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rainy night

REQUEST: what if the reader goes to Sebastian’s place and it’s raining so she’s soaking wet, then seb gives her some of his clothes and while she’s getting dressed he’s looking at her so she gets really shy.

WARNINGS: Language. Little make out seshhhh.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: you ever get in a funk and have NOTHING comes out?! because this has been me for like the past week and I had the perfect inspiration for this because it had been storming really hard but still – nothing. But anyway, it’s here and a little short! :( Also, Yellow by Coldplay was on repeat when this unfolded.


It was sprinkling on the way home. You two thought you would make it to your destination before it began to pour, but the clouds had other plans.

Two blocks away from Sebastian’s place the sky opened and it began to rain cats and dogs. You tried to cover yourself with your arms and hands, but it was no use. You hair was already soaking wet and your clothes were starting to stick onto your body.

“Let’s go back to my place!” Sebastian yelled, his forearm up against his forehead to shield the water from dripping into his eyes.

You nodded and literally ran back to the apartment building. The doorman stared at both of you as you ran inside the dry building. You looked at Sebastian as he stared at you too before bursting out into laughter.

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Toxic - Peter Parker (2/??)

Summary: You are Tony Stark’s daughter, well protected from danger until the famous Spiderman comes along.

A/N: Here’s part 2 x I got like 4 requests for this, so remember to ask me if you want another part! Just incase you didn’t know already, I first based this around Melanie Martinez’s Toxic cover and such, so if you want to listen to that whilst reading- go ahead. It’s not fucked up yet but I’m planning on making this a rlly angsty series in the next few parts

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

“I mean come on Pepper-”.

You blurred out your Dad talking to his girlfriend, as you swirled around the spaghetti on your fork, before placing some in your mouth. It’s been a few days ever since your birthday party and you haven’t stopped talking to Peter over facetime, text or just a normal call. No one really knew about what was happening between the both of you, nothing romantic had happened yet- so there wasn’t much to tell.

“Oh Tony stop it.” Pepper sighed at her boyfriends complaints, she turned to you with a smile. “So (Y/N), how are you?”

You returned the friendly smile, “I’m fine, this spaghetti is amazing by the way Pepper.”

“But we all know my cooking is better.” Your Dad coughed, causing both you and Pepper to roll your eyes.

“Last time you cooked a meal for us, we almost got food poisoning.”

Almost, babe. Almost.” Tony said to Pepper, whilst eating some of the spaghetti.

You felt a vibration in your jeans, knowing it was your phone. 

Do I see what it is now, or later?

The perks of having dinner at the Stark tower was that you weren’t allowed to be on your phone at the table. You shrugged, deciding to take the chance and you pulled out your phone under the table so that Pepper or your Dad couldn’t see.

You noticed it was a text message, from Peter.

Peter❤️ : Remember when I asked you on a date?

Your heart fluttered, as you replied as quick as you could.

(Y/N): I do remember that

Peter❤️ : Well, I was wondering if I could take you out tonight?

(Y/N): If you planned on taking me out to eat anything I don’t think thatll work bc I’m eating with my Dad rn

Peter❤️ : Nah it’s okay I have something else in mind

(Y/N): ooo okay okay, so what time spidey?

Before you could see what he was going to respond with, you heard someone clear their throat.

You looked up, to see both Pepper and Tony staring at you.

“Anything you’d like to share, (Y/N?)” Your dad mused, quirking a brow.

You were quick to make an excuse up, “Oh- my friend is asking if I can go to her place for a bit to hang out.”

Pepper smiled, Tony nodding.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Just don’t be too late back.”

You noticed your phone buzz, you saw that he had messaged you the time.

Peter❤️ : Anytime now? 

(Y/N): Sure!

Peter❤️ : I’ll meet you outside so start to head outside!

You looked up from your phone.

“Well, I’m getting picked up now- so if you want the rest of my food feel free.”

You stood up, dusting off your jeans and grabbing some red converse and slipping them on right by the elevator.

“Don’t talk to strangers!” Tony called, watching you about to leave.

“Of course I won’t.” You smiled, stepping in the elevator, watching as the doors shut.

You stuffed your phone in your back pocket, waiting to get to the bottom floor.

Eventually, the doors pinged open and you walked out, making your way out of the building.

Your eyes wandered around the streets of New York, looking for your friend curiously.

“He said he’d be outside..” You murmured to yourself, glancing around.

Suddenly you felt a strong arm wrap around you and before you knew it, you was in the air.

You gasped in shock, but you saw that your head was resting against a red and blue body suit, making you come to reality.

“Peter you scared me! A guy like you should wear a warning!” You exclaimed, thrilled by the sight below you as Peter swung you around in the air.

“That’s Spiderman to you, missy.” Peter joked, even though you couldn’t see his facial features- you could tell that he was smiling.

“Barely a man though.” You teased, keeping a tight hold on him.

“You sound just like your Dad.” He groaned, focusing on swinging you both to safety.

You couldn’t help but notice that New York was stunning when it was lit up like this, and from this view- it was beautiful.

Peter glanced down at you, he noted how gorgeous your (h/c) appeared to be as wind was combing through it, making the threads dance. Your (e/c) orbs were sparkling and reflecting the city lights below and he adored how you clung onto him as he wrapped one arm around your waist.

“Like the view?” He asked, continuing to swing as his eyes scanned for somewhere to stop off at.

“I do, I’ve never seen New York like this before.”

“Get used to it then, I’d love to take you on more little things like this.”

That brought a smile upon your lips and you watched as he landed you both onto a balcony. His protective arms slowly unraveled from your waist and smiled.

“Feel free to go inside.” He smiled, sliding his mask off and revealing his lovely facial features to you.

“This your place?” You asked, opening the balcony doors and following him inside.

“Yeah, my Aunt- Aunt May isn’t home right now so we’re all good.”

You nodded, smiling as you looked around his room.

“You read comics?”

You walked over to the shelf full of different comic books, Peter’s face flushed,

“W-what..? No-”

“Don’t be ashamed of it!” You giggled, “I find it cute that you do.”

Peter ran some fingers through his hair, “but it’s not supposed to be cute- you’re supposed to find me hot…”

You laughed at that, a bright smile on your face.

“Well, I guess I’m into nerdy guy’s then.” You smiled, turning away from him.

Peter felt his cheeks heat, clearing his throat.

“I’m just gonna change, I’ll be back.”

He then walked out with some clothes in his hands, possibly walking to the bathroom.

You decided to look around his room, smiling as you also noted a book shelf that he had, full of books that even you had read in the past. Even the posters of Star Wars on his walls made you smile at his geeky self. 

Oh how you was falling for this young boy.

You sat down on his bed, waiting for him to come back and a few moments later he did so, wearing a  biology shirt and some jeans, he grinned when his eyes wandered upon you.

“So, I was wondering if a little Netflix and Chill date was-”

Netflix and Chill?” You cut him off with a confused look, the heat once again rose to his cheeks and tinted his skin,

“W-what? Oh! S-shit I didn’t mean it like that (Y/N)!” He started to ramble, feeling flustered.

“Peter! It’s okay.” You smiled with a little laugh, your cheeks flushed a tiny bit also.

He rubbed the back of his neck chuckling nervously.

“A-anyway, what do you want to watch?”

Peter sat next to you on the bed laying back, waiting for your answer.

“Anything, I don’t mind.” You smiled, watching him set up the Netflix with his X-Box controller.

You noticed that he picked The Hunger Games, bringing the smile onto your face.

“I love this movie!”

“I’ve never seen it..” Peter mumbled, pressing play.

Your eyes widened, “Really?”

He hummed a response, before you both settled into watching the movie.

~ ~ ~

The credits rolled, and you glanced towards Peter.

“So?” You asked, with a smile.

“I need to know more.” He whispered, eyes on the screen.

“Well, there are four movies now-”

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” He started to fanboy, yes. Fanboy.

You laughed at him, turning so you could get a better look at him.

Just as you was about to speak, the door opened up and a woman in her mid 40′s was stood there.

“M-may! I never knew you was coming back this early-” Peter exclaimed, moving away in panic.

The woman looked shocked, before smiling,

“Peter! You finally have a girl over!”

“Yeah May- but please..”

“Well this is the first! Hello darling, I’m May! Are you Peter’s little girlfriend?” May smiled.

You smiled at the kind and gentle woman but hearing Peter whine in shame,

“May! She’s not my… girlfriend.” Peter flushed up, as you answered her.

“It’s lovely to meet you May, but no- I’m not his girlfriend.”

She pouted, “I thought Peter got lucky then, what’s your name?” She asked, leaning against the door frame.

“I’m (Y/N).” You introduced yourself with a clear voice, her eyes widening.

“(Y/N) Stark?” She exclaimed, making Peter roll his eyes and you giggling.

“Yep, that’s me-”

“Okay, time to say goodbye to Aunt May, (Y/N).” Peter interrupted, mostly wanting to get you away from May.

“Oh, already? Maybe she should come around for dinner one time!” She offered, gleaming at you with those kind eyes.

“I’d love too, May.” You grinned, standing up as Peter practically dragged out out of the apartment.

“It was nice meeting you!” You called out, before the door shut.

Peter let out a sigh of relief and chuckled, “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t worry about it! She’s a sweetheart.”

Peter looked down with a soft grin on his lips, before intertwining his fingers into yours, holding your hand.

“C’mon. I’ll walk you home.” He offered.

“Peter, are you sure? I can walk-”

“Not at this time of night. God knows what could happen to you.” He spoke with a stern voice filled with protection.

Oh, that was kind of hot. Your thoughts spoke to you, making you gulp.

“Oh, you think?” He smirked, as you both walked.

“Wait, what?”

“You said that what I said was hot.” He continued to play with that smirk on his face, making your heart drop.

“Sorry, I-i didn’t mean..”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m glad you said it.” Peter squeezed your hand to calm you.

The two of you walked, simply just enjoying eachothers company- every now and then glancing at the other. His hands weren’t clammy or sweaty, they were just warm and soothed you so easily.

~ ~ ~

After roughly 15 minutes, you were stood outside of the Stark tower- beaming up at the spiderling.

“Thankyou so much for tonight.”

“It was nothing- it was just something simple..” Peter grinned, still holding your hand.

“It doesn’t take much to make me fall in love, Peter.” You whispered, letting your hand slide away from his, taking a few steps back.

“I’ll call you later.” You chirped, turning away and about to walk inside.

Just as you was about to open the door, you felt something clutch your wrist, and when you looked at it- it was a string of thick web.

Before you had time to comprehend what was happening, you was spun back by the web, falling into Peter’s chest and meeting his lips. The butterflies that you’ve had all night, now turned into fireworks being set alight in your chest. Your instinct was to wrap your arms around his neck, so you did- and his hands found your waist, holding it gently to him. The kiss was gentle, yet so blossoming and wild.

He pulled away, both of your nose and foreheads scraping against eachother.

“No, I’ll call you later.” He commented with a smile.

~ ~ ~

You finally made it back into the Stark tower after a wonder filled night, it was quiet though. Too quiet. That’s when you heard it.

“I’m heavily disappointed in you (Y/N) Stark.”

You turned, to only see your Father- looking serious as ever.

Never Ever - Joker X Reader

Request…Pranking the Joker goes a bit wrong. You decide to pretend you left him in the middle of the night, leaving a note that says ‘I’m leavin, Puddin, Goodbye’. You leave for the day, planning to come back later but he flips out and tracks you down.

Note- I’m so sorry this look so long also this may be like this for the others I have a lot of requests and I’m trying to get them done, please don’t be mad, love you guys for being so patient.

Never Ever- Leto!Joker X Reader

Warnings- A swear here and there, Gets mildly physical, nothing major though.

You had woken up in a little bit of a playful mood. You looked to your sleeping boyfriend and smiled, kissing his cheek gently being careful not to wake him. The clock read 6:00 am. It was early. You lift yourself off the bed slowly, tip toeing across the room to your closet to get dressed for the day. Your thoughts stirring up a plan for a little prank. It’s harmless, you thought to yourself and the more you thought on it the more you would smile and giggle silently to yourself. Oh how you loved a chase. You made your way over to the desk and pulled out a small note pad and a pen, letting the pen in your hand glide across the paper writing the words in the thick black ink, ‘I’m leavin, Puddin’, Goodbye’. You take the note pad and place it on your bedside table, turning and rushing out, a small smile on your face. You exit the building and head into the city for the day, you we’re sure to take some money alone with you.

Few Hours Later

His hand scanned the bed, starting to wake up from his rest. He needed you. Needed to hold you. When he couldn’t find your sleeping body he got a little confused. Furrowing his brow, he peaked his eyes open and looked to where you once laid. He sits up and looks around and there’s no sign of you. His eyes land on your bedside table and the little note sitting there, he snatches it into his pale hands and reads over it, he’s confused. He rereads it over and over. No explanation, no clue to where you’d be going, nothing. He gets up, anger overcoming on his face, he dresses himself and grabs his gun. Storming out of the room and down the stairs. He heads to his car and calls his henchmen.

“I don’t give a shit if there’s someone new to go and discuss business with, we are going to find her” he growls into the phone, starting the car and driving off starting his search for you.

Hours Later

The moon was high in the sky as you started making your way back to the building, you basically dedicated the day to shopping. You turn a corner and come face to face with the man you love so much. His eyes wild, he looks down to you and growls, clearly very pissed off.

“Hey” you say with a smile although on the inside you are terrified.

“Where have you been? You think you could just…just leave me like that?” he barks grabbing your arm causing you to freeze, your e/c eye going wide. His grip grows tighter as he pulls you along and back to the loft.

“Puddin, I was just- I was trying to pull a prank on you, It was a joke” you confess, pulling your arm from his grip, getting some space between the two of you in case he gets worse. He turns to you, approaching you, his tall figure making you feel a little bit intimidated.

“Does it look like I’m laughing, Y/N?” he growls, grabbing your face in his hands, glaring down at you. “You can’t leave me-” he begins but you shove him away, giving a glare of your own.

“You think I don’t know that? also…I love you, I’m a little hurt you have such little faith in me to think I’d ever actually leave you…I love you too much to do that” you retort. He stares at you, dumbfounded on the words you just spoke. How you spoke them. Your movements, just everything you had just done. You step to him, cupping his face in your hands, gently kissing his cheek. “I would never ever leave you” you say to him, looking into his emotionless blue eyes. He stares back at you and puts his forehead to yours and kisses your lips. You find yourself kissing back and wrapping your arms around him, letting your fingers run through his vibrant green hair. Both savoring the moment and feelings rushing through you.

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anonymous asked:

As the show seems to be coming back, have you ever seen Samurai Jack before?

I love Samurai Jack, and plan to watch the new season, but I don’t quite think it’s good for liveblogging. It’s a show that bounces between somber, quiet scenery shots and rapid-pace combat.

So I’m afraid my liveblogging would be nothing but “Wow, look at this cool art,” “Dang, I’m loving the choreography!” and “Could anyone make out what the Scotsman just said? Anyone?”

Coming Out?

Coming out is extremely stressful and terrifying. 


  • If you’re not ready, don’t push yourself. 
  • Do it your way. Plan it out.
  • There’s nothing wrong with crying. 
  • Breathe.
  • Google coming out stories / ask your friends about their coming out.
  • Don’t feel the need to label yourself. 
  • Come out to one person at a time.
  • Give the person time. Let them process what they’ve been told. 
  • Don’t come out during an argument or a heated discussion. 
  • Be sober.
  • Be prepared for questions.
  • Have an escape plan; you never know how things might turn out, so having a place to crash isn’t a terrible idea.

If you ever need anyone to talk to or rant to, I’m here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me any time of day.

Not An Option (Steve x reader)

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A/N: I made this extra long since I haven’t posted a oneshot in forever, please forgive me :) P.S. OH, THE ANGST. I’M WARNING YOU IN ADVANCE. I CRIED WHILE WRITING THIS. I HOPE I SATISFIED YOU ANON!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Torture, blood, swearing, violence, angst

Word Count: 3,598

Request: can you do a steve x reader oneshot where she captured and tortured  and when the avengers come to save her steve finds her with a bullet wound and half dead and they end up confessing their love for each other? I am in need of some angst!

Getting kidnapped by Hydra wasn’t originally on your agenda today; but you should be used to the fact that nothing ever goes as you planned.

You were told your mission would be easy, in and out; quick. Oh, how they so were wrong. You were supposed to be infiltrating an empty Hydra base to gather information, but it was the exact opposite of empty. You were unprepared, so you were easily overwhelmed by the Hydra agents you encountered, causing you to be taken hostage.

You were taken to a small room that smelled of dead rats and something akin to sewer water. The only light in the room was in the corner shining over an elevated, concrete table. The men who were restraining you threw you onto the table and moved quickly to strap your arms, legs and waist so you couldn’t move. They left shortly after, slamming the door behind them, leaving you alone to struggle against the restraints.

It wasn’t long before you heard the creak of the door opening once again. You struggled to lift your head to see who had joined you, but it was too dark in the room. You could only see a few feet in front of you.

You heard a few heavy footsteps before whoever had entered the room was standing in the light, next to the table, you now being able to see him. His hair was messy and dark and he was probably in his forties, maybe fifties, you weren’t really worried about his age at the moment. He was wearing a tattered lab coat, typical, and his eyes, they looked soulless and dull to you.

It was almost as if he was waiting for you to speak first, but you stayed silent, forcing him to break the ice first with, “It’s nice to finally meet you. Do you know why you are here?”

“I might have a few guesses, considering how your agent treated me.” You responded bluntly, referring to the fact that you were strapped to a table. You didn’t want to show him the fear hidden inside you so, as usual, you masked it with sarcasm and blunt sentences.

The man pulled a chair to the side of the table and sat down on it backwards, resting his arms on the back of the chair, “You are here to help me. Give me information… about the Avengers.”

You looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “Do I look like a public library to you?” You spat at him and the man looked surprised at your sarcastic tone considering you were strapped down to a table.

“No, you do not. I am aware getting information from you will be difficult, but I have many tactics planned. We are going to have a lot of fun, you and I.” He smiled slyly.

“I ain’t telling you shit.”

“You may say that now, but when I am done with you, you may think otherwise, Y/N.”

You were silent at his statement. You were surprised when he spoke your name, but you shouldn’t have been. Your identity was hidden when you joined the Avengers, only Fury and the team knew your real name. This man knowing your name gave you evidence that he had been researching you and most likely planning this for a while.

Your eyes narrowed at him, “Go to hell.”

He smirked at your remark and responded, “I’ll meet you there, sweetheart.”

You didn’t respond as he turned around and rummaged through multiple drawers on the other side of the room. He hummed as he worked, you heard multiple clicking and screwing noises before he turned back around to face you. He was holding a needle with an orange liquid inside.

He stared at you for a moment and you asked him, “What’s that got to do with me telling you anything?”

“I’m very glad you asked,” He stood up from the chair, walking towards you, “It’s a mix of chemicals that affect the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the area that is in control of logic, judgement and expressions of emotion. It’s a slow process and you will have to be injected multiple times before it completely affects your brain. But then, you will be able to tell me anything that I ask of you, because your brain will simply not know why you shouldn’t.”

Shit, you thought to yourself. Sure you had been tortured for information before, but it was always physically, not mentally. This was something completely out of the ballpark of your experience.

It wasn’t long until you felt the needle poke into your inner elbow. There was no use in struggling, you couldn’t get out of the restraints. You could feel the serum enter your veins and it almost burned as you felt it travel through your body and up to your brain. Your head started to pound unbearably painful and you wanted to scream but all you did was grit your teeth.

You could hear the man chuckle above you as you tried to suppress the pain you felt. Your eyes started to go blurry as your legs and arms felt like led and it wasn’t long until you passed out from the pain, your head slowly lolling to the side.

When you woke from your unexpected nap, pain rattled through your body and your head was pounding. You could feel the bruise that was forming in your inner elbow where you had been injected with the serum.

You grunted as you automatically tried to sit up but you were stopped by the restraints holding you. You raised your head up as far as you could and you squinted to look about the room. There was no one there, so this was your chance to try and get loose of these straps.

Before you could even try to squeeze one of your hands through the straps, the door in front of you opened, the same man from before entering the room.

He had an angry and frustrated look in his eyes as he stepped towards you hastily. Your eyes furrowed together in surprise and confusion when he started to remove the restraints from your arms and legs. Once you were free, the man threw you to the ground forcefully. You felt as if it was the perfect moment to try and escape, but the serum was causing you to be legarthic.

Before you were able to try to stand up or speak the man kicked you in the stomach, hard, causing you to lose your breathe for a moment.

He didn’t say anything to you so you tried to make it seem as if the serum, or the blow to your stomach, wasn’t affecting you so you asked, “Is this your first time torturing for information?”

He kicked you again in the gut, ignoring your question and asking again, “Information. Avengers. Now.”

Once you caught your breath you muttered quickly, “Steve can’t do his own laundry. Thor still doesn’t know how to use a cellphone. Tony can’t apologize to save his life. Bruce-” You were cut off by another blow to your gut.

“You’re one hell of a smartass.”

“You didn’t specify what kind of information.” You smugly tried to smile sarcastically at him from your position on the floor, your hand covering your injured torso.

The man didn’t respond, but only reached down to grab your arm and yanked you up to your feet, causing your head to pound more harshly from the change of your blood pressure. You stumbled as he pulled you up and slammed you back onto the table.

“If you resist, Y/N, it will only make it hurt more.”

“I don’t care how many chemicals you pump into my system, I am not giving you any information on my friends!” You angrily spat.

He looked at you dead in the eye and responded, “Well, your friends, you see, they aren’t here. They haven’t come to look for you yet, to save you. They aren’t coming for you, Y/N. They probably don’t even realize you’re gone. You’re just a burden to them. They’re glad that you’re gone.”

You froze at his words, them sinking into your skull. It had been days, maybe even weeks, and you had no sign that your friends, your teammates, where even looking for you. They had to be looking for you right? They had to be. He was just trying to mess with your head. Or maybe they weren’t looking for you. You were always the odd one out in the team, maybe they are glad you are gone.

Your thoughts were cut short by a painful prick in your inner elbow and you tried to slink away from the pain but you couldn’t move. Only one thought remained in your head before you could feel the pain in your head grow stronger and your eyesight slowly disappearing once again.

Maybe they are glad that you’re gone.

“Stark, did you find Y/N?” Steve asked as he speed walked towards Tony who had just arrived back from a solo mission. Fortunately, Fury contacted him to terminate the mission and change his focus on to finding you after you had gone missing on your last mission; two weeks ago.

But, when Steve came closer and saw that you were nowhere to be found his face transformed from excitement to concern to disappointment. His shoulders visibly dropped and a defeated and frustrated sigh escaped his lips.

“I covered the entire area. No heat signatures, no movement, nothing. There was no sign of Y/N anywhere.” Tony replied to Steve’s question.

Steve was hoping to stay calm but something in him snapped when he knew that you were still out there, “Well it obviously wasn’t enough! If you were still out there or if I was, maybe we would have found her by now!” Steve’s hostility was growing and he stepped closer to Tony who was trying to keep his cool and not break into a fight.

“I did all that I could. You think that her disappearance isn’t affecting me? You weren’t her only friend, this is hurting me just as much as you!” Tony’s voice rose as he spoke.

“There had to of been some kind of trace of where Y/N is. There has to be at least one piece of good news you could tell me!” Steve retorted back to Tony.

Tony took one step closer to Steve, only two feet standing between the two arguing men’s chests, “I didn’t find her body. That good enough for you?”

Steve’s anger was boiling higher and higher and suddenly moved forward to give Tony a forceful push backward a few feet, “No! It’s not! You don’t know what Hydra could be doing to her right now. She might not even be the same Y/N we knew before because we might be too late! She might not even remember us! She might…” His voice quieted at the end of his sentence.

Tony, not taken aback by the push, pointed his finger at Steve, “I know you need someone to blame for this, but I’m not the person for that. You know that.”

Steve and Tony’s squabble was interrupted by Natasha coming into the room, “You two need to step back. We’re going to find Y/N we just need a new plan.”

Steve stepped away from Tony and bluntly said, “I got a new plan. I go. Alone.”

Natasha turned to him, “Steve, you can’t go alone.”

Steve ignored her glare, turned around and walked to the desk that his shield was lying on. He grabbed it and turned back around, securing the shield to his back and sighed, “I know you’re not going to let me leave alone.” He motioned for Natasha to follow him to the quinjet, leaving Tony behind.

It wasn’t long until the quinjet left the Avengers tower, off to find Y/N.

You had no concept of time as you were still being held captive. Had it been days? Weeks? You didn’t know. You were losing hope that you would ever be found. They had to be looking for you right? Steve had to be looking for you, right? Tony? Natasha?

You had been moved from the room with the table and straps to a jail cell looking place. You sat on the cold, hard ground, your head resting on the wall behind you, your hands resting in your lap secured together with zipties.

You were never alone for long, you had been injected with the serum four times now and you still hadn’t cracked. The fourth time you were injected with the serum the man’s assistant, who randomly showed up, forgot to tighten your restraints so you tried to escape. But, that only resulted in a bruised eye, slit eyebrow and possible a broken wrist.

You were an agent. Hell, you were and Avenger. You didn’t know why you couldn’t escape the two men who were holding you captive. They were pretty shitty interrogators.

You weren’t left alone for long, for the two men came and pried you off the cold concrete floor and back onto the table again. You were running out of energy so when they picked you up you slumped and they had to drag you to the table and strap you on.

You lazily looked up at the ceiling as you were now back on the table and you could hear the man rummaging through the drawer again to prepare for another injection.

“They’re all coming. And when they get to you they’re going to blow your brains out.” You whispered; but you weren’t sure if you were trying to threaten the men or if you were trying to convince yourself that your friends were coming for you.

“You don’t know when to shut up, do you?”


He kneeled down next to you “I’m going to love seeing their faces when they see you. When they realize you betrayed them.”

With the last of your energy you spit in his face and before he could even react a loud boom resonated throughout the room, shaking the walls. You looked around frantically as the two men jumped up and looked at each other, almost as if they were speaking with their eyes.

The man who had been quiet the whole time you had been captured asked the other, “Should I ready the explosives?”

The man still hovering above you waved his arm forcefully to direct the other man to go and then turned back to you, “Sadly our fun is being cut short. If I can’t have information from you. The Avengers can’t have you either.” He was referring to the explosives that was talked about briefly earlier.

You were ignoring him though, all you were thinking about was that your friends were here to get you. Or at least it had to be them. Who else would it be?

It was starting to finally sink into your skull that the plan B of the two Hydra agents was to blow the base up with you inside. You struggled with the last bit of your energy against the straps. You didn’t want to die. Not today.

The man moved over you and started to unstrap you from the table and pulled you off and started to drag you away. You didn’t know where he was taking you so you kicked as hard as you could, but you couldn’t move. His hands were tightly wrapped around your wrists and the best thing you thought of doing was biting down on his flesh.

On instinct he yelled in pain and immediately let go and you were able to slip out of his grasp. You tumbled to the other side of the room, trying to conserve any, if any, strength you had left. The man looked up almost immediately and lunged forward towards you, trying to grab you once again. You were able to fling your body the other way and with luck on your side, the man tripped. You took this as your chance to try and run away but the adrenaline coursing through your veins was making you weaker than you already were.

You were panting heavily by the time you had only ran a few strides and the man close behind you was already up on his feet. You were able to run out of the room but the man tackled you into the room across and you both crashed into a medical stand. He was on top of you before you knew what was happening and he grabbed you by the front of your shirt and punched you in the face.

The only thing you could think of to do was knee him in the nuts; and it worked. He rolled partially off you enough to shove him away and you stood up as quickly as you could. Your fear and anger was what gave you enough energy to kick him once in the gut but then you were stopped in your tracks.

A loud gunshot echoed throughout the room and you froze, feeling a hot tingling feeling in your chest. You looked toward towards your tattered shirt and you could see the blood seeping through and you took in a shaky breath. You looked back up to see the other man standing in the doorway, pointing a gun at you. You were starting to feel dizzy and it wasn’t long until you collapsed onto the floor, your eyes rolling back into your head and out again.

You didn’t remember what happened next because your vision and hearing were impaired for what seemed like an eternity as you layed sprawled across the floor. Your arms were getting weaker by the passing minute and it was harder to breathe with every breath you took. You were going to die. By a fucking bullet wound.

“Y/N? Y/N?!” Suddenly, you could hear Steve’s voice echoing through the hallways of the Hydra base; you wanted to scream out to him but you couldn’t muster up the energy to. You could hear him opening, slamming and ripping each door opened as he got closer to you. Finally, you could hear the door to the room you were in bust open.

When he saw you, lying on the floor, barely breathing and bleeding profusely, he immediately dropped his shield and ran to you, kneeling down next to you and his hand gently grabbing your shoulder, “Oh my god. Y/N? Can you hear me?”

“I didn’t tell them anything Steve, I didn’t-”

“Shh, Y/N, don’t talk. We’re getting you help. Help is on the way.” Steve pushed his hand against the wound near your heart causing you to grunt in pain as your blood seeped through his fingers. His other hand went up to the earpiece that let him talk, “Nat, I found Y/N, she’s hurt, bad. I need backup, ASAP.”

You could feel the taste of blood in your mouth and you could feel your body growing cold from blood loss and oxygen, but you still sputtered out, “They’re not going to– to get here in time. Steve, you have to go before they blow this place to shit.”

“No! That’s not an option! I’m not leaving you here, You going to walk away from this alive, you hear me? I need you to stay with me.” Steve replied as he hastily ripped one of the sleeves off of your shirt and reapplied to pressure to the wound. Sucks that this was your favorite shirt.

You were going to respond but you were stopped by the blood coming up your throat causing you to cough and wheeze, spitting blood.

“Don’t you dare die on me, Y/N!” Steve yelled through his gritted teeth.

You anxiously grabbed onto the sleeve of his uniform, holding onto him with all your strength. You sputtered blood from your mouth, trying to catch your breath and you tried to look at Steve in the eyes, “Steve… I love you.”

You felt a tear drip onto your cheek from Steve and you felt your eyes slipping closed, “No no no no! Y/N open your eyes. Look at me.” He moved one of his hands from your wound and placed his hand on your cheek.

You struggled to keep your eyes open and your vision was starting to get blurry. You could feel the warmth of Steve’s hand and you reached up and grabbed it tightly, “I love you Steve, I love you.” Your body was going numb but you could feel the tears flowing from your eyes.

“I… I love you too, Y/N. I always have. Since the day we met, the day we had our first mission together, when you saved my ass from those agents. I knew I loved you from the moment I saw you.” Steve voice cracked.

You could feel your heartbeat slowing and your grip on Steve’s hand was loosening. Your body had become so numb that you felt as if you were floating. For a moment you felt peace and mumbled with your last breath,  "You’re going to be okay, Steve.“

And that was it. Steve could feel your heartbeat falter; and then stop. You were gone. Just like that.

Steve’s breath was hitched in his throat. It didn’t hit him at first. You were gone. The tears were rolling down his cheeks and he leaned into your neck, resting his forehead on your shoulder, and screamed in anguish.

I can’t believe I have him back. It’s almost surreal seeing him puttering around the flat like nothing has changed. These last few months have been the longest of my entire life. When he went out one day and didn’t come home, I assumed at first that he’d just gotten tied up with business, or that he’d was working on a plan he’d forgotten to tell me about. Then the days stretched on and I’d started to fear it was something more. I called jails and morgues, used every fake name Jim has ever gone by to try and figure out just where the hell he’d gone. No one had seen him. No one in his network knew anything. It was like he’d simply disappeared off the face of the fucking planet. 

I didn’t know what to do. For all of the plans he’d ever made, we’d never planned for something like that. In a way, even his death would’ve been easier to cope with because at least that’d be final, but this was just…weeks and weeks of not knowing. Of being in fucking limbo and trying to keep the network going while I searched for him. I half expected to hear him walk in the door at any moment while also fearing I’d never see him again. 

It took months for me to even hear whispers of Sherrinford. That place is locked up tighter than any facility I’ve ever seen. Irene Adler was the one who tipped me off in the end–some client of hers was a doctor at the place. Now I owe her a favour that she’ll want to cash in sometime in the future. I’m sure whatever it is, I’m not going to fucking like it, but it was worth it to get him back.

After storming in there guns blazing to get Jim, the first thing he says to me is that the place is also housing cannibals and he wants to bring one with us to have a little fun with. That mad bastard, I should’ve threatened to leave his arse in there. 

Needless to say, now he’s home and I have to resist the urge to follow him around the flat just to remind myself that he’s actually here

romcom where varric keeps walking in on hawke having sex with a variety of people and it starts giving him thoughts but obviously nothing’s ever going to come of it and maker’s balls, he’s got the worst luck

and meanwhile hawke is bemoaning to isabela and fenris about how her MASTER PLAN hasn’t worked out at all as in “WELL HONESTLY i’m almost out of things to try” and isabela is like “there there, kitten, he’ll come around eventually” and fenris is like “you thinking fucking other people is supposed to help HOW”

It Only Takes One Time (Part 35)

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Part 34

Warnings: Swearing

That damned little pink plus sign.

When I first got pregnant with Liam, I knew I’d fucked up. It was my first pregnancy after a casual one night stand. Motherhood wasn’t exactly on the map for me at the time because I wanted to simply focus on my education. A few casual affairs here and there wouldn’t be the worst thing ever as I had planned to always be safe.

After finding out I was pregnant the first time, I promised myself that I would do whatever I had to do in order to avoid that feeling I got when the first the test came back positive. In that moment, my blood ran cold and I felt like I wouldn’t come back from it. There was nothing I could do to avoid being pregnant because at the end of nine months there would be a living, breathing, screaming, pooping child that I would be responsible for. To say the least, I was scared shitless.

This time seemed… worse. Not only would this be my second unplanned pregnancy, it would be before my first born was even 1. It would be before I got my shit together. And worst of all?

This kid would also be fathered by Dan.

The mere idea of having to be a co-parent with Dan x2 after all that shit we went through made me feel like my head was going to explode. I had no clue how I would tell him or how I was so stupid to let this happen again.

It’s not like Dan would leave or anything because of this. I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about not having him around because he already loved Liam beyond belief. Dan loved children in general. However, as I felt, he’d probably also feel like it was too soon.

It was too soon.

After taking the test, I left Waverley’s house and rushed back home. I wasn’t in the mood to listen to anybody. All I needed was to go home and see my kid, then take a bath and sleep.

“How was your day?” Was the first thing Dan asked when I walked into the apartment. He was holding Liam who was dressed in a blue pair of pyjamas.

“It was fine. Did you give him the milk I left in the fridge?” I took off my coat and hung it up. Dan nodded.

“Yeah, I just burped him.” Dan kissed his head. “He slept for such a long time today. I almost forgot he was home.” Dan chuckled as I reached up to grab Liam.

“He’s a sweetheart.” I peppered Liam’s face with kisses. He smiled and grabbed a chunk of my hair. “I’m happy you didn’t give your daddy a hard time.”

“Daddy is glad, too.” Dan leaned against the door frame and smiled. He looked so good, but I couldn’t let myself think that. “How was work today?”

“It was work. I stopped by my sisters on the way back.”

“I figured.” Dan shrugged and shoved his hands into his jean pockets. “Phil wants us to go out to dinner tonight.”

“Just the two of you? You make it sound like a date. Phan is real.” I thought I was funny. Dan cracked another smile and shook his head.

“No no, all three of us.”

“Why?” It was weird to be in the same room as the two of them let alone share a meal in a public place.

“He has a coupon or something that expires tomorrow I think.” Dan seemed like he was reluctant  to go but he wouldn’t dare say.

“I don’t know if I can go. I’m super tired and I can’t get anyone to watch Liam right now. You guys should go.” I walked past him and bounced Liam up and down as he was on my hip.

“About that… My mum is in the living room.” Dan sounded like had been tip toeing around something and now it made sense.

“Oh, how come?” I raised an eyebrow and turned to face him.

“She just wanted to visit us before we go away. She just drove up here.” He shrugged. “Also, she offered to babysit tonight. So, you can go out to dinner.”

“Dan, I’m tired. Going out to dinner isn’t really what I want to do tonight unless it’s important. I’m tired and I’m stressed.” I frowned.

“What if it is something important? How would you know unless you went?” He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

“Is it important then?” I kissed Liam’s forehead once more and played with his little hand as it was flaying around.

“You should come to find out. We can all have talk, be mature adults, you know the good stuff.” Dan looked down for a moment.

Maybe even now I could tell him I was pregnant again. I could tell him and Phil. I could also tell them that I was moving out.

Okay, I would probably chicken out right before I said anything but I wasn’t in the mood to play around. I didn’t want to hesitate telling either of them because I didn’t need to deal with the damage of what it would be like if I took too long to say anything.

“I’ll go. Let me get changed.” I groaned and handed Liam back to him.

Within the next 20 minutes, I changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a shirt. I also managed to brush my hair and greet Dan’s mother.

In another 20 minutes, the 3 of us travelled to the restaurant. The cab ride was silent and awkward and I had barely greeted Phil when I first saw him. I wasn’t in a social mood but this dinner was for the greater good of my sanity.

The restaurant was far fancier than I had dressed for, but it was fine. I would probably leave after I whispered out ‘heyimpregnantwithdanskidandimalsomovingout’.

My life was a mess.

“Well this is nice.” Phil mumbled, looking down at the menu. I noticed that before he had glanced at Dan and rolled his eyes before he spoke.

“What was that for?” Dan whispered to Phil. He was trying to make it so that it didn’t appear to be a huge deal, but clearly Phil’s body language was triggering him.

As far as Dan knew, Phil and I only kissed. That is the farthest we had gone. However, that was not the case. Phil and I had gone all the way and for the first time since it happened (it was the previous night), I regretted it. I didn’t free willingly regret it, though. Phil really knew how to make a woman feel great. I was simply too tangled up in so much drama.

“What was what for?” Phil answered, only moving his eyes upward to face Dan. He only shrugged.

“Never mind.” Dan gave him a fake little grin, leaving it alone. Now was as good a time as ever for me to but in .

“So… I actually have a few things to say-“ I was cut off by an obnoxiously loud sigh coming from Dan. Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. “What is it, Dan? What’s wrong?”

“Why would anything be wrong with, Daniel? He’s got his life going great. He’s marrying a woman that really does not care for him and treats the mother of his son like trash. Not to mention, his elegant and well mannered fiancé changes how he acts.” Phil had come to the restaurant with some type of new back bone and was digging at Dan in the most tender spots. I looked up at Dan who had his menu closed and resting on the table. His mouth was agape and the rest of his face was emotionless. I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Well, Philip, you know what? At least I can get laid. Not only can I get laid, I’ve had sex with the girl you’re in love with. And you know what else? It must have been really fucking great because it only took one time for her to get pregnant.” It was my turn to be speechless. I couldn’t comprehend as to why Dan thought that using me would be the best way to hurt Phil.

“For your information, Y/N-“ I quickly cut off Phil.

“-Back to what I had to say-I’m-“ there was no winning in this situation.

“I slept with her, too!” Phil yelled out, making the whole restaurant go quiet and everyone look at us.

“I’m moving out.” I said right after. My comment after that wasn’t necessary for me to say, but I was annoyed at the fight and the fact that they weren’t letting me say anything. At least I hadn’t exposed my pregnancy.

Dan was frozen. He looked at Phil and then at me. In one swift motion he took his napkin off his lap and threw it on the table. He shook his head and walked out. I hadn’t wanted for things to go like this and increasingly have everything become sour.

“I can’t believe you told him. You both should have kept your mouths shut. No offence to you because I know he was being an asshole, too, but unlike you I have a baby with him and he needs to be able to act like a father.” I finished my little rant to Phil before leaving the restaurant as well. It seemed inappropriate for me to chase Dan given that I knew he didn’t deserve my pity, but I needed him to hear me out.

Dan was just standing outside the building, pacing. The wind was strong and it was blowing at his sweater and hair. His stance was showing that he was clearly distressed.

“Dan!” I called out, approaching him. He stopped moving and stared up at me.

“You should go back inside. It’s basically a date with you and Phil now. Don’t let me get in the way of you and your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I wasn’t lying. Phil and I weren’t anything exclusive.

“Whatever.” Dan sighed. “I just can’t believe you and him slept together.”

“Why is it so weird? We had sex. It’s normal. We’ve had sex.” I pointed at the both of us.

“Yeah but our sex resolved in us having a son we didn’t plan. Phil is also is my best friend so that adds on to the betrayal I feel.” I almost laughed at loud. He felt betrayed?

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t get to be this way after all you put me through. That’s not fair, Dan. Why do you get to move on and marry a beautiful girl who probably doesn’t even care about your damn son, but if I have sex with Phil, who was there for both of through everything and takes care of us when we need it with betraying you? Why do you get to be hurt, Dan?”

“Because-because, fuck,” Dan pulled at his hair and moaned. “Phil knows how I feel about you!” It seemed that Dan had lost it in that moment. His face was red, his chest was heaving. Even his fists were balled up. I didn’t like that was so mad when he had no right.

“How do you feel about me then, Dan? How the fuck do you feel about me because I am sick and tired of the goddamn game. It never ends because you constantly are going back and forth between me and Marie and it is driving me insane.” I closed my eyes and gripped my stomach. It felt like I was going to be sick all over the place.

“I love you, Y/N. We have a son together.” Dan mumbled, slowly approaching me. He stood in front of me and grabbed my hands.

For a second, just 1 second, I almost gave in and pulled him in closer.

But no, that wasn’t right.

“No,” I pulled away from him and looked down. “I’ve established this before. I gave you so many chances to be with me. It was never easy for me to give you my heart and watch you reject it over and over again. You don’t get off easy and get another chance. It’s not going to be like that between us anymore.”

Dan looked defeated. This look was now familiar as he no longer had any fight in him. He felt the same way I’d been feeling for months.

“I’m sorry. We leave for the trip in a few days and I can’t return anything, but after that you’re free. We don’t have to see each other outside of exchanges of Liam. That works out especially well since you moving out.” I wanted to yell at him again for making me feel just a little guilty about getting a new apartment. Except, I didn’t.

I nodded slowly and then, he walked away.

One additional tragedy to come out of Sandy Hook is that it basically made the NRA untouchable. If 20 dead school kids changed fuck all, nothing ever will.  But still these pro-gun nuts  (who 100% totally know that Barack Obama is planning an evil Kenyan Marxist Black Muslim takeover thing!) will go on Facebook every time a mass shooting happens and act like THEY are the victims here. Dear God, you people nauseate me. How do you look yourself in the mirror? How do you sleep at night? Oh, wait, I don’t want to know. Some things are so utterly delusional and evil I never want to understand them.

Ya know, maybe it does make sense why people walk away from me. It has to be that I love too much, because there will never come a day that I don’t love enough. Nothing I do is cut short. I can’t handle options, you must have hated everything I ever gave you. Every food/ coffee order, every present I ever gave you, every date I’ve ever taken you on, every time I showed up unexpected with Chickfila, you weren’t expecting it because you didn’t want it. I always plan dates out too much. I do too much. Someone might buy you a star, but I’ll buy you the fucking Universe. You would never need that much, that’s dumb. When I showed up on nights you weren’t okay or you just wanted to see me, maybe I should have let you have you time. I kissed you too much and I asked too many questions about you. I wanted to learn every inch of you, but that wasn’t okay with you because most of those inches made you insecure. God damn I fucking loved you. I wanted to spend every second until my last breath with you, but I have asthma, weak lungs, just inconvenient, I get it.

I feel like I’ve officially reached my checking out point for December. I don’t know if it’s lingering nostalgia from having winter break as a kid or the fact that there’s all of these holidays combined birthdays coming up, but I’m so done with work and ever wanting to leave my condo. It’s the last day of Hanukkah, so my plans are to celebrate and then officially do as much of nothing as I can get away with.

Hello DogsLiamPayneDoesn’tInstagram! Your post was a breath of fresh air for me to read, very on point, and there are a couple of passages I’d really like to highlight and discuss.

First of all, however they manage Harry and Louis’ coming out, this is going to be HUGE, exactly because it is a completely innovative act. The endgame will be to eventually reveal that two members of the most popular band in circulation (among the most popular ever, actually) are in a committed relationship while intending  to keep them working and being successful. And there is nothing that can help their team with this, as you said. I think it is important to underline how groundbreaking this will be. One can’t make firm comparisons, can’t believe they have a badly organized, nebulous plan they’ll adjust time after time, one can’t picture it as something that will not cause a tremendous outcry.  

I’m aware that up to one in a million people likes my opinion about separate coming outs, but having dealt personally with something like that, I can’t even imagine the enormous amount of work they have been doing and will be doing to conclude this. This plus the hints in the media convinced me they’ll confront it in two rounds. I absolutely agree when you say a coming out is commonly considered as the purifying moment of truth and the public needs to feel they’re been told an heartfelt, humble confession. It is a very delicate process that deals oddly with a celebrity’s past. While I find some people tend to exaggerate the quantity of information they’ll be able to bury (Harry and Louis won’t be directly asked about Eleanor or Harry’s many flings, but will definitely allude to something), it is true that most of what happens before you come out doesn’t count after. But different from anything in their past is babygate. Babygate is not a stunt conceived to hide their sexuality nor was it conceived when a coming out was completely out of sight and their plans revolved about very different topics. Babygate is the last step before a coming out, that for sure. When working on it, they must always have in mind how its consequences will affect their coming out, they have to actually arrange babygate’s every move according to what they plan to achieve as soon as it is over. It is fairly complex and marks a great division from any other stunt. Babygate NEEDS TO MAKE SENSE, at least at first glance. I read around that they can make babygate end however they prefer, that it doesn’t need to be coherent with a following coming out because the public will forget any past event, but no, this is incorrect. Babygate will be the very last step, if not the actual link to the coming out, the two concepts can not be in open contrast with each other. What they’ve done until now is in fact perfectly in line with preserving a later needed consistency. That’s why releasing the infamous 3rd picture and venturing with official confirmations from anyone is risky. To keep Harry out of any concrete speculation and wait for Louis to join him in order to give their best, honest story (as honest as it can get) is quite an easy task in comparison to the hell of balancing babygate!

I hope I made sense and was able to stir in you at least half of the interest you stirred in me with your words! xx