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sterek week (2016 edition) ▷ day 7: lyrics and quotes 

This is a formal goodbye
to all our could have beens

if you stayed a little longer
(but you didn’t)

If you loved me a little harder
(but you didn’t)

If I held you a little tighter
(but I didn’t)

If you asked me to leave with you
(but you didn’t)

Now we are both missing a piece,
our hearts never quite broken
yet never quite fixed.

                              I never knew how much I loved you until you left. // c.h.

When I get too wrapped up in theories and the anxiety of moving the plot forward, I take a deep breath and the Sherlock Gang appears to me in a big shining ball of gay light and they say, “BE A PART OF MAKING HISTORY!” and, “IT’S TELEVISION HISTORY!” and “INSANE WISH FUFILLMENT!” and, “GROUNDBREAKING!” and “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” and I emerge powerful and confident and even gayer than before.

s/o to nonbinary people with identity issues

to those who cant seem to “choose” one identity/label

to those who can only identify with “queer” because nothing else seems to fit

to those who get and feel invalidated by others

you are important

your identity is valid

your queerness is valid, always

The Signs As Reasons People Take AP Courses
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> Your mom said you had to.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> To boost your GPA.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> To avoid taking a final.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You qualify for a fee waiver so why not? <p/><b>Leo:</b> Your friends are in the class. <p/><b>Virgo:</b> To get cheap college credit.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You didn't want to take the regular class.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> You're actually interested in AP Environmental Science. <p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> An advisor encouraged you to. <p/><b>Capricorn:</b> To put it on your resume or college applications. <p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Nothing else fit in your schedule. <p/><b>Pisces:</b> To avoid a specific assignment (reading The Scarlet Letter, dissecting a fetal pig, etc). <p/></p><p/></p>

I wanted to doodle some Noyas in casual clothing - so there u go.

My Noya is tiny and slender because everyone (more like Tanaka) seems to have no trouble picking him up therefore he must be very light, don’t you think?

EXO as dogs

Xiumin: Dachshund - Cute and innocent looking, but they originated to help hunt so they’re full of surprises like our precious bun

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Luhan: Chihuahua - Dogs that believe that they are bigger than what they are; similar to Lulu’s manliness complex

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Kris: American Staffordshire Terrier - I have one of these dogs myself and believe me, even if they look super cool and tough they are really just huge dorks like a certain cool guy

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Suho: Schnauzer - Don’t let their elegant looks fool you, they’re really just complete and utter dorks full of passionate energy

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Lay: Labrador Retriever - Great family dogs full of nothing but love, nothing else could fit the unicorn better than a lab

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Baekhyun: Beagle - Out of all the beagle line, I believe Baek is the most beagle-ish with his happy, bouncy energy

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Chen: Jack Russel - These dogs live to exude their energy and often cause mischief while doing it - sound familiar?

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Chanyeol: Golden Retriever - Loyal and protective, both Chanyeol and golden retrievers will be your best friend forever with the right amount of love and laughter

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D.O: Pug - Small and big-eyed, they have a striking resemblance to one another

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Tao: Shih Tzu - This popular Chinese dog’s most popular coloring is black-and-white….. like a panda :3

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Kai: German Shepard - For some reason, Kai always makes me think of wolves and German Shepards are the first dog I think of that’s related to a wolf

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Sehun: Poodle - Fancy, intelligent, and well-known - Sehun will only be associated with the best of the best

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You’re in the drug store in the family planning aisle picking out a box of condoms.

You reach out to pick up the black Trojan package in front of you when a familiar hand gently grabs your arm.

“Y/N, I think what you’re looking for are actually the magnums,” your TC whispers as he directs your hand to the top shelf, “nothing else fits me quite as well as these do.” He winks at you.

Something I just noticed

At the end of A New Hope where Han and Luke get their medals, Luke’s clothes are different from what he was wearing before, obviously. Now, considering he’d not exactly had the chance to bring a change of clothes WITH him, it can be safely assumed that he’s borrowing clothes from other people, maybe Wedge, or other members of the soon-to-be-formed Rogue Squadron.

But his pants have got second class bloodstripes on them. So like, originally I thought maybe those were awarded to him for acts of valor, but then I realized that they’re something only the Corellian government can give and it’s only given to Corellians (I’m pretty sure? Corellians have a weirdly exclusive culture as far as I’ve read/seen/heard), and thus far we only know one character who has both first and second class bloodstripes.

So I mean I’m not saying that Luke totally borrowed Han’s pants for the ceremony

But Luke totally borrowed Han’s pants for the ceremony


no.  i don’t have a clue what you’re going on about.  i’m just trying to keep the conversation going.

(i’m sorry i’m late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAN… credit for scans i edited goes to @flowermikoscans!)