nothing except him mattered

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His heart beats faster, his breath slows. Nothing in the room matters, except him. Its Daniel, the most popular guy in school, and the guy Josh's had a crush on since forever. Every time Josh sees him he can't help but smile. But today his eyes were wide. Daniel was carrying a rose, probably for Lucy. She was the most popular girl is school, if course Daniel would be asking her out. Josh suddenly dropped the books he was carrying when he hear Daniel speak "hey josh, want to go out on a date?"

*screams in joy*

Twirl - Bucky x Reader

‘Tennis Elbow’ - Sky Sailing
(Honestly this is such a beautiful song.)

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He took your hand, the cold metal soothing your warm hand. Smiling, he brought your fingers to his lips, kissing gently before moving his hands to your waist, rocking gently from side to side. Your arms snaked around his neck, gently resting on his shoulders. Your eyes locked, nothing else mattered.

To the sound of the music, your slight rocking developed into slow dancing, twirling the stress of the week away. Your head had been sore, a gentle ache knawing away at you all day but now, here with Bucky, it seemed to disappear. 

Nothing else mattered except you and him and the contact between you. The music was your catalyst, setting off the reaction between you.

Your eyes flickered shut as you relaxed and you felt Bucky twirl you gently, placing a kiss on each of your eyelids when you came back to face him. 

You smiled, opening your eyes to look up at him as he gently moved his lips to yours, pressed together, twirling and happy.