nothing good cames out of it


My last reblog reminded me that I wanted to crosspost this here. I just came out of spending two months looking for an office job to replace mine that went off season two weeks ago, and when nothing came through I checked Craigslist, found out a burger place I love was looking for servers, walked in with an apron and resume and walked out with a job that I’ve been told may start netting me $700 a week.

Food service is good. Food service will pay your bills. Learn food service even if you only use it in emergencies.

regarding this comment. here’s a public service announcement:

go back to germany in 1935 and tell paul klee, bertolt brecht and the other poets, musicians, painters and novelists that “politics” had nothing to do with their “real lives”.

“life stories…”?
“things about my child….”?

these ARE the stories of my life.

if i thought that donald trump was going to have no effect on my life story…the story of my child…the story of my 300 million american brothers and sisters…i’d shut up. really i would.

it’s a good time to drag this evergreen quote out:

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

-from Martin Niemöller, 1892–1984, who was a prominent Protestant pastor / outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

are you ready to speak?
are you ready to listen?

because it’s about to get very, VERY loud.

and it must, because if we don’t speak now, we will regret it.


(and to drive the point home….this was typed and cut and pasted while literally breastfeeding a baby.)

Aries: You’re getting better. I can see it. I want you to know that you’re healing. You’re growing. I am too.

Taurus: Long days spent at the river in memoriam. Nothing is quiet as sweet as it used to be. But at least we aren’t alone.

Gemini: clinging to the past never did anyone good. You need to learn how to let go before you suffocate yourself.

Cancer: Be creative. Bury yourself in your work and your passions and let the rest just happen. You deserve that much.

Leo: Some wounds weren’t meant to heal. You just have to learn how to work around them. It truly is for the best.

Virgo: You came out stronger in the end.  I want you to know that. You hurt a lot but it was worth it. As painful as it is, you made the right choice.

Libra: Dreams don’t mean as much as you think. Assuming they’re appearance in your dreams means they’re coming back is insane. Let go of it.

Scorpio: Learn to fight back. Use everything they gave you as a weapon. You can stand your own ground. You’ve got poison in your veins. Use it.

Sagittarius: come home. Youve been gone for far too long. Come back as hard as its going to be. Face up to your ghosts. They can’t hurt you anymore.

Capricorn:  forgive yourself. For the love of god forgive yourself. I already have. Learn to accept what you can’t fix.

Aquarius : Stop that. Those bad habits are just crutches that never did supper you. Eventually the ice you’re on is going to fall through. I don’t know if I can save you this time.

Pisces:  just apologize already. There’s no reason to lose friends over such silly and stupid shit. Get over yourself and admit you were wrng, because everyone else wants to work past this.

—  This week’s horoscope

ok as much as i love dadreyes sombra is. clearly her own woman. she’s 30 years old, she got herself those cybernetic upgrades, she lived through the crisis and came out of it with some serious power, im PRETTY SURE she joined talon for convenience considering she sacrifices their goals for hers. so yes, by all means, have reaper looking out for sombra and bonding over a shared heritage and all that good stuff; but she is not his protege or his baby and she sure as hell is not a fucking gremlin in a baby carrier. there is nothing he could give her that she hasn’t already taken for herself.


My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 

The “I Can Do This!” Motivation bottle.

I made this little bottle for my wife at work, but I’ve decided to post it because I know finals are coming up and I think this could be helpful for those of you who are juggling your finals with the rest of your life! 

All of these things came from my kitchen spice cabinets, so nothing too crazy or difficult to find here!

I made this as something that embodied what is needed to get through the tough days. It isn’t a good luck charm, just something to bring out the best thing already in you.

Each layer is for a different piece of what makes up a good, productive day in my opinion, so here we go!

  • Sea salt - for protection
  • Cinnamon - for success & wisdom
  • Sage - for peace
  • Caraway seeds - for mental power
  • Basil - for confidence
  • Rosemary - for mental clarity
  • Red Pepper flakes - for energy

I find that saying my intent out loud really helps me to know that it is there, the more I say something out loud, the more I feel like it is true and real, so I focus on saying my intent for each layer out loud, over and over until I really do feel it there. I also find that saying these things out loud, and being sure of them, helps you to realize that there really IS power in your words. You have power to speak these words and really bring life to them because you are stating, whole-heartedly that this rosemary is going to bring mental clarity to your day. Don’t be afraid to spend as much time as you need to on each layer to feel like your intent is there. This helps me, personally. 

Once you’re filled up, put the cork back in, tightly. I would recommend packing these layers in tightly also, so if you care them around in your pocket, they don’t all mix together if you don’t want them to.

After, I sealed my bottle with wax (mine was vanilla scented because it is my wife’s favorite scent and it’s something that really makes her happy) - (also I will make a little post about how I seal up little bottles with wax later on!) and sat with it for quite a while, really focusing the intent into the whole bottle, and what you want for it as a whole. Like before, I sat repeating out loud until I really felt it and believed it with the knowing that my words have power!

I hope this was helpful! 

more pining allura bc why not:

training is just Messy bc allura technically has to watch for the progress of other paladins but shiro sometimes trains so hard he gets sweaty and allura. can’t look away

coran ropes shiro into helping him with minor mechanical fixes and shiro gets smudged and dirty from it and does that thing where he wipes at his brow and leaves a grease smudge behind and allura literally almost has a heart attack

allura can no longer lecture the paladins bc shiro looks her perfectly in the eyes every time and shes not prepared for that much eye contact ok

shiro’s typically well groomed but one time he came to breakfast with bedhead and allura hasn’t been the same ever since

The One Time when shiro let some stubble grow out and allura formally asked coran to prepare her funeral

shiro: good job today, princess
allura: same to you, my paladin
shiro: what was that?
allura, contemplating throwing herself out the airlock: nothing dont worry about it



After a new meta-human appeared in Central City the team where focused on catching him….. Let’s just say he caught you. He kidnapped you and locked you in a room in a building next to Central City Park.

“Where is she? She is always late!” Barry complained, jumping off the treadmill. Caitlin raised her eyebrow at the tall man in front of her.

“Seriously? You’re saying ‘shes’ always late? Who’s the one hats late every single day?” Barry just rolled his eyes and walked back into the cortex.

Dr Well turned around in his chair. “Why do you hate (Y/N) so much? She has done nothing. And if you do have a problem with her don’t let it interfere with your Flash work.”

Suddenly a buzzer went off.

“Guys! This is not good! You see, when (Y/N) first came here and found out about Barry… and the mets stuff, I gave her this… let’s say button, and I told her if she’s ever in danger she was to press it.” Cisco ran over to his tablet and picked it up.

“Thank god I put a tracking no device in this thing.” Cisco mumbled while finding the address.

“Okay! She’s in 32 West Avenue, its right next to CC Park!” As soon as those words fell from cuscus mouth the scarlet speedster was out the door.


Barry arrived at the address and saw (Y/N) tied to a chair. He slowly walked over to her.

“Hey… erm… Could you maybe walk a bit faster and untie me?” You ask sounding annoyed.

“Calm down! At least I’m here!” He said as he bend down and untied you hands and ankles.

“Why did he kidnap you?” Barry helping you stand up.

“Oh, he wanted to have tea with me! What do you think! Seriously you’re lucky your good looking, because you-” As soon as those words spilled out of your mouth you blushed. You honestly didn’t mean to call Barry good looking.

“Oh, so you think I’m good looking?” Barry asked with a smirk.

“Yeah… so?” You say crossing your arms.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked moving closer to you.

“I’m surprised someone as smart as you would have to ask.” You say before reaching up and kissing him. He pulled away.

“Hey! I’m pretty slow!” He said before pulling you in for a hug.

“Pretty slow my ass!” You say nuzzling your head into Barry’s neck.

Reasons to smile

A couple could be reuniting at this very moment and hugging one another ever so tightly
A baby could be smiling a gummy smile to its parents for the first time
Someone could be taking the first bite of their grandmother’s homemade cookies
A child could have just successfully came out to their family and received nothing but support
A person could be walking away from a toxic relationship and starting their life anew
A struggling author could have just gotten their book published for the first time
A student could have just received their report card and saw nothing but good grades
A child could be getting pushed on the swing set
A college student could have just made it safely home to visit for Thanksgiving
A child could have finally gotten adopted by loving parents

Day Thirty-Eight

-A woman’s total came out to $66.66. I was happy. She was not. She added on an item to ruin that. She was happy. I was not.

-An older woman was in front of a mother and her small child in line. The elder turned to the younger and asked, “What is his age?” The mother answered her. The questioning woman looked the child up and down, then said, “That is a good size,” before turning away and ceasing all conversation. I will admit that this was an apt, albeit unexpected, appraisal of the youth.

-I have realized that nothing is more inspiring or surreal than hearing a kindly looking woman in her eighties shout, “Crap!” without prompting. This is a phenomenon that truly must be experienced to be appreciated.

-I went out on a limb and made a risky investment. I bought two pads of Halloween stickers and put them in a decorative bucket on my counter. Kids loved it. Teens loved it. Parents loved it. Grandparents loved it. One man did not. These are analytics I can accept.

-A young girl purchased a Barbie remote control drone. What kind of unreal futuristic utopia are we living in, and why was I never given a Barbie drone?

-A mother told me that she regularly let her two year-old child play on her phone. This had always been fine, until the mother received a confirmation email for a purchase the child had made. She did not question it, cancel it, or look into it, and looks forward to finding out what she has coming her way. This is the kind of parent that I aspire to be.

-I was brought a drink from Starbucks that was mocha, white mocha, and strawberry. I was already sold from the first sip, but then I was told the name of the drink, and now I will devote my life towards seeing the Count Frappula on the regular menu.

-I asked a woman if she had found everything alright. She replied, “I don’t love those ears.” The few seconds before I realized she was referring to her cat ear headband and this was not a sudden attack on my physical appearance were very overwhelming.

Yuri On Ice Recap Episode 6

Well after a shithouse day yesterday I’m ready for my weekly dose of Yuri on Ice, which I swear is the only good thing that came out of 2016 

  • Ok I want to skip the opening and watch the episode but nahhh “CAN YOU HERE MY HEARTBEAT!!!!” 
  • Awww Victor saying goodbye to Maccachin, been there buddy. Well except I do that with my guinea pigs 
  • Come on Victor listen to your husband student you are going to miss your flight 
  • Lol he’s not used to going on economy 
  • And screenshot and now this is my new wallpaper
  • Well that’s interesting, Yurio came second in the Canadian World cup. I know next to nothing about iceskating but I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that’s pretty amazing for a 15 year old making his senior debut
  • Hahahaha, Yuri is giving a press conference and all Victor wants to do is eat Hot pot. Priorities I guess
  • Guess Yakov hasn’t really forgiven Victor for just getting up and leaving everything in Russia. 
  • I don’t think Victor is playing pretend coach Yakov but I guess Yuri isn’t the only one who needs to prove something 
  • Seriously man how can you eat so much and not gain weight? 
  • Yayyyyy Phichit is here!!! Guess a party don’t start until my boy walks in
  • Ok now Celestino is here and I love they gave him Ciao Ciao as a nickname
  • Victor stop trying to feed people stuff they don’t want 
  • Ok so Phichit invited Guang and Leo
  • and Victor’s shirtless
  • and he’s naked now 
  • Apparently he’s a stripper when drunk. Also I love how kinda nonchalant Yuri is about this. How many time has this happened. 
  • Also Victor, try not to corrupt the minds of innocent teenagers please 
  • Ahhh shit Phichit posted it on Instagram 

  • Yess Yuri people are going to be thinking you fooled around with Victor                                               ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Okay that’s normal to touch someone’s ass like that, Christope?? 
  • Yup it was Christope, who I will now be referring as Chris
  • Seems Yuri and Chris met each other before, that’s interesting information
  • Chris has pretty eyes, just putting it out there 
  • Ok Chris step away from Victor’s katsudon 
  • Lol Chris checking out Victor’s tie. I suppose I can understand why he’s not motivated, his biggest rival just got up and left 
  • Shit the people taking pictures of them in the background are hilarious
  • Victor you massive social butterfly 
  • I guess most people are low key annoyed at Yuri for keeping Victor to himself and everyone want Victor to come back and compete
  • I love how Minako sensei flew all the way to China to see Yuri perform 
  • Ohh Phichit is first up, make your me proud my child (Yes I have adopted him too) 
  • The crowd is really getting into his performance and as they should 
  • Shit that fall looks painful 
  • Not a bad score Phichit 
  • Awww Guang’s really nervous, don’t worry my son you can do it (What?? I adopted him too) 
  • Shit Yuri’s nervous pacing,  Victor do something
  • Look even Chris has noticed
  • Oh no wait you have some weird grand plan or something 
  • I don’t care what anyone says, there is no heterosexual explanation to this. 

  • This isn’t intense friendship no matter what angle you look at. 

  • I don’t need for them to kiss at the end of the series to know their relationship isn’t canon. It’s already canon. 

  • Dat lip licking 
  • Don’t fuck up 
  • Don’t fuck it up 
  • Please don’t fuck it up 
  • And he did it 
  • He landed all his fucking jumps including the Quadruple Salchow, my baby did it!!! 

  • He better get the highest score for this and he did XD and a personal best by the looks of it 
  • Hahahaha Yuri has to squint to see his score that’s so adorable 
  • I swear I’ve seen a fanart of this exact scene.
  • Victor hugging Yuri is my new favorite thing this is so cute 

  • Georgi what the fuck buddy??? 

  • Oh well I have grossly underestimated Georgi, you are actually really good, I mean really good. It must have sucked to be under Victor’s shadow
  • But not good enough to beat Yuri 
  • Still if your job was to be Maleficent, I say job well done my dear 
  • Yeah you are right Mila, if I was his Ex I’ll be running for the hills too 
  • Ok moving on to Leo and love your outfit and your song and performance has so much energy 
  • See that right there I relate so much, music gives me courage and motivation. I love his performance. 
  • Last up is Chis and he is not prepared to lose to Yuri. 
  • Interesting that he’s also performing a routine on Eros
  • I love how casual the touches are becoming between Yuri and Victor 

  • Man Chris is really good too, I guess he has to be to be World No. 2 
  • I said this once and I’ll say it again. Someone in the production team has obsession over asses.

  • Minako sensei exactly how many flags do you have you bought with you
  • Did you actually orgasm? O_O
  • You actually did? Apparently Chris orgasms when he does his routines. Not going to say anything beyond that. 
  • Phichit please don’t say “the ice is soaking wet”
  • Well he’s not good enough to beat Yuri either but don’t get cocky Yuri as Victor said Chris peaks on the Grand Prix. 
  • Phichit is such a gracious loser, actually everyone is
  • I admire everyone’s motivation and determination. My favorite is Yakov saying that “he wouldn’t lose to a third rate coach”. Since I’m ever the optimist I’m going to say hey Victor at least Yakov is now taking you kinda seriously as a coach.
  • This leaves Yuri in the well deserved spot at number one. I’m literally crying. Yuri on Ice can you just stop. I don’t want to bawl my eyes out every time I watch an episode. 
  • Yes you can Yuri, you can win with the power of love. 

Final thoughts:

  • I love this episode, I know I say that every episode but I can’t articulate properly how much I love this episode 
  • Yuri who has severe anxiety but still trudging thorough and winning the competition. I love him and I relate to him so much as character
  • Victor and Yuri’s relationship, it’s canon. Fullstop. They don’t need to kiss, they don’t need to explicitly say it, everything leading up to now have proven to me that they are together. I look forward to seeing their relationship progress
  • I love seeing the skill levels of the other skaters, Georgi you surprised me the most, so well done buddy
  • Chris I kinda expected you to do better but I can see you saving your energy for the Free program
  • Yurio, I want more Yurio and Mila too. 
  • Looking forward to the Free program next episode XD 

But what if Betty was new to town and she was a lone wolf just like Jughead? Can these two come together to help fix the damage done onto them by others?

It was…. different.

The town was small. it was small and it was quiet, very different to the busy Harlem streets she was used to, it unnerved her. Nothing was supposed to be this perfect, she had learned perfection always came with a cost. What was the cost exactly? Well …she was gonna find out.

Her father had always said “mystery calls to you Elizabeth Cooper, you can either choose to answer it or leave it ringing.” Smiling at the thought of her father, she shifted the suitcase in her hands. He had been a good man, Loved her more than anything, and would do anything for his family. Which he did.

“Elizabeth?” She looked up at the sound of her mothers voice, she had a questioning look on her face and reached out to place a palm to her forehead “are you feeling okay? You look a little pale.”

Betty shook her mothers hand off
“I’m fine, just thinking.”

Her mother never pressed her, she had learned that the hard way a while back, it wasn’t wise to question Betty, it would just set her back and she would lose it. Sure maybe it was immature but she figured she deserved a little leniancy.

“Were here.” The beautifully put together blonde woman smiled at her equally beautiful daughter.
The house was huge, it was massive. Her eyes instantly zeroed in on the room up top with the bay window. She felt a hand being placed on her arm “you can have that room.” She smiled gratefully to her mom. Taking a deep breathe, she steeled her shoulders and gripped her suitcase
“Well, what are we waiting for?Ready to enter the belly of the beast?”

Rolling her eyes and smiling, Alice cooper led Betty through the doors. Looking around Betty felt herself smile for the first time in hours. The walls were a dreamy white and the furniture was rustic and beautiful, everything was simple and clean. It was perfect.
“Now I know, it’s very big for just the two of us, but you’re father wanted us to have it. We were all going to move in here together.. it’s what… I” choking up Alice took a deep breathe and excused herself, Betty knew that meant she needed to cry. Feeling the guilt rip her stomach, Betty ran up the stairs to look at her new room.


It was huge and roomy, painted a light yellow, her favorite color. She closed her eyes and angled her head to the sky, swallowing a lump in her throat. He knew she would’ve wanted this room, he painted it for her, her drawings and paintings were hung on the wall in beautiful frames. Thank you dad.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she started unpacking her suitcase. She only had one suitcase for all of her things, they didn’t have much back home, all of her dresses and shoes fit into the one large rolling bag.

Suddenly she heard music from outside her window, her curiosity peaking, she looked through the shifty curtains. It was two boys, a redheaded one was facing her playing a guitar in the house directly across from hers and a dark haired boy facing away, all she could make out was the gray beanie. Great her neighbors were boys her age, she just knew her mother was going to want to introduce them. Suddenly the music stopped and the boys looked to be packing up, getting ready to go out she assumed.

As she continued unpacking, she pulled out her sketch book and pencils with an unenthused “ta da.” Gripping the book to her chest, she made her way downstairs.
“Mom I’m going out to explore, I’ll be home in a few hours.” She called Into the living room.

“Okay honey, try and make some friends!”

She rolled her eyes uttering,“ no promises” before she shut the front door.

Where should she go? What did people do around her?

After about twenty minutes of wandering she came across an old fashioned diner. Perfect. She could shack up in a back booth and work on some of her drawings.

As soon as she entered the diner, she spotted a familiar beanie. It was the boy next door. And he was…

Staring at her. Hard.

Choosing to ignore his gaze, she moved to the booth diagonal to his, he was typing on a laptop, a coffee by his side and his sleeves rolled up.
He really was quite attractive, his wavy long hair underneath that ridiculous hat, the piercing blue eyes she felt staring into her shoulder, and the absolutely sinful Lips.
Okay Betty, get a grip. She smiled to herself shaking her head slightly and moving back to her sketches.

Meanwhile Jughead was struggling to control his straying thoughts. Never had a girl stolen his attention like this, sure she was beautiful, actually she was absolutely gorgeous. All silky blonde hair, long tan legs and bright green eyes, but there was something else, something about her made it impossible to look away. She was the type of girl you write stories about, fortunately for him, he wrote stories more than he breathed.

Suddenly archie was sliding into the booth across from him “check out the new girl, she is something to look at right? I’m pretty sure she’s my new neighbor. The coopers. It’s just her and her mom.” Coincidentally the smell of gossip brought the one and only Veronica lodge to his once comfortably secluded booth.

“Total smoke show for sure. But rumor has it her dad was murdered in front of her. My sources tell me that’s why they moved here.” Veronica looked over to the blonde frowning. “Poor thing.”

Jughead hated rumors, they pissed him off, especially about the girl he felt an unexplainable connection with. “How do you even know anything about her Veronica? She moved here this morning, don’t go spreading rumors until you get it from the actual source. That girl.” He said with a nudge of his head.

Veronica was unphased by his icy tone, raising a brow “so that’s your type hmm? Well let’s go chat her up, shall we?” She stood and wiped her skirt as Jughead desperately tried to get her to stay
“Veronica! No! Leave her alone” he whispered panicked.

“Oh relax jugs, I’m just going to be polite.” And she was gone, already halfway to The beautiful blonde.

Both of the boys at the table watched as Veronica spoke to the mysterious new girl. About two minutes later she came back to the table smiling
Archie looked at her expectantly “so?”

She just smiled again “I asked her to come sit with us and she pretty much shot me down. No. not pretty much. She definitely shut me down.”

Jughead looked confused “and that’s making you smile because..?”

Veronica laughed “she’s awesome, totally reminds me of you Jughead, except for the fact that she seems like she’s totally cool, no offense. She said she preferred to work on her art alone, people were a distraction, but when she finished her sketches , she would come join us.”

Jughead glanced over at her again. He was the exact same way, whenever he was writing something new he had to have complete focus and silence.

After two burgers and four chapters, he felt a shift at the table. Looking up expecting to see Archie, he started speaking

“Dude, I don’t think…” his eyes caught on the beautiful bright green ones staring back at him and giggling.

“I haven’t been called dude in a very long time, I mean I’ll take it, but most people call me Betty.” She gently placed her sketch book on the table and jughead resisted the urge to grab it and flip through the pages.
Apparently he could no longer speak, that ability was now gone from his life.
She seemed to take his silence as a bad thing, and quickly started playing with her fingers
“Your friend.. Veronica? I think it was. She invited me to come sit, I totally understand if you’re busy, do you write?”

The simple question seemed to Knock him out of his stupor. “Uh.. yes. I write stories, I’m currently working on one regarding riverdales secrets.” He mumbled out

Her eyes lit up and she leaned over the table slightly “I’ve been wondering about all the things This little town has to hide. Can I read it when you’re done. I’m always down for a mystery.”
He smiled at her enthusiasm
“I’ll let you read it, if you let me look at your drawings” he said confidently.

She placed an open palm over her notebook and stuck her free hand out, wiggling her finger tips
“You got a deal….?”

“Jughead. Jughead jones.” He prepared himself for the ridicule that always came with his first name. But she just smiled warmly

“You got a deal Jughead jones”

As soon as their hands touched, he felt an unfamiliar tingle, no way , this was not some teen romance, this was riverdale. This was him.
He looked into her eyes to see if she felt it as well, sure enough she was staring at their joined hands wide eyed.

“Well look who’s getting all cozy. I told you Jughead, she’s just like you. Only cooler.”

Kevin, Veronica and Archie were all standing over the diner table and smiling at the pair, pulling his hand away he whispered for only Betty to hear

“Welcome to the Scooby gang Velma.”


@hi-im-secretly-satan aaaand here you go. I‘m back to slowly catching up with my request pile :)  the last few days were mostly filled with being tired n achy n nothing good came out of that. But I’ve a good feeling about today~

I know that Noct is technically like 3cm taller than Prompto but while playing the game I always had the feeling that Noct was the smallest of them all n that even prompto was taller than him. so this reflects in this pic as well. Fight me for it! :/

also, for some reason, whenever I think of dark!noct n MT!Prompto I cannot NOT show prompto being ;^;  .  as much I love this alternative path idea, I am convinced to my core that in a scneario where both are dark (n not just prompto) prompto would always have this tiny core of light within him. n while he remains at noctis’ side n follows his biddings, he’d have theses quite frequent sad expressions that reflect his burried old self that continues to mourn Noctis’ destiny n what he was forced to become. 

it’s quite tragic really when you think about it, being sad despite having noct all to himself for pretty much (dark) eternity

The Twilight Saga Meme: [2/3] Couples- Alice & Jasper

“She was there- expecting me, naturally.” He chuckled once. “She hopped down from the high stool at the counter as soon as I walked in and came directly toward me.”

“It shocked me.  I was not sure if she meant to attack. That’s the only interpretation of her behavior my past had to offer. But she was smiling. And the emotions that were emanating from her were like nothing I’d ever felt before.”

“’You’ve kept me waiting a long time,’ she said.”

I didn’t realize Alice had come to stand behind me again.

“And you ducked your head, like a good Southern gentleman, and said, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am.’” Alice laughed at the memory.

Jasper smiled down at her. “You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope.”

2 minutes after wrestling ransom
  • jack, eating his pie: bitty. what'd you think. pretty good, eh? how i beat rans?
  • bitty, casually: it was quite a match
  • jack: good reward, here, this pie. i was motivated, you know? it was pretty tough... but i came out on top eventually, eh?
  • bitty: yes. you're very strong.
  • jack: yeah. you think so? good. it was nothing... all in a day's work. anything for pie.
  • bitty: i'll just have to make another one, huh?
  • jack: oh, well, just in case, eh? we might need more prizes.
  • bitty: and what would we do then?
  • jack: yeah. right. if you want, i can help... carry up those big sacks of flour from the basement we got at costco. hear i'm strong, you know. someone told me that.
  • bitty: oh, i wonder who?
  • jack: dunno. i have it on good authority, though. i'm strong.
  • bitty: hmmm, well why don't you come on and prove it?

What I like about Seventeen’s bad boy concept is that it’s nothing like the usual “dark MV, shirt lifting and hip hop beat”. The MV is all about the boys having fun and clowning around and if this isn’t the purest, softest, most beautiful bad boy concept you’ve seen, i don’t know what it is.

Company | Brett Talbot

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You Chose The Overconfident Brett 

Song inspo: Company by Tinashe

I don’t need the lovin’
So don’t make this something, see
I’m nothing like a girlfriend
I’m not like someone I’m supposed to be
And I just want some company, company
I just need some company
I just need some company
I just need some company

Part One

After truth and dare, the party started to get a little boring. Everyone was either screwing their brains out or going home. I didn’t want to go home, I came to have a good time and a good lay. The only person who honestly intrigued me was Y/N. She had this energy around her that made my skin heat and blood boil.

Y/N leaned against a wall, drinking probably beer out of a red cup. Her legs looked tasty with those shorts on, the same shorts that accentuated her ass in the most magnificent way. I had to leave here with a victory and you bet I was for damn sure leaving with that sex symbol. I walked over to her and stood in front of her.

“Talbot, how may I help you?”
“I’m a horny teenager slash shark who needs to feed”
“So why do you need me?”
“Don’t play coy, right about now, you look like a juicy, fresh, thick bag of meat,” Brett leaned in close to your face and nipped your bottom lip with his teeth.
“Just waiting to be devoured.”
He smiled at the significant change in your heartbeat because as he got close to you, his hand traveled up your side, his palm burning your skin upon contact.
“So, how about my place?”
Y/N appeared flustered and confused with what just happened. Brett caught her squeezing her thighs together to ease the wetness dripping into her panties.
“Let’s go.”
Brett smiled and took her hand to lead the way out of the party.

Brett allowed you to use his aux cord to listen to music. Forgetting that the phone was on shuffle, the speakers began to play Kiss it better by Rihanna. He smirked and kept his eyes on the road. Just as you looked away, you could feel a hand rested on your knee. You didn’t react until it traveled up your thigh and massaged your inner thighs. You considered letting Brett finger you right now in this car seat but decided against it. You grabbed his hand and moved it away when he looked at you, you gave him a wicked smile. Perhaps if he was Isaac, you would’ve let him but this was Brett and you wanted to torture him as much as he could bear it.

You leaned over the seat and rubbed little circles around his thigh. He didn’t move because he didn’t want you to think you were affecting him. Truth be told, it took a lot to impress Brett, considering how many girls he’d been with. You kissed along his neck, your hand now resting on his crotch, gently palming him through his jeans.

You reached for his zipper and slowly pulled it down the reached into his boxers to fish out his long, semi-hard cock. You couldn’t help but gape at how big it was. It was wasn’t fat or thick but it had to be around 8 inches and he wasn’t even fully hard. Brett smirked once he felt you pause, “What’s the matter, sweetheart? You can’t do the job?” You rolled your eyes even if he couldn’t see you. Your goal was to make this boy moan or groan by the end of this endeavor. You stroked his length up and down, just to get started.

Once again, Brett did not respond to your touches. You adjusted yourself in the seat and lower your face to his lap. Thankfully, your buns provided to be a confidence booster so you wouldn’t have to worry about any hair in your face. You kissed his tip as if it were his lips then you sank your head down halfway while stroking the base. Brett didn’t expect you to go straight for it and lost his concentration. The car veered to the left just a bit before he gained back control. Got him.

Brett tried so hard not to moan as your warm mouth suckled on his cock, lapping up the precum dripping out the tip. He could feel himself hardening against the underside of your tongue as you licked his shaft from bottom to top. In order to stop the upcoming moans, Brett tightened his grip on the wheel and closed his eyes to feel the pleasure of your warm and inviting mouth wrapped around his cock.  

A horn from another car jerked Brett out of his euphoria. He yanked on the wheel and flew his eyes open. You took a risk and sank a bit deeper, moaning to prevent gagging on his long erection.

“Ahh…god!” He groaned aloud.

You bobbed your head up and down, taking him further in you each time you went down. Your hands never failed to get the parts of him you couldn’t reach. Brett was now under your control. The car hit a bumpy surface and the next thing you knew, Brett’s hand was on your head.

“Just like that, oh my… Fuck me,” Brett’s moaning became louder and you knew what was to come. You let go of him and stroked him furiously. Once you felt him twitch you latched back on and swirled your head around. A burst of saltiness sprayed into your mouth cum his viscous fluid swam down your throat. You made sure to get every drop. Brett pulled you off of him in a hurry.

“If I don’t fuck you right now, I will murder the next person I see.”

You smiled at Brett’s hungry words and stepped outside of the car. You unbuttoned your shorts and slid them off. Brett watched you climb on top of the hood and lay with your legs spread out. Just as Brett got out the car, you pulled the bralette down and began to play with your nipples, rolling them in between your fingers and tugging on it to create friction. You moaned as you pleasure yourself and having Brett watch you, added to your enjoyment.

Luckily your eyes were closed so you couldn’t see his gold eyes shine in the dark as he watched you play with yourself. Brett locked his arms under your knees and kissed your clothed clit. You gasped as he began to suck on it through the fabric. Finally, he brought a claw to shred the underwear off so he could suck the juices that were built up while you blew him in the car. You arched your back towards his mouth, your hips practically rode his face as you moved up and down on his expert tongue. You were so close to an orgasm but Brett was getting impatient. He had to have you now.

Forgetting about a condom, Brett pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, placed his hands under your knees, and rammed himself inside you. You both cried in relief, your walls immediately closed around him.

“Holy shit… Y/N, your so fucking tight, oh my God.”

Thankfully, your wet pussy allowed him to slide in and out. After a few thrusts, you came around him. Once you adjusted, Brett pushed all that he had so deep into you that you could feel the tip prodding against your womb. His pace picked up and he started to go hard and fast, the car moving a little with each deep thrust. You were both moaning and grunting as you both fucked on the car for anyone passing to see.

Reaching down with one hand, you circled Brett’s cock with your fingers as it slipped in and out of your pussy. Brett groaned at this new incredible feeling as no one had ever done that before. You used one of your wet fingers to touch your clit, rubbing it quickly, going with the rhythm of his thrusts.

Once you felt your stomach knot, you pulsed around his cock. Brett took note of that, placing one of your legs over his shoulder then wrapping a hand around your red choker. The new position allowed Brett to slam against your g-spot.

Headlights shone in your direction and you could hear a few gasps. You recognized one of the voices as Mason and Hayden, “Oh my God, is that, Y/N?”

Feelings of pure lust, mixed with the thrill of being exposed to your friends, coursed through your body as you laid panting on the car hood. Brett groaned, signaling the start of his orgasm as he too looked at the passing car.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming…”

Your tightening and release forced Brett to cum into you, your throbbing walls milking his hot, ropes of white cum. Brett still continued with some pretty powerful thrusts, making the both of your orgasms last. The car completely drove away as the two of you crashed.

His cock softened as he stood between your quivering legs, you softly moaned as it slipped out of you. The mixture of both cum had Brett thinking how it was going to leave a stain on his car. “So, you’re gonna clean my car, right?”
You chuckled at his sly comment, “only if you promise to fuck me like that again.”

You just came out of nowhere with that smile and kind attitude and empathy towards the less fortunate, and you made me feel like falling. Falling because there is so much good embodied within you that I felt like I could trust you, that I could let my guard slip around you. Why? There is nothing wrong with you. I cannot find a single fault in you, and to someone like me who has always been let down by a man, it terrifies me to think you are flawless. It is terrifying to ask people about you and to find that they all, as well, see you as this ideal character with a pure heart and beautiful intentions. Every day I push you away though, and every day I try to find something that is wrong with you, something that will set me straight and keep me from collapsing into a love spell. Every day, however, someone tells me another wonderful thing about you and every day the only fault I find in you is the lack of one.
—  The Good Man