nothing can touch us

I used to know a soldier boy who put the glow in my skin and poetry in my blood. I used to be the girl who waved a wand and filled his life with magic.

We built an empire of our own, our fortress sky high. We sprinkled seeds of happiness, painted the air with teen spirit and monster-proofed it from end to end. It was our sanctuary. We weaved and weaved a fairytale in there; until we both turned to dust one day.

But the empire? It’s still right there, frozen in time. Nothing can touch it - not even us.

And I wish I could tell you, but it’s too sacred for the world to know:

The story of the magician, the soldier and their empire of sorcery.


The magician, the soldier and the empire of sorcery.

Lakshmi Nagaraj


it’s almost midnight on the beach and nothing can touch us. we have been torn down and forced to build ourselves up again from the rubble, but tonight we are built of stronger things. tonight, we are cut from diamonds. tonight, the word “fear” is meaningless to us. the party pulses in the pavilion behind us. the sand is cold on our toes. the august night’s wind leaves tiny mountains and valleys of goosebumps on our skin, but we are not cold. our blood is fire; our excitement is the sun. there is nothing quite like being young.

we stand on the edge of a ravine, facing the big blue before us. blue is chaos, the unknown, the future. we will be entwined and held together only to be torn apart and be reconstructed in ways that would make no sense to us now. because now, we are young, and we don’t know the future but we envision it to be exactly what we are right now: almost grown, almost in love, almost wise. we sing, dance, laugh.

i take a girl’s hand and she takes mine and we twirl around in circles because we are best friends. (we will be torn apart by depression and bravado and too much pain for pain killers to tackle.)

i cast a small smile at the boy with impossibly curly hair and constellations of freckles spattered across his cheeks and he smiles back. (we will be torn apart by the existence of God.)

the girl with black hair that turns red in the sunlight throws an arm over my shoulder and we’re laughing about everything and nothing at all and we love each other enough to fill one thousand oceans, even though we don’t quite know why. (we will be torn apart by illness and time and a deadly combination of miscommunication and no communication at all.)

a boy smiles at me from afar as he dances slowly with the girl i consider as close as a sister, and i am happy for them. (the boy is my first great love. we will be brought together by time and the realization that we are the best people for each other in a world in which we are constantly struggling with our inner and outer demons. he will be my rain after a long drought, the calm amongst the storm, the moon illuminating my path through a dark night. but on this beach, on this august night, we are close friends and nothing more.)

(we will be torn apart by nothing at all.)

it is a heavy night, when the darkness settles around me like a blanket, and each star in the sky is a soul that has escaped me. i remember who i once was. i bleed.

2016 reads | The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie

I don’t care that we’re on opposite sides of a war, that I’m an ocean away from everyone I love and it’s mostly her fault. I don’t care that she’s the one thing standing between me and my freedom. All I care about is here and now, our own little world beneath the docks, where nothing from that ship can touch us.

My Girl

At home i sit, alone and bored,
I long for this girl in which my feelings have soared,
She’s so far away, with her head buried deep.
But not in the sand is where she’ll strive to keep.

I pick up the phone to give her a call,
As i sit staring blankly at my plain painted wall,
She answers, i awake.
My love for her is no mistake.

She makes me feel all warm inside,
Passion and excitement are where my feelings reside,
But like i say she’s so far away,
Busy knuckiling down with her essay,

Soon we’ll be together arm in arm,
Where nothing can touch us or do no harm,
Back home is where she’ll shortly be,
Where she can let it all go by being with me.

Hot-Fucking-Couple!! 😜
Destinybound Homestuck AU

*Nothing can touch us. We’re in control of our own destiny.

Destinybound is a Homestuck AU in which nothing hurts and the good times roll. While it’s not a darker AU like Brokenbent or Borgatabent, Destinybound is by no means your ‘coffee shop’ type AU. New Earth has been created, thanks to another merged session with the Beta and Alpha kids. None of the Beta trolls have been killed, Feferi was able to resolve the fighting between Eridan and Sollux. As such, she finally gets to take the role of empress, with Sollux at her side. A muse of life had joined the merged session, and revived the Beforan trolls and their ancestors. Things seem to work together in harmony. This is a very casual au. Anyone can join, and nothing hurts. 

Today, let’s focus on God being our shield.
“For the LORD God is a sun and shield. (Psalm 84:11).“He will cover you with His feathers…His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart” (Psalm 91:4)“You are my hiding place and my shield.” (Psalm 119:114).
The word “shield” also means to protect, guard, defend and shelter. God protects us from harm’s way, guards us from danger, defends us, shelters us when we are weak, takes control of everything that comes our way. Nothing can touch us until it goes through God’s loving hands first. Even the most painful experiences have to first pass through His hands. Unless it is for our own good, He will not allow it.


D’Arch Is An Amazing Live Singer: Exhibit D

Everything & More, Album clip & Live clip


“ There’s nothing - you know - nothing else like music. Nothing that touches us on that, uh, that deep level. Music can open up so many emotions that we didn’t know we had. It’s the magical thing about musicals, you know, on the stage or on film or whatever. Love songs. They work so well because music touches us, emotionally, where words alone can’t. ”

When I see you I see infinity inside you. A beautiful storm that is so bold and magnificent yet deadly, waging war against your own being.

I will never romanticise this life. I want to tell you that one day all the pieces will fit together, and you will stumble upon a life of bliss. But you and I both know that is not true.
We can never escape the brokenness of the world for we are its vessels.

But oh how much beauty we can find in the wreckage. Some days we will feel completely whole, like nothing can touch us. But often we must chose to let the moment be perfect.
And then one day all these pieces will be gathered and restored to perfect completeness. And how small then will our mountains appear?

Until then, with our sunken bones we raise our heads, choosing to see beauty. Choosing to see ourselves standing on top of our mountain, with our fists raised above our heads in triumph. For we are more than conquerors.

—  RB, A letter to a friend, “You are so much more my dear”, @boundlessheightsanddepths