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We talked a while agoooo but you probably don't remember me but still I'M HERE FOR my one and only OTP AKA JIKOOK ... lol DO YOU HAVE ANY FIC RECOMMENDATIONS??? 💕Ily

Anonymous said: What are you favorite jikook fanfic? Im trying to find a good one 😭

I’m probably not the best person to be asking this cause I haven’t really been reading jikook fics lately :/ nothing has rly piqued my interest so this little list is going to be lame sorry 😖

How an Aerial Cartwheel Can Change Everything by whenIseeUsmile

A world for two by Huilen

once upon a timeshare by namakemono

formal absences of precious things by pettey

What the Fans Want by Shealezz

you’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece) by kafeuka 

Thirst by pinkmonnie

The Bet by jonghyunslisterine

Four Words After Sex by jonghyunslisterine

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I know that bi women share a history with lesbians but honestly since we have nothing from it that applies to us today I really don't care much for it and I'm so here for these bi anons coming forward cause I thought I was the only one lmfaooo

I do care immensely about the shared history between bi women & lesbians, but what I’m personally upset about is that 1) most bi women don’t know about this history because of our invisibility, 2) people don’t conceptualize this shared history properly, and 3) a lot of people don’t want bi women to “claim” this history or to see themselves represented in it. And that’s what the other bi anons are getting at - our place in the LGBT community is tenuous, at best, because as my love Erin @dreamy-bisexual has stated before, bi women occupy an ambiguous and confusing political & material space, and it’s difficult to conceptualize what “female bisexuality” truly is under the heterosexualized gender binary. You’d think that no one would contest that the B in LGBT includes bi women but we’ve been dealing with people not wanting us to be in the community since the 1960′s (and this tension really amplified in the 1980′s when bisexual women came out as bisexual, distinct from lesbian-feminist “women-identified women”). We’ve always been seen as “giving in to heterosexuality” and “introducing heterosexuality” into lesbian and LGBT spaces. So most bi women don’t have the tools to access or understand their place in the community and their history with it, but those that do (like me) have a difficult time understanding it anyway since people think that we’re robbers of culture and that we aren’t entitled to it. And as I’ve said before, we’re left without a place to belong to or a “culture/history” of our own, even though objectively and historically speaking, we’ve made actual contributions to this “culture” and “history” through resistance (Brenda Howard), poetry (June Jordan), women’s liberation (Patricia Ireland), HIV/AIDS activism (Iris de la Cruz), and more, just as much as other LGBT people have. 

But honestly, it’s high time we learn about women like Jordan, Ireland, Howard, and de la Cruz, and to reclaim this history (as in LGBT and lbpq history) as ours too. 

Okay but listen! I have feels today I’ve been holding in cause I was working on my OC thingie!


Maybe a college far enough away that he stays at the dorms, but close enough he can come home on weekends, holidays or when Atem complains that he’s lonely without him! XD

Hipster Yuugi in glasses


Tying said shirts around his waist like the cute dork he is.


…don’t…don’t mind me I’m just gonna go over here and have my feels in this corner where no one else can get hurt. Just me and my feels *waves hands* Nothing to see here.

Hetalia: Paint It White
  • America: Dudes, this is an emergency! As the paper in front of you with those crazy drawings that are supposedly words says, a majority of humanity has been turned into a noppera ghosty blobs by the freaky beam of light that shoots out of other noppera-bo-ba or baaa I don't really know how to say it. Tony, my righteous alien friend told me they're pictonians from the planet Picto. For reals dudes, Picto's way in like, way far outer space.
  • America: Dude, they're born looking like noppera and they want everybody else looking just like what they're doing, HELLO! Listen up! we can't just let these noppera dudes make earth all freaking boringly white, right? This is wack! We gotta stop these dudes ! Who's with me?... Also, what's a noppera?
  • Japan: Oh yes, I know what they are. It is a Japanese monster without a nose, eyes, or a mouth. It's proper name is nopperabo, okay?
  • England: Wait a tick, are you trying to say this is all your fault Japan?
  • Japan: No! I was simply explaining what noppera means! No more, no less.
  • China: Why do I have to be turned into noppera because of stupid Japan and scary story...
  • Japan: It's not my fault!
  • America: Focus countries ! Japan may have screwed things up, but we still have time to fix it ! Now, your ideas will all suck so listen to me. We'll combine all our military strength! I'll be in command so you can all wear the colors of my flag! All heroes wear red, white, and blue!
  • Italy: I think we should gather under the white flag!
  • England: Why in God's name would we put you in charge?
  • America: Duh, I be the hero, everybody knows that!
  • England: I beg to differ...
  • France: Everybody knows I've got the biggest--
  • England: No one asked you, cheesy monkey!
  • France: Shut up, black sheep of Europe!
  • England: I told you not to call me that!
  • China: Ugh. They never stop talking...
  • Italy: White flags! Come on, I made a whole lot of them! See! We can each wave our very own!
  • America: Japan, you think I'm right, right?
  • Japan: Uh, well, this is why I sense the mood and refrain from speaking.
  • America: Russia! What are you gonna do, dude?
  • Russia: I'm going to do fighting!
  • America: Rock out my dog, I've got the perfect job for you to have then! Back-up sidekick!
  • Russia: What?!
  • America: Yeah, every super-hero needs a sidekick, I should know that, I'm the hero! They even make big-budget Hollywood crazy good movies about it!
  • England: We also have top-notch productions in the UK!
  • France: Um, time-traveling phone booths can only go so far.
  • England: Shut it, Pépé le Pew, just because you invented movie-making doesn't mean you're any good at it! All your films are good for are putting me to sleep!
  • China: Just have you know, my movies have been very popular lately.
  • America: Dude, you can't compete with Michael Bay sequels.
  • China: That attitude is why I restrict your films!
  • Japan: Mine are more quietly artistic with cultural story-telling.
  • Italy: My movies are the most fun ones if you want to ask me!
  • America: Ha ha ha. No need to argue, 'cause I'm right!
  • Russia: I know my ideas are best because otherwise I kill them.
  • China: I'm only allowed to hear my thoughts and those are the ones I like.
  • Germany: Alright then. I'm done here. I don't know why I even thought that we could have a simple discussion. That's not how we work, is it? What a waste. This entire meeting has been pointless. I will do what I have to do and you do what you have to.
  • (Germany leaves the room; soon followed by everyone else)
  • Russia: That's exactly what I was going to say.
  • China: There's too much fighting together to figure out if we should even fight together anyway.
  • France: I am far too gorgeous to have been in a stuffy room for so long.
  • England: I am far too gorgeous to- Shut up France!
  • America: Ha ha ha ha! I was just trying to help! I don't need you guys, I'm the hero!
  • Japan: Ah. My belly. It hurts.
  • Italy: Uhuh! Hey, wait up you guys! Come on, don't leave me here by myself!
  • [Camera shoots to Canada, who is sitting alone.]
  • Canada: I'm still here. And I hate to complain, but no one even bothered to ask my opinion.
  • Kumajiro: Who are you?
  • Canada: I'm Canada.
  • Aries: Sorry for the smile I'm wearing now, guess I'm still not good enough
  • Taurus: I tried to smile today, then I realized there's no point anyway
  • Gemini: Don't you know that I can hold my own, boy you missed the boat, can't get with me, now I'm grown
  • Cancer: I'll be stronger than your words, baby, I'm harder
  • Leo: Nothing here, no one talking, knowing it's too late
  • Virgo: Your words don't mean a thing, I'm not listening
  • Libra: They said I couldn't, they told me that I wouldn't, but if they could see me now
  • Scorpio: I ain't doing nothing wrong, baby, I'm just feeling myself
  • Sagittarius: You think we're just pretty things, you couldn't be more wrong
  • Capricorn: And I'm gonna shine like a star, cause I'm the only me in this world
  • Aquarius: I got my heart, my head up high, I will be strong, I will survive
  • Pisces: You can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you wanna be, little me

cause you are, the only one // an ode from draco to the girl he loves

“I’m an atom in a sea of nothing
Looking for another to combine
Maybe we could be the start of something
Be together at the start of time.”


Like okay maybe I know nothing here but the whole “lost love” is a classic backstory for numerous male villains often whom do genuinely reprehensible things and this is painted as such a heartbreaking tragic thing, they’re such good people, it’s so sad, but Pearl is the one who needs to get over her lover even though in many ways she does make serious effort towards that and has shown a lot of promising signs, it’s reprehensible because she once considered trying to take Steven’s gem out having lost Rose literally months ago and stopped herself, without external input, before she did anything to so much as make him uncomfortable at the time and is able to later (current timeline) own up to it and acknowledge it was a bad thing.

Like, just, to put a specific example down, Sonic series: you know I have literally never heard anyone say Shadow needs to get the hell over Maria even though he literally tried to blow the planet up over it, this is, in fact, not only something forgiven but an element of his backstory almost no one even takes into consideration or so much as talks about, it doesn’t count because he turned around and helped save everyone before Real Damage Was Done.

(and then almost killed everyone again in his solo game)

Like I guess if you’re a guy dealing with the traumatic loss of a sibling figure you can almost cause the apocalypse and that’s fine but if you’re a lesbian dealing with the tragic loss of your lover, 90% of trying your hardest to be there and supportive for the child left behind and having nothing but deepest guilt for the 10% of legitimately endangering stuff you have done is totally unacceptable and you need to Get Over It.

  • bucky: bro did you hear that pluto is no longer a planet
  • steve: i'm so sorry bro
  • bucky: but i'm not mad 'cause i've got the entire solar system at my side, that's you
  • steve: BRO. bro you're my pluto, they see you and they think you're something you're not but i know who you are
  • bucky: BRO
  • steve: bro i love you so much, you're the only bro for me
  • bucky: i feel the same way bro
Your One Direction song (Requested)


Strong -

I’m sorry if I say, "I need you.But I don’t care,’m not scared of love.‘Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker.Is that so wrong?Is it so wrong That you make me strong?’


Right now- 

”I love this feeling that right now I wish you were here with me Cause right now Everything is new to me.You know I can’t fight the feeling.And every night I feel it.


Half a Heart - 

“Only half a blue sky Kinda there but not quite I’m walking around with just one shoe I’m half a heart without you" 


You and I - 

”Not even the Gods above Can separate the two of us. No, nothing can come between You and I.“

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