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Just curious! What's up with the fold up/white tipped cane being incorrect? I wanna make sure when i draw a character with a cane--that it's the proper one.

Oh sure, no problem!

So it’s not actually inaccurate, it’s just not the norm and by far not the best tool. They are often only used by people who were taught by sighted school officials who don’t really understand the pros and cons of different cane types, but if you go to a blindness organization run by blind people, the straight cane is so, so heavily endorsed because it is the absolute most effective type of cfane for feedback and navigation, and always with the little metal and rubber tip.

Allow me to explain a bit:

The way a cane works is both auditory and tactile. You want your cane to be long enough to always be reaching out two full steps ahead of you, so usually somewhere between chin and eye height. When using a cane, its purpose is to give you tactile information about the ground you touch, as well as to give you auditory information about the area around you, and this only works best with a straight cane with a metal tip using two-point tap technique.

Every time you put a joint in a cane to fold it, that joint slows down the vibrations going to your hand, and the more joints it has, the less information will ever actually reach your hand. With a straight, non-folding cane, there is nothing inbetween the tip of the cane and your hand, and everything goes straight up to your hand. This is also affected by the type of tip you use. Plastic is not nearly as good at generating tactile feedback as metal, so a small, circular metal tip is used on a straight cane. You can pick up an incredible amount of detail through a metal tip on a totally straight white cane.

Cane technique is also important, though. Many blind people newer to canes or with less instruction will use rolling tips and roll their cane back and forth in front of them, but this first of all affects your tactile feedback because rolling tips are often plastic, and secondly, it takes away most of your possible auditory feedback. Plastic tips are very quiet, and while many newer travelers prefer this due to nerves and being afraid to be noticed too much, it certainly doesn’t tell you much about your surroundings.

So seasoned travelers and people with lots of good instruction almost always use the two-point tap method, where you tap the little metal tip of your straight cane in time with your steps, the cane tapping the opposite side of the foot that is stepping. Your arc should be just wider than your shoulders, no smaller and not super big. Metal is fantastic for making noise, so the little metal tap is fantastic at telling you all sorts of info about your surroundings from nearby obstacles to the length of a hallway that has tile flooring and how high the ceiling is and all sorts of information.

The carbon fiber and fiber glass straight white canes with metal tips and two-point tap were also developed by the blind themselves, by the way, and it is the strict standard for cane instruction that they themselves teach in their blind-run training centers for the blind and is always the instruction they advocate for in other areas such as public schools. So it was all created by the blind, for the blind, by the only people who know what works the best for their own people, not by some sighted guy at Harvard who wanted to make money on a new patent.

So there you have it, the importance of prioritizing the straight white cane!

(P.S.: There are also confidence-building reasons behind the straight cane if you’re interested!)

homestuck lands as ranked by how much i want to eat the colors

1. Land of Maps and Treasure (vriska)- fucking delicious? A+ color combo that also compliments Vriskas color scheme really well

2. Land of Light and Rain (rose)- very sweet. would probably be very sugary. a good planet for a good girl? light players have the best lands by far

3. Land of Little Cubes And Tea (nepeta)- also sweet! but i love the yellow in the sky its very warm and earthy and fits with the tea theme nicely

4. Land of Wind and Shade (post playing the rain) (john)- holy shit this blue is fantastic and amazing

5. Land of Caves and Silence (equius)- can you tell i love this like vriska cerulean blue? its so fucking good you guys. so fucking good.

6. Land of Wrath and Angels (eridan)- this land is all black and white but holy shit its a look. everything looks bright and fuzzy while also old and vaguely terrifying and i can appreciate that

7. Land of Pyramids and Neon (roxy)- good colors!!! the bright colors combined with the nice jeweled red are. real good? yes.

8. Land of Crypts and Helium (alive) (jane)- on its own a fairly neutral color scheme, but when it comes to life the pinks and oranges and yellows make it very tasty

9. Land of Tombs and Krypton (dirk)- a real good green and a real good red? and i love the fuckin swirly gas design across the sky. its soft?

10. Land of Frost and Frogs (jade)- the planet doesnt match up to what the actual ground level view looks like? planet colors are good and great but the ground level is too light and sweet for me. too washed out!!

11. Land of Quartz and Melody (aradia)- good colors overall but im not the biggest fan of the overall mixture? could be better

12. Land of Heat and Clockwork (dave)- a spicy land! but all in all the color palette is very limited and not like. super interesting to me? its red and black and everything inbetween and nothing else which is [yawn]

13. Land of Rays and Frogs (kanaya)- I FEEL REALLY BAD ABOUT THIS ONE SORRY. there is so much potential here that just, doesnt click for me. the blue is too deep and the green is too yellow and theres not enough else going on for me to feel better about this

14. Land of Dew and Glass (feferi)- hrrhhrkhkhh another one i feel bad about for the same reason. the green is still not the best and it takes over the look so much that it makes me not like the other colors either. RIP???

15. Land of Mounds and Xenon (jake)- not a fan of this green or this purple!!!! agh!!!!! another cool concept that just misses the mark

16. Land of Thought and Flow (terezi)- here we start getting into real bad territory,, the teal and the yellowy green and the desaturated mauve of the actual planet is bad enough but then you add in the bright beautiful colors from Terezi’s treehouse and its an overwhelmingly bad mix

17. Land of Pulse and Haze (karkat)- i get it andrew its symbolism the sky goes from deep red to grey but its so ugly!!!!!! its ugly andrew!!!!!! the purple clouds cant even save this hot mess!!!!!

18. Land of Sand and Zephyr (tavros)- This one is heartbreaking because if it wasnt for one color choice this would be up there with LoMaT and LoLaR, and the problem is the weird and bad barfy greenish brown that makes up most of the sand in what is otherwise a very warm and colorful landscape

19. Land of Tents and Mirth (gamzee)- A BAD LAND FOR A BAD MAN but seriously hussie not even some fun carnival colors for the carnival place????? everything looks like shit

20. Land of Brains and Fire (sollux)- hey andrew what the fuck

Nothing Inbetween (Lucifer Morningstar)

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Pairing: Lucifer/FallenAngel!Wife!Reader
Words: 1000+
Warning(s): Luci’s mom, rude things said, i dont know how to make tags
A/N: dont worry, i do not like his mom either,, so have some fluff
Request:  I have a request for Lucifer. Idk if you caught up but I really don’t like his mom. So how about fallen angel! Wife! Reader being really annoyed about his mother appearance and she’s trying to keep as much distance from his mother as well as keeping Lucifer away from her? hope you understand

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possibly relatable language learner things

breaking out in to a sweat every time someone asks you how many languages you speak

not making any noticeable progress for months

oh my god i’m so fluent i can’t belie- wait no i’m not never mind

can i hold a conversation in my target language today

the cringey shit that you make yourself watch just so that you can listen to your target language

switching keyboards

either understanding everything or nothing. no inbetween.

hell yeah i can use this languag- wait no i forgot how to order food again

can i speak this language????

oh my GOD why are all these resources only for beginners

listening/reading/writing/speaking skills being all over the place

“say something in x!”

being mistaken for a native speaker. the best feeling.


if u guys haven’t noticed chuck is always dan’s voice and gabe is always arin’s voice

these are just random audio clips from these eps (x, x, x) that made me think of them

here’s the first one of these!

i do these so fast so i mean i can’t really speak for their quality but god but they are just so fun to make

My stepmother told me that heartbreak feels like quitting cigarettes. They become a habit then an addiction, and when someone walks away it’s like you’re left with the smell of nicotine all over you and the lighter in your pocket but nothing to put inbetween your lips. I’ve felt like that ever since you walked away, like I have this happiness and potential to be fine without you because I know you weren’t good for me anymore, but sometimes I crave you so fucking badly I reach for my phone to call you, almost like relapsing and nearly buying a pack. But I don’t. Instead, ironically I replace the want for you with anything that kills me from the inside. Like taking too many shots because I know it’ll burn and make me forget an entire night, or habitually chain smoking not because I crave the nicotine, but because it makes me lightheaded and focus on something other than the feeling of my insides being ripped out of me. Last weekend I smoked so much I felt the world spinning, and suddenly I imagined you in bed with her while I was knocking on your door and I couldn’t tell if I wanted to rip my face off or just smoke more until nothing felt real.
It’s all just so exhausting. I have to learn how to live without you. I have to do everything I once did all over again, torturously knowing you’re not a phone call away or by my side. Like my stepmother said, she had to re do everything without taking her smoke breaks. I can’t tell if coffee in the morning without a cigarette for her felt worse than I do when I wake up alone or check my phone to see no trace of you. She sat in her room in early mornings itching to light up, but chewed gum instead, much like how I stay up until 3 am, scared to sleep because of the nightmares, while twirling a razor blade between my finger tips contemplating whether to just make myself fucking bleed.
You always hated when I smoked. It reminded you of an old me, the sad girl with the tired eyes who sat at the bottom of her shower with the water burning her skin with blood flowing down the drain. You never knew that girl too well, I never wanted you to. Yet here I am, putting the thing that kills me in between my lips that you said you wouldn’t mind kissing forever, and lighting up just to try and erase every look you ever gave me, every kiss that made me addicted to you, and all the happiness you gave me, only to rip it right out of my hands all over again.
—  I don’t know myself anymore

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imagine a coin being used as instead of a die. only the best or worst possible outcomes could happen in that game and nothing inbetween. hire me

That is a probably bad idea! 
You will be added to the list of potential employees, although you should know I have no money, don’t know who you are and also am not hiring employees.

Nothing At All

“Hey, Mags.” Alec says as he closes the door behind him and walks further into the loft. Magnus who is on the phone, pacing across the living room holds up his finger in a silent gesture to keep quiet. Alec nods his head as he notices the phone and starts to pull off his jacket. He places it on the now green couch as Magnus finishes his conversation.

“Of course, that is my fee but you didn’t mention that you angered the fae. I do not take kindly to-” Magnus says into the phone, his mouth in a slight scowl. “Alright, agreed, see you then.”

Magnus hangs up the phone and throws it over to the chair, turning to look at his boyfriend. He smiles softly at the sight of him, dressed all in black as usual and smiling happily at him. They haven’t had much lately to be happy about. Raphael and Simon’s attack, the Red Baron killing in New York again, it all has been a lot for them. They’ve rarely had any time lately to themselves.

“Hello, love.” Magnus says as he walks over to Alec who takes a few steps forward to meet him in the middle.

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Ok I need your honest opinion on something, how angry are you that people speak to Aaron while he's trying to enjoy his beloved toast? It's so rude, #toaron are not to be interrupted at all. Can you do one of your fab drawings of Aaron and the love of his life (toast) please? Tysm 😘

sweetest, kindest of Anons ;__; This is the best ask I have ever gotten… like seriously….I am getting so emotional, thinking about Aarons first Love, who never let him down, ever. supported him, nourished him ;___; Truth is, deep in my heart I KNOW Toaron is endgame, they will always find their way back to each other. This is it, was great about BIG couples *nods* So even if Emmerdale tries to keep them apart, throws rocks in their way, they WILL overcome that. And on the way there we will get lots of cute fanservice scenes with Toaron, thats to keep us sweet :D Seeing Aaron eating in the corner, Toast firmly in his hand… I am getting all teary eyed…. YES IT IS JUST A SOAP but GOD!!!! toaron is love and nothing gets inbetween them… I MEAN LOOK AT THEM:

Every lefty I follow on twitter is either a full tankie or a really gay anarchist with nothing inbetween and they’re always fighting/tryna fuck. This is where we’re at.

But honestly I’m so happy that there’s nothing inbetween Sana and Yousef now ((at least now we know that there wasn’t anything lol)) bc now we know that the next scene they have together is gonna be soooo cute bc Sana 100% knows that Yousef IS LITERALLY IN LOVE WITH HER, sooooo we can only go UP from here (hopefully)


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So I don't know a lot about tegus/reptiles in general, but the tegu on the blog macgyverlizard seems to be really fat. Is this normal for tegus or is he actually a very fat tegu?

Good question! Tegus are actually a bit subtle in my opinion to judge body condition. I feel like a nice healthy tegu really does look quite… fat. Especially males!

I am NOT a tegu keeper though, and I’ve only ever handled or cared for juveniles. I am not the best judge of body condition because of my lack of experience. But! I can give you my opinion based on what I’ve read and learned.

Looking at MacGyver, you may see his giant jowls and think wow! He’s so fat! But this is actually a normal part of tegu anatomy. Male T. rufescens and T. merianae develop large jowls as they mature.


Females don’t have these jowls. Here is a male and a female T. rufescens for reference.


So we don’t look at the jowls. We look at the torso, the tail, and the limbs. An overweight tegu will drag it’s stomach on the ground, it’s tail will be thicker and larger than it should (this requires a comparison to a healthy weight tegu) and it’s limbs will be sort of like… pinched sausages. Another great indicator of a healthy tegu is a “square” topline. This tegu, who is overweight, has lost any square shape at all and is completely rounded.

(I literally could not find a source for this photo, sorry.)

You can see (gosh this might even be a female??) how the stomach is huge, if they tried to walk it would certainly drag. The tail is absolutely huge, and the limbs are just… fat.

I will not repost photos of Macgyver without permission, you can easily look up pictures and videos of him yourself!

I would say he is, a bit chubby! Not obese, but not lean either. Somewhere inbetween. Nothing life threatening, nothing from neglect, just… chubby! Still within what I would consider an ok body weight, but any more fat and I would say there is a problem. There is a range that animals bodies can be in and still be very healthy. A little lean or a little chubby isn’t an issue as long as the animal is healthy and maintains that weight!



I had a dream, or was it real?
We crossed the line and it was on
We crossed the line, it was on this time
I’ve been denying how I feel, you’ve been denying what you want
You want from me, talk to me baby
I want some satisfaction, take me to the stars, just say “oh”

Ah, I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling
I wanna dance on the roof, you and me alone
I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah
I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah
I wanna play where you play with the angels
I wanna wake up with you all in tangles, oh
I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah
I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah

Cancel your reservations, no more hesitations this is
I can’t make it stop, give me all you got
I want it all or nothing, no more inbetween, now give your
Everything to me, let’s get real baby
A chemical reaction, take me in your arms and make me “oh”


Take me to emotion, I want to go all the way
Show me devotion and take me all the way
Take me to emotion, I want to go all the way
Show me devotion and take me all the way
All the way, all the way, all the way
Take me, take me, take me all the way


I wanna cut through the clouds (mmm, cut to the feeling)
I wanna dance on the roof (oh, yeah)
I wanna cut to the feeling (I wanna cut to the feeling)
I wanna cut to the feeling (I wanna cut to the feeling)