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Mischaracterization of Characters in Haikyuu

Don’t read this if you are not going to have an open mind about it. [Edited]

I am honestly sick and tired of characters being misrepresented here in the Haikyuu fandom. I’m not talking about minor headcanons etc, I’m talking about how more than half of the fandom have been mischaracterizing and diluting characters personalities, twisting them into something that is no way near their original intended character. Quite personally, this is probably one of the worst things you can do. So, right here, right now. I am going to go in depth of some of the most mischaracterized characters in Haikyuu based on my personal opinion. 

This is in no way to hate on any of them, I love every single person in the anime, each for their own individual attributes that make them unique, here, I am merely stating blatant facts based of the manga and anime. So if you like this sort of thing, sit back and grab some motherfucking popcorn cause this is going to be a long-fucking rant.

- Oikawa -

Listen here. Oikawa is not a whiny crybaby who cries all the fucking time, he is probably the most mischaracterized character in the entire fandom. He’s a strong guy who is dedicated to the thing he loves and ensures his teammates can play to the best of their ability. I get that all of us one way or another have an inner sadist in ourselves that makes up enjoy watching our favourite characters suffer psychologically or physically. But when people perceive, write, draw Oikawa as a boy who cries over the smallest of thing, whines, and overall is a weak little shit, it gets very annoying and frustrating. You are diluting his character seriously, tarnishing his real personality and character. And because of that half of the fandom sees him as this weak dude who breaks down and cries over the tiniest and most minuscule of things?

Look at him, does this look like the face of someone who cries all the fucking time? 

Let me say, Oikawa is bloody capable of destroying someone if he wishes. His serves are fucking powerful, and even Ushijima, one of the top spikers in the Miyagi prefecture, acknowledges that. So why do people characterize him as a selfish whiny asshole. You know very well this little ball of terror cares deeply for his teammates, not a self-centred asshole who asks Iwaizumi to bang his ass all the time. Also, why to some people whore him out? He isn’t that type of guy. Although I get that in various different contexts, the situation depends. But just so you know, canon Oikawa is very well a man of pride, I admit, he does whine, but to the extent of using emotional pity to get what he wants is just so out of character

I love Oikawa, probably as much as I love Iwa [IHajime is my favourite character in the series, if you did not know.] , that’s why it’s sad to see that he has been “re-written” by fans as this weak-ass teenager with nothing better to do than tear up all the goddamn time. Really, Oikawa is fucking strong as hell and though he may have a few insecurities, he will crush his opponents with his abilities and strengths. Not fucking whining. 

Even his teammates respect him and put all their trust and faith into this beauty of a captain, they know he can do shit to annoy them, but they acknowledge his true strength and believe in him no matter how dire the situation. He is Seijou’s captain, heartthrob of many high schools, and one of the most respected Setters. So for fuck’s sake, stop diluting his character more than people have already have.

- Iwaizumi -

I wouldn’t go as far to say Iwa’s is as bad as Oikawa’s, however, since he is my favourite character, and I may have a biased opinion towards this, I would like to say some things as to how he has been in some instances misrepresented in the fandom.

Stop mischaracterizing him as this big old brute who does nothing but threaten to hit Oikawa all the time, I mean, sure, he does that, but we all know it’s out of concern. As a personal writer of fanfiction, I often use this to express his concern towards his friend, not a threat, so why are there actually people who see him as abusive? It’s clear this is his way of caring for Oikawa and ensuring he doesn’t hurt himself or overexert his knee in practice. His aggression is just his own way of saying “I care for you so don’t do anything stupid”, also, I’m not very sure why people would think Iwaizumi is the emotionally “Stronger” one between him and Oikawa. If you need a refresher, Iwa isn’t able to keep in his emotions as well as Oikawa, seeing as the very person who told Oikawa the team with the better six is stronger, questioned his self-worth and position as ace because he couldn’t help his team win. In my unpopular personal view on this, Hajime may be more emotional than people make him out to be.

Another thing that genuinely upsets me is that this baby is as strong as Ushijima but doesn’t get the recognition he deserves? Like, give him some credit, his spikes based off official statistics state that it’s a 5/5, just like Ushijima. So can we please do what we can to spread that Iwaizumi is not just the other half to Oikawa and a person by himself as well? You shouldn’t only love him because he makes up the one of the halves to your OTP, you should also love him for the very fact that this baby loves Godzilla, is a huge dork, is a great Senpai, multi-athletic, and most importantly, the ace of Aoba Jousai, a powerhouse school. Give him as much love as you give everyone else. Okay? okay.

Now, moving on to the fandom aspect, may we please have more Oikawa taking care of Iwa? Just have more fanfiction or fanart with Oikawa reassuring he is enough? We have a rather huge amount of fan-related contributions with Oikawa as the person being constantly assured that he is enough and he tried his best. But may I please see more contributions with Iwaizumi being comforted that he is enough, and that he shouldn’t question his role as ace? I don’t know man, but I think Iwa needs that, he has to learn to recognise his own strengths.

- Tsukishima -

Tsukki is not only a salty french fry who looks down on everyone besides Yamaguchi. Tsukki is one of those characters with the best character development. I agree, he can be a dick, but he doesn’t doubt his teammates capabilities. For example, he may find Hinata annoying at first, however, he acknowledges that Hinata has too surprised him with his drive and determination to rise to the top, making him want to be in some way the “moon” that supports the “sun”.

Let me be in honest here. Before I finished watching Haikyuu, all I saw in Tsukki was an unmotivated dick, but after learning how the person he looked up to, in this in case Akiteru, lied to him and made his idea of “working hard to get you anywhere” fall apart, I realised that after knowing this, his character and personality made so much more sense. This boy went from someone who only saw “Volleyball” as a club activity to something he could actually put effort into. That’s right, he tries. This boy does tries. Shocking I know.

- Yachi -

Yachi is not just a girl who gets in the way of your ships. She is so much more than that. She, despite having a very obvious fear of confronting people she is not comfortable with still tries her very best to do what she can for the Karasuno boys. Don’t forget, this little sweetheart is the girl who helped come up with the poster for the team. She put in a lot of effort into that, so I think it would be nice to give her credit where it’s due even if you might not like her.

I personally feel that Yachi has undergone a lot of character development, she went from this fearful girl to someone worthy of being the next manager of Karasuno. She does her best to pick up what she can from Kiyoko so she can be as good of a manager in the future, if not better. So please stop hating on this cinnamon roll just because she might get in the way of you ships. She has done nothing wrong and I don’t feel she deserves hate in anyway, unless you can validify your point and give me good evidence as to why she is to be hated, this treatment towards her is completely unnecessary.

- Kiyoko -

Kiyoko is the classic case of fans over-sexualising her in fanart or in fan-related contributions. This beautiful lady is not just a woman with a big bust and no brains. Mind you, Kiyoko was an ex-athlete. She could whoop your puny ass in running if you try and I highly doubt you’d win. She was the great heroine who brought Hinata’s bag on her two feet excuse yourself. So please don’t paint her as this lady who all guys fawn over just because she is pretty, she has a personality and life too. See past that superficial layer and grow up.

Look at her, look how sweet she is. It is clear she is a little shy at times, yet she, like Yachi, do their best to express their support towards the boys. I think girls in Sports anime tend to receive more hate than usual, mainly with the idea they are a hindrance to your gay OTPs, hey you, what makes you think that? Can’t a girl be a nice to guy platonically? Even if they in fact to get together with someone who is partially but of you OTP, just congratulate them and move on for fuck’s sake. Stop sparking up unnecessary drama when you lack maturity to comprehend that they can do whatever the hell they want. If you are genuinely upset, just write fanfiction to feed your guilty pleasures, no need to hate on anybody.

Look at what a good senpai she is.

- Yamaguchi -

Okay, listen here you little shits. If you hate on this little precious smol cinnamon roll I will rip your throat out and shove it up your ass. Do not tell me that Yamaguchi is just this weak little boy who doesn’t deserve to be on the Karasuno team. Do not tell me that this boy doesn’t try to do his best just so he can play alongside his friends, because more than anyone among the first years, Yama tries the hardest. He finds someone who can teach him a jump float serve so he can prove to be a valuable player and not just a good ol’ bench-warmer. And you can see even if he might not be perfect, this little bean tries so fucking hard to have something he can contribute to the team’s success.

I don’t care if you don’t ship Tsukkiyama or not, honestly, I don’t give two shits about what you ship. But if you hate on him just because you ship some other ship, you are fucked up. What on earth did he do? He’s the best friend of Tsukishima, yes, I perosnally ship them both romantically and just as friends because I do have multiple ships alongside rare-pairs, but why hate on him? Boy, why hate on anybody? Can’t everyone accept that all characters have their on individual strengths, weaknesses, character, personalities? Seeing your NOTPs isn’t a valid excuse to create hateblogs or hateposts against other characters, that is just childish and immature.

- Sugawara -

Suga is not some weak-ass bitch who depends on Daichi for everything JesusFuckADuck. Stop drawing him as this overly-feminine character when his build is not that far off from Daichi’s. Note, I am not saying being feminine is bad, it’s good, definitely, however going as far as to make Sugawara a guy with almost no trace of masculinity left is a little odd. If that’s what you want, go ahead. Just stop portraying him as someone who can’t even defend hiself lmao, Suga will and can whoop anyone’s ass, do you not remember how painful his jabs can be? Even Daichi and Asahi fear him.

Look at him. He can be intimidating, an angel and a devil. He’s Karasuno’s mom alright, but he is a strong independent mother who will and can be strict if he wants to. He was Karasuno’s setter before Kageyama if you don’t remember, he is intelligent, smart and selfless enough to be willing to sacrifice his opportunity to play on the court, because he knows Kageyama taking his place was the best shot to give the team a chance at winning. Yeah well sorry if you’re butthurt if I said that, I just had to remind you guys, seems like some people forgot.

- Kuroo -

[ Contributed by @mayphenix and edited by me. Check them out. ]

Kuroo isn’t a sex god, he’s a dork who likes having fun, teasing his kouhais but knows when he goes over the top and apologizes [Like he does to Sawamura when he thinks he’s hurt Tsukki]. He loves science and is overall a huge little science nerd, currently attending college prep class as one of the top student’s in Nekoma. He’s very well capable of recognizing his opponents’ abilities and strengths, coming up with more than decent strategies to overcome them and pulverising them.

Yes, he is sexy but that’s not a reason to only see him as that. What about his passion and love for volleyball? It’s the guy who learned volleyball by watching on people play it on televsion [Which is pretty close to Volleyball genius Kageyama learning by watching Oikawa] and he’s fucking brilliant at volleyball but he doesn’t let it go over his head. He’s modest and he’s helpful towards his own school kouhais, but also players on other teams, just because he’s just that nice. He just wants to play volleyball and help his coach’s dream to be fulfilled; the Battle of the Trash Dump, live on the national stage. He is such a good person but he’s viewed as this mischievous, mocking and sometimes cunning guy when really he’s got his heart on his sleeve and helps out whenever he can.

- Bokuto -

[ Also contributed by @mayphenix​ and edited by me. Check them out. ]

Bokuto isn’t a fool who is self-centered and moody. Yes he acts like a dork, yes he is moody occasionally. But what matters most is that he has the capacity to pick himself and act like a proper Captain and Ace. [Not that we’ve seen it happen yet, they stated it may be a biased opinion since Bokuto is their favourite character. But I completley agree with them, Please note all this was in their perspective and I am merely adding it onto this master post.] They doubt Fukurodani chose him as Captain simply because he’s the most powerful player and has Akaashi to keep him in check.

In the manga and anime, they say that the rest of the team pulls him forward, and Akaashi says that a strong opponent doesn’t phase him, I believe we’ll see him being the one pulling Fukurodani forward when they need him the most. He takes a lot of pride in being the Ace of a powerhouse school and among the top 5 spikers in the Miyagi prefecture, but like Kuroo, he doesn’t let it get into his head. He also helps out younger players who aren’t even on his team, showing how much of a good senpai he can be. He’s pretty quick to figure out someone’s behaviour or character, since he figures out Tsukki’s personality very quickly. And in the last few chapters we’ve seen him analyze tactics and plays. One does not simply become among the top 5 spikers just because they’ve got big arms and power: They need to be clever enough to think of patterns and attacks and act accordingly to the given situation. He’s not only an owl-obssessed idiot. He’s not a burden and he leads his team proudly. He’s not just moody, he’s just free to be who he wants to be thanks to the trust his teammates have in him.

- Ushijima -

Okay, I want this post to be honest and true, so let’s make it clear. I did not like Ushijima at all in the beginning, not one bit. Which was immaturity on my part because I didn’t see his full story, I saw him as this pushy emotionless guy who had issues with Oikawa not going to Shiratorizawa. But boy, was I wrong. Ushijima is a giant softie at heart who just has trouble expressing his emotions normally, when he does do it, it may not come out the way he had intended it to be. And as a person who has trouble controlling their emotions, I relate to him a lot. Let’s not forget that Ushijima was a single child who was shunned by some people in his family for being left-handed, one of his relatives even suggested trying to correct it though we all know that is not the way to go.

The following is extracted from the Haikyuu wiki. “Ushijima doesn’t speak often, but when he does he bluntly says what’s on his mind and usually comes off as tactless. He will apologize if he realizes that he has insulted someone, but he won’t change his viewpoint.This boy is not some prick who doesn’t apologise alright? He is not a cold-ass villian with no tact, he is just not very emotionally connected our capable. As @manga-trashcan-pen​ has pointed out, Ushijima was an isolated child. Meaning he did not experience much social interaction which should have helped build his character and social sensitivity. He is a human with just as much emotions as anybody, for god’s sake this big bean’s favourite food is rice.

He is a captain who has faith in his team’s ability, he believes that only the strongest could have got onto his team and thus he makes sure to bring out the best in everyone.

- Tendou -

Tendo is a very sad character I would say. Not only was he bullied and ostracized in school, he was not liked by some of his peers even in the later part of his life, even though he is a very respectable and skilled middle blocker. Not only does he have the talent and skill to deduce an opponents moves, he has the physical capacity to actually do what is necessary to prevent it. It makes me a little sad that there are people who actually hate him, cause I absolutely love him and think he deserves so much more recognition.

Let’s back up a little and delve into his past. We know that this little red floof was bullied for looking like a “monster”, but when he moved on to highschool however, we can see so much more of his character as it’s obvious he feels more accepted in the academy. And though he may be at times a little annoying, he is still a little sinnamon roll, just like how he knew not to push on with Ushijima when the latter spoke about his family. This boy does have tact and knows when it’s enough to stop probing. He is not a over-enthusiastic dick who annoys everyone he sees alright? This boy who had no friends went on to befriend one of the most notable spikers in the prefecture. Even going as far as to call Ushijima his best friend.

Never forget what he said when they lost the match against Karasuno. He lost one of the only things that made him feel accepted and if that doesn’t break your heart then go get one.

Since I realised I left out some other really major characters, I have added on. And mostly because you guys like me venting??

This was with the help of other Tumblr users who have helped contributed to this post, I merely did a sum up. Credits and thanks to the following users for adding their share and pointing out other very mischaracterized characters, @mayphenix​ , @gayerthanchanel​ , @dragonarmada​ , @manga-trashcan-pen​ , and KingofhellLordofTime from my instagram.

In the edit, I covered other characters I have failed to mention earlier or who were not brought to my intention

Well, That’s it. That’s the end of this rant. Have a nice day.

Can some of you stop treating me like a piece of shit just because I ship Hidekane? like I never say nothing bad about others ships and i always keep my mouth closed only to not make drama. And in case you can’t read, I said “some” so don’t come at me with the “Not everyone is like that!111!!!!!!!111!”. I’m talking about the ones who don’t have respect and just treat you like trash because they don’t ship what you ship. I think Touken is pretty cute and if i never shipped Hidekane i would for sure ship them. It’s not the kind of Touken vs Hidekane. It’s just that when i’m to obsessed with one ship, it’s pretty hard to me to ship another one who includes the same person of my goddam otp. I mean, if Ishida decides to make Touken endgame, I wouldn’t mind. But of course, it would hurt, because that’s not my main ship. Anyways, you guys can do whatever the hell you want. Ship what you want. You can have an notp, and hate the ship with all your might, but stop treating others like shit just because of those goddam ships. Neither you should insult or threat Ishida, it’s his history and he will do whatever he wants. And to the ones who are throwing the “it’s canon” in our faces, stop it. We know it, we know you’re happy, you’re excited and you can’t believe it happened. But it was pretty obvious. You guys probably know there are immature fans as much as there are mature fans too. But you can’t deal with the immature ones, and you know they will get salty at anytime so you just throw more shit to them and start wars. And If you want to drop it, just do it. Who the fuck cares if you get called fake fan, you know what you are and what you want to do, don’t worry about it. Honestly, I don’t care if I get more hate with this, but I really had the need to say what was in my mind. Just enjoy the manga, it’s not that hard.

anonymous asked:

Hello! 'all the episode did in general was tick yet another (possibly the last) item off of the long list of ‘obstacles in the way of actual canon Destiel’ can I ask what you meant by that, and what the other boxes are or were? thank you!

Hii. :) 

Blah, I wish I had a short answer, but I really don’t. :p Do you want a long one or? 

Basically, if you start by looking at all of the most popular excuses that anti Destiel people use to claim that it should/could never go canon, you’ll easily find the most common obstacles on the list. 

The thing is, at some point all of these obstacles WERE legit obstacles to worry about, but the show has been slowly but steadily getting them out of the way one by one. 

If a couple of years ago you would’ve asked me ‘do you think it is at all possible for Destiel to become a canon thing on the show’, I would’ve answered: Yes, but not before…

Whereas now my answer would be: ‘I don’t trust these writers to deliver, but TECHNICALLY speaking, nothing much is in the way anymore.’

Some of the most prominent examples:

✓ The vessel/consent issue

“If Destiel went canon it would be rape! Jimmy is still in there!” 

Although it had been talked about before by writers/people involved in the show, it was never mentioned as a fact on the actual show. Season 10 took care of that for good, by letting Castiel literally say to Claire that her father is gone, and has been gone for a long time. As a bonus, they right away back it up with an actual scene of Jimmy and Amelia in Heaven, showing us that what we’re being told is the absolute truth. 

Bonus in 11x18 re “but that’s still not really Cas, and Dean would be weirded out to be with him like that”.

We get the answer to that when Sam (bless his soul) tries to stay rational and talks about how ‘it’s a strong vessel, Dean’ and Dean immediately snaps at his brother ‘IT’S NOT AN IT, IT’S CAS!’ That’s how he sees that, he sees that as actually Cas, and that is also a very important box that needed ticking.  

✓ Dean’s sexuality

“But Dean isn’t gay!”

True, he isn’t gay. But…

Let me kindly point you to this looooong complete list with all the proof of Dean’s bisexuality.

It’s a huuuuge list, because there’s so much evidence. So much so that it would be easier to prove that he’s attracted to both men and women, than it would be to prove that he has to be seen as 100% straight. (As explained at the bottom of that post.)

The thing with Gunnar the wrestler in season 11 sealed the deal for me, Dean was literally drooling over/crushing on a hot wrestler, while Sam was having a thing going on with an attractive female at the very same time. 

If you’re going to say ‘Oh no, Dean was just fan boying, they weren’t interested in each other like that’, then your heteronormativity goggles are glued to your face to the point where I honestly can’t help you. It would be the equivalent of ‘Oh no, that one guy isn’t fucking that other guy in the ass, he’s just giving him a prostate exam. With his dick. Look that condom COULD be a rubber glove!’

Lame jokes aside, you all understand what I’m getting at. 

Granted, even with the many hints, we haven’t actually seen Dean with a man (yet), but imo there’s been enough hinting at Dean’s not-straightness that for everyone with a pair of functioning eyes, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock when Dean finally embraces it and gives in to his desires. Especially when it includes a person that he’s been stuck in so many romantic tropes with that I lost count.

✓ The Bromance Zone

“They’re just very close friends, not everything has to be romantic or made gay!”

Surprisingly, for the most part thrown out of the way again recently by Buckleming in 11x18. 

Yes, two guys can be close pals who are friends who are buddies. Agreed! Except, we have a perfect never ending parallel in season 11 (and the rest of the show, tbh, 7x01, 9x03, 11x03, to name a random few), namely the difference between how Sam reacts to losing Cas, and how Dean reacts to losing Cas. Team free will, they’re all brothers in arms, family, close friends… But the way Sam reacts to Cas being gone or in trouble, THAT is how a friend would react. Because Sam and Cas are good friends, the show has made that clear. But if Dean and Cas are also ‘just good friends’, how can it be that Dean’s reaction in S11 (and mostly 11x18) is so much different from Sam’s? 

Sam is standing there next to that circle of fire like a loyal friend would, ready to assist in whatever way he can if the opportunity presents itself, whereas Dean…

That guy was just a useless emotional wreck! Standing there, tears in his eyes when Lucifer mocks him, irrationally crying out Cas’ name over and over and over again, even when he knew that is was absolutely pointless to keep doing it. 

Whereas throughout the episode Sam tries to think logically about how to save their friend, Dean is led by nothing but his feelings. His heart. The heart choice. Snapping ‘IT’S NOT AN IT’, while it was obvious that Sam didn’t mean it like that at all. 

Dean has been shown pining over Cas episode after episode, even loses sleep over it, while Sam is always the one who tries to comfort his brother ‘we’ll get him back Dean’. It is NEVER the other way around.

How does that make sense if they’re all just close friends? The answer is: it doesn’t. Because we’ve been clearly shown once and for all the difference between how friends act (Sam/Cas) and how people act when there’s feelings involved (Cas/Dean). 

I’m not a Buckleming fan by any means, but credit where credit is due; you folks did well on this one.

✓ The spontaneous transformation into a Romantic Comedy

“If Destiel goes canon it will change THE ENTIRE show and what it’s about!”

And this is where we return to your original question. :p Because that is what I meant when I said that 11x19 removed another item from the list of obstacles. 

You see two hunter husbands and hey, it didn’t turn into light gay porn or a chick flick. It was still the same old SPN, these badass hunters weren’t straight but it changed absolutely nothing. Because it doesn’t have to change; merely because two people get into a relationship, doesn’t meant that the show has to become about their relationship. Or about their sexuality for that matter. 

Bonus message in the episode: It’s possible to care about both your brother and your lover. Say it louder for the people in the back.

So I suspect that all of the above contributes to the hopes for canon Destiel currently being higher than ever, because technically, the writers have addressed pretty much all of the issues that people could possibly have with it. 

As in: ‘if you don’t like the ship you don’t like it and that’s your prerogative, but if we do decide to go through with it, your biggest arguments have already been shot down because we already took care of them.’

Do not take this post as me saying ‘IT’S GONNA GO CANON OMG’ though. I’m only saying that right now it’s -technically- a very realistic possibility. 


Aerith Gainsborough starts off with more love points than Tifa Lockhart for a reason. And that reason is very simple: Square Enix wanted Clerith to be the primary love story of Final Fantasy VII. If that wasn’t the case, both Aerith and Tifa would have started the game with an equal number of love points. And if both ladies are tied by the time of the Gold Saucer date, the tie goes to Aerith. 

As with all love triangles, you have to give both options a way of working out. That is why Cloud can choose to *optionally* rekindle a childhood crush with Tifa through a *variable* scene. However, just because this is an option due to the inherent nature of a love triangle, doesn’t mean it is the primary or canon love story of Final Fantasy VII. It simply means Tifa is an alternative to Aerith if you choose to play the game that way. But when one girl is given 20 more love points from the very beginning, it is not hard to see which girl is the primary love story of Final Fantasy VII.

If gamers played Final Fantasy VII once or twice back in 1997, they probably got the Clerith date and the low-affection Highwind scene. And even if they got the high-affection Highwind scene, the non-optional hand reach between Cloud and Aerith follows shortly after. The big difference here is Cloud and Tifa’s final scene is variable, whereas Cloud and Aerith’s final scene is non-optional. Aerith is primary [non-optional]. Tifa is secondary [variable]. 

Further – Cloud and Aerith’s non-optional “Promised Land hand reach” was given a “homage” in Advent Children, a theme further explored in Clerith cameos such as Final Fantasy Tactics.

Everyone that played Final Fantasy VII back in 1997 remembers Cloud and Aerith’s love story. It played out before our eyes during the entire first disc and was back again for the finale. It was clear to the majority of gamers back in 1997 that Cloud and Aerith were the intended lovers of Final Fantasy VII – the official Amano artwork speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, ever since the release of Crisis Core, Cloti’s have routinely used Zack to invalidate Cloud x Aerith. But back in 1997, Aerith said her relationship with Zack wasn’t very serious:

Cloud: “You were…serious?“ 
Aerith: "No. But I liked him for awhile.”

I also remember watching the canon Cloud x Aerith date back in 1997 and coming to the only logical conclusion: Aerith initially liked Cloud because of Zack but soon grows to like Cloud for Cloud. Aerith wanted to get to know the “real” Cloud. She says so herself:

Aerith: “………first off, it bothered me how you looked exactly alike.”
“Two completely different people, but look exactly the same.”
“The way you walk, gesture…”
“I think I must have seen him again, in you…" 
“But you’re different.”  
“Things are different…” 
“I’m searching for you…”
Cloud: “…………?”
Aerith: “I want to meet you.”
Cloud: “But I’m right here.”
Aerith: (I know, I know… what I mean is…) 
“I want to meet….. you.” 

Retcons won’t change the fact that Aerith moved on from Zack in 1997’s Final Fantasy VII. This is made crystal clear during the canon Clerith date and through official Square Enix statements:

“At first when I met Cloud, I believed he was similar to Zack. Little actions, the way he spoke… his kindness.” ~Aerith’s monologue in Gongaga, Final Fantasy VII Dismantled, Square Enix

“Although in the beginning Aerith felt close to Cloud because he behaves like Zack, her interest in Cloud himself grows and she is attracted to him.” 
~page 31, Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega, Square Enix

As the story of Final Fantasy VII unfolds, Aerith begins to realizes she likes Cloud for Cloud:

But Cloud is Cloud. 
I, now undoubtedly, love Cloud much more than Zack.” 
~Aerith’s monologue in Gongaga, Final Fantasy VII Dismantled, Square Enix

Cloti’s also say Cloud only liked Aerith because “he thought he was Zack.” They reduce the entire Clerith ship to a mere plot twist, saying Cloud and Aerith’s love story was just another example of Cloud’s jumbled memories. In other words… Cloud only fell in love with Aerith because he thought he was Zack, Aerith’s first boyfriend.

According to them, during the lifestream sequence, Cloud discovers he took on parts of Zack’s history/persona, which leads him to realizing he never loved Aerith because it was actually him thinking he was Zack. Subsequently, this re-triggers his love for childhood crush, Tifa Lockhart. Clerith is now reduced to a mere plot twist. 

Unfortunately, rediscovering an *unreciprocated* childhood crush that led to a *strong-armed* promise doesn’t automatically translate into present-day romance. Nor does it mean Cloud’s eternal feelings of love for Aerith suddenly vanish. Cloud can both re-discover a childhood crush *and* maintain eternal feelings of love for Aerith. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

If you can believe it, though, Cloud and Tifa fans go even further and say Square Enix declared the high-affection Highwind scene canon due to largely unknown and unread books mostly sold in Japan. Admittedly, these books do give the high-affection version of the Highwind scene preferential treatment in some places. However, nowhere is the high-affection Highwind scene stated to be the ‘normal’ outcome like the Cloud x Aerith Gold Saucer date is. Preferential treatment doesn’t equal canon, whereas something being stated as the ‘normal’ outcome does make something canon [like the Cloud x Aerith Gold Saucer date].

Given that this is a love triangle, there has to be a way to play Final Fantasy VII the Cloti way. So the answer is yes… you can optionally rekindle a childhood romance through an intentionally *variable* Highwind scene. This is, after-all, a love triangle – Square Enix is required to make Tifa a possibility. But the secondary love story is given a *variable* scene while the primary love story is given a *non-optional* finale regarding the Promised Land.

Everyone in 1997 witnessed Cloud’s heart break when he was holding Aerith’s lifeless body in his arms. Cloud and Aerith had just received a romantic wedding prediction from Cait Sith, went on a ‘normally’ occurring date at Gold Saucer, and spent numerous romantic moments together. Cloud and Aerith’s entire star-crossed love story developed before our eyes – spanning all of disc 1. This clear-cut Clerith love story is why there has been an intentional and systematic campaign to delegitimize, discredit, and downplay disc 1 of Final Fantasy VII.

So although you can play Final Fantasy VII the Cloti way (because this is, after-all, a love triangle)… that is clearly not the way Square Enix wanted you to play it on your first playthrough. Cloud and Aerith’s love story was simply too essential to the main themes of Final Fantasy VII – themes of the Planet, the lifestream, life, death, and the Promised Land.

Everything from the official Amano Clerith artwork, to the Final Fantasy Tactics Clerith cameo, to Aerith starting off with more love points than Tifa, it is clear Cloud and Aerith were the intended couple of Final Fantasy VII back in 1997. I have a sneaky suspicion that even the majority of Cloti’s played Final Fantasy VII the Clerith way on their first playthrough.

Recently, I asked my friend DJ about Final Fantasy VII, and what he said about Cloud and Aerith was interesting: “All I remember is that she comes back at the end and they are going to meet inside the planet.” He didn’t even remember the Highwind scene between Cloud and Tifa (and it’s notably absent from the official Final Fantasy VII strategy guide).

Despite Aerith being the intended girl for Cloud, many male gamers seemed to hate Aerith’s spunky, confident personality. And with the release of Crisis Core, these Aerith-haters looked to turn an unsuspecting generation into Cloti and Zerith’s by reducing Clerith to a mere plot twist. 

This fan-made theory ignores two key points, however:

1. Cloud remembers a genuine and “real” flashback in Aerith’s house, proving Aerith reaches the “real” Cloud during their disc 1 interactions.

2. The “real” Cloud remains heartbroken over Aerith long after he regains his memories (“I remember Aerith a lot.” ~Cloud during disc 2)

We know by simply observing Cloud’s legitimate and “real” flashback in Aerith’s house that the “real” Cloud was falling in love with Aerith throughout all of disc 1. Aerith was able to evoke the “real” Cloud to the surface and reach his core. That was the entire point of their disc 1 interactions – to showcase that Aerith was reaching the “real” Cloud and brining him to the surface. 

We also know by simply observing Cloud’s behavior after he reagins his memories to know that he is eternally heartbroken over Aerith Gainsborough:

“Delivery Item – Bouquet
Destination – The Forgotten City
Client Name – Elmyra Gainsborough

But, going back to the place where he parted from Aerith might mean that his sorrow and regret was going to tear his heart again.”

~Case of Tifa; Square Enix

After Cloud regains his memories, he remembers Aerith often, fights to avenge her death, and wants to find her in the Promised Land. Cloud remains heartbroken over Aerith throughout the entire compilation, something Tifa is confirmed to become jealous of. So don’t ever let anyone tell you Zack makes Clerith illegitimate. He doesn’t.

Only recently have Tifa fanboys tried to remove Barret from the family he created in Case of Tifa, tried to make Denzel [a boy Cloud believes was brought to him by Aerith and later fights with Tifa about] seem like some biological child of Cloud and Tifa’s, make an optional scene that receives preferential treatment only [never being stated to be the ‘normal’ outcome like the Clerith Gold Saucer date] seem like the canon version, and completely ignore Nojima’s quotes about Cloud and Tifa not working out, saying it probably has nothing to do with Geostigma or Sephiroth.

Clerith has always been obvious to anyone with common sense. Aerith moved on from Zack [as she states on her date with Cloud and through official Square Enix quotes] and Cloud continues to love Aerith even after regaining his memories – thinking of her often. And remember, Cloud’s heart ‘cracked’ when Aerith died, and his heart was pulled at again when he visits Aerith’s grave according to Square Enix. Cloud becomes distraught and drinks after visiting Aerith’s grave and fights with Tifa, leaving Tifa wondering if Cloud even loves her. Then Tifa get’s jealous when she see’s Cloud living in Aerith’s Church after she strong-arms Cloud into admitting he believes Aerith led Denzel to him.

At the end of the day, Cloud and Tifa fans wouldn’t be working so hard to discredit disc 1 if it didn’t make Clerith canon. However, due to the 10 romantic disc 1 Cloud x Aerith moments, Clerith was canonized back in 1997. Cloud and Aerith’s love story is essential to the main themes of Final Fantasy VII – themes of love and life beyond death and within the Planet, the lifestream, and – the Promised Land. I can’t wait for the Final Fantasy VII Remake to expand on Clerith moments that are microcosms of much bigger themes explored throughout the compilation.

Cloud and Aerith’s non-optional, star-crossed love story played out before gamers in 1997. By Square Enix deciding to give Aerith more love points, and declaring her date with Cloud as the ‘normal’ outcome (something that has never been declared for either Highwind scene), it is clear how Square Enix wanted gamers to play the game if they could only place it once. Retcons such as Crisis Core don’t change this. 

“I think I’m beginning to understand. An answer from the planet…the Promised Land…I think I can meet her… there…” 
~Cloud Strife; Final Fantasy VII

“The ending scene of the battle with Bahamut, the scene where Aerith reaches out her hand, is homage to the last scene from a previous production. It was Tetsuya (Nomura)’s idea….” 
~Nojima; Reunion Files; Square Enix

Eternal Love is Real. The Promised Land Does Exist.

lolapandi  asked:

Could you give me some good Raven Cycle fic recs? Any kind, any pairing, any rating will do, I just finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue and I want more of the Raven Crew!!

SO! I read extensively and manically all the time, and the Raven Cycle is probably the first fandom where I have been just as invested in the gen fic and the het ship as I am in any of the slash pairings.  Although, let me be fair, I am primarily interested in reading stories about the ot4/5.  There’s a lot of excellent WIPs but I’ll mark those in case you don’t want to get invested in a story that isn’t Done Yet.  I’m also mostly interested in the main five, but there’s a couple things I’m following that are outside of that.

OT5 Goodness

  • you’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece: It’s a soulmate AU with color markings!!  Also everyone is soulmates.
  • Unexpectedly: Everyone is dating, and Blue and Ronan go on a shopping trip to buy anniversary gifts.  Fluff. <3
  • Color in Your Hands: The one where everyone is art students. WIP (warning for Kavinsky)
  • we’ll keep tattoos for homes: The one where Adam, Gansey, and Blue run a tattoo shop together (and are dating), and Ronan and Noah run a flower shop (and are sort-of dating. it’s complicated), and eventually everyone will be dating (I think). WIP
  • between the striking and the fire: OT5 GET TOGETHER FIC it lights me on fire.  I firmly believe that Gansey is deeply in love with all of his friends and that he’s going to be a bit of an idiot finding that out.  There’s nothing like sheer emotional panic that fuels my will to live. This fic has that in SPADES.  HELP.
  • all the rooms of the castle: A different way the OT5 might get together, with an excellent amount of Blue and Ronan interaction.  It will become increasingly obvious that watching Blue & Ronan interact is my real catnip. “Blue presses her cheek against Adam’s thigh and smiles at Ronan, a smile like a switchblade. He flicks out his own knife smile in return.”
  • The one where the tea was mislabeled: Platonic OT5 plus cuddles plus high on some mislabeled psychic tea.
  • their awfulness and strangeness: sort of a meandering set of scenes of love and affection and jealousy and feelings.
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night: OT5 at a haunted house! Spooky but not too spooky, romp enjoyably.
  • (i want you to know that i want to): HELP. KISSING. HELP.

I’m Very Lazy and This Ask Is Old so here is a list of all the fics that have been living in my tabs for like –months?? I will vouch for their greatness because I can’t close them:

  • Rootabaga Country: AKA AMAZING, WORLD-ENDING, THE WORLD ON FIRE OR ME ON FIRE???? It’s a WIP, it’s long and plotty and magical realism, it’s a journey of Adam-Gansey friendship and Blue-Ronan friendship and everything is perfect and strange.
  • Time Isn’t Real (but you’re a constant): TIME TRAVEL WIP. Another epic adventure ft. pain.  post-BLLB Adam Parrish goes ten years into the future, bringing 2025!Adam into the middle of all the fear & anxiety of the present. I’m on fire for 2025 wine besties. I think it’s difficult to extrapolate the future but this fic is really making it work.
  • Whatever We Have Locked Up: Ronan/Gansey with all of my favorite power dynamics, a masochistic Ronan, head shaving and really !!! writing
  • you are my favor: Currently just Ronan/Gansey, but a WIP to maybe be an OT5?  pre-canon misadventures, bonfires, crew!Gansey.
  • THE ENTIRE ROSES TRILOGY AKA Roses on Parade (ronan/adam), Heavenly Wine and Roses (blue/gansey), Roses Between My Thighs (ronan/adam).
    I cannot express to you how much I find these the perfect blend of like hot/sexy/porn and characterization.  These are like It for me in terms of this kind of fic goals. I will wander around muttering “he wants to kiss her bare knee” to myself sometimes and then yell.
  • Drive It Like You Stole It: Ronan/Adam longfic
  • Say When: Ronan/Adam/Gansey again, Adam Topping Everyone, aka My Favorite Thing, also carsex.
  • Constant Stars: Ronan/Adam with a side of Adam/Gansey, aka Adam working through bisexual feelings and his crushes on all of his friends, it’s a Lot Of Feelings & I love it.
  • Dissertation: In Fragments: Calla/Persephone post-BLLB, Get Wrecked Buddy
  • merrily, merrily and onward we go: an Adam/Gansey interlude, like DC but with less emotional explosions and more sex (in the finest fanfic traditions).
  • Not a Dreamer, The Dream: I Definitely Don’t Have Any Deep Abiding Connections to this Fic JUST KIDDING i love this the most. I have “what you settle for colors your past as well as your present” on a post-it on my work computer as a reminder to be Less Awful/To Strive for Flight. It’s Ronan/Adam & Blue/Gansey, it’s surreal as shit, it’s Worth It, I always love when a fic plays with form & structure & language and this is perfect.
  • All I Hear is Your Song (mostly Ronan/Adam)+ its coda (R/A)+ it’s follow up But I Want to Stay (Blue/Gansey/Noah): PROM FIC PROM FIC BEST FRIENDS FEELINGS, very much a brot5 fic(s) PLUS romance PLUS smoochin PLUS feelings. I stayed up late reading these.
  • We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try): I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS STORY??? Roadtrip, bedsharing, blue & ronan best best friends, kissin, a+ life choices.
  • Keep Those Eyes Wide: Ronan and Adam have to have ritual sex to make the ley line happy. one of the best things that happened to me on christmas eve, thank you yuletide.
  • Also I wrote a sort-of Victorian Monsters AU that would be faster to read than explain. <3

THIS SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO GET YOU STARTED I HOPE. There’s a lot of gr8 authors on this list and you can dig through all their fics, and I have probably missed tons more, because this fandom is Vibrant.

Established relationship fluff

Hi, I love your blog and I hope you will have any cuddly established destiel fics for me ^.^

Hey there! Thanks for loving the blog, we love you right back. I honestly feel so bad for not being able to put enough effort into this blog lately, but my real life suddenly went crazy and I’ve been running between the office, bank, campus and home, trying to find time to manage through everything. Now things are getting a bit more normal and I’m finally able to read and do this blog again! As Admin A said yesterday, we’re trying our hardest to win the lottery jackpot so that we would be free to do nothing but this, lol!

But about this post: by a mistake I only collected non AU fics for this post. I really didn’t mean to do so, I only realized it after I’ve made this, so hope you like non AU fics as well and wasn’t hoping for AU fics instead. Maybe we can do a similar post with only AU fics in future. – Admin J

Title: It’s Shouldn’t Have Been A Surprise

Author: TheAuthorGod

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,525 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: If this isn’t fluffy then I don’t know what is. I love it when people can dig up the fact that what Dean and Cas share isn’t just lust or normal love because the entire point of this ship is the profound bond they share. In this fic the author has managed to tell that very well, in my opinion. I also like the fact that when Sam sees them they’re so cool and manly men, but when they think they’re alone they’re so cuties.

Summary: Dean and Cas have been together but most of their relationship had been behind doors and away from Sam’s eyes; thank god. That meant that Sam hadn’t been privy to any of their… you know; but, he still worried. Sometimes their lack of intimacy made him wonder if they were truly happy. Sam comes back early from some research and his doubts are smoothed over.

( Read here )

Title: The Best Things in Life are Almost Free

Author: domesticadventures, propinquuitois

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,979 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Why awkward Cas is always so cute, even if the fact is that if someone else would be this awkward in real life, it would be only… Well, awkward. I love Cas with coupons in this one! So cute!

Summary: “Look at all these groceries, Dean,” Cas says, beaming. “They cost me precisely thirty-two cents.”

Dean looks like he isn’t sure whether to be impressed or appalled. “Cas,” he says. “How.”

In which Cas discovers the joy of couponing.

( Read here )

Title: This Scene Won’t Play

Author: OomnyDevotchka

Rating: Mature

Words: 10,420 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this one it’s only side Destiel, but it’s established and there’s so cute Sabriel and awesome daddy!Chuck trying to fix his mistakes as a dad. So cute! I hope you don’t hate Sabriel because otherwise this wouldn’t be your thing at all.

Summary: AU after season 5. After being brought back from the dead, powerless, by a romance-crazed Chuck, Gabriel is plopped down in the Winchester brothers’ motel room with a task to complete: find and kiss his true love within a month. Also known as Gabriel is a Disney Princess.

Warning: contains attempted non-con

( Read here )

Title: If Someone Asks, This Is Where I’ll Be

Author: clockworkrobots

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,484 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I’m positive that most of you will consider this as one of the fluffiest things in world, but something was off between me and this fic. I don’t know what, maybe I was too angst-y-feely or something at the moment, but I just… I couldn’t get a grip on it, no matter how much I tried.

Summary: Like with many things about them, Dean’s first attempt at a marriage proposal is both poignant and awkward. At least half it is Cas’ fault.

( Read here )

Title: He’s Gonna Marry Me

Author: fleurofthecourt

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,068 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: …okay, maybe it’s just me this time. Now I started to cry over this fic and this wasn’t even that kind of epic angst or the most romantic thing ever kinda stuff. Just ignore me today, there’s some big mental problems with me today! There’s another proposal fic. Totally fluffy.

Summary: “If we were married, I could be a Winchester,” Cas says. He doesn’t look up from the colossal phone book he’s been perusing for the past three hours. He doesn’t act like that would be a life changing big deal. His index finger glides from Schneller to Schuller.

Dean loses the ability to form words. “Uh… yeah…that’s, uh, yeah.”

( Read here )

Title: One Species Too Many

Author: wallmakerrelict

Rating: Explicit

Words: 21,547 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I know I’ve recced this many times before, but it’s fluffy and cute and awesome! There are kittens and fallen Castiel and amazing Dean, so what more can you ask for? It’s probably my favorite fluff oneshot.

Summary: While Dean is laid up for a month after breaking his leg on a hunt, Cas decides that it’s a perfect time to adopt a litter of kittens. But even though he’s gotten better since Purgatory, Cas still isn’t quite the same as he was before fixing Sam’s head, and being trapped in a cabin with him for weeks on end is making that all the more obvious to Dean. When Sam takes off on a hunt, Dean has to figure out on his own how to navigate his new relationship with Cas while also helping to raise a bunch of fuzzballs that aren’t even cute. Not even a little bit.

( Read here )

Title: Human Touch

Author: Soupernabturel

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 4,492 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is a fic I always end up to when I read the summary. Then I remember I have read it already, but I really don’t remember what has happened in it. And then I re-read it only to notice that I should’ve liked it more. But maybe you do like it more, because it’s fluffy and cute and all!

Summary: Dean keeps on getting hurt, and a newly human Cas keeps trying to make him feel better…

( Read here )

anonymous asked:

Do you think that Harry and Hermione would be better fit than Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny? Also, what do you think about canon ships R/H, H/G and fanon ship H/Hr?

nah. i mean i’d say that emma watson and daniel radcliffe had more chemistry than book hermione and harry. objectively you can argue that they would’ve been a good couple because they’re both very protective and supportive of one another—but on my first reading of the books, i was very staunchly a big canon supporter, and re-reading and re-listening to the audiobooks confirms i still feel that way.

i think the movies can really distort things; one of my criticisms with the movies is the way they gave hermione a lot of ron’s skills or solutions. ron was the pragmatist, but the films made him bumbling to the point of incompetence at times, usually for comedic relief. 

and with hermione, they cut out s.p.e.w., for which her passion was arguably her most definitive trait. so in giving her ron’s dry practicality and leaving out her dramatic, righteous idealism, they removed a core reason why they were a great match. 

i don’t necessarily subscribe to the trope that only opposites attract anymore; in my own experiences i’ve come to realize that it depends on how extreme your personality traits are that need balance. like i said above, ron and hermione were well suited because they could keep each other in check. 

“opposites attract” is sometimes poorly used as an excuse for a couple that have nothing in common, but lets not forget that both ron and hermione were gryffindors: they shared the same goals and objectives overall. 

i mean listen, ron had a lot of issues in the books because he’s the youngest son in a long line of well-performing or well-liked brothers. he summed it up pretty well early on when he said that if he didn’t do as well as them, it’d be obvious and embarrassing, but if he did do as well, no one would care because they’d already had the achievements. this is the crux of ron’s character and makes him super complex. 

it effected all of his relationships and if he never matured, it would obviously continue to be destructive in his adult life. but we can assume that his participation in the defeat of voldemort and the trust he put in hermione’s feelings for him would help him get past that; seeing him push to save the house elves during the final battle was an example of how he had grown up and become more empathetic. 

as far as harry and ginny, i always liked it too. like harry, i didn’t think much of it until book six, but i thought his wake up call to how well suited he was to ginny was great. 

both relationships are explorations of the different types of compatibility. hermione and ron work because their extreme traits needed extreme balance. harry and ginny work because their personalities were so similar. 

ginny was tough enough to not only handle harry’s celebrity, but also his own bullheaded anger or impatience. she works with him because harry didn’t respect the weepy or sometimes even the cautious. ginny was forceful and athletic—traits he deeply admired. 

they also shared a very similarly dry, deprecating humor, and the fact that they were alike means they were very understanding of one another. ginny already knew why harry had to break up with her, knew why he couldn’t come back after year six, etc.

ginny and harry were another relationship whose perception was damaged by the films—ginny was criminally under explored in the films (though there’s only so many hours long a movie can be) and i don’t think daniel radcliffe and bonnie wright had great chemistry either. 

for these reasons i supported/support the canon HP ships. i don’t fault a hermione and harry ship but i think it’s just less compelling. 

The Novel That Should Have Been Thrown Out The Airlock

Apparently this is a thing. I saw it suggested to me on Amazon and thought whoa, a new installment?! But then I looked closer… and noticed this book has been floating around since 2012. 

Mass Effect is poised to become the greatest (video game) franchise in the realm of science fiction, with the future release of ME4. Yet I have never seen a copy at B&N or even heard of it, not one solitary word in all this vast internet…. It isn’t even offered on Bioware’s official site for merchandise. 

It’s almost as if… dramatic pause… someone doesn’t want the existence of this book to be discovered. 

Naturally, I looked to the reviews in hope of answering the question: Why?

Keep reading

Gonna Post This Here

I’m actually super proud of this post so I decided to share with the entire Caryl tag. C: This is in regards to oneblondeblogger’s recent post titled  Daryl Dixon Doesn’t Deserve Caryl, and Here’s Why

Caryl on! 

I don’t usually reply to this things…but here we go:

I can understand that some people may not see Caryl as anything more than platonic, this is completely a personal decision. I won’t try to shove my POV down someone’s throat, because everyone has their own say in what they like. That being said, I’m still free to throw my hat in here. Personally saw an immediate romantic relationship between Carol and Daryl since season 2. I never felt that Daryl treated Carol as a mother, and that his gentle reverence was a show of respect to a woman he saw as his equal. It was obvious that Daryl thought Carol was weak and dismissed her in season one, they probably had little to no interaction; however, by the end of season he takes a notice in her, like a pin in the back of his mind. From the moment he hands her that pickax, that illusion of a frail woman is cracked, and she briefly unravels in front of him into a broken woman filled with rage, guilt, and suffering.

Daryl gives her a look when she hands it back to him, it’s one of surprise and understanding. He had most likely seen the abuse she’s gone through, but never knew she had it in her to finally retaliate, albeit in her own way.

As they spend time on the farm, this little pin grows into a note, a closer observation of who Carol is. Who she REALLY is without the hindrance of her husband. Sophia’s missing and the tragedy bring the two together all the more. He sees her grief and feels pity, which he doesn’t show for any other character so far, and not a pity that a son shows a mother. No, he demonstrates an empathy that a man shows a grieving mother who has lost her child. When Daryl hands her the Cherokee Rose, he tells her the tale of the Indian mothers who have lost their entire world, he doesn’t say something along the lines of feeling the exact amount of grief, or even knowing what that’s like. He’s a stranger to her still, but he’s extending an act of courtesy to her. An act that she returns when he she treats him after being injured. At no point do the two share a “mother/son” moment.

They are two, grown adults. Season Two begins to shown their give-and take-relationship. It’s a common mistake to believe that Daryl protects Carol and just gives gives gives until she’s able to stand on her own two feet and leave him behind. Like she doesn’t need him anymore now that she’s a badass zombie killer. No, they are a push and pull; when one lacks the other one gives, even if they don’t have much to offer. Carol just lost her daughter, her biological blood, and yet she finds it in her heart to tell Daryl that she wants him to be safe–that she can’t lose him–that he matters. He’s as beat up as can get, and after almost losing his life he still offers her comfort for Sophia and support. Even after saying that he wouldn’t!

This pattern continues WAY into this last season. They’re still giving to each other without keeping much to themselves. And why? To see that other person happy; they just want to other person to feel like there’s something worth living for. And what does that remind me of? A couple. Two adults who care deeply for one another.

As for Daryl looking his age, he always has. From season one I never said “Oh, this man is obviously in his early twenties! :D” No. No. I said “This is one attractive thirty-something year old man” which is Daryl’s (not Norman’s) supposed age in TWD. Daryl is hot…FOR HIS AGE. The reason he still looks as good as he does, is because the producers of the show keep him that way, because being attractive is actually part of his job. Whether he likes it or not, Norman’s character has been stamped as a giant eye candy for female fans (sometimes it doesn’t work to Norman’s benefit, which is sad), therefore he has to remain younger looking. NR got a serious dye job this last season after joining Aaron, with new biker clothes to boot! It was quite apparent, and it’s the way it has to be for him. Sure, he can’t escape his true age from showing forever, but is he still attractive for his age? Yes. Very much so.

This is where we completely go off kilter from one another, because I NEVER saw Beth and Daryl as romantic. Still don’t. I just can’t wrap my head around it. In fact, before I got into TWD I had a friend who was a Bethyl shipper and let me know that Daryl and Beth had intense chemistry. As the season went on I forgot who the two characters were that she mentioned; I thought she said Rick and Beth, but when she clarified I was completely aghast. I couldn’t believe she didn’t see the chemistry between Daryl and Carol, and by season three when it had become so completely apparent that they had chemistry! When the relationship was already so well established and still flourishing. The note by now has become a list of moments they share together!

Beth and Daryl shared about two to three episodes? With minimum interaction beforehand. They did bond in the episodes they were starring in, I won’t deny that. They did grow closer and got to know each other, but even then, they were starting this process. In Still, Beth demonstrates just how little she actually knows about Daryl, and the stereotypes of the kind of person she thinks he is by what she’s seen. She doesn’t understand him, because she doesn’t know him; he’s still a stranger to her. An acquaintance. In turn, he lashes out on her and shows his tense, awkward side because of the situation they’ve been put in. They bicker for the greater majority of their interaction before finally getting along and then separating.

Does Daryl want to protect Beth? Yes. She’s the only person from his group of friends/family left. Daryl believes everyone else is dead. Would he still protect her if he thought the others were alive? Yes. He’s a good man too. That protection stems from not love, but natural caring and even silent freight. If he loses Beth, then he loses the last tie he has to his past life. She becomes his Sophia. His current only ray of hope left.

Is that to say that Beth was and is his only ray of hope EVER? That ONLY she provided him with a sense of purpose? NO. DEAR GOD NO.

To say that would be to say that every single character interaction Daryl had with every other character on the show was pointless. Beth and Daryl shared a nice moment, but it goes in line with the rest of the friends he’s made along the way. I’m…not quite sure what it is you saw in Bethyl that was any different from these relationships? Let alone the extensive relationship he shares with Carol? But personally, being a Zutara and Tahnorra fan I can understand how attractive and emotionally overpowering a ship can seem without any actual canon basis–so I guess I also understand.

And adding to that mother/son relationship everyone seems to insist upon. Beth could quite literally be Daryl’s daughter. She is A TEENAGER and he is almost a MIDDLE AGED MAN. He can technically be her father. Yet somehow CAROL is the one DESIGNATED to be DARYL’s MOTHER? A woman who is only a COUPLE YEARS OLDER? I’m sorry–really I am but that is BAFFLING. Where were the circuits cross here? That idea goes right over my head.

Let me just put it out there: A grown ass man, is NOT and should NOT be the son (surrogate or not) of a an equally grown ass woman. If he is–there is a problem.

And I understand that Daryl has a lot of personal issues having to do with his past, and there is some scarring still there, which shows in his earlier personality–but not to that extent people.

But I digress~

You make this point that both Daryl and Carol have grown into different people than they were before, which is very true. However you make this point later:

“She found her strength, her fight, but it made her hard. The kind of unconditional kindness and acceptance that brought Daryl to a place where he could feel like he deserved to love and be loved? That’s gone.”

Umm…no. Sorry. No. Firstly, I believe you’ve misinterpreted their relationship. Carol has not given Daryl  “unconditional kindness and acceptance”, quite frankly, because he doesn’t deserve that. None of these characters do, because they’ve all made mistakes that need correction from the people they love. Daryl needs an honest partner, not a pet Labrador.

Let’s not forget the deleted scene where Carol straight up tells Daryl how upset she is that he beat on some teenage boy for information, and how sick that made her because she knew that wasn’t him. She didn’t accept his actions and gave him a pat on the head. Daryl is a big boy, and he needs to know that not everything he does is acceptable. Does he need love? Sure but within limits. But again–this applies to everyone on the show, including Carol.

Has Carol gone hard? Well, depends on your definition of hard. Is she much tougher now? Yes. Does she put up with less bullshit? Yes. Does she trust people less? Yes. Is she an emotionless person who is incapable of showing empathy, love, and support? No.

“She must be steel” No.

“cold” No.

“hard ” No.

“and unforgiving” Oh Honey, do not make me put up that gif of Carol forgiving Rick. That’s just too obvious a No.

Again: Daryl and Carol have a push and pull relationship.

Carol isn’t the same, but she’s lost so much. So so much. You can’t expect her to be sunshine and rainbows all the time, sometimes she needs to have someone GIVE back to her to help her keep going, which Daryl has done. Heck! Re-re-watch Consumed and then pay attention to Coda & Them! That’s an amazing example of these two giving each other everything they’ve got in their times of greatest need! That love is definitely not gone. Nothing is ruined just because it is given space. And they CERTAINLY are not fixed, not even close.

And then you say this:  “The last thing Daryl needs is someone who would cause him to look back. On the person he was, on that bristly, angry strength he used to use as a shield, on all of it. He left that behind, but if he looks back, I’m not sure he’d be able to keep himself from slipping back into that dynamic.”

Which is…utterly perplexing. Because in NO POINT IN TIME has Carol ever mentioned to Daryl ‘Hey you remember when you used to be a D-bag? Yeah, whatever happened to that guy D: ?’ Ever. Since their inception, Carol has helped Daryl progress FORWARD. In fact, I first started shipping them seriously when she said ‘You’re every bit as good as them’ because she knew the amount of potential Daryl had within him when NO ONE else did. Rick was beginning to gain a sense of trust with Daryl and a feeling of friendship, but he didn’t have the amount of trust she did in that moment. Carol, like Daryl, always helped him see the good he had inside no matter how hard he tried to act differently. She was his constant reminder of positive change. Skip forward to the prison when the Dixon brothers returned, who was there to remind Daryl to not go back to his ways? Carol. Skip forward to after Beth’s death, who told Daryl he needed to let himself grieve in order to move on? Carol. Skip forward to Alexandria as Carol pulls a 007, and who tells Daryl that REGARDLESS of how she’s handling her own business there he should still give the place an honest chance because it could be good for him and their family? CAROL. Who hands Daryl the gun for safety and still lets him know she wants him to try, but not be too enraptured in the moment just in case–because again–she wants him to be SAFE? Carol.

Daryl going all Dingo in ASZ is his own doing, and has to do more with who he is as a person than anything Carol did. That’s why he needed to figure things out for himself. She is not to blame for any of it.

What I find to be strange about your way of viewing Beth and Daryl’s relationship, is that you seem to only care about how good Beth makes Daryl seem.  “…Made me see her as someone I wanted with Daryl. Because that’s what it was always about for me. Seeing Daryl look upon the world, not with contempt or hatred or suspicion, but with hope. With love. Feeling like he’s worth being loved by someone, and worth loving someone in turn. Like he’s worth giving a fuck about, by others, but also by himself…Daryl needed her that I fell in love with this girl of light and palpable optimism and quiet strength - just as, I believe, he did.” “…He needs Beth, the girl who’s going to take his hand and stand with him through the pain, and show him it’s just another way to feel alive.”

That’s not what a relationship is. Love is not a one-sided benefit. Rarely do I ever hear about what Beth wants, about what she needs. A relationship should be a building up of one another; a mashing of strengths and weaknesses for the benefit of a whole.

I’m not going to even try to go into the whole ‘Beth was a beautiful angel who never became upset or had downsides ever :D’ spiel because, quite frankly, I don’t want to disrespect anyone who likes her. Still, I’m sorry, that’s a completely fraudulent claim. Beth got upset, and sad, and hell she murdered two people! And tried to murder others as well! And you know what? That doesn’t make her a monster. Not in this world anyways. Hell she even got pissed at Daryl on multiple occasions! Sometimes even before their episodes together. It’s human. She had flaws, and she wasn’t a ray of sunshine, she was an average young girl with a good sense of responsibility. That’s it.

So yeah, I guess we still disagree. Because while you think Daryl deserved Beth. I believe Carol and Daryl deserve each other.


Good night!

[Btw that list is a freaking novel by now! ;) ]

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if I sound ignorant or rude but is there anything wrong with shipping Finn with Poe over Rey? I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm demanded an explanation or if I'm being entitled but I haven't seen anyone explain it and if it is wrong I'd like to know. (it's not that you have seemed against the ship but you seem against anything that isn't Finn x Rey sorry if I'm being wrong about that too, I'm trying :) have a nice day!)

Nonnie, you are in luck! R/ichonne going canon & John’s thirst trap have supplied me with the spoons needed to answer you :)

Upfront, let me be clear that there is nothing inherently wrong with shipping F/innpoe in lieu of F/innrey. Second, I’m not against anything that isn’t F/innrey, however, I /am/ skeptical of people’s motivations. Third, I /am/ against claims and arguments /against/ F/innrey, because being antagonistic toward F/innrey raises a multitude of red flags.

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anonymous asked:

As Stony hard-core shipper I hate some fics in this fandom always write Tony as black sheep and he should take all the responsibility of betrayal and guilt for causing Steve's death. They also like to place Steve on a pedestal and how he's so worthy of Tony's sacrifice and love. The worst is they always DO IT FROM TONY'S ANGLE. I know Tony is self-deprecating but the fics make me feel Tony is so undervalued, miserable and Steve comes and graces him. It's not love, it's unrequited relationship

well. it’s….. complicated

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anonymous asked:

Ok please don't hurt me lol. Teensy bit of nervousness here. There's the little matter of the posters - people seem to think that Hook is going to "be a hero" and die in a blaze of glory and then Neal will get his "second chance". Have you got any logic to counteract this?? (sorry again)

Okay. I am going to make one post and logic everybody’s face off and this will serve as my official statement on the subject and no more.

First, Hook is not going to die. Period. I state this three times in my FAQ (with the spoilers I may need to bump it up to six). Other shipmates have written about, if the character death is voluntary as is rumored, WHY ON EARTH would it be Colin? Answer: it wouldn’t be. He loves Hook, ships CS harder than just about anyone, quit his band, moved his whole family to Vancouver, and otherwise has demonstrated multiple times in the real world how devoted he is to the role. For him to now be dissatisfied and asking off (the same PA who originally started the rumor of the death and the unhappy cast member, which IMHO was gossipy and unprofessional, told someone wondering about the lack of Colin pictures that there was “nothing to worry about” and that Colin was one of the nicest and most down-to-earth cast members ever) just wouldn’t be the case. So it’s not an attitude issue, it’s not Colin being unhappy, none of it makes sense that he would ask to be written off. He’s been in a few minor projects, but OUAT is his breakout role and will give him steady work for at least 3-4 more years. He has a young son. Job security is a nice thing. In contrast to MRJ, who’s an established actor who’s worked on many shows and let’s face it, isn’t getting much to do with Neal at all and after the interview (“there was only one” re Hook ending up at Emma’s door) clearly isn’t going to get much more. It makes sense that as contract renewals roll around, he could have politely requested A&E write him off the show to free him up to pursue other projects.

Next, Hook is a fan favorite. Don’t listen to the haters; he is EXTREMELY popular. There is good evidence for this (the popularity of Hook/Captain Swan things on the OUAT facebook, Good Form being the highest-rated episode of the season, etc). The last time we had a fan favorite redeem himself as a hero by dying (3x11, Rumple) it was such that NO ONE believed he was really dead. They just weren’t going to take him off the show like that. Likewise, Adam and Eddy aren’t STUPID. Hook is famously popular among the ABC executives (remember that interview about how they kept asking if he was in every scene?) who already stopped them from killing Charming. Do you REALLY, REALLY THINK they’re going to kill off their handsome, romantic, dashing, popular, controversial leading man, when everybody is buzzing about his chemistry with your leading lady, when they just got nominated for a PCA for it, when you’ve planned for him since the start of the show, when you already went the kill-off-Emma’s-love-interests route before, when the character has stated over and over in canon that one of his chief virtues is survival and that he’s in it for the long haul? Dying at this point truncates his arc and does nothing. He just dies, forever, leaving Emma broken and none of his character objectives fulfilled. Why spend almost two seasons building him up, giving him all the momentum, writing yourself into a corner with his love for Emma, journey to find her, and his dynamic, ongoing struggle and transformation, just to bump him off? It would tell him that it wasn’t worth it to change that much in hope of love, as he got neither his happy ending or the woman he did it for.

Third, it’s sad and ridiculous to think that after Hook dies a hero, Neal can then somehow swoop in and pick up the pieces. Emma already TOLD Neal she’d rather have him dead than enter a new relationship with him. Multiple times, she chose to actively stay away from him and to resist any idea of giving him false hope. I can’t think ANYBODY would be happy if after having lost Hook, her TL, she just sadly and reluctantly ended up with Neal as a second choice, having to settle once more for the guy who caused all her trust issues and fucking let her go to jail (thank you Kitsis). That would be a tragedy. It would be BEYOND depressing, flagrantly untrue to Emma’s character, require the hasty and obvious retconning of everything they’ve ever established about that relationship to date, and be contrary to why Adam and Eddy have stated they write the show in the first place: to give hope to people that things can change and they can experience a little magic for themselves. Hook isn’t dying for the same reason that ST isn’t endgame. This is a show about hope, family, true love, and happy endings. Emma doesn’t get that in the relationship specifically designed to show us why she is the way she is. She wouldn’t take Neal back even if Hook wasn’t in the picture.

Once more, Adam and Eddy have stated that the attempted TLK at the end of 3x11 was a “natural and inevitable place” they kept getting to, it was the only ending (as in, no Plan B to set up Neal as the possible TL), it leads into a whole new story, it was all about Emma and Hook connecting in thematic and character ways that “made a lot of sense,” and so on. They’re both talking about how they “hope” to see more CS in 3B. (After “I’d like to see it” in regards to the possibility of CS in 3A during the summer hiatus last year.) You don’t destroy the story you’ve worked so hard for like that. Killing who is almost beyond any doubt your main character’s true love doesn’t fit with ANYTHING you’ve decided or demonstrated to the audience to date, and hence they would be MAD. We’re invested in Hook because we’ve been set up that way. We get his glances, his reactions, his flashback episode, his high places and his dark places, everything about his journey. He is the character who has the momentum to start that “whole new story” with Emma. To cut that short and give it to the absent, passive, invisible, plot device Neal is simply a beyond stupid move that Adam and Eddy are too smart to make.

tl;dr: There’s no good reason on earth that Hook would die, and this is the last post I’m going to make on why not.

pieceofclarkessoul  asked:

Hi! I need a favor, please?? I've been feeling so much Destiel negativity even though I ship it so much and I love it more than anything, but I have this stupid feeling that it could never ever become canon (i don't mean sex or whatever, just a confession) cause Dean's too deep in the closet, and he always acts so manly and loves girls and stuff, so can u please show me some destiel positivity, id be grateful :))

Hi! : )

Be warned that it got long^^’

I’m sorry about that. First of all, I’m sending you to my deancas positivity tag, because that always helps me when I’m feeling down re: destiel.

Second, I think this season is doing something very significative with Dean and his denial and self-policing.

Unfortunately we’ve had to wait more than we’d initially been promised - mostly because we’ve somewhat extended the second of the three arcs to fit in an extra season. That meant taking it slower in some areas and while I’m genuinely liking this season as a whole and ‘feeling’ it more than season 9, I believe in some measure it’s suffering because of that choice. Season 9 was already hard on Sam, Dean and Cas but on us, too, and it’s tough to get to season 10 and see… some more of the same. Moving forward in slow-mo can be very frustrating, especially with a show that already takes entire seasons for a bit of character development at normal speed.

Dean had made some serious progress in s8. It may seem like s9 erased that because he went through a regression there, but paradoxically, as of 10.13 I think Dean’s in a place where he’s more than doubled the progress he’d made by the end of s8, only… Imagine it’s sorta covered by his struggling to find himself and deal with his issues right now. That’s simplifiying it a bit but I think it gets the concept across. We got to Taylor thanks to season 9, too - meaning it keeps building even though it’s not always obvious, even though sometimes it’s more ‘in the background’ and hard to piece together.

The endings of 10.12 and 10.13 were still some of the most incisive and express character development we’ve had in the Carver Era IMO, as far as single events go. Even the 8x13 scene with Aaron was something new for Supernatural but not character development as direct and impactful as this, mainly because Dean still overcompensates immediately after and because of the incident.

I know I keep talking about this but seriously, I’m convinced if you’re looking for any clues that they really seem to want all the current pain and struggling to result in decent pay-off later, Dean enjoying Taylor Swift in front of Sam with a smug look on his face, and Dean implicitly admitting to Sam that he has hopes that affect him so deeply he thinks he’s not strong enough to stand it if he’s let down, are neon signs covered in fluorescent paint.

Supernatural often plays a form of bait-and-switch with Dean coming out of his many, many… many closets, this game where something under Dean’s facade is exposed, the facade is once again revealed for what it is, you learn that Dean hides this or that aspect of himself… But then Dean panics at this and retreats once more inside his fortress. Dean’s, like, this super shy tortoise, right. Anyways, by s10 you’ve basically learnt the rules of that game by heart.

Except that now - let’s do a recap:

Dean has never, ever truly broken that rule on the show despite how much it’s been toyed with. Until 10x12. It took ten fucking seasons but that dam finally broke open.

Dean has occasionally said what he thinks of himself even to Sam, but usually it’s been about thinking he’s trash. That reveals something about his state of mind but has never significantly helped him get better. But now he’s admitting more and more that he has a problem, and he’s letting Sam talk to him like Dean has a problem, he’s letting Sam and Charlie give him pep talks and talk to him about needing to believe in himself and all the things he would normally dismiss as bullshit and he’s doing nothing to imply he doesn’t need their help under the misguided assumption that Dean Winchester Can and Should Deal With His Crap On His Own. Dean is actually letting Sam help instead of fleeing or telling him to shut up or going into his full-on ‘be strong for brother’ mode where he is Ultimate Protector and His Mental Health Doesn’t Count. As far as first steps go, this one is huge.

Dean might’ve coated that statement in all the pessimism he’s feeling, but he still just straight out told Sam in 10.13 that he recognizes a greater part of the MoC problem is really about his issues. In two episodes he’s mentioned twice that he’s an alcoholic and he’s specifically mentioned that magic word called denial as one of his coping mechanisms. A denial, I might add, that perhaps he knows he applies to a lot of the notions he has about himself but obviously not much to his guilt itself, since that one’s always been much easier for him to admit and he’s been going on about how at fault he is for some twenty episodes now.

Talking about his issues is not actively confronting them, but it enables that, unlike pretending they don’t exist.

He told Sam he thinks he can’t do it like this, not as a general statement but specifically about finding a ‘cure’, i.e. about his healing. 


tried to reason with this week’s monster which he himself saw as similar to him, instead of deeming him a lost cause.

All these things happened in the last three episodes alone. It’s obvious he still has a long way to go, it was pretty blatant both in 10.11 and 10.13 that he’s still kinda lost and kinda looking for a path that suits him and some kinda anchor about who he is. Actually, this is probably the moment of biggest confusion about himself because all he knew about himself doesn’t hold true anymore, old models don’t work and other people’s models don’t work and he has to find his own and has no idea where to look. He’s guessing something (like the bunker or Taylor Swift or talking and accepting help) and completely missing in other areas (the veggie smoothies for example).

I totally believe these three episodes were meant to prepare us/the ground for what’s coming in 10.14 and after that, and that if you wanted to know whether or not Dean is coming out of this (heh) stronger a huge portion of the answer was here and it was YES. We were shown a glimpse of what sort of eventual long-term changes we can expect, too.

I realize I haven’t mentioned Cas or Destiel in the entire reply. That’s because my focus here is on the bigger picture, on whether or not I think before the end of the series we’re getting to a point in Dean’s character development where among a series of other things that are all part of it, he also allows himself to actively want and pursue a long-term romantic relationship and/or he can admit to and confess romantic feelings for Cas. IMO the answer, again, is yes. Will we? Chuck knows.

I know this is kinda specific but I’ve fully expected for more than a season and a half for Dean to get to the ‘I love you’ point before the end of the series with both Sam and Cas - naturally in my best case scenario with two explicitly different connotations.

I hope this helped some, honey.

Author Spotlight: Amelia_Day

This feature is a collaboration with panempropaganda​ and everlarkedalways​ as part of Panem Propaganda’s 100 Days of Mockingjay: Shipping and Fanfiction.

This interview is a companion piece to an article written for Panem Propaganda, available at X

With many thanks to panempropaganda, everlarkedalways, and toastbabies.

Graphic by everlarkedalways​. Interview by papofglencoe​.


“Amelia takes the basic Everlark building blocks and constructs a thrilling roller coaster ride that feels like something so far and yet so near to canon, it leaves you breathless.” -jennagill

What is so unique or special about Everlark to you?

They’re two people who came from completely different lives, defied death more than once, both managed to get fucked up in one way or another and still in the end loved each other and were able to make a life with one another.

What inspired you to write Everlark fanfiction in the first place?

I’ve always been a slow reader, so for that fact it’s always been hard for me to find storylines that interested me enough to spend what I knew was going to be a long, long time reading. The Hunger Games was the first series that left me with questions about the otp’s life and left me wanting more. It was a while after reading before I started writing, but after I started talking with people in the fandom, my own ideas for stories grew and I sort of jumped in headfirst and didn’t stop (can’t stop, won’t stop).

What’s your personal favorite of your own fics and why? What inspired it?

Uhmm… it would be between With Eyes to Hear and The Nightlock MC because both were extremely fun/easy to write and I was very pleased with the overall product. If we’re talking absolute favorites here, I think I would have to go with Nightlock. I wrote it during a time that I was getting stuck in my head a lot and it really helped change the pace of writing for me.

Dirty-mouth, asshole but has-a-sweet-side Peeta was definitely a different twist from my normally “tame” Peetas, and I think the new take on the character is what really makes it stand out for me. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off that kind of Peeta and I was proud of myself for being able to.

The Nightlock MC was inspired by one of my best friends, Jessa, because I was writing it as a birthday present to her. I was trying to be ~subtle~ and hint around the fact so it could be a surprise, but of course she figured out what I was doing and told me if I was going to write her a birthday fic, I should do an MC fic. I knew nothing about the MC world! So, she recommended a particularly good series (The Reapers MC, seriously, so good) and after [the first book] I was like HOLY HELL. I had to get in on that.

What’s the greatest challenge for you to writing Everlark?

It’s pretty obvious that I prefer to write Everlark in AU situations. I think I’ve only written [one or two] actual canon fics. The hardest thing for me in those situations– especially Modern Day AUs– is to keep the pair in character no matter what is thrown at them. We all read fanfiction for the same reason: to get more of our Peeta/Katniss fix. So, I never want to let people down by just copy/pasting their names into stories that don’t have any of their personality traits laced within the plot.

When you’re pushing the limits of character or situation, what ineffable traits of Katniss and Peeta/Everlark do you keep intact to preserve their characters?

For Peeta, there always has to be a level of genuine kindness there. He should be charming (even if it’s not in the most obvious sense), his wittiness is another trait that I love to see. I love to play on his natural goodness too because that was something that drew me to him in the canon world.

For Katniss, I like her strong will, the sarcasm, and that she can be stand-offish at times. It’s fun writing a girl who isn’t always tripping over herself to get the boy. Of course, Peeta is super trip-worthy so sometimes that’s a fun route to play on, too.

When it comes to their actual relationship as Everlark, I think everyone is looking for that happy ending in some respect. We want to see them win no matter what’s thrown at them and see that these two characters can come together given whatever circumstances we’ve put them in. I love their love; the silliness, the honesty and the passion. Those are all things I try to keep within my fics when I write.

Of course, again, I write AUs so it’s hard to incorporate all of these characteristics in every story that I write. It’s more of a “pick two” situation.

What’s your favorite Everlark trope and why?

This is hard! There are so many possibilities. I think if I had to choose, it would be between Everlark Arranged Marriages and Single Daddy!Peeta.

What is an Everlark fanfic that has stayed with you? Why?

Five Loaves of Bread: Dark Toast by aimmyarrowshigh. It was one of the first stories I read in the fandom and one of the few that I have gone back and re-read multiple times. The writing, the plot, everything was, in my mind, fantastic. That is one fic that inspires me to be a better writer.

Amelia_Day is the author of works such as Eggshells, Go Easy on Me, Lines of Demarcation, The Nightlock MC, What You Deserve, and With Eyes to Hear. She is on AO3, FF, and on tumblr as toastbabies.

anonymous asked:

How can you ship stalia? malia has the mind of an eight year old, she has shown some progress, but not enough to be in a sexual & mature relationship, the issue of consent comes to mind because stiles should have known better & malia doesnt even know general human traits & shes supposed to be in a mature, sexual relationship? it doenst make sense, stiles is in a relationship with someone humanly not all there, that last thing malia should be in is a sexual relationship

sooooo let me get this straight…malia has enough cognitive abilities to help Lydia crack the final deadpool code, to take the psats,to actually go to school and take regular classes with regular students,  to make friends, to help out scotts pack, to help derek find those werewolves in the woods, and to know that scott and stiles are hiding something form her but she’s too mentally deficient to consent to a sexual relationship with stiles? She doesn’t know general human traits yet she walks around like a perfectly functional human being? I would love to know what in CANON gives you the impression that Malia is anywhere close to not having general human traits and not having the functioning cognitive ability of a person her age. Malia has a problem with societal norms right now, not a mental deficiency. Malia actually learned some things before he became a coyote, you would be surprised to know the cognitive abilities an 8 year old possess. By that age they have already learned and retained a lot of things that are intrinsic to human nature.She didn’t forget those things, all that development didn’t disappear when she turned and it’s obvious that it didn’t stall either. She kept developing, there is nothing to indicate that she didn’t. Her problem is she developed in an environment completely different from the normal one we know of. Her first instincts are to follow the norms coyotes would follow not to behave in ways that are intrinsic to coyotes, if that was the case she wouldn’t know how to eat like humans do, she wouldn’t know how to use the restroom like humans do, she wouldn’t know how to do any of the things that are inherent to human behavior and not coyotes. In the woods there were no norms for her learn except for the norms of coyotes so she struggles with that and regular human societal norms, that’s why Stiles had to teach her that you don’t leave friends behind, that’s why she has no qualms about leaving a classroom without a teacher’s permission, that’s why she has no filter and tells people exactly what’s on her mind. She didn’t have to filter herself in those woods, she didn’t have to submit to authority figures, she didn’t have friends that protected each other so those norms are foreign to her at the moment. She has hard a hard time reconciling what she knows and what’s acceptable in the world she now lives in, she does not have a problem mentally processing those norms and understanding exactly what they are. It’s basically like a person from one country going to another country with different norms from their native country and having a hard time adjusting. Where they might be from it’s the norm to walk around naked but in this new place it isn’t, That person will have to gradually come to understand why that is so and adjust their behavior to fit the norms of the new place. They might wear clothes but they will still have the urge to walk around naked because that’s what they know and they haven’t adjusted completely to the new environment yet. Some norms they might adjust to quicker, some they will take time to adjust too. That’s what’s happening to Malia. She’s not a damn teenager with the mind of an 8 year old, she’s a girl who’s brain appears to have developed at a normal rate to match her physical age but spent most of those developmental years in an environment with a different structure and with different norms.She has to unlearn certain things and re learn other things. Malia does NOT have a mental impairment that would prevent her from being able to consent to a sexual relationship with Stiles. and just so we are clear I’m not saying that Malia’s mind is 100% fine and that she doesn’t have problems, Stiles’s mind isn’t 100% either and they both consented to sex while they were in a mental hospital. What i’m saying it that the type of issues Malia has does not impede her ability to chose and understand that choice. To give consent to a sexual relationship with someone her own age Malia needed to understand what the act is, the mechanics of the act, and what the possible consequences of that act are. There is nothing to suggest that Malia did not know any of those things when she consented to sex with Stiles. She could have actually learned about sex in the woods because animals have sex, they mate, they procreate, she could have easily learned that what sex is, how it happens, and what can happen as a result of sex while being out there. There is nothing wrong with her cognitive abilities that suggests that she would not have been able to comprehend something like sex while she was out there. For most mammals sex is exactly the same, humans have sex just like dogs do(they don’t call it doggy style just for the hell of it), just like wolves do, just like coyotes do. Our anatomy may differ and pregnancy may differ but the mechanics and the consequences are pretty much the same. When she consented to a sexual relationship with stiles Malia did not have a mental impairment that prevented her from understanding what she was doing, she also appeared to have the knowledge of what sex is and how it’s done therefore there was no consent issue no matter how much you bitter fangirls want there to be to soothe your hurt feels that stiles is in a relationship with someone you don’t like. I can ship stalia because Malia is fully aware of her decision to be with Stiles physically and emotionally and so is stiles. I can ship stalia because there is nothing preventing them from making the decision to be together. I can ship stalia because they are a great couple with a lot of potential who care about each other deeply.