nothing gives you that right


Honestly though Riza he’s got a point >w<

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PSA for the Voltron fandom - PLEASE READ COMPLETELY

please PLEASE do not become the next Steven Universe fandom disaster, or the latest Gravity Falls implosion. I worry about all of you, especially your health and mental health during this really, really trying time.

I have watched full, amazingly talented sections of fanart and fanfiction die, people shamed out of their hobbies & coping mechanisms because they aren’t “suffering” enough or don’t write with everyone and their triggers in mind.

(I’m looking at you, Dirty Laundry discourse. I honestly do not care your argument, nothing, NOTHING gives you the right to bully someone into almost hiding because you’re dissatisfied with someone’s work)


Constructive criticism is not shaming into hiding, it is something positive that doesn’t make the artist/writer want to harm themselves, and does not deserve hate or harassment. And yes, that includes mental harm and “protecting the writer”.

Please, I’m begging you all. If you are a minor, please please please stay safe and BLOCK things you don’t want to see. And on the flipside of that coin, do NOT go calling others names or pedophiles (which is an INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS term when thrown around carelessly, and can cause people to lose their jobs and even lives if pushed enough, and being an accessory to ruining someone’s life is NOT FUNNY or ‘JUSTICE’) when you are talking about fiction.

Stay out of the ship tags/fandom tags you don’t like.
It’s really that simple. 

Don’t police the internet, it will drain you and every user you interact with who decides your side of the argument is wrong. I nearly died doing that this last year, and I’m on the long road to recovery JUST from being on the outskirts of the Gravity Falls discourse.

If you, yourself, go into the tag ON PURPOSE and see triggering content, it’s a simple enough solution to BLOCK the poster or tag entirely if you are uncomfortable. You are ultimately responsible for any content you see, it is the entire basis of the internet. It’s why there’s stupid porn bots and Tumblr’s done nothing to fix that. YOU are your own filter, not the internet.

And if you were triggered by any content, I hope you have the strength/ability to come to me and talk to me because it always helps to have someone to talk to about discomforts and panic/anxiety attacks (believe me, I have them often) & dissociation.


It’s as if you were in primary school and some kid was playing Yu-Gi-Oh and you ripped up their deck because you thought it was a bad game that only bad kids play. It’s childish and stupid.

You wouldn’t harass someone in person to their face, do not do it with their fanworks or to them online.

Thank you for reading, stay safe fellow Paladins <3

I’m not completely sure I love you. I’m just a teenage girl who’s bad at all things concerning the art of romance. Even if I don’t love you, I feel pretty damn close. I am absolutely obsessed with you, you occupy my every thought. My heart beats so fast when I think of seeing you again, and I could live in the joy I feel when you’re around. You’re the first person I loved after having my heart absolutely shattered for the first time ever. You taught me that love doesn’t equal pain. Your eyes are so warm, so beautiful, so right. I never knew brown eyes were my favorite until I looked into your’s. I love everything about you, all your insecurities because without them, you wouldn’t be you. You’re far from perfect, but we all are, and that’s okay. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to be with you right now. I would give up my entire universe if it meant that you were happy. There are so many things I want to say to you, but I have no idea how to string together the words to express them. So, instead, I’ll say this. I think, maybe, after all, I do love you.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1066 // excerptsofstories
Isn’t it funny how in the space of a year we went from listening to sceptics who denied this was happening to suddenly saying we’re all doomed - how interesting that both scenarios demand that we do nothing. That can’t be right. You should never give up hope.
—  Thom Yorke

Me: This project is brutal murder, there’s no way I’m going to have a 3-day preview for my patreons at the end of the month. Even if I work all day every day, I’ll be busy for the next 3 months between this and the KS outline. Plus I really SHOULD be putting out SOMETHING for the readers every two weeks at MINIMUM–

My brain: Do another 10 Days 10 Nights

Me: …….. why are you like this

10 tips to have a happy and healthy life:

1-Drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is one of the biggest keys to be healthy. Right after you wake up just drink a cup of water and believe me it has so many advantages for your body.
2- Go outside. Don’t stay at home all the time watching your favorite tv show. There are so many things out there that need to be explored. You just have all the world ahead so don’t waste your life doing things that don’t bring you happiness later.
3-Just dance. Put your headphones and dance at home or with your friends while your favorite music is on. Besides there’s nothing bad about that right?
4- Appreciate what you have. Give value of what you have while you still have it because everything goes away eventually.
5- Let go what it makes you unhappy. Sometimes it’s hard to let go some things out of our life but one day all of that pain will disappear and you’ll be alright, believe me nothing stays forever neither the reasons that makes you sad.
6- Do exercises. Don’t stay all the time watching tv or eating your favorite chocolate, get up and exercise. It will contribute for a better health and your body will thank you for that.
7- Spend time with your family. Sometimes we forget that our family is getting old and one day it will be too late to go back in time and make things right.
8-Eat better. Eat fruit and vegetables instead of eating junk food. It’s always the best choice for your health.
9-Listen to music. Music has a lot of benefits like the ability to heal and define your mood so you should listen to happy songs and it will help you to feel better with yourself.
10- Focus on yourself. It’s okay if you need 1 week or maybe 4 years to recover. Never forget that you matter and it’s okay if you need a little help.

—  wer3w0lfxx
Youngjae Imagine - Disneyland

“I’m so bored!” You said, slumping down on the sofa beside your boyfriend, Youngjae. The two of you had been hanging out all day but couldn’t go out as it was raining heavily, leaving you both stuck inside your hotel room in Japan. Got7 had performed the night before and got to spend the following week exploring Tokyo. 
“How about you look up the weather forecast for tomorrow?”
“Why?” You asked uncertainly.
“Because I asked you to,” Youngjae replied plainly, not looking up from his laptop. 
“According to this website, it’ll be sunny all day,” you told him, noticing him suddenly turn his laptop screen away from you. “Babe…what are you looking at on there?”
“Oh, nothing, (Y/N),” he answered, giving you an innocent smile.
“Right. I’ll pretend like I believe you.”

A few hours later, the two of you walked back into the hotel room after having dinner with the other members in the hotel restaurant. You noticed his laptop was still on and on a particular website. 
“Youngjae, why is your laptop open on the Disney website?” You turned slowly to face him, looking very confused.
“Surprise, babe! Now you can’t complain about being bored,” he said teasingly as he wrapped his arms around you, squeezing gently.
“Are we really going?!” You asked excitedly.
“Yep, tomorrow in fact. I booked the tickets before dinner.”
“Oh my god you are literally the best boyfriend ever, Youngjae. How did you know I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland?”
“As you said, I’m the best boyfriend ever. I know things.” You giggled in response as he pecked your lips sweetly.
“Since you’re such a good boyfriend, perhaps I should reward you?” You said suggestively, raising an eyebrow. His lips found yours again as you both fell onto the bed, ready for a long night..

The following morning, you awoke in Youngjae’s arms. You lay there for a moment, enjoying the peaceful serenity of the morning sun until you sprang up and out of bed as the excitement for the day ahead set in. Youngjae watched as you got dressed, a look of pure joy at seeing how happy you were to be going to Disneyland with him. He also got dressed and prepared for a long day filled with laughter with you.

When you had both arrived and collected your tickets, you were literally buzzing. Your hand held Youngjae’s, gripping a little tightly as you both prepared to walk through the main gate and into the park. A feeling of pure happiness washed over you as you took it all in. It felt truly magical to be there, especially with the boy you loved so dearly. The whole day felt like a blur. It had gone by so fast you could barely keep up and before you knew it, night had fallen. The two of you were stood in the middle of the park, waiting for the fireworks display to begin. 
“Thank you so much for bringing me here, Youngjae. This has been one of the best days of my life so far.”
“And thank you for spending it with me, (Y/N). I couldn’t have imagined a better day than this. I love you.”
“I love you too,” you said as the two of you kissed beneath the night sky. Flashes of colour sprinkled in the sky as fireworks exploded. The whole day and night had been so wonderful and spending it with Youngjae made it all even more special.

A/N - This one was so great to write, I’m a huge Disney fan and love going to the Disney Parks (I plan to visit every single one someday). Hope you guys all enjoyed and keep sending those requests in!

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“You were right, Aquarius.I can’t keep crying forever.. And I can always cry later. Right now.. to save my friends.. I have to fight!” A beautiful proof that there's nothing wrong with crying, you just give it the right time and place.

Precisely, anon. 

Too many people have been told crying is a sign of weakness, not as a response that actually serves a purpose, and that needs to change. 

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I am yet to be called a cishet (which is surprising; I'm fairly active in the Discourse™ ) but hooooo boy, does it make me angry they're misgendering people. Like, come on, people. That is not okay?? Why does anyone think it's okay?? Like, I'm a disabled, mentally ill trans (neurogender, but I only have demiboy and agender listed on my blog) pansexual adfecturomantic. This is all very visible on my blog, in many forms. I swear to heck, if they call me a cishet, I will school their asses [1/2]

[2/3] because what the fuck, my dudes. Nothing gives you the right to misgender someone, nor to erase any other part of their identity so why on EARTH do exclusionists think it’s okay?? Like, you’re a part of this community too, you should know better. What the fuck. And they’re now saying we’re traitors??? Are they kidding?? Oh, and, fun fact for exclusionists to think about; the shit they’re pulling (esp with suicide baiting and harassment) is oppression! So aspec people are oppressed by
[3/3] our own fucking community, no less! How the hell do these people not see the recycled biphobia, transphobia and lesbophobia in all this crap? IT’S ALL THE SAME SHIT Y'ALL KEEP TRYIN'A PULL! ~ a sincerely pissed off Australian who needed to vent (also the dehumanisation Anon again bc I am Upset™ because apparently all I can think of this bullshit discourse tonight) I am so sorry for venting, I just needed to get it out

ahh that’s okay,, it’s fine to vent here !! misgendering pisses me off too, like no matter how shitty the other person is dont ever ever sink to that level ??
“i won’t respect who you are because youre a traitor 11!!1!!!!!” is just,, i have no words -💐

Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to was never there, and where you are is no good unless you can get away from it. Where is there a place for you to be? No place. Nothing outside you can give you any place. In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got.
—  Flannery O'Connor

“I don’t like Lila because of her personality. It’s obvious that she’s lying so much to make people like her quickly, which is a result of her moving so much. But I personally think that NOTHING gives you the right to treat others like complete fools. She’s a horrible person. Not like Chloe but in her own way. And let’s be honest. If Lila wasn’t half as pretty as she is a lot more people would dislike her. And this makes me really cringe…”

1. No one is simply one dimensional. We can’t be organized into groups and labeled.

2. Learn from your mistakes and move on, instead of crying over them yet not changing anything.

3. If he hurt you repeatedly he doesn’t deserve another chance. Those things will never change.

4. Sometimes there is no one available that understands your pain and that is very hard but it’s ok you’ll get through it.

5. Yes! You actually can do anything you set you mind to! You just need to be willing enough to work long and hard for it.

6. Comparing yourself to those around you does nothing but make you feel more inadequate. So stop.

7. Friendship goes both ways and you need to make an effort to include and love them in order for them to do the same.

8. Loving someone will never be black and white, and sometimes there are instances where you are ready to give up because nothing feels right. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you and you don’t love them.

9. Sometimes taking emotion out of a situation is a good thing where as other times it can lead to regrets. The trick is learning when to do what.

10. Everyone needs to feel loved. Sometimes even though you feel as though you show your love, it’s not that obvious.

11. Simple acts of thoughtfulness can go a long way.

12. Reuniting/reconnecting with an old friend is more heart warming and moral boosting than one would think.

13. Don’t lose sight of the things you loved in childhood because they will never cease to bring you joy and happiness. Especially when you most need it.

14. Read on your own for fun. Learn something new simply because you wanted to and not because it was required.

15. Do things that will make you proud of yourself. Take chances. Go out on those adventures.

—  15 Things I Learned In 2015
Okay y'all

There’s a lot of shit happening on Twitter with got7 right now and if you wanna know everything just go on there and look.

I just wanna say that IF bambam did say the ‘n’ word, it is wrong and he should acknowledge his mistake and apologize. But he definitely does not deserve death threats and people saying he should leave got7. Like what gives y'all the right to tell a person they should kill themselves? Nothing. Nothing gives you the right.

As for yugyeom and the underage drinking that’s supposedly happening, does it really matter? I bet most of the people that are complaining about it have drank underage or know people that have drank underage. Plus he’s not doing anything stupid, he’s having fun. Yes it may look like he is drunk but there are no actual videos of him drinking so it’s all speculation as of now. (Also can we talk about his absolute adorable tummy? Like it’s so cute and I might actually die from how cute it is.)

Regarding Junior and some girl, who cares? I don’t know what this is about, all I saw was a nice photo of him standing next to a girl, posing for the picture. The boys can’t take pictures with other girls now? Oh bullshit.

Now, Mark and his tattoo. It’s nice, he’s old enough to get one, and it’s a damn cross. If anyone is saying anything bad about it, then you got me fucked up. It’s a damn tattoo, get over it. And it’s a FUCKING CROSS PRAISE THE LORD JESUS HALLELUJAH.

I don’t know what all this hype is about, but people make mistakes and they are all humans, just like you and I. So give them a chance to acknowledge their mistakes before you start saying shit like “got7 who?” “Bambam who?” Cause you know damn well that yesterday y'all were all up on social media reblogging and liking shit that involved got7 saying “look at my baby” or “he’s so perfect” so don’t even pull this shit because a HUMAN BEING made a damn mistake, just like every other HUMAN BEING on this godforsaken planet.

Thank you and have a nice day.

you find god when you’re drunk in the boy from last night’s car on the interstate when you’re puking out the window and he swerves in the other lane to miss a tire blown from a truck and he almost hits the car in the lane beside him and you see every bit of life flash before your eyes and for the first time in your life you start to wonder if maybe it was more than just luck

and you find god when the rain starts and it’s 11:42 and you can’t stop thinking about someone who you mean absolutely nothing to and it’s right when you’re about to give up, it’s right when you want to stop trying

and you find god on the bathroom floor, the backseat of a car, the bedroom of someone you slept with who doesn’t even love you– and you find god when you feel the most godless, when you feel like there’s nothing, when you feel like you’ve burned through everything

you find god, and he’s not like the one that the girls you hate pray to in church or the one the baptists shout to in the air of holy revival– he’s painted on the side of a reggae singer’s van you saw in california, he’s the woman who saw you in seattle who told you to get home safe

and you find god and he’s not the one in stained glass windows on the side of white-steeple churches or the one from all those biblical stories forced down your throat when you were a kid–

he’s tattooed sleeves, chain smoke, and leather jacket and the kind of wisdom that can only come from a lifetime of sin and he’s the voice of reason, the headlights in the rear view, the only one saying “yeah, go ahead and make mistakes, love until your heart breaks, live so hard and love so fully until you run out"

and you find god when you never thought you would, an atheist from the time you were 15 who never thought she’d ever find salvation, someone who thought she was too smart for that

but the god you find isn’t the god you’ve been running from your whole life, and he’s not so much religion as he is hope, more man in the moon than he is spirit of the sky

and you found god in the darkest corners, away from all the light

you found something to believe in when nothing seemed right


“i grew so tired of not believing, i grew so tired of hating something i couldn’t see. and i fought so long and so hard not to give in, but i realized it was all relative. i could make him into whatever i wanted him to be, and that was when i stopped being so bitter. i started being free”

i was being nosy at the bookstore when i heard this piece of a conversation so i wrote about it and i will always think that one of the most beautiful things in the world is to believe in something good so wholeheartedly