nothing could ever stop me from thinking of seductive teasing whenever i listen to this song

Fic: The Big 4-0

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary: It’s the morning of Chris’s 40th birthday and the birthday boy refuses to accept his age.

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The bed dipped with added weight, the mattress groaning in protest. Chris wanted to do the same.

“Wakey, wakey,” he heard his wife say in a soft sing-song.


Natalia smothered her amusement, walking on her knees towards his side of the bed where he lay on his side facing away from her. She reached out to thread her fingers through his hair. “Are you going to spend the whole morning in bed?”

“Yes,” Chris hissed, burrowing deeper in his warm pillow. He didn’t want to open his eyes, not today – or ever again – because once he did, it would have to be official. He would be 40. And he was not okay with that. Not one bit.

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