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Hi. So my hamster just died and I was wondering how the guys would comfort their s/o? Thanks...

I’m so sorry that your hamster died *hugs* hope you’re doing just fine :3


     he’d hold you tightly in his arms and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. He’d tell you that everything’s gonna be alright and he’d help you slowly recover from your loss. “it lived a great life (y/n), you took great care of it and it loved you with all of it’s heart. It was his time to go and we have to let him”


     He’d immediately pull you into a hard embrace and kiss you all over your face. He’d wipe all your tears away and say that i’s okay. You two would cuddle to sleep and when you wake up he’ll be there next to you. “hey, listen you tried your best ‘kay, you loved it with all your heart and I’m sure it did too”


     He’d ask questions about how your hamster died while of course trying to comfort you the best he could. He’d try his best to cure it or make it live again but once he realized that he couldn’t he couldn’t help but get sad himself. He’d hug you closely and say sorry multiple times. “I’m so sorry for your lost (y/n), if only I noticed sooner it wouldn’t have ended this way but I promise everything’s gonna be okay”


     He’d run as fast he as can towards you and would give you a bone crushing hug. He’d say sorry multiple times then ask where your hamster was. Once he saw it he’d hug it gently and say adorable sweet words to it. He’d help you bury it. “don’t worry angelcakes, it lived a great life because of you and I’m sure it died happily”

A Letter For Steve

Steve walked into the DX, clocking in for his shift. Throughout the past week, he has been feeling pretty down. He wasn’t sure why, he just was. Maybe it was abandonment? Or maybe just anxiety? He had no clue.

 The brunette had done a good job covering it up and acting like nothing was wrong. Or, at least, he thought he had.

 As Steve walked into the garage, he saw Sodapop standing there—considering he did have the shift with Steve. His big brown eyes shimmered with happiness as he stared at his best friend.

 “Hey, Stevie!” The sixteen-year-old shouted, causing his best friend to involuntarily smile.

“Hi, Sodapop.” Steve laughed slightly and rolled his eyes, trying to put on the best façade he could. It most likely worked, seeing that the blonde just nodded his head, presumably thinking that nothing was wrong.

 “Alright, well, I’m gonna handle the front for a bit. I’ll come back later to help. I think we have about four or five cars to work on today.” Soda shrugged his shoulders before running to the front of the DX, kind of like an innocent little kid would.

 Steve sighed before turning around, beginning to work on the first car by himself. When he opened the toolbox that sat on the stool next to the car, he tilted his head in surprise. A folded piece of paper sat on top of all the tools, looking like it was longing to be unfolded.

 “Pepsi?” The seventeen-year-old called out, thinking his best friend might have an explanation. When there was no response, Steve grumbled and grabbed the sheet of paper, slowly opening it.

Hey Steve! I couldn’t help but notice how down you’ve seemed this past week. I’m real sorry about whatever happened, and I was hoping I—we could help—

 Steve, you—you dig okay, man. – Ponyboy Curtis

You’re a great friend to have, Steve. You’re real fun to be around, and you always look out for us. What’s more to ask for? – Johnny C:

I don’t really care to write anything here, but hey man, you’re a pretty cool guy. Just remember that – Dally

You’re like a little brother to me, kiddo. You’re annoying as hell, but you still mean the world to me – Darry C.

Heyo Steve-o! Just wanted to let you know that you’re awesome. We care about you, man. Don’t forget it. – Two-Bit (The amazing one)

Hey, buddy. I hope you feel a bit better now! I could tell you weren’t at your best for the past week, but I was worried you’d get a bit angry if I approached you about it. Just remember this, alright buddy? You’re the greatest friend I could’ve ever asked for. You’ve always been there for me through my ups and downs, it’s only fair if I’m there for yours. Don’t be scared if you ever wanna talk about anything, man. I ain’t gonna judge ya.

 We love you, man. You’re family. You’ll always matter to us – Sodapop

 Steve stared at the paper with wide eyes before smiling hugely. “Sodapop?” The seventeen-year-old called out again, running up the front of the DX while smiling happily—all the while his heart was racing.

 “Oh, hey Steve. Did you read the le—” Steve cut off Soda’s sentence when he pulled the sixteen-year-old into a tight hug, catching him by surprise. The brown-eyed boy laughed slightly before hugging back. “I’m assuming you read it, huh…?”

 The brunette chuckled and nodded slowly, mumbling quiet ‘thank you’s over and over again. “Aw, shucks, Steve,” The blonde said, smiling, “it was nothin’.”

 “It wasn’t ‘nothing’, buddy. You have no idea how much it helped.” Steve grinned at his best friend as Sodapop just rolled his eyes, still smiling like an idiot.

 Steve Randle stood attentively at the training field for Vietnam, more anxious than ever. Biting his lip, he pulled out a piece of paper he’s kept in his pocket since he was seventeen.

 Rereading it, he couldn’t help but have the biggest smile on his face as he looked at what his friends said. He loved all six of them, and wouldn’t ever want to lose them.


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Imagine: Tobias comforting you after a nightmare.

You sit there watching helplessly as Tobias is surrounded by countless factionless members. You’re tied up and try screaming for Tobias but he can’t hear you over all the noise. The factionless keep questioning Tobias.

“Shut up!” Tobias yells over the noise.

Soon the room falls silent. You look up, but you can’t see Tobias anymore.

“Tobias!” You call.

Eventually the factionless leave, sniggering and whispering as they go. Once the room empties, you see him, on the ground, with a knife through his stomach.

“Tobias!” You scream once again, tears streaming your face, trying hard to untie yourself.

Finally, you get the knots loose and pull your hands out. You run over to Tobias.

“It’s alright, n-nothing’s gonna ha-happen to you Toby, I promise!” You say taking his hand.

“I-I will always l-love you Y/N” Four stutters.

You sink down, “Four, Four! No! No! Tobias!”

You jolt awake, tears streaming down your face.

“Hey, what’s wrong sunshine?” Four says with a worried tone as he comes and sits next to you. He pulls you close and you cry on his chest.

“I-I, you were, d-dead,” You stutter barely audible

“It was nightmare, I promise I won’t ever leave you,” He says wiping your tears away.

“I love you Toby,” You smile through the tears, finding comfort in his arms.

“I love you too Y/N,” He smiles back, “Now, I made breakfast, and it’s getting cold, let’s eat.”

“Wait, you made breakfast?” You ask shocked.

“Yeah, why are you so surprised?”

“You’re horrible at cooking!” You smirk.  

“Oh shut up! You’re no better!”

“I hate you,” You giggle.

“That’s not what you were saying a few minutes ago,” He smirks.

“Shut up,” You punch him in the shoulder playfully before following him out to the dining room.

A/N: I’ve been hella busy so my lovely sister @dauntless-shanks helped me write this, so thank you and I love you bb. I hope you guys like it!

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We Don’t Believe What’s On TV - twenty one pilots

Ring a Bell - Death Grips

Genius - Kings of Leon

A-Yo - Lady Gaga

So Far (It’s Alright) - The 1975

Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby - Cigarettes After Sex

I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys

Highlights - Kanye West 

Ful Stop - Radiohead

Chanel - Frank Ocean

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Can I first say I think it was funny how ‘KingPin’ was antagonizing ‘Star Lord’ The whole film and that asian guy from the first movie was there but at first it was an alright movie nothing spectacular and I was gonna give it a Spill/Double Toasted Rating of Matinee….THEN THAT FUCKIN ENDING!!

kinda SPOILERS but all Ill say is 


Thats it Im getting my JP action figures out & filming a video on my youtube so you understand how much I LOVED THIS

It should be up here sometime today

its up!!

The hardest part of a long distance relationship? That sometimes, you know they feel upset, angry, sad or generally not good, or they’re ill, and theres just nothing you can do other than say “its gonna be alright”. You can’t cuddle with them, wrap you arm around, give them a kiss on the forehead, heck, you can’t even make a fucking cup of tee for them.

yes, I was his before I was mine.
so what?
the flowers grow towards the sun before they know their name,
and the rain falls over sea without a care,
seeing its reflection in the endless embrace.
so yes, I surrendered to him
before I knew how I was to be called. so what?
from his lips I was love and I was sweet nothings
and ‘everything’s gonna be alright, trust me’.
and I trusted him.
how could I not?
he was everything from the first moment. he was brother.
—  ines k, why would I want anything else?