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maggie rhee in season eight ★ 8x01 ‘mercy’ 

“we practiced. we’ve been through it over and over again. we all know the plan doesn’t end this morning. that we might have to live in uncertainty for days, maybe even more. that we have to keep our faith in each other. if we can hold onto that with everything we have, the future is ours. the world is ours.” 

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jin should give jimin some hickeys as payback :3

Jin: Yeah.. maybe I can

Jimin: HYUNG! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??! TH-that’s not how you do it..

Jin: Oh I know.. I just.. don’t know how to give one..

Jimin: How about I teach you~?

Jin: Well would you look at the time I gotta go.. clean my.. search history closet

Seventeen’s s/o getting panic attacks // reaction

How would each Seventeen member react to your sudden panic attack??

Requested by anon. Thanks for sending this idea in! Thinking of how caring/concerned they would be for their s/o in a situation like this is just soooo heart-warming… Hope you enjoy <3

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His maturity is gonna be shinning through this whole situation. I feel like he’d naturally know how to comfort you and help you recover from your panic attacks because, as a leader, he seems very comfortable in handling emergencies and caring for other members/people. I can definitely see Seungcheol sitting you down, pulling you close, and holding your hand gently, all while telling you to follow him in breathing slowly. If you ever look to him worriedly, he’ll give you the most comforting smile and tell you that everything is going to be alright. After the panic attack passes, Seungcheol will be sure to do his own research on more ways to assist you properly the next time it happens.

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I don’t think Jeonghan would know what to do at first, but he’d definitely do his best to not seem clueless and/or really worried. He wouldn’t want to make your panic attack worse by looking super frantic. He’ll probably sit you down on a chair and kneel next to you while rubbing your shoulder with a hand. And once in awhile, he’ll stroke your face gently and give you a soft lip smile. As you recover, Jeonghan will try to initiate casual conversation to get your mind off of the situation. He’ll absolutely feel the need to check up on you more often than before, just to make sure you’re never alone when that kind of danger hits you. 

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Joshua wouldn’t be able to hold back a super worried face, but his calming voice and words would make up for it. He might be shaking the first time it happens, not knowing what he should do first, but he’ll eventually resort to repeating a few phrases like “it’s gonna be okay,” “just breathe,” “it’s alright, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” etc. He’ll keep saying these words as he pulls you in for a tight hug, rubbing one of your arms with a hand. Joshua won’t let go until your panic attack has passed completely and you tell him you’re fine. He’ll want to ask you if there’s anything specific he could do for you if it happens again.

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He wouldn’t look too worried on the outside, but internally, he’s really panicking. He’s not too experienced with these kinds of situations, so he wouldn’t do much right away. If anything, he’ll try to talk it out with you if you can, but if you can’t talk, the first thing he’d think of doing is getting you to lie down somewhere comfortable so you can relax. He’ll probably ask if you can breathe slowly with him while he takes a hand of yours and strokes your fingers gently. Once he sees you becoming less tense, he’ll sigh in relief. The situation would’ve been really stressful on him, so he’d be one to ask you for more legitimate ways to help you so he can feel confident in taking care of you next time.

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Soonyoung would immediately assist you in finding a safe place for you to sit. Once you’re settled, he’ll tell you to close your eyes and take deep breaths with him. He’d probably be holding your shoulders while demonstrating what he’s instructing you to do. Once he feels you calming down, Soonyoung won’t be able to fight the urge to hug you tightly in relief. He’d also want to talk it out with you and ask you if there’s anything else he can do in case it happens again. He’d be worried when you’re not with him, so he wouldn’t hesitate to text you every-so-often to make sure you’re doing fine.

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Like Soonyoung, Wonwoo would sit you down somewhere safe and tell you it’s best to close your eyes. He’d look pretty worried and would have to think for a moment to come up with a way to help. He’ll then resolve to tell you to think of your happy place and ignore the physical pain that the panic attack is giving you. Wonwoo would also check on you once in awhile to make sure you’re only having good thoughts, and if you say you aren’t, he’ll tell you to breath slower and try again. He’s the type of person to take your hand in the process and squeeze it tightly. Wonwoo would do some of his own research afterwards, flipping through book-after-book for professional articles on panic attacks. He just wants to be able to care for you better next time.

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Jihoon’s face would be frozen at the sight of you in the middle of a panic attack. Like Wonwoo, he’d have to take a moment to think of what to do first before taking action. If he notices you tensing up, he’ll tell you to sit down right where you are, afraid that looking for a better place to sit would waste precious time. He’d take time to inspect you, just to see where the pain is coming from. He’ll be holding your arm while asking you to take deep breaths, using his free hand to signal when to inhale and exhale. Once you’re breathing at a slow and steady pace, he’ll nod in approval and assure you that you can get through this. “It’ll be over in no time, I promise.” He wouldn’t want to ask you for tips on handling you during your panic attacks, but he might get curious later on and search it up on his own to understand its dynamics better.

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Seokmin is going to be really panicked at first, but it won’t take long for him to realize his duty in the situation and change his attitude. After sitting you down against a wall, he’d take a good look at you before brushing aside the hair in your face and letting his hand hold your cheek. “You can get through this, just breathe with me,” he’d say and proceed in breathing with you at the right pace. Seokmin would definitely want to praise you for following his instructions and relaxing, just to put a little bit of positivity in the situation. “You’ve got this, y/n. I believe in you.” Once the panic attack has passed, he’ll ask if you need anything else to help you recover from the tough moment. He also wouldn’t hesitate to request for more tips on handling you during these situations.

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Mingyu would take action right away and will carry you to a comfortable place if he has to. It would take him a moment or two for him to inspect you and realize what’s going on, but he’d know exactly how to take care of you instinctively, just like Seungcheol. “Just take deep breaths and count with me,” he’d instruct you and begin counting to 10 with you. Once your breathing stabilizes, he’ll close his eyes, nod, and show a lip smile. “See, it’s not too bad when you count it all out,” he’d say as he strokes your back gently. He wouldn’t ask for any more tips in helping you out next time, but he’d want to talk to you about the panic attacks in general, just so he can get his head around the complex feeling.

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His worry for you would be very apparent on his face because in his head, he’s thinking of a million things he could do to help you and trying to pick one. Minghao’s first priority would be to get you seated right away, so you can expect him to sit you down where you’re standing. He’ll rub your back steadily, still trying to contemplate on what to do next. “Y/n, look at me, you’re going to be fine,” he’d say and soften at the sight of your eyes. He’ll probably show you a comforting smile to get your mind off of the pain. After instructing you to breathe at a slower pace, he’ll unconsciously follow you in slowing down and nod at your improvement. “Y/n, if there’s anything I can do for you if this happens again, just let me know.”

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Seungkwan would be the most nervous out of everyone tbh. He’d be looking around frantically for help, but upon realizing that you guys are alone, he probably would make you lie down/sit on the floor and it wouldn’t matter where. He’d consider calling another member for help, but immediately push the idea aside and do what he can himself to get you through the panic attack. “I think you need to breathe a little slower. It might just help,” he says with uncertainty. But he’ll begin demonstrating it for you right away. “See? There you go… You’re doing great, just-” he stops mid sentence and continues breathing with you. Seungkwan is also the type to hug you tightly afterwards too. “Jagi, I’m really sorry I couldn’t think of a way to help you out right away, but is there anything I can do for you next time? I mean, in case it happens again…”

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Hansol’s eyes would widen at the sight of you extremely anxious, so he’d tell you to sit down next to a nearby wall so he can kneel next to you. He’ll hold your face in both of your hands and think of a way to calm you down. “Hey, hey, it’s okay. You’re okay. Don’t worry about anything. Just take a deep breath… there you go, and another one…” He’ll nod and smile softly at the relaxation of your face. He’d be hesitant to ask if the attacks happen often, but once he does, he’ll feel comfortable with asking you for more ways to assist you if another one pops up again.

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Chan would be in a pretty big panic at first and it would be extremely obvious. However, once he gets you settled on a good chair, he’ll toughen up and take a hold of your shoulders like Soonyoung would. “Y/n, y/n, you’re gonna be fine. Just try to slowly take control of your breathing again, okay?” he looks you squarely in the face. “In…. and out… inhale…. and exhale… there you go,” he smiles and relaxes himself in the process as well. “I want to be able to help you out better next time, y/n… What can I do for you? Just tell me and I’ll be sure to do it.”

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Amelia’s Biscuits

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“Daddy?” Amelia asked, though everyone else at the table wasn’t sure it came from her. She struggled to get up in the chair, the voice seeming to come from no one until her head popped up moments later.

“Yes, my pet?” He asked, looking at her past the newspaper he had open.

“Where do you go?”

“What do you mean?” He asked confused, eyeing you as you took your seat opposite him.

“When you leave everyday to go to work, where do you go?”

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Friends with benefits 2 || Dan H.

A/N: I was sent this nice request and it just fit perfectly! thank you to the lovely anon 

Word Count: 1.1K

POV: Reader


“And it feels right now?”

“It does”

Dan looked at me and there was that twinkle in his eyes again. It was the same twinkle I saw right before we both kissed for the first time.

“Y/N…” he breathed, unable to believe what I begged for him to do.

“Didn’t you always say that you want to save yourself for someone special?” he asked, still hovering over me.

“I did, but I’m tired of waiting now. It sounds stupid but I want this whole virginity thing to be over and done with. But I don’t want to lose it to a someone who’s not worth it. I want that special someone to be you.” I whispered, tracing his bare chest with my left hand.

An overwhelmed smile appeared on his face and he quickly leaned down to place a gently kiss on my lips, making my heart flutter.

“Are you one hundred percent sure?” he asked once we pulled apart.

“Yes” I simply said, but somehow that ordinary word made both of our insides tingle and drove us crazy.

I knew that Dan was far from being a virgin. He had had so many girlfriends and dates and although he was a gentleman and barely talked about it, it’s hard to not notice that one’s best friend is practically a sex god or something.

“I’m nervous” I admitted, as we were both still lying on his bed, our bodies only centimetres away from melding together and all of our clothes scattered across the floor.

“It’s gonna be alright, don’t worry. There’s nothing to be nervous about.” Dan calmed me down, his voice was low and soothing.

“Dan, I want you to guide me through this.” I said with determination and lust in my voice.

“Okay. I will” he nodded and took a deep breath.

He reached over to his nightstand and opened the bottom drawer. After rummaging through it for a few seconds he pulled out a condom.

I carefully watched his every move as he open the package.

“Do you want to do it, Y/N?” he asked, noticing my staring.

I blushed and shook my head no. “I just want to see how you do it.” I explained, knowing that we’d be saver if he did it this time.

He seemed to have understood and slipped the latex on slowly. Meanwhile I could feel the tension and lust build in my stomach and I knew I was unable to wait much longer.

I sensually ran my hands along his broad and bare chest, looking deeply into his eyes while doing so.

“Your heart is beating extremely fast.” I whispered, feeling his heart pound against his chest.

“I guess, I’m nervous too.” Dan admitted quietly and then suddenly his lips were back on my neck again while his hands massaged my breasts and ever so slightly twisted my nipples, teasing me.

“Just relax, Y/N. I just want you to feel good.” Dan breathed against my bare skin.

I didn’t know what to do beside taking in all the pleasure anyway and occasionally pulled on his brown curls whenever I felt like all this lust would make me explode.

“Damn, you’re so hot.” Dan practically grunted, his length still rock hard and ready.

“Dan, I need you. I need you now.” I moaned, my voice airier and higher than normal.  

He responded with a low growl and guided his penis right to where I needed him.

If I weren’t so turned on I would have probably been embarrassed about how wet I was for him. Instead of entering me right away though he just teased me with his length, rubbing it along my folds and clit.

We both groaned in sexual frustration at the same time.

“Do you trust me?” Dan asked, his voice was deeper as usual and clouded with anticipation.

We held intense and sensual eye contact for a short while, during which I could feel his member move against my throbbing heat.  

“I’m all yours” I breathed. And that was all it took.

He pushed himself inside me, just his tip at first so it wouldn’t be too much.

“I’m gonna go in further, okay?” He asked, going a little bit deeper.

“Mhmm” was all I could moan in response.

Dan pushed all of him inside me, making me gasp loudly at the feeling.

I could feel his member stretch my walls and I was so completely new to the sensation.

“I’m gonna start moving slowly, okay? Just tell me in case it hurts.” Dan said, pushing a strand of my hair out of my face before he slowly started moving in and out of me.

It first it stung a little bit but soon my eyes fell shut in pleasure and I got used to his length.

“Does that feel good, babygirl?” He asked me, his voice low. It was the first time he had used a pet name for me.

“Oh yes. So good.” I moaned and buried my hands into his hair.

Dan repeatedly pushed himself into me, going so deep that his hipbones crashed against mine. His huge hands were holding my hips down for stabilisation. He was still being careful, but at this time I just wanted him to lose all inhibitions and basically fuck my brain out.

“Please go faster, Dan.” I pleaded, so god damn needy for him.

“Fuck, yes” he groaned right before he pulled all the way out just to start smashing into me at an immense speed.

“OH god” I nearly screamed out loud in surprise, not expecting it to feel so good.

He kept pounding inside me, leaving the both of us a moaning mess. I buried my face into the crook of his neck as a layer of sweat had built on our naked skins.

Dan had found the right rhythm and the right spots, making me feel my orgasm build in the pit of my stomach.

“I don’t think I can last much longer.” Dan grunted while his dick twitched inside of me.

“Me neither” I admitted, close to my high.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Dan moaned as his eyes fell shut tightly and he threw back his head in pleasure, mumbling a few profanities while he came in the condom.

“Fuck, Y/N, you just feel so good around me.” he whimpered and thrusted into me a few more times.

Just the sound of him moaning my name pushed me closer and closer to my climax.

Dan pulled all the way out again and smashed inside me one more time, hitting exactly the right spot it took to make me come.

My walls clenched around him as my orgasm washed over me. I bit into his naked shoulder, stopping myself from screaming my lungs out.

As we both came down from our highs we collapsed on Dan’s bed next to each other.

“Thank you for being my first.” I breathed as we shared a deep kiss.

“Anytime for you, babygirl “

50 reasons to love Calum Hood:

1. He is the sweetest piece of pumpkin pie with lotsa whipped topping
2. His music taste is crazy good but also bizarre as hell. It can go from the used to… like… the song pony by ginuwine
3. The way he slappa da bass is crazy my dood
4. He seems like the type of person that farts himself awake,
5. He smiles and it’s like the sun is out and everything is fine
6. When he let the curls go… my eyes do the cartoon thing where they pop out of my head
7. That goofy laugh he does when he is REALLY laughing
8. He doesn’t give a fuck. But Lowkey. He does
9. He’s a rly intelligent dude
10. He is so quiet but still very present
11. His love of dogs is so pure
12. He loves his band mates w every piece of his sweet heart
13. He is kind to fans
14. He is well spoken
15. He is very thoughtful
16. He is hella observant
17. He is so pretty tho he doesn’t seem to notice
18. He writes lyrics like it’s nobody’s business
19. He is a tru performer. He looks so alive when he’s onstage
20. You can feel every word he sings, and every word he has ever said in ur soul
21. That voice… it’s like … a mix of fergie and Jesus
22. He laughs at his band mates jokes even if they are dumb as fuk. Like he’s always the one who laughs because he loves them all
23. He is soft. Like his jaw could cut u into pieces but he is still soft
24. He is a contradiction of himself. He’s one thing one second and the opposite the next. But in the best way?
25. He probably could beat me up which I respect
26. He’d pay ur college tuition if u asked nicely enough
27. He is very giving. He bought tickets for fans with the money out of his pocket. I’m sure he’d do that again.
28. He makes everyone feel a bit safer for some reason, like even if nothing is alright, it’s gonna be.
29. He gave up something that didn’t make him happy to pursue something that did and he succeeded and he’s so inspiring
30. He paints his nails bc fuck that hyper masculinity bullshit he isn’t abt that life
31. He is strong. Not just physically, but it seems mentally too.
32. He is Lowkey nerdy as hell
33. He loves his sister a lot. And his family. He has tattoos of them for corns sake
34. He is beautiful in the way that he exists and moves and talks. Also he’s fuckin hot as fuckin shit u would burn ur eyes out if u looked at him for too long
35. Remembering he exists is like walking out into the cold and taking a big drink of hot chocolate. He’s that warmth that u feel amongst all of that chill
36. He loves fans even tho we can be hard to love sometimes
37. He prolly sings loudly in the shower
38. His talking voice is really calming
39. His existence in general is really calming
40. He probably smells like boy. Not like gross boy either. Like warmth and leather and hAPPINESS
41. He is so funny. Like it’s so slept on how funny he is.
42. He doesn’t take shit from people
43. He is a good friend to the rest of 5sos
44. He is adventurous
45. He is so so so talented in so many different ways
46. He could kill me with his shoe. I already said he could beat me up but this is different.
47. He is so collected all of the time. It’s like he has his shit together. Like maybe he doesn’t but he seems like he does anyways.
48. He shares deep things with fans like pieces of his writing that he hasn’t shared and the words he wants to say out loud but it’s difficult to
49. when god made calum god was like, damn. The fuck. Patrice come look at this shit
50. he is a ride or die bitch

Love in The Time of Dragons: (A Merlin x Reader AU Imagine)

Imagine being Merlin’s old sweetheart and fiancé, back when he was still in Ealdor, and that you couldn’t marry him for you were going to travel across Cenred’s borders with your family because one of your siblings suddenly got really sick and your father has heard of a physician from overseas.You were devastated by the news and it broke your heart when you had to tell Merlin about it.

Of course, he was devastated, both of you were planning to get married. But he understands and was sadden to let you go.

One day, you wrote a letter to him that you will arrive in the lower town of Camelot, studying to be a herbalist.

(This takes place in season 4 and is an AU episode of Love In The Time of Dragons. Basically, there’s no Alice or Freya, and their episodes didn’t exist. Even though I love them both. But I feel like Merlin needed a backstory with a childhood sweetheart or something, other than his strong friendship with Will. ~God bless his soul~) Plus, it isn’t fair that Merlin had to spend the rest of the series without a girlfriend or wife.

- Also, I don’t own any Merlin or any BBC related things. Including the actors and actresses. The gifs. EVERYTHING

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Chibs x Reader

Summary: An imagine where you’re Eddys’ (Half Sacks) older sister, and Chibs’ old lady and Chibs tell you that your brother is dead, and has to stop you from going out and trying to kill Cameron (The Irish guy who killed him).

Authors note: When I talk about Eddy, I’m not talking about Edmond Hayes, I’m talking about Edward (Half Sack).


We were on Lockdown; that meant that all of the people that were family to the Sons of Anarchy had to stay in the clubhouse so that we they were all safe. Half Sacks my little brother, and I’m Chibs’ old lady; that’s why I’m here. I worry about them, not just Chibs and Eddy, the others aswell…because whatever’s going on isn’t good…it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out..

“Sweetheart, stop worrying so much, we’re gonna be fine” Chibs whispered into my ear, sensing my worry.

“You keep telling me this Chibs-”“Then maybe ya should listen to your old man for once, huh baby?” He interrupted, with a slight chuckle in his voice as he placed a quick kiss on my lips. I sighed in defeat, knowing that I should be used to this by now, the guys are always out doing risky shit…I just didn’t want anyone else to get hurt; especially not after happened with Donna…

“We’re gonna be alright, sweetheart, nothing bad is gonna happen,” he said as he pulled me into a hug.

“I love you,” I said hugging him back tightly.

“I love you too, darlin’, I’ll see you in a few hours,” he said as he pulled away from the hug and quickly kissed me before getting on his motorcycle along with the other Sons and riding away.

Time skip-half an hour later

“Where are you guys going?” I asked Gemma and Tara as they walked towards the car.

“You should be inside,” Gemma reminded me.

“So should you, both of you should,” I countered. Gemma knew me all too well and before I knew it she was walking over to me.

“Sweetie, you gotta stop worrying so much;we’ve got Half Sack coming with us, we’re gonna be fine and we’ll be back in a few, we’re just gonna run a few errands and plus it gets Abel out for a while, might even send him to sleep” Gemma said reassuringly, kissing my head “Now go back inside,” she said before turning around and walking back to the car. Before I walked back into the clubhouse I was stopped as Eddy pulled me into a hug.

“I’ll look after them sis, I promise,” Eddy reassuringly whispered to me.

“Just make sure you look after yourself too bro,” I whispered back.

“I always do,” He said, pulling out of the hug and jumping on his bike; and I watched them drive away,and headed back inside.

Time skip-that night

I heard the door to the clubhouse open and in came Chibs and the others,if I’m honest I was surprised that Eddy wasn’t with them…I hadn’t seen him, Tara or Gemma since they left to run errands hours ago.

“Hey guys,” I said as I walked up to them, they all mumbled a ‘hey’ back, except Jax; he seemed pissed and I knew better than to ask him what was wrong-if I was meant to know then someone would tell me. It was odd though none of the guys made any eye contact with me, not even Chibs. I knew then that something bad had happened.

“Chibs, what happened? Where’s Half Sack?” I asked as I walked up to him. The guys all turned to look at him, and that’s when Clay came up to him and whispered something in his ear, all Chibs did was nod, before grabbing my hand and leading me into a the room where all the church meeting were held.

“Chibs?” I asked, worry filling my head.

“Sit down sweetheart,” he said, but he still didn’t look me in the eyes.

“Chibs, you’re worrying me, what’s happened?” I asked, the worry from my head now filling my voice.

“Shit sweetheart..a lots happened,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper as he let out a big sigh.

“Talk to me baby,” I said reassuringly placing my hands on his.

“That Irish bastard took Abel, and Gemma is now on the run because she apparently killed his son and Zobelles daughter…” He explained-well that explained why Jax was pissed, losing Abels probably broke his heart, and having his mum on the run makes it worse…But that’s when I remembered that Tara and Eddy were with Abel and Gemma.

“How’d Cameron take Abel? He would’ve been with Tara and Eddy,” I stated. And that’s when for the first time since he came back, Chibs looked me in the eyes-I noticed that his were slightly filled with tears.

“Cameron tied Tara up in the nursery..” He said slowly.

“What about my brother, what did he do to Eddy?” I asked panic and worry coming over me.

“I’m so sorry baby girl…” Chibs whispered as he kissed my hands which he was now holding.

“What are you sorry for…he’s okay, he’s gotta be okay..” I whispered as tears began to cascade down my cheeks-he couldn’t be dead, he couldn’t.

“There’s was nothing anyone could do, sweetheart…” Chibs said a few tears falling from his own eyes.

“NO! NO…he can’t be dead,” I sobbed, rising from my chair.

“Y/N/N..” Chibs whispered as he walked over to me, trying to pull me into a hug, but I just pushed him away as I stormed out of the room. As I walked out of room all of the guys went silent, and Chibs was walking after me. I walked over to my bag and grabbed my gun from my bag and swung the door open before walking outside, ignoring all of the pleas from the guys to come back inside the clubhouse.

“Y/N/N, baby girl, please just come back inside,” Chibs begged as he ran and grabbed my arm.

“Y/N/N, cmon, think about this,” Clay said as he walked behind Chibs; Jax and the others following closely behind him.

“No! That Irish bastard killed my brother, my baby brother, so I’m gonna find him and put a bullet through his skull!” I snapped, the tears running down my cheeks.

“Y/N/N, I wanna do that too! He took my son…my baby boy, believe me he’s gonna pay for what he’s done, to both of our families,” Jax said as he stepped closer to me, his eyes filling with tears as he spoke about his son.

I didn’t say anything all I did was give Chibs my gun; he passed it to Clay as he pulled me into a tight hug, stroking my hair soothingly, as I cried into his chest

“He’ll get what’s comin’ to him baby girl, I’ll make sure of it.” Chibs whispered to me, as we pulled out of the hug Clay walked up to me and hugged me.

“We’re all gonna make sure of it kid, this guy messed with the wrong family,” Clay said as he placed a hand on my shoulder, pulling away from the hug ; as he looked between myself, Chibs and the group, especially Jax, Jax looked me straight in the eyes and I knew that he and the other guys were gonna make him pay for what happened to my brother, and make him pay for taking Abel as well. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about this family, it’s that you don’t mess with us and get away with it.

I LOVE THE WAY THIS TEAM SHOWS positive attitude..

Being in the situation of where  life-death matters they don’t loose hope and always looks on the positive side of things.. This scene itself shows how much they see life in optimism despite the fore coming obstacles. See they always hope that Chief Bang will be alright and nothing bad is gonna happen to him.Seeing them makes me want such people around me. They are the best collegues/friends that anyone could have .

Always see opportunity in every possibility.

Forgive me

Word count: 902

Breaking up with Kai but then he tries to fix it and bring you back

You and Kai were completely fine. Happy. Enjoyed everything your relationship brought to you. Until one day when Kai made a huge mistake. You knew he was capable of everything, but you  never thought Kai would hurt you.

‘Save it Kai, I don’t care.’ You said as you packed everything you had into your suitcase. You closed the zipper and stood  up, Kai still standing in front of you.

'Please, you need to listen-’ Kai started talking but you interrupted him. You just shook your head and took your suitcase. You walked down the stairs, struggling with it, the suitcase constantly hitting your feet. You kept stumbling while going down. Kai offered help, but you refused it. You finally reached the front doors as you opened them. You turned around where you saw Kai standing with his hands in his pockets. He looked like a kid whose mom just yelled at him for doing something wrong. Your eyes started watering, but you refused to cry in front of him. You wanted to act strong, not letting him see how hard this was for you. You never even imagined you’d break up with Kai this soon. Seeing him like this was breaking your heart, but you thought this was the best for both of you. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath. You weren’t  even able to look him in the eyes without crying.

'Goodbye.’ That was the last thing you said as you walked out of the house and closed the doors behind you. You got into your car and closed the doors. You couldn’t find yourself to start the car so you just sat there. Tears started rolling down your cheeks as you finally gave in and cried your eyes out. It hurt too much. You wanted to go back into the house and hug Kai and take him back, but it was better this way. You drove off to your old apartment, which was empty. You left the suitcase on the floor and went to your room. You laid on your bed, covered yourself and started crying again.

Days have passed and you felt a little better but you missed Kai like crazy. He kept calling you, he even stopped by your apartment. Every single time he stopped by, you were standing by the doors, listening to his words which only made it harder for you to forget him, but somehow you managed to stop yourself from opening the doors and running into his arms. You got ready to go out with friends, but when you opened the doors, there weren’t your friends waiting for you. It was Kai and there was no way you could avoid the situation you were put in.

'Hi.’ He said, an obvious smile appearing on his face when he saw you.

'Hi.’ You trailed off as you kept looking at him. Everything in your body was pushing you to kiss him, but you managed to control it.

'Can we…talk?’ He asked, his hands in his pockets.

'Um, yeah sure’ you said, letting him into your apartment and closing the doors. You turned around and saw him looking around your apartment. It’s been a long time since the last time you were here together. All the memories started flooding back, making your eyes watery.

'You look beautiful.’ Kai said, smiling at you. A smile appeared on your face but disappeared too soon, making Kai go serious.

'What do you want Kai?’ You asked, wanting him to get to the point already.

'Look, I’m sorry. I can’t explain how sorry I am. I am here because my guilt keeps me up at night. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t even describe how empty I feel without you. It’s like someone ripped a part of me from my body.’ He said as he cupped your face, making you look him in the eyes. They were even more beautiful than the last time you saw them.

'Kai, you hurt me like never before. You broke my heart.’ You said, your voice cracking on the last word.

'I know and I’m an idiot for doing that. Just please, don’t give up on me. You’re the only person who believes in me and I don’t know what I’d do without you.’

'I don’t know Kai. There’s so much things that-’

'I know, I know. But we can fix them. I’ll change again. Just please don’t leave me. I need you in my life.’ He said, making your heart melt. You couldn’t stay mad at him. You needed him too. The last few days felt like hell to you and at the end of every day you just wanted to be with Kai, in his arms. You didn’t say anything, you just pulled him close and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around your body, hugging you tightly.

'I’m never letting you out of my life again. If I have to do that, at least let me watch you while you sleep.’

'Kai, that’s kinda creepy.’ You said, making him laugh.

'You know I’m joking.’ He said, smiling. 'But seriously, you’re too important, so I guess you’re kinda stuck with me.’ He said as you hit his arm playfully and laughed. He leaned down and kissed you again gently. At that moment you knew everything was gonna be alright and that you have nothing to worry about.

BTOB: Reactions to you having a bad day

Eunkwang: this baby will be so confused as to why you’re a sobbing mess on the couch. He’d drop everything and come to your side, at first not saying anything and just holding you while stroking your hair. Then after you’d calm down, he’d softly stroke his thumb over your cheek and ask you what’s wrong. When you tell him that it’s just been a horrible day, he’d kiss your forehead and tell you it’s all gonna be better now that he’s here. He’d hold you for a while, then suggest doing something to take your mind off.

 Minhyuk: would start to have a panic attack if he sees you crying. He’ll run over to you, trying in vain to get a response. The best he can do is whisper little things into your ear like, “it’s gonna be alright, jagi, I promise” “don’t cry, baby, I’m here to protect you” “please tell me what’s wrong, you’re breaking my heart”. If he sees you’re just stressed out about your day, he’ll suggest taking a bath together or cooking you a delicious meal. You’ll forget all about your day as you lay with him by the end of the night. 

 Changsub: he’d be confused as well, not really knowing how to comfort you at first. He’ll try asking you what’s wrong and running his hands up and down your arm for warmth. He doesn’t understand why you’re so upset bc he’s never seen you like this before…he always tries his best to make you laugh and smile, and that never usually fails. Will settle on just holding you tight and dressing you in comfortable clothes as you two cuddle.

 Hyunsik: 9/10 times he’ll cry with you. Won’t even know the reason, just seeing you upset makes him feel broken and he gets really emotional. He’ll softly stroke your hair and move it out of your face, tilting up your chin so you could look at him. Once you tell him how bad your day was, he’d sympathize with you and pull you into him once again. He’d proceed to tell you that everyone has their bad days, but tomorrow you’ll wake up next to him and it will all be okay.

 Peniel: would stress out so much tbh. He might even think it’s his fault that you’re crying, that he might’ve done something to you and hurt your feelings. But you’ll see how bad and regretful he’s starting to look, so then you’d tell him about your awful day and what went wrong. He’ll sigh and pull you to your shared bed. He’ll take off most of your clothes, as well as his, and just softly lay you down on his chest. “You’ll be okay, y/n…”

 Ilhoon: his first reaction would be anger. Someone must have made you upset, and he’d feel angry because he feels like he’s not doing his job. But his face would soften as you tell him it’s just been a bad day. “Aw, baby…y/n…” he’d get so sad and hug you really tightly to him. He’d cling onto your clothes as tears slip out of his own eyes. “You scared me. But it’s gonna be alright, princess, nothing is gonna happen to you while I’m around." 

 Sungjae: he’d sense something was wrong after you avoided his messages and calls. He’d come over and see your sad/upset expression and his face would fall. He’d just take you into his arms and softly ask you what’s wrong. He’d nod in understanding and kiss your forehead. He’d reassure you that it’s normal to have bad days, and that it’s only a sign that better things are to come.

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Voices - Roman Godfrey Imagine

Authors Note: I thought I would finish this story, and post it on here, so I feel like someone have heard this story/memory, since it is very dear to me. It is partially inspired by real events.

WARNING: Talk of hearing voices, and delusions. The word fuck is also mentioned once or twice! Mild smut maybe…

June 1st 2016, 8am

She looked onto the bottle, feeling the cold of the kitchen floor under her feet. Just like she had done every morning for the past 6 months. On the bottle it said ‘Abilify’, she sighed as she stared at the label, and started scratching it off. Some of the other bottles in the cabinet in front of her read ‘Satraline”, and ‘Melatonin”, they all had half scratched off labels, and a dusty look to them, she thought.

“Y/N, have you taken your pills yet? Breakfast’s ready out here”, Roman, your boyfriend yelled from the garden. It was a sunny day outside, with only a few clouds on the sky. That you could see out of the kitchen window. Almost as if the bottle had send an electric shock through her fingers, she dropped it. Luckily none of the pills spilled out, and she quickly picked it up, and put it back into the cabinet. I can last another day not taking them, she thought to herself as she went out to eat her breakfast.

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Hi. So my hamster just died and I was wondering how the guys would comfort their s/o? Thanks...

I’m so sorry that your hamster died *hugs* hope you’re doing just fine :3


     he’d hold you tightly in his arms and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. He’d tell you that everything’s gonna be alright and he’d help you slowly recover from your loss. “it lived a great life (y/n), you took great care of it and it loved you with all of it’s heart. It was his time to go and we have to let him”


     He’d immediately pull you into a hard embrace and kiss you all over your face. He’d wipe all your tears away and say that i’s okay. You two would cuddle to sleep and when you wake up he’ll be there next to you. “hey, listen you tried your best ‘kay, you loved it with all your heart and I’m sure it did too”


     He’d ask questions about how your hamster died while of course trying to comfort you the best he could. He’d try his best to cure it or make it live again but once he realized that he couldn’t he couldn’t help but get sad himself. He’d hug you closely and say sorry multiple times. “I’m so sorry for your lost (y/n), if only I noticed sooner it wouldn’t have ended this way but I promise everything’s gonna be okay”


     He’d run as fast he as can towards you and would give you a bone crushing hug. He’d say sorry multiple times then ask where your hamster was. Once he saw it he’d hug it gently and say adorable sweet words to it. He’d help you bury it. “don’t worry angelcakes, it lived a great life because of you and I’m sure it died happily”

I Want My Sister Back

Sam x Sister!Reader, Dean 

Request By @katflintstone12 : Reader is Sam and Dean’s younger sister. Sam leaves for Stanford, and she has a hard time accepting it because he won’t answer his phone. When they go pick him up, she ignores him, and he just wants his little sister back.

Warnings: Language, arguments among siblings, feeling of rejection, 

A/N: Unedited, apologies for any errors :) 

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New Here 1

Pairing: Jackson Wang x Mark Tuan x reader

Genre: fluff

Warnings: strong language

Summary: It’s your first time in Korea and can barely speak any Korean at all. Until you meet two very friendly men neither fully Korean. One from Hong Kong and one from the USA where you’re from. But things take an unexpected turn.

“Yah! Where the hell do i go?” You say to yourself. “I really should’ve learned more Korean before coming here.” You say to yourself. As you’re aimlessly walking around trying to discover where you are and how the hell you get back to your apartment you walk into someone. “I’m really sorry I don’t-” you look over to see a handsome young men. You realize that he might not speak English. “Shit umm.. 안녕하세요 (hello) 죄송하지만 저는 한국어를 잘 하지 못해요. (I’m sorry my Korean is bad) 하지만 지금 한국어를 공부중이에요. (I am still learning.)” he smiles at you. “For still learning it isn’t that bad.” His fluency in English surprises you. “You speak English very fluently. Are you not from Korea?” You ask. “I learned Korean considering I-.. I’m from Hong Kong.” He says. He’s stuttering makes you suspicious. But you pay it no mind. He may just be shy. “Well hello, do you have a name?” You smile at him. He smiles back “my name is Jackson. And you?” Jackson.. you’ve heard that name from a KPOP group. You don’t pay any mind and think of it as coincidence. “Nice to meet you Jackson I’m y/n.” You reach out and shake is hand. “Are you having trouble navigating?” He asks. You smile sheepishly. “A bit. Would you be able to take me to Seoul by any chance?” You ask. He smiles and nods. You thank him and walk with him towards Seoul.
On your way there he shows you places around and helps you learn more words and understand more Korean. Your first day and you already made a new friend. Once you finally see your building you thank him for his help. “Thank you so much Jackson. I would’ve never gotten home without you.” You smile at him. “It was my pleasure y/n.” He smiles at you. “Do you by chance have any way for me to contact you again?” He asks shyly. You smile. “Yes, let me see your phone.” You say. He gives it to you and you put in your number. “Text me any time.” You hand him his phone and smile. “Will do y/n.” He said smiling. “Seeya later Jackson.” You wave as you enter the building. He smiles and walks away. You smile like the Cheshire Cat all the way to your apartment. Not a second later do you hear your phone go off.

Jackson: surprise!
You: I didn’t expect you to text me so soon!
Jackson: did you not want me to?
You: no no! That’s not it, I just didn’t think you actually wanted to speak to me again.
Jackson: :0 are you crazy!? Of course I would. You make me feel normal
“What does he mean by that? He is normal.” You say to yourself.
You: you are normal.
Jackson: yeah to you lol
You: shhhhh
Jackson: neverrrr
You: I’m going to sleep lol. I’ll text you tomorrow Jackson.
Jackson: alright goodnight y/n. :)
You: goodnight Jackson

You smile as you get ready for bed. “I can’t believe I already made a new friend..” you say to yourself. You smile and then brush your teeth. You get under the covers and fall into a peaceful sleep.

“She’s perfect..” you think to yourself. “What’s go you in such a trance?” Your friend mark says. “I met somebody from the US. She was adorable and tried so hard to pronounce her Korean correctly. She’s still learning but it’s not that bad.” You explain to Mark. He rolls his eyes. “Well shush I’m tired and you’re keeping me up with all your giddy laughter and such.” He says grumpy. “Yes please go to sleep. You’re grumpy and it annoys me.” You say with humor laced in your voice. Mark flips you off and you laugh. “Love ya too dude.” You laugh st him. “Fuck you.” He laughs while he says it. “You would wouldn’t you?” You retort. “Fuck that!” He shoots right back. You both burst into laughter. “Will you two shut the fuck up. People are trying to sleep you asshats. Goddamn..” you and Mark laugh. “Sorry Jinyoung..” you laugh. “Just go to bed before JB gets in here.” Jinyoung warns. You and mark shoot each other a scared look and lay down and sleep. Jinyoung smirks and leaves. “What an ass.” You add. “I heard that you little shit.” Jinyoung says. You laugh quietly.


You wake to messages from Jackson.

Jackson: goodmorning sleeping beauty.
Jackson: wake uppppppppp.
Jackson: you sleep in really late you know.
Jackson: text me when you wake up.
You: bro it’s not even that late in the day.
Jackson: it lives!
You: don’t push it brat lol
Jackson: alright alright lol. What’re you doing today? Nothing okay good you’re gonna hang out with me and some friends today.
You: alright I guess I have no choice.
Jackson: nope.
You: lol alright I’ll see you in a bit.
Jackson: I’ll be over in an hour.
You: alright see you then.

You start digging through your closet for something to wear. Why are you so excited to see him again? Who knows but you know it’s gonna be a good day today.

A/N: okay I don’t even fucking speak Korean let alone type it so Idk if that’s the proper writing of it so please don’t hate me I just got it from online. Ive been trying my hardest to continue to learn Korean but I’ve had a lot going on so please don’t be to harsh on me with that. Anyways this is another shitty series except with got7 now. Send me feedback

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lmao funny how you dont reply to asks that you cant defend your bullshit narrative in so! please do tell me, just how supportive and sweet and oh so uplifting are ppl in tags for other mental illnesses? How fun are they? Theyre all ONLY positive posts like you think, right? Wrong. The answer is they arent. No mental illness is as pretty as you like to pretend it is, and no one mental illness' sufferers should be told they can't talk about their experiences under a tag relating to that illness.

(continues)  lmao and youre makin ppl hate your bullshit little country, it sounds fuckin gross if all the people are like you two “Welcome! But only if ur 100% mentally healthy or willing to never talk abt ur personal experiences even in more private settings than most other mentally ill ppl bother to!"  you say your country is beautiful but so far all youve proven is that its secretly full of trash when it comes to it’s people.  lmaooo @ the tags "too much anger dear” like bruh u were the ones whiney and angry enough over a single post that you went through all of your followers and tried to talk to staff directly (surprise, they dont give a shit) at least my reason to be upset has some validity in it, your shit was just bc other people talking abt their own business got your panties in a twist

Are you feeling better now?