluently. Are you not from Korea?” You ask. “I learned Korean considering I-.. I’m from Hong Kong.” He says. He’s stuttering makes you suspicious. But you pay it no mind. He may just be shy. “Well hello, do you have a name?” You smile at him. He smiles back “my name is Jackson. And you?” Jackson.. you’ve heard that name from a KPOP group. You don’t pay any mind and think of it as coincidence. “Nice to meet you Jackson I’m y/n.” You reach out and shake is hand. “Are you having trouble navigating?” He asks. You smile sheepishly. “A bit. Would you be able to take me to Seoul by any chance?” You ask. He smiles and nods. You thank him and walk with him towards Seoul.
On your way there he shows you places around and helps you learn more words and understand more Korean. Your first day and you already made a new friend. Once you finally see your building you thank him for his help. “Thank you so much Jackson. I would’ve never gotten home without you.” You smile at him. “It was my pleasure y/n.” He smiles at you. “Do you by chance have any way for me to contact you again?” He asks shyly. You smile. “Yes, let me see your phone.” You say. He gives it to you and you put in your number. “Text me any time.” You hand him his phone and smile. “Will do y/n.” He said smiling. “Seeya later Jackson.” You wave as you enter the building. He smiles and walks away. You smile like the Cheshire Cat all the way to your apartment. Not a second later do you hear your phone go off.

Jackson: surprise!
You: I didn’t expect you to text me so soon!
Jackson: did you not want me to?
You: no no! That’s not it, I just didn’t think you actually wanted to speak to me again.
Jackson: :0 are you crazy!? Of course I would. You make me feel normal
“What does he mean by that? He is normal.” You say to yourself.
You: you are normal.
Jackson: yeah to you lol
You: shhhhh
Jackson: neverrrr
You: I’m going to sleep lol. I’ll text you tomorrow Jackson.
Jackson: alright goodnight y/n. :)
You: goodnight Jackson

You smile as you get ready for bed. “I can’t believe I already made a new friend..” you say to yourself. You smile and then brush your teeth. You get under the covers and fall into a peaceful sleep.

“She’s perfect..” you think to yourself. “What’s go you in such a trance?” Your friend mark says. “I met somebody from the US. She was adorable and tried so hard to pronounce her Korean correctly. She’s still learning but it’s not that bad.” You explain to Mark. He rolls his eyes. “Well shush I’m tired and you’re keeping me up with all your giddy laughter and such.” He says grumpy. “Yes please go to sleep. You’re grumpy and it annoys me.” You say with humor laced in your voice. Mark flips you off and you laugh. “Love ya too dude.” You laugh st him. “Fuck you.” He laughs while he says it. “You would wouldn’t you?” You retort. “Fuck that!” He shoots right back. You both burst into laughter. “Will you two shut the fuck up. People are trying to sleep you asshats. Goddamn..” you and Mark laugh. “Sorry Jinyoung..” you laugh. “Just go to bed before JB gets in here.” Jinyoung warns. You and mark shoot each other a scared look and lay down and sleep. Jinyoung smirks and leaves. “What an ass.” You add. “I heard that you little shit.” Jinyoung says. You laugh quietly.


You wake to messages from Jackson.

Jackson: goodmorning sleeping beauty.
Jackson: wake uppppppppp.
Jackson: you sleep in really late you know.
Jackson: text me when you wake up.
You: bro it’s not even that late in the day.
Jackson: it lives!
You: don’t push it brat lol
Jackson: alright alright lol. What’re you doing today? Nothing okay good you’re gonna hang out with me and some friends today.
You: alright I guess I have no choice.
Jackson: nope.
You: lol alright I’ll see you in a bit.
Jackson: I’ll be over in an hour.
You: alright see you then.

You start digging through your closet for something to wear. Why are you so excited to see him again? Who knows but you know it’s gonna be a good day today.

A/N: okay I don’t even fucking speak Korean let alone type it so Idk if that’s the proper writing of it so please don’t hate me I just got it from online. Ive been trying my hardest to continue to learn Korean but I’ve had a lot going on so please don’t be to harsh on me with that. Anyways this is another shitty series except with got7 now. Send me feedback

The new housekeeper (Part 6)

Summary:In a parallel world in which the curse was never casted, Prince Adam is still a spoiled, selfish and unkind man. And now, since Mrs Potts, the woman who took care of him all his life, is going to leave his castle, and you’re taking her place, he’s being even more mean, because things are chaning, and he doesn’t like changes.

Pairing: Prince AdamxFemale!Reader

Words: 1308

Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Finale

After having lunch together, the Prince went to the library, and I went back to do my job. A few hours later, I entered the library to clean it. There was the Prince, sitting in a chair, reading. I didn’t say anything, and started cleaning. After a few minutes, he started to talk.

- You sweep like if you were dancing.

- How long have you been staring? - I asked.

- Enough to know what a good dancer you are.

- I actually haven’t danced in my whole life, your Grace…

- Never?

- No one ever asked me.

- Well, I think later is better than never. Would you like to dance with me?

I blushed.

- I… I don’t know how to, your Grace.

- I’ll teach you – he smiled, getting up. I smiled too.

- Great then. I’ll dance with you.

- Wonderful. I’ll wait for you at the dance room tonight. After dinner. Don’t be late. - then, he kissed my cheek, and then left the room.

I stayed in the spot for a few minutes, until Lumière came to the library and saw me staring to nothing.

- Madame [Y/N]. Are you alright?

- I-I’m gonna dance with the Prince tonight.

- What!? - he said, surprised. - When?

- After dinner.

- Oh, mon dieu. We must get you ready! - he took me from my wrist, and take me around the castle.

- Where are we going?

- We’re looking for help. Cogsworth and me will prepare the Prince and Plumette and Madame Garderobe will prepare you. You both will look charming, mademoiselle…Plumette, come here!

- What’s wrong, darling? - she said, looking at us.

- You must prepare [Y/N] for her date tonight.

- I-it’s not a date – I whispered.

- The Prince has never danced with no girl!

- The Prince is going to dance with her!? - Plumette yelled. - This is amazing! Come with me, [Y/N]… You’ll be the most beautiful girl in the castle! Let’s go to your room…

- Yes, go there. I’ll send Madame Garderobe. And if you need anything, I’ll be at the Prince’s bedchamber!

Plumette draged me to my bedroom, and made me sit on the bed.

- So, let’s see whay you have here.

- I don’t have any fancy dresses. I could have never afford them.

- Oh, sweetie. Don’t worry. You’re beautiful, you will look stunning with anything. Let’s see… Oh, look at this blue dress! - she said, taking one off the closet. - Isn’t it beautiful? And, it’s the same color as the Prince’s eyes.

- I don’t know… Isn’t it too long to dance?

- Of course not! Come on, try it on!

- Okay… - I said, getting up and putting it on.

- Oh, my god. You look so beautiful! You’re like a dream…

- Thanks…

- Hey, you look so uncomfortable, are you okay?

- I don’t know. It’s that… I’ve never danced with anyone. What if I mess up?

- You won’t… Listen, the Prince is not the kindest person in the world, but he can be nice. He’ll be patient with you. I think he has a lot of affection for you.

- I don’t know.

- He hasn’t fired you yet. I think that says a lot.

I smiled.

- Well… yes, but…

- Come on, smile! You’re beautiful. It’s just a dance. It’s not like if he was going to propose you.

- You’re right… It’s just a dance. I can do this.

- That’s the attitude! Now, let’s do some make up.

- I don’t have any make up.

- That’s not a problem, sweetie. I have all the make up you want just here – said a voice in the door.

We turned back, to see Madame Garderobe with a bunch of make up in his hands.

- Is all of that extremely necesary?

- Indeed! - they both said.

- And I actually think we should add a wig… - Garderobe said.

- No! Please, I hate them. They sting, I hate them.

- Fine, then we’ll just leave your hair like that.

- Thank you.

They put make up on me and brushed my hair. Then, they made me stand up. And so I did.

- You look gorgeus. The Prince will fall in love with you. I’m sure.

I laughed.

- I don’t think so. And I don’t want to. I’m his employee, after all.

- Wouldn’t you like to be a princess? - Plumette asked.

- Not really. I’m good being a normal girl.

- I’d love to be part of the royalty. All the fancy dresses, all the jewels…

- They don’t stick with me. I like comfortable clothes and interesting books.

- If you marry the Prince you’ll be able to read all his books. - Plumette joked.

- I’m too young to think about marriage…

- You’re actually not. Most of the girls are already married at your age.

- Well, I guess I’m different from the rest of them.

We spent a little more time in my chamber, until Lumière came to it.

- Mademoiselle [Y/N]! The Prince demands your pre- mon dieu… You look stunning! The Prince is going to fall in love with you!

- Why that vigour in the Prince falling in love with me?

Lumière looked at Plumette and Garderobe.

- Well… He hasn’t loved anyone in many years… We just, you know. We want him back.

- What do you mean?

- Before his mother died… He was such a delightful guy. He was always happy, and he was so kind, helping us with our duties, and teaching the staff’s kids how to read and write, or anything they wanted to learn… - Plumette started to explain.

- But, when she passed, it was like if the darkness took him. He never smiled, he was spoiled, everything had to be exactly as he wanted… The only person he wasn’t a monster with was Chip. - Garderobe continued.

- Until you came. At first he didn’t like you, as you may know… But recently, he has developed certain feelings for you, and he has started to smile again. Everytime you confront him, instead of getting angry, he just calls me or Cogsworth to open up to us. He never did that. And he always ask Plumette to prepare a book he wants you to read when you steal some from the library thinking he won’t notice. And… we think he may have fall in love with you. And the wolves thing… You can’t imagine how worried he was for you and Chip. As soon as you both left, he told me “Tell the stable boy to get ready Phillip. I have to follow her. I don’t know what I would do if she gets hurt”. I have never seen her so worried for someone. - finished Lumière.

- Is… that true? - I asked.

- It is. Now the question is, do you feel the same?

- I don’t know, I… everytime we are together, I have such great time. He’s so clever and educated, and it’s so great to talk with him. And everytime we argue, I feel that…

- Je ne sais quoi?

- Oui. But I don’t think that’s love… Or it is?

- Why don’t you go upstairs and discover it?

- You know what? You’re right. I may love him too. But I won’t know if I don’t try. - I took my dress from the skirt – Wish me luck.

- You won’t need it, mademoiselle. You already have him.

I smiled, leaving the room. In the top of the stairs, I sighed.

You’re ready” I thought to myself. “He’s your Prince Charming. Now, you gotta be his own princess”.

50 reasons to love Calum Hood:

1. He is the sweetest piece of pumpkin pie with lotsa whipped topping
2. His music taste is crazy good but also bizarre as hell. It can go from the used to… like… the song pony by ginuwine
3. The way he slappa da bass is crazy my dood
4. He seems like the type of person that farts himself awake,
5. He smiles and it’s like the sun is out and everything is fine
6. When he let the curls go… my eyes do the cartoon thing where they pop out of my head
7. That goofy laugh he does when he is REALLY laughing
8. He doesn’t give a fuck. But Lowkey. He does
9. He’s a rly intelligent dude
10. He is so quiet but still very present
11. His love of dogs is so pure
12. He loves his band mates w every piece of his sweet heart
13. He is kind to fans
14. He is well spoken
15. He is very thoughtful
16. He is hella observant
17. He is so pretty tho he doesn’t seem to notice
18. He writes lyrics like it’s nobody’s business
19. He is a tru performer. He looks so alive when he’s onstage
20. You can feel every word he sings, and every word he has ever said in ur soul
21. That voice… it’s like … a mix of fergie and Jesus
22. He laughs at his band mates jokes even if they are dumb as fuk. Like he’s always the one who laughs because he loves them all
23. He is soft. Like his jaw could cut u into pieces but he is still soft
24. He is a contradiction of himself. He’s one thing one second and the opposite the next. But in the best way?
25. He probably could beat me up which I respect
26. He’d pay ur college tuition if u asked nicely enough
27. He is very giving. He bought tickets for fans with the money out of his pocket. I’m sure he’d do that again.
28. He makes everyone feel a bit safer for some reason, like even if nothing is alright, it’s gonna be.
29. He gave up something that didn’t make him happy to pursue something that did and he succeeded and he’s so inspiring
30. He paints his nails bc fuck that hyper masculinity bullshit he isn’t abt that life
31. He is strong. Not just physically, but it seems mentally too.
32. He is Lowkey nerdy as hell
33. He loves his sister a lot. And his family. He has tattoos of them for corns sake
34. He is beautiful in the way that he exists and moves and talks. Also he’s fuckin hot as fuckin shit u would burn ur eyes out if u looked at him for too long
35. Remembering he exists is like walking out into the cold and taking a big drink of hot chocolate. He’s that warmth that u feel amongst all of that chill
36. He loves fans even tho we can be hard to love sometimes
37. He prolly sings loudly in the shower
38. His talking voice is really calming
39. His existence in general is really calming
40. He probably smells like boy. Not like gross boy either. Like warmth and leather and hAPPINESS
41. He is so funny. Like it’s so slept on how funny he is.
42. He doesn’t take shit from people
43. He is a good friend to the rest of 5sos
44. He is adventurous
45. He is so so so talented in so many different ways
46. He could kill me with his shoe. I already said he could beat me up but this is different.
47. He is so collected all of the time. It’s like he has his shit together. Like maybe he doesn’t but he seems like he does anyways.
48. He shares deep things with fans like pieces of his writing that he hasn’t shared and the words he wants to say out loud but it’s difficult to
49. when god made calum god was like, damn. The fuck. Patrice come look at this shit
50. he is a ride or die bitch

anonymous asked:

I'm having really bad anxiety rn and I'm afraid to do anything and I feel like a horrible person and I'm just freaking out and I'm home alone and I feel like I can't do anything ahhh I'm sorry I just needed to talk to someone and even tho this isn't technically talking it's better than nothing

i can promise you its gonna be alright and youre not a horrible person messaging me on anon is the first step in doing something about your anxiety writing a letter can help and whether you decide to show someone or just rip it up it may help

#227: Panic Attacks


Requested: Yes, but I can’t find the request.

I’d like to point out I am no way familiar with panic attacks or what so ever, I’ve tried my best to write this without triggering anyone and also googled to have enough knowledge about this beforehand. :-) x

Find my Masterlist here


You had already predicted it the second you were out of the hotel. The way people and fans had crowded around the fence, some managing to get over it and being chased by security guards. Adding up with the huge amount of paparazzi constantly taking pictures and blitz flashing before your eyes it wasn’t helping the slightest on your pounding heart. There was no way you would get out of this alive if you had to go through the massive amount of mobbing people to get to the cab, and despite Luke walking in front of you with a hand behind his back for you to hold, it wasn’t enough. You faintly got the chance to say his name before everything seemed to crash down at once, your sight blurring and your fingers starting to tickle. The second your hands weren’t touching anymore Luke was quick to turn around and see you collapse, managing to grab you by the waist before you crashed your head against the pavement. “Can we get some water please?” He looked over his shoulder and stabilized your head carefully, this wasn’t the first time and he knew exactly what to do. Of course it wasn’t the exact spot for this to happen but you both knew you couldn’t have avoided it. The crowd around you only became worse by the sudden drama but Luke kept himself completely calm in the situation. Mumbling comforting words just to make sure that you knew he was there, gently squeezing your hand and pecking your forehead softly. “What you are feeling is scary, but it is not dangerous. Always remember that and always remember I’m here.” It was like everything else became quiet and faint, the only sound you could hear was his and a small smile came to your face by being brought back to reality.


It came out of nowhere, he had absolutely no control of it. One moment he was standing in front of the mirror in his hotel room and adjusted the tie around his neck and the other he was suddenly backing towards the bed with shaking hands and an uneven breathing. He couldn’t figure out what was going on, yes he had been a bit nervous but he didn’t expect it to be more. “Cal, what’s wrong?” You questioned over your shoulder in a quiet and soft tone because his reaction was surprising and you let go of everything to rush towards him. He didn’t say a word but tried to breath without passing out, stabilizing himself on the bed and you took a seat next to him carefully. He had been nervous, you had been aware and this was an important night to him but you hadn’t expected it would be this wild. The panic was clear in his eyes because he couldn’t figure out what was going on, it was a sudden attack that was taken over his whole body and making parts numb. You wanted to help but it was hard not knowing what to do in such situation so you did the most logical reason and cooled him down. Grabbing his hand gently not to trigger anything and stroked his hair, making sure that he wouldn’t become scared of you and stayed by his side until he would feel better. Forget about the important things you had to do later, it was all about making sure that he was okay right here and right now. “I love you.” He sighed into your shoulder without any stammers, showing that he was definitely feeling better and a smile came to both your faces in reaction.


There was something about the way he was walking around confused and with weird mumbles you could tell something was up and definitely wrong. He wasn’t talking to anyone, he wasn’t finding his guitar picks that he had been signed to find for the past hour and when you asked him if he needed something he said he was completely fine. It was like seeing a whole different person when he suddenly fell down onto the couch after reaching over for a water bottle, his hands shaking and fingers tickling. All the horrible emotions seemed to crash down onto him at once, feeling weak, faint, or dizzy and it was a rush of crew members and such that hurried towards him to make sure that he was okay. But no matter how many times he declined and hyperventilated even more, the only thing that seemed to work was when you came into sight and sat down on the couch next to him, pulling your arms around him and held him close to your chest. It was something you rarely talked about but when you did, it was also when it was at its worst because Michael never seemed to realize how violent his attacks were before they actually happened. “Just breath with me carefully okay, it’s gonna be alright and there’s nothing to worry about.” It was easy to say but also the only words he needed to hear to start relax again. It had started ever so slowly because of his nervousness about standing on stage, something he never feared but occasionally it would affect him. He let out a huge sigh of relief when he finally seemed to get back to his real self, looking at you being grateful and felt a kiss from you softly on his cheek.


You could have sworn the whole room was suddenly spinning and everything felt simply unreal. The way you had been suddenly having trouble with breathing hit you so hard and you hadn’t stepped inside the club yet. Just by the sight of people dancing around to the loud beat of the music seemed to be enough to trigger everything out of you at once, and this was supposed to be your night. You had been the one suggesting this, you were the one wanting to finally get over your fear and here it was, completely having you wrapped around its finger. There was no doubt you couldn’t go in there and you wanted to say to Ashton that he could just go in and have fun but he didn’t. He stayed with you and moved you away from the line of people wanting to get inside, stopping by the brick wall and carefully leaned you against it. “I-, I’m ruining your night I’m so sorry.” You stammered and pulled onto your shirt to get some air, your breathing becoming much worse but he shushed on you carefully and removed your hair behind your ear. “You’re not ruining everything.” He quietly said and ran his hands up and down your arms slowly. “You’re not running anything. Just breath with me.” Looking up at him you followed his small instructions, breathing in slowly and blowing out with your mouth. You continued to do this along with him until he stopped, making you realize that everything had gone back to normal. “What do you say? Should we head back to the bunk for some movies and popcorn?” He gently grabbed your hand and lifted it up to his mouth, pecking it softly and pulled you protectable into his side.

I Trust You

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Request: An anon request for metal arm fluff from a very long time ago

A/N: This is platonic fluff… I know, a step away from my romantic writing, but I thought this one didn’t call for romance.

Word count: 977

Warnings: Bucky has a flashback… lots of destroying furniture… that’s it

Master list

Shattering. Ripping. Thudding. Crashing. Stomping. 


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Tell Her - Part 2

Word Count: 1505

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, mentions of domestic violence, description of injuries, mentions of miscarriage, mentions of possible mental illness

A/N: You guys demanded a part 2 and I have no idea why so here you go! Not incredibly happy with how this turned out though if I’m being honest. 

Written for @one-shots-supernatural ‘s hiatus challenge. Prompt: “With this face I can get away with anything.”

Tell Her - Part 1

I picked her up off the couch and took her to my bed. The intent was to let her have it and I’d sleep on the couch, but she wouldn’t let go. I tried to break away from her and tuck her in, but every time she lost contact with me she’d whimper. I didn’t want to scare her if she woke up next to me, but I wasn’t seeing another choice. I crawled into bed next to her and I held her gently all night, mentally kicking myself for how badly I really wanted this.

I must’ve fallen asleep at some point, but I woke up to Y/N’s audible gasp. I felt her push away quickly, catching her as she almost fell off the side of the bed. “Jensen?” She questioned. “What are you doing here?”

“I tried to put you down last night.” I sighed. “You wouldn’t let me so I laid here with you. I’m sorry for scaring you.”

“Wait…” She shook her head and glanced around the room, a look of realization on her face. “This is your room. In Vancouver.” She’d been to the apartment a few times before so she definitely knew the room, but it scared the hell out of me that she had seemingly no memory of last night. Before I could say anything else my phone started to ring. The caller ID showed Zach, Y/N’s brother. I’m sure he was frantic, but I didn’t want to worry her.

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Kurt X Reader Oneshots/Shorts #2


These one-chapter spinoffs are requests/prompts from other people and are not part of the Winter in Graymalkin Lane storyline.

((PART ONE >> ))

#2– Pregnancy Part 2 of 2

Kurt had been gone for a few days longer than intended, and you were a little worried. He called twice every day, but it stopped after the fifth day. It had now been a week and you could feel the stress building inside you. Jean kept trying to reassure you that they would be fine, and that stress wasn’t good for the baby.
You understood, but could not change how it was making you feel.
You heard a sound from overhead and hurried to the window, seeing the X-Jet heading for the mansion. You clench your teeth and make your way to the elevator to go downstairs, and head for the hangar.

You watch the jet land agonizingly slowly, and the ramp lowers. Scott comes out, looking worse for wear. He stops cold when he sees you, you don’t need to see his eyes to see the fear in his expression. You clench your hands.
“Where is he?” you ask in a low, cold voice. Scott stammers and scrambles for words, but before he can make any sense you see movement behind him. Peter is limping down the ramp, leaning on Kurt. Both of them are a mess, but the bandages wrapped around Kurt’s face draws your immediate attention. You take a slow step forward.
He looks up, one of his eyes obscured by the bandages. He smiles weakly.
“I will be with you soon, liebling…. I must help Peter to the medical room.”
You nod and head there yourself, calling for Jean and the Professor as you gather medical supplies. The guys file in slowly, Kurt and Scott lift Peter onto one of the beds carefully, and then Kurt is by your side in moments.
You feel his arms circle around you from behind, his face burying itself in your hair. He inhales your perfume before exhaling slowly, you can tell he’s exhausted.

“Verzeihung…… we ran into trouble…..” his voice is so soft, so weak. You lean into him.
“Kurt…. let me look at your injuries…. let me clean you up then we can go back to our room and rest…..”
He doesn’t argue, letting you go and sitting on a chair so you can remove his bandages carefully. Tears flood your eyes when you see the damage, it looks as if some clawed creature was trying to rip his face open.
“It is not as bad as it looks, it is just messy because we had nothing to clean it…..” he mumbles. Your hands shake as your get the disinfectant and swabs, beginning to slowly and carefully clean the blood and dirt from his face.
“Who or… what… did this to you….?” you ask quietly. Kurt is watching Scott try to clean his own wounds, poorly.
“A mutant….. the Professor said he went by the alias of Sabretooth…”
“He must have been…. beastly. This is like the work of an animal.” You reply, making sure to thoroughly clean the scratches. You move his hair gently, these would very likely scar. Your pregnant belly is pressed to Kurt’s leg, and he places a hand on it gently.
“ ……. I fought tooth and tail to get us back here alive….. I was saving Peter when this happened…. a child deserves to have a loving father….”
You hear Peter scoff over behind Kurt and sigh.
“Peter if you had actually said something when you had the chance maybe things would have been a little different….” You say softly. Peter shrugs, despite the pain of his damaged leg.
“Ehh. It coulda be better, coulda been worse. Nothing gonna change now. He knows, and we’re getting along alright.”

You finish cleaning Kurt’s wounds and think. They’re not bad enough to need stitching, but you don’t want them getting inf—- you go dead still. The baby within you just made a very strong movement, stronger than it should be able to at that age. Kurt felt it too, he looks up at you with worry.
“Are you alright? What is happening…? Jean! Something is happening!” he says, getting off the bed to kneel by your side. Jean hurries over, has you sit and begins a quick examination.
You wince with pain, feeling what could only be contractions begin to ripple through your body. Jean looks up at you with a knowing look.
“This baby is coming now…. you need to get undressed.” she says quickly, gathering tools. You stand there stunned, Kurt likewise frozen on his knees.
“B-but… there’s still meant to be…” you begin, but another wave of pain crashes over you and makes you scream.
“Oh no please get me out of here I can’t watch…” Peter groans. You nod to Kurt, who goes off to teleport him and Scott out as fast as possible. He then returns to help you out of your clothes and into a medical gown before lying you on the bed.
“Ich liebe dich…. it is alright my love….” he says, trying to keep his voice calm.
Jean is in her element, getting everything prepared before moving to the end of the bed.
“You water has broken, this is happening now…” she says. You nod and grip Kurt’s hand tightly in your own, breathing slowly.


It was a long four hours, but when your heard the child’s first cry, you felt nothing but relief. Jean checks the child before wrapping them in a warm blanket.
“Is… is e-everything alright?” you ask breathlessly, almost too weak to move. Jean turns to you with a tearful smile, nodding.
“Your son is perfect, and healthy….”
You had a son! You looked to Kurt and he was staring at the bundle, his emotions boiling in his eyes. You reach over and touch Kurt’s uninjured cheek.
“H-hold our baby….. let him meet his father…” you say softly. Kurt hesitates before standing, and accepting the wriggling bundle of blankets. He goes very still, looking down into the face of his son. It is a few quiet minutes before he sits, and shows him to you.
He is just like his father, but the blue of his skin is a few shades lighter. He has a little wisp of dark hair, but his eyes are yours. Unlike Kurt however, he has five fingers and toes just like you do, but has a small spaded tail. You smile and touch his cheek gently, so soft and warm.
“He looks just like you…. he’s perfect…” you whisper, leaning against Kurt’s shoulder. Kurt wipes a tear from his eye before handing the baby down to you carefully.
“I want to name him after you….” you add, looking back up to your husband. Kurt blinks in surprise.
“You want…. to name him Kurt Wagner also?”
“Yes….. my little Kurt….” you kiss your son’s forehead gently, everything in this moment being perfect.



Chris Stapleton Sentence Starters Pt. 1
  • "Seen my share of broken halos."
  • "The last thing I needed first thing this morning was to have you walk out on me."
  • "You only need a drink when the whiskey is the only thing you have left to hold."
  • "Falling feels like flying till you hit the ground."
  • "Excuse me for looking like I lost my best friend."
  • "Take your best shot, show me what you got. I'm not afraid."
  • "Rear back and take away."
  • "Always lost and nowhere bound."
  • "I see the sunrise creeping in."
  • "Right now I don't feel a thing."
  • "I'll be over it by noon."
  • "I never wanted nothing more."
  • "Love's gonna make it alright."
  • "It makes me want more of you."
  • "Nobody cares if the words don't rhyme...if you say the right ones."
  • "I like to believe you're just like me."
  • "Trying to figure out how a good thing goes bad."
  • "Takes me back in time."
  • "I will be your parachute."
  • "That's the good thing about me and you...ain't nothing lovin' can't get us through."
  • "A lifetime of forgotten words that I never got to say."

Hey I’m back! Without further ado, Cardiologist!Lucio. (Very long post, be warned.) (Please note I altered the timeline of his career, this starts a little after his single release of Sonhos Ômnicos, but in this version his first album is released before he pushes the Vishkar out.)

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KBTBB Headcannon: If someone is stalking MC

Anonymous Request: Is there anyway you could do a KBTBB HC about the MC getting stalked or something and the guys reactions to it? And could you possibly just do Eisuke, Soryu, and Mamoru for this one? Sorry, they’re my favorites! XD I’d be VERYYY happy if you could do it, but no pressure or anything! ;) 

I certainly can do my lovely! :) Hope you like it!


He waited until you got home that day to confront you about it. He’d noticed something had been up with you lately, as you seemed to be more and more on edge with each passing day, but you hadn’t uttered a word about anything to him. Worried about you, he asked around to see if anyone knew anything, knowing that you often confided with the other guys. 

It was then that they told him that you’d suspected you were being stalked. Getting strange and disturbing phone calls, odd gifts left for you at your job with notes declaring their love for you. The other guys didn’t know much more than that either, but Soryu didn’t care. It was all he needed to know. When you finally came back home that day, he fully intended to lay into you about not telling him about something like that. How you should trust him more and how he should’ve been the first person you’d come to about something like this. 

But when you walked through the door, and he saw the tears stinging your eyes, your face as white as a sheet, any arguments he’d had completely vanished. He rushed to you and gathered you in his arms, holding you to him. But you didn’t protest, instead clinging to him as if you already knew that he knew about it. Your body trembled against his, and he clenched his eyes shut at the thought of you being so scared. 

“Did he follow you home?” Soryu asked gently. 

You nodded against his chest. “Y-Yes…. Did… Did the guys tell you…?

“They did.”

“… I’m… I’m sorry Soryu…” 

“You have nothing to be sorry about. I’ll protect you with my life __. Everything’s gonna be alright.” Soryu whispered into your hair, feeling your grip tighten on him. 


He was about to walk into the bedroom when he heard your voice on the other side of the door. It sounded like you were on the phone, so Eisuke decided to give you your privacy, he turned on his heel. He was about to walk away, but as your voice drifted from the bedroom, it was your tone that had him pause. Your words were muffled, but he could definitely hear the tone in your voice. And it instantly worried him. You sounded upset, frightened even. 

He stormed into the bedroom then. You were sitting on the side of the bed, your cell phone held up to your ear, and tears streaming down your eyes. You didn’t even seem to notice Eisuke at first, as you threw the phone down onto the bed without even hanging up, and that was when your eyes met his. Panic and fear swam in your tear-filled eyes, and Eisuke snatched the phone up. Wanting to know what had made you so upset. He held it to his ear, hearing as a snarly male voice made threats on the other end, saying horrible and disgusting things that caused Eisuke’s skin to crawl. 

“I don’t know who you are, but you call this number again and I’ll make you regret ever calling.” Eisuke snarled back, hanging up the phone and tossing the phone away. 

“How long as this been going on?” Eisuke demanded, letting his rage at this man harrassing you bubble over. 

You diverted your eyes away from him. “A few weeks.” 

Eisuke uttered a few curses under his breath, but seeing how scared you looked still, he calmed himself and came and squatted down in front of you. Gentle eyes met your as he took your face in his hands, looking more concerned and worried for you than angry, even though you know that’s how he felt towards the man. 

“No one is going to hurt you. Do you understand me? No one is going to hurt you while there’s still a breath left in my body.” He said, rubbing away the tears from your cheeks with his thumbs. 


He found one of the little love notes the stalker had left for you. It had been crumpled up next to your desk at his place, and curiosity had gotten the better of him. Although now he was glad he’d found it. The words had been so eerie that it had even caused him to shudder. The repulsive statements and declarations had his blood boiling in his veins. Clenching the note in his fist, he went to find you as calmly as he possibly could. Although at that moment, the amount of rage he felt that someone had said such vile things to you, and the implications they’d made, it was a real struggle. He didn’t even necessarily care about the fact that you hadn’t told him about it, all he cared about was your safety as he sought after you. He knew it was about time for you to get out of work, so he rushed over to take you home with him. 

You were walking out of the building as he got out of the car and made his way towards you. A serious expression on his face. You were confused upon first seeing him, since he usually never came to pick you up from work. You went to ask what he was doing there, but you were cut off when he grabbed you and held you against his chest. 

“I found the note.” He said simply as he held you. 

“…Y-You did?” You managed a few moments later, the fear and anxiety you’d felt the past few weeks seeping through your voice. 

“I did. You’re staying with me from now on, you got it? And you don’t leave my sight for a while until I can find the sonuvabitch.” He said, continuing to hold you in his arms protectively. 

“I didn’t want to to you… I didn’t want to worry you.” You said after a few silent moments, as if to answer the question he’d been silently asking. 

“I’m here for you kid. I love you, and I won’t let anyone hurt you. I promise.” He said gently, lifting you from the ground slightly as he clung to you. 

The hardest part of a long distance relationship? That sometimes, you know they feel upset, angry, sad or generally not good, or they’re ill, and theres just nothing you can do other than say “its gonna be alright”. You can’t cuddle with them, wrap you arm around, give them a kiss on the forehead, heck, you can’t even make a fucking cup of tee for them.

5sos BSM Preference: He Finds Out You Have A Boyfriend

Luke: “Hey, can I use your phone for a second?” Luke asked. “Yeah,” you replied, unlocking your screen and handing it to him. You weren’t paying him much mind as he made a quick phone call, but then your phone buzzed. You didn’t think anything of it, until Luke asked, “Who is Drew and why do you have kissy faces by his name?” Your face flushed. See, Drew was your, well, secret boyfriend. Secret because of your overprotective, slightly evil brothers. “He’s my friend…” you stuttered, trying to grab your phone away from Luke. “You talk to your friends this way?!” he exclaimed, scolling through your texts. “I didn’t even know you knew what half of these words meant.” “LUKE!” you jumped at him. “I ain’t giving you this phone back you dirty girl. Disgusting. You’re grounded.” “LUKE YOU DICK!”

Ashton: You were curled up in the corner of your room crying when there was a knock on the door. “You want to ride to the store with me?” your brother called through your door. You cleared your throat so you wouldn’t sound like you were crying, but Ashton knew as soon as he heard the word no leave your mouth. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” he asked as he entered the room. “No reason.” “Don’t lie to me, what’s wrong?” He sat down beside of you. “Nothing Ash, please leave me alone.” He sighed. “Alright, I gonna sit here until you tell me why you’re so upset.” And he did. He sat there for fifteen minutes until you opened up. “My boyfriend and I got into a fight.” “Boyfriend? What boyfriend?” Ashton questioned. “His name is Mitchell… we’ve been dating for a few months. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to start treating me like a little girl,” you told him. “Well what happened?” “He was upset with me, I guess, because I was talking to my friend, who happened to be a guy…” “Are you serious?” You nodded. Ashton stood up. “Where is this guy? Thinks he’s gonna tell my sister what she can and can’t do.” “Ash, calm down. I broke up with him. I’m not stupid. It just… hurts.” “Oh babe,” he said, sitting back down beside you and wrapping his arms around you. “There will be other guys,” he said. “Course, they won’t be as cool as your big brother…”

Calum: “Finally,” you smiled as you snuggled into your boyfriend. Your brother had been home for a few weeks, and all he wanted to do was spend time with you since he’d been gone for so long. So it had been a few days since you were able to see your boyfriend. The two of you snuck away to the movies. He kissed the side of your head as you watched the pre-movie advertisements on the screen. It was a wonderful moment, until your brother and his best friends walked in. “Uh oh…” you mumbled as Calum looked right at you, a confused look on his face. “Who’s this?” he asked as he approached the two of you. “Uh… Cal. This is my boyfriend, Ben.” “Hi!” Ben exclaimed, reaching out a hand to shake Calum’s. Calum shook his hand hard. “So what are your intentions with my sister, Ben?” “Cal! Not now!”

Michael: “HOLY SHIT!” a voice screamed as the living room light cut on to reveal you and your boyfriend, both shirtless and rolling around on the couch. “Mike!” you yelled back, scurrying to cover yourself up. “What are you doing?!” “I didn’t know you were coming home!” “WHY WERE YOU ON TOP OF MY SISTER?!” he screamed at your boyfriend. “She’s my girlfriend dude, step off.” “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” You hadn’t seen Michael this angry in a while, so you gave your boyfriend a look telling him to get the hell out of there. “Mikey, chill out…” “Chill out! Don’t tell me to chill out. Wait til I tell Mom! She’ll never let you leave the house again!” he said, pulling out his phone. “DON’T CALL MOM!” you chased after him. “DON’T BE SNEAKING BOYS INTO THE HOUSE THEN!”