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Ride or Die [M] (JBxReader)

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Genre: Smut/Angst

Pairing: Gangster!Jaebum(but actually very soft!jb) x You

Warnings: Nothing much, just some makeup sex and a little drugs

Summary: Jaebum’s mad. Mad that you left without a word, and now he’s giving you back what you started.

Word count: 2k

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The wind tangled its fingers in his hair, blowing back every strand of hair on his head. 145 km/h was far off the speed limit, but he slammed down hard on the acceleration pedal anyway. He started to sit up, and then sank back weakly into the leather chair, a grimace washing over his face.

“Pass me another smoke,” he said impassively, red eyes still focusing intensely on the road. You hastily rummaged through the glove box for his packet of Marlboro ice blast, just the way he liked it. You would joke that that was his favourite flavour because it went along well with his unamiable personality. Ice cold indeed. Except that today wasn’t a good day for laughing matters. You smacked the box a few times with the palm of your hand and passed a stick to him. He picked it up with his mouth and nodded his head towards the lighter nesting in the cup holder. Getting the signal he was trying to bring across, you helped him light up his cigarette while he took in a deep breath of the sharp mint. Clouds of white escaped his lips with each puff, fading out through the window into the inky night.

“You think it was fun going to the club without telling me your whereabouts? You like guys seeing you in those skimpy clothes?” Jaebum said condescendingly.  You kept silent, not wanting to aggravate his temper by saying the wrong words, but that only added fuel to his anger. He passed you a quick glance, mouth set and eyes bleak.

“Not gonna say anything? Cat’s got your tongue missy?” He made an abrupt turn onto the side of the road, making you fling forward from the sudden jolt.

Thank goodness the seatbelt was holding you back.

Jaebum turned to face you, exhaling smoke in your direction. You coughed at the strong scent of nicotine.

“Jaebum, it isn’t a big deal. Why are you making a mountain out of an ant hole?” You folded your arms across your chest.

“Not a big deal? My girlfriend- MY girlfriend was at a club with devious men simpering at her and just look at what you’re wearing. That dress barely covers your ass. How dare you, y/n.” He berated, taking another hit. The red, angry glow of the cigarette seemed to grow brighter. You could feel the tension between the both of you heightening.

“Baby, I just wanted to have some fun with the girls tonight. I’m sorry for not telling you earlier, okay?” You said coolly. “Please don’t be mad.” You reached for his arm and gave it a tight squeeze.

“Don’t call me that.” Jaebum yanked his arm away and flicked the cigarette out of the window, letting it burn into ashes. A faint snigger found its way into the gloomy air. He rolled his neck and ran a hand through his hair. Your vision was blurry from the misty silhouette of the remaining smoke wafting around your heads. In that moment of discomfort, you found yourself choked up with shame. Jaebum rarely fought with you, and even if he did, he always gave in at the end. This time was different though. That action of yanking his arm away made you feel lousy; your efforts to mitigate the problem didn’t work. The alcohol had kicked in as well, feeding your deranged state. You prayed silently that you would pass out before things escalated. Jaebum was never one to break down easily, but when it came to you, he was putty in your hands.

“How would I know if you won’t do the same thing again?” A whimper made its way through his trembling words. He had completely lost to the high. You could barely see properly, but you knew from the hitching in his voice that he was about to dissolve in tears. “I can’t have other men looking at my girl like that. You’re mine, mine. All mine.”

Hearing his soft sniffles, it made you bite the inside of your cheeks. You never wanted to hurt him. However tough he appeared, he was just a delicate piece of glass.

Suddenly, drizzle started falling from the sky, rolling down the windshield in a steady stream. Jaebum sighed, then reluctantly rolled up the windows and turned on the heater. He removed his spiked leather jacket and threw it on the backseat. All he had on was a white tank top and fitting ripped black jeans. He gripped firmly on the steering wheel, averting his emotions somewhere else. You shivered as his well toned arms contracted at the same time as your heart did. His arm was a canvas for a long, ridged scar that ran from his shoulder to his elbow. But he wore it proudly- a reminder of fiery escapades that once fascinated him. The windows condensed under the contrast of temperatures as heat built up in the car, lending privacy before the other cars that drove past.

“You’re fucking beautiful, y/n.” Jaebum blurted, brushing his fingers over your cheek. He leaned towards you and planted sloppy kisses on your lips, his breath still lingering of menthol. In your daze, you threaded your fingers into his hair, pulling him closer to you.

“Aren’t you mad at me?”

He answered you with another kiss, this time exploring the insides of your mouth. His insistent mouth parting your shaking lips, tongue fighting for dominance over yours. You pulled away from the kiss, only to be greeted by look of immense desire etched on his face. It was so clear that you wondered where he’d hid it for so long. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, sucking lightly on the sensitive skin below his ear. He responded with a soft groan, low in his throat, and then lowered his chair as you climbed on top on him. Your dress rode up your hips as you unsteadily straddled his lap. Putting your weight on him, your chests collided, melting into each other. Other than the scent of cigarettes, you inhaled his citrusy cologne, his shampoo, the scent that was just… him. The tiny car offered little to none space to manoeuvre; nothing could contain the excitement growing in your core. The persistent pounding in your head added to the numbness you felt as his fingers brushed roughly against your laced panties. Just one stroke of his skilful finger sent wild tremors along your nerves, evoking sensations you never known you were capable of feeling.

“I’m mad. Still mad, and this is your punishment.” With an impatient hand, he drew your underwear down your thighs – and did even quicker work of removing his pants. You fumbled lifting your dress off your head until Jaebum ripped it away and threw it onto the backseat. He grabbed your ass harshly, not caring if his nails dug into your skin, and gave it a firm smack. Your body responded by jerking towards him, your long hair hovering over his face. He pulled back your hair with one hand and with the other, firmly cupped your chin.

“I’ll show you what it means by being mine.” He dipped his hand into your glistening pussy, rubbing harshly at the bundle of nerves. Your legs shook at the sensitivity and your fists grabbed fiercely at his white tank. You wanted more, you wanted to taste every inch of his body. Similarly, he wanted to eat at your intoxicated lips, down to your sweet cunt. His fingers pierced through your body like a bullet, plunging them in like there was no tomorrow. As your essence covered his fingers, you couldn’t help but to mew in pleasure. Two fingers working in you, a little uncomfortable but nothing you couldn’t handle. Your eyes rolled back into your head as he crooked his finger, hitting you in the spots that made your moans turn into a high-pitched orgasm.

“F-fuck… It feels so good.” You slurred. His bulge throbbed in his pants and you could feel it thumping against your sex. You were seeing two of him, daze washing over you.

“Tell me how much you want it,” he growled into your ear. You squirm beneath his touch, body aching for more of him. You squeeze his thigh hard, leaving red imprints.

“So fucking-” another moan escaped your lips as you ground your convulsing pussy on his thick thighs.

“So fucking badly.”

Jaebum mewed at the sensation of your wetness on him. His cock was rock hard and pulsing repeatedly against your abdomen.

“This badly?” He wantoned, sliding the tip of his member over your slit. He pushed his head in ever so slightly, only to remove it again and again.

“Please,” you begged. “Please Jaebum, give it to me.”

He continued to tease you, slapping his cock against your clit. You let out a loud gasp as you clenched your toes, every muscle drawn taut. You whined as you pleaded for his thick cock to fill you up. You wanted to relish in the feeling of his warmth in you, reaching deep into your womb. His cock was now red, hot and angry; the head of his penis tingled unbearably, a drop of precum forming at the slit. Sensing how much he wanted you as well, you lift yourself above his hips, and then sunk yourself down. Rotating your hips around him, you found a good tempo with the buckling of his hips. He bit down on his lips hard, a vein on his neck becoming visible. Your eyes flutter and you are lost in bliss.

“You are mine,” he grunts out, pumping into you, the length and level of his arousal brutal.

“Mine,” he swears. He doesn’t slow the movement, giving you full, hard thrusts, your breasts bouncing off your chest. In that moment, nothing seemed to matter except for him sliding in and out of you. You slide your hands down his biceps, tracing the scar, clamping your legs around his waist, driving him further into you until your sweat-slick bodies stain the car seat. His face winces as your velvet insides envelops him into paradise.

A familiar heat buzzes in your belly, but he is still ruthless, wanting to engrave himself into you. Jaebum continues at it, this time with even harder thrusts. The sound of skin slapping became even louder.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck. y/n, you feel so good on my dick.” He ran his hand over your chest, rolling your bud between his fingers, pinching and pulling at it.

Your back arches as you feel his dick pulsing in your sex. You guide his hand to your clit and used it to rub it hard.

“I’m, I’m cumming babe.” You cry as Jaebum pounds even harder than before. The car shook underneath his primitive act.

“Wait for me, y/n.” He says, and with one last pinch to your clit, you can feel yourself losing control of your body.

Both of you crumble into sand as your orgasms pierces through your bodies. He empties his viscous fluid in you and pulls out, some spilling on your stomach. You squirm at the feeling of his hot cum in you, amazed at how he fills you up so well every time. He uses a finger to swipe the cum off your slit and puts it into your mouth. You obediently lick it all off.

He reaches to the back of the car for your clothes and helps you put it back on.

“Are we okay now?”

Jaebum nods and pulls you into another heated kiss.

“Don’t do it again.” He pants, chest heaving heavily.

But if he’ll punish you with such means each time, you’re not sure if you won’t do it again.

In the Angel Bath by losinghome

“Harry, who loves him unconditionally and never judges him, who shows he cares at the worst of times. Harry who’s looking at him like nothing else in the world matters except for the two of them right here right now. Harry, who’s odd mannerisms captivate anyone lucky enough to know him. Harry, who’s wearing a button down hawaiian dad shirt and a pair of sunglasses he stole from Louis months ago that are just a tad bit too small to look right. God, Louis is undeniably terrified of him. He hopes this isn’t what love is meant to feel like; Louis wouldn’t be surprised if he had somehow gone about this all wrong. He tends to do that. The never ending pounding in his chest and dizziness is just too much for him. He doesn’t think he’s falling in love. Crashing might be more accurate.”

+ Louis is a bit lost, maybe a bit scared. Harry is more than willing to keep him grounded. All in all, there might just be a bit too much love in both of their hearts.

Be with me (a fluffy one shot)

(Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes)

So, this is new… I didn’t think I’d ever write anything even remotely close to M/M fanfic, ever. But here we are!

I know this will not be everyone’s cup of tea, a lot of you are here for the female Oc’s/Reader stories that I’ve always written these past years. And I totally understand that.
But I’ve always written what inspires me, and right now that’s Stucky.

Story: The idea came to me when I heard the song Dancing on my own by Callum Scott, and it made me think of Bucky watching Steve dance with a girl and feeling all sad/jealous about it.

No warnings, this is just Angst and Fluff. 

But I guess Stucky is a warning in itself, if M/M is not your thing don’t read this one. If you want to try it, like I did (very hesitantly) a few months ago then I thank you.

I want to explore the best of both world and write Steve/Bucky/Reader too in the future, but for now these two are all that’s in my head.

Leave me feedback, be gentle, this is my first time, in a way ;)


Be with me

“Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?
And there’s a big black sky over my town
I know where you’re at, I bet she’s around”

Her hair was long and curly, dancing on her shoulders as she moved gracefully to the music. Her smile was warm and loving, perfect teeth and sparkly blue eyes that lit up with her smile. Her arms hung loosely around his neck, fingers playing with his hair as they danced. 

Bucky hid behind a small group while he watched them.

They were dancing, slow and close. Too close. She leaned her forehead against his, blocking his face from Bucky’s view but he knew it was him. He’d recognize him in any crowd anywhere.
He swayed along with her to the music, Bucky watched as his strong arms wrapped around her waist and his fingers gently caressed her lower back. When they turned Bucky could see the happy smile on his face and the way he kept his eyes locked with hers. 

He looked happy, as if nothing else on this earth mattered to him except her and this moment they shared. Bucky felt like someone had just punched him in the gut.

“And yeah, I know it’s stupid
But I just gotta see it for myself
I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her,
I’m right over here, why can’t you see me?”

Bucky took another long sip from his bottle, he wasn’t sure how many drinks he’d had but the alcohol was finally starting to numb his senses.
About damn time.

They were kissing now, Bucky’s stomach was turning and he was starting to feel physically sick. He couldn’t stand to be in this place one second longer. The loud base of the music and the other people dancing way too close to him suddenly put him on edge. When one of the girls started dancing up against him he shoved her aside a little too roughly.

‘Hey, watch it asshole!’ she gave him an angry push back.

’I’m sorry,’ Bucky muttered but she had already turned away from him and didn’t hear his apology.

He needed to get out. Now.

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I HEARD BMC AND DEH WELL GOOD MORNING !!!! anyways hey o: could you do a Michael x Reader where Michael n R have their first kiss?? Or maybe an Evan x Reader where Reader helps Evan study for history and they get distracted and start messing around? Thank you !!! C:

soft&warm  ➩ michael m. x reader

1306 words

joke’s on you. i’ll write em both. here’s the michael one.


School had been a bore; nothing more than a whirlwind of more homework, more worksheets, more extra papers you didn’t need and information you wouldn’t keep in your head for more than a week at best. By the time the last bell rang, you were ready to sleep for ninety hours. While you were entirely ready to pass out upon taking your first step towards your weekend, you stuck it out and brightened up significantly when you noticed your best friend standing at your locker, seemingly waiting for you.

You were lucky to have a friend as wonderful as Michael Mell, your resident ‘90s geek. He was always for you, someone who’d always have an open shoulder to cry on and an open spot in his bed to sleep. Even in your darkest times, when you were snappy and irritated at everything, he was there with warm hugs and the words to bring you back up. Despite his anxiety, he was still there to guide you through your own dark tunnels.

“Hey, [nickname]!” your glasses wearing pal greeted, a dashing smile on his face. Just the sight of a friendly face with a familiar smile for you made you feel just a little bit better.

“Hey, Michael,” you replied, turning your code into your locker and starting to load your unneeded items into it. “What’s up?”

He fidgeted for a second, pushing up his glasses and clearing his throat: a quirk of his that you’d picked up on throughout the years. “I was thinking we could hang out tonight. The parents are going out and I know you were complaining about this week being a drag, so I just figured…”

“Video games?” you asked, shutting your locker and turning to face him.

“Just movies, if that’s okay with you? If you want to play video games, too, that’s fine-”

He was rambling and you laughed quietly under your breath, effectively hushing him up. “Movies are perfectly okay by me. I just want to lay down and sleep for a million years anyways.”

“Alright, okay. Sounds good. Let’s go then?”

“Let’s go then.”

With that, you were off, walking out of school together. Michael talked animatedly about the new level he and Jeremy had gotten to in Apocalypse of the Damned, his hands moving deftly and his lips always quirked up into a little smile. He was absolutely adorable, especially when he was so passionately talking about something he loved. Somewhere along the way, you were so zoned out, you hadn’t realized that he’d stopped talking. Only until his hand slipped into yours were you alert once more.

It was like you were hyper-aware of everything: Michael’s skin was soft, his hand was warm, there was a bit of calluses on his fingertips. The shared heat between your interlocked fingers was almost unbearable. You wondered if this was just something he’d done on accident or if there was more thought put into the simple action; you scolded yourself mentally for reading into it so much.

His house appeared too soon and he slipped his hand out of yours to unlock the front door; you silently yearned for the warmth to come back. He held the door open for you, bowing jokingly as you passed by him. The house, usually so full of warmth and the quiet murmur of his parents, was near silent.

“Are there any movies you want to watch? Or are we free to watch whatever?” he asked, guiding you towards his bedroom, almost as if you hadn’t been there a million times before. “It’s just that you’re the guest, so I’m trying to be a good host and all-”

“Michael, calm down,” you said, nudging his hand with yours as you entered his room. “Take a breath. Is something on your mind?”

The boy shook his head almost frantically. “No, no. Everything’s fine. So which movie do you want to watch first?”


In the end, you had settled on some Marvel movie or another, Michael’s choice. While he urged you to help make a decision, you’d brushed him off, telling him that you didn’t really care as long as you got to spend some time with him. This seemed to satisfy him because he’d stopped pestering you about it.

Now, you were resting silently next to your friend, tucked ever close to his body. Your eyes were shut, but you were far from asleep, your mind too focused on Michael’s warmth and Michael’s breathing and Michael. He was impossibly warm and right there next to you, sending your thought process into a flurry.

You were vaguely aware of Chris Pratt making a joke in the background as you looked up at your friend. The room was blacked out as much as it could possibly have been, but the laptop screen casted a glow onto his face; he looked absolutely ethereal. You hadn’t realized how long you’d been staring at him until he glanced down at you, embarrassment clearly etched onto his face.

“Sorry,” you said, quickly turning away and trying to focus on the movie that you hadn’t been watching in the first place.

The space between you was silent, aside from the movie playing. One second, you were drawn into the fictional world sprawling before you and the next, you were feeling your cheeks heat up at the contact of Michael’s hand curling into your own once more. The sudden action caused you to look up at him again and when you did, your faces were closer than you’d imagined they’d be.

Michael’s eyes were blown wide behind his glasses, the lenses partially reflecting the laptop screen. He looked nervous, but like he was trying to talk himself into doing something he wouldn’t normally do. You didn’t have the nerve to move away from him nor make the move for him. It was like you were suspended in a timeless hole with him that would only end when one side of the war in his mind won.

He muttered a nearly silent apology before his lips brushed gently against yours. It could have hardly been classified as a kiss, but you were too shocked to really do anything about it. Instead, you foolishly allowed himself to pull back, a look of regret already forming on his face. He was extremely embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. You just looked really cute and I’ve liked you for so long, it just felt right-”

“Michael, calm down.”

His mouth closed and he looked expectant. The suspended time came back as you fought your own war, balancing whether or not you should kiss him. Ultimately, you forced yourself to lean forward, pressing your lips right against his. This time, neither one of you pulled away; his arms were around your waist, your hands finding purchase on his cheeks, and the movie forgotten about.

It was, in all honesty, a moment of complete and utter bliss. Not once had you looked at Michael and imagined you’d be kissing him in his bed after a long week of school, but now that it was happening, you didn’t want it to end. You wanted to freeze this moment, live forever in this piece of time where nothing else mattered except for you and him and the feeling of his lips against yours, soft and warm and safe.

Time moved forward though, unfortunately, and Michael was the one to pull away. His face was flushed and his eyes were still closed; he looked peaceful and giddy all at once. The air was silent again, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or forced; it was almost like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer had settled over you.

“Do you think we could do that again?” he finally spoke up, breaking the tranquility between you.

“Michael, I’d do that with you a million times over.”

Perfect (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

A/N: I’m literally just writing these for fun and I will continue to until somebody requests something for me to write, lol. Here’s a kind of fluffy Draco fic for all Draco lovers, I hope you enjoy :)


He had watched you everyday now for two months. He adored the way your emerald robes clung tight to her body as you soared through the air on your broomstick. The way that your petite, pale fingers grasped the end of the handle as you clung on for dear life. He found it amusing, as everybody knew that you were the best Quidditch player on the Slytherin team, except for yourself. 

Draco Malfoy never expected that he could be this infatuated with somebody. Sure, he’d had small crushes here and there, but you had turned his entire life around. Never before had his mood been lifted by one person. Never before had he felt so.. alive, to put it. He was completely in love with you and yet you paid him no attention to begin with.

What you believed in before, was that it didn’t matter that you were pureblood and in Slytherin, you were no better than anybody else. You knew that blood status was something that nobody could control, and being gifted with magic was so extraordinary. You were kind to everybody, even Draco who had disgusted you with the way he treated people who he thought were lesser than him. He knew you didn’t like him, but he just couldn’t stop his addiction to you. 

The first time you spoke to him ever was in first year. You were innocently walking through the Slytherin common room, reciting Quidditch Through the Ages when you bumped into him. Of course, you blushed deep red and apologised straight away, but all he managed to do was turn his nose up at you and call you ‘hopeless’. You remembered this.

In potions class the next day, Snape had partnered you up together, and naturally Draco took control of the potion. You watched him mess up towards the end, he didn’t crush the bezoar before adding it to the Antidote to Common Poisons, and he then wondered how everything went so badly. 

“You didn’t crush the bezoar,” you mentioned to him, pointing to the side instruction on the book. 

“You don’t need to.” He muttered, turning his back to you slightly. You got your cauldron, considering you were using his before, and remade the potion. Somehow, you were the first to finish and called Snape over, where he awarded fifty points to both of you for completing the potion correctly.

“Still hopeless, am I?”

Now, you were in third year. Draco had been unable to take his mind from you that day. You had to admit, you liked him. Nobody would have been able to tell, you were lucky enough to be able to act as though he was invisible, you didn’t get nervous around him at all. In fact, everybody thought you hated him. You knew it made the other Slytherin girls jealous, as they all had a crush on Draco. You knew it was changing their behaviour towards you, they were all so mean out of spite and jealousy, and you pretended as though it didn’t hurt you. But it did.

Three years of you being kind and helpful to everybody in your year at Hogwarts, for some of them to throw it in your face because Draco was infatuated with you. You couldn’t help but overhear everybody’s unpleasant conversations about you, especially the girls of Slytherin calling you a ‘bitch’, when you never really did anything wrong.

It got to its worst when a group of the girls disarmed you and then hexed you.Thankfully, it wasn’t bad enough for you to have to go to the hospital wing, you would hate to explain the situation to Madam Pomfrey and then potentially get people in trouble. So you dealt with the back and neck cramps, and the new marks winding their way up your arms. Instead, you just grabbed your wand and ran back to the Slytherin common room, crying your eyes out.

It was the middle of the day, you had expected it to be empty, but sure enough Draco Malfoy was there. He heard your sobs and made his way towards you, a frown embedded deep into his face. He had never seen you so vulnerable, nobody had. It was strange, but something bad must have happened for you to be this bad.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, what’s wrong?” Draco whispered softly, gently grazing his fingers over your shoulder. You winced, pushing away from him slightly.

“Nothing, Draco, please leave.. Things will just get worse with you here.” You barely managed to form the words between your blubbering. You saw his face soften up, it was the first time you’d spoken to him in two years and even though he was slightly offended, he refused to leave you.

However, his stern facial expression returned when he saw the purple and blue bruises on your arms, his head snapping up to yours as you looked past him, wiping the tears from your cheeks. “Who did this to you?”

You shook your head, pulling your sleeves down and sniffing once more.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“But, it does matter. Y/N, people have hurt you, this is wrong! Who did this?”

You knew he wouldn’t give up, and so you looked him straight in the eye, seeing his icy blue irises staring right up at your face. You felt a pang in your chest, a pain in your heart, his worry for you was so evident on his face and you knew that you meant a lot to him.

“Pansy. Pansy and Milicent and Holly. They hexed me on the way to Charms..” you muttered, blushing slightly in anger at yourself. You knew Draco would tell somebody, and so they’d get in trouble, and you’d get worse consequences for that.

“Why..? Pansy, Pansy would never do that, she, she’s not a-”

“What? A bitch?” A tear rolled down your cheek as you stared him dead in the eye. “You know, for somebody who follows me around so much, you sure are oblivious. They’re doing this because of you- because you follow me around so much, and because you always stare at me, you always compliment me, you always talk to your friends about me.” You looked down, wiping the tear. “It’s as if I don’t know. You’re the only person who likes me, everybody hates me because you don’t, and it’s not even as though I can do anything about it, there’s always groups of them, and it’s continuous. Do you have any idea how much my back hurts? And my heart? Everything hurts because of you and because of them.”

You stared at him gently, reaching out to run your fingers through his white blonde hair. “Believe me, I want you just as you want me, but it’ll make things worse for me, I can’t fight them on my own..” 

“You don’t have to, Y/N. Be mine, be my girlfriend. And I’ll protect you, I’ll look after you, forever, you don’t have to worry about anybody trying to hurt you. I promise, nobody will get anywhere near you.”

Draco had kept his promise. You had both decided to keep the relationship a secret for a little while, as you knew people would be extremely unhappy about it. And you enjoyed the privacy that you had with Draco. 

Often, you found the two of you cuddled up on the sofas in front of the roaring fire in the Slytherin common room, during late hours when everybody else was asleep. You fit his arms perfectly, and you would lie on his chest, his gaze never leaving you, a loving smile always on his lips.

He relaxed you, he made you feel good. He was always so protective over you. He never wanted you leaving without him following close behind. He insisted on working with you in all classes. The glares from the girls never stopped, but when Draco glared back, it all seemed better. Whenever Pansy and her group tried anything on you, you would know that Draco was lurking in the shadows, ready to disarm Pansy before anything bad happened.

The two of you were perfect together, and when you were together, nothing else mattered except the two of you. Being with him was so wonderful, you got to know the real Draco Malfoy, not the facade he hid behind to make his father and friends proud. Not the mysterious character everybody thought he was. But the nicest boy with the kindest soul. The boy who was incredibly insecure, the boy who just wants his father to be proud of him.

The boy who was always there for you. The boy who needed somebody to be there for him. That somebody was you, you always listened to him and cared for him whenever he needed caring for; he did the same thing for you. You two were perfect for each other, and nobody could have torn the two of you apart.

Barcelona 4: Part 2 of 2

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4-1

A/N: The end of Barcelona.

DISCLAIMER: All of the answers you will need to the questions you will have in the first spinoff story happens in this story. Please read carefully and enjoy! Happy Friday.


I kissed Bucky softly on the lips then curled myself in his lap like a cat with my head against his chest listening to the slow and steady rhythm of his heart that lulled me into a Dreamless sleep.

The dream…

I sat at the edge of the darkness, peering into the Dreamless, which was a Grand Canyon sized crater, which in essences was a graveyard that the stars and other otherworldly objects in the universe ready to die fell into. A green stream of light flashes across the inky sky then disappears. A few seconds later I felt his presences.

“Darling, you’re troubled.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know where else to go.”

“Never apologize. I’m the one that is sorry, I kept you waiting.”

 I scoffed. “For like three seconds.”

“Still. I should’ve been here.”

We sat in silence watching as a faded star approached the brim of the Dreamless, tethering for a bit, then dipping and falling into the inky nothingness below.

“How did things get to be so…”

“Fucked up.”

I eyed him. “You never curse.”

He gazes at me. “I never curse around you. Plus this is your dream, I’m just a projection of your deepest thoughts.” 

“And that’s all you are?” I asked suspiciously.

He laughed. “You are the one that’s dreaming about me, so what does that say?” He teased.

“That you’re still so full of yourself.” His mischievous eyes widen. I quickly placed my hand over his mouth. “Don’t you dare say it.”

He mumbled and I removed my hand slowly. His lips curled into a sinister smile that reached the corners of his eyes. “I am full of myself, yes, but there was also a time when I was full inside you.”

“I said not to say it.”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I couldn’t resist, it’s the devil in me.”

”Smug.” I sighed, resting my head in his lap.

“You will always find peace here, love.”

“I know that’s why I’m here.”

He laughs, his mischievous laugh. “Smug.”

“I learned from the best.” I quipped.

“Touche, love.”

We sat in the comfortable silence that only he could provide. “Tell me a fairytale.”

“You’ve heard them all.” He whispered, his voice close to my ear.

I turned to face him and I realized that we were no longer in the Dreamless, but on a bed, which was once our bed in our Elysium.


My head felt like a tank was dropped on it and then it backed up and ran over it repeatedly. I tried to lift my arms, but I saw that they were held in Vibranium restraints that scraped against my left arm.

“Dollface.” I whispered, but she didn’t stir.

I watched her for a few minutes, her features more peaceful and serene than it has been in the past couple of weeks.

My eyes followed the movements outside of the glass window. The door unlocks and Tony walks in first, followed by Nat and an uneasy Wanda.

“Don’t you look like a ray of sunshine.” Tony sings as he made his way over to some complicated looking machinery.

“How are you feeling?” Nat asked.

“Fine. Considering…”

“That you Wintered out.” Tony answered. 

“My head feels…” 

“Like the sun exploded in your brain.” He answered again.

“Something like that.”

“Well that will happen when you almost died.”

“What, I almost died?”

“Yup. Wanda here nearly killed you.” I turned to look at her then back at Tony.

“It was an accident.” Nat says tenderly.

“Accident or not her powers have evolved and somehow because of all the emotions that you and your dearly beloved here exuded, she found herself in your head, feeding off of your emotions and she almost killed you. If it wasn’t for Vision who knows what would’ve happened.”

“I felt him.” I say. “He’s back isn’t he?”

“He who must not be named? Yes. Voldemort is back.”

“Tony.” Nat scolded.”Can you be serious for one minute?”

“Analogy Natasha, keep up.” Tony approached me and injects a serum into my neck. “The cold-blooded psycho killing machine that lives inside of you made a colorful appearance.” I slumped back in the chair, shaking the numbness from my arms as Natasha freed me from the Vibranium restraints. “We are trying to figure out how Wanda was able to trigger your alter-ego without uttering your favorite ten words. Bruce and the rest of the team are on their way, until then that mixture I just stabbed you with should prevent Mr. Hyde from creeping out of the darkness and stabbing us.” Tony gestures to Natasha, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Natasha rolled her eyes. “Yes, Tony. I get it.”

“Good girl.”

“Bucky.” Wanda says, stepping into the forefront. “I am so sorry, I-I…”

“It’s okay, Wanda. I’m still alive and that’s all that matters.” I smiled weakly.

“I never meant for any of this to happen.” She sobbed. “I’ve made a mess of things.”

“I forgive you, it was an accident.”

I stood, shifting my weight, so that I could lift sleeping beauty into my arms.

“Do you want some help?” Nat asked.

I stared down at her and smiled. “No, I’m fine, we’re fine.”


 I felt myself being lifted and slipping out of the darkness. “No, no!” I screamed.

“Doll, calm down, it’s me.”

My eyes flickered open to see Bucky gazing at me. “James.” I say looking down to see that he was free from the restraints and that we were out of that glass prison and laying in bed. “How long have I been asleep?”

“A few hours.” He answered.

I noticed that he was freshly showered and I was in one of his black tee shirt, I looked down at my bandaged hand propped up on a pillow. I sat up and he tenderly placed my arm in the sling.

“The bones are badly bruised, so you will have to keep it bandaged and in a sling for awhile.” I nodded. He sat next to me. “An apology isn’t enough.”

I interlaced my fingers with his. “No apology is needed, we both did and said some unforgivable things. I had no right to say those things to you, and you had no right to call me a bitch.”

He grimaced. “I hate myself for taking it that far.”

I placed his hand on my stomach and looked up at him. “Nothing else matters except for this moment.”

He lifts my shirt and kisses my stomach then rests his head tenderly on top. “I am a killer, Doll. What if I hurt you or our baby. I would never forgive myself.”

I ran my fingers through his damp hair. “You will never hurt us. It breaks my heart when you say things like this. I love every parts of you especially the broken, ugly, and unlovable pieces. I love your imperfections. Would you love me any less if it was me suffering through this?” I asked.

“Never. Loving you is all that I know how to do, it’s the only thing that gives me clarity, but sometimes I don’t trust myself with loving you, especially not that my alter ego as Tony calls him is back.”

“Bucky, he will always be a part of you and I don’t love you any less because of that. I know what you once were, you are no longer that, but Wanda, she just…” I trailed off as the anger began to rise.

He props himself up on his elbows, “you have to forgive her.”

“She almost killed you.” I say flatly. 

“And I heard you compared her to Loki, that was a low blow.”

I rolled my eyes. “She was in your head, she triggered him.”

“Doll.” He held my gaze. “Forgive her. Please. She’s struggling right now and she can use all the support she can get. I know what that’s like, not having any control.”

“Fine, but she’s out of the running for Godparent.”

He laughed, lightening the mood in the room. “I won’t argue with you on that point, but you do know that we’re going to have a hard time choosing godparents.”

 “Who said we have to choose?” I joked.

 “You’re right.”

 “This is a competitive bunch.”

 “They would literally kill each other.”

 “Literally.” We say in union.

 We looked at each other grimly then burst into a fit of laughter.

 He placed his hand behind my head and kissed my lips softly. “I missed the sound of your laughter.” He says, his thumb stroking my cheek.

 “And I missed this.” I say my hand snaking up under his shirt.

 He bites my bottom lip and a moan escaped my lips as I fell backwards on the bed. He sucked on the soft spot by my neck and shoulder blade and I shuddered uncontrollably as he lifted my shirt over my head and his mouth dips down and slowly devoured each hardened nipple meticulously.

“James.” I cooed as I grabbed fistful of his hair as he released the hunger that brewed in the pit of my stomach.

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How It Really Happened

It’s not something you’ve been waiting for. Or maybe you were? I was supposed  to write it since I started writing, and somehow @hidaulie sparked my need once again. Because really, it’s something I really needed to write.

It just needed to be set straight.

”I was going to give it to you when I graduated, but I’m giving it to you now.” Among the glasses filled with golden liquid, on the table made with dark wood, crimson red box is open, showing it’s ring with red jewel staring at her. It’s entrancing. So much that she nearly disregards his next words. “I like you.”

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You Are My Song (Pt. 8)

Originally posted by babywoon

Summary: You meet Kihyun in psychology class and can’t stand him.  Outside of class is a different story.

Disclaimer: All of the things mentioned in this story are all works of fiction and have been made up by me, the author.  I did not intend to make anything based on real life, and any coincidences to real life are purely coincidences.

Members: Kihyun x Reader

Rating: PG-13/Fluff/brief mentions of smut

Length: 2,738 words

Notes: This chapter takes place in Kihyun’s POV

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A Mutual Agreement (Chen x Reader)

What is good people? Long time no see! It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve gotten all my difficult classes out of the way now! So I have got a one way ticket down easy street. So, here’s my first Chen scenario! It took forever to write this because recently I’ve just been in a rut when it comes to love/smut scenes for some reason. Hopefully that’ll go away soon though! Anyway, enjoy yourself some Chen Chen and go have some fun yourself maybe! ;)

P.S. …Can I just say, Chen’s cheekbones…? Like…? Help me??? 

Originally posted by chenmorningstar98

 He knew exactly how to push your buttons, and not in a sexy way. He knew precisely the best way to tick you off and absolutely relished in it. You didn’t understand in the first place why you would fall for someone who finds fun in making you mad, but hey, that’s love.

You liked to think it was because you were, unfortunately, attracted to assholes, just to come up with an excuse for yourself.

Jongdae wasn’t an ‘asshole’ per se, but he was sort of obnoxious and loved watching you squirm. He was a jokester at heart and you fell in love with him for his humor and lighthearted soul. 

But at this moment you were far from being head of over heels for Kim Jongdae. 

You clutched the delicate tray of snacks and drinks you had been holding in an iron grip, the pink plastic threatening to crack as you listened to the lively conversation Jongdae was holding with his band mates in the cozy living room, totally unaware of your frozen form at the doorway.

“…No way, Baekhyun! I doubt that girl would even let you touch her,” laughed your boyfriend richly, his hand covering his mouth as he snickered with the others. They swatted at each other boyishly, their eyes alight with mischief and mirth. 

“I’m serious! How could you all have so little faith in my sexual prowess,” Baekhyun protested, his puppy eyes filled with mock hurt, but quickly bursting out into laughter as well. They all burst out into laughter, why did guys find the dumbest stuff funny? The all settled down quickly, not wanting to be the one that laughed longest at the quip.

“Yeah, but Jongdae,” Chanyeol’s deep voice rumbled, reverberating around the room, “I’m with Baekhyun on this one. Have you done any better?” The rest of the boys nodded in approval, agreeing because their curiosity getting the best of them.

Jongdae scoffed and rolled his eyes, “'Have I done any better?’, please, I know you all have seen the gorgeous and intelligent girl that I’m honored to call my girlfriend.”

Your heart swelled with a little pride at his praise, loosening your grip on the tray. You were about to take one step forward but stopped in your tracks as he continued, cocking his head proudly. The tray in your hands began to quake again.

“Not only is she beautiful and smart, but she’s amazing in bed, let me tell you,” your boyfriend leaned in towards the other members conspiratorially, “She’s pretty adventurous first of all, like, she’s into trying just about anything.” He gave them a pointed look with a smirk as if he were recalling a fond memory, “And I mean anything. You name it, we’ve probably done it.”

Baekhyun looked impressed, arching a golden eyebrow in surprise, “Really? I thought ____ was a more vanilla person in general.” You weren’t sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

Chanyeol and Sehun had matching eager looks on their faces that made you want to slam the tray of food in their dumb faces and laugh. Sehun grinned eagerly, the face of a boy who just found his first Playboy magazine, “You can’t be serious Jongdae. I can think of a few things ____ would never let you do.”

You found yourself furrowing your eyebrows together at Sehun. He didn’t know you like Jongdae did, he had no room to say anything. You shook yourself when you realized you were arguing whether he knew how you were in bed or not. Stop being ridiculous, _____, you chided yourself in your mind.  

Jongdae smirked again, “Like I said before you name it, we’ve probably done it.”

Sehun tapped his lip, probably thinking of all the good porn he’d watched recently, “Dominance and submission?”  

Jongdae laughed, breaking your heart, “Easy. That was way early in the relationship”  

Chanyeol smirked, probably thinking about all his favorite sexual fantasies, “Daddy kink?”

Jongdae scoffed and you wanted to fall on the floor and cry, “Of course, I can name a time last week.”

Sehun blushed a little, but still chuckled anyway, “Hot wax?”

Jongdae laughed again, “____ was the one to suggest that one.” The boys’ eyes widened in disbelief as they laughed along, slapping Jongdae on the back like they were congratulating him for having such a compliant girlfriend.

By this time not only were you red with embarrassment, but anger was contributing to the flush on your cheeks and the tears pricking at your eyes. Enough was enough.

Jongdae put his arms behind his head victoriously, like a self-satisfied cat, “Is that all you guys got? I thought you were going to go way farther than that.”

Chanyeol quirked one eyebrow, never one to give up on a challenge, “What about mutual masturbation?”

Jongdae thought for a moment, “You know what? I don’t-” Baekhyun was the first to see you stalking over angrily, slapping Jongdae to make him shut up, “Ow, Baek! What the he- _____.” His eyes widened in fear and he looked like he wanted to sink far into the couch cushions and never come out.

You watched them all swallow hard and visibly straighten as you stood in front of them, your voice like a snake spitting venom as you stated, “No, Jongdae, I don’t think we’ve ever tried mutual masturbation before, but certainly we’ve done everything else. I’m sure I don’t have to say though because you’ve already told them every other thing under the sun that we have ever done together. Thank you for that.” You glared dangerously as all four boys shifted uncomfortably, their ears pink with shame.

Jongdae stood up and was white as a sheet as his voice cracked, “I’m so sorry _____. I didn’t mean it like that.”  

Baekhyun stood up beside him, always at his friend’s defense, “Listen _____, he isn’t to blame for all of it, the three of us are in the wrong too." 

"Actually, Baek, I’m excusing the three of you because someone else here is going to be in a whole lot more trouble.” You gave the three of them a pained smile, genuinely not wanting them to be here to witness your wrath because you were already being 'that one crazy girlfriend’ in front of them.

“Kim Jongdae,” you turned to your boyfriend, your expression stone cold, “As punishment for your inappropriate behavior, I am cutting you off for a whole month.”

“What?! You can’t be serious!,” He protested, giving you his best hurt look. You were unfazed because all you saw was red at this point.

“Unless you ever want to be forgiven for sullying my name to our friends, then you’re going to have to pay the price. One month. That’s as nice as I’m going to get,” with that, you stalked away, already feeling the tears fall down your blushing cheeks as you rushed to your room.

Baekhyun turned to Jongdae, his expression consoling but annoyed, “What does 'one month’ mean?”

Jongdae slumped onto the couch, a defeated expression on his face as he picked at a loose string on a decorative pillow, “It means one month without sex and it’s all my fault.”

Baekhyun grabbed his shoulder earnestly, his mouth just a tad bit wry, “Hey. If I know ______ half as well as you do, then if you just treat her like a princess and show her you’re genuinely sorry, then I bet she might lessen your time.” He looked at him pointedly, squeezing his shoulder just a little tighter, but only to put emphasis on his words, “Or maybe even forgive you.”

Jongdae sighed, hanging his head in his hands, “You’re probably right.”
Baekhyun gave him a concerned look, “Alright. Now just give her some time because I think she’s in a fragile state right now. Let her have her moment and when we leave, you can go see her.”

Meanwhile, in your shared bedroom with Jongdae, you had your face stuffed into a pillow, which much to your chagrin, smelled like him. You thought of how blatant your boyfriend had been with your sex life and the ugly feeling of embarrassment seeped into your body again. You tried to reason with yourself that the only reason Jongdae would talk about it was because that’s what guys do. They talk about who they banged, where they banged, and how they banged. But each time you came to that conclusion you only got more upset and a bit angrier, your fist hammering into the mattress like a child who was being denied their favorite sweet. As you cried into your pillow, you heard the quiet creak of the door and attempted to stop your sniffles, failing miserably.   

The bed dipped to your right as a familiar presence sat down, a comforting hand coming up to stroke your hair, “_____?”

You shoved your face deeper into the pillow, a muffled, “What?” You couldn’t stand to look at him right now, but you also really wanted to crawl into his arms, forgive him, and get on with life.   

You could hear the tired smile on his lips, “You know, I can’t understand you,” his voice grew gentler, “And you know I can’t stand to not see your beautiful face smiling at me.”

There it was, your Achille’s heel. Hearing Jongdae sound so pitiful and dejected really poked a hole in your heart. You exhaled shakily before sitting up, your hair a mess, successfully hiding your wet face and puffy eyes. “I know,” you whispered back.

Jongdae pulled you into his arms, and you wanted to stay mad at him, but you loved the feeling of your face close to his chest and being able to hear his heart beat steadily. You loved how all your senses were overloaded with Jongdae. In his embrace, nothing else mattered except him. He stroked your hair, unknotting it carefully with his fingers, “I’m sorry for embarrassing you _____.”

You looked up at him, taking in his lovely brown eyes that were soft with sincerity, his tongue darting out nervously to wet his lips as you judged his apology with doleful, but sharp eyes.

He continued suddenly sounding angry, one of his hands clutching the bed sheet tightly, “I should have never spoken about you like that. It’s not how you should treat the woman you love, especially the woman I love.”

You blinked and nodded, wanting to embrace him and kiss away his tension, but you needed him to learn his lesson, as much as it hurt to say. “You’re right, Jongdae, that’s not how you respect a woman. I hope from now on you’ve learned to treat the more intimate details of our relationship carefully and allow them to remain a special and private thing between us and not your friends. I’ll lesson your punishment to one week.”

Jongdae looked at you in shock, “You’re serious?” He sighed in relief and flopped down onto the bed, staring at the ceiling in disbelief as he ran a hand through his hair.

You leaned over him, your eyes narrowing, “I hope you actually meant what you said and not used it as an out to get a softer punishment.”

He looked up at you, his voice serious, “I meant every word _____,” he leaned up and kissed your lips gently, “Promise.”

You sighed and curled into him, “Good,” a finger trailed across his chest suggestively, a tiny teasing gesture. “But know that next week is going to be hell for you, okay?”

You saw Jongdae’s Adam’s apple bob nervously, “Oh?”

You smirked up at him, “Oh, yeah.” You just didn’t know why you had this creeping feeling of doubt.

 The first few days of that hellish week were absolutely fine, rather normal actually. The two of you would only exchange light touches of affection, an innocent good night kiss, Jongdae’s hands not daring to wander anywhere besides your hand, waist, or shoulders. You both established a sort of normal routine at night: shower (separately), brush teeth, a kiss good night, and then complete awkwardness ensued as the bedside lamp flicked off, the dark ensnaring you two in its stifling embrace. You became more self conscious of how you laid down, how often you changed positions, your breathing, his breathing, the rise and fall of his chest, the warmth he radiated, whether he could tell you were watching him under the cover of dark, how much you itched to bury your head into his chest and let his arms wrap around you. You knew the act in itself could be innocent enough, but you both were so worried about when the other would crack, you couldn’t risk even the lightest of brushes. 

It’s not like he was tempting you. In fact, it seemed like he wanted to remain in your good graces for as long as possible, not wanting to clip away at your temper with a pair of shears. But it was beginning to bother you for the strangest reason. You wanted him to be teasing you, using your crave for his touch and affection as your weakness, just like in all the stories you’d read. Maybe it wasn’t the guy that was tempting the girl, perhaps it was the girl’s own paranoia and desire that gnawed away at her. 

Stirring you from your thoughts, you watched with bated breath as Jongdae flipped onto his side in his sleep, his back to you. You couldn’t help yourself, so you reached hesitantly across the bed and ever so lightly caressed his skin through the fabric of his tshirt. You bit your lip, retracting your hand when he twitched slightly from your touch. You were itching for some physical contact, but remembered the deal. You were too stubborn and proud to give in and Jongdae was a pretty deep sleeper.

You stopped on that last thought, your cheeks and the bottom of your stomach heating up. What if…could you? No, you couldn’t possibly. He was a deep sleeper and not even a train wreck would wake him up, but that? You had two ideas that were risky, but quite plausible.

One: You could be completely crazy and touch Jongdae in his sleep, knowing that he’d believe it was a wet dream, and risk him waking up from over stimulation. You didn’t really find that option appealing at all. Even as your most aroused moment, you wouldn’t dare invade his personal space like that.

Two: You could be slightly less crazy and touch yourself while Jongdae was asleep beside you, knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to here you since you weren’t a very vocal person when masturbating, and risk waking him up from either too much movement or noise. Which was fairly unlikely given he was deeply asleep. Out of the two choices, number two was the lesser of two evils. But we’re you really going to go through with it?…

You let your hand slip down underneath the covers, gliding softly against your skin. Your own touch sent shivers of exhilaration over your body, the thought of Jongdae not knowing you were touching yourself beside him arousing you even further. You grabbed the waistband of your pajama shorts and wiggled out of them carefully, making sure not to disturb your sleeping boyfriend. When you were finally settled again, you returned to caressing your skin, imagining that it was Jongdae’s rough hands on your body, poking and prodding you until you were flustered with want. 

You thought just feeling yourself like this was enough of the danger factor you wanted for the night. You weren’t actually going to masturbate next to your sleeping boyfriend…were you? You froze again, suddenly feeling guilt wash over you. No, you thought it childish, but you were still mad at Jongdae for blabbing about all the things you and him had done in bed. Serves him right.

With your brows furrowed, you angrily ripped your underwear off, tossing them across the room. You slid your hands down your body deliciously again, smirking at Jongdae’s sleeping form as you teased your lower lips lightly. You gave a soft gasp when you felt how completely soaked you actually were already. The feeling of your fingers caressing your slickness was absolutely mind blowing, so you couldn’t help the low moan that sneaked out. You usually had so much patience when it came to pleasuring yourself, but tonight you wanted nothing more than to feel your fingers inside yourself and the electric feeling of your clit when you rubbed it. 

You frantically coated your middle and ring finger with your juices, making sure they were thoroughly lubricated before slipping them in easily. You shivered from the feeling and your clit pulsated with a need to be touched. You used your other hand to message your clit as quickly as you could because at this point you wanted nothing more than to orgasm as fast as you could or as many times as your body would allow. While rubbing your clit, you began to curl your fingers or wiggled them, imagining it was Jongdae’s own fingers or tongue that was making you feel this way. You could practically feel his smirk against you thighs and he would say something like, “Is my baby girl enjoying me tongue fucking her?”.   

Oh god, you were so close now. You felt frantic and crazed, all you wanted, no, needed, was to come. You didn’t care if Jongdae woke up or if he already was awake. You just needed release. You abused your clit mercilessly as you drilled your fingers into your hole…you were getting closer…closer!…Oh god!…

Jongdae! Yes!,” you cried out in a choked whisper. You came all over your fingers, your legs shaking intensely as your orgasm shattered your entire body. You jumped when you heard a grunt, but relaxed when you remembered Jongdae was still sleeping beside you. You lay there panting, looking over to see if he really was still asleep and froze.

 "Holy fuck, _____.“

You’d been caught red handed, but not in the way you’d expected. Jongdae was on his back, his head turned to face you. He had his dick pulled out from his pajama bottoms, his hand pumping up and down the slick shaft that was weeping precum. 

"Oh my god, Jongdae,” you stuttered, surprised and embarrassed. 

You could see the way he blushed even in the darkness of your bedroom, “I woke up and heard you…well and I couldn’t stop myself from…this.”

You saw the way Jongdae’s face was contorted in lust, his member looking painfully erect with his unmoving hand that lay frozen against it. You knew he was itching for release by the way he kept blinking too frequently and how it seemed hard for him to swallow.

You turned to face him on your side, lifting a hand to drag it along the skin of his jaw as you whispered, “Well, then finish what you started.”

That was all the confirmation he needed as he began to pump his member again, his breath hitching when he saw how you slipped your hand between your legs again. You rubbed your clit to the same beat as he jerked himself off, arousal clouding your vision of Jongdae’s face. 

“You just looked so good touching yourself ______,” he choked out, “So good touching yourself to the thought of me.”

You gasped, loving to hear his velvety voice out loud instead of in your head, “I thought of how you looked when you would go down on me. How you would fuck me so good with your tongue!…” You felt your release approaching and Jongdae’s was as well by the way his hand had picked up pace. 

“Oh fuck _____,” Jongdae moaned, “I’m coming!…”

You struggled to push him into his orgasm because the oncoming feeling of your’s was making you shake, “Come for me baby! Jongdae!…” You leaked your juices all over your fingers again, thighs quaking with the intensity of the release. You watched as Jongdae gave a few more frantic jerks.

“Fuck!…,” Jongdae cried out as he came. His seed spilling across his fingers and the back of his hand. His eyes fluttered shut as he road out his high. If it wasn’t the hottest thing you’d ever seen, you’d be lying to yourself.

The two of you calmed down after a minute and he was able to get out a few words, “I’m sorry _____. Again. About not keeping our sex life private.” He carefully cleaned himself up, looking downtrodden and quite remorseful.

 It really broke your heart to see him in such a rut. Especially after the two of you had shared such an intimate moment together. “I already said that I forgave you, Jongdae,” you curled into him, not realizing how much you had missed his touch. “I’ve forgiven you, so just hurry up and forgive yourself because I can’t stand being away from you anymore, okay?”

He pulled you into his chest, kissing your hair gently. You felt the way his mouth tugged into a smile, “Okay.”

You groaned, but nevertheless smiled, “Thank god. You were beginning to make me feel bad instead of it being the other way around.”

He laughed, the sound traveling throughout his whole body, “That’s the last thing I want.”

You pouted, “It better be, or I won’t even masturbate behind your back secretly.”

He chuckled, an eyebrow arching flirtatiously, “I definitely wouldn’t want that. I kind of liked it.”

You smirked, running your hands across his smooth chest, “I knew you would.”

Half the World Away (Adele x Cullen)

She rested her head on his chest, shadows creeping into dimples by way of precious few candles. Like this, Cullen was in a world where nothing mattered except the woman smiling up at him as they lay together. Adele raised a hand and his gaze followed her slender fingers as they weaved lines in the air, stroking stars visible through the hole in the roof.

“What are you doing?” A hint of a chuckle crept in his words and she blinked wide doe eyes at him.

Adele retrieved her hand, eyes flicking away from his. “I was…tracing the sky. It was all I could do for years: reach towards stars that shone in the outside I could not know.”

“Show me.” he said and took her hand, steering it towards the sky once more.

They remained that way for a moment, trembling fingers supported by steady ones. Adele exhaled and pointed towards one bright cluster of stars.

“Judex - a sword. I am no expert, so I cannot say for the life of me what it represents.”

Cullen watched as she carved pictures out of the sky. Adele’s eyes widened and lit up more with each constellation she found. He watched her, enraptured by her burgeoning passion and pressed his lips to her forehead. They were alone with the stars and he hadn’t seen her so happy in a long time.

“It’s a childish practice,” Adele murmured with a face stained with embarrassment, “but I find it hard to believe that anyone can neglect beauty hanging above us with no admission fee, no price.”

Cullen let himself linger on her eyes and cupped a burning cheek in his hand “Yes. I suppose I am lucky to be able to recognise this beauty for myself, then.”

Her lips parted and a nervous laugh bubbled out of them. “I would not have it any other way.”

“Neither would I.”

pterodactylichexameter  asked:

Cock (not even sorry)

you rascal, you. from part 2 of the throne smut…

Elain makes a noise into his mouth as she feels the head of his cock part her folds teasingly, as his fingers had. He holds it there, just brushing her entrance, and Elain looks to him helplessly—

“Go on,” he murmurs, permission. He has one hand on her hip and one on the base of his cock, guiding them together she sinks down. Elain’s hands are fisted so tightly in Lucien’s jacket it threatens to rip but she doesn’t care, nothing in the world is real, nothing matters, except the feeling of him filling her slowly, the agonizing, perfect stretch that steals the breath from her lungs as her body takes him inside it.

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The Reunion

~This is the Sequel to the BuckyxMermaid!Reader ff “The Sea Monster” by creative-universe

It is also the first fic I ever finished and posted, so I hope you like it :)~

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_She heard waves distantly crashing against the shore. Faintly she could smell the salty ocean. She tried to open her eyes but she couldn’t move. There was an enormous pressure and something being wrapped around her. Her heart, her soul needed to feel the water; she needed to feel the freedom. _

She woke up sweating, clinging to the white sheets. It has been months and she still couldn’t get rid of the nightmares. Slowly she stood up and made her way towards the bathroom. Today would be the day. She kept saying that sentence over and over again, since arrived in the States. Today would be the day. The first time she saw him, she wanted to speak to him to be in his arms again but she saw how difficult it was for him to build a new life. She wanted him to have his own life. He deserved a future without being constantly reminded of his past. From that day on she had kept an eye on him, making sure that he was safe.

After getting dressed and putting her long hair in a high, braided ponytail, she went outside the small apartment in Brooklyn and made her way towards the Atlantic Ocean. As she looked over the water she thought about all those moments they had shared together. He had been the only thing that kept her from just giving up during her time at the HYDRA basis. All those hours of torture meant nothing when he came down to just talk to her. She still thought that it was a miracle that they- both victims of HYDRA- had trusted and developed a bond between each other. The women looking over the sea was lost in thought when she heard guns shooting. No one around her seemed to notice, however, that was nothing unusual for her, since she could hear what happened all over the city. Quickly she turned around and ran through the city towards the Avenger’s headquarters. For a normal human being it wouldn’t have been possible to run such a long distance in such a short time but she wasn’t normal. Arriving at her destiny she tried to calm down her breathing to not attract too much attention. Unnoticed she walked into the huge building and followed the sound of guns. Every time there was someone coming her way she clouded their mind so that they wouldn’t notice her. The cameras she passed seemed to have interferences, as if they were recording under water. When she reached the fight, she witnessed a hectic chaos. Apparently, today was the day of a public press conference concerning the new member of the Avengers and the contract which had caused indifferences between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark some time ago.  Just that right now there was no conference, but a fight. The woman quickly surveyed the situation. There were a lot of civilians screaming or crouching behind tables and chairs. Here and there she could get glimpses of the super heroes trying to fight multiple men in black gears. Pulling the hood of her black jacket deeper into her face, she slowly went to one of the walls so that nobody would notice or even recognize her and started to get inside of the screaming civilian’s heads. After she calmed them down she concentrated on the attackers. One after onother they bend over clutching their heads in pain.

Bucky’s POV

Something had changed. He was just fighting one of the attackers when he noticed that something wasn’t right. All he could hear were the sounds of the battle he and the others were trying to win. All the civilians and reporters had gone dead silent. However, he couldn’t really wonder about that, since his opponent was charging him again, this time with a knife in his hand. Bucky blocked the knife and noticed that the last attack was much weaker than the ones before. He looked closer and saw an expression of pure pain written across his opponent’s face.  The man in front of him fell onto his knees, clutching his head tightly and losing consciousness. Bucky looked around and so did the other Avengers, clearly being totally confused. All the attackers lay on the ground and the civilians and reporters slowly stood up from behind the desks and chairs, being oddly calm.

“What’s going on?” Bucky heard his best friend ask. He didn’t know. It was like somebody went inside the heads of the attackers, causing them to just fall over. He looked over the crowd, his eyes stopping when he saw a small figure lying on the ground at the opposite wall. The figure wore a black jacket with the hood being pulled over the face. He felt an odd familiarity. Bucky was so lost in thoughts that he didn’t notice agents running into the building, arresting the attackers or paramedics helping the civilians out of the avengers headquarters.

“Hey, Buck, ‘you alright, pal?” Steve was now standing behind him, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“I was lost in thoughts”, Bucky simply stated, still not fully present.

“What thoughts?”

“That seems familiar.”

“What do you mean?” Natasha came to the two best friends.

“I don’t know, it was just as if there was something familiar here… like a presence of something or someone I know or knew” Bucky shook his head as if to clear his mind, “probably just a flashback or whatever.”

In that moment he caught a slight movement in the corner of his eye. Turning around, he saw that small figure making attempts to sit up. Steve and Natasha followed his gaze.

“Who’s that?” Natasha asked, confused that the paramedics forgot someone, while Steve was running towards that person, still lying on the ground. Since there was no one left in the conference room but the Avengers, the others also took notice of that figure in black and hurried towards it.

Steve, having already checked for any wounds, stated: “I think she’s out cold, but not hurt in any other way.”

“Why didn’t the paramedics took care of her? She’s obviously not ok” Tony had just removed his fighting gear.

He helped Steve carrying her over to one of the couches that were still intact. Laying her down her hood fell back, revealing her face.

“My god, she’s beautiful!”

“She is. Buck, could you help me with this?” Steve answered Tony, but didn’t get a reply from his best friend. He turned around and saw Bucky staring at the woman with an unreadable expression in his eyes. It was a mix of horror, astonishment and sadness.

“Buck, Bucky what’s wrong? Do you know her?”

“(Y/N)” Bucky’s voice was barely a whisper. All at once Bucky was at her side, pushing Steve and Tony rather roughly away. Taking her in his arms he said her name over and over again, shaking her slightly, as if to wake her up.

“Bucky, what’s going on? Who’s that?” Steve asked again, but didn’t get a reply. All the other Avengers stood around, being rather confused by the scene that played in front of them.

Just as Steve was about to make his third attempt to asked his best friend about that woman, she stirred and groaned. Bucky put his hand on her cheek, caressing it lovingly. Slowly she opened her eyes. She saw Bucky’s eyes looking directly into hers and a single tear falling down his cheek.

“(Y/N)”, he repeated once more, still whispering.

When he saw her looking back at him, he hugged her tightly; being afraid he could lose her all over again.

“You were dead…how? …I buried you, (Y/N)” Bucky sobbed quietly into her shoulder. Even though he rarely showed even the smallest emotions in front of the team, let alone tears, he couldn’t care less right now. It was as if there was no one in this world except (Y/N) and him. Nothing else mattered but (Y/N) alive and in his arms.

“James” was the first thing the Avengers heard that mysterious woman whispering against the Soldier’s shoulder.

“The ocean… you buried me next to the ocean. It healed me and gave me enough strength to get out of that cave and into the sea.”

(Y/N) was now sitting on James Barnes’ lap, her head on his heart, having his arms still tightly wrapped around her and his chin on her head.

“So that is…?” Sam began to ask but was interrupted by the woman in Bucky’s arms.

“Yes, I’m the Sea Monster. I believe you’ve already heard of me?”

Frankly, it was too cute of a request to pass up. 


Hello love! I love your blog your probably the only one on tumblr that will write for my baby Chilton. That being said can I request an imagine where Chilton adopts a a small girl ( about 4-5) so he won’t be so lonely anymore and he takes into work and she just makes friends with everyone like the janitors the other doctors secretaries even some of the patients and she just raves on and on about how she has the best daddy in the world and manages to make Chilton a few friends at the office.

He hadn’t told anyone. Not his secretary, not his colleagues, not any of his almost-friends in the FBI. No one. She was his little secret, his little ray of sunshine. The only thing that got him out of bed most days and definitely the only thing that could make him smile anymore.

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Time Transcending

Ichabod Crane x Reader

Word Count: 1,521

Warnings: none 

Summary: What are you, Ichabod’s past lover from the 18th century, doing here in modern time Sleepy Hollow?  

A/N: A big thank you to @bovaria for helping me with this and looking it over for me when I finished and another thank you to both @elyshakate and @bovaria for continually encouraging me to do this :) Love you girls loads!! :* Feedback would be very helpful in deciding if I should do a part 2 or not!!

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warning: he’s my bias…. . , beware

- cuddliest little teddy bear in the world

- like the type of boyfriend to not want to let go in the morning and keep tugging you back by the waist everytime you attempt to get up

- lazily grazes his lips along your neck when he’s tired from a long day

- and your lips

- and your collarbone 

- he’d be working on smth late at night like running through his parts for an upcoming studio sesh and he’d be really stressed so you’d just plop right into his lap and he’d give you his little pout 

- tickle fights

- satoori competitions 

- aegyo battles

- “i’m cuter” “no I’M CUTER”

- funny face duels, whoever laughs first loses

- you could walk out in a simple tshirt and pj pants and he’d make you take a detour back into the bedroom and change into his clothes

- his laugh is literally all that you need to brighten up your day just hearing the slight tinkle of it and ur all set to go and ur certain that you wouldn’t mind hearing it for the rest of your life

- 3am coffee runs

- and it’d be such a spur of the moment thing

- “honey, let’s go get coffee” “but it’s like 3 in the morning” “i know”

- the boys are over at your (as in both of yours) apartment a lot and they always end up breaking at least one thing in your living room

- and u end up lecturing them all for like half an hour and their virtual puppy ears are all the way down to their chins

- but you end up cooking for them anyway

- youngjae, the type of bitch to try to be romantic and surprise you by backhugging you when you’re making stew and you turn around and hit him with a ladle bc u didn’t know who it was

- and he ends up with a red mark on his eyebrow for the rest of the night

- little duets around the house 

- like you’d be humming a tune in the morning whilst brushing your teeth and shirtless youngjae would pop into the washroom and grab his toothbrush as a microphone and jam along with you, including air drumming solos and air guitar riffs

- morning and goodnight texts when he’s away on tour or overseas

- and you’d go to sleep and wake up with him together on the phone and miss him even more

- and when he’d get home, before he could even take his shoes off or put his belongings down, you’d sprint through the hall and straight into his arms, both of you breathing each other in after weeks of being away 

- you would always joke around with the boys and you’d end up roasting jinyoung and youngjae would sit back like yeah that’s my girl :-)

- steals kisses from you during the middle of your sentences

- bitch does this all. the. time.

- like you’d be sitting on the kitchen counter while he’s (attempting) to make lunch and you’d be telling the latest gossip you heard from the office and he’d just absentmindedly stare at your lips and interrupt you with kisses

- he’s such an ass and hips guy fIGHT ME if you think otherwise

- like your ass is always where his hands absentmindedly go to whenever ur doing anything

- or when ur at home together and u walk by him he’d have to give it a little touch 

- and makeout sessions with him would be shy and subtle yet passionate 

- like his eyes would be closed the entire time and all he’d have is his senses to remind himself that you’re there and his hands would be gripping tight onto your thighs and hips as if to keep you from ever slipping away

- your skinship is level 923480 and the boys would always find it adorable, yet fucking disgusting at the same time 

- like “ok ur so cute it’s making me puke stop”

- you drop by the studio and practice room a lot with food and takeout and that’s why your contact name on all the boys’ phones are “mama y/n”

- sometimes you’d be in a hurry and just end up ordering one for youngjae and jinyoung and jackson would be like hey where’s my food :-) and you’d be like at the restaurant where u can buy it urself lol bye 

- your apartment would be littered with cute polaroids of you guys and the boys

- and papa and mama choi gave you an old picture of baby youngjae sloshing around in a bathtub and it’s been in your wallet ever since 

- you have a tradition of always putting on a movie only to be distracted half an hour in by…. yknow…. ,, each other

- so that’s how youngjae always tries to get it on 

- “hey, babe, since we’re both free tonight wanna like watch a mov–”

- “nice try, youngjae”

- you have a piano in your house and he always serenades you with it whenever you’re having a bad day and sings whilst winking and sending little smiles your way, enough to make it seem as though the ground was crumbling underneath your feet bc wow ur in love 

- the first time he mentioned he was in love with you was in front of the boys when you were in the kitchen to get the spoons for dinner

- and he just watched you go and absentmindedly mentioned how fucking whipped and in love he was

- and he says this shit in his head all the time so he doesn’t notice he said it out loud until jackson jumped up so hard he almost knocked the kimchi stew on the table over and when yugyeom screamed “Oh mY GO D” at the top of his lungs and jinyoung smiling so hard his cheeks were gonna crack and mark doing his stupid high-pitched laugh and bambam’s eyes almost falling out of his sockets and jaebum exclaiming “ABOUT FUCKING TIME”

- and you come back to the table with six sugar-high children bouncing off the ceiling and one very red and flustered youngjae 

- fights with him would never last long because neither of you can stand being away from each other bc of something so petty and it’d always just end up with the both of you sitting on the bed and talking it out 

- babysitting his niece together and his sister and her husband looking at the two of you play with her with such heart eyes

- whenever any of you would have a stressful day, you’d just spend a lazy day talking about it to each other, distracting urselves from the outside world

- you silently take care of each other day by day

- little things like you pulling his hands away from his lips when he’s peeling at it again or resting your hands on his wrists to keep it from shaking when he’s trying to complete a small task is enough to make his heart explode and for him to assure himself that he is, indeed, helplessly in love w you 

- being around him and listening to him laugh and seeing his smile and seeing his comfort and content around the boys is enough to make you feel as if you’ve lost half of yourself and somehow found it again, or as if you’re nowhere and everywhere at once, or as if there was nothing else in this world that matters except him and his happiness and even if one day, things between you do fall apart, even if one day, the two of you disperse into your separate lives, all you know now is in this moment, you’re certain that he is all you’ll ever need

- you’re like the couple that never stops laughing like whenever you’re around the boys or just with each other, there is never a dull moment and you guys really are the happiest couple around because he is the type of person to shower his s/o with everything he has and choi youngjae deserves all the fucking love in the world he’s just the biggest cupcake and source of light and don’t ever forget to remind him of it 


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CATATONIC!is the hot new direct to video disaster coming to your local store in the summer of ‘97! Following the easy lives of brooding, annoying edgelord Zack and his sidekick Barney as things begin to get difficult - campaigning forever to have their old hangouts at Old Town stay far from the reach of the nefarious tycoon Stanley Sentinel, Zack finds himself head over heals in love with his daughter: Selina. All hell breaks loose when Stanley finds out, he’d do anything to keep his daughter from less respectable fellas; and he’s willing to bulldoze an entire town to achieve it! 


  • Egotistical to excruciating levels.
  • On running gag about his hair covering his eyes. It’s not funny.
  • Really unexcited about everything in general.
  • Everything is dark and despair to him.
  • Nothing matters in the world, everything is boring, except Selina.
  • Loves himself.
  • Always sitting down somehow, legs must always be up on something.
  • says “yeah, whatever” all the time.
  • Innapropriate jokes about not being newtered. (it’s 1997)


  • Seems really clueless to the fact his friend is always unexcited.
  • Jumps everywhere (bootleg tigger)
  • Is never not running.
  • Always happy.
  • Makes funny? faces.
  • Sometimes talks in rhyme intentionally for no reason.


  • Is voiced by somebody British - think a bootleg Charles Dance.
  • Shouts for no reason.
  • Has some kind of Rapunzel situation with his daughter.
  • Impossibly wealthy.
  • Not a single nice bone in his body (they’re all terrible because he might be calcium deficient)
  • Hates everything free and chill including all music ever.


  • Is always drinking milk.
  • Communicates with her eyebrows alot.
  • Sounds like a very slowed down Marilyn Monroe.
  • Always flicking her hair back.
  • Flickers her eyelashes a lot.
  • Unnecessarily provocative in her behavior.
  • Calls most people “sugar”
  • Has a mandatory scene where she tells her father she hates him and slams a few doors for good measure.

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the captains' reaction when they saw their crush for the very first time

I am not caught up so I did the characters I knew. Also, we need some Yui Michimiya love like come on.

When Daichi saw them for the first time it was almost like time slowed down, you know like in those cheesy romantic comedies. They both met each other gaze and felt a loss of breath. He swore he saw a beam of light shine down on them like an angel, though it was probably his imagination. Sugawara nearly lost it seeing Daichi like this, it was just like the movies and Daichi looked like a huge nerd just standing there.

Kuroo had felt his heart jump from their sheer beauty. Everything about them made heat rush to his cheeks. It was so weird for him to be the flustered one. Kenma had to elbow him to knock him out of his shock. After, getting over the shock however he made his way over to introduce himself, hoping to make a good first impression.

Oikawa let out a gasp when his line of sight was greeted by their form. He smiled to himself and let out a sigh, running his fingers through his hair. Nothing around him mattered except for them. He started walking over to them, completely forgetting he was having a conversation with some classmates. The one thing on his mind was to get to them.

When Bokuto had been introduced to them, it was like his voice stopped working. Nothing would come out, he was completely and utterly speechless. It was weird because his mind was blank and he was pretty sure his mouth was wide open. Kuroo laughed seeing his friend in this state, introducing him for him. He seemed to be very shy around them at first.

When her friends said they had someone new they were going to bring along with them, Michimiya hadn’t thought much of it, but seeing them in front of her proved to have gone different then she had thought. She felt shy under their gaze, heat rising to her cheeks as she introduced herself to them. She was more easily flustered and would lose her concentration more easily, finding her line of sight absent mindedly on them.