nothing in the world but youth


→ From collaborating with seniors in the industry, to having his hair bleached for the first time ever (and slaying us all). Kim Jongdae, you have never failed to surprise us and you didn’t disappoint when you said that you’ll show us better performances and an improved image of yourself. You deserve nothing but the best, because you gave us your best. Thank you and Happy 26th Birthday, you are so loved ♡

I want all young Autistic people on this site to know that they should never have to change themselves to satisfy neurotypicals.

That’s what society wants you to do. And there will be many, MANY instances where you feel obligated to do so. And maybe you will. You might stop stimming for a while because that girl gave you an irritated look, and even though you know you should stand up for yourself you feel so embarrassed and silly that you put your stim toys away.

Believe me, trying to change yourself to make neurotypicals more comfortable is a mistake. All those weird Autistic things you’re embarrassed of may become useful in the real world where clones don’t get far. Don’t look back in five years without any idea who you are because your one goal is to blend in with society.

Being Autistic is beautiful. There is NOTHING wrong with being Autistic. Please don’t change to make some neurotypical kid you won’t even remember happy.

Allistics/neurotypical allies who want to help, REBLOG THIS LIKE CRAZY so maybe an Autistic kid/youth can feel better about themselves.

Autistic people struggling with self-image or anything, feel free to message me 😘

✧ — Phantom of the Opera Prompts.

❛ My power over you grows stronger yet. ❜
❛ Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind. ❜
❛ Your part is silent, little toad! ❜
❛ Perhaps it is you who are the toad… ❜
❛ Flattering child, you shall know me, see why in shadow I hide! ❜
❛ Seal my fate tonight. ❜
❛ I hate to have to cut the fun short, but the joke’s wearing thin. ❜
❛ Let the audience in. ❜
❛ God, give me courage to show you you are not alone! ❜
❛ Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? ❜
❛ I heard as I’d never heard before. ❜
❛ What you heard was a dream and nothing more. ❜
❛ Those pleading eyes, that both threaten and adore… ❜
❛ That voice which calls to me and speaks my name. ❜  
❛ And do I dream again? ❜
❛ You have come here, in pursuit of your deepest urge. ❜
❛ I have brought you, that our passions may fuse and merge. ❜
❛ In your mind you’ve already sucummed to me. ❜  
❛ Now you are here with me. No second thoughts. ❜
❛ Past the point of no return. ❜
❛ What raging fire shall flood the soul? ❜
❛ What rich desires unlock its door? ❜  
❛ What sweet seductions lie before us? ❜
❛ Those who have seen your face draw back in fear. ❜
❛ Did you think that I had left you for good? ❜
❛ Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair! ❜
❛ You’ve past the point of no return. ❜
❛ You try my patience make your choice. ❜
❛ I gave you my mind blindly. ❜
❛ Wandering child, so lost, so helpless, yearning for my guidance. ❜
❛ Have you forgotten your Angel? ❜
❛ Wildly my mind beats against you… ❜
❛ Think of me, think of me waking, silent and resigne. ❜
❛ Imagine me, trying too hard to put you from my mind. ❜
❛ Can I ever forget that sight? ❜
❛ Can I ever escape from that face? ❜
❛ Past the point of no return - no going back now. ❜
❛ When will the flames, at last, consume us? ❜
❛ When will the blood begin to race? ❜
❛ I remember… there was mist. ❜
❛ Who was that shape in the shadows? ❜
❛ Whose is that face in the mask? ❜
❛ Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon! ❜
❛ Is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! ❜
❛ Now you cannot ever be free! ❜
❛ Come. We must return. ❜
❛ Those two fools who run my theater will be missing you. ❜
❛ No kind word from anyone! No compassion anywhere! ❜
❛ Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. ❜
❛ Lead me, save me from my solitude. ❜
❛ Say you’ll want me with you here beside you. ❜
❛ Anywhere you go, let me go too. ❜
❛ Can you even dare to look or bear to think of me? ❜
❛ Have you no pity? ❜
❛ Your lover makes a passionate plea. ❜
❛ Let your mind start a journey to a strange new world! ❜
❛ Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before! ❜
❛ Only then can you belong to me… ❜  
❛ You alone can make my song take flight. ❜
❛ It’s over now, the music of the night. ❜
❛ Twisted every way, what answer can I give? ❜
❛ Say you love him/her, and my life is over! ❜
❛ Now, let it be war upon you both! ❜
❛ See you later, because I’m going now. ❜
❛ This haunted face holds no horror for me now. ❜
❛ It’s in your soul that the true distortion lies. ❜
❛ For the past three years, these things do happen! ❜
❛ And did you stop them from happening? No! ❜
❛ Why have you brought me here? ❜
❛ We can’t go back there. ❜
❛ I can’t escape from him/her/them… ❜
❛ Raise up your hand to the level of your eyes! ❜
❛ Refuse me, and you send your lover to his death! ❜
❛ Go now, don’t let them find you. ❜
❛ I fought so hard to free you! ❜  
❛ Say you love me. ❜
❛ Your chains are still mine! You belong to me! ❜
❛ Wait! I think my dear, we have a guest. ❜
❛ I had rather hoped that you would come. ❜
❛ Free him/her! Do what you like only free him/her! ❜
❛ Does that mean nothing I love him/her! Show some compassion! ❜
❛ The world showed no compassion to me! ❜
❛ Did you think that I would harm him/her? ❜
❛ Too late for prayers and useless pity! ❜
❛ You little demon - is this what you wanted to see? ❜
❛ Farewell, my fallen idol and false friend. ❜
❛ Look around, there’s another mask behind you! ❜
❛ Please promise me that sometimes, you will think… of me! ❜
❛ Where in the world have you been hiding? ❜
❛ I only wish I knew your secret. ❜
❛ Who is your great tutor? ❜
❛ Why you spray on my chin all the time, huh? ❜
❛ The final threshold! ❜
❛ They say that this youth has set my lady’s heart aflame! ❜
❛ Go away, for the trap is set and waits for its prey! ❜
❛ There is no phantom of the opera. ❜
❛ Look, your future bride! Just think of it! ❜
❛ Please don’t, they’ll see. ❜
❛ But why is it secret? What have we to hide? ❜
❛ It’s an engagement, not a crime! ❜

I wish the world wasn’t so cruel and heartless. I wish not giving a fuck didn’t become a world wide trend. I wish people spoke with kindness and knew what it meant to be genuine. I wish social media didn’t take so many lives and ruin so much confidence. I wish money didn’t feed the rich and I wish the poor had a voice somebody cared about. I wish the world would wake up and do something about racism rather than speak on trending topics they know nothing about. I wish knowledge was as popular as followers. I wish Tupac was still alive, to inspire the ghettos’ I wish Martin was here to motivate the youth. I wish things were so different that I’m so consumed in my world wind of “what if’s”.

“Why aren’t you married to me yet?” He asked one time, complete with laughing blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

I don’t quite remember what it was that I was doing. I probably said something amusing, or stupid or both.

But I smiled and looked at him and dared, “ask me.”

And in that moment, in the quiet of a normal mid afternoon, with the jostling background noise of the city streets below, in that dingy studio apartment I used to scrape by to afford - we really did think we’d end up together. We were no one, a pair of 20-somethings with idealistic dreams and a snobbish self-entitled depth, we shared nothing but youth, innocence, lust over cheap wine and an unhealthy obsession over each other’s laughs. We were in love. The kind you only get once in your life, when the world has only tainted you with its promises of happy endings and first loves.

Looking back now, in a way he did ask me. Not so much in words but in feelings. Those blue eyes, that cheeky smirk, the way he swept over me from across the room. He didn’t say the words but I felt them. And to be quite honest, back then, I would have said yes. Undoubtedly, unabashedly, wantonly yes.

But life happens, as you know. He broke my heart before he even had the chance to ask.

Scrooge’s Grief for Della Duck (An Essay):

A.K.A. Scrooge McDuck grieves and misses his niece Della, but has tried to bury that pain for the past ten years. 

DuckTales handled Scrooge’s grief for Della wonderfully for me.

His grief isn’t apparent like Donald’s, or the consequences of her disappearance aren’t obviously shown as it is with Donald. His overprotectiveness comes from losing his sister.

Scrooge’s a man constantly on guard with his feelings. It’s like pulling  teeth out when it concerns him opening emotionally. He doesn’t want to appear vulnerable, and this is a feature from the comics. Pride and fear keeps his emotions close and under his heart. His hidden grief for Della, or rather her absence, and the subsequent rift it caused in his family, is in-character.

But this could be guilt as well. I have the opinion he may believe he’s responsible for TSPoS incident despite what he tells Donald.

This essay is currently over 2,000 words long, so I understand if you’re not interested in reading. These are my personal observations after rewatching the pilot movie on Youtube (it’s DisneyXD’s official channel), and from my personal readings of Don Rosa and Carl Barks’ comics, which have been a while. I plan to reread Carl Barks as soon as I can as well as catch up with the European comics.

Disney isn’t holding any punches for this show. It was a 23 hour marathon for the pilot movie. Thanks, Disney.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think libras, geminis, pisces are multifaceted?

Well, to be clear, all of the signs are multi-faceted in an archetypal way. However, in terms of the symbols, Libra, Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius also are multi-faceted. Libra has two sides of a scale, Gemini are represented by twins, Pisces are represented by two fishes, and Sagittarius is half man, half horse. These two sides can represent two different sides that are put into a single sign.

Gemini: One side represents knowledge and logic. The other side represents humor and youth. These two sides are both tied by the mind and communication.

Libra: One side represents love and romance. The other side represents justice and fairness. These two sides are both tied by the interactions with other people.

Sagittarius: One side represents knowledge, truth, and beliefs (human.) The other side represents strength, wildness, and adventure (horse.) These two sides are tied by passion.

Pisces: One side represents absolutely knowing everything and having the ability to empathize. The other side represents knowing absolutely nothing due to the grandness of the world. These two sides are tied by imagination.

To Play The Game: A Jonsa Fanfiction. Chapter 1

Jon Snow had safely arrived back at Winterfell. He mounted off his horse, adjusted his cloak and pat the mare’s back. The snow crunched beneath his boots and he exhaled. Home. He was Home. He knew he was home before he’d even arrived at Winterfell because of the fresh air and the clean breeze that had slapped his face. The South smelt like horseshit. He still didn’t understand why people wanted to live there, let alone sit on that worthless throne made of Iron. He’d rather die from the harsh conditions and peril that awaited him in the North, than suffer a meaningless death fighting over that worthless clunk of metal. As he walked nearer to the gates, he saw three figures come into view. His heart contracted. His legs would have probably gave out if not for the strong hold he had on his horses reins. He was overcome with such an array of emotions. One’s he had not allowed himself to feel in Dragonstone- could not let himself feel. A childlike sort of ecstasy came about him as he beheld those figures. His family. His pack

Bran. Arya. Sansa. Sansa.

He quickened his pace not even paying mind to the way he dragged his horse along with him. Behind him, he knew Davos was smiling. The gates opened and Arya marched toward him. Small, she was still so small. But gone was his little sister. For the girl- the woman- who stood before him now looked fierce. Unyielding. Strong. And strapped to her side was needle; the sword Jon had demanded was crafted specially for her. His heart swelled upon seeing that smallsword. And her eyes sparkled. Just her eyes alone spoke of so much raw emotion. So many unsaid words. They reached out for each other. And Jon did fall to his knees then as he threw his arms around her. Squeezing her tightly as if to make sure she was real. That she was there.

“Jon,” She said. Her voice cracking only slightly.

“Arya,” He said quietly. 

After they had both confirmed one another to be real, they let go of each other. 

He looked down at her. “Look’s like you learned how to use that sword.” Jon said with a small smile. 

She grinned. “I still use the very first lesson you gave to me.”

“Oh?” He asked innocently.

Her grin became wolf-like. “First lesson,” She said. “Stick em with the pointy end.”

His eyes sparkled. “Aye,”

He walked toward Bran with a more resigned smile. He’d been warned about Bran. He wasn’t the same as before. Not the Bran that had such bright eyes. Not the Bran that had dreamed of being a knight. Not the bran that climbed the castle walls with such joy. No, he’d never climb again. The world had been too cruel to Bran- cruel to them all- but far too cruel to Bran. His childhood snatched away. His youth taken too soon. He clapped him on the shoulder and offered him a gentle smile. Bran’s face was devoid of emotion- he couldn’t feel anything anymore, but his hand still reached to cover Jon’s. And it was better than nothing.

“I thought I’d never see you again. I thought you dead.” Jon whispered.

Bran looked up from his hand on top of his brother’s. “I always knew our paths would cross again. I’ve always been there with you. Always been watching. Even if you didn’t know.”

Too grave. His voice sounded too grave, too wise for someone so young. But Jon nodded his head all the same. 

“I would like to speak to you. When you’re well enough rested. There is much I wish to discuss with you.”

Jon nodded his head and squeezed his brothers shoulder again. “Of course.”

And finally, he looked to her. To Sansa. Sansa whom he had tried and failed to get out of his head for several months. Sansa who’s beautiful auburn hair flowed gently with the wind. Sansa who was still so breathtakingly beautiful that Jon thought he was going to be sick. He wondered if she knew. Knew that it was her name that he whispered amongst the nights stars. And only her name- the thought of her that had given him the strength to carry out such dishonourable acts. Only thoughts of her could drive out the darkness. Only thoughts of her could bring in the light. How the winds whispered her name. How his soul longed for her. And as he looked at her, the red-headed goddess he so wished was not his sister, how her eyes sparkled when she beheld him… Yes, he thought. There was no doubt in his mind. For Sansa, he would gladly wreck himself in two.

“Sansa-” He began and was interrupted for he heard the galloping of more horses. Horses that signalled she had arrived. 

Jon looked at Sansa and kissed her forehead. He drew back slowly.  They stared at each other. There was ice and fire and understanding. He nodded at her and she nodded back. Later. They would speak later. 

For the dragon queen had arrived amongst the wolves. And wolves did not let outsiders in to their pack. 

Jorah helped Daenery’s Targaryen dismount her horse. And she walked toward Jon. A smile on her face- the smile of a lover. Jon gave back what he thought was his best sensual grin. At least that was what he thought, until Sansa subtly (and quite hardly) kicked the back of his leg. The dragon queen stood beside Jon proudly. Impatiently. Expectant. It was only Bran whom inclined his head to acknowledge her status.

“Your grace.” He said plainly.

But Arya stood defiantly her chin raised high and Sansa seemed to be sizing her up. Daenery’s eyes flared with rage but she did not speak. Sansa finally bowed- to Jon. 

“Welcome home, your grace.” She said sweetly. 

Jon inclined his head. “Thank you, Sansa.” 

Sansa then turned to the dragon queen and bowed. “Your grace,” She said courteously. Ever a Queen.  

Daenery’s understood then. She wasn’t exactly disregarding her status. She was simply acknowledging Jon’s claim before her own. She didn’t know what to make of it. 

“Welcome to Winterfell, your grace.” Sansa began. “I hope you’ll find the room prepared for you to your standards. Everything is ready for your immediate use.”

“Thank you,” Dany said. “And where will my dragons stay? I assume you have prepared a place for them also?” She questioned.

But before Sansa could reply, Jon stepped in and said firmly. “Sansa is the lady of Winterfell. It is not her place to make such arrangements. The grounds master will see too it they are put in a suitable place.”

Dany looked up at Jon and furrowed a brow (though her heart still leaped when she saw him and filled her with joy), she was surprised. And puzzled. Slowly, she nodded. He smiled at her and she returned it back happily. But looking at Sansa, she wondered why it had been failed to have mentioned The Lady Of Winterfell was so beautiful. And why she had received misinformation on the nature of Jon and Sansa’s relationship. Because from the fierce way he defended her and the dutiful and loving way she had first acknowledged him, Dany knew it wasn’t an estranged one as she had been led to believe.

“If that is all,” Said Sansa. “I have a lot of paperwork to oversee before we dine.” She turned to Jon. “Your Grace?” She asked. Asking to be dismissed.

He nodded. Giving her such a tender and loving look. One Daenery’s had never seen directed at her. 

“Aye,” Jon said to his lady-sister. “I’ll see you before we dine.” 

Sansa left then. Gathering up her skirts in her hands so it wouldn’t trudge through the snow. With one last grin at Jon (ignoring Dany completely), Arya followed whilst wheeling Bran away. Sansa waited for them to catch up. Brienne bowed before Jon and then trailed after the two girls. 

Bran called out “We’ll talk when you’ve rested Jon.” 

Daenery’s turned to Jon and took his hands in hers. “So that wen’t well.”

A small smile. “It wen’t well considering.”

“They hate me!”

“Not hate you exactly-”

She gave him a look of complete and utter disbelief.

He huffed a laugh. “They may completely and wholeheartedly dislike you, but they don’t hate you. They’ll come to realise the help you offer the North is invaluable. They’ll come to see you for what you are. Salvation.”

She cocked her head. “And what of what I am to you?” 

He kissed her cheek lightly and stepped away from her. 

“The dragons will be arriving soon. After they have come, rest. Refresh yourself. I’ll see you at the feast.”

She smiled and gave a little nod all whilst reluctantly letting his hand go. Jon gave Davos a look. An order. He bowed to him. And bowed slightly to Dany before setting off. 

She watched Jon trudge through the snow toward the castle as Missande, Jorah and Tyrion came to her side. They’d just got to Winterfell. Her and Jon had come together. So why did she feel she had already lost him?


Jon stood before Sansa’s chamber and knocked twice. Brienne opened the door. She bowed. 

“Who is it, Brienne?” Sansa queried.

“It’s his grace, my lady.”

Immediately she replied “Let him in. And leave us.”

Brienne bowed. “My Lord. My Lady.”

The heavy doors of the chambers shut and Sansa shot up and dropped whatever she had been sowing. They stared at each other for a long while and then- Jon didn’t know who had reached for who first. All he knew was that Sansa was in his arms and no matter how hard he tried, he could not press her close enough to his body. She nuzzled her head into his neck and he sighed. Smoothing down her hair and letting her scent fill him up. 

“I missed you.”

He continued to stroke her hair. “And I missed you.” he said roughly.

Sansa thought it’d never be enough- what she had with Jon. But it was all she would ever get. So she would take it. Any moment with him was better than nothing at all. 

There was a knock on the door and they quickly sprung apart. Sansa straightened her gown. 

“Who is it?” She called.

“Davos, my lady.”

“Enter.” She said.

He came in to the room and made sure to check there was no one listening before he shut the door. 

Sansa looked to Jon. “She believes you? She believes that you truly intend to surrender the North to her?”

Jon nodded and Davos said “Aye. There were no witnesses.”

“She suspects nothing?”

Jon said “Not a thing.”

Sansa nodded. “Good. And how do you plan to hold her to her promise that she’ll help the North when the army of the dead is to arrive?”

Jon’s expression turned grave. “She is in love with me… and believes me to be in love with her.”

Sansa’s heart stopped. Her eyes turned cold. “And are you?”

Jon furrowed a brow.

“In love with her I mean!” She said gruffly.

Jon blinked. Did Sansa seem… angry? But he looked back at her and thought he must have been mistaken.

“No.” He said seriously. “I’m not in love with her.”

Relief seeped through Sansa. Not that she’d ever let him know. If he knew the reasons behind her anger… he’d be disgusted by her. Absolutely revolted.

She stepped closer to him. “You truly believe her participation will have an impact on the outcome of this war?”

Jon couldn’t breathe. Not with Sansa this close to him. He wanted to grab her face and kiss her lips- her soft sweet red lips and he wanted to-


He coughed. “She has a good heart. Despite her being consumed by her quest for the Iron Throne… she will help. And with her dragons, they will have a massive impact- thousands of lives could be saved. 

She nodded. But Jon’s eyes were sad. Davos saw it and pitted Jon. Pitied Sansa. But he did not speak a word when she grabbed Jon’s two hands and led him to sit with her. 

“I know you don’t like doing such dishonourable things Jon- you’re much like father in that regard.”

He sighed heavily. But continued to listen to her valuable words.

“But to play the game, you have to resort to tricks. You have to use deceit. You have to play dirtily. It’s the only way that we’ll survive. We can’t make any mistakes. We- Arya and Bran and the North, we can’t afford to lose you and our home. I can’t afford to lose you.” She exhaled a breath. She didn’t let go of his hands. “Do you understand?”

He nodded. “Aye, I understand.”

To play the game, he had to play dirty. And so their dance of deceit began.

Note: Hi guys, this is the first chapter of my Jonsa fanfiction and I’m super excited to write it! I love Jonsa and this is my interpretation of their story. I Hope you enjoy it! To find the second chapter, please just find the tag “to play the game: a jonsa fanfiction. I’ll be opening an A03 account so when chapter 3 is released, it’ll no be longer posted on tumblr (in this dormant ill link you all to the ao3). I upload new chapters every Sunday! All characters belong to George R.R Martin.

Types of Kakashi

1.Chibi Kakashi- Smol and angry. Rejects the sandwich you prepared for him because he made a gourmet meal while you were looking for the bread.  

2. Anbu Kakashi- Needs a hug, like woah.  Can’t sleep very well, and wants to die 90% of the time.

3. Prophet Kakashi- He has seen your future, and your future is death.  Amount of fucks given: Zero.

4. Jonin Kakashi- Is in the process of learning what it means to be a person.  Gives terrible advice.  (also known as Kakashi-sensei)

5. Icha Icha Kakashi- A cuddle monster, prone to blushing.  If that hug offer is still available, he would like it.

6. Hobo Kakashi- Wears the same flak jacket for a year. Skips out on the dinner bill, and loiters in trees instead of reading in his apartment.

7. Humble Kakashi- Saves the world.  Thinks he did nothing. 

8. Rokukashi- Can model a blanket like no one’s business.  Terrible at winking.

9.  BFF Kakashi- Elusive and ridiculous.  Generally, this Kakashi is happy with his place in life.  Comes with Bonus! Youth Power!

10. Papashi-

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Never Take Your Eyes Off Me (a victuuri fansong)
Julia Jones
Never Take Your Eyes Off Me (a victuuri fansong)

After 3 failed attempts at writing a victuuri  fan song, I bring you ‘Never Take Your Eyes Off Me’. 

It’s from Yuuri’s perspective, about Victor. I wrote it after episode 9, because I couldn’t contain myself hahaha. Hope you guys like it! Sorry for the belty parts ;P (they’re not always on key whoops) I kinda went nuts about half way through, so keep listening!

lyrics under the read more.

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nights; mcgonagall drabble

It’s the nights she saw the tightness of Remus’ face and the trembling of his hands, an eternal reminder of his monthly torture, sorrow and pain carved in the premature lines of his skin, that McGonagall shivered.

It’s the nights she recalled the emptiness in Sirius’ eyes as he was taken away to Azkaban, a haggard, destroyed look that never disappeared even as he prowled the halls of the Black mansion, that McGonagall stumbled.

It’s the nights she visited Alice and Frank, met by their blank smiles and absent minds, their bodies forever haunted by excruciating dolor, and was gently offered the crinkled paper of sweets, that McGonagall hurt.

It’s the nights she remembered Lily and James’ broken bodies, cast in desperation in front of the one person they would always protect, their love torn apart and yet still so present in the quiet darkness of the house, that McGonagall cried. 

She wanted to grab Dumbledore and shake him and yell. They were twenty, she wanted to scream. They were so young. They deserved to live. What was the point of fighting against evil if this was the price to pay?

Because the memories still came so easily, of James’ charming smiles and Sirius’ rebellious grins as they brilliantly broke another rule. Of Remus’ soft sweaters and dark chocolate as he scolded them fondly, and of a boy and a girl walking hand in hand like nothing else in the world existed. The beautiful youth was gone and yet she remained, fighting in remembrance of something that had already disappeared.

It’s those nights that McGonagall doubted.

But it’s the night she saw the limp body of Harry Potter in Hagrid’s arms that McGonagall broke.

written for the @hpwritersnet prompt of the week: mcgonagall

memories 01. i don’t know if this is reality or a dream.

he grips the railing, metal kissing his bruises bittersweet. he stops. 


he looks off, sharp eyes gauging  hesitance in jin’s soft muted gaze, the warmth of his brown eyes soon replaced by film and hard glass, and it sets him back on course.


taehyung closes his eyes and leans forward, the adrenaline in his chest relieved by the sudden weightlessness caught between his heels. he inhales the pinks and oranges of the sky, the waning sun caught between his lips, and for very first time, he soars. he soars far above the ground, above the grass, above jin, and far beyond the dredges of reality he’d been grounded to for so long (and for much too long). and he keeps soaring, suspended in the silence of his chaotic headspace, soaring even farther, even as gravity tugs down his sleeves and begs at his feet.

jin watches, head booming with applause and excitement. the voices holler and cheer, ghosting whispers in his ears, knowing too well of their fixation towards the descending figure before him, as they clap-!  whoop-!  scream–!

but taehyung hears nothing. he doesn’t hear the chorus of gasps when he falls, he doesn’t hear the hurrahs, the satisfaction of having a full audience. he can only sense. sense a blank stare watching him through false mirrors and still windows. sense the impending fruit of his fall. he can sense gravity dragging plastic and glass from shaking hands to shatter on concrete as it drags him whole into the mouth of the tide, pulling jin and his illusions to drown with him.

to taehyung, the world is quiet.

let’s be        
             he smiles.        
                               young forever.

( awake!au by @caramoccii |  memories:
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Teenager: Actually, I thi-

Anyone age 40 and up: my honey, sweet youth,, baby child, you are but a fetus,.you know nothing of this world, small, naïve baby child of youthful infancy, you have only taken your first steps. When you grow my little sapling, when you reach my level of enlightenment, my infinite wisdom of which you could not fathom, darling child, when you pay taxes and care deeply about laundry detergent, then and then only must you form an opinion of any sort, my child

Welcome Reylos! Fic Rec List

Hello Reylo fam! It occurred to me that we’re seeing quite a few new faces here in the land of Rey and Kylo and there’s so much fic it could be a little overwhelming. So I thought I’d put together a list of some of my personal favorites. This is in no way meant to be exhaustive or definitive. I encourage people to add, add, add your favorites! 

TFA Compliant Fics

What the Hell is Wrong with Kylo Ren by @tuli-azzameen

Tongue-in-cheek tour of Reylo tropes. This time, it is Kylo Ren who is taken prisoner. Rey is given the impossible task of turning this moody, homicidal creep back to the Light, all while he awkwardly attempts to lure her into darkness. Bickering, sexual tension and poor life-choices ensue.

In My Bloodstream by  EllieCarina

Rey knows Kylo by now. And she knows Ben and almost everything in between. But when Poe Dameron kisses her, she learns something she hadn’t known before. They are bound by the Force and this alone would be difficult enough - with love of all things added to the mix, the universe could as well come apart under the weight of their minds.

PREY by @these-are-the-first-steps

Kylo Ren, recovering, retrained, and bolstered by the Dark Side thanks to Snoke, is still obsessed with his failures and the scavenger that got away. Carving a furious path through the First Order fleet and throwing everything to hell, he hones in almost desperately on her location as she runs from his whispers until there is nothing left but them.

Delicious Ambiguity by @juuls

Rey and Kylo Ren repeatedly encounter each other in battle over the years, fighting desperately for the causes that they believe in even as they both grow in strength - and fight off growing curiosity. Yet when Kylo tells Rey that she’s pregnant via the Force, will that affect their interactions? And will it change Kylo irrevocably?

Commemoration by @charlottecagain

Kylo Ren surprises Rey in order to commemorate a special occasion, and things go from there. Attraction has lead to something far more, and that leads to some dangerous, even desperate ideas as they try to find ways to be together. A little dark, a little light, a lot of connection.

Splintered by @daxcat79

Murdering his own father has left Kylo Ren splintered into two personalities representing darkness (Kylo Ren) and light (Ben Solo). Rey’s strange bond with him has her caught in the middle, struggling with conflicting feelings of her own.

TFA Divergent Fics

Within Monsters by @anonymousmink

This is the last place she ever thought she’d end up.

When work dries up on Jakku, a desperate Rey enlists with Galactech– a tech company who will hire anyone with the right skills, and work for anyone for the right price. Now trapped onboard the Finalizer, Rey is both horrified and fascinated by the dark tales she hears about the leader of the Knights of Ren and the mysterious Force he controls.

But, when a chance encounter awakens a power within her she has never known, it may just be Kylo Ren’s fascination with her that becomes her undoing.

Snare by @carasstarwarsmusings

Kylo walked into a trap set up by the Resistance when the First Order raided San Tekka’s village. He’s now found himself alone in the desert, on a planet crawling with Resistance and Resistance allies and a bounty on his head that is going to have the locals all interested in capturing him.

Scavenged Goods by @tinylittlebrain

Instead of being victorious, Kylo Ren is grievously injured in a pitched battle in Jakku when Poe visits Lor San Tekka. Rey stumbles across his inert unmasked form and, against her better judgement, drags him back to her AT-AT.


She’s got no kriffing idea.

Reylo AUs

Hex by @pissbabysithlord

For a moment he assumed she was someone’s familiar, but there were few witches in the area. Kylo sincerely doubted any of them would be so cruel as to have their companion fend for themselves in the streets, especially when considering how small she was. Still, there was something undeniably clever about her.

He sighed; either way, it was of no consequence to him.

She Who Would be Queen by  sasstasticmad

Rey is the last daughter of a once noble house, isolated and yearning for a place in the world. When she receives a letter the day after her eighteenth birthday, it seems her station and her husband have been decided for her.

Kylo Ren is the heir to a cruel and vast empire, taken from his parents and raised from his youth to rule. He weds because it is his duty, although it seems his bride is nothing like he had ever expected.

Summer Heat by  IshaRen

A lonely young woman arrives at the cottage she inherited from her grandfather on a remote lake in northern Ontario, to find her neighbour is a rare Alpha, a relic of the old days when humans were ruled by their designation. Across a long hot summer, they connect over their shared history, and she finds that the past may not be as far away as she assumed.

There are so many more, but this was getting rather long. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment!

This is a Weird Al Yankovic Callout Post

Okay, Weird Al, I love you. You’re nothing but pure and good, but I have ONE BEEF with you.

Because man, I love your old stuff.

I also love your new stuff?

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed something.

Why don’t you age, you strange, wonderful, confusing man?!

Did you find the secret to youth eternal?! Did you make a deal with some kind of God?? You’re FIFTY SEVEN YEARS OLD and the only thing that dates your pictures is the AESTHETIC. 


Are you a Fae? because I’m 99% sure that you’re always THIS CLOSE to saying “what fools these mortals be”. And if you were some kind of Fae creature that would honestly explain so much. Could be a cryptid? You could be Bigfoot for all I know. I’ve never seen Weird Al and Bigfoot in the same room.


A Lesson On Imprinting (Taehyung/Seokjin/Jungkook)

Originally posted by melanielovesgaysempai

Prompt: Jin werewolf AU where TaeKook are his betas and hes gonna teach them about imprinting (smut or not ur choice) I just need some Papa Jin teaching his baby wolves.

Genre: Smut - ABO Dynamics!AU, Werewolf!AU

Words: 5.5K+  too damn many

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: When you’re young you think you know it all. You believe that you are invincible, that nothing in this world can stop you. You think that you contain the answers to every question in the world in your head, your brain never possessing the ability of being incorrect.

Tags: Werewolf!AU, Threesome, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Rimming ass eating, Face Sitting, Face Riding, etc. this is such a mess oh my god why did i write this

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Fall Out Boy sentence meme

Save Rock and Roll ft American Beauty/American Psycho, Centuries, Kids Aren’t Alright and Immortals edition

  • “Put on your war paint”
  • “You are a brick tied to me that’s dragging me down”
  • “I’ll burn you to the ground”
  • “We can take the world back”
  • “Doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?”
  • “No, I think it looked a little better on me”
  • “You broke our spirit”
  • “The war is won”
  • “Can’t be sure when they’ve hit their mark”
  • “I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart”
  • “I’m in the details with the devil”
  • “The world can never get me on my level”
  • “I’m a young lover’s rage”
  • “I’ve got the scars from tomorrow”
  • “You’re the antidote to everything except for me”
  • “My childhood spat back out the monster that you see”
  • “I don’t know where you’re going but do you got room for one more troubled soul?”
  • “I don’t know where I’m going but I don’t think I’m coming home”
  • “I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead”
  • “Let’s be alone together”
  • “We could stay young forever”
  • “You cut me off”
  • “It’s not my fault, I’m a maniac”
  • “Do you wanna feel beautiful?”
  • “My heart is like a stallion”
  • “This is the road to ruin”
  • “I’m here to collect your hearts”
  • “I don’t believe a word you say but I can’t stop listening”
  • “My old friends become exes again”
  • “Where did the party go?”
  • “I know I expect too much”
  • “You know I only wanted fun then you got me all fucked up on love”
  • “You and me are the difference between real love and the love on TV”
  • “My old aches become new again”
  • “So let’s fade away together one dream at a time”
  • “See how dirty I can get them”
  • “Anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name”
  • “It will be held against you”
  • “I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday”
  • “I know I’m bad news”
  • “I saved it all for you”
  • “I want to teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way”
  • “Letting people down is my thing”
  • “This town ain’t big enough for two of us”
  • “I don’t have the right name”
  • “I have twice the heart”
  • “I’m here to give you all my love”
  • “Did you get dressed up?”
  • “I can’t stop it when there’s chemicals keeping us together”
  • “How the mighty fall”
  • “How the mighty fall in love”
  • “Your crooked love is just a pyramid scheme”
  • “I’m dizzy on dreams”
  • “If you ask me two’s a whole lot lonelier than one”
  • “We should have left our love in the gutter where we found it”
  • “You think your only crime is that you got caught”
  • “It’s getting clear”
  • “You’re never coming clean”
  • “I’ll lock you up inside and swallow the key”
  • “I know you said not to call unless I’m dying”
  • “I just hope that when you see me I’m not see-through”
  • “I’m either fuckin’ or workin”
  • “I’m a dick, girl/boy/baby, addicted to you”
  • “I know I’m the one you want to forget”
  • “Cue all the love to leave my heart”
  • “It’s time for me to fall apart”
  • “Now you’re gone but I’ll be okay”
  • “Maybe I’ll burn a little brighter tonight”
  • “I miss missing you now and then”
  • “Sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger”
  • “The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger”
  • “We’re fading fast”
  • “Give me your filth”
  • “Make it rough”
  • “Let me let me trash your love”
  • “I am the best you’ll never have”
  • “I wanna see your animal side”
  • “I need your broken promises”
  • “I want the guts and glory”
  • “Don’t take love off the table yet”
  • “We are alive”
  • “Oh there you go; undress to impress”
  • “You can wear the crown but you’re no princess”
  • “Let’s get you wasted and alone”
  • “We’re gonna die”
  • “It’s just a matter of time”
  • “I’m either gone in an instant or here ‘til the bitter end”
  • “What I’ve got will make you feel more alive”
  • “I’ll be your favorite drug”
  • “We’re the beginning of the end”
  • “It’s all over now before it has begun”
  • “We are wild”
  • “Do you wanna feel a little beautiful baby?”
  • “Come on make it easy, say I never mattered”
  • “Are you ready for another bad poem?”
  • “Remember me as I was not as I am”
  • “If my heart is a grenade”
  • “We’re all fighting growing old”
  • “You need to lower your standards”
  • “I’m the lonelier version of you”
  • “I just don’t know where it went wrong”
  • “She’s/he’s/they’re sick and she’s/he’s/they’re wrong”
  • “I’ve seen bigger”
  • “I’ve lived better”
  • “Run for your life”
  • “Until your breathing stops”
  • “I need more dreams”
  • “I cried tears you’ll never see”
  • “So fuck you, you can go cry me an ocean and leave me be”
  • “You are what you love, not who loves you”
  • “Wherever I go trouble seems to follow”
  • “Whoa, how’d it get to be only me?”
  • “Cause we don’t know when to quit”
  • “She’s/he’s/they’re an American beauty, I’m an American psycho”
  • “I think I fell in love again”
  • “Maybe I just took too much cough medicine”
  • “I’m the best worst thing that hasn’t happened to you yet”
  • “We’re the things that love destroys”
  • “You will remember me”
  • “Remember me for centuries”
  • “We’ll go down in history”
  • “No, it’s nothing wrong with me”
  • “The story’s all off”
  • “Come on and let me in”
  • “I never meant for you to fix yourself”
  • “I can’t stop ‘til the whole world knows my name”
  • “I am the opposite of amnesia”
  • “You look so pretty, but you’re gone so soon”
  • “We’ve been here forever”
  • “I could scream forever”
  • “We are the poisoned youth”
  • “Maybe I bit off more than I could chew”
  • “I’d do it all again”
  • “I think you’re my best friend”
  • “I’ll be yours”
  • “I’m not passive but aggressive”
  • “It’s not impressive
  • "I still feel that rush in my veins”
  • “They say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be”
  • “I’m bad behavior but I do it in the best way”
  • “I try to picture me without you but I can’t”
  • “We could be immortals”
  • “I’m still comparing your past to my future”
  • “Live with me forever now”
Oscar Wilde starter sentences - put one in my ask box! (part one)
  • “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
  • “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
  • “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
  • “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.”
  • “A good friend will always stab you in the front.”
  • “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”
  • “A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.”
  • “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
  • “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
  • “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”
  • “I can resist anything except temptation.”
  • “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”
  • “To define is to limit.”
  • “I have nothing to declare except my genius.”
  • “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
  • “Every woman is a rebel.”
  • “I like men who have a future and women who have a past.”
  • “Youth is wasted on the young.”
  • “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”
  • “Women have a much better time than men in this world; there are far more things forbidden to them.”
  • “Some things are more precious because they don’t last long.”
  • “It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all its untainted glory, and still to love it.”
  • “The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.”
  • “Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you won’t be invited to cocktail parties.”
  • “The basis of optimism is sheer terror.”
  • “Only the shallow know themselves.”
  • “One should always be in love. That’s the reason one should never marry.”
  • “No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”
  • “Friendship is far more tragic than love. It lasts longer.”
  • “Irony is wasted on the stupid.”
  • “Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.”