nothing inbetween


good morning I woke up with this in my head so I’m sharing

Nothing Inbetween | Leon & Emily

From dead boredom to feeling spontaneous, Leon was starting to wonder if he was bipolar. Perhaps it was the way everything he said and did around the woman and how it all sounded cheesy or trying hard, too calculated and even bordering on lame, that the reporter decided to just wing it.

For one night at least.

And if things should ever go south, he could make another lame excuse and blame it on alcohol before returning to his proper self the very next day; maybe send some flowers, drop a visit, all the common courtesies to be expected of him.

With both hands on the steering wheel, the young man took a deep breath, smiled cheekily at the woman sitting beside him and started the engine.

If only Montford offered more excitement.


I’d rather be a straight asshole or a pure gentleman, nothing in-between. I’m tired of playing both sides and getting caught at the wrong times. Being the nice guy who always gets taken advantage of or the douche bag who’s responsible for ruining everyones day. This way I only have to account for half the shit that gets pressed onto me. Have you ever felt tedious because whichever way you went about something couldn’t please anyone? Well fuck it. If you can’t please all of them, might as well entertain one half, and throw the middle finger to the other. Maybe gets you nowhere. Only yes and no will make you final decisions.