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Folie à Deux [1|2]

“Don’t lecture me about sadism, Ocelot. I’ve seen it in your eyes. You enjoy it. There’s nothing you enjoy more.”

Ocelot smiles, thinly. “Everyone enjoys the rhythm and rigour of doing something they excel at efficiently. I take pride in my work, but I’m not like you, Miller.”

“Oh? What am I like?”

“You may not enjoy it, but you do relish it. You use it to soothe your broken pride. It makes you foolish and dangerous in that room, as dangerous and foolish as that man you had put to death last night.”

“Are you calling me a hypocrite?”

With no change in his expression, Ocelot says: “Yes.”

The sound of your chair scraping against the floor stops Kaz from moving. He’s halfway through something: raising his elbow, taking a step - you can’t tell what his intention was, to move closer, or to take a swing. The Kaz you remember from the 70’s was quick to raise his fists when his pride was ruffled, but those feathers were also notoriously difficult to get under in the first place. You can’t predict him anymore. Years ago, you could triangulate the angle of his chin like lining up a rifle shot; the last decade has put lines on him you don’t recognize.

Words: 13,558/??,???
Warnings: Torture, Choking, Consent Issues, Mental Instability, PTSD