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Here’s two pictures that I had done as part of an art trade with a very good friend over at RidiculousCake, They’re his super-cute OC’s Basil (top) and Messy (bottom). He’s recently made a big jump from doing fan iterations of existing characters and has started to focus much more heavily on his own original content, and I am nothing but excited for what he’s going to do in the near and far future. Yall better get in on the ground floor and follow him now so you can be there when it all breaks!

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i don’t know how we’ll even begin to describe harry to future generations. they can watch videos, sure, but nothing will quite sum up the excitement of seeing a wacky new suit every concert or how he destroys gender norms and incorporates rainbows at every venue he plays at or hearing whatever surprise song he throws in the set list and his arbitrary rants about everything from moose to pizza toppings where he stops being a singer momentarily to turn into a stand-up comedian. i get to witness this modern-day 70s vampire enigma at his prime, growing and flourishing, at the time he’s doing it, with my own two blessed eyes.

“I remember it so well. I thought I was five years old, but there is a dated photograph and it turns out that I was three at the time.
My sister is four years older, and my parents let us go into this room, and there were two bicycles—a little one and a bigger one and the little bicycle was beautiful. It was purple and sparkly and it had little streamers on the handlebars. My first thought was, ‘Ah, such a beautiful bicycle!’ I was filled with awe at its beauty.
And my second thought—in fact it was almost immediate and tied to the first one—was, ‘Well, obviously this is not for me.’
I immediately shut down any expectations. I was certain that it was not for me, and I would probably get into trouble for even touching it. But then my mom said, ‘Come on, go ahead, sit on the bike.’
So I sat on the bicycle, and my mom was trying to take a picture to show my joy but I wasn’t feeling joy—I was anxious and confused.
My sister had already known about the bicycle, because she had peaked, and she was older, she knew better, so she played the game. She had this expression that says, ‘Oh my goodness this is amazing!’ and she has the big smile because she knows that’s the deal— the cost of the bike is to smile for the camera.
I was uncertain why my mom was making me sit on this bicycle and then, when I realized that it was mine—a gift for my third birthday—I felt this terrible sorrow and shame, that I was the sort of person who couldn’t just be grateful and happy that this beautiful bike was mine.
This probably sounds unbelievable to someone else—it sounds unbelievable to me—except I remember it so well. So she takes the photo and I’m smiling, but inside I was weeping really, really hard. I was barely hanging on to the smile and I was good at suppressing tears.
It was as if I was thinking ‘This is what I’ve come to?’ It sounds ridiculous if I am three, but that’s the best I can articulate it—I didn’t have the words. I felt sorrow that I was—not cynical, but so used to turning off desire and expecting not just nothing but expecting poor treatment. And the notion that something good could be for me was so foreign that I rejected it out of hand.
On top of that, I felt I had disappointed my mom because I was supposed to be excited like my sister.”

(Part II)

Canton, MA

Boyfriend! au - Yuto

I’m back with one of the Japanese princes of kpop… so enjoy :) 

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(sidenote: this comeback is killing me everyone looks so hot) 

  • ik cliche but stick with me
  • He’s the star pitcher everyone knows
  • Basically baseball prince of Japan everyone is IN LOVE
  • Including you but that’ll come later….
  • ANYWAYS gr8 guy that everyone just adores
  • You would expect someone as popular as he is to act like he’s hot shit & be an asshole to every1
  • Just admired by everyone for a good reason n he just giggles n accepts it
  • Really close bromance n dorm roomies n everything
  • Someone spread a rumor for like a week that they were dating n yuto just giggled n denied it as wooseok didn’t even deny it and looked smug af just to be a piece of shit
  • Just obviously super close n he makes it more obvious when he shouts from the dugout at every baseball game
  • Ok but yuto’s only flaw is that he’s one of those people that get wayyy into gym class
  • Which isn’t even that big of a flaw since he looks so cute n cool while doing it
  • Anyways he just took a basic gym class in college to keep himself fit n have fun
  • U took gym for motivation to become more healthy & fit but so far ur regretting taking this class
  • so u guys r playing a violent adult game of dodgeball totally adult-like ik
  • Basically like middle school all over again: girls on the side gushing how cute yuto is, other guys bein extra to get attention, & u tryin ur best but ur just not as physically capable
  • u ofc know yuto because of his reputation n u think he’s cute too ur not blind
  • But what u don’t know is that he knows u too he just quietly admires u in gym class

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Imagine Chris being extremely protective.

You and Dodger returned home from your morning walk to find Chris still fast asleep on the living room couch. He had spent the whole night reading ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ cover to cover for what felt like the millionth time since you told him you were pregnant; that was about four weeks ago. You didn’t understand why he was freaking out considering you were still in the early stages of your pregnancy; you were only twelve weeks and you didn’t even have a bump yet. But somehow your adorable husband was acting as though you were due any day now, in fact- if he found out you went on your morning walk, he’d flip.

“C'mon bud, let’s get you some food.” You told Dodger as you made your way to the kitchen; the pup trailed behind you, his tail wagging excitedly. You grabbed his kibble out of the pantry and poured it into a bowl, giving his head a quick scratch before leaving him to prepare your own breakfast.

You started with the coffee ‘cause you knew your husband needed it, then continued with your usual poached eggs and avocado on wholewheat toast. You had that almost everyday- if you weren’t having a smoothie- and while it was partially because you were health conscious, you genuinely enjoyed it. It had been like that ever since you were a little kid, you’ve always had a preference for the 'healthier’ foods which made things easy for your parents, and yourself when you got older.

After you had your breakfast, you made Chris’- scrambled eggs and bacon because he wasn’t as big a fan of avocado as you were; you poured him a mug of coffee then took both outside for him. He was awake now, just lying there because he was too tired to move. He heard footsteps and turned, spotting you and smiling.

“Morning handsome,” you smiled back. “Breakfast?”

“Yes please.” He sat up and quickly took the mug and plate from you; you sat down next to him and he kissed the side of your head before taking a sip of his coffee. “You do make a mean cup of coffee,” he told you and you chuckled softly. “Where’s yours?”

“You won’t let me drink coffee,” you reminded him in a teasing tone and he bit back his smile with a roll of his eyes. “And if you mean breakfast, Dodger and I have already had ours in the kitchen. We’re early risers, unlike some people.” You poked his side and he squirmed, chuckling.

“Does that mean you went on your walk?” He glanced back at you with a raised brow and you chuckled softly because you knew what was coming. “Y/N,” he sighed and you did the same. “I don’t mind you exercising and whatnot, I’d just prefer it if you let me come along. What if something happens to you? I know Dodger is a smart dog but- he can’t help you if it comes down to it.”

“Sweetheart,” you pressed your nose against his shoulder and mumbled into his shirt, “I’m only twelve weeks. I think I’m more than capable taking a walk without Captain America by my side. Relax,” you giggled when you heard him let out a weary chuckle. “I’m not that fragile, so stop treating me like a porcelain doll.”

“I wish I could,” he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “But now that you’re carrying our future child, you’ve become twice as precious to me.” He whispered and you smiled, hugging his arm. “So please, for the love of my anxious heart-” He chuckled when you looked up at him, biting back your smile. “Stop doing things that obviously worry me.”

“I wish I could,” you pressed a kiss to his jaw before you pulled away and rose to your feet.

“You wish you could?” He quizzed with narrowed eyes when you glanced back at him. “Y/N, I wasn’t giving you a friendly suggestion. I was telling you- as your husband- that you need to stop doing things that worry me.”

“You know I can’t do that,” you shook your head with a smile that made his frown deepened. “Chris-” you cut yourself off, laughing. “Everything worries you,” you told him and his face softened because you were right. “You won’t even let me clean the house, Chris. Not that I’m complaining but-” you chuckled, “do you see my point?”

“Cleaning the house is hard work and I-” he cut himself off when you shot him a weary look. “Okay, I see your point. But…” He trailed off and rose to his feet, reaching for your hand and pulling you towards him. “Everything I’m doing or- stoping you from doing,” he chuckled when you smiled. “It’s because I love you.”

“I know,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I just wish you’d be a little less protective and irrational otherwise these next six months are going to be incredibly exhausting, not just for me- but for you too.”

“You know I don’t mean to be, but I can’t help it when it comes to you. You are the largest love of my life, Y/N. I was protective over you even before you were pregnant, did you really expect me to dial it down once you started carrying the second largest love of my life?”

“A girl can hope,” you joked and he chuckled. “You know your mom’s going to be heartbroken when she hears that she’s moved down to third place,” you teased and his chuckle turned into laughter.

“To be fair, she moved me down first.” He countered. “And I’m just going to keep moving down when our little bundle of joy joins the Evans’ household.” His hands moved over your still fairly flat belly. “When do we find out if it’s a boy or a girl?”

“You tell me, you’re the one who’s been reading all those pregnancy books.” You reminded him and he chuckled. “I think it’s around eighteen to twenty weeks. But I don’t think it matters, we’re going to love the little bug no matter the gender.”

“That’s true.” He descended to his knees in front of you and pressed a gentle kiss on your stomach. You smiled and ran a hand over his fluffy hair. “Hi baby, it’s your daddy speaking. Your mommy and I are extremely excited to meet you, so much so that these next six months are going to be excruciating. It doesn’t help that your mommy keeps doing things that keeps me on my toes,” he glanced up at you and you chuckled. “She really is a stubborn one, I can only hope you’re nothing like her on that matter.”

“Jerk,” you bit playfully, gently smacking the top of his head.

“But I do hope you’re like her in every other way,” he whispered and you smiled. “Rest easy, little one.” He said as you pulled him back up onto his feet; he smiled as you pressed your lips against him, giving him a tender kiss. “Where are you going?” He asked when you broke the kiss and pulled away.

“I’ve got laundry to do,” you answered.

“Yeah, that’s not happening.” He grabbed you from behind and hugged you tightly, drawing laughter from you. “You are going to do absolutely nothing for the next six months as long as I’m around,” he mumbled into the crook of your neck; his beard tickling you.

“I guess I don’t have to do you either,” you teased.

“With me being the exception, of course.”

Socks On // Jack Maynard

A/N: wrote this back when the Maynards and Josh lived together. 

“Jack are you sure you aren’t an actual cat?” I ask my boyfriend, looking down at him from my position on his bed. His head is on my lap, his floppy hair lays messily across me with my fingers petting it simply. “I’m surprised you aren’t purring.” Jack chuckles lightly. I continue to scroll through my Instagram and checking my Snapchats. Jack hums as my fingers weave intricately through his blonde locks. 

“Do you have to go anywhere today?” He asks me, looking up from his phone. I shake my head happily. “Good.” He says with a simple smile. 

“But I’m not staying like this all day,” I move from my position, Jacks head falls to the bed as my feet fall to the ground. 

“Hey!” He exclaims in annoyance.

“Come on, I’m hungry.” I tell him. But instead of getting up, he rolls onto his stomach and watches me move about his room wearing nothing but socks.

“I didn’t realise you still had your socks on.” Jack says laughing. I look down at the black material on my feet. 

“Well I was very excited to see you and I didn’t have time to take them off.” I smile as I bend over to pick up his t-shirt from last night. A smirk appears on my face when I see his tongue slide across his bottom lip. “Can I wear this?” I ask Jack, who snaps out of his head and nods. After slipping his top over my head I search for his boxers. Once they’re on too, I make my way out of Jacks room and into the rest of the Maynard/Pieters place.  

“Morning Y/N.” Conor greets me as I walk into the kitchen. I wave back also nodding to the tall ginger guy next to him. They appear to be looking at a picture on Josh’s phone. 

“What you looking at?” I ask. “AHHH!” Suddenly, I let out a scream as two hands grab my waist and spin me around. A beautiful laugh escapes my capturer. Jack plonks me down in front of him, still laughing. I scowl at him, trying to hide the smile creeping onto my lips.

“Have I told you yet that you look stunning today?” His fingers twiddle with the bottom of my hair. I shake my head. 

“But you can tell me now.” I say close to his lips, snaking my arms around his neck whilst his wrap my body up. 

“Y/N you look absolutely stunning today and just thinking about last night…” Jack leads off and I kiss his lips hard and passionately. Disgusted sounds come from Conor and Josh but I feel Jack stick his middle finger up at them. I take his tongue on an adventure to prove my point to the other two boys: Jack is mine and I’m proud and don’t give a shit what others think. Jack seems to enjoy it though, moaning slightly into my mouth. Smirking at this, I slide my leg up against his and my fingers begin to tickle the back of his neck. The door is knocked, but I’m not letting go of Jack. Conor quickly jumps out of the awkward scene I have created to open the door. 

“Oh shit,” Joe says laughing as he walks in, seeing the scene Conor was trying to escape. “Hey guys.” I pull away from Jack. Our eyes not leaving each other’s. People begin to move around us, but the stunning blue orbs are locked on mine and I can’t seem to find a key to unlock them. But Joe can. An airborne shoe hits Jacks leg. We both turn to look at the show, then to the owner. “Sorry didn’t mean to throw it that hard, but can you get me a drink please. Thanks.” Joe gives us a thumbs up and turns back to his convocation with Josh. I roll my eyes and laugh as Jack mopes over to the fridge. Joe smiles at me when I sit besides him. A massive yawn suddenly overtakes my face. 

“Whoa someone didn’t get much sleep last night did they?” Joe laughs acting like my large exhale flattened him against the sofa.

“Mate you should of heard them.” Josh mutters sipping on his drink. I blush with a small smirk. My boyfriend reappears in the room with a smirk also on his lips. 

“Yeah boi, I like to make mine scream.” Jack sits across from me. The memories of last night make me blush harder. Shit I forgot people could of heard me. “What else is new?” Jack asks still with that cocky grin.

“That mark on your neck.” Joe replies. Jacks fingers brush against his neck, hovering over a red/purple mark lies, he smiles over at me. Modestly, I look down into my lap with a smirk, I am happy with my work. 

😊Stressed Out Trip Home (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Hi! Can I get a gray imagine where he gets really stressed out, and he ends up taking y/n to jersey with him and showing her all of his childhood places and takes her to meet the family please!

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you guys like this! This was more about Y/N meeting his family, but still enjoy! Requests are Open! 

“Grayson relax.” I said as I was sitting on his bed. He was currently stressing out over some rumors going around about him and Ethan on twitter.

“We didn’t hook up with anyone! We aren’t doing drugs! We aren’t quitting Youtube! Who starts these rumors?” Grayson panics as he furiously clicks with his mouse.

“Baby shhhh it’s okay they’re just rumors.” I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his shoulder holding him tightly. He rests his head against my arm before pushing his seat back causing me to let go.

“Wanna meet my family?” He asks taking my hands in his. I cock my head confused at him. “I’m serious Y/N. Whenever I get super stressed I fly to Jersey to clear my head. Y/N let’s go. We’ll be back by Monday in time for classes. Come on.” Grayson begs and I think for a minute. Today was Friday so we would be gone for about two days. I’ve never met Grayson’s parents either. I’ve only ever hung out with E and Cam on occasion. However, the fact Grayson wants me to meet his family makes my heart flutter. I looked into his brown eyes and his white smile. He gives my hands a gentle kiss. I knew my answer.

“Let’s do it.” Grayson jumped up and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Great because I just got our plane tickets and we leave at 3 so be ready.” He says before he runs out of the room to pack.


“And this is where Ethan and I went to school for a little bit.” Grayson says as he’s showing me around his home town. We left LA around 3pm and it took about 5 hours to get here on just a straight flight. We crashed at a hotel because I wasn’t ready to meet his family just yet. This morning we woke up nice and early and drove around New Jersey this morning. We went to an old diner that he used to eat at every Sunday morning with his family. We just drove by his old school and now we were going to a park that he would go to whenever he needed inspiration or anything. After the park I think we would be heading to his house after the park too and I could feel the butterflies trying to break free from my stomach. I haven’t met Grayson’s parents at all and I was so worried to hear what they would think of me. Ethan told me not to worry and that they already loved me because Grayson did. Still, things can change.

“When’s dinner?” I asked snapping out of my thoughts. Grayson just chuckled as he took my hand in his and gave the back of my hand a gentle kiss.

“Babe you don’t have to be nervous for it. I’ve already told them about you and they are so excited to meet you. You have nothing to worry about.” He says rubbing his thumb on top of my hand. I felt a little bit of relief, but I still worried.

“Okay I’m just worried. What if they try and convince you that we shouldn’t be together? What if they think we are bad together? What if–”

“Babe.” Grayson cuts me off. “Come on.” Grayson gets out of the car and I do the same. He walks to my side and gives me the biggest hug he’s ever given me before. He slightly pushes me against the car. His head rests in the crook between my neck and my shoulder. His hug feels so nice and warm. “Don’t worry okay? We came here to get away from the stress.

They’re going to love you. Please stop worrying.” He mumbles into my shoulder, but I understand every word. Hearing him attempt to calm my nerves made me melt. He was always so thoughtful and caring with everyone. That’s probably why he’s so stressed all the time is he’s worrying about pleasing everyone else before taking care of himself. I interlocked my arms under his so they wrapped around his shoulders while I buried my face in his chest.

“I love you Gray.” I said as he stroked his hand up and down my back.

“I love you too Y/N and that’s why I want you to meet my family so they can love you as much as I do.” He says as he kisses my lips softly. I kiss him back which makes him pull away smiling. “Well maybe not that much.” He says as we both started laughing. “Come on, I’ll show you the monkey bars that Ethan pushed me off of and broke my collarbone in second grade.” He takes my hand leading me to the park. We climbed in jungle gym, slid down the slides, played hop scotch, and he even helped me on the monkey bars. We laughed and just had an overall good time. We hung out at the park for a few hours before going to Grayson’s favorite ice cream shop and having dessert before going to his parents house. As we pulled in the driveway I could feel my stomach knotting up again. Grayson must have sensed my nerves rising, because he took my hand in his and rubbed his thumb softly. He then leaned over the console and kissing my lips with a little force but he was oh so gentle. “Ready?” He asks smiling. I nodded. We got out of the car and he took my hand in his and we walked up to the front door. He gave me a kiss on the cheek before he opened the door.

“Mom! Dad!” He hollers as a woman walks out from the kitchen. She has dark hair which lightens at the ends. She was smiling wide.

“Gray! How are you?” She comes up and gives him a hug which he gives on back. She pulls away and looks to me. “And you must be the famous Y/N Grayson always tells us about. I’m Lisa, Gray’s mom, and Sean is somewhere around here. You kids go sit at the table. Dinner is almost done.” She tells us and we do just that. I sit next to Grayson who starts to put food on his plate.

“Ahem.” We hear a man clear his throat looking at us. “I know you are not serving yourself before feeding your girl. That’s not how we raised you.” I started chuckling softly and Grayson looked worried.

“No of course not sir.” Grayson says and he grabs my plate and he starts to pile mashed potatoes and some chicken on to it.

“That’s what I thought. Hello there I’m Sean, also known as Grayson’s dad.” He introduced walking over to me. Lisa then walks in the kitchen too.

“Hey I’m Y/N.” I said awkwardly.

“Yes Y/N we know all about you. If Grayson isn’t telling us about you, then Ethan or Cam is.” Lisa says as she sits next to Sean who was sitting at the head of the table. We all sit around and have little conversation here and there. Grayson’s hand was on mine under the table and he would squeeze every so often to reassure me everything was fine.

“You are the first girl Grayson has ever brought home to meet us believe it or not.” Sean says and Grayson snaps a look to his dad. I smile and I could feel myself blushing.

“Dad.” Grayson groans.

“Yeah Grayson has never been smooth with the ladies. Ethan and him are both pretty awkward kids. I mean look at their father.” Lisa says laughing. Sean looks to her while Gray buries his face in his hands. This time I give him a reassuring squeeze. He looks to me which I crack a smile for him.

“Yeah but in the end I got the coolest girl I know and that’s what my sons will do. I mean it looks like he’s already following in my steps. Look at Y/N. She’s a sweet peach.” Sean says which sends Grayson and I into a fit of laughter.

“Yeah you’re right honey.” Lisa leans in and give Sean a kiss on his cheek which makes me gawk.

“You two are so cute.” I said blushing.

“Well so are you two. You know when I first met Sean’s parents he would squeeze my hand too when I felt nervous.” Lisa says sipping her water. I immediately turn red and I feel embarrassed. “Don’t worry honey we love you. You have no reason to be nervous. Grayson is definitely happier with you and that’s all we want in the end is for him to be happy. Plus, you’re absolutely stunning.” She says which makes me sigh in relief.

“That’s so sweet of you guys to say. I really do like Grayson a lot. You guys did a wonderful job raising him.” I said sounding really awkward.

“Well thank you. We can only do so much. And don’t worry honey he really likes you too. He tells us all the time. He says ‘guys Y/N is honestly so perfect’ or ‘she means everything to me wow I love her’ or sometimes–” Grayson interrupts.

“Alright mom we really need to head out. We’ve had a busy day so we’re going to bed so we can escape this conversation.” He says before pulling my hand to stand with him. His parents give us a hug goodbye, not before Lisa showed me baby pictures of Grayson like him in the tub or just in a diaper.

“It was great meeting you guys.” I said which Lisa gave me a big hug.

“It was great to finally meet the girl Grayson won’t stop talking about. Everything he told us about you does no justice because you are too amazing for words.” Lisa says giving me another hug.

“Don’t be a strange now you two. We love you.” Sean says and Grayson and I walk to the car.

“I love you guys.” Grayson says which I wave goodbye as we sit in his car. We start driving away to the hotel which I look to Grayson.

“I love you so much. Your family is so great.” I said and he takes my hand and kisses the back of it while keeping one hand on the wheel.

“I love you too and I’m pretty sure they love you too. I mean you are the first girl I’ve brought home.” He says shrugging which makes me laugh.

“Well I feel special. I hope this trip relieved your stress.” I said which makes him nod.

“I’m here with you, I got to show you around my hometown, and my parents absolutely love you. If that didn’t relieve my stress I don’t know what will.” He looks to me out the corner of his eye. “I hope you enjoyed Jersey Y/N. I do want to bring you back many times from now.”

“As long as I’m with you I’m ready for anything.” I said kissing his cheek as he parks the car and we walk up to our room and we change into our pajamas. I cuddle into Grayson who has his arm wrapped around me tightly as we drift off to sleep.

Xx Thanks for the request :)

THE GIFTENING 2016: The Unsung Hero

While I’m waiting for things to happen before going back in, I thought I’d take a moment now, as we move into the twilight of this year’s GIFTENING, to shine a spotlight on Hubby.

I expanded this year to a full fifteen days of content, which then ballooned to nearly a month. For almost the entirety of February, this has been what I’ve done, over twelve hours a day with only the barest minimum of pauses. It’s been rewarding, but undeniably grueling, and it’s come with assorted phases of exhaustion and crankiness and other emotions that are a joy to deal with under the best of circumstances.

Which is one thing, but it’s also taken me away from doing MUCH OF ANYTHING ELSE, from keeping up with basic household chores to just spending time with anyone that wasn’t on my schedule.

Hubby wasn’t on my schedule.

For almost a month, he’s shouldered everything. Laundry, dishes, cooking, most Mina-related activities in the evening that weren’t her sprawled in my lap and napping. All this, on top of a job that can sometimes be very intense and high-pressured. All this, with nothing but a smile and hug and excitement for catching up on what I’d done and written during the day.

And then, after a month of this, when he gets a weekend to relax, what does he do but spend it pointing an iPad at me for hours and cleaning up the kitchen ten times a day.

Mike has been nothing less than supportive and enthusiastic for anything I’ve wanted to do, and as taxing and tiring as I know THE GIFTENING has been for him – I KNOW – he’s never let any of it show.

A moment, if you have one to spare, for @thehubby. This couldn’t possibly have been what it was without him, and neither am I.

Imagine meeting your son. (Part A)

A/N: Ahhhh, Part 5A! You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D)

Chris sat in the bed with his outstretched legs crossed at the ankles and his back pressed against the headboard. It was 6:23AM; he and Dodger were meant to be leaving for their daily run in exactly seven minutes, but he was yet to get out of bed. He was watching you get some much needed sleep after an entire night of tossing and turning- a figurative expression as you were nine months pregnant. You’d been warned that the beginning and the end of a pregnancy were the worst, but nothing could’ve prepared you for the level of discomfort you were in. Braxton Hicks was an absolute bitch that Dr. McCullough repeatedly spoke to the two of you about; she knew you and she didn’t want Chris to make unnecessary trips to the hospital just because you had a contraction. Every time she saw you, she’d remind you that “not all contractions mean the baby is coming.” You tried to keep that in mind, but every time you had a contraction- that was your first thought and you’d start panicking.

It was pretty clear you weren’t mentally ready to go into labor and give birth even though you were sick of being pregnant. You were scared and it was understandable seeing as this was your first baby. How badly was it going to hurt? Were you going to poop on the table? What if there were complications while you were trying for a natural birth and had to have an emergency c-section? How badly was that going to hurt? What if something happened while you were in surgery and you died? What was going to happen to Chris? Then there was your worst fear of something happening to Jack because what were you going to do if you lost your first baby? How were you going to recover from that?

Chris knew how scared and worried you were about it all. Ever since the two of you returned from Sebastian and Ava’s wedding in New York and Emilia forced you to take your maternity leave, you’d only your pregnancy on your mind. That had its pros and cons because while you could prepare yourself for parenthood, you could also let your anxiety chew away at you. From the questions you’d asked yourself and Chris, it was clear it was chewing away pretty quickly. Chris was great though, he remained calm and reassuring. He even said all the right things: “I’m going to be there and I’m going to hold your hand, okay?”, “Nothing bad is going to happen, you are going to have a safe and uncomplicated birth.”, “I won’t lie, it will hurt. But at the end of all that pain, we’re going to have a baby boy and it’s going to be worth it.”, and “I’m still going to think you’re beautiful even if you poop on the table while giving birth.” That he saved for last because he knew it would make you laugh.

“Good morning,” Chris whispered gently, brushing your hair out of your face while you stirred from your restless sleep. You stretched as much as your body would allow, whining when dull aches stabbed at your lower back. “I know, sweetheart.” He sighed, soothingly running his hand up and down your arm. “It’ll be over soon, okay? It’s already the thirteenth and Jack’s supposedly due tomorrow, I’m sure it’s any day now.”

And that was the other reason Chris wasn’t getting ready for his run; he was scared you’d go into labor while he was out, even if it was just for half an hour. As the date got closer, he got more paranoid about leaving you alone. You were playing it cool because you didn’t want him to lose too much of his daily routines, but he knew you. It was kind of a no-brainer, you’ve had panic attacks about less. You would definitely have a panic attack if your water broke while he wasn’t around, even if you were already at the hospital with Dr. McCullough.

“What time is it?” You changed the subject because you didn’t want to think about giving birth right now; your chest tightened at the thought of it. You caught sight of the hands on the clock before Chris could answer you. “Why are you-” You were cut off by a sudden contraction; you adjusted your position and breathed through it like every other one you’d had so far thanks to Braxton Hicks.

“Should I be timing these?”

“No,” you shook your head. “They’re irregular, it’s not- no, they’re just Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s nothing to worry about.” You told him, but you were addressing yourself more. You didn’t want to go into labor yet, you were not ready. Jack was due tomorrow, you’d be ready tomorrow. “Why are you still in bed?” You asked then looked over the edge of your side of the bed; Dodger was no longer sleeping on the floor. “Dodger’s probably downstairs waiting for you.”

“He is,” Chris nodded.

“So go for your run,” you told him.

“I don’t really feel like it today,” he lied.

“I’m not going into labor until tomorrow.”

“No no no,” he corrected you with a chuckle. “You’re not due until tomorrow, but you can go into labor at any time.” You rolled your eyes, forcing yourself to breath as you ignored the uncomfortable feeling your anxiety was leaving in the back of your throat. “It’s not a big deal, we’ll just skip it today. The ground’s wet anyway.”

“Just because I’m due tomorrow doesn’t mean I’ll have the baby tomorrow, you can’t change daily routines to accommodate my pregnancy. And you sure as hell can’t be by my side twenty-four-seven,” you told him and he smirked. “Chris,” you laughed at his ‘wanna bet?’ face. “Go for your run,” you urged and he sighed. “I’m just going back to sleep, nothing exciting is going to happen. Jack knows how much I like things going according to plan,” you rested your hand on your belly. “He won’t be out today.”

“Fine,” he said after a long pause. “My phone will be with me, so you can me if you need anything.” You nodded and he leaned over to kiss your forehead. “I’ll be back in half an hour, forty minutes tops.” You nodded again, yawning as you closed your eyes. “Okay?” You nodded again, snuggling your pillow. “You’ll call if-”

“Oh my God,” your eyes opened and you laughed. “Yes, I’m going to call you if I need anything and you’re going to be back in half an hour, forty minutes tops.” He chuckled, getting out of bed. “Just go, I’m going to be fine. Don’t Geminis hate clingy people?”

“They don’t hate clingy people, they just like personal freedom.” He answered your rhetorical question as he walked over to the dresser to get a change of clothes; you laughed. “You know, if we’re bringing star signs into the conversation- aren’t Virgos secretly attention seeking?”

“I don’t think I’m ever secretive when it comes to wanting attention,” you quipped and it was his turn to laugh. “And I’m also not secretive when it comes to wanting to sleep, so if you’d just go for your run so I can have some peace and quite- that’d be lovely.” He rolled his eyes and entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him. “Thank you,” you called.

“You’re welcome,” he sang back, referencing Dwayne Johnson’s song in ‘Moana’ which the two of you watched again yesterday night. You giggled then dozed off, listening as he continued to sing to himself behind the closed door.

Chris brushed his teeth and changed then exited the bathroom, smiling when he saw you’d fallen asleep. He checked on you again before he took his leave, gently kissing your forehead. He then grabbed his phone, EarPods, and arm band, and slid his phone into the case as he made his way downstairs. Dodger was already waiting by the door, looking up at his leash. He allowed Dodger to drink some water before he leashed him in preparation for their run, drinking a glass of water himself. As they were making their way out of the house and towards the road, Dodger abruptly stopped which jerked Chris to a stop too.

“What’s wrong, pal?” Chris asked. Dodger glanced back at the house then yanked his leash out of Chris’ grip, sprinting back in the direction they’d come. Chris ran after him, “Dodger! Dodger, what are you-” Before he could finish his sentence, he remembered that dogs had a sixth sense about things. “Y/N!” He sped up, scrambling his keys from his back pocket. “Move!” He instructed Dodger who had been scratching at the door and fumbled with the lock. “Babe, I’m coming!” He successfully unlocked the door and ran inside. Dodger bolted up the stairs with Chris right on his tail. When they came to the bedroom, you were wide awake and on your feet with tears in your eyes. “Hey,” Chris rushed to your side, taking your hands in his. “What is it?”

“C-Chris, my w-water broke.”

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Part 5B

anonymous asked:

Could you please possibly do the rfa+v+unknown finding out mc died during child birth(thanks in advance)

im apologize for the wait, but i made myself cry while writing it so

small amounts of blood warning?

~fem MC


  •  all he could hear was shouting
  • shouting from the other side of the door
  • he should be in that room….
  • the nurses shoved him out, told him to wait outside
  • so he waited
  • he waited and waited
  • he chewed his nails down till his fingertips bled
  • for hours he waited, stomach twisting in knots
  • his child was being born, for christ sake. he should be there 
  • “Mr. Kim?”
  • he stands up so quick a few other people in the waiting room flinch
  • “please come with me”
  • Yoosung follows the nurse, excitement coursing through his veins
  • he cant believe this, it feels like a dream
  • he’s finally starting a family with the woman he loves
  • would the baby look like him? or her? boy? or girl?
  • he could barley contain himself, walking through the halls of the hospital
  • he could see it now: MC might look a little rough when he saw her
  • but she was going to be in bed, holding their child
  • she’ll probably look like an angel…
  • his angel
  • but when he comes into MC’s room
  • she not there…
  • a nurse who was sitting on the bed stands and hands Yoosung a baby wrapped in soft pink cloth
  • he smiles at Yoosung
  • “congratulations Mr. Kim. it’s a girl”
  • he takes the baby but doesnt look at her yet
  • “where’s my wife?”
  • the nurse’s smile falls off of his face
  • “i’m very sorry, we did all we could…”
  • Yoosung feels a lump for in his throat
  • d…did all they could….?
  • “i’m afraid your wife didnt make it through childbirth”
  • no, no
  • this cant be happening
  • this isnt real
  • he drifted off in the waiting room and he’s dreaming
  • …right?
  • Yoosungs vision blurs as tears come to his eyes
  • wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up
  • Yoosung sits on the hospital bed, his daughter still in his arms
  • he looks down at her, tears streaming down his cheeks
  • she looks at him, her face expressionless
  • “are….are you real?”
  • he whispers to her
  • Yoosung places his index finger into the palm of his daughters tiny hand
  • her whole hand wrappes around his finger, squeezing it
  • “my daughter…our daughter”
  • Yoosung closes his eyes
  • his body shudders with sobs as he sits in the bed, crying with his daughter cradled in his arms
  • he opens them again
  • “funny, i’m crying more than my newborn daughter”
  • as Yoosung looks at her, he notices her eyes are the same deep hazel color as MC’s
  • she’s got her mothers eyes…
  • Yoosung feels as if someone just stabbed him in the gut
  • but he has a daughter now
  • a daughter!
  • a beautiful daughter…she’s so beautiful
  • Yoosung just lost the woman he loved the most, more than anything in the world
  • but he has someone new to love now
  • he has to stay strong, for MC
  • he wont let her down
  • “i love you so much, Ji Yeon”


  • Zen was really about to punch a doctor in the face
  • when things started getting intense while MC was giving birth, one of the nurses asked him to leave
  • “why the hell should i leave?! i’m her husband, for crying out loud! you leave!”
  • MC gripped his hand as hard as she could
  • she was screaming and begging the nurses to let him stay
  • “Zen! no! please, dont leave me Zen!”
  • Zen tried his hardest to hold onto MC but was ultimately forced out of the     room, his wife slipping out of his grasp
  • the nurses try to get him to wait in the lobby area, but he refuses
  • he’s staying put right outside the door where he can hear everything
  • they arent going to keep him out of the loop, not if he can help it
  • the voices are muffled but he can still barley make out words
  • push, pu–
  • sounds normal
  • –e’s not resp–ding
  • what, what the hell?
  • get her t- the ER
  • the ER????
  • it’s no use
  • alright, he’s sick of being on the outs
  • Zen bursts into the room
  • he finds MC on the bed, blood soaking her lower half and the bed underneath her
  • he runs to her side and grabs her hand
  • “Z….Zen…?”
  • he frantically responds, squeezing her hand more
  • “its me, Zen. im right here baby. i’m right here. just hold on, alright? just hold my hand”
  • she could barley keep her fingers wrapped around his
  • “i..i dont..”
  • “sweetheart, save your strength, alright? just keep holding my hand”
  • “i have…a name…”
  • “oh, y-you picked a name?”
  • “Zen, call our baby girl…Chaeyoung”
  • Zen smiles, tears forming in his eyes
  • “thats a beautiful name, MC”
  • “i’m…sorry…”
  • Zen leans forward and squeezes her hand again, pleading with her to hold on. telling her she doesnt have to apologize. 
  • she tells him she loves him one last time and closes her eyes
  • her hand relaxes in Zens
  • “sweetheart, no…”
  • he brings her hand to his forehead, body shaking with sobs
  • “sweetheart…no…”
  • Zen was sobbing when he heard the sound of a baby crying
  • he looked up, wiping tears away to clear his vision
  • a nurse was standing, holding his child in a pink flowery blanket
  • “i think she wants to meet her father”
  • Zen looks up, tears streaming down his face
  • sh…she…?
  • he stands and takes the baby into his arms
  • he wipes away more tears
  • “it’s nice to not have to cry alone, today…”
  • the baby stopped for a moment to look at him with her deep red eyes
  • “i knew you’d be beautiful”
  • his daughter reaches out to him, and he lets her grab onto his finger with her little hand
  • “we can do this together, Chaeyoung”


  • the drive to the hospital was rough for MC, but even still, Jaehee cant help but crack a smile every once in awhile on the way there
  • she’s been waiting for this day for years
  • its taken so much to get here
  • hundreds of dollars, more than a few nights spent crying, a long hard process involving sperm donors and what felt like thousands of doctors appointments
  • but after everything her and MC have been through
  • the day is finally here
  • the day she starts a family with her lovely, lovely wife
  • the happiest day of her life
  • Jaehee knows the yelling and pain should probably be stressing her out but she cant help but feel anything but excited
  • we’re going to have a baby…we’re finally going to have a baby
  • when her and MC got to the hospital, she was rushed away but Jaehee was left behind
  • she was honestly furious but everything was so chaotic and she didnt want to get in the way…
  • this wasnt good. why wouldnt they let her near MC?
  • why are they trying to take her away from the moment she’s been waiting for for years??
  • Jaehee sits in the waiting room, trying to hold back tears
  • soon her wait will be over
  • soon she’ll be with her love, and her newborn baby
  • soon Jaehee will be with her family
  • another half hour passes by before a nurse comes into the waiting room
  • “is Mrs. Kang here?”
  • she stands
  • “i’m Ms. Kang. how is MC? can i see her?”
  • “if you’ll join me in the hallway, miss, i have something to tell you”
  • the nurse tells Jaehee about what happened to MC while she was giving birth
  • the nurse told Jaehee that MC had passed away
  • passed away…?
  • Jaehee’s vision was instantly blurred with tears and she knelt down on the ground
  • she lifted her hands to cover her mouth as her body started to shake with sobs
  • passed away
  • she’s gone
  • her best friend
  • her shining light
  • her inspiration
  • the mother of her child….
  • gone
  • the nurse leans down
  • “when you’re ready, you can see your son, Ms. Kang. he’s a very healthy baby. i’m sorry for your loss”
  • Jaehee looks up, wiping tears away from her eyes
  • “did you say…son?”
  • Jaehee feels a warmth grow inside of her as if her shining light was returning
  • she starts to sob again, but this time she smiles, too
  • she has a son…
  • she has a family


  • he’s going to be a father
  • oh my god its really happening
  • he’s going to be a father!!
  • and his MC is going to be a mother!!
  • they mother of his child!!
  • his very own child!!
  • driving MC to the hospital, Jumin finally understands why people say the day their child was born is the happiest day of their life
  • he always thought nothing would top the day he married MC
  • but right now, he feels so excited he might explode
  • when they get to the hospital, MC is yelling in pain and Jumin just kind of says to the entire room
  • “my wife is giving birth, someone help us please”
  • him and MC are taken into a room where the baby will be delivered
  • she lays down on the bed, gripping Jumin’s hand
  • “Jumin, i dont know if i can do this”
  • oh, oh he’s read about what to do here
  • “sweetheart, you can do this. i’ll be right here the whole time cheering you on. you just push and squeeze my hand, okay?”
  • she nods up at him
  • the nurse starts telling MC to push, and Jumin feels her squeezing his hand
  • he encourages her
  • suddenly the nurses in the room start saying things he cant understand and one of them starts pushing him out
  • woah, no way
  • Jumin has never left MC before
  • he’s always kept her close
  • there was no way in hell he was going to leave her now
  • he tries to ask whats going on but the nurses just continue to urge him out
  • he tells MC not to worry and that he’ll be standing right outside the door
  • Jumin feels like he’s going to vomit
  • he can hear some muffled noises through the door
  • he can hear a baby crying through the door
  • oh my god
  • thats his baby
  • Jumin opens the door of the room
  • he sees a nurse with his baby, blood, and MC laying in her bed
  • her eyes were closed
  • she wasnt moving
  • “Sir, please wait outsid-”
  • “what…what happened in here?”
  • Jumin looks around the room, anger burning in him
  • this better not be what he thinks it is
  • this…..this cant be what he thinks it is….
  • “your wife…she didnt make it”
  • Jumin looks at MC laying on the bed, her image blurred by forming tears
  • “are you…”
  • he goes to MC’s bedside and grabs her hand
  • he whispers to her, pleading 
  • “dearest, you have to wake up. our baby is here”
  • “he’s here”
  • one of the nurses says, and hands Jumin a baby wrapped in light blue cloth
  • Jumin takes the baby in his arms, tears streaming down his face
  • he looks at his son
  • “MC, you have to wake up and see our baby boy”
  • he can barley choke out words through his sobs
  • “he’s got eyes just like yours….”
  • Jumin reaches out and brushes some hair out of MC’s face
  • “you have to wake up and pick a name with me…”
  • Jumin decides to pick a name that serves as a tribute to the person who brought him and MC together
  • a friend who helped him become the happiest he’s ever been
  • a good friend, who’s life was cut short by cruel fate
  • “welcome to the world, Jihyun”


  • “whats wrong babe? are you having another contraction?”
  • “yea…”
  • “oh my god”
  • “what??? why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost?”
  • Seven drives 90 in a 60 mph zone on the way to the hospital and MC threatens to kill him id they get pulled over
  • a few years ago he never thought this would be possible
  • he thought he was going to spend his entire life alone, feeling meaningless, feeling hidden, feeling replaceable
  • family was a luxury he couldnt afford
  • but now he’s driving his wife to the hospital, and she’s pregnant, and she’s about to give birth and
  • oh my god???
  • today, Sevens wildest dream come true
  • he’d love to go back in time and see the look on his face if only he could tell himself “in a few years you’re going to be a dad”
  • he laughs just thinking about it
  • all your dreams come true today, Saeyoung
  • he bursts into the hospital, yelling
  • he feels like he could run a marathon
  • when MC is about to start the process, he asks her a question
  • “alright, you ready?”
  • “no”
  • “me either”
  • “lets do this”
  • MC starts yelling when its time to push and Seven gets nervous and starts yelling too and the nurses have to tell him to shut up
  • after a few minutes the nurses start urging him to leave the room
  • “Seven, its alright, you can go. we’ll be together soon”
  • “MC i cant leave you now. i wont”
  • she grabs Seven’s hand and kisses it
  • “trust me”
  • Seven reluctantly leaves
  • he should be in there, cheering MC on….
  • Seven paces in the hall
  • until after what feels like 5 hours, a nurse emerges from MC’s room
  • “Mr. Choi?”
  • “whats up? any news?”
  • “well…i’m sorry to let you know that MC didnt make it through the delivery process”
  • Seven stares at the nurse for a good few seconds, then shakes his head
  • wh-what?
  • “what?”
  • “you’re the father of a healthy baby girl, Mr. Choi, but your wife passed during childbirth. i’m very sorry for your loss”
  • Seven leans against the wall, eyes fixed on the ground as his world turns into a blur
  • “are you…are you fucking serious right now..?”
  • “i’ll give you some time”
  • the nurse goes back into the room, and Seven starts whispering to himself
  • “this cant be happening this cant be happening this can be happening”
  • with every time he repeats the phrase, Seven feels his gut twist more and more, and his body crumples to the ground
  • he suddenly repeats the phrase once with a loud voice, and pushes the wall
  • a pain runs all the way up his forearm as his fist comes into contact with the wall
  • he punches it again
  • and again
  • until the skin on his knuckles breaks
  • maybe he can never be happy
  • maybe he wasnt meant to have a good life
  • maybe he was meant to stay in the shadows forever, as someone people only knew temporarily
  • “Mr. Choi?”
  • he stands and turns to see the same nurse standing with a baby pink bundle of blanket in her arms
  • “i thought you might want to see your daughter”
  • “my-my daughter?”
  • Seven takes the bundle from the nurse and looks at his sleeping baby girl, sniffling
  • she has some brown hair
  • and a tiny little nose
  • and Seven cant help but smile, looking at her
  • “well, hello there m’lady”
  • he whispers, and wipes a tear away from his cheek
  • “you kind of look like your mom…”
  • “thats a compliment, trust me”
  • Seven takes his fingers and places it into the tiny palm of his daughters hand, letting her fingers curl around his
  • “i’m going to miss her so much but….we have each other now, right?”
  • she continues to sleep, her little mouth hanging open slightly
  • Seven giggles and wipes away another tear
  • “i’ll take that as a yes, sweetheart”


  • he is so nervous about today
  • he’s read so many books
  • and so many articles
  • but now its really happening
  • on the car ride he stars mumbling to himself
  • “breathe, V, breathe”
  • “hey, shouldnt you be trying to calm me down? i’m the one giving birth today!!”
  • V laughs a little and grabs MC’s hand
  • “you right, sweetheart. i guess i’m just really nervous”
  • “i’m nervous too, but we can do this together, just like we’ve done everything else”
  • V pulls up to a red light and quickly leans over to kiss MC on the cheek
  • “you’re right. lets do this together”
  • V grabs MC’s hands to help her out of the car, and they dont let go of each other for a second
  • that is, until V is forced to leave MC during childbirth…
  • he wasnt the type to pick a fight, but this was just too important to him
  • no more mister push over
  • he’s going to be there for the birth of his child
  • he grips MC’s hand tightly while nurses advise him to wait outside
  • “i’m not going anywhere”
  • “V…”
  • V gets on his knees and holds MC’s hand with both of his, bringing it close to his mouth
  • “sweetheart, dont strain yourself, please. theres nothing these people can do to make me leave you. not now”
  • “i’ll be…fine…”
  • he cant,he cant do this
  • how does she know? can she be sure she’ll be fine??
  • he doesnt want to lose sight of her for even a second
  • “can you trust me, Jihyun?”
  • he closes his eyes and kisses MC’s hand
  • “yes, i can trust you. i’ll see you on the other side, alright?”
  • “yes, we’ll see each other”
  • as soon as V leaves the room he feels like he’s going to vomit
  • he hates this he hates this he hates this more than anything
  • how is she doing? is she in pain? well of course she is..but is it a lot? is someone giving her their hand to squeeze? she should have someones hand to hold. it should be his. oh god.
  • why is this taking so long? is she alright?
  • oh god, dear god if you are there please let her be alright
  • okay V stop freaking out. dont do this, she’ll be fine
  • will she?
  • is she?
  • at that moment, a nurse emerges from the room
  • oh god, no
  • he pushes past her and goes into the room
  • V finds MC laying on the bed, blood covering her lower half and a lot of the bed
  • so much blood…
  • he takes one look and closes his eyes, covering his mouth
  • theres no way this is real. it cant be real. its not real not real not real not real not real not real
  • V falls to his knees beside MC’s bed
  • “my…flower…”
  • he looks up, though he can hardly see anything through the tears forming in his eyes
  • “…are you really gone?”
  • V feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see a nurse holding a baby blue blanket
  • “Mr. Kim, its a boy”
  • V holds out his hands to receive the baby
  • the little one looks up at him, showing off his big, brown eyes
  • V laughs a little bit and rubs the babies hand in between his fingers
  • “you look just like your mother…”
  • he’s laughing because him and MC always fought over who’s eyes the baby would have
  • he would pretend that blue eyes were best, and MC would say that nothing beats a pair of dark, chocolate eyes
  • he giggles to himself again
  •  V whispers to the baby in his arms
  • “i know we’ve just met, but i hope you dont mind if i tell you i love you”
  • the baby stares blankly
  • he rubs his nose against his sons playfully, smiling
  • “i love you, i love you, i love you!!”


  • shit,SHIT
  • its really baby time
  • Saeran cant believe this is happening
  • he never would have thought in a million years that he would do something so normal as drive his pregnant wife to the hospital
  • but it doesnt feel normal
  • it feels like the most incredible, most special day of his life
  • he’s totally got this
  • he is calm, cool, and collected
  • Saeran looks at his speed and realizes he’s going 20 over the speed limit
  • totally cool and collected.. ..?..
  • dOH GOD
  • on the way inside MC tells Saeran that he’s squeezing her hand too hard
  • “sorry sorry sorry”
  • “you dont have to apologize three times, Saeran”
  • “sorry”
  • when they get to the hospital, MC is wailing in pain
  • the sound of her pain is like nails on a chalkboard for him
  • “dont worry, we’re almost there. just hang on a bit longer”
  • when the nurses see how severe MC’s pain is, they suggest Saeran stay out and wait while they deliver the baby
  • he is really about to fight
  • as soon as a nurses suggests it, him and MC both say “hell no” in unison
  • “him and i are a package deal. always have been, always will be”
  • Saeran smiles for a second at the reference to when they met, and the RFA got stuck with him and MC as a result
  • the nurses keep insisting
  • MC and Saeran keep insisting
  • long story short security gets involved
  • Saeran is forced to wait in the hall until the nurses think its a good time for him to come in
  • he can hear yelling
  • he can hear MC
  • and then suddenly
  • he cant.
  • Saeran presses his ear against the door to try and get a better listen
  • still no MC….
  • he knocks on the door as hard as he can
  • “hey, am i allowed to return to my family or what?? i wanna see my baby!”
  • a nurse comes out of the room, holding a baby in a soft, yellow blanket
  • “congratulations, Mr. Choi. its a girl”
  • Saeran tries to look past the nurse while the door closes behind him
  • “what…what about my wife?”
  • “i’m…i’m so sorry”
  • he pushes the baby toward Saeran, so Saeran takes it into his arms
  • but he doesnt look at the child
  • he stares straight ahead
  • “she’s….”
  • no, oh go no
  • this isnt happening
  • she cant be
  • he looks down for a second at the child, then takes a few step backwards to lean against the wall 
  • he slides down, sitting on the floor as the tears spill from his eyes
  • he looks straight ahead at the door
  • the door to the room MC died in
  • died….
  • is she really dead?
  • he cant imagine someone as warm and bright as MC ever dying
  • death was a cold, pale thing
  • it just wasnt right. its not right for her
  • Saeran was shaking, when a small sound stopped his train of thought
  • he looked down at his daughter
  • she had little wisps of brown hair and bright, minty eyes
  • Saeran looked at her
  • he just…looked
  • he didnt think about anything, he just looked at her
  • “you’re…you’re my daughter”
  • the baby reached out to him, so he brought his face toward her little hand
  • she clumsily touched his nose, making tiny baby noises
  • Saeran closed his eyes and smiled
  • “you’re my daughter. mine. my daughter. can you believe it?”
  • the girl reached out to him again
  • “yea, me either…”
  • he continued to talk to the baby, wiping tears away from his eyes
  • “but you know what? i really love you. i love you more than anything”
  • he closed his eyes and brought the child close to his chest
  • “dont worry, MC. i’ll take good care of our daughter”

whooo, that was a wild ride. i really hope you liked reading that

y’all I waited ten hours in line yesterday on friday the 13th to get a fcking tattoo only to get up to the counter at four in the fcking morning and them to take my license and tell me they were closing. but it’s ok bc they’re letting me come in tomorrow to get it for the same price and i’m so fcking excited

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I hope all requests are open as it says if not I am really sorry, and ignore this I hope I am not bothering. So I am having kind of issues here and I wouldn't mind a scenario to calm my little mind. Could you write a scenario in which the reader ?? or soon to be s/o of keith is REALLY nervous of starting a relationship because they haven't been in one before and they think they'll fuck up, please?? Thank you so much you are so great for doing all this ^.^

I am so sorry that this is a day late. I hope you’re doing okay and I hope this still works for you. 

Also I apologize for this being so long… I just really love Keith, he’s my fav. I love all of my Voltron babies, but Keith definitely tops the list.

Thirteen (13) days until season 2. I keep re-watching the trailer because I’m so excited, and also, or course, shirtless Keith…

~Mod Allura

You stared yourself down in the mirror, determination shining in your eyes. “Alright (y/n), you can do this! You’re a couple now, but nothing else has changed. All you need to do is go out there, and act normal. It’s totally nothing to freak out about.”

You gave yourself a curt nod and strolled confidently towards your door. You raised your hand to open it, and froze. You groaned loudly and knelt down, you gripped your hair and shook your head, trying to rid these horrible thoughts that kept invading your brain every time you made to leave your room.

“This shouldn’t be this hard!” You didn’t yell it per say, but it definitely came out louder than you had originally intended. Rocking backwards you let your body fall back onto the floor, spreading your limps out as you glared angrily at the ceiling light.

“You like him. He likes you. We’re a couple now. So why is leaving this room so hard?” The words tumbled out of your mouth, but it was a rhetorical question, because you knew the exact reason.

Throwing your arm over you eyes to block out the bright light, you let out a groan. It’s because you’re scared. Sure, you’ve liked guys in the past, but you never actually told any of them how you felt. Keith was the first one you’d admitted your feelings to, and he was always the first one to return those feelings. You were scared that you were going to screw everything up. You were scared that you were going to do something to completely destroy the relationship, even though it just started not ever twenty-four hours ago.

A knock on the door was what brought you out of your mini internal rant. And the voice that spoke from the outside is what brought around a new round of panic.

“(y/n), are you okay?” Keith’s voice spoke. His voice sounded unusually soft, but you assumed that was because he was possibly worried. Was it possible for him to worried about you?

Of course it was! You’re dating him now, and it’s not like he just started liking you as of yesterday. You pushed yourself up into a sitting position, crossing your legs and resting your hands in your lap. “Can you come in?” you forced out. You almost wanted to reply with the usual ‘I’m fine’ but you knew that he would then expect you to leave the confines of your room.

The door slid open a moment later and you glanced up through your lashes to see Keith looking down at you, a glint of what could be either worry or confusion in his eye. Or maybe it was both?

He stepped in and the door closed behind him as he sat across from you on the ground. “What’s up? You weren’t at breakfast, everyone else was getting worried.”

“Everyone else?” You really didn’t want to ask your next question, you knew it was ridiculous, but still, you couldn’t stop yourself. “What about you?”

One of Keith’s eyebrows raised, “was I worried?” You nodded wordlessly. “Of course I was. What’s going on (y/n)?”

You stayed silent. What if you told him about what you were feeling and he laughed in your face, and called you ridiculous, and decided to end this brand new relationship?

“(y/n), talk to me.” With those words, you felt a hand grab at your own. You looked up and straight into Keith’s eyes.

He held you hand tightly, securely, and if you were being honest with yourself, just having your hand in his made you feel safer than if the castle had it’s protective barrier up.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled. You wanted to avert you gaze, but you couldn’t. Keith’s dark eyes, that usually looked so hard and focused, looked softer than usual, and you couldn’t bring yourself to look away. Those eyes were filled with worry, you knew that for sure now, you’d seen that look plenty of times. 

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been trying to leave my room for ages. I’ve tried four different times, but every time I get to the door, I freeze. I freak out.”

“About what?”

“About this?”

“What do you mean ‘this’?”

“I mean our relationship.”

“You keep freaking out about our relationship?” You nodded, managing to avert your gaze for a second before catching his eyes again and being drawn back in. “Why?”

“Because, I’m scared. This is my first relationship, you’re the first guy I’ve ever admitted having feeling for. I’m scared that I’m going to screw something up and this is all going to end. I’m scared that I’m going to lose you, even though I just got you.”

You dropped your gaze, feeling extremely dumb for admitting these feelings. He probably thought you were pathetic or something. That’s why when you felt a tug on your hand, you were surprised when you looked up to see Keith standing up, his hand still holding yours.

He tugged again, and you stood, finally getting the hint. The second your feet were planted firmly on the ground you were pulled forward. Keith’s arms wrapped around you, holding you securely against his chest.

On instinct, your own arms wrapped around him, your hands clenched, gathering Keith’s jackets in your fists. You kept your face hidden in his collarbone.

“(y/n), this is my first relationship too. I’m kind of a lone wolf if you didn’t notice. I’m scared I’m going to screw something up too.”

You pulled back ever so slightly, just enough so you could look up into his gaze. “Really?”

He chuckled and you couldn’t help but crack a small smile at the sound. “Of course I am. I even asked Shiro for advice. He says we just need to work together. If we keep these things from each other, that’s what could possibly ruin this relationship.”

“So we just need to be honest with each other, and help each other through these problems.”

Keith nodded. “Exactly. Now come on,” Keith pulled away and wrapped his hand around yours, opening you bedroom door and pulling you out. “Let’s go see if there’s any breakfast left over.”

You smiled and caught up with him quickly, so that the two of you were shoulder to shoulder. You gave his hand a squeeze and immediately felt him repeat the action.

It turns out you had been right earlier, this wasn’t so hard.

Pas de Trois, 1.

Originally posted by kths

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Theatre!AU, Polyamory, Fluff, Angst + Smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: None

Summary: Sharing a stage with Jimin and Taehyung is always rewarding, but the real reward is behind the scenes.

Count: 1694 words.

Note: As mentioned before, this is a series written for @chimdeer. Thank you for the love, as well! 

Pas de Trois: Act One, Scene One

PlaylistPrologue | One → Two → Three


Inhale. You await with equability, a forefinger twiddling with loose tresses whilst observing the other auditioning individual. The ingénue is maladroit, possibly due to nervousness, and fumbles with her lines quite carelessly. “I do treat—entreat—your grace to pardon me. I know not by what power I am bold—I mean; I am made bold!” It is an amateur sight, to say the least. Once the judge’s sugar coat their true meanings behind fake smiles, “We’ll let you know of our decision very soon,” is given to the departing candidate and they sigh in unison as the door closes. The two adjudicators mumbled to themselves, scribbling down their remarks on a sheet of paper before glancing up at their final contender for the day.

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Malec Week 2017 Day 6- Switch Day: Loving you is Magic.

Couple: Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (Malec) 

Setting: Magnus is a Shadowhunter who is leaving Idris for the first time ever. He has never seen a Downworlder before until he meets the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Alec Lightwood. 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3: skipped

Day 4: skipped

Day 5:

Day 6: you are here.

Day seven: Coming Tomorrow

A/N: I made a story where Alec and Magnus switch breeds a few years ago, called The Immortal Instruments. you can read it on my FF account right here:

Magnus Pov- “Can you believe this? I can’t believe this. There is no way to contain the absolute excitement I feel at this very moment. Nothing will ever top this moment in time, right now,” I gushed pacing back in forth in the training room of the Shadowhunter Academy.

“Calm down, won’t you? We just graduated from the Academy and you’re already acting like a fool with its head cut off,” my best friend and Parabatai Ragnor Fell sighed, shaking his head at me.

My name is Magnus Bane and I’m the best Shadowhunter of my recent graduating class. Some may disagree with that but who cares what they think. The graduation ceremony was last week but today was the day to really be excited about. It was the day when we got sent on our institute tours all around the world!

You see, I have lived in Idris all my life. My father isn’t the most active Nephilim and my mother died in war when I was very young. Because of her death, my father forbids me from ever leaving Idris in fear that I would get hurt. I’m a Shadowhunter though, it’s my job to be in the line of danger. The moment I turned eighteen, I made sure to sign up to leave Idris and finally see a real-life institute, not to mention the mundane world.

“Where do you think they will send us? Do you think it will be a city or an Island? Honestly, I’m hoping for a big city that I can get lost in. Alicante is just so small, I want to experience something huge!”

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my lovely bride | dk (m)

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a/n: this is my first ever attempted smut. i think i did a fairly good job on the parts leading up to the actual smut, but i’m not so sure on the ending. but i want you guys to be the judge of that. big thank you to M! happy reading, you thirsty hoes. and by a certain demand, i might be able to make a part two to this….just sayin’.

warnings: clearly smut warning, meaning sexual content (though i don’t think that the intercourse part itself is too explicit). if you’re uncomfortable with this kind of smut you may leave, major cheesiness headed your way.

word count: 4,014 (i might have gotten carried away XD let’s just get started.)

summary: After finally being able to marry the woman he loves, Seokmin couldn’t help but feel anxious and nervous about their honeymoon. Why? Because he’s a virgin. I suck at summaries, sorry XD

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Quick doodle about what’s going on in Social Justice Universe.

Just like every other Overwatch fans, I’m excited about the Halloween event, I can’t wait to play it this weekend (yeah I cant play on weekdays!). I hope I can get the skins before the 1st of November. However when I see Symmetra’s vampire skin I immediately thought “uh-oh” but I hope nothing bad comes after.

But my suspicions was right.

Symmetra is a light-bending architect and is one of the top students in her school. She was assigned to do covert missions all over the world by her company. I think it’s very empowering that she’s from the science background, just like Mei and Angela Ziegler, and she is also one of my favourite heroes to use (I plant turrets everywhere).

Ironically, SJWs who claim to want more strong women and diversity, reduces her into a token character by complaining about her ‘skins’.

night time whispers [c.t.h.]

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can we just talk about calum hood and more importantly calum hood in this gif

You tossed and turned in your bunk, trying to sleep. You had kicked the blanket off then pulled it back up. You’d put on music to help lull you to sleep and counted sheep but nothing seemed to be working. You buried your head in to your pillow and let out a sigh. You checked the time on your phone. 2:37am.

Maybe Calum was still awake. You text him and asked was he awake and you heard his phone ding a couple seconds later. There was some shuffling and then the 3 dots appeared on your phone. He sent you a text saying to come over followed by smirking emojis. You rolled your eyes and pulled back the curtain. You were met by Calum’s grinning face peaking around his curtain.

“Hey,” he whispered as you lay down beside me. He closed the curtain and got comfortable. You were on the inside with your head on Calum’s bare chest and his arms were wrapped around you.

“I couldn’t sleep,” you said.

“Me too. I can never sleep on the bus,” Calum said.

“You should come to my bunk. We can keep each other company,” you suggested and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I don’t like the thought of you in here all alone.”

“What did I do to deserve you? I love you so much,” Calum sighed and squeezed you closer to him.

“You’re pretty amazing too,” you giggled. “I love you.”

“You are the most amazing person I ever met. I am so lucky to have you. You always know how to make me feel better. You make me so incredibly happy. You are so funny, caring and smart. I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Calum rambled. Your heart swelled and you kissed him.

“You’re my best friend. I would be lost without you. You make everyday fun and exciting. When I’m with you, nothing else matters. You can make me laugh until my stomach hurts. Everything feels effortless and right with you. You treat me like a queen and I couldn’t have a better king.”

You turn so you are lying on top of Calum. You kiss his two cheeks, his forehead, his nose and finally his lips. Calum wraps his arms around your waist. You feel your eyes finally getting heavy.

“Stay like this,” Calum whispered.

“Am I not crushing you?” You laughed softly.

“You’re crushing my soul because I love you so much,” he said.

Before you could reply, sleep took over you. Calum still gently stroking your hair and whispering how much he loves you in your ear.



There is a prophetic line in Mean Girls that says: Halloween is the one night of the year where girls can dress like total sluts and no other girls can say anything about it. That’s not true. You can dress like a total slut ANY DAY OF THE YEAR and NO ONE can say anything about it because it’s nobody’s damn business how you dress. And you have to stop calling each other sluts and whores. That just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores.

Day 9 of #31DIYsTilHalloween was Lumber Jackie! Mostly I just wanted another reason to take pictures with my axe.
Aaaaand my “new” @orchardcorset 20" MAROON #CS426! This was actually the first corset I ever owned! I bought it back when I was at a 32" waist and should’ve been wearing a size 26" corset. I only wore this one once before I realized it was waaaay the wrong size. That was almost 3 years ago and I just remembered I still had it! I dug it out of storage, put it on and IT CLOSED RIGHT AWAY! I’m so excited. Almost time to size down to 18"!

The shorts, flannel shirt, crop top, gloves, thigh highs socks, boots and beanie were ALL things I already had in my closet and the axe is my husband’s. This costume cost me LITERALLY nothing and yours can too! If you don’t have an axe or another prop (maybe a log from your backyard? Carry it around like Log Lady from Twin Peaks 😂) you can find one at the dollar store or make one out of craft foam!


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Can you write please a Percabeth soulmate au, I feel like there isn't enough of them out there. (If you don't want to, it's cool. No pressure, you just do your thing dude.)

Author’s Note: Title credits to Jamie Lawson. All mistakes are mine. Sorry that it’s been a while, but I hope you all enjoy!


The first day of kindergarten doesn’t really scare Annabeth. She’s prepared, after all.

All her pencils are in their pencil case— freshly sharped with full, pink erasers. She has a sharpener just in case, some new colored pencils, and two folders so that she can keep her schoolwork and her homework separate.

Plus, she figures that she’s ahead of all her classmates. She knows every single letter in the alphabet, can write her first and last name, and her handwriting is impeccable.

As she trudges up to the front door, carrying a backpack that’s nearly as big as herself, her dad gives her a kiss on the cheek and calls her his ‘little overachiever’. Annabeth isn’t quite sure what an overachiever is, but she assumes it’s a good thing because everyone seems to call her that.

And her first day is great—she gets a sticker for being able to recite the alphabet and her teacher is really nice. Her dad picks her up after school with her favorite snack, and she thinks nothing could be better.

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