nothing has ever been truer

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Hey! Can I ask for a V scenario when he begs you to take him back after breaking it off w/ him before because you think he wasn't being serious about your relationship? (Ya know w/ him being immature and goofy all the time) He tells you that he is very serious about you and asks you to give him a chance to prove it. Angsty but fluffy ending, please? haha! Thank you so much in advance! <3

               Your phone rang for the 50th time that day and you glanced briefly at it before ignoring it. You had been so busy lately dodging your very persistent ex that you hadn’t had time to go jogging. Today, you finally decided you were just going to ignore Taehyung as best as you could and go for a much needed run.

                You weren’t sure what Taehyung wanted to tell you, but you were pretty sure you didn’t want to hear it. You had loved him with all your heart, but Taehyung never quite seemed serious about loving you back. Whenever you said you loved him, he would say that he loved himself too. He was fun and a part of you would always love him. But not once in the 2 years you had been dating had he said that he loved you too. There are only so many jokes a girl can take.

                Thudding footsteps started rushing towards you and you turned around in time to scream as a familiar man launched himself at you, tackling you to the ground. “Taehyung!?” You screamed angrily, shoving him off of you.

                “I finally found you!” He shouted, not sounding all that happy himself. “Why wouldn’t you answer my calls?” He asked.

                “Why should I answer your calls?” You hissed, not caring that the people around you were staring. “Haven’t you had enough fun playing around with me yet? Wasn’t 2 years enough!? Jesus, just leave me alone!”

                Taehyung’s face fell and he just looked so broken. You had never seen him make that kind of expression before. You didn’t even know he was capable. “I can’t…” He whispered, his voice cracking.

                You blinked. You had never seen Taehyung cry before, he had never even come close. You felt an annoying twinge in your heart. Your feelings for Taehyung in your heart hadn’t caught up to the feelings in your brain apparently. “What’s…what’s wrong?” You asked cautiously.

                “I thought you were happy.” He said quietly. “I was happy, so I stupidly thought you were happy too. You smiled and laughed every day. But…you left me. So I guess you were never happy to begin with.”

                You felt your temper flare. “Happy? I was happy. But it’s pretty hard to stay happy when whenever you try to kiss your boyfriend, he burps in your face. Or whenever I put on lingerie for him, he laughs in my face and says I look ridiculous. Or when I tell him I love him, he says he loves himself too. Did you think I would put up with that forever? I don’t even believe you ever loved me at this point. Did you know that you never said you loved me once? Not once.”

                Taehyung froze. “I thought you liked that goofy side of me.”

                You sighed, resigned. “I do! But I like your other sides too, Tae. It can’t all be fun and games, sometimes you have to be serious. Sometimes you have to tell someone you love them. Otherwise they leave.”

                “But…I do love you.” He said, staring into your eyes. “I loved you the whole time and I still do. I always will. Why do you think I’ve been trying so hard to get back in touch with you? I’ve been chasing you down just to ask you to give me another chance.”

                His heart was in his eyes and you felt yourself being drawn back in. “Say it again.”

                Smiling a little, Taehyung nodded. “I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I’ll say it until you believe me, because it’s true. Nothing has ever been truer. I love you.”

                You giggled, feeling giddy hearing those words coming from his mouth. “One more chance, Tae. You gotta make the last 2 I-love-you-less years up to me.”

                “Your wish is my command.” He said with a wink.


Hope you enjoyed! <3