nothing could ever replace you

To Be Afraid

|To Fall| |To Find| |To Be In| |To Rediscover| |To Yearn|

Member: Jungkook

Genre: Angst/Fluff 

Word Count: 5086

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it.

A/N: so 5000+ words happened. I started writing it and it seemed alright, but then I feel like it just go dragged on. I don’t know… Lately I feel like I’ve been lacking a lot in my writing so please let me know what you think about this. 

(also sorry for not being so active with updates. school is starting to get hectic again TT) 

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They say that three time’s a charm, but is it really?

The first was in high school.

You were a part of a tightly knit group. The four of you spent all of your time together; going out on weekends, working together in group projects, hell, you even grew up together. Like all cliche movies, the group consisted of two boys and two girls. Almost naturally the four of your grew attractions for each other. This group of best friends soon became a living, breathing, double date. Of the two couples, you and Jimin were the first to get together. He was your everything. He was your first. Nothing could ever replace the emotions that that relationship brought to you.

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Finn Balor - I’ll Be Waiting.

Finn Balor -  Finn is super nervous about his return but also excited, his girl tries to calm him down. After he wins the match you two celebrate in your own special way.

- Warnings - None really. Swearing.

Word Count - 1,686 words.

Requested by: @nickysmum1909

If you’d like to be tagged in our future stuff, please feel free to ask us! :)

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You sat down on the cute, bohemian looking tables outside yours and Finn’s favourite coffee house, the Florida heat bearing down on your skin as Finn carried out your iced coffees much to your delight.

As soon as Finn sat next to you he began to discuss on his impending return with you, rambling on about how he’d return, what gear he’d where and most importantly when he’d make his return; going into detail about all the little things. As you continually listened to his enthusiastic chatter, that happiness you felt gradually turned to utter sadness knowing how desperately he wanted to step foot in that ring once again; but also knowing that single moment was a mere 2 months away.

“Finn, Babe, look right now you need to stop thinking about your return ‘cos you get all upset when you realise you still have time to wait and I really hate seeing you like that.” You muttered, taking a refreshing sip of your drink.

Finn’s eyes seemed to gaze at you as if you were crazy or something; as if you had absolutely no clue what you were going on about. “No, no Y/N, I think that day’s gonna be a whole lot soon-”

The far too familiar jingle from your phone ultimately drove your attention to the name displayed on the screen rather than your boyfriend who struggled to finish his words before you unseemingly cut him off. “Oh shit… I’m so sorry Finn, I completely forgot that I’m supposed to pick Sasha up before Raw and she lives like 2 hours away. I really need to take this call and go baby. Is that alright?” Your words escaped your lips in a mad flurry as you came to an instant realisation of how late you were truly running. Looking up from the bright glare of your phone into the blinding rays of the sun, you noticed Finn’s features droop in disappointment.

“We literally just order drinks and food,” Finn questioned you, pressing the slightly sweated palm of his hand against his forehead. “What the hell am I supposed to do now?”

“Just finish your food and I’ll pay for mine. Do whatever you want, I’ll be back later on.” You rose from your chair, flipping the pair of sunglasses rested on your head over your eyes which not only was an effective function of shielding Floridas overly sunny climate from your eyes, yet somewhat dimmed your vision from seeing the intense glare written on your boyfriends face right now. “And when I get home I’m all yours, you can call the shots baby.” You muttered whilst placing a light peck on the side of his cheek. Picking up your bag you were quick to leave- the last thing you wanted to see was his beautiful face being all mopey; something you’d seen far too frequently in the process of his healing.

After the long journey- nothing short of being packed with traffic you arrived to pick up Sasha; `The Boss` entering your overly messy car to be seated next to you. Much like the journey there, your travels to the arena were drawn to multiple halts with it being stopped at the endless red lights or being stuck on a one way street behind an elderly driver (and you thought you drove with caution)… Well, I guess it could’ve been worse, you could’ve been stuck alone driving through the crowded streets of nearby towns and cities with no form of entertainment… that’s if you don’t include the ever so slightly broken stereo stuck on some 80’s disco song.

“So…” Sasha began, rolling up the window as the slight harsher winds of Atlanta seeped through the gap between the window. “How’s Finn doing?”

An intense rush of memories seemed to surge into your head all at once, momentarily leaving you in a daze as the answer to that particular question you were asked multiple times in the past few months was on a replay in your mind. “Erm, sorry” You stuttered, lightly shaking your head out of its trance. Your eyes solely fixated on the restless road ahead, it seemed almost impossible to concentrate on finding the words to explain what basically at this point is unexplainable- how Finn is truly doing. “It’s just hard you know? Some days are just easier than the one before. I guess it just hurts, knowing most days I’m off doing what he loves to do- what he can’t do… 3 months ago when he injured his shoulder he was the lowest of low but he got better, well I thought he did. He just doesn’t stop talking about his return and I never know what to say to him.” You choked on your words at certain times; the fact Finn still had 2 months to go was enough to send your high spirits into depletion.

“Well isn’t it a good thing he’s now thinking about his return?” Sasha questioned. Obviously it’s nice to know he’s excited about going back to doing what he does best but honestly, the way you see him after he’s finished speaking- well he’s just left a man with a passion he can’t continue to pursue for a while…

A faint sigh escaped your lips. “I just really don’t know what to say to him anymore. I’ve tried so hard to point out to him that he’s just making himself upset whenever he talks about it. Like it’s constant with him; he talks about it in the shower, eating dinner, in the car- heck he even talked about it during sex…” To be completely honest, the list seemed endless these days.

“Woah woah there…” Sasha began, an eyebrow raised in clear bewilderment. “Let’s just not reflect on that. My point is that he’s just never not talking about wrestling, especially in the past few days.” You huffed.

~ 5 hours later ~

In just 5 hours you’d travelled, been glammed up and faced one of the toughest matches you’d had in a long while. Now, it was time to rest and to tell the complete truth, there was one match left on the card so all you wanted to do was sleep. Stripping from your curve fitting ring gear into grey joggers and one of the many Finn Balor t-shirts you owned, you then made your way to one of the spare rooms to meet the other women before taking a seat on the sofa and immediately resting your head on the arm. It wasn’t soon before you reached a soft doze- it seemed the only thing that kept you awake for the previously minutes was the girls congratulating you on your win; after that stopped, you were gone.

The perfect idea of sleep for you was deep… deep enough to not hear the constant giggling of the others and the faint sound of your boyfriend’s theme song… Your eyes twitched as you felt a flurry of pinches and slaps upon both your arms and legs. “Guys can you not play Finn’s music this loud like I have a headache.” You groaned, shifting your legs before more slaps were placed upon them.

“Oh my god Y/N, seriously look at the fucking tv!” Alicia practically screamed in your ear causing your head to dart towards the corner of the room. Your eyes visibly widened and every single nerve in your body seemed to tense up as you laid eyes upon your boyfriend bracing the screens once again with his badass attitude… and abs.

“Holy… Guys, I swear you better not be showing me an old recording right now.” You blurted out, tears welling in your eyes. Watching him wrestle now was different, however; move after move, kick after kick was placed upon the vulnerable shoulder area leaving you wincing every single time.

Still, Finn could pick up the win and it was clear as day to know, Finn had never been happier in his life.

You darted to the gorilla area; mind set on holding your boyfriend tightly in his moment of gratitude. “Finn!” You squealed jumping to wrap your arms around him as he took a step through the curtain. “Oh my god, why didn’t you tell me you were cleared!?”

“I did try earlier… you had to leave so I couldn’t finish,” Finn smirked whilst rubbing his thumbs across your cheeks, wiping clear the tears of joy that welled in your eyes. “Well, the fact is, I still call the shots so let’s get back as soon as possible.”

Once the long, dreaded journey back was dealt with; you rushed into your home sliding your duffel bag off your shoulder and slumping on the soft, cream sofa centered in your living room. “So I’ll go get that lego set I brought you then,” You began thinking you had that instinct of what he wanted.

“Well love I was kinda thinking of doing something else.” Finn teased, lifting his shirt over his head to reveal his perfectly chiseled six-pack. “I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll be waiting.” Your emotions were sent into overdrive seeing him turn towards your bedroom. Your love for him seemed inhumane- nothing in this whole world could ever replace the feelings you had for this man. He turned the corner to enter the room dressed in nothing more than a pair of boxers, his physique on full show with his hands behind his back. “Well, you do look incredibly sexy Balor.” You winked, standing to wrap your arms around his neck to place a soft yet passionate kiss upon his lips. Your two bodies were closely connected only to be separated by something Finn was holding… looking down was where you saw it- another lego set. 

He tried so hard to contain his laughter as did you. “Damn it Finn, you can’t do that to me! You’re a right dork you know that?” You giggled profusely. 

“But I’m also yours Y/N.” Finn tugged you into his arms, holding a tight grasp on you as he rubbed circled around your back. “Now I’ll be nice… you have two options; pick wisely.”

Man who doesn’t love Finn, honestly. This was so fun to write and I finally got it done! Woo. Anyways thanks for reading! xo ~ Nikkii.

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// I die for this ship because they’re all so cute together??
could you imagine being sandwiched between these two sweethearts sign me UP

{ Valentine’s Day Special }

Seven gets Yoosung a ton of video games. But he pranks him by taking out the discs and replacing them with cardboard. There’s so many emotions?? Happiness, sadness, and aNGER

But eventually he gives up and gives him the actual discs to the cases, The pout Yoosung has is too adorable to resist. Also gets him a heart shaped pizza with his favorite toppings and the inside says “ love at first slice! ”
The pizza is bomb honestly Yoosung is so grateful

For MC, Seven gets a necklace with a mood ring style space ship. It’s silver and very beautiful. But everything else is more on the silly classic-seven type of side.
Also totally gets a book titled
” Porn ”
for the both of you and it’s FULL of Seven is ridiculous poses. Some might even be considered porn. Posing with a honey buddha bag covering your crotch isn’t really.. Appealing. But hilarious either way. Yoosung can’t even get through the thing without blushing like mad.

Yoosung gets Seven a longcat body pillow. And boy is it long. The size of Yoosung, at least. So Seven will have something to snuggle when him or MC cant be there. Seven ends up hanging onto that thing constantly– A ploy to make him feel replaced. Finally when he gets flustered is when Seven drops the act and attacks him with cuddles and kisses, claiming ” nothing could ever replace his Yoosungie ~ ”
Also gets him card that says “ you suck ” with a heart shaped lollipop inside.

For MC, Yoosung gets a ton of flowers. For both you and seven, Red roses with white lilies that make Seven sneeze. It’s romantic and sweet regardless, even though it scares the daylights out of him when Seven claims he’s ‘deadly allergic’ to lilies. Yoosung nearly threw them out before you said Seven wasn’t serious. Sweets too, homemade ones! seven steals so many of them though
He notices what you’ve been asking for / interesting in and loves getting things he noticed you like.

And for MC’s side of things, since
’ you’re ’ MC leave it up to imagination with what you’d like to give these two! Just your attention for the whole day would be enough for these babes. They’re always doing silly or wild things to impress you / one another. They’re suckers for anything food or video game related though lolol


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genre – fluff
warning – none
word count – 586 words

other members – s.coups | jeonghan | joshua | jun | hoshi | woozi | dk | mingyu | the8 | seungkwan | vernon | dino

drabbles loosely inspired by fairytales
& the one where you saved him more than you think
aka the little mermaid but without the rescue operation

Those moments in the middle of the night where you’d leave the bed and jump out of Wonwoo’s arms to clear your head, return with a semi-calm mind and hug him from behind as the big spoon while trying to fall asleep let Wonwoo know of the little doubts creeping in your brain. Although he had told you several times that you were the center of his universe and there was nothing that could ever replace you in terms of kindness, affection and beauty, he knew you didn’t fully believe his words. You were hesitant to believe that you had done so much for him.

Little did you know that the small endearing things you did were the biggest miracles in Wonwoo’s life.

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Pairing: Warren Worthington III x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Angst, implied sexual activities, and a sad birb

Word Count: 1, 491

Tags: @emmcfrxst, @coltcas, @iamplaguedwithideas


A/N: It was originally meant to be longer so might edit one day but this what I got for now. I’ve been working on this for the longest time and i love warren so I hope you like it~

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Shameless by The Weeknd

Say it louder, say it louder

Who’s gonna love you like me, like me? Yeah

Say it louder, say it louder

Who’s gonna touch you like me, like me?

He wakes up with his arm loosely wrapped around a gorgeous stranger with whom he’s just had one of the craziest nights of his life with, but it’s the feeling of your skin on his that he craves. As conventionally attractive as she may be, she could never compare to the standard of beauty he holds you up to, and as wild as the night may have been, he doesn’t feel nearly as satisfied as he normally would have before you came crashing into his life.

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Nothing Like Us

The huge fight between you and Jungkook started off as a simple argument about how he never seemed to be home, and how he treated all your concerns for him as a joke. It began escalating when he, again, brushed off all your worries as overprotectiveness and clinginess.

It was infuriating to the point where you couldn’t stand to be breathing in the same room as him anymore, but damn was that boy slow. You increased the volume of your voice multiple times, before you finally lost it and proceeded to bellow on the top of your lungs. This wasn’t a game you wanted to play any longer.

It was when your throat started burning that you got some of your common sense back, and restrained from choosing the brash approach to handling the situation. You could tell Jungkook was utterly appalled by your unusual behavior; he’d always known you to be one of the most soft-spoken and calm figures in his life, and always thanked you for being so understanding with him.

You knew where this fight was heading, yet ignored the guilt gnawing away at your abdomen. How long could a sane person deal with the constant suspicion of being cast aside?

Jungkook quickly took note of the ceramic mug you were tightly grasping in your quivering right hand, sighed, and plopped down on one of the nearby chairs. He made himself comfortable on the velvet cushion, and placed a hand over his forehead.

He was pondering about something.

Your grip on the mug hardened.

The clock ticked by minute by minute, and your lover finally groaned, breaking the painful silence. He stood up from the chair and walked away from you, muttering the exact words you were bracing yourself to hear under his breath:

“Y/N… I’m sick and tired of you not trusting me. Let’s end this, okay? I can’t…”

He knew your hearing was spectacular.


This was no surprise.

Of course he wouldn’t stay, not after you told him about your constant paranoia of him leaving you. Your paranoia was rooted from the emotional abuse you received frequently from your ruthless aunt when you were a child, and you reminded him of it everyday when he sought after your attention.

Weren’t you deemed crazy by your last ex?

The main problem with this situation was that you thought he was different. You thought he was able to comprehend your feelings, that he understood whatever you didn’t wish to say aloud.

Your childhood was coming back to haunt you.

With tears brimming in your eyes, you nodded your head twice before rushing out the front door; not once, but twice, after you came to the realization that Jungkook would be gone from your side forever. There would be no more cuddle fests, no more picnic or movie dates, and no more seemingly endless video game sessions.

Your feet brought you to the nearest convenience store you could find, and with the three crinkled dollar bills you had in your jeans pocket, you bought yourself a Sprite, a bag of chips, and one steaming bowl of instant noodles. How much food would it take to fill up the empty void in your stomach?

You touched your throat.

How long had you been screaming?

How long ago did you lose your voice?

How long has it been ever since you left the only place you could call home, behind?

How could Jungkook do this to you? How could he be so cruel to mercilessly stomp on your heart? 

How could he leave you when you needed him the most?

🎵 lately i’ve been thinking, thinking ‘bout what we had 🎵

You’re scrolling through your phone a few months later, and your eyes drop down to a certain starred contact.

You haven’t deleted his number yet.

Despite everything books and movies had warned you about, despite the danger! red signals going off inside your brain, you knew you deeply missed Jeon Jungkook. You missed his bunny-toothed smiles, his loving caresses, and most of all, you missed his presence. You missed the feeling of safety when you passed through a dark alleyway, the feeling of him wrapping his arms around you to keep you warm, and most importantly, the feeling of being happy. You had lost everything.

Your everything.

Why did breaking up with him have to be so heartwrenching?

🎵 i know it was hard,  it was all that we knew, yeah 🎵

🎵 have you been drinkin’, to take all the pain away? 🎵

If your friends hadn’t forcibly dragged you out to meet the world weeks after to incident, to remind you that the grim reaper wasn’t ready to fetch you yet, the spark inside of you would’ve died completely. When you and Jungkook had broken it off, it was like you had lost a piece of yourself. You weren’t Y/N anymore, you were somebody else. Something else. You yearned for him to come back to you, to cry out for his loss, and to make you his one and only again.

It was a foolish, wistful dream.

🎵 i wish that i could give you what you deserve 🎵

Going out shopping alone had been a really bad idea.

A really, really bad one.

What were the chances of bumping into your ex, with another girl hanging off his arm? What were the chances of her being the most perfect person you’ve ever met? What were the chances of her actually making him happy?

It’s not like you’ve never made him smile. It’s not like you never made him laugh. It’s not like he’s never called you funny, or charming.

But this girl, this ethereal being standing next to him, must be a descandant from the goddess of jokes herself, because Jungkook wouldn’t stop letting out guffaws, and clutching his stomach in unbearable pain from the laughter. You’ve never seen him this happy before.

He deserved this kind of happiness, you thought.

But did you believe?

🎵 cause nothing could ever, ever replace you 🎵

🎵 nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah 🎵

🎵 you know there’s no one i can relate to 🎵

You’ve certainly met your fair share of cute and quirky guys after Jungkook left your life. A large portion of them were irresistibly handsome, all of them charismatic, and some of them highly intelligent. A few developed into serious crushes.

But that’s all they’ll ever be. A crush, a person whom you look forward to seeing everyday, but could survive without. You hated the idea of leading someone on, especially when you knew that another took up the majority of the space in your heart.

Dating was easy to you, but loving wasn’t.

Love reminded you of him.

It was absolute hell when you had to reject each and every one of your potential lovers because you knew you would compare them to Jungkook. The Jungkook who only had eyes for you. The Jungkook who was flawless in your book. The Jungkook that used to call you his love.

Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook. His name was like a chant- a spell casted specifically to bewitch you, a curse that would always hold your heart captive.

🎵 i know we won’t find a love that’s so true 🎵

Your days with him were the brightest moments in your life.

They were unforgettable memories, experiences, and you cherished them so much that you might as well be obsessing over the past.

You hated yourself for continuing to grasp onto that tiny strand of hope that he would come back for you.

🎵 there’s nothing like us 🎵

🎵 there’s nothing like you and me 🎵

🎵 together through the storm 🎵

hello everyone!

i’m the author of this short, song-based jungkook scenario that i wrote specifically for my darling mutual and best friend on tumblr…


hello sweetie, i’m so sorry for the late birthday present!! this is probably one of the crappiest works you will ever set your sights upon but i did pour a lot of my effort into it; don’t be too harsh on me haha~

i hope you had a wonderful birthday, and spent it wisely with your loved ones~ thank you for being so kind and patient with me, and for gifting that pirate!jeonghan imagine for me! it was lovely, like every other one of your works and i enjoyed reading it very much <33 we need to collab sometime soon!~

for anyone wondering, this is a song by Justin Bieber that our golden maknae did a cover of. the song title, well, is the title of this story!

~word count: 1296

~time it took to write this: 4 days and a week to edit

·         [ DAY 3 ] FRIENDS / ENEMIES

It was supposed to be a simple mission. Well, damn if McCree didn’t have a nickel for every time he’d heard that phrase. They had been positioned about ten miles west of Santa Rosa, at a ranch that was supposedly acting as a cover for Deadlock gun trafficking. All they were supposed to do was get in, plant some tracking devices in the shipment, and get out. Their mission was to figure out where the guns were going, not to stop it.

He and Genji had gotten in fine, and the timing had seemed perfect: a late night storm had blown in out of nowhere, the clouds hiding the moon and the sudden pounding rain muffling the sounds of their break in. Planting the trackers was easy enough, but they’d been spotted upon their exit by a Deadlock thug who had left his patrol to go take a piss, of all people.

That’s how McCree found himself sprinting through sagebrush, dodging bullets, through a New Mexican summer storm. Genji was faster than he was, and had some sort of cybernetic enhancement that let him see in the dark, so he had taken the lead. Only the glowing red lights and the occasional flash of lightning let McCree see where Genji was, and he did his best to follow, hoping that the ninja knew where he was going and wasn’t just running blindly into the desert.

Gunshots still cracked through the air behind him, mixing with the roll of thunder. McCree heard the whistle of a bullet narrowly missing his ear, and thought he saw the lights ahead of him jerk, but he couldn’t be sure if that was just Genji darting over sagebrush or not. A moment later, the lights vanished.

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Headcannons of the Batfam reacting to Batmom's death (Tim and Jason)


Jason is such a momma’s boy. He loves you like no other. You were his hope, his world.

When he found out about your death, he was so angry, so sad. He hated the world, he was very destructive and angry.

He knew he couldn’t use the Pit to resurrect you. He’d rather live with the pain of losing you than have you face the pain he did. You deserved peace.

When he came back to life, you welcomed and accepted him happily. You were broken about his death. Now he’s broken over yours.

He felt the world was just an endless cycle of pain and death.

He considered joining you, he really did. But he knew you would be so disappointed in him. You wanted him to live a full life and die a natural death.

He had to at least try, for you.


He hadn’t ever given much thought of you being his mom.

When he was adopted by you and Bruce, it was natural for him to think of you as a mother.

You were so loving, so kind. You were the light in the darkness that surrounded the family. Now you were put out and they were surrounded by darkness.

You were the one who would help him sleep better. Take care of himself better.

Now he can’t sleep without being haunted by you. He wasn’t sure if he could ever sleep without your voice singing or reading to him and hands through his hair, relaxing and soothing him.

It just wasn’t fair. You were his mom. His light. Nothing could ever replace you.

After you died, he stole one of your belongings and just held it close.

Whenever your scent faded from it, he’d spray it with a bit of your perfume.

It was the only thing that helped him sleep anymore.

Lost in a Memory (Bran Stark X Reader)

(This is a fic written specifically for @mother-of-the-fandom, to thank them for their huge support when this blog first began, and for the continued support to this day. Especially, with Bran Stark Imagines!

Thank you! And I’m sorry if this is a bit bitter-sweet :) )

Written by Admin Maisie

Childish laughter echoed around the Godswood, as you and Bran ran through the freshly fallen snow. Even now, the snow continued to fall, and you couldn’t tear your eyes away from them.

You had never seen snow before. So, how could you not be fascinated by it?

It had been barely a week since you and your father had arrived in Winterfell, and already you had fallen in love with cold North. You knew Father had come to discuss some form of trade agreement with the Starks, and had only brought you along on your Mother’s insistence after you had ‘accidentally’ set fire to her prized silk dresses from King’s Landing.

Apparently, it was meant to teach you some discipline.

Oh how wrong she was.

Especially when, to everyone’s surprise, you befriended Lord Stark’s second youngest son, Brandon Stark. It didn’t exactly take much. After all, how could you say no when someone asks if you want to climb up the castle walls with them?

You can still remember your Father’s pale face, Lord Stark’s laughter and Lady Stark’s shouts for you both to come down this instant.

But that didn’t stop you both from climbing straight back up there after the adults had gone out of sight.

“Take that (Y/N)!”

You squealed and ducked behind a tree, as a snowball when flying past your head, just barely missing you.

“Missed me, Bran!” You shouted back, hardly able to contain your giggles as you heard Bran move closer to your position.

As the crunching noise of the snow got louder and louder, you grinned to yourself and jumped out ready to throw a snowball straight into the little Wolf’s face. Only to find there was no one there.

Confused, you glanced around the clearing then screamed as a heavy weight crashed into your back, sending you face first into the snowy ground.

Lifting your head out of the snow, you turned your head round and glared at the chackling boy that still had you pinned to the ground. “Bran! That was not fair!”

“Yes it was. You’re just jealous because you didn’t think of it first. So I’m the King of Winter!” He stated, proudly sticking his chest out.

“Oh, is that so?” You saw Bran’s confident expression falter slightly as he saw the mischievous glint in your eye. With all the speed of a Wild Cat, you flipped both of your positions around, pinning his arms and knees to the floor with your own.

You smirked, “The King has fallen. Now, it’s the Queen of Winter’s turn to reign!”

Bran blinked, still shocked by the sudden change only for a bright smile to pull at his lips and make you smile in turn. It didn’t take long for you both to dissolve into a pile of giggles as you let yourself fall back onto the soft snow next to him.

“Maybe we could rule Winter together?” He asked. You looked to him and found that he was already looking at you. “As the King and Queen of Winter, nothing could stop us from ruling over this land of endless snow.”

You pretended to ponder the statement for a second, before you took his hand in yours and gripped it tight.

“You’re right. Together there’s nothing we can’t do!”

Bran’s smile, if possible, somehow got even brighter. He gently pulled his hand from yours and offered you his pinkie-finger instead, “I, Bran Stark, King of the Ice and Snow, vow to stay by the Queen’s side from now until the end of time.”

You instantly locked your pinkie with his, unable to contain how happy you were to make this vow – no matter how childish it seemed – with your best, and only, friend. “I, (Y/N) (L/N), Queen of the Snow and Ice, vow to rule with the King – side by side – and stay with him until the end of time.”

With a shake of your fingers, the vow was made. And while you refused to admit it then, that vow had meant more to you than any riches, titles or even a million snowflakes ever could.

                       ~                                      0                                          ~

Of course you couldn’t stay in Winterfell forever.

Granted, that didn’t stop you from kicking and screaming as your Father carried you away to his horse. You’d remembered how Bran had to be held back by his brother, Robb. You even remembered how for a brief moment, it looked like a tear was rolling down his cheek.

Thus, with all the strength you could muster, you shouted about how you would write to him every day and that you would never, ever forget your vow.

                   ~                                          0                                           ~

What followed, the next few years, was a seemingly never-ending conversation that was spread over a string of weekly letters between the both of you. Your Mother never hid her disapproval of such a correspondence from you or your Father, you didn’t let it bother you and thankfully, your Father didn’t seem to mind it either. You wouldn’t know what you would of done if he hadn’t, as nothing could ever replace the joy you felt every time your Father knocked on your door, saying he had a letter addressed to the ‘Queen of Winter’.

Even though you had just finished reading his latest letter, you were already penning your reply. You told him all about how your new horse, Drax and his fascination with chewing your sister’s hair. You when into extensive detail on how yesterday you had found a bow and an arrow left out near the target range, and with your master stealth skills had snuck them back to your room, without anyone seeing you. You were hoping to get some secret practice in later. And you asked him how excited he must be feeling to have King Robert Baratheon visit his home.

With a rather clumsy press of the wooden marker, your sealed the envelope with your House Sigil and rushed to find the Maester. Eager to send the letter off as soon as possible, so that Bran’s reply would get to you even quicker.

Except, it never came.

                    ~                                         0                                        ~

While you never did get Bran’s reply, you still continued to send him letters.

At first, they were just filled with questions. How are you? What is happening? Why have you not replied?

When you didn’t receive a response still, you just began describing your day. Leaving no detail, whether big or small, out. You told him how your secret archery practice had gotten better. You could now hit the target, instead of just firing over it. You told him about the rides you would go on with Drax, and how you had found a small clearing that had very quickly become the spot you escaped to whenever your Mother grew so furious with you, her face turned redder than the leaves on Weirwood trees.

But what you didn’t tell him, or what you wanted to tell him, was how hurt you were when he didn’t reply. Or about how you spent many sleepless nights, crying at the memories of your climbing adventures and snowball fights together. But most of all, you wanted to tell him how you wished you could just pack a bag and ride back to Winterfell. So that you could both be together, just as you’d both vowed on that snowy day.

You stopped sending him letters the moment you heard that he had been burned alive by Theon Greyjoy.

                  ~                                        0                                     ~

As he sat there, gazing at the pile of letters addressed to the ‘King of Winter’, Bran felt the cold bite of Winter nip at his cheeks. Tiny flakes of snow cascaded to the ground, just as it had that day many years ago. He gently brushed his fingers over the dried ink, lightly circling around the signature of the girl once known to him as the ‘Queen of Winter’.

Upon his return to Winterfell, he had discovered the letters practically swamping the desk in his room. He hadn’t even realised he had read them all until there wasn’t another one left to pick up.

She had obviously meant a great deal to Bran. He could tell that much from the many long, heartfelt letters left unsent at the back of a drawer. He could even see it when he visited the times the two had spent in the past. A few had even brought a small smile to his face, however brief it had been.

She seemed like a brave and lively soul. Clearly, not one to simply settle for being the wife of some Lord or Knight.

He watched her write each and every letter. Baffled at her stubbornness to continue writing them, even when she did not receive one in return.

He watched her cry in anguish the moment she hear news that Theon Greyjoy had “burned” him alive.

He watched her repeatedly deny it to herself and everyone around her, claiming that he was not dead. That he was still out there, waiting to come back and take Winterfell when the time is right.

He watched them call her insane, disregarding her words as the babbles of a woman in grief.

He watched her pack a travel bag, and leave her home on her horse Drax in a fit of anger and determination.

He watched her journey, as she travelled for miles and miles, trying to get North of the Wall. Where she claimed he had called to her in a dream.

It was a fruitless journey. Anyone could see that. She had run out of food. She had run out of water. And it only grew colder and colder, the further she went. Yet, she kept going.

And going.

And going.

Until she couldn’t move anymore.

He had even shed a tear when he watched her freeze to death just outside of the Wall. Looking for him.

There were a few times when he thought he could feel some of Bran’s feelings for this girl, niggling at the back of his mind. But he could never focus on one thing for too long. He had not been able to do so for a long time now.

He did not remember what it felt like to be Bran anymore.

And while this girl had giving him a glimpse, a reminder of who he once was, it wasn’t enough.

(Y/N) (L/N), Queen of Winter, was just a girl lost in memories now.

(Thank you again for your support! And I hope you liked it!)

What if...?

AU in which L and Light get to bitchslapping each other in the bathroom during the Yotsuba arc. Tragedy ensues…

Light: I can’t believe you flushed my watch down the toilet!
L: It was an honest mistake. And I said I’ll get you a new one.
Light: Are you insane?! Nothing you could give me could ever replace the watch my father gave me!
L: Here’s something Watari and I put together for you.

Light: …Never mind.

L: It also tells time.

Letter || Oikawa Tooru

Lately I’ve been thinking
Thinking about what we had

“Iwa-chan…” the setter spoke,


“Why did she do it? Why did she leave me? I thought things were going so well between us…”

“I don’t know. Even (F/N) says that she won’t talk about it. She just avoids the question…”

“Did I not spend enough time with her? Was I too focused on volleyball?”

“No… you two seemed perfect together…”

“If we seemed so perfect, why did she leave?!”

I know it was hard
but it was all we knew

She avoided he gaze. Actually, she avoided everyone’s gaze. She had quickly became the talk of the school. The girl who dumped Oikawa Tooru. Everyone hated her. Except for her one friend and the volleyball team. She could hear everyone’s comments. Their whispers. Calling her a slut, a bitch, an idiot, but the one thing that hurt the most was liar. She was called a liar. Said that she lied about ever feeling anything for him. She wasn’t a liar when she had said that she loves him.

I wish that I could give you what you deserve
‘Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you
Nothing can make me feel like you do

When he had confronted her in the hallway, everyone and everything stopped. Whispers stopped for once since this entire goddamn thing started.

“(Y/N)-Chan…” he said in barely a whisper

“Yes, Oikawa-San?” She replied, emotionless

“What happened? Was I not good enough? I know you deserved better, but what exactly happened? I don’t want to let you go…”

“I’m sorry Oikawa-san, but that’s just how it is sometimes.”

He broke. As soon as those words had left her mouth, he broke. He didn’t care about his reputation. He never did when it came to her. He cried. In front of everyone, he cried. Of course what seemed like millions of fangirls came to his rescue and another million seemed to yell at (Y/N) as she walked away. All Tooru did was brush the fangirls off because nobody compared to her. She was and always had been since the moment he met her, his world. He’d do anything for her. He trusted her with all his heart and she crushed him.

You know there’s no one, I can relate to
I know we won’t find a love that’s so true

Nobody knew that she was also breaking down. She could feel her heart breaking when he cried. As soon as she left that hallway, she ran. She didn’t know where she was running, but she ran. She ended up under a tree. The tree that was away from everything. The tree that everything fell apart under. The tree where they broke up.

She didn’t expect the group to show up so quickly though. They were the reason for the break up, so what was she really expecting.

“You just can’t stay away from him, can you?” The first one spat,

“He talked to me first. He approached me,” she tried to defend

“It doesn’t matter! Just stay away from Tooru and everything will good according to my plan!”

With that she had grab (Y/N)’s hair and pulled, hard. She didn’t care to stop when (Y/N) let out a pained yelp. Just (Y/N)’s luck, nobody was around to help her. She should’ve known something like this would happen. As soon as people saw how Tooru was invested in (Y/N) and volleyball equally, they all began to think that he had changed and if they could get her out of the picture, he’d be as invested in them as he was (Y/N). That’s when the demon bitch who had broken up with him before came around. She was jealous and selfish. She had dated him before and dumped him because he didn’t give her all of his attention. When she found out that he has supposedly changed, she wanted him back. So, as you’d expect a demon bitch to do, she threatened (Y/N). Barely could be a threat to (Y/N) because she didn’t direct threats towards (Y/N), but instead she threatened (Y/N) friends. She had told (Y/N) how she’ll break (F/N) and Iwaizumi up, how she’ll get Oikawa to hate her, how she will ruin all of her friendships if (Y/N) didn’t break up with Tooru. So, of course she broke up with him. (F/N) means too much to her. She couldn’t take Iwa away from her. In all honesty, she loves Tooru. And she missed him. She missed him with everything she has.

There’s nothing like us
There’s nothing like you for me
Together through the storm

There’s nothing like us
There’s nothing like you for me, together

Days got long, tempers got shorter. Oikawa… he snapped at almost everyone. Nobody was the same as her. Girls seemed to confess to him more and more but all he ever did was snap and then then that they’re not like (Y/N) and he would never find someone who made me feel the way (Y/N) did.

Many nights were spent with him hovering over that send button. So many nights did he was to talk to her. She never replied and he feared that she never will reply.

I gave you everything babe
Well, everything I had to give
Girl, why would you push me away?

The night that he pressed send was a blur. It felt like things had crumbled down around him. He has tried to clear his mind, but that only ended in heartbreak. He had taken a walk in the park only to find (Y/N) with his kouhai. Tobio-chan, as the setter liked to call him. Tooru couldn’t figure out if you were smiling or not. All he knew, was that he felt like his shatter heart had been stepped on with stilettos.

“Was I not enough? Or were you just that cold hearted that you had to crush my heart? To think that I actually love(d) you and thought you were different, but I guess not because all you did was push me away. I’m sorry that my all wasn’t enough.”

That was the text. That was the text that broke her. Every wall she had put up to get through the days. They all broke. They shattered. Everything shattered.

Lost in confusion, like an illusion
You know I’m used to making your day

The next day after that text was sent, everyone was talking. He didn’t know for sure what about but he knew it was about him and (Y/N). Had his text gotten out? No. But little did he know what would be the least of his worries.

He hadn’t heard of the news until (F/N) came along. She had unleashed hell on him to the point where multiple people had to hold her back.

“W-what’s going on?”

“What’s going on? WHATS GOING ON? I’ll tell you what’s going on! Because of you and your stupid little text, my best friend is in the hospital. Her mom found her in her room. She had taken almost an entire bottle of sleeping pills. She had to be rushed to the hospital. They still don’t know if she’ll live or not because she isn’t awake yet and they’re not sure if they got all the pills out of her system.”

“Sh-she… tried to…”

He broke down and sprinted to the hospital. He didn’t care anymore, he needed answers. He was confused as to why the text had pushed her that far. He hadn’t known about what people were saying about her, doing to her. He hadn’t known.

When he arrived, he wasn’t allowed to see her. Apparently taking the pills wasn’t the only thing she had done, they just didn’t tell (F/N) that. (Y/N) was in the ICU. They were apparently holding something for Oikawa as everyone expected him to show eventually.

He waited until he was along to lol at the thing. It was a note. As he read it, he couldn’t keep his hands from shaking. It read.

“Dear Tooru,

Feels kinda weird putting Tooru since you’re not mine to call that anymore. Soon enough, you’ll be hers to call that. You were before so why not again, I guess. No matter what they say about it being your fault, it wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t (F/N)’s fault, it wasn’t anyone’s fault except for mine. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this I’ll be out of this shithole called life. I really did love you. I loved you even after we were over. I just, couldn’t you know? If I had the chance to explain without being hunted right after, I would’ve explained. You see, there was someone who loved you before I did and you loved her. She wanted you back and was willing to do whatever for you back. Love makes you do crazy things, right? And I believe that people deserve second chances as long as they didn’t majorly screw up their first chance. So I backed down. Maybe one day you’ll find out why it was so important to back down. It just, it wasn’t supposed to end like this. You were supposed to get over me, like everyone does eventually. You were supposed to go back to her. That’s just not how things work, I guess. I really was stupid though. To think that you’d at least defend me somewhat. Usually when we were dating, people saved their comments for when you weren’t around. Now since you were almost never around me, they let all their comments flow. It got to the point where I was pretty sure I could identify people just by the way they called me a slut. Kinda funny. I really got a kick of how much they seemed to think it bothered me or didn’t bother me. World works in a funny way Tooru. I’ve been rambling too long that my hand is getting shaky. My everything is getting shaky. Live your life Tooru. Become a professional volleyball player. Have a good wife. Have a few children. You’d make beautiful children. I wish I could’ve gotten to meet them one day. I know you probably don’t care, but I love you and I always had. Goodbye Tooru.


He lost it. Everyone was to blame. He couldn’t just let everyone get away with it too. That’s why he did go to someone. Everyone’s parents were now aware of how these kids pushed a girl to try and take her own life. The demon bitch never got Tooru as he had known that she threatened (Y/N), even if (Y/N) never said anything.

Nobody could ever replace (Y/N), his true love…


Pairing : Spike x Reader

Summary : Imagine being Buffy’s sister and you take her place and sacrifice yourself to save Dawn, but Willow finds a way to resurrect you.

“You’re my little sister and nothing will ever change that.” You put your hands on her arms, “I’m so proud of you.” Dawn let tears fall down her cheeks, knowing what this meant. 

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Hell of Hells - fic

Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne
Summary: They always say the hardest thing to do is admit something to yourself. And Dick can’t believe how right Dr. Simon Hurt was. 
A/N: A directly post-Nightwing 19 thing. Like immediately after the last two pages of 19. Let’s take the assumption that Damian was ‘killed’ and this is his soul getting taken away/Dick bringing back. Not great, oh well. I just really want these two spinning in the void remembering how much they love each other. It’s not really Hell, I don’t think. Just say it’s some kind of afterlife. 


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Imagine. Dying from cancer and your friends grieving.

Sherlock, who had come to love you, had several panic attacks each day as the thought of you haunted him. You were the one he couldn’t save and that annoyed him. John never spoke your name again and only spoke of you as The girl or she. Greg couldn’t bring himself to grieve in front of anyone, but he cried for weeks and visited your grave every day until his own death. Mycroft on the other hand wouldn’t believe the news and would look for you in other human being, but nothing could ever replace you. 

anonymous asked:


“I don’t want to be alone right now.” -Tom Holland

Warning: lots of talking down on self, negative feelings, cute tom, minimal cursing

Note: I’m always here to talk to any of you if you want to talk to someone!!! All of you are perfect!!!! ( don’t argue with me you are).

“Why are you so ugly?”
“Tom doesn’t love you.He’s only dating you because he feels bad”
“You’re to fat. Loose some weight.”
“ God Y/N why are you so damn hideous?”
“ You are so freaking fake.”
“ Your hair is to messy.”
“Your lips are to small.”

All of these are things that run through your head when your alone, you can’t help it, the negative comments and emotions just come out and they all seem to be about yourself. You were currently sitting in front of the large mirror in your room, tears were running down your face as the negative thoughts cascaded throughout your mind. A loud sob escaped your lips as you began thinking more and more, everything was getting worse, your thoughts and your emotions. Overthinking was your specialty, but you couldn’t help it. “Love? Are you okay?” Tom’s voice rang through your apartment, another sob escaped your lips as Tom came in. The sight of you sitting in front of the mirror crying broke Tom’s heart into a million pieces.

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For @sunshinetoday‘s second prompt: 102 “Do you really think I could ever replace you?” This can be read as a stand-alone or as a companion piece to this prompt.

Dana Scully is not a jealous woman. She repeats this as a mantra to herself as she takes the elevator down to her, well, Mulder’s basement office. Her name has never been on the door (and she’s never not going to be bitter about this) and right now, it really is Mulder’s office. His and Daphne’s, actually. Her name, though, is not on the door either, Mulder informed her a few weeks ago in bed. It was the first time he mentioned her. In bed. With his very pregnant wife. But, Scully reminds herself, she is not jealous. Of course not. So, Mulder has a new partner. He needs on as his current partner, Scully, is home, pregnant with their second child. Why shouldn’t he have a partner?

“Are you all right, ma'am?” The other agent in the elevator asks her tentatively. Scully has never seen her before. She’s young, probably in her early 20s. Just like Daphne. Unlike Daphne, though, who is tall and blond (not real, Scully, Mulder assured her; how he knows that, she doesn’t want to know), this agent is about her height with mousy brown hair and stylish glasses. No, wouldn’t like her as Mulder’s new partner either, she decides.

“I’m fine.” Scully snaps, her hand flinging to her belly where Mulder junior is kicking at invisible footballs. The agent is eying her stomach curiously. Mulder knocked Scully up is probably still a hot topic at the water cooler. Despite this being the second time.

“Well then, have a good day.” The elevator dings and the agent steps off. Scully is alone for the next two stops. Like always. No one likes going down to the basement, considering it a punishment. Except for Daphne, most likely. Scully huffs at her own train of thoughts. She is not jealous, damn it!

Scully waddles along the small corridor to the office. Before she’s even halfway there, she can hear soft laughter. She’d recognize Mulder’s laughter everywhere. It’s a peculiar sound so unlike him and she loves it. William’s laugh is almost exactly the same. Today, though, there’s another voice chiming in. It had to be Daphne. Scully waddles faster; as fast as she can at 8 months pregnant. Mulder children are not exactly small, and they’re not exactly lightweights either. Not that she’s complaining.

She stops in front of the door, catching her breath, gathering her thoughts. Daphne is telling Mulder something; a date gone wrong, apparently. Scully rolls her eyes as Mulder chuckles at her flat jokes. Despite the slightly ajar door, she knocks.

“Come in.” Mulder’s voice cuts through Daphne’s monologue.

“Hi.” Scully pushes the door open and when Mulder’s face lights up, relief floods her. She’s not jealous, has not been jealous, but his reaction to seeing her feels good after the day she’s had.

“Scully, hey.” He is on his feet immediately, almost running towards her, almost running into the desk, too. Mulder hugs her briefly, but tightly, as he too feels relieved upon seeing her.

“How’s the kid?” His hand lands on her belly, stroking it softly. Their child kicks once, happily, before it is quiet again. The hormones pour out of Scully as she watches Mulder’s face transform; he’s not looking at her, is mesmerized by her stomach and the human life they created inside of it. This time he got to experience it all; the good, the bad and the horny.

“The kid seems good.” This grin is for her and just for her. There are no words right now that she could tell him. Scully is afraid to open her mouth just in case she starts crying. Mulder is well acquainted with hormonal Scully, however, she doesn’t need Daphne to get to know her as well.

“How’s kid number one?” Mulder asks, his hand still on her protruding stomach, still gently stroking. Has he forgotten they’re not alone down here? He’s blocking Scully’s view and she can’t even see Daphne, who has gone completely quiet.

“With my mother. Since he’s refusing to let me cut his hair, she’s taking him to a professional hairdresser,” Mulder raises his eyebrows, “Don’t ask me. I told her that three year olds don’t need professional haircuts, but apparently I was overruled.”

“Uhm, Mulder?” Scully forces herself not to roll her eyes upon Daphne’s intrusion, but something in her face must have twitched, because Mulder is giving her an amused look before he turns to his partner.

“Sorry, Daphne. May I introduce you to Agent Dana Scully,” he steps away from her, taking his hand of her belly, “and Scully this is Agent Daphne Cartelli, my new partner since you’re hatching junior.” Mulder doesn’t catch it, but Scully does; the moment of pure happiness when Mulder calls her his partner. Scully extends her hand, polite as ever, and even manages to put on a smile. Standing in front of this woman now, she feels even smaller and yes, fat.

“Nice to finally meet you, Agent Scully. Mulder’s been telling me so much about you!” Her smile seems genuine, even if she shows too much (and a too perfect set of) teeth. Their whiteness almost blinds Scully. Just like the shiny texture of her very blond, very long hair.

“He does talk a lot.”

“Very funny, Scully. So what bring you here? Did you decide to help with the case after all?” Mulder had asked for her insight late last night. Too tired to think clearly she’d merely told him that she’d think about it. Of course the case couldn’t be further from her mind. Still, she nods and a huge grin is her reward.

“You’ll love this, Daphne,” Scully cringes; Mulder using the other woman’s first name seems too intimate, “Scully’s a woman of science. She’s got a plausible explanation for everything.” There’s pride in his voice, Scully realizes, her heart beating faster.

“Ah, that's… great,” Daphne replies, an uncertain look on her face, “I guess I better go get the files from AD Skinner then?” Now her voice is just as bewildered; her eyes seeking approval from Mulder, who nods at her.

“It’s currently under review,” she mumbles, her face blushing slightly, and Scully feels sympathy for her, “I’ll be right back.” The younger agent’s quick footsteps soon turn into background noise before they disappear entirely.

“So, are you feeling all right? Come on, sit down, Scully.” His hand on the small of her back, he leads her to the desk. The poor thing creaks when she sits down on it. Mulder grins.

“It’s not funny, Mulder.”

“You’re just so adorable, Scully.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re not here because of the case, are you?”

“Why else would I be here?” She counters defensively.

“Hm, maybe to see my new partner? The one who called our houses several times last night?” There’s no way to stop the blush from spreading. It starts on her chest, hidden from view, and wanders up quickly into her cheeks.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“No, of course you don’t,” he chuckles, his hands on her thighs, his face close to hers, “You know she’s just here temporarily, right?” Scully nods, not looking at him, and watching his hands instead. She puts her own atop his, feeling the warmth of them, the strength.

“Good. She’s just here so I don’t have to do all of it myself. So I can be home more with you and Will.” Again, Scully nods.

“Then why are you jealous?”

“I am not jealous, Mulder.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really,” she mocks him, “I am not a jealous person.”

“Of course not,” Mulder leans forward and kisses her nose, “Let me just assure you that you have nothing to worry about, all right? Do you really think I could ever replace you?” His lips find hers, making it impossible for her to answer.

“Mulder…” Scully tries, but opening her mouth is just an excuse for his tongue to find hers, and she forgets what she was going to say. She forgets everything.

“Oh, I am so sorry!” Daphne appears in the doorway, Mulder and Scully guiltily breaking apart. At least she’s guilty; Mulder is just grinning and not taking his hands away from her hips.

“Should I go take my lunch break?” She asks, barely able to look at them.

“That might be a good idea.” They can hear Daphne laugh softly when she leaves and closes the door behind her.

I'm Sorry

[title]: i’m sorry

[pairing]: shawn mendes x reader

[requested]: yes – (x)

[summary]: #1 | “do you want me to leave?”

[warnings]: swearing

[author’s note]: the new photos of shawn from his luomo shoot are… distracting

…but goddamn that boy can really flaunt a blazer

+ “WRITING PROMPTS” prompt list

Originally posted by 21tst-may

YOU run a hand through your hair, biting your nails nervously.

You sit on the edge of your bed, wiping the salty droplets that had fallen onto your cheeks.

You emit a loud, thick cough, your voice scratchy. The room is dim, a small lamp casting a yellow glow from beside your bed.

Thoughts race through your head; thoughts that make you sick, make you want to throw up. The thought of him touching her in places he would touch you, the thought of her name rolling off of his tongue instead of yours, the thought of these very sheets you lay on tainted with the love they had made… Not you with him, her.

It’s been 12 months…

12 months of apparent lies and cover ups.

He told you he loved you, but was this all just a lie? A lie to get in your pants, act like he loved you and felt something deep for you, but then find someone else and leave you clueless and heartbroken?

The high quality picture burns holes in you, and you have to force yourself to look away from it. You sniffle, using your hand to whack the magazine off of the bed. You fall onto your back, your sweatshirt sleeve soaked with tears.

“I hate Hollywood and all these rumors.” You whisper, biting your bottom lip.

Suddenly the door to your apartment swings open, a voice greeting you. “Y/N, I’m home, baby!”

You squeeze your eyes shut, curling up into a ball. A small, weak, vulnerable ball of sadness and suspicion.


Why can’t I disappear?

The door to your bedroom swings open. “Y/N?” His voice asks softly.

Shawn approaches you carefully. He places an hand on your upper arm. As soon as his skin comes in contact with yours, you swat it away.

“How could you?!” You yell, sitting up and glaring at him.

“What are you talking about, Y/N?” He asks, backing slightly away from you. How could he act so innocent and clueless?

You slide off of the bed, retrieving the magazine from the floor before throwing it at Shawn harshly.

Shawn studies the cover as you weep quietly. The high definition picture of Shawn and Camila Cabello locking lips makes you want to throw up.

“Do you actually believe this?” Shawn asks you.

“What do you think?!” You yell, crossing your arms over your chest. “How could you?!”

Shawn’s eyebrows furrow. “I can’t believe you think I’m that unfaithful to you! All I’ve been is gentle and caring for you, Y/N! Do you think I’d ever fucking do something that cruel to you?!”

Your lip quivers as you whisper, “Maybe I do.“ Shawn’s face twists in anger. “This photo looks pretty fucking real to me. Maybe that’s where you go when you come home late; maybe you’re with Camila.”

“I’m not!” Shawn defends.

“And what if you are?” You whisper. “You know, I wouldn’t appreciate being treated like a used piece of shit.”

“You’re so goddamn stubborn! I can’t believe you’re mad at me for something I never even did!” You stay silent. “You know what, maybe I am with Camila, what if I was, huh?”

“I can’t believe you’d lie to me about saying you love me!” Tears blur your vision, small droplets of water staining your shirt.

Shawn’s face softens at your words, and just for a second, you think the situation will get better from there. But then his face hardens again, making your heart clench.

“Don’t you dare say that I don’t love you, Y/N because I fucking do! With all my goddamn heart!” Shawn runs a hand through his hair frustratedly. “I just can’t believe we’re having this fucking argument right now.”

“You know I hear what you say about Camila during your damn interviews—”

“Yeah! I say that she’s a close friend of mine and that she’s very talented!”

“‘Close friend of mine’.” You mock, making the anger in his chest expand. “You seem a little more than friends to me, Shawn!”

“You know, at least Camila actually trusts me as a friend. There’s about zero fucking trust in this relationship, Y/N! Have you ever heard of photoshop?! That’s a thing! It. Was. Photoshopped.” He seethes. “She actually cares about me and doesn’t accuse me of false accusations. If you can’t face the fact that there’s going to be false rumors and lies all over the media about us, you need to get it through your thick skull, Y/N.”

Small sobs escape your lips. You had never been in this big of a fight with Shawn, usually your fights were about what to have for dinner or fighting over the TV remote. Nothing serious like this. You loved Shawn with all of your heart and being, but you hated seeing all of these rumors spreading around like wildfires, because you couldn’t tell if they were true or not. You didn’t want to lose the light of your life. You knew he was a good boyfriend, but you couldn’t help but wonder if those rumors were in fact true or not. The salty tears running down your cheeks had never been this bad when it came to Shawn, you were full on bawling that he was upset with you and that he might be cheating on you. Of course, you cried when he went off on tour and you had to stay in Pickering to continue schooling and such, but this was way worse.

Shawn knew you were upset, but he couldn’t stand to be accused of every rumor in Hollywood about him by his girlfriend. By now, he was just letting out all of his frustrations and anger. He could’ve dealt with it in a better way, but the thought never came to mind. He knew you were very sensitive, so why didn’t he realize he was slowly breaking you? Simple. He was sick and tired of the media doing everything they can to corrupt your relationship.

“Y/N, you’re so stubborn and hard to deal with sometimes, and it pisses me off! We’ve been together for over a year, Y/N! You can act so bitchy sometimes, and I just now realize that! Y'know, Camila would actually believe me if I told her I loved her. I can’t deal with this right now.”

Your heart slams to the bottom of your stomach. He was comparing you to another woman. Someone better. Maybe he loved her and not you.

“Then do you want me to leave?” Your voice cracks as fresh tears roll down your face. Shawn stays silent.

“Maybe I will.” You whisper, walking past him.

You quickly walk towards the door to your house with tears remaining in your eyes.

Shawn stands in your shared room, staring at the floor. Tears run down his face as well, one of the few times he’s cried. He was always your rock, there for you, but not this time.

As the sound of the door to your house opens, he wanted to scream your name. He wanted to apologize. He wanted to hug and kiss you. He wanted to assure you it would all be okay. He really really wanted to, but in that moment, your name was stuck in his throat, its verbal route clogged with no other escape. As much as he wanted to reach out and stop you from leaving, his body wouldn’t let him. You deserved someone better than him. Just then he had treated you like a piece of shit, and he wanted you to find someone better. Nothing could ever replace his love for you, though.

“Idiot, idiot, idiot!” He screams at himself, ripping up the magazine into small pieces. He lets out a loud scream before approaching the wall and delivering a few flat palmed blows to it. Another wail escapes his throats before he collapses against the wall, crying into his hands. He knew he fucked up, and reality was hitting him like a train.

“I’m sorry.” Shawn whispers.

On the other hand, you sob into the steering wheel of your car, your head resting on the cool black material. Cries and a string of curses roll off of our tongue at the thought of not having Shawn in your life anymore.

Sometimes things don’t work out how you want them to, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t meant to be.

wow okay this was shitty

i’m so sorry to the anon who requested this i just couldn’t find the write way to word this, but i hope you enjoyed anyways!

i’m hoping my inspiration comes back soon because i’m really missing it

this was also very short hmph, my writing will get way better i promise :)

also, i love camila ok?

i just used the “shawmila” controversy (if you even wanna call it that) for their fight because…

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— october 12th, 2016