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instant gratification 03 (m)

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➾ smut, angst, fluff

➾the final part of this series, please read the first three parts if you haven’t!

instant gratification 01 | 02 | 2.5

It’s like time has slowed to an ambling crawl, and all that ever exists has ceased to matter; except in this room with the three of you standing, facing each other like fighters in a ring. All you’re aware of is the way your breath has frozen over in your chest, and the way Jeongguk is clutching something so tightly in his hand, mirroring your own fisted palm.

“Jeongguk, no,” the sound of your voice pierces through the tense atmosphere, and is that really your voice? Why does it sound so unconvincing, so lacking in resolve, so broken? You clear your throat and attempt to try again, because your eyes are locked on Jeongguk’s own milky caramel ones, filled with a murky rage that threatens to break past the surface. “Jeongguk, this is not what it looks like, I swear-“

He only responds with an acerbic laugh that’s short and cutting, and it makes every breath you take feel razor sharp.

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Note: Here is the last part for this. FINALLY! I know this has been in my inbox for so long and I started writing this but then I lacked creativity and since then it`s just been stuck in my drafts folder. But now I`m done with it so I hope you enjoy it. Also this bacame a little longer cause I found a really good soundtrack that sparked my creativity :D

BTS version

Short backstory:

You have been together with him for a year soon. Everything seemed fine for so long, he was nice, funny and always seemed to know how to make you smile when you were feeling down. Now however he was different. He was gone untill late, barely talking to you and when you asked him about it he`d answer you with short annoyed statements, almost angry. You had tried talking to him more than once but he wouldn`t listen. This is what made you draw your conclusions and you decided it might be better for him if you dissapeared. So packing a small bag with your most needed belongings you ran away.

Rap Monster

Stress had taken its toll on him lately as his mind was flodded with mission plans and coordinating the meetings and whatnot. And today it`s been even worse. Namjoon wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a few hours of sleep, instead however he found himself destroying the apartment in a fit of rage. He had come home to find a note from you, saying you were sorry for using up his time and apologizing for not being what he wanted. So after taking apart the place he used his contacts to locate you before making his way there. He`d grab you wrist making you look at him before furiously yelling.

“Why the fuck would you do that? Why the fuck would you run away? Are you crazy? Do you know how fucking worried I was?”

When seeing your scared face he`d look defeated, calming down. He wasn`t angry with you at all. It was himself he was angry with really. So in the next sentences he made sure you understood just how much you meant to him. He`d let go of your wrist, instead catching both of your hands his and continuing in a soft but firm voice.

“I can`t loose you. I was a fucking dickhead I know. I was so caught up in my work that I neglected what`s most important in my life. You. Y/n, I am so sorry I did you so wrong. You are not a burden. You are the only thing keeping me sane. Shit, I never beg but if it takes begging for the rest of my life for you to stay then I will. Please y/n. Don`t leave me.”


The last few months have been a disaster. Things just didn`t play out the way he wanted and it was driving him insane. Today especially. That`s why he decided to get off work earlier. Maybe a quite day at home was what he was lacking. And if he was honest with himself he missed you. His happy thoughts of cuddling and a nice dinner however were thrown completely off board when he stepped into the bedroom to find a suitcase packed on the bed and you trying to close it. Your head would whip around to look at Jin when you heard him ask what you were doing. 

The next few minutes where filled with you explaining your feelings to him while you profoundly apologized for being a burden and not being good enough for him. Jin would be silently listening to you, not because he was being polite but because he didn`t know what to say. He couldn`t believe he made you feel this way and the only thing he wanted right now was to make you feel wanted again. So he did the only thing he came up with. He kissed you. Pouring all of his feelings of shame and longing into it. And as the kiss progressed so did his yearing for you and as you were both laying beside eachother, sweat cascading your bodies and heavy breathing filling the air around you, he said out loud what his actions just now have said for him.

“I love you y/n. Please don`t leave me.”


Yoongi isn`t someone you play around with. Everybody knew that. But it turned out that there were people who don`t see it as a threat but rather a challenge. Ever since he found out that he had a spy in his group he was on edge. Snapping at everyone and everything. You included. He wasn`t proud of it and he knew he was being too harsh. So when the day finally came that he cought the traitor and dealt with it he set his mind on making it up to you. But he was too late. As he came through the door he knew something was off. He had tried to call you earlier but you hadn`t answered. He had wondered why. Finally finding your letter he got his answer, finding out that his plan of making it up to you came too late. 

He was shocked to find himself calmly sitting in his office rather than trashing the whole place, but he knew this wasn`t the time to throw a fit. He knew you still loved him, or so you said in your letter. The only reason you left was his incompetence to remind you of his love so he just had to show you. And he was determent to make sure you would never question his loyalty and love to you ever again. After having his people drive you back to his office he now stood infront of you. He felt a pang of guilt hit him when he saw how sad you looked as he started talking. 

“My job is important to me and you know that. You also know that this situation I was having was out of the norm and demanded a high level of attention. That being said, I also thought you knew how much I love and care for you. But I understand why you would run away. I have not done my job in giving you the attention you deserve, by that letting you think one hell of fucking aweful things and I cannot apologize enough for it. Fuck. You know I`m bad with words so I`ll just get to the point. I need you y/n. I would never forgive myself if I let you leave like this so stay with me. Please.”

Saying the last sentence he gave you a small black box, inside lay a promise he swore to never break.


You had never seen him like this as he was always the smiley, bright and positive Hobi around you. So drawing your conclusions out of it, you must have become a burden to him. It hurt like hell writing your note to him and even more so to leave your shared flat for the last time. Hoseok didn`t notice any of this as he was currently trying to stay calm at all the stupidity going on around him. This had been going on for a few months now and he was sick and tired of it. When he finally left work he was worn out once again. His tired eyes would scan the flat curiously as he didn`t see nor hear you anywhere. Feeling his heart speed up he found your note on the kitchen table, your apartment key next to it. The next few hours were a blur. The only thing he could remember was a call to his team with the demand to find you and him releasing all of his stress by tearing up the place and screaming his throat soar. Now he was in a car on his way to your location, nervously bouncing one of his legs up and down. 

The moment he saw you through the window, he jumped out of the car running to you and catching you in a tight hug. In this moment nothing around him mattered except for you. As he reluctantly pulled away and locked eyes with you he couldn`t help but tear up, no letting go of all of his feelings.

“You don`t know the fear I felt when I found your note. I.. I can`t loose you. I don`t want to loose you. I`m miserable without you. I am so incredibly sorry. I truly am. I was a horrible partner and I understand if you hate me now but y/n, I love you. I will change. I promise. Just give me a chance. I swear to make you happy. Just… don`t leave me.”


His heart broke the second he read the first line of your goodbye letter. All the problems he had thought were crazy important just a few seconds ago were now nothing compared to this. Nothing compared to loosing you. His chest rose and fell quicker at the thought of you sitting here alone with these horrible thoughts of not being good enough gnawing at your mind. Not to mention the constant pushing away and screaming he had done to you. But the thing that bothered him the most was that you didn`t leave him because he was an asshole. You left because you thought you were a burden. This was the point at which he would be sitting on the kitchen floor, your letter still in his hand, as he stared blankly infront of himself. He would need a good hour before he finally got back the courage to get up and find you.

With the help of his people he`d get your locations in the matter of a few minutes, not loosing any time to set out to your location. He didn`t want to let you go around with those thoughts for a single second longer. The moment his eyes would meet your, from crying, bloodshot ones his heart would break a second time. He quickly grabbed your arm and drew you close to him when he saw you trying to run. In his arms you tried to protest, telling him he`d only make it harder for you to leave if he kept holding on.

“Good. Then I`ll never let go. I don`t want you to leave. Never. I know this doesn`t make up for my behavior these last few months in the slightest but I am so so sorry y/n. You only deserve the best but what I did was worse than the worst. I made you believe you were useless and a burden when in reality you are all that I am fighting for every day. I don`t expect you to stay when I let go of you now, but please know that I really, truly love you.”

And holding on to his last straw of hope he let go.


This was the worst day of his life. Not because his million dollar deal had gone to hell. Not because several utterly important files had been stolen from his organization. And not because his right hand man, that he had trused for years, turned out to be a traitor. They were not the reason he was currently driving at an inhuman speed down the streets, his hands sweaty and heart beating so fast he thought it was going to burst. No. The reason for why he was a mess like this was the apologizing letter you had left him on your shared bed. His mind was buzzing with guilt, and quite frankly, anger. Not at you but at himself. He was sure he shouldn`t be driving in this state, but the thought of losing you was too much for him. His mind telling him you`d be where you felt the safest. In the park where you two had first met. More precisely on the bench under the great oak tree where you two had fallen in love. 

And he was right. He found you sitting there, your head in your hands as he could hear your sobs filling the cold air of the night. He`d be careful when approaching you. Any signs of his recklessness from earlier gone as he didn`t want to scare you. He`d hesitantly stand infront of you, your tear filled eyes staring at him as he softly spoke up.

“I knew I`d find you here. You really love this spot don`t you. I do too. After all, this is where I found the love of my life. Someone I thought I would never find. But it seems I have fucked up bad. I didn`t treat you the way I should have and now your head is filled with these… these horrible thoughts that aren`t true. You should be mad at me. Yell at me for being the dick that I am, butinstead you are blaming yourself. Y/n, I don`t deserve you in any way. I never have. And if leaving me will make you happy I won`t stop you. But if you still love me, like I love you, please… don`t go. Let me make it up to you and show you how important you are to me.”


If he thought he was beaten down already from his day, now he was truly broken. This situation was completely overwhelming him and he didn`t know what else to do than angrily walk up and down the living room. His hands, no, his whole body shaking in what he could only describe as rage and sadness. He was trying not to cry but failed miserable at it as he noticed wet trails on his cheeks. He had found the note you left him and had immediatley tried calling you only to hear the sound of your ringtone in the livingroom where you left your phone. Now he was only waiting for his men to bring you back. 

What the fuck could take them so long? He was waiting for over an hour already and his patience was wearing thin. That`s where the door would open and you`d step into the apartment. Right on time, he was sure he would`ve gone crazy had it been just a few minutes longer. You couldn`t even say a word when you were suddenly enveloped in a hug, his head tightly pressed into the nook of your neck and his arms having a grip on you as if he was afraid you`d crumcle beneath his hands. And as he felt you hugging him back he let go of everything he had failed to say to you.

“I love you so much y/n. I love you. I don`t even know where to begin to tell you how sorry I am for making you think I wouldn`t love you anymore and that you are a burden. You are anything but useless to me. You are all that I am waking up in the morning for. I made a horrible mistake at not taking care of you when you were feelings this way and I apologize for it. If you still love me, I`d like you to stay here with me. I swear to take better care of you from now on. Whatever you want me to do, I will do it if it makes you stay.” 

So, you’re the babysitter? (M) part 2

Summary: Namjoon was once again invited over to your house to babysit, with intentions quite clear tonight

Genre: fluff, smut. High school au, babysitter!namjoon

A/n: y'all really wanted this part 2 but tbh so did I, so hope you enjoy!

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This wasn’t over

And you made that very clear when you saw Namjoon again. You two weren’t alone again for weeks, only seeing each other at school. Unlike previous days however you spoke at any given chance and Namjoon only felt him fall deeper and deeper for you. It’s like he was nosediving into a pool of nothing but you, and he couldn’t get enough. One of your favorite things to do was to tease him. The occasional hand on his thigh, whisper in his ear to make him incredibly flustered in class. Boy were you good at getting him going.

And he just couldn’t wait to get you alone.

“I have some exciting news,” you smiled as you sat next to him at a lunch table in the corner of the cafeteria, your usual spot. You were radiating warmth and excitement just like you always did, and when you spoke Namjoon’s heart was in his throat.

“Hm? What’s your ‘exciting news’?” Namjoon smiled back at you. The buzz of the busy cafeteria was mute in his ears while he looked at you, like nothing else mattered except you sitting before him. Then again, this is how it always was when you were around Namjoon. He can’t focus on a task at hand if you were beside him, he always had tingly feelings in his stomach. But over the course of the last few weeks you two had become much more comfortable with each other and Namjoon found he could just relax around you sometimes and he wouldn’t fidget as much or trip over words.

“Well,” you began and traced patterns onto his arm, making heat creep up the back of his neck, “you didn’t hear it from me, but someone is supposed to call you after school and ask you if you can babysit tonight,” you smiled up at him and Namjoon’s excitement grew.

“And would I perhaps be babysitting for a little y/b/n?” He asked with a sly grin. Tonight was going to be the night, the night Namjoon had been waiting for for weeks so you could be alone and he could finally finish what you two started a few weeks ago.

“Maybe,” you shrugged and smiled. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?”

And later that day as you had said, Namjoon received a call from your mother almost begging him to babysit tonight because he did such a fine job with the baby the previous time she couldn’t think of anyone better. “I’d love to babysit again Mrs. Y/l/n,” he said, and with that it was set. And tonight Namjoon was determined to do more than just making out with you.


The night had just begun, your mother and father left your brother in the care of Namjoon, and hadn’t said a word about you this time, but neither did you. You didn’t text him after school and there was a tiny prick of annoyance in the back of his head that said maybe you may not even be home and you decided not to do this after all, but Namjoon blew that thought aside. You wouldn’t do that to him.

Almost immediately after your parents left the house to attend whatever preoccupation they had, you had crept down the stairs to see Namjoon and your brother. Namjoon saw you leaned against the same wall as he sat on the couch with y/b/n in his lap, your smile greeting Namjoon and Namjoon couldn’t help but smile back at you.

“Hey stranger,” you spoke, melodic memories of you in the same spot weeks ago greeted him and the room got warmer and 5 shades softer. You were the center of attention in Namjoon’s world, and he intended to make that clear. He wanted to treat you like the princess— no, the queen that you were to him.

“Hey,” Namjoon smiled back and studied you up and down, a loose baggy t shirt hanging off your shoulders and skinny jeans that made your thighs look delectable to him. You were undeniably sexy to Namjoon, and you were only in causal clothes. To him, you are the most beautiful thing in existence.

Upon Namjoon’s voice, your baby brother peaked up and saw you standing across the room, and with a squeal of excitement he reached out his small chubby arms for you and cooed as he tried to crawl away from Namjoon’s lap. You smiled at your brother and walked over, picking him up from Namjoon.

“Hi baby,” you giggled and cradled the 8 month old child, kissing his face while he screeched, as happy as a baby can be. It’s something you prided yourself on, especially because your baby brother seemed to enjoy your company more than his actual mother. You didn’t hate your mother, no, but she wasn’t necessarily the best mother. She was neglectful to you and straight up started ignoring you once she got pregnant again, but you didn’t hate her. She took care of y/b/n, but you had inquired that you gave the baby a certain kind of love your mother could never achieve. Some people were not meant to be parents, but Namjoon knew you definitely were. You loved kids, you especially loved your brother and he knew it as you made it obvious. You’d lay down anything for your brother and that is one of the biggest things Namjoon loved seeing about you. You were undeniably cute with the baby, and while Namjoon would never say it, he really wanted to have kids with you in the future.

He never wanted to stop looking at you, and he didn’t until you turned your head from the baby to meet Namjoon’s eyes. “Hi,” you smiled warmly and sat next to him with your brother in your lap.

“Hi,” Namjoon said back unable to think words. You were so amazing, it was unfathomable.

“I’m glad you came over again tonight,” you started the conversation and sat closer to Namjoon, your leg touching his.

“I am too,” he said. “Besides I could never pass an opportunity to be with this little guy,” Namjoon teased as he smiled at y/b/n and tickled the baby’s stomach who laughed and slapped Namjoon’s arm.

And that was the majority of the start of the beautiful night. Namjoon and you played with y/b/n and talked until your brother eventually got sleepy in your arms. He fell asleep against you a lot, Namjoon noticed. Maybe it was because you were warm or because your skin was soft. Namjoon found himself always wanting to just hold your hand throughout the previous weeks.

“I’m going to take him upstairs to his crib,” you spoke softly to not wake said baby up, and you gently lifted yourself off the couch and began walking towards the stairs to go to the upper level of the house. Namjoon was going to stay in his spot on the couch until you looked back at him with a smile and nodded your head to indicate to follow you. Namjoon got up off the couch to follow you upstairs, his heart starting to quicken it’s pace and carry excitement throughout his body.

He leaned on the doorway of your brothers room as he watched you lay down your brother. Halfway through the journey of going up the stairs the baby had woken up and started to whine so as you laid him down you started to sing your brother back to sleep with a soft lullaby. Namjoon was surprised when you started to sing to the baby, your voice was soft and velvety, perfect to make a baby sleepy. You could literally not be any more perfect. And that’s when Namjoon decided, he was utterly and undeniably in love with you.

Once y/b/n was asleep, you turned to walk out of the room and you smiled at Namjoon walking past him. “Let’s go to my room,” you whispered once you got to him and continued off down the hallway to another door and Namjoon followed you into your room. Your room was clean, walls painted with your favorite color, a decent sized bed in the middle of your room. Simple and nice, reflects your personality.

You walked closer to Namjoon once you were inside the room and the door was closed and you smiled, leaning up to kiss him softly. Namjoon was filled with warmth as he kissed back, an arm softly wrapping around your waist to bring you closer and your arms both reaching up to wrap around his neck. Tilting your head to the side for better access to kiss his lips, your lips moved against his and it was nice. Compared to any of your other kisses which were either quick, or deep and heated, this one was sensual, slow and long and filled both of you with warmth.

“I missed kissing you,” Namjoon said in between soft kisses.

“I did too,” you giggled softly. You both knew you were probably going to have sex tonight and boy did you want to, but even if you didn’t Namjoon would be completely happy without doing so, as long as he got to be with you. That’s one of the things he liked about you. Being with you was never boring, and if you wanted something you’d say it.

Namjoon wanted to tell you he loved you. Right now. He wanted you to know how much he enjoyed you, how much he wanted you to be his. “Can I tell you something?” He asked before he could change his mind.

“You can tell me anything,” you replied pressing a quick peck to his cheek and smiled.

Namjoon’s chest filled with butterflies and he rubbed the small of your back. “I think that I’m in love with you…” He said quietly, and bright red filled his cheeks. Your expression lifted, a bright smile on your face and you buried your face in his chest, afraid a blush would take over.

“Really?” You giggled and smiled, hiding your face in his shirt. You had definitely developed some deep feelings for Namjoon, you actually had feelings for him for a very long time, but feelings like this only especially progressed over the last few weeks, just as Namjoon’s had.

Namjoon nodded, hugging you closer and he started to smile. He was getting a good reaction, which was great. “Yes, really y/n. I’m in love with you and before I can trip up or mess up I wanted you to know that. I’ve liked you for such a long time but these past few weeks have been amazing with you… I really do think I love you,” he finished his confession and you lifted your face from his chest, a pink hue dusting your cheeks and you smiled.

“Joonie, I love you too,” you replied and he smiled. “I didn’t know if you felt the same way, but oh my God I’m so happy you do,” you grinned.

“What?” Namjoon grinned. “How could you not know how I felt, I’ve been head over heels for you!” He laughed.

“I don’t know,” you laughed with him and kissed him once again. “I love you too.”

Namjoon smiled as he kissed you and lifted you up by your thighs so you could wrap your legs around his waist. One arm was under your ass, the other wrapped around your waist, keeping you against him and he started to walk over to your bed.

“Wow,” you giggled against his lips. “You’re strong, I like it,” you said and he tossed you onto your bed with a chuckle and crawled over you, laying his lips on yours once again. You smiled as you kissed Namjoon over you, starting to take his jacket off his shoulders and discarding it. Namjoon ran his hands up under the baggy shirt you were wearing and traced the curve of your waistline. Unfortunately, that was also where you were most ticklish and you broke your kiss and started laughing, which soon made Namjoon laugh.

“J-Joon stop that tickles!” You giggled and the tips of your ears went red from an oncoming blush.

Namjoon smirked. “Oh, does it?” He smiled and started running his fingers across your skin, tickling your waist and hips making you laugh and squirm even more.

“Yes, it does!” Your face went red and you continued laughing until your sides hurt, as you tried stopping his hands. Eventually you won, and you hooked your leg around him and flipped both of you so you were on top. Namjoon chuckled and blushed and you kissed him, this time more heated and fun than the last times. You worked Namjoon’s shirt over his head and threw it somewhere in the room not caring where it went, and you started to branch from Namjoon’s lips to his jaw and neck, when he stopped you.

“No no, this time it’s my turn,” he he squeezed your thigh and looked at you with a smirk. You gave him a hickey on his collarbone last time, so he was going to get payback.

“Oh, really?” You challenged him. You certainly loved fighting him, which Namjoon also loved when it came to these activities with you. It made everything much more exciting and fun.

“Really,” he challenged back and flipped you over so he was on top again, and he took off your t shirt only to reveal you weren’t wearing a bra underneath. You couldn’t help but chuckle at his surprise and you could feel his hardness pressing against your thigh which only sparked heat down to your core. He attached his lips to your neck after admiring just how damn beautiful you were, one of his sliding up your body and to your breasts. He grazed his thumb over your already hardened nipple and you smiled and leaned your head back in the pleasure that it sparked. Just by touching you, he was already making you grow more and more wet.

“Such a naughty girl aren’t you?” He smirked and kissed your neck lower, biting and sucking occasionally but not long enough to leave a mark and your breaths grew heavier and you smirked, keeping your head leaned back and you grinned at the ceiling.

“That depends, do you like naughty or nice girls?” You asked and heat crawled up the back of your neck.

“You’ll just have to find out baby, hm?” He said with a husky voice in your ear that made you melt. He tugged at your earlobe and squeezed one of your breasts, while his other hand started working at unbuttoning your jeans, anticipation for him to touch you growing.

You couldn’t let him have control just yet, so once again you found leverage to flip over on top of him just as he had gotten your jeans unbuttoned. You pulled the sheets on your bed over you two, making so it was just you and him in a pocket of lust and warmth. You sat on Namjoon’s lap and he gripped your waist, tugging you down so he could kiss the top of your breasts. He started sucking on the skin on your breast until a bright red mark that would later form into a bruise developed. Then he started making another, and a third that was just on your collarbone which was a sensitive spot for you, and you let out a moan and leaned your head back. That’s what he wanted to hear. You let him take control and he finally got you underneath him and kissed all the way down from the last mark he just left to where your jeans were still left on, and he tugged them down and off your body so you were only left in your panties which were all not to mention soaked. He pressed a kiss to your thigh, and then your other thigh. “I want to taste you babygirl,” he whispered and looked up at you.

You had your head leaned back on a pillow as you watched him, pupils blown dark and wide with lust and all you wanted him to do was touch you. “Please,” you nodded. You watched as he smirked and he slipped his hand into your panties and ran a long finger up your slit which was soaked in your arousal, and you whimpered and bit your lip hoping he wouldn’t make you beg for it.

“You’re so wet baby,” he said before tugging off your final piece of clothing and pressing a kiss to your clit, making you sigh in pleasure. He spread your legs wider and you watched his head disappear between your legs as he put your legs up on his shoulder and he licked around your drenched entrance. You moaned at the feeling of his tongue and you laced your fingers through his hair, making sure he wouldn’t stop.

“Use your fingers, I need them,” you breathed out a moan and he supplied to your demand and slipped a finger into you, his mouth staying attached to your clit. You sighed at the feeling, it being nicer than you imagined. He pushed in another finger and started to move them inside of you, curling and scissoring his fingers and he accidentally brushed against that spot at the top of your walls that made you gasp and arch your back. He smirked and stopped circling your clit with his tongue to watch you as he continued to work his fingers against that spot.

He knew he probably couldn’t make you cum by just finger fucking you, but he didn’t want you to cum. He wanted to tease you and get you ready until he could stuff you full with his cock. You clenched around his fingers and he slipped them out of you, his fingers coated in your juices and he stuck his own fingers in his mouth to lick your arousal clean off his hand.

“You taste so good baby,” he looked at you and you had already started becoming undone. Just what he wanted to see. “Take off my pants,” he commanded and you did just so, ridding him of any other clothing and freeing his member, which was bigger than you actually expected. If you weren’t so currently needy you’d probably mess around with him too, but right now you only wanted him to fuck you, and you knew he wanted that too.

“Fuck me, now,” you told him and you watched his eyes grow hungrier. He leaned down and kissed your roughly one last time before you wrapped your legs around his waist and he slowly entered the tip of his cock inside you. You were plenty wet, so it didn’t hurt at all yet.

Neither of you were virgins, and Namjoon knew that both of you were clean and you were on the pill. Why those had ever come up in conversation before, he didn’t know.

He slipped the rest of him into you, letting out a low groan at the feeling of how tight and warm you were. He let you adjust to his size before speaking. “Move, please,” you asked and he gripped your hips and started thrusting in and out of you, slow at first but gradually he went faster and harder until the room was filled with pants and moans.

“Fuck, Namjoon!” You arched your back and moaned when he hit your spot. He smirked to himself and angled your hips differently and slammed back into you, hitting the same spot again, and again until you were leaning your head back in pleasure and gripping his arm which held your waist. He moved his arm underneath you so he could wrap his arm around your hips for better leverage and with the other hand he began to rub harsh circles into your clit.

“Y/n,” he moaned out your name when you clenched your walls around his member, threatening to make him cum.

“Fuck don’t stop, I’m almost there,” you grinded your hips in sync with his thrusts and gripped the pillow by your head, mouth open as pants and moans spilled out, breasts moving and bouncing with every powerful thrust Namjoon gave off. Just the sight of you made Namjoon almost cum instantly, but he rubbed your clit faster, strings of cuss words and grunts coming out of his mouth. “Don’t stop, come inside me please,” You squeezed your eyes shut and your body convulsed as waves of pleasure snapped in your stomach and went throughout your body. You panted and whimpered as Namjoon kept going to reach his high.

“Oh fuck, y/n,” Namjoon groaned out and with a few more thrusts and you squeezing around him in over stimulation he came inside you like you asked, and he rode out both of your highs.

He pulled out of you and a mix of his cum and yours already started to drip out of you. Namjoon kissed you sweetly and pushed your hair out of your face. “That was so fucking good,” he praised and you chuckled and nodded in agreement, still barely being able to form words. He left to your bathroom to get a cloth to clean you up and afterwords you pulled him against you to cuddle him and feel the warmth radiating off of him.

“Jesus Christ, I love you so much,” you smiled at him and kissed him.

“I love you too y/n,” he kissed back.

You pulled away to look at the time, and you smirked to yourself. “We still have an hour till my parents get back… If you’re up for a second round.”

Namjoon couldn’t believe you. “Jesus, you’re not tired?” You giggled and shook your head, leaning over to kiss him once again.

“You’re insane,” he chuckled and kissed you. “I love it.”

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A/n: that’s the end kiddos! Part 2 was high in demand, this was my first time publishing (not writing lmao) smut on here, so hopefully you enjoyed it. I take writing requests! Scenarios, reactions and imagines so don’t be afraid you leave a request in my inbox, or tell me if you liked this story!

Thanks for reading, love ya.

Ride or Die [M] (JBxReader)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Genre: Smut/Angst

Pairing: Gangster!Jaebum(but actually very soft!jb) x You

Warnings: Nothing much, just some makeup sex and a little drugs

Summary: Jaebum’s mad. Mad that you left without a word, and now he’s giving you back what you started.

Word count: 2k

Your name: submit What is this?

The wind tangled its fingers in his hair, blowing back every strand of hair on his head. 145 km/h was far off the speed limit, but he slammed down hard on the acceleration pedal anyway. He started to sit up, and then sank back weakly into the leather chair, a grimace washing over his face.

“Pass me another smoke,” he said impassively, red eyes still focusing intensely on the road. You hastily rummaged through the glove box for his packet of Marlboro ice blast, just the way he liked it. You would joke that that was his favourite flavour because it went along well with his unamiable personality. Ice cold indeed. Except that today wasn’t a good day for laughing matters. You smacked the box a few times with the palm of your hand and passed a stick to him. He picked it up with his mouth and nodded his head towards the lighter nesting in the cup holder. Getting the signal he was trying to bring across, you helped him light up his cigarette while he took in a deep breath of the sharp mint. Clouds of white escaped his lips with each puff, fading out through the window into the inky night.

“You think it was fun going to the club without telling me your whereabouts? You like guys seeing you in those skimpy clothes?” Jaebum said condescendingly.  You kept silent, not wanting to aggravate his temper by saying the wrong words, but that only added fuel to his anger. He passed you a quick glance, mouth set and eyes bleak.

“Not gonna say anything? Cat’s got your tongue missy?” He made an abrupt turn onto the side of the road, making you fling forward from the sudden jolt.

Thank goodness the seatbelt was holding you back.

Jaebum turned to face you, exhaling smoke in your direction. You coughed at the strong scent of nicotine.

“Jaebum, it isn’t a big deal. Why are you making a mountain out of an ant hole?” You folded your arms across your chest.

“Not a big deal? My girlfriend- MY girlfriend was at a club with devious men simpering at her and just look at what you’re wearing. That dress barely covers your ass. How dare you, y/n.” He berated, taking another hit. The red, angry glow of the cigarette seemed to grow brighter. You could feel the tension between the both of you heightening.

“Baby, I just wanted to have some fun with the girls tonight. I’m sorry for not telling you earlier, okay?” You said coolly. “Please don’t be mad.” You reached for his arm and gave it a tight squeeze.

“Don’t call me that.” Jaebum yanked his arm away and flicked the cigarette out of the window, letting it burn into ashes. A faint snigger found its way into the gloomy air. He rolled his neck and ran a hand through his hair. Your vision was blurry from the misty silhouette of the remaining smoke wafting around your heads. In that moment of discomfort, you found yourself choked up with shame. Jaebum rarely fought with you, and even if he did, he always gave in at the end. This time was different though. That action of yanking his arm away made you feel lousy; your efforts to mitigate the problem didn’t work. The alcohol had kicked in as well, feeding your deranged state. You prayed silently that you would pass out before things escalated. Jaebum was never one to break down easily, but when it came to you, he was putty in your hands.

“How would I know if you won’t do the same thing again?” A whimper made its way through his trembling words. He had completely lost to the high. You could barely see properly, but you knew from the hitching in his voice that he was about to dissolve in tears. “I can’t have other men looking at my girl like that. You’re mine, mine. All mine.”

Hearing his soft sniffles, it made you bite the inside of your cheeks. You never wanted to hurt him. However tough he appeared, he was just a delicate piece of glass.

Suddenly, drizzle started falling from the sky, rolling down the windshield in a steady stream. Jaebum sighed, then reluctantly rolled up the windows and turned on the heater. He removed his spiked leather jacket and threw it on the backseat. All he had on was a white tank top and fitting ripped black jeans. He gripped firmly on the steering wheel, averting his emotions somewhere else. You shivered as his well toned arms contracted at the same time as your heart did. His arm was a canvas for a long, ridged scar that ran from his shoulder to his elbow. But he wore it proudly- a reminder of fiery escapades that once fascinated him. The windows condensed under the contrast of temperatures as heat built up in the car, lending privacy before the other cars that drove past.

“You’re fucking beautiful, y/n.” Jaebum blurted, brushing his fingers over your cheek. He leaned towards you and planted sloppy kisses on your lips, his breath still lingering of menthol. In your daze, you threaded your fingers into his hair, pulling him closer to you.

“Aren’t you mad at me?”

He answered you with another kiss, this time exploring the insides of your mouth. His insistent mouth parting your shaking lips, tongue fighting for dominance over yours. You pulled away from the kiss, only to be greeted by look of immense desire etched on his face. It was so clear that you wondered where he’d hid it for so long. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, sucking lightly on the sensitive skin below his ear. He responded with a soft groan, low in his throat, and then lowered his chair as you climbed on top on him. Your dress rode up your hips as you unsteadily straddled his lap. Putting your weight on him, your chests collided, melting into each other. Other than the scent of cigarettes, you inhaled his citrusy cologne, his shampoo, the scent that was just… him. The tiny car offered little to none space to manoeuvre; nothing could contain the excitement growing in your core. The persistent pounding in your head added to the numbness you felt as his fingers brushed roughly against your laced panties. Just one stroke of his skilful finger sent wild tremors along your nerves, evoking sensations you never known you were capable of feeling.

“I’m mad. Still mad, and this is your punishment.” With an impatient hand, he drew your underwear down your thighs – and did even quicker work of removing his pants. You fumbled lifting your dress off your head until Jaebum ripped it away and threw it onto the backseat. He grabbed your ass harshly, not caring if his nails dug into your skin, and gave it a firm smack. Your body responded by jerking towards him, your long hair hovering over his face. He pulled back your hair with one hand and with the other, firmly cupped your chin.

“I’ll show you what it means by being mine.” He dipped his hand into your glistening pussy, rubbing harshly at the bundle of nerves. Your legs shook at the sensitivity and your fists grabbed fiercely at his white tank. You wanted more, you wanted to taste every inch of his body. Similarly, he wanted to eat at your intoxicated lips, down to your sweet cunt. His fingers pierced through your body like a bullet, plunging them in like there was no tomorrow. As your essence covered his fingers, you couldn’t help but to mew in pleasure. Two fingers working in you, a little uncomfortable but nothing you couldn’t handle. Your eyes rolled back into your head as he crooked his finger, hitting you in the spots that made your moans turn into a high-pitched orgasm.

“F-fuck… It feels so good.” You slurred. His bulge throbbed in his pants and you could feel it thumping against your sex. You were seeing two of him, daze washing over you.

“Tell me how much you want it,” he growled into your ear. You squirm beneath his touch, body aching for more of him. You squeeze his thigh hard, leaving red imprints.

“So fucking-” another moan escaped your lips as you ground your convulsing pussy on his thick thighs.

“So fucking badly.”

Jaebum mewed at the sensation of your wetness on him. His cock was rock hard and pulsing repeatedly against your abdomen.

“This badly?” He wantoned, sliding the tip of his member over your slit. He pushed his head in ever so slightly, only to remove it again and again.

“Please,” you begged. “Please Jaebum, give it to me.”

He continued to tease you, slapping his cock against your clit. You let out a loud gasp as you clenched your toes, every muscle drawn taut. You whined as you pleaded for his thick cock to fill you up. You wanted to relish in the feeling of his warmth in you, reaching deep into your womb. His cock was now red, hot and angry; the head of his penis tingled unbearably, a drop of precum forming at the slit. Sensing how much he wanted you as well, you lift yourself above his hips, and then sunk yourself down. Rotating your hips around him, you found a good tempo with the buckling of his hips. He bit down on his lips hard, a vein on his neck becoming visible. Your eyes flutter and you are lost in bliss.

“You are mine,” he grunts out, pumping into you, the length and level of his arousal brutal.

“Mine,” he swears. He doesn’t slow the movement, giving you full, hard thrusts, your breasts bouncing off your chest. In that moment, nothing seemed to matter except for him sliding in and out of you. You slide your hands down his biceps, tracing the scar, clamping your legs around his waist, driving him further into you until your sweat-slick bodies stain the car seat. His face winces as your velvet insides envelops him into paradise.

A familiar heat buzzes in your belly, but he is still ruthless, wanting to engrave himself into you. Jaebum continues at it, this time with even harder thrusts. The sound of skin slapping became even louder.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck. y/n, you feel so good on my dick.” He ran his hand over your chest, rolling your bud between his fingers, pinching and pulling at it.

Your back arches as you feel his dick pulsing in your sex. You guide his hand to your clit and used it to rub it hard.

“I’m, I’m cumming babe.” You cry as Jaebum pounds even harder than before. The car shook underneath his primitive act.

“Wait for me, y/n.” He says, and with one last pinch to your clit, you can feel yourself losing control of your body.

Both of you crumble into sand as your orgasms pierces through your bodies. He empties his viscous fluid in you and pulls out, some spilling on your stomach. You squirm at the feeling of his hot cum in you, amazed at how he fills you up so well every time. He uses a finger to swipe the cum off your slit and puts it into your mouth. You obediently lick it all off.

He reaches to the back of the car for your clothes and helps you put it back on.

“Are we okay now?”

Jaebum nods and pulls you into another heated kiss.

“Don’t do it again.” He pants, chest heaving heavily.

But if he’ll punish you with such means each time, you’re not sure if you won’t do it again.

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I HEARD BMC AND DEH WELL GOOD MORNING !!!! anyways hey o: could you do a Michael x Reader where Michael n R have their first kiss?? Or maybe an Evan x Reader where Reader helps Evan study for history and they get distracted and start messing around? Thank you !!! C:

soft&warm  ➩ michael m. x reader

1306 words

joke’s on you. i’ll write em both. here’s the michael one.


School had been a bore; nothing more than a whirlwind of more homework, more worksheets, more extra papers you didn’t need and information you wouldn’t keep in your head for more than a week at best. By the time the last bell rang, you were ready to sleep for ninety hours. While you were entirely ready to pass out upon taking your first step towards your weekend, you stuck it out and brightened up significantly when you noticed your best friend standing at your locker, seemingly waiting for you.

You were lucky to have a friend as wonderful as Michael Mell, your resident ‘90s geek. He was always for you, someone who’d always have an open shoulder to cry on and an open spot in his bed to sleep. Even in your darkest times, when you were snappy and irritated at everything, he was there with warm hugs and the words to bring you back up. Despite his anxiety, he was still there to guide you through your own dark tunnels.

“Hey, [nickname]!” your glasses wearing pal greeted, a dashing smile on his face. Just the sight of a friendly face with a familiar smile for you made you feel just a little bit better.

“Hey, Michael,” you replied, turning your code into your locker and starting to load your unneeded items into it. “What’s up?”

He fidgeted for a second, pushing up his glasses and clearing his throat: a quirk of his that you’d picked up on throughout the years. “I was thinking we could hang out tonight. The parents are going out and I know you were complaining about this week being a drag, so I just figured…”

“Video games?” you asked, shutting your locker and turning to face him.

“Just movies, if that’s okay with you? If you want to play video games, too, that’s fine-”

He was rambling and you laughed quietly under your breath, effectively hushing him up. “Movies are perfectly okay by me. I just want to lay down and sleep for a million years anyways.”

“Alright, okay. Sounds good. Let’s go then?”

“Let’s go then.”

With that, you were off, walking out of school together. Michael talked animatedly about the new level he and Jeremy had gotten to in Apocalypse of the Damned, his hands moving deftly and his lips always quirked up into a little smile. He was absolutely adorable, especially when he was so passionately talking about something he loved. Somewhere along the way, you were so zoned out, you hadn’t realized that he’d stopped talking. Only until his hand slipped into yours were you alert once more.

It was like you were hyper-aware of everything: Michael’s skin was soft, his hand was warm, there was a bit of calluses on his fingertips. The shared heat between your interlocked fingers was almost unbearable. You wondered if this was just something he’d done on accident or if there was more thought put into the simple action; you scolded yourself mentally for reading into it so much.

His house appeared too soon and he slipped his hand out of yours to unlock the front door; you silently yearned for the warmth to come back. He held the door open for you, bowing jokingly as you passed by him. The house, usually so full of warmth and the quiet murmur of his parents, was near silent.

“Are there any movies you want to watch? Or are we free to watch whatever?” he asked, guiding you towards his bedroom, almost as if you hadn’t been there a million times before. “It’s just that you’re the guest, so I’m trying to be a good host and all-”

“Michael, calm down,” you said, nudging his hand with yours as you entered his room. “Take a breath. Is something on your mind?”

The boy shook his head almost frantically. “No, no. Everything’s fine. So which movie do you want to watch first?”


In the end, you had settled on some Marvel movie or another, Michael’s choice. While he urged you to help make a decision, you’d brushed him off, telling him that you didn’t really care as long as you got to spend some time with him. This seemed to satisfy him because he’d stopped pestering you about it.

Now, you were resting silently next to your friend, tucked ever close to his body. Your eyes were shut, but you were far from asleep, your mind too focused on Michael’s warmth and Michael’s breathing and Michael. He was impossibly warm and right there next to you, sending your thought process into a flurry.

You were vaguely aware of Chris Pratt making a joke in the background as you looked up at your friend. The room was blacked out as much as it could possibly have been, but the laptop screen casted a glow onto his face; he looked absolutely ethereal. You hadn’t realized how long you’d been staring at him until he glanced down at you, embarrassment clearly etched onto his face.

“Sorry,” you said, quickly turning away and trying to focus on the movie that you hadn’t been watching in the first place.

The space between you was silent, aside from the movie playing. One second, you were drawn into the fictional world sprawling before you and the next, you were feeling your cheeks heat up at the contact of Michael’s hand curling into your own once more. The sudden action caused you to look up at him again and when you did, your faces were closer than you’d imagined they’d be.

Michael’s eyes were blown wide behind his glasses, the lenses partially reflecting the laptop screen. He looked nervous, but like he was trying to talk himself into doing something he wouldn’t normally do. You didn’t have the nerve to move away from him nor make the move for him. It was like you were suspended in a timeless hole with him that would only end when one side of the war in his mind won.

He muttered a nearly silent apology before his lips brushed gently against yours. It could have hardly been classified as a kiss, but you were too shocked to really do anything about it. Instead, you foolishly allowed himself to pull back, a look of regret already forming on his face. He was extremely embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. You just looked really cute and I’ve liked you for so long, it just felt right-”

“Michael, calm down.”

His mouth closed and he looked expectant. The suspended time came back as you fought your own war, balancing whether or not you should kiss him. Ultimately, you forced yourself to lean forward, pressing your lips right against his. This time, neither one of you pulled away; his arms were around your waist, your hands finding purchase on his cheeks, and the movie forgotten about.

It was, in all honesty, a moment of complete and utter bliss. Not once had you looked at Michael and imagined you’d be kissing him in his bed after a long week of school, but now that it was happening, you didn’t want it to end. You wanted to freeze this moment, live forever in this piece of time where nothing else mattered except for you and him and the feeling of his lips against yours, soft and warm and safe.

Time moved forward though, unfortunately, and Michael was the one to pull away. His face was flushed and his eyes were still closed; he looked peaceful and giddy all at once. The air was silent again, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or forced; it was almost like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer had settled over you.

“Do you think we could do that again?” he finally spoke up, breaking the tranquility between you.

“Michael, I’d do that with you a million times over.”

The impossible

summary: in which anything is possible when you’re in love with bucky barnes

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

word count: 1239

warnings: bucky crying and that’s about it

a/n: i cried multiple times writing this, hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by minmiin1d

James Buchanan Barnes, he was something else, the way he gazed upon you with such light and pure intentions made you sure he must be an angel. In your eyes, a halo was placed over his head like a crown and his smile was as beautiful as a tapestry; in summary Bucky Barnes was a piece of art. He could evoke a plethora of emotions from you, all you had to do was look at him and suddenly a thousand emotions were awoken inside of you. It was as if you couldn’t feel anything until his lips had pressed against yours for the first time,

Bucky felt the same way because he knew in all of his jet-black heart that you were on the one. He loved to say it more often than not and on that typical cool night, he said it to you his voice as sticky and sweet as honey. “Y/N doll, you’re the one,” Bucky said, his fingers running through your hair as his warm lips ghosted over the flesh of your forehead.You hummed in delight at the feeling of his lips on your skin, sinking deeper into Bucky’s loving embrace.

The two of you were laying in bed, New York’s brightly lit skyline outside of your window and shedding light onto a dark night. Your head was resting safely on Bucky’s chest and his metal arm was wrapped securely around your waist drawing the two of you closer together. Bucky would do anything to be as close to you as possible, he would reach into his chest pull out his heart strings and tie them to yours to make your bond as strong as possible.

You didn’t reply to his words sleep dawning on you too soon and Bucky’s warm embrace making you momentarily forget about anything else in the world (nothing else mattered except him and you). 

“Did you hear me babydoll?” Bucky said his lips dropping to the shell of your ear and making you shiver slightly at the contact.

“No, what did you say?” You asked nuzzling against his chest making Bucky let out a chuckle, if you had looked up at that moment you would have seen the affection in his eyes reserved for you and you only.

“I said that you’re the one. You’re the love of my life Y/N.” Bucky said as his metal fingers lazily drew shapes and patterns on your arm before he pressed a lingering kiss to your forehead. Bucky breathed in your scent, letting the smell of your sweet shampoo feel his nostrils – it felt like home.

You smiled against Bucky’s chest at his words and slowly (and tiredly) you lifted your head your eyes meeting his and gazed lovingly at your boyfriend. You reached your hand up cupping his cheek feeling the rough scratch of his stubble against the smoothness of your palm. Bucky leaned into your touch thanking the heavens for allowing him to be even closer to you than he was before.

“Can I tell you something, Bucky?” You asked as you leaned forward pressing a flurry of kisses to his face, listening contently to the sound of Bucky giggling like a schoolgirl as you did so. When you were done Bucky felt himself leaning forward nuzzling his face into your neck and once again breathing in your scent, it was so grounding it made his head hurt and his heart fill with love.

You felt Bucky smile against your neck before he pressed a few kisses to the exposed flesh. “You can tell me anything doll, I’m always here for you,” Bucky said as he kissed a particularly sensitive spot making you let out a soft melodic moan.

“I don’t want anything body else but you. All I could ever want is what I have here right now, the two of us lying in bed and my love for you growing even stronger which I didn’t think was possible. But falling in love with you has lead me to realise that nothing is impossible, even finding your soulmate. You’re the love of my life too Bucky and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You said staring at Bucky through your lashes, Bucky looked down at you and saw one thing and one thing only. Love.It was beautiful. As beautiful as you Bucky was completely sure as his eyes didn’t once leave your form.

His heart had never been full of so much love and affection before, he didn’t know how to respond so he went with his instinct. You felt Bucky’s hands grab your face and gently he pressed his lips onto yours in a kiss for the ages, it was so passionate you felt yourself melting into Bucky’s hold as your lips entangled with one another and Bucky swore at that moment he felt his soul joining to yours.

Bucky had never been surer in his life that you were his everything.It was too much, as the kiss deepened you felt tears wet your cheeks they weren’t your own and when you pulled back you realised they belong to your lover. Bucky was crying softly his head spinning with images of the two of you and all he wanted in that moment was to let the tears fall, he wasn’t ashamed he was proud. Proud that he had found someone who easily breached the walls he had put up, he was proud of himself for opening his heart up and falling deeply in love with you.

“Baby, are you okay?” You asked with concern before you dipped your head and kissed his tears away, the action only made the man before you whimper so tenderly as more tears flowed freely. God, you were the best thing to happen to him.

“It’s just, I love you so much it hurts,”  Bucky replied and before you could respond he was pulling you back into the kiss you just parted ways from, his metal arm sneaking around your waist and pulling you on top of him. You kissed him with hunger as if he was water and you were starved in the desert the sun beating mercilessly against your back.

Bucky didn’t hold back, his love pouring out; oozing out of his lips into yours. No words needed to be said because the sheer passion of the kiss said more than anything else could.You both pulled back breathless and with looks of adoration plastered across your faces. “I love too Bucky, you and your love would the make the heaven’s jealous.” You said breathing heavily against his lips, your words caused his lips to turn upwards into an even larger smile which you were sure wasn’t possible but as you said nothing with Bucky was impossible.

Bucky’s hands went back up to your cheeks the flesh hand caressing your cheeks tenderly as the thumb of his metal hand brushed against the swollen pink of your lips. “I’m nothing without you Y/N,” Bucky said as he pulled you against his chest your ear pressed against his heart and you swore as he spoke and placed a kiss on your forehead that you heard the impossible sound of his heart skipping a beat. But with Bucky anything was possible.

Be with me (a fluffy one shot)

(Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes)

So, this is new… I didn’t think I’d ever write anything even remotely close to M/M fanfic, ever. But here we are!

I know this will not be everyone’s cup of tea, a lot of you are here for the female Oc’s/Reader stories that I’ve always written these past years. And I totally understand that.
But I’ve always written what inspires me, and right now that’s Stucky.

Story: The idea came to me when I heard the song Dancing on my own by Callum Scott, and it made me think of Bucky watching Steve dance with a girl and feeling all sad/jealous about it.

Word count: 3349

No warnings, this is just Angst and Fluff. 

But I guess Stucky is a warning in itself, if M/M is not your thing don’t read this one. If you want to try it, like I did (very hesitantly) a few months ago then I thank you.

I want to explore the best of both world and write Steve/Bucky/Reader too in the future, but for now these two are all that’s in my head.

Leave me feedback, be gentle, this is my first time, in a way ;)


Be with me

“Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?
And there’s a big black sky over my town
I know where you’re at, I bet she’s around”

Her hair was long and curly, dancing on her shoulders as she moved gracefully to the music. Her smile was warm and loving, perfect teeth and sparkly blue eyes that lit up with her smile. Her arms hung loosely around his neck, fingers playing with his hair as they danced. 

Bucky hid behind a small group while he watched them.

They were dancing, slow and close. Too close. She leaned her forehead against his, blocking his face from Bucky’s view but he knew it was him. He’d recognize him in any crowd anywhere.
He swayed along with her to the music, Bucky watched as his strong arms wrapped around her waist and his fingers gently caressed her lower back. When they turned Bucky could see the happy smile on his face and the way he kept his eyes locked with hers. 

He looked happy, as if nothing else on this earth mattered to him except her and this moment they shared. Bucky felt like someone had just punched him in the gut.

“And yeah, I know it’s stupid
But I just gotta see it for myself
I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her,
I’m right over here, why can’t you see me?”

Bucky took another long sip from his bottle, he wasn’t sure how many drinks he’d had but the alcohol was finally starting to numb his senses.
About damn time.

They were kissing now, Bucky’s stomach was turning and he was starting to feel physically sick. He couldn’t stand to be in this place one second longer. The loud base of the music and the other people dancing way too close to him suddenly put him on edge. When one of the girls started dancing up against him he shoved her aside a little too roughly.

‘Hey, watch it asshole!’ she gave him an angry push back.

’I’m sorry,’ Bucky muttered but she had already turned away from him and didn’t hear his apology.

He needed to get out. Now.

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Meld (Jonerys)

Ok whatever I’m posting this. This is that smut I was telling you about. It’s experimental more than anything else and it’s not really that graphic but…I mean, it’s the first time I’ve actually written a sex scene so I’m not sure how great it is lol. I don’t think it’s going on Ao3 hmmmm….

I didn’t plan on writing it honestly…it just kind of happened um. And I mean, it’s all what we’re thinking about anyway. 

Experimental version of boat sex, so there are some spoilers for the leaks. 

Again, welcome to all our new shippers :) We’re so glad you’re here. If you like this and want to read more I write lots of Jonerys fanfiction and I always take prompts-although I don’t usually write smut. 


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Their S/O cuddling up to them after a long day - Got7

~Requested scenario~

EYYYY 4 DAY WEEKEND EVERYBODY I’ve started writing this on wednesday night so I’m not sure when i’ll finish and post this but like hey I’m tryna step up my game forgive me plz lmao. Anyways I hope everyone reading this will have a good day <3

love you all and stay safe


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Mark Tuan

I’m not sure if you guys know this but mark got exposed for being the first one to leave set and go home. He’s also the first person to be knocked tf out as soon as he hits the car so i’m pretty sure it would e absolute heaven for him to come home after a v v long schedule and just snuggle up with his girlfriend and fall asleep in complete silence. He also wouldn’t mind if you just told him about your day whilst you lay in his arms so that your voice can be the last thing he hears before he drifts off into a deep, much needed slumber.

Originally posted by jiminsassbutt

*you’re jackson*

JB/Lim Jaebum

One time during some self cam type of thing, JB said he would love to sleep with his S/O in his arms in the future (most probs not his exact words lmao) I think as soon as he gets home he’s kinda expecting you to come through those doors after him and just get ready to lie in his arms so he can ease your stress away with kisses and cuddles. Would probably make you talk about what’s stressing you out cuz ‘it’s good to get it out into the atmosphere’ and would rub your arms. Overall just making you feel at peace but it’s also a type of healing for him as well.

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*this is the video i was talking about*

*You’re the pillow*

Jackson Wang

Fangirl #1. No but seriously Jackson has been going through some bullshit recently and he’s been working hard so what’s the best way to end his day and recharge him for another? You’r cuddles. Would love pillow talk and just voice his concerns and what stresses him out whilst you stroke his head. He just melts and every time this happens nothing else matters except for the two of you, to him it almost seems as if you’r hearts are beating in unison.

Originally posted by hana-mori-posts

*you’re jinyoung pretty sure that’s jinyoung anyway*

Park Jinyoung

Well because of his nature i’m sure he would tease you a bit and pretend he wants you to get tf off of him even though you’re the one in his arms and he’s holding you… sometimes it’s bants but sometimes its so nice and peaceful but  will probably get v flustered if you insist upon playing a song from JJ project so his heavenly voice can put you to sleep, much more willing to sing live for you though cuz why not you’re cute.

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Choi Youngjae

Fangirl #2. Honestly would just swoon and fuss over you asking about your day and if you’ve eaten. Would just stare at you in awe if you’re talking to him and he just wants to snuggle you super duper close with coco lying in the middle because it’s juts his favourite way to finish his day. Completely turns off his phone and just locks his bedroom just to make extra sure that he isn’t disturbed during tis time with you. Busts out laughing at random times but it’s cute.

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*you’re mark*


Oml this kid turns soft when this happens. It’s a pretty chill time and yall are just jamming to some lit tunes whilst gossiping about other people you guys have encountered during your day. He’s also quite playful for a bit until he gets tired and demands you play with his hair. Would probably wrap his long ass limbs around you if you try to leave cuz ‘noooo i haven’t finished telling you the story yet y/n’ . Falls asleep like half way through his sentence but lies on top of you just in case you try to leave , I pray for your bladder.

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Kim Yugyeom

A shy bean at first. Doesn’t know where to put his hands in a way you’d be comfortable with even if you tell him it’s fine. Literally gets comfortable real quick tho like mY dude, weren’t you just blushing like 2 seconds ago. Some soft chris brown tunes in the background which really sets the mood for…. something. I honestly don’t know thoUGH like he’s 19 anything could happen wink wonk. Before he could try anything tho,ugh the members come crashing in like they’ve got some sort of radar or sommet and crash the party.

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jinyoung :“…..boi”

Call me Daddy

Hello hello! Here is a JB smut I’ve been meaning to post for a while ^^

WARNING: Daddy Kink


You sighed to yourself as you got yourself ready for Jaebum. You didn’t have to do much, just a little makeup, lingerie and one last thing you were pondering over: whipped cream. He was going to be at your place in fifteen minutes, so you had to make a quick decision. After thinking it over for a few seconds, you decided to not get it; not after the last time you used it.

You heard the door knock three times, and you rushed to go get it. Of course, you wanted to make him wait, but you were also impatient. It had been a while since the two of you were together. You opened the door slowly, and you almost choked on your breath. Jaebum looked good.

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Imagine: The night after The Oscars with Evan Peters

The Oscars, what a high honor it was to be invited to something so extravagant. Having Evan on my arm, was always something for me to show off, how I managed to get my hands on someone so amazing, was beyond me. People snapped our pictures, and we hurried to the table we were seated at. I wore a sparkly, black, loose fishtail dress, that was backless, with a slit down my leg. He wore a brand new suit with a bow tie, he always had a hard time dressing up, it made him feel awkward. I gave his hand a squeeze from under the table, he looked at me and huffed. “We could have stayed home, watched cheap horror movies, and ate pizza, Y/N.” He said into my ear, “Only you would be complaining about being at The Oscars!!” I laughed. His hand found my bare leg, from the slit in the dress, and he rested it there. Oh, just a simple, show of affection immediately got me going. I put my hand over his, and held it there. He kissed the tip of my nose and drew his attention to what was going on, on stage. I paid attention to all the people who took this so seriously, some people not looking anything like themselves. I thought it was so odd. I placed my hand on his thigh now, wanting to see if I could tease him, and how much trouble I could get in after this. As I slowly moved my hand, closer and closer to the crotch of his pants, he whipped around and looked at me, his face turning red “What the fuck are you doing,” He whispered into my ear. I shrugged “No idea what you could mean!” I continued to tease him, as the show went on, the drunker I got, the worse I became. Evan, I could tell was getting flustered, but didn’t protest against my touch. He began to do it back, through the slit of dress, having an unfair advantage. His hands reaching all the way up, he teased the outside of my panties, while pretending to be paying attention to the stage, where Tom Hanks was giving some speech. I adjusted how I was sitting, making it easier for him to gain access to me. That’s when it stopped, and moved his hand back down my leg. I was disappointed and sighed loudly. He giggled, and looked back at me. He gently grabbed my neck and pulled me closer to his lips. “Keep teasing me, Y/N and you’ll see what happens.” After the night ended, we said goodbye to everyone, and went to the limo that was waiting to take us to our hotel. Evan was always a private, pervert. So, both acted cool in the limo, the minute that we entered our hotel room though, he slammed the door and shoved me into the wall by the door. The smell of alcohol strong, on his breath. He smashed his lips into mine, moving his tongue through my mouth, fighting for dominance against mine. His cold hands, sending goosebumps all over as he touched the skin on my back. He undid the zipper on the side of the dress, it fell to the ground at my heels. His hands hungerly exploring, my bare skin. I removed his tie, and slid his suit jacket off of him, leaving him in just the white button up shirt. He placed his hands on my ass, then reaching behind my thighs. He had me jump, and he held me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist, as he took me to the bed, and laid over me. As he kissed me, I undid the buttons of his shirt, slowly. He became impatient, and undid the rest himself, tossing it to the side of the side. We were both shirtless now, I was only in my panties, him still wearing his pants. His large hands, held onto my breasts, kneading his fingers into them, and squeezing his hands around them, he trailed kisses, down my lips, my chin, my jaw, my neck, my collarbones, the center of my chest, before taking one breast into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it. I let out sharp breaths with each one. He reached down the front of my panties, and rubbed my lips softly. I knew I had to be wetter than an ocean at this point, from building this up the whole night. He parted them, feeling my center, and moving his fingers over it. I tangled my fingers into his curls, arching my back. He slipped 2 fingers inside me slowly, bending his fingers, still rubbing my clit with the palm of his hand simultaneously. My breath catching, with each rapid stroke he made. I pushed my hips up towards him, and grabbed the buckle of his belt. He helped with his free hand, under his belt, the buckle jingled, as it fell to the side. He then under and unzipped his pants. Letting his hardness, show through his boxers. He adjusted the way he was laying, so that I could get at him. I rubbed his length, through the fabric, his breathing quickened. He switched which breast he was latched onto in a quick motion, going deeper with his fingers the more I teased him. I pulled him out of the boxers, revealing how hard he had became. I felt the pre cum on the tip, and smeared it over it with my thumb, and tickled my fingers down the shaft. I wrapped my hand around him tightly, and moved my wrist in a slow, but steady, cork screw motion. I pumped faster, and faster until he stopped me. He moved between my legs, parting them farther with his knees. I early, obliged, opening as far as they could go. He knelt over me, kissing my mouth, then my chin, my jaw, my chest, my stomach, biting me, and licking down with the kisses. He stopped at my panty line, he pulled them off Letting his fingers drag down my skin, his touch lingering. He spread my legs apart again, and positioned himself between them, he looked up at me, his intense, dark eyes gazing up at me. I felt part me with his fingers. He moved his tongue around my clit, making circles around it. He pressed his lips down over it, and sucked hard on it, slipping one finger inside me as he did. I arched my back, moaning loudly at the careful attention he took to every inch of my center, I felt myself nearing a climax, to which he stopped what he was doing immediately. He came back up to kiss me, biting at my lip. I breathed heavily, and he took no time to line himself up with my opening. He left himself there, and took a moment to look me over. “What are you doing?” I asked him with a laugh “I like to take in how beautiful you are, so I can remember nights like this forever.” He said in a soft voice. That’s when he inched his way inside of me, slowly, filling me, with every inch of himself. I adjusted to his size, as he stayed inside me for a few seconds, before slowly moving his hips, in and out of me. Feeling the wetness from myself, allover him, as he slid out. With evey pump, getting harder, faster. I tightened around him, locking my ankles on his back. He sucked at the skin of my neck in differrent spots, knowing it would leave a mess of marks on me. His movements became more messy, I could tell he was close. I reached my hand down and rubbed my clit, to get myself close to cumming too, so I could climax with him. He paid careful attention to what I was doing, slowing himself down, and them going faster when he could tell I was getting closer. Both of us moaning loudly, not caring who heard. And just like that at nearly the same time both of us hit our peak, he collapsed on top of me, catching his breath, keeping himself inside of me for a long time, until he finally rolled over, and pulled me onto his side, wrapping his arms around me. We both laid there, staring at the darkness above us, the sound of LA traffic in the background. I looked up at him, touching his neck and jaw line. Wanting to memorize every inch of his beautiful, Angel like face. He kissed my finger tips, when I moved them over his lips, and grabbed my hand. Resting it on his chest. Nothing else mattered in this moment except for him and me.

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Kinktober2017 Day 4: Begging with Klance

Hurray, day 4! This time we’re revisiting Klance, with begging kinks! 

Note: Keith has turned Galra in this scene that I’ve written. Enjoy!

Keith whimpered loudly, the high pitched sound coming from deep within his throat as he rose his haunches into the air higher, forehead pressed into the mattress of the bed.

“Please, Lance…I need it…” His voice was just as shaky as his body as he pushed his ass back, hoping that the display would tempt Lance, who was kneeling behind him with a hungry but decidedly teasing look in his eyes.

Lance’s hand stroked the cheek of Keith’s purple ass, thumb tracing around the tight pink hole, but never touching it. “Aw, look at you, all hot and needy.” He chuckled, applying more pressure behind his finger.

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Your Pleasure is my Pleasure (Evan x Reader)

Warnings: smutsmuT SMU T but evan’s still a softie so not much else other than maybe light hair pulling?? it did get a little weirdly sappy at the end tho so beware lmao

WC: 1026

A/N: okok so creds to @fly-like-a-grayson for the inspo bc she wrote a set of sexually confident evan hcs recently and she wrote the line “your pleasure was his pleasure” and i couldnt stop thinkin abt it lmao whooPS

You couldn’t believe you were lucky enough to have Evan as your boyfriend. It had seemed almost hopeless for such a long time that you wouldn’t find someone who was, well, simply a good person. When you and Evan met in college, it was like you were finally able to understand how you deserved to be treated and what a relationship should be like.

And most importantly, what sex should be like.


“Evannn,” you whined. Evan sat next to you on your shared bed, staring at his laptop screen unblinking. You brought your hand up to his face and gently brushed back some hair that had fallen into his eyes. “How much longer do you think it’ll be?”

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(They Long To Be) Close To You

Part 2. Female reader. Holy balls you guys! Your support regarding this fic has made me supremely ecstatic. I honestly wasn’t expecting y’all to like this. This part is not as kinky as what’s hopefully to come. I’m figuring this is because Castiel hasn’t had sex since April and still isn’t quite confident in his abilities. Human women still vex him quite a bit and so do their vah-jay-jay’s. There will be more of a plot in the next chapter. I really just wanted to focus of the reader’s pleasure (and of course Castiel’s) in this chapter. I’ve been a bit…slow lately and my grasp of the English language is not up to par. I had a thesaurus up because I kept repeating the same damn word. Reader likes to mentally say things like, ‘Holy shit’ and ‘Holy hell’ if you haven’t already noticed. Castiel being adorably awkward. Anyway, enjoy darlings! Xo

Word Count: 3.5k

Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, feels, smut, swearing, self-image issues.

Reader contemplates becoming Castiel’s mate. Well, let’s just say that you don’t spend a lot of time mulling it over.

(gif not mine)

Your name: submit What is this?

You gulped, honestly a little nervous about what was going to happen next. I mean, you weren’t a virgin, but it had been…an extended amount of time. Did you even still know how to have the sexy times? Now, you had a freakishly beautiful being in front of you, literally begging for you and holy hell did you want to cave and give in. So, why exactly were you hesitating? Just say yes, Y/N. Kiss him. Belong to him. But deep inside of you was that pit of despair. What if he leaves? Or worse…

 Castiel seemed to notice that you were having some sort of internal struggle. He cocked his head to the side as he had done a few times that night. A smile pulled at the corner of your lips as you admired the insanely adorable way he would study humanity. Kind of like a puppy. You wondered how exactly this would work. He said he’d had sex before. How long ago was that? Did he remember what to do? Did you even remember what to do? You started shouting at yourself mentally. You were snapped out of your daze when you felt him touch your face. His eyes were narrowed and filled with concern, “Y/N, are you alright?”

 “I…uh…yeah, I’m just nervous,” You squeaked. Before he could speak again, you did. “Cas, we don’t know each other. At all. I’ve been hurt before. Left before. If we do this, I will latch onto you and never let go. Like some kind of love and affection-sucking parasite.”

 His grin made your heart flutter, “I don’t have a problem with that.”

 You kept fighting though and you wished you’d shut up. “What if I scare you away? I’m not all sunshine and rainbows.”

 He shrugged, “I don’t believe I am either.”

 “Well, I—”

 You were promptly cut off by the angel very gingerly pressing his lips to yours. Your slightly widened eyes closed and you kissed him back. Literally every fear that you had had moments prior were gone. An unexplainable warmth spread through your entire body and when he broke the kiss, you genuinely had to catch your breath.

 “That felt…”

 “Like it was meant to be?” Castiel offered. You nodded and wrapped your hand around his tie. You pulled him towards you and your lips met again. The kiss was hot. You melted into it immediately, letting it consume you. You let go of everything; the tragic deaths of your family, your loneliness, your constant dread of intimacy, your fears of abandonment. All of it gone. Nothing mattered except him. In this moment, you felt home. Like nothing could touch you. This was pure serenity. This was heaven.

  Your fingers wandered up to his raven locks and you laced them there. His hands were on your back and hip, pulling you closer as if you were a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean and he was trying not to drown. However, you would gladly go down with this ship.

 Your core was getting slicker by the second and you grabbed onto the angel’s hand and guided it down to your sex. You leaned your head against the wall and you parted your lips as his fingers grazed you over your panties. He froze and looked up at you, “Uh…”

 You lifted your head and frowned at him, “You said you’ve done this before.”

 Castiel nodded, glancing down at your sex and then considered the placement of his hand before nervously looking back up into your eyes. “I’ve had generic intercourse before. However, I’ve never touched female genitals.”

 You scrunched up your face, “I know you’re an angel, but your terminology is really putting me off.”

 He just stared at you with a relatively confused expression, “What would you prefer I say?”

 You blushed, “I don’t…uh…there are a few things you can say. Vagina obviously, but that doesn’t sound very sexy. Pussy…or, uh, cunt works.”

 “That’s a little derogatory,” Castiel grunted.

 “Yeah, that’s the point,” You said. You gestured to his crotch, “Same goes for you though. Penis doesn’t sound sexy. Dick is a little better, but most people say cock.”

 He looked down at his sex and then back up to where his hand was awkwardly stationed against your panties.

 You felt bizarre talking to the angel about dirty slang. You decided to urge him on though, “Say it.”

 He gulped and looked genuinely frightened, “Say what?”

 “Say what you want to do to my…ya know,” You hinted.

 Castiel looked like he was being put through some kind of life or death trial and saying ‘pussy’ was going to save him somehow. “I…uh…I want to put my fingers inside of you.”

 You nodded and shrugged your shoulders slightly, “Okay, better. Keep going.”

 He kept his gaze locked on your clothed sex and started tracing patterns on your panties. A very small moan slipped from between your parted lips and his head snapped up. Understanding seemed to register in his brain. He licked his lips slightly and continued. “Okay, I want to…um…use my fingers to make you orgasm.”

 “You wanna finger fuck me, Castiel?” You asked as seductively as you could muster.

 A visible shiver passed through his body and he nodded. “Yes, I want to feel your…cunt…and make you…”

 He was starting to lose control. He switched languages and finished the rest of his sentence in Enochian. You assumed it sounded hot and kind of went with it. Seeing him starting to come undone was turning you on beyond belief. He pulled at the waistband of your panties and slipped his hand in. A small groan of pleasure and awe fell from his lips as he marveled at the softness of your sex. A deep hum rumbled through his chest as he slipped a finger between your folds. Your head fell back and thunked against the wall, but you couldn’t care less about the slight sting and buzzing that you felt in your head.

 “You’re very wet,” He observed. His statement of the obvious still managed to turn you on though.

 You grunted, “Yeah, that tends to happen when you’re erotically charged.”

 “I wonder…” The angel trailed away and you watched as he brought his finger up to his mouth. Holy fucking Christ, is he gonna? He ran his tongue over the nectar from your core that lingered on his finger. He looked pleasantly surprised, “It appears coffee isn’t the only taste I enjoy.”

 You just kind of blinked at him.

 He pointed at your panties, “Can I remove these?”

 You gave him a fast and excited nod, “Yes, yes please do.”

 Expecting him to take them off like a normal person, you were surprised when he snapped his fingers and they vanished. You flinched at the cool breeze that hit your core. He returned his hand to your sex and slipped his finger back into you. He clarified, “So I just…thrust my fingers in and out?”

 You nodded, unable to form actual words. He initiated his movement and began to thrust his finger in and out of you. You moaned at the sensation and grabbed onto his shoulder. You dug your claws into him and growled at him to go faster. He complied, and delighted at how you squirmed from his touch. He pushed in a second finger, stretching you a little and picking up speed. “Fuck, Cas.”

 “Am I doing this correctly?” He asked, his eyes trained on your sex.

 “Yes, holy shit, yes,” You said breathlessly. He curled his fingers up and hit your g-spot and you cried out at the stimulation. “Fuck!”

 “I’m going to assume that that feels more pleasurable,” Castiel offered.

 “Y-Yeah, it does. D-Don’t stop,” You begged.

 A very wide—and rather mischievous might I add—smile spread across his face. “Oh, I don’t plan to.”

 You moaned at the sound of his words and his devious smile. You just grinned and then let your jaw fall slack as he pumped three fingers into you. He threaded his free hand into your hair and gave a slight tug and your eyes snapped to his. The eye contact. Holy hell. If you didn’t know any better, you figured that he would have been able to make you cum just from that fucking eye contact. You were getting deeply eye fucked right now and you didn’t dare break his heavy gaze. You felt blissful waves beginning to crash against your shore and your breathing hitched in your throat. “C-Castiel, I’m gonna…”

 “Y/N, are you going to orgasm for me?” He asked, trying his best to be sexy. Of course, you really didn’t care what he said right now. You weren’t even on the same freaking planet at the moment. You were all the way up in space, unaware of the laws of gravity. He could have asked you if you wanted to turn into a bloody dolphin and you would have agreed without hesitation.

 “Yes!” You wailed as he pumped mercilessly into your sex.

 “Go on then,” He offered, his calm intensity making you gooey. You felt mild pins and needles pulse through you as you fell off of Mt. Pleasure and into a deep ocean of ecstasy, moaning his name out in some kind of naughty prayer. You barely noticed that the lights were flickering violently. You made a note to care about that later. Your magic was going haywire. You buried your face in his neck and gently prodded at his feathers. You slowly regained your composure and your breathing began to level out. You softly kissed the skin of his neck and he held onto your back, as if to keep you steady. Your hands fell to his pants and you unbuckled his belt. His breathing picked up as you undid the button on his pants and the zipper. “Y/N…”

  It was your turn to invade his underwear with your hand. The angel drew in air almost in a gasp as your fingers made contact with his sex. You sunk your teeth into his neck and he groaned in pleasure. You smiled against his flesh, “Pants off, feathers.”

 You heard him snap his fingers and his pants vanished. You momentarily pondered where all these clothes were going to end up once you were done. You looked up at him and his gaze was unwavering and so very hungry. You eyed his clothing and made a face. How exactly were you going to take his top layers off with his wings in the way? He seemed to know what you were thinking and clicked his fingers again. The angel stood naked in the middle of the bunker and you stared at him, gaping a little. Insecurity passed over his features when he saw your reaction, “What’s wrong?”

 You shook your head and gestured to his whole body, “Nothing. Nothing is wrong with what I am looking at.”

 “Then why are you staring?” He asked, tilting his head again.

 You laughed, “Because you’re fucking gorgeous and I want to enjoy this image.”

 A light but noticeable blush rose in his cheeks and he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. His wings curled inwards as if he was embarrassed with your proclamation. You grinned and peeked through his feathers like blinds on a window, before parting them and yanking him by the back of his neck into another kiss. His sex was pressed against yours and you whimpered at the slight friction it caused. No, not yet. As much as you wanted him to fuck your brains out, you wanted to drag this out a bit longer. You broke the kiss and trailed your lips down his jawline and neck. You kissed down his chest, paying extra attention to his abs, and then continuing on your way until you were on your knees.

 “Have you done this before too?” You asked, smirking up at him through your lashes.

 “I don’t know what you’re…” He tried to put the pieces together but seemed to falter completely as you began to stroke his length with your hand. The way he was looking at you, damn. That eye contact again. You felt yourself getting wet once more. You ran your tongue up his shaft and swirled around his tip. The sounds he was making. Holy shit. You kept pumping with your hand and as soon as you swallowed him down he shuddered. “Oh, Father.”

 That must be a good sign. You kept on your merry way. Flattening your tongue and hollowing out your cheeks and sucking him down. You bobbed up and down and soon felt him weave his fingers in your hair. You looked up and saw that his wings had drooped completely, twitching every now and then. You lifted your free hand and dragged your nails down his torso. The angel’s moans were too hot for words. He was leaning against the wall with one hand for support. He needed support. A freaking powerful and relatively emotionless celestial being with superhuman strength needed a fucking wall to keep from falling over. Your mouth was making him lose every ounce of control and that thought drove you up the wall. Achievement unlocked. How many experience points were you getting from this? You hummed around his cock in triumph as you felt him start to twitch.

 “I think I’m going to—” He cut himself off by his own cries of pleasure. He bucked his hips into your mouth and pounded his fist on the wall as his hot cum spurted into your mouth. He shuddered and his voice cracked as he unraveled. You popped your mouth off of his cock and waited until he opened his eyes to show him his cum in your mouth. He blinked as you swallowed it. He moved his hand from your hair and gently caressed your cheek. “Up.”

 You immediately did as you were told and stood. He pressed his lips to your forehead for several seconds before scooping you up into his arms. You yelped in surprise which elicited a rather adorable chuckle from the angel. He teleported you both to a bedroom in the bunker that you weren’t familiar with. He set you down and you looked around. “Is this your room?”

  Castiel nodded, “Yes, Sam and Dean always have it here for me if I need it.”

  More warmth spread through your chest. Those boys were so good and you were thankful for their existence. You smiled, “Well, you’re definitely going to need it tonight.”

 He smirked and cocked an eyebrow. He clicked his fingers again and your nightie disappeared. As a rather unfortunate reflex, you wrapped your arms around your chest and stomach. He made a face at you and rubbed your arms. “Are you ashamed of your body?”

 You avoided his gaze but he steered your face back to his with his hand. You rolled your eyes slightly, “Well, yeah. I mean, I’m not insanely attractive.”

 Castiel held your face in his hands, “You’re beautiful.”

 You squinted at him in disbelief. Oh, you so badly wanted to believe that. Especially since the compliment was coming from a freaking angel.

 He looked sad and confused, “You really don’t believe that, do you?”

 You couldn’t reply. You just stayed silent and tried not to shake in his grasp. His expression was making you uncomfortable. It looked like he was genuinely offended with your insecurity of your physical appearance. He bit his bottom lip and nodded to himself as if he was having some kind of mental conversation. He cautiously peeled your arms from your body and trailed his lips down your neck and throat. He stopped at the top of your breasts and breathed you in deeply. He grabbed onto your hips and maneuvered your body until you were on your back on the bed. He was on top of you, wings spread the length of the bedroom, his feathers grazing the walls. He brought his mouth back down to your chest. He sucked your left breast into his mouth and moaned at the feeling. He sucked on your nipple, seeming to slowly catch onto how all of this worked. He bit down ever so gently and you gasped.

 He quickly detached and looked up, “Did that hurt? I’m sorry.”

 You smiled, “It was a good kind of hurt, Cas.”

 He responded by leaning down again and biting your breast. You arched your back up into his body. You felt him hovering over your right breast, unmoving.

 “Cas?” You asked, concerned.

 He kept his head bowed, “I don’t want you to think that you are anything less then beautiful.”

 You sighed, “It doesn’t work like that, Castiel. You can’t just change the way I’ve been thinking of myself for years overnight. You can’t snap your fingers and change my thought process. My mind isn’t like our clothes, it won’t be that easy. I want more than anything to think that way, but it’s…challenging.”

 He growled almost a little angrily into your skin. He looked up to you with a kind of ferocity present in his azure orbs. He spoke with aggression but you knew it wasn’t meant to be hurtful. “Then I will spend every day for the rest of my existence trying to make you see how beautiful you are. Even if you don’t see it yourself. I vow to you that I will see it for the both of us.”

 You pulled him up so that you were face to face. You smiled happily, “Castiel.”

 “Yes?” He whispered.

 “Thank you,” You said. That was all you could say. You wanted to say more. You wanted to say that his devotion made you feel an endless euphoria that you’d never experienced in your life. You wanted to say that being there with him was perfect. That for once in your many years of loneliness you actually felt whole and completed. He was a gift. His father, God, literally made him for you. To be yours. To take care of you. To love you. To be your timeless rock of support. “Claim me, Castiel.”

 His breathing hitched briefly, “We will be bound forever, Y/N.”

 “I want to be yours,” You said, your lips gently grazing his. “Always.”

 He responded by kissing you softly at first, but then picking up an intense passion that swallowed you whole. He adjusted himself at your entrance and you opened your legs to allow him access. You held onto his back and dug your nails into his flesh as his tip pushed into your core. Everything was changing now. Absolutely everything. You were entranced as he pushed inside of you, stretching you, filling you. He grunted deeply, “So tight.”

 You had no words for him. No witty quips. You didn’t point out the obvious. You were lost. Completely submerged in serenity. You arched your back, desperately needing him to be closer to you. You needed to become one with him. He picked up a rhythm, clearly remembering this part from his previous encounter. His head was bowed again and you could feel his warm breath on your throat. Castiel was like a drug. A drug that you were now instantly addicted to. You were becoming a junkie and you surrendered yourself to him one hundred percent. Your moans were becoming ragged and you felt yourself slowly starting to slip into the rapture.

 Castiel started to speak. You were too blissed out to really capture what he was saying, but you knew he wasn’t speaking English. It sounded like some sort of Enochian chant. A ritual. Gradually, the room began to fill with white light. You couldn’t shut your eyes though, as you were entirely entranced by what was happening. The light was getting rather blinding now and Castiel reached up and covered your eyes with his hand. He continued his chant, seeming to repeat the same phrase over and over again.

 “Y/N, say that you bind yourself to me willingly,” Castiel said.

 “What?” You asked, a little foggy.

 Castiel was starting to shake, “You need to say yes to me, to be mine. I n-need your consent.”

 “I b-bind myself willingly to C-Castiel,” You panted.

 “I bind myself to Y/N. Now and for all eternity. I am h-hers as she is m-mine. We are one,” He responded. As soon as the words left his mouth you felt heat spread through your body. The heat stretched to every nerve ending in your body, lighting them up and filling you with raw exhilaration. You cried out in pleasure as you felt his true form intertwine with your soul. You could feel your soul. There were very few words to describe the sensation and you were too lost in infinity to really grasp onto any kind of vocabulary. Castiel raised his voice too and your walls clamped down around him. It was like paradise itself was coursing through your body as you splashed down into that ocean once again.

 The light faded and Castiel removed his hand from your eyes. You stared up at him, slowly regaining your grip on reality. His eyes were glowing and his wings were curled around both of you, almost protectively. When the glow faded from his gaze he looked down at you. “Mine.”

 “Yours,” You said solemnly.

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Barcelona 4: Part 2 of 2

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A/N: The end of Barcelona.

DISCLAIMER: All of the answers you will need to the questions you will have in the first spinoff story happens in this story. Please read carefully and enjoy! Happy Friday.


I kissed Bucky softly on the lips then curled myself in his lap like a cat with my head against his chest listening to the slow and steady rhythm of his heart that lulled me into a Dreamless sleep.

The dream…

I sat at the edge of the darkness, peering into the Dreamless, which was a Grand Canyon sized crater, which in essences was a graveyard that the stars and other otherworldly objects in the universe ready to die fell into. A green stream of light flashes across the inky sky then disappears. A few seconds later I felt his presences.

“Darling, you’re troubled.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know where else to go.”

“Never apologize. I’m the one that is sorry, I kept you waiting.”

 I scoffed. “For like three seconds.”

“Still. I should’ve been here.”

We sat in silence watching as a faded star approached the brim of the Dreamless, tethering for a bit, then dipping and falling into the inky nothingness below.

“How did things get to be so…”

“Fucked up.”

I eyed him. “You never curse.”

He gazes at me. “I never curse around you. Plus this is your dream, I’m just a projection of your deepest thoughts.” 

“And that’s all you are?” I asked suspiciously.

He laughed. “You are the one that’s dreaming about me, so what does that say?” He teased.

“That you’re still so full of yourself.” His mischievous eyes widen. I quickly placed my hand over his mouth. “Don’t you dare say it.”

He mumbled and I removed my hand slowly. His lips curled into a sinister smile that reached the corners of his eyes. “I am full of myself, yes, but there was also a time when I was full inside you.”

“I said not to say it.”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I couldn’t resist, it’s the devil in me.”

”Smug.” I sighed, resting my head in his lap.

“You will always find peace here, love.”

“I know that’s why I’m here.”

He laughs, his mischievous laugh. “Smug.”

“I learned from the best.” I quipped.

“Touche, love.”

We sat in the comfortable silence that only he could provide. “Tell me a fairytale.”

“You’ve heard them all.” He whispered, his voice close to my ear.

I turned to face him and I realized that we were no longer in the Dreamless, but on a bed, which was once our bed in our Elysium.


My head felt like a tank was dropped on it and then it backed up and ran over it repeatedly. I tried to lift my arms, but I saw that they were held in Vibranium restraints that scraped against my left arm.

“Dollface.” I whispered, but she didn’t stir.

I watched her for a few minutes, her features more peaceful and serene than it has been in the past couple of weeks.

My eyes followed the movements outside of the glass window. The door unlocks and Tony walks in first, followed by Nat and an uneasy Wanda.

“Don’t you look like a ray of sunshine.” Tony sings as he made his way over to some complicated looking machinery.

“How are you feeling?” Nat asked.

“Fine. Considering…”

“That you Wintered out.” Tony answered. 

“My head feels…” 

“Like the sun exploded in your brain.” He answered again.

“Something like that.”

“Well that will happen when you almost died.”

“What, I almost died?”

“Yup. Wanda here nearly killed you.” I turned to look at her then back at Tony.

“It was an accident.” Nat says tenderly.

“Accident or not her powers have evolved and somehow because of all the emotions that you and your dearly beloved here exuded, she found herself in your head, feeding off of your emotions and she almost killed you. If it wasn’t for Vision who knows what would’ve happened.”

“I felt him.” I say. “He’s back isn’t he?”

“He who must not be named? Yes. Voldemort is back.”

“Tony.” Nat scolded.”Can you be serious for one minute?”

“Analogy Natasha, keep up.” Tony approached me and injects a serum into my neck. “The cold-blooded psycho killing machine that lives inside of you made a colorful appearance.” I slumped back in the chair, shaking the numbness from my arms as Natasha freed me from the Vibranium restraints. “We are trying to figure out how Wanda was able to trigger your alter-ego without uttering your favorite ten words. Bruce and the rest of the team are on their way, until then that mixture I just stabbed you with should prevent Mr. Hyde from creeping out of the darkness and stabbing us.” Tony gestures to Natasha, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Natasha rolled her eyes. “Yes, Tony. I get it.”

“Good girl.”

“Bucky.” Wanda says, stepping into the forefront. “I am so sorry, I-I…”

“It’s okay, Wanda. I’m still alive and that’s all that matters.” I smiled weakly.

“I never meant for any of this to happen.” She sobbed. “I’ve made a mess of things.”

“I forgive you, it was an accident.”

I stood, shifting my weight, so that I could lift sleeping beauty into my arms.

“Do you want some help?” Nat asked.

I stared down at her and smiled. “No, I’m fine, we’re fine.”


 I felt myself being lifted and slipping out of the darkness. “No, no!” I screamed.

“Doll, calm down, it’s me.”

My eyes flickered open to see Bucky gazing at me. “James.” I say looking down to see that he was free from the restraints and that we were out of that glass prison and laying in bed. “How long have I been asleep?”

“A few hours.” He answered.

I noticed that he was freshly showered and I was in one of his black tee shirt, I looked down at my bandaged hand propped up on a pillow. I sat up and he tenderly placed my arm in the sling.

“The bones are badly bruised, so you will have to keep it bandaged and in a sling for awhile.” I nodded. He sat next to me. “An apology isn’t enough.”

I interlaced my fingers with his. “No apology is needed, we both did and said some unforgivable things. I had no right to say those things to you, and you had no right to call me a bitch.”

He grimaced. “I hate myself for taking it that far.”

I placed his hand on my stomach and looked up at him. “Nothing else matters except for this moment.”

He lifts my shirt and kisses my stomach then rests his head tenderly on top. “I am a killer, Doll. What if I hurt you or our baby. I would never forgive myself.”

I ran my fingers through his damp hair. “You will never hurt us. It breaks my heart when you say things like this. I love every parts of you especially the broken, ugly, and unlovable pieces. I love your imperfections. Would you love me any less if it was me suffering through this?” I asked.

“Never. Loving you is all that I know how to do, it’s the only thing that gives me clarity, but sometimes I don’t trust myself with loving you, especially not that my alter ego as Tony calls him is back.”

“Bucky, he will always be a part of you and I don’t love you any less because of that. I know what you once were, you are no longer that, but Wanda, she just…” I trailed off as the anger began to rise.

He props himself up on his elbows, “you have to forgive her.”

“She almost killed you.” I say flatly. 

“And I heard you compared her to Loki, that was a low blow.”

I rolled my eyes. “She was in your head, she triggered him.”

“Doll.” He held my gaze. “Forgive her. Please. She’s struggling right now and she can use all the support she can get. I know what that’s like, not having any control.”

“Fine, but she’s out of the running for Godparent.”

He laughed, lightening the mood in the room. “I won’t argue with you on that point, but you do know that we’re going to have a hard time choosing godparents.”

 “Who said we have to choose?” I joked.

 “You’re right.”

 “This is a competitive bunch.”

 “They would literally kill each other.”

 “Literally.” We say in union.

 We looked at each other grimly then burst into a fit of laughter.

 He placed his hand behind my head and kissed my lips softly. “I missed the sound of your laughter.” He says, his thumb stroking my cheek.

 “And I missed this.” I say my hand snaking up under his shirt.

 He bites my bottom lip and a moan escaped my lips as I fell backwards on the bed. He sucked on the soft spot by my neck and shoulder blade and I shuddered uncontrollably as he lifted my shirt over my head and his mouth dips down and slowly devoured each hardened nipple meticulously.

“James.” I cooed as I grabbed fistful of his hair as he released the hunger that brewed in the pit of my stomach.

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Crisscolfer AU - Anon Prompt: SingleDad!Chris

For some reason, it’s not letting me post this as an answer to your ask, Nonnie, but I hope you see this. Thank you so much for this wonderful prompt. I got a little carried away. And a massive thank you to @araliyaintheskywithdiamonds for the wonderful idea about Chris in this fic. 

Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you plan’

That was the mantra Chris had told himself almost every day of high school. 

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A Mutual Agreement (Chen x Reader)

What is good people? Long time no see! It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve gotten all my difficult classes out of the way now! So I have got a one way ticket down easy street. So, here’s my first Chen scenario! It took forever to write this because recently I’ve just been in a rut when it comes to love/smut scenes for some reason. Hopefully that’ll go away soon though! Anyway, enjoy yourself some Chen Chen and go have some fun yourself maybe! ;)

P.S. …Can I just say, Chen’s cheekbones…? Like…? Help me??? 

Originally posted by chenmorningstar98

 He knew exactly how to push your buttons, and not in a sexy way. He knew precisely the best way to tick you off and absolutely relished in it. You didn’t understand in the first place why you would fall for someone who finds fun in making you mad, but hey, that’s love.

You liked to think it was because you were, unfortunately, attracted to assholes, just to come up with an excuse for yourself.

Jongdae wasn’t an ‘asshole’ per se, but he was sort of obnoxious and loved watching you squirm. He was a jokester at heart and you fell in love with him for his humor and lighthearted soul. 

But at this moment you were far from being head of over heels for Kim Jongdae. 

You clutched the delicate tray of snacks and drinks you had been holding in an iron grip, the pink plastic threatening to crack as you listened to the lively conversation Jongdae was holding with his band mates in the cozy living room, totally unaware of your frozen form at the doorway.

“…No way, Baekhyun! I doubt that girl would even let you touch her,” laughed your boyfriend richly, his hand covering his mouth as he snickered with the others. They swatted at each other boyishly, their eyes alight with mischief and mirth. 

“I’m serious! How could you all have so little faith in my sexual prowess,” Baekhyun protested, his puppy eyes filled with mock hurt, but quickly bursting out into laughter as well. They all burst out into laughter, why did guys find the dumbest stuff funny? The all settled down quickly, not wanting to be the one that laughed longest at the quip.

“Yeah, but Jongdae,” Chanyeol’s deep voice rumbled, reverberating around the room, “I’m with Baekhyun on this one. Have you done any better?” The rest of the boys nodded in approval, agreeing because their curiosity getting the best of them.

Jongdae scoffed and rolled his eyes, “'Have I done any better?’, please, I know you all have seen the gorgeous and intelligent girl that I’m honored to call my girlfriend.”

Your heart swelled with a little pride at his praise, loosening your grip on the tray. You were about to take one step forward but stopped in your tracks as he continued, cocking his head proudly. The tray in your hands began to quake again.

“Not only is she beautiful and smart, but she’s amazing in bed, let me tell you,” your boyfriend leaned in towards the other members conspiratorially, “She’s pretty adventurous first of all, like, she’s into trying just about anything.” He gave them a pointed look with a smirk as if he were recalling a fond memory, “And I mean anything. You name it, we’ve probably done it.”

Baekhyun looked impressed, arching a golden eyebrow in surprise, “Really? I thought ____ was a more vanilla person in general.” You weren’t sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

Chanyeol and Sehun had matching eager looks on their faces that made you want to slam the tray of food in their dumb faces and laugh. Sehun grinned eagerly, the face of a boy who just found his first Playboy magazine, “You can’t be serious Jongdae. I can think of a few things ____ would never let you do.”

You found yourself furrowing your eyebrows together at Sehun. He didn’t know you like Jongdae did, he had no room to say anything. You shook yourself when you realized you were arguing whether he knew how you were in bed or not. Stop being ridiculous, _____, you chided yourself in your mind.  

Jongdae smirked again, “Like I said before you name it, we’ve probably done it.”

Sehun tapped his lip, probably thinking of all the good porn he’d watched recently, “Dominance and submission?”  

Jongdae laughed, breaking your heart, “Easy. That was way early in the relationship”  

Chanyeol smirked, probably thinking about all his favorite sexual fantasies, “Daddy kink?”

Jongdae scoffed and you wanted to fall on the floor and cry, “Of course, I can name a time last week.”

Sehun blushed a little, but still chuckled anyway, “Hot wax?”

Jongdae laughed again, “____ was the one to suggest that one.” The boys’ eyes widened in disbelief as they laughed along, slapping Jongdae on the back like they were congratulating him for having such a compliant girlfriend.

By this time not only were you red with embarrassment, but anger was contributing to the flush on your cheeks and the tears pricking at your eyes. Enough was enough.

Jongdae put his arms behind his head victoriously, like a self-satisfied cat, “Is that all you guys got? I thought you were going to go way farther than that.”

Chanyeol quirked one eyebrow, never one to give up on a challenge, “What about mutual masturbation?”

Jongdae thought for a moment, “You know what? I don’t-” Baekhyun was the first to see you stalking over angrily, slapping Jongdae to make him shut up, “Ow, Baek! What the he- _____.” His eyes widened in fear and he looked like he wanted to sink far into the couch cushions and never come out.

You watched them all swallow hard and visibly straighten as you stood in front of them, your voice like a snake spitting venom as you stated, “No, Jongdae, I don’t think we’ve ever tried mutual masturbation before, but certainly we’ve done everything else. I’m sure I don’t have to say though because you’ve already told them every other thing under the sun that we have ever done together. Thank you for that.” You glared dangerously as all four boys shifted uncomfortably, their ears pink with shame.

Jongdae stood up and was white as a sheet as his voice cracked, “I’m so sorry _____. I didn’t mean it like that.”  

Baekhyun stood up beside him, always at his friend’s defense, “Listen _____, he isn’t to blame for all of it, the three of us are in the wrong too." 

"Actually, Baek, I’m excusing the three of you because someone else here is going to be in a whole lot more trouble.” You gave the three of them a pained smile, genuinely not wanting them to be here to witness your wrath because you were already being 'that one crazy girlfriend’ in front of them.

“Kim Jongdae,” you turned to your boyfriend, your expression stone cold, “As punishment for your inappropriate behavior, I am cutting you off for a whole month.”

“What?! You can’t be serious!,” He protested, giving you his best hurt look. You were unfazed because all you saw was red at this point.

“Unless you ever want to be forgiven for sullying my name to our friends, then you’re going to have to pay the price. One month. That’s as nice as I’m going to get,” with that, you stalked away, already feeling the tears fall down your blushing cheeks as you rushed to your room.

Baekhyun turned to Jongdae, his expression consoling but annoyed, “What does 'one month’ mean?”

Jongdae slumped onto the couch, a defeated expression on his face as he picked at a loose string on a decorative pillow, “It means one month without sex and it’s all my fault.”

Baekhyun grabbed his shoulder earnestly, his mouth just a tad bit wry, “Hey. If I know ______ half as well as you do, then if you just treat her like a princess and show her you’re genuinely sorry, then I bet she might lessen your time.” He looked at him pointedly, squeezing his shoulder just a little tighter, but only to put emphasis on his words, “Or maybe even forgive you.”

Jongdae sighed, hanging his head in his hands, “You’re probably right.”
Baekhyun gave him a concerned look, “Alright. Now just give her some time because I think she’s in a fragile state right now. Let her have her moment and when we leave, you can go see her.”

Meanwhile, in your shared bedroom with Jongdae, you had your face stuffed into a pillow, which much to your chagrin, smelled like him. You thought of how blatant your boyfriend had been with your sex life and the ugly feeling of embarrassment seeped into your body again. You tried to reason with yourself that the only reason Jongdae would talk about it was because that’s what guys do. They talk about who they banged, where they banged, and how they banged. But each time you came to that conclusion you only got more upset and a bit angrier, your fist hammering into the mattress like a child who was being denied their favorite sweet. As you cried into your pillow, you heard the quiet creak of the door and attempted to stop your sniffles, failing miserably.   

The bed dipped to your right as a familiar presence sat down, a comforting hand coming up to stroke your hair, “_____?”

You shoved your face deeper into the pillow, a muffled, “What?” You couldn’t stand to look at him right now, but you also really wanted to crawl into his arms, forgive him, and get on with life.   

You could hear the tired smile on his lips, “You know, I can’t understand you,” his voice grew gentler, “And you know I can’t stand to not see your beautiful face smiling at me.”

There it was, your Achille’s heel. Hearing Jongdae sound so pitiful and dejected really poked a hole in your heart. You exhaled shakily before sitting up, your hair a mess, successfully hiding your wet face and puffy eyes. “I know,” you whispered back.

Jongdae pulled you into his arms, and you wanted to stay mad at him, but you loved the feeling of your face close to his chest and being able to hear his heart beat steadily. You loved how all your senses were overloaded with Jongdae. In his embrace, nothing else mattered except him. He stroked your hair, unknotting it carefully with his fingers, “I’m sorry for embarrassing you _____.”

You looked up at him, taking in his lovely brown eyes that were soft with sincerity, his tongue darting out nervously to wet his lips as you judged his apology with doleful, but sharp eyes.

He continued suddenly sounding angry, one of his hands clutching the bed sheet tightly, “I should have never spoken about you like that. It’s not how you should treat the woman you love, especially the woman I love.”

You blinked and nodded, wanting to embrace him and kiss away his tension, but you needed him to learn his lesson, as much as it hurt to say. “You’re right, Jongdae, that’s not how you respect a woman. I hope from now on you’ve learned to treat the more intimate details of our relationship carefully and allow them to remain a special and private thing between us and not your friends. I’ll lesson your punishment to one week.”

Jongdae looked at you in shock, “You’re serious?” He sighed in relief and flopped down onto the bed, staring at the ceiling in disbelief as he ran a hand through his hair.

You leaned over him, your eyes narrowing, “I hope you actually meant what you said and not used it as an out to get a softer punishment.”

He looked up at you, his voice serious, “I meant every word _____,” he leaned up and kissed your lips gently, “Promise.”

You sighed and curled into him, “Good,” a finger trailed across his chest suggestively, a tiny teasing gesture. “But know that next week is going to be hell for you, okay?”

You saw Jongdae’s Adam’s apple bob nervously, “Oh?”

You smirked up at him, “Oh, yeah.” You just didn’t know why you had this creeping feeling of doubt.

 The first few days of that hellish week were absolutely fine, rather normal actually. The two of you would only exchange light touches of affection, an innocent good night kiss, Jongdae’s hands not daring to wander anywhere besides your hand, waist, or shoulders. You both established a sort of normal routine at night: shower (separately), brush teeth, a kiss good night, and then complete awkwardness ensued as the bedside lamp flicked off, the dark ensnaring you two in its stifling embrace. You became more self conscious of how you laid down, how often you changed positions, your breathing, his breathing, the rise and fall of his chest, the warmth he radiated, whether he could tell you were watching him under the cover of dark, how much you itched to bury your head into his chest and let his arms wrap around you. You knew the act in itself could be innocent enough, but you both were so worried about when the other would crack, you couldn’t risk even the lightest of brushes. 

It’s not like he was tempting you. In fact, it seemed like he wanted to remain in your good graces for as long as possible, not wanting to clip away at your temper with a pair of shears. But it was beginning to bother you for the strangest reason. You wanted him to be teasing you, using your crave for his touch and affection as your weakness, just like in all the stories you’d read. Maybe it wasn’t the guy that was tempting the girl, perhaps it was the girl’s own paranoia and desire that gnawed away at her. 

Stirring you from your thoughts, you watched with bated breath as Jongdae flipped onto his side in his sleep, his back to you. You couldn’t help yourself, so you reached hesitantly across the bed and ever so lightly caressed his skin through the fabric of his tshirt. You bit your lip, retracting your hand when he twitched slightly from your touch. You were itching for some physical contact, but remembered the deal. You were too stubborn and proud to give in and Jongdae was a pretty deep sleeper.

You stopped on that last thought, your cheeks and the bottom of your stomach heating up. What if…could you? No, you couldn’t possibly. He was a deep sleeper and not even a train wreck would wake him up, but that? You had two ideas that were risky, but quite plausible.

One: You could be completely crazy and touch Jongdae in his sleep, knowing that he’d believe it was a wet dream, and risk him waking up from over stimulation. You didn’t really find that option appealing at all. Even as your most aroused moment, you wouldn’t dare invade his personal space like that.

Two: You could be slightly less crazy and touch yourself while Jongdae was asleep beside you, knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to here you since you weren’t a very vocal person when masturbating, and risk waking him up from either too much movement or noise. Which was fairly unlikely given he was deeply asleep. Out of the two choices, number two was the lesser of two evils. But we’re you really going to go through with it?…

You let your hand slip down underneath the covers, gliding softly against your skin. Your own touch sent shivers of exhilaration over your body, the thought of Jongdae not knowing you were touching yourself beside him arousing you even further. You grabbed the waistband of your pajama shorts and wiggled out of them carefully, making sure not to disturb your sleeping boyfriend. When you were finally settled again, you returned to caressing your skin, imagining that it was Jongdae’s rough hands on your body, poking and prodding you until you were flustered with want. 

You thought just feeling yourself like this was enough of the danger factor you wanted for the night. You weren’t actually going to masturbate next to your sleeping boyfriend…were you? You froze again, suddenly feeling guilt wash over you. No, you thought it childish, but you were still mad at Jongdae for blabbing about all the things you and him had done in bed. Serves him right.

With your brows furrowed, you angrily ripped your underwear off, tossing them across the room. You slid your hands down your body deliciously again, smirking at Jongdae’s sleeping form as you teased your lower lips lightly. You gave a soft gasp when you felt how completely soaked you actually were already. The feeling of your fingers caressing your slickness was absolutely mind blowing, so you couldn’t help the low moan that sneaked out. You usually had so much patience when it came to pleasuring yourself, but tonight you wanted nothing more than to feel your fingers inside yourself and the electric feeling of your clit when you rubbed it. 

You frantically coated your middle and ring finger with your juices, making sure they were thoroughly lubricated before slipping them in easily. You shivered from the feeling and your clit pulsated with a need to be touched. You used your other hand to message your clit as quickly as you could because at this point you wanted nothing more than to orgasm as fast as you could or as many times as your body would allow. While rubbing your clit, you began to curl your fingers or wiggled them, imagining it was Jongdae’s own fingers or tongue that was making you feel this way. You could practically feel his smirk against you thighs and he would say something like, “Is my baby girl enjoying me tongue fucking her?”.   

Oh god, you were so close now. You felt frantic and crazed, all you wanted, no, needed, was to come. You didn’t care if Jongdae woke up or if he already was awake. You just needed release. You abused your clit mercilessly as you drilled your fingers into your hole…you were getting closer…closer!…Oh god!…

Jongdae! Yes!,” you cried out in a choked whisper. You came all over your fingers, your legs shaking intensely as your orgasm shattered your entire body. You jumped when you heard a grunt, but relaxed when you remembered Jongdae was still sleeping beside you. You lay there panting, looking over to see if he really was still asleep and froze.

 "Holy fuck, _____.“

You’d been caught red handed, but not in the way you’d expected. Jongdae was on his back, his head turned to face you. He had his dick pulled out from his pajama bottoms, his hand pumping up and down the slick shaft that was weeping precum. 

"Oh my god, Jongdae,” you stuttered, surprised and embarrassed. 

You could see the way he blushed even in the darkness of your bedroom, “I woke up and heard you…well and I couldn’t stop myself from…this.”

You saw the way Jongdae’s face was contorted in lust, his member looking painfully erect with his unmoving hand that lay frozen against it. You knew he was itching for release by the way he kept blinking too frequently and how it seemed hard for him to swallow.

You turned to face him on your side, lifting a hand to drag it along the skin of his jaw as you whispered, “Well, then finish what you started.”

That was all the confirmation he needed as he began to pump his member again, his breath hitching when he saw how you slipped your hand between your legs again. You rubbed your clit to the same beat as he jerked himself off, arousal clouding your vision of Jongdae’s face. 

“You just looked so good touching yourself ______,” he choked out, “So good touching yourself to the thought of me.”

You gasped, loving to hear his velvety voice out loud instead of in your head, “I thought of how you looked when you would go down on me. How you would fuck me so good with your tongue!…” You felt your release approaching and Jongdae’s was as well by the way his hand had picked up pace. 

“Oh fuck _____,” Jongdae moaned, “I’m coming!…”

You struggled to push him into his orgasm because the oncoming feeling of your’s was making you shake, “Come for me baby! Jongdae!…” You leaked your juices all over your fingers again, thighs quaking with the intensity of the release. You watched as Jongdae gave a few more frantic jerks.

“Fuck!…,” Jongdae cried out as he came. His seed spilling across his fingers and the back of his hand. His eyes fluttered shut as he road out his high. If it wasn’t the hottest thing you’d ever seen, you’d be lying to yourself.

The two of you calmed down after a minute and he was able to get out a few words, “I’m sorry _____. Again. About not keeping our sex life private.” He carefully cleaned himself up, looking downtrodden and quite remorseful.

 It really broke your heart to see him in such a rut. Especially after the two of you had shared such an intimate moment together. “I already said that I forgave you, Jongdae,” you curled into him, not realizing how much you had missed his touch. “I’ve forgiven you, so just hurry up and forgive yourself because I can’t stand being away from you anymore, okay?”

He pulled you into his chest, kissing your hair gently. You felt the way his mouth tugged into a smile, “Okay.”

You groaned, but nevertheless smiled, “Thank god. You were beginning to make me feel bad instead of it being the other way around.”

He laughed, the sound traveling throughout his whole body, “That’s the last thing I want.”

You pouted, “It better be, or I won’t even masturbate behind your back secretly.”

He chuckled, an eyebrow arching flirtatiously, “I definitely wouldn’t want that. I kind of liked it.”

You smirked, running your hands across his smooth chest, “I knew you would.”

How It Really Happened

It’s not something you’ve been waiting for. Or maybe you were? I was supposed  to write it since I started writing, and somehow @hidaulie sparked my need once again. Because really, it’s something I really needed to write.

It just needed to be set straight.

”I was going to give it to you when I graduated, but I’m giving it to you now.” Among the glasses filled with golden liquid, on the table made with dark wood, crimson red box is open, showing it’s ring with red jewel staring at her. It’s entrancing. So much that she nearly disregards his next words. “I like you.”

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Kid in Love (fluff, boyfriend!moonbin)

@wangingmorktuna asked for a boyfriend!moonbin and i felt like writing it on the spot lol. it seems like im an aroha for today (and yesterday).

also for my sister who is so trash for moonbin. it’s funny looking at her swoon about this guy.

Title: Kid in Love (Moonbin)
Genre: fluff, boyfriend!moonbin
Words: 524
A/N: Enjoy!

p.s. Kid in Love - Shawn Mendes

Originally posted by illustre-bin

“Hey,” Moonbin heard your voice over the phone. He knew with all his heart that you were smiling. He could even see the way your smile graced your lips. Flutter. There was something about it, something jammed between the notes in your voice that made his heart flutter.

Flutter flutter flutter like a butterfly.

“Bin?” your voice pulled him away from his stupid fluttery thoughts. Even if no one was there to witness him, he pulled his hood over his head to cover the fierce red that tinted his cheeks. “Are you there? Are you okay?”

“Ah, yes, I’m here, Y/N. I just…” he paused after stuttering, trying to even everything and slow down. Pause. “I can’t believe I’ll be staying over for a few months. I can’t-It’s really unbelievable. Surreal. Amazing. Wow.”

You laughed, the sound of bells sweetly tinkling in his ears, in is mind, in his memory. Imagine what it would do to him if you were both face to face, his heart would combust. “Okayyy, Binnie, I get it. But you should start packing up because the doors to Gyeonggi do won’t wait for you.”

“Start packing up?” Moonbin laughed as he looked down the black traveling bag resting on top of his neatly fixed mattress. “Jagi, I’ve packed up ever since manager-nim told me about the vacation. I’ve been using mouthwash ever since because my toothbrush was stuck somewhere in the pockets.”

Moonbin’s brown eyes turned into cute crescents when he heard you laugh again, “Moon Bin, I am never ever going to kiss you when you arrive.”

“Love you, too.” Moonbin grinned and he knew that you knew he was grinning. It was something between the two of you. Something like a connection even if you and him were miles and miles apart.

Or maybe he was just a kid in love.

The petty arrow-struck Romeo.

“Moonbin,” you said, your voice pulling him again. “You keep spacing out, are you okay?”

Moonbin’s smile grew wider and sweeter, “Sorry, Y/N. Listening to your voice and all…the hype, the vacation…it just makes me fall for you over and over. I don’t know…”

“Seriously, Moonbin?” you say over the phone and Moonbin stops, panic rising to his throat. Did he say something wrong?

“Binnie, you are the cheesiest guy I’ve ever dated.” you amusingly say and Moonbin lets out a sigh of relief along with a light chuckle. “I swear I don’t know why I’m still dating you. I hate cheesy things–especially cheesy idols, eek! But after all the cheesy remarks throughout our two years, I haven’t dumped you yet. Care to elaborate?”

“Ah, one sentence.” Moonbin clicks his tongue and laughingly cringes at his next sentence. “That’s because I’m your first and surely your last.”


Moonbin and you laugh over the phone as the sun rises to a new day. None of you cared that hours were wasted away to your chatters with him. Nothing mattered to the both of you except that you and him were truly in love. And if Moonbin were to be asked about his favorite thing on Earth.

He’d say it was your love, no matter how cheesy.

After all, he was just a kid in love.