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Regrets Part 3

Shawn’s Pov

I wake up with a pounding headache on the couch of the large house. I don’t remember the majority of last night. Then again, I don’t seem to remember the majority of the nights in the past month.

I slowly drag myself off of the couch and to the kitchen. I notice an expensive bottle of vodka placed beside a slightly darkish cup filled with it. I take the cup and place it in the sink, deciding to clean it up later.

Walking over to the dark wooden cabinets, I take out a small pill bottle with advil in an attempt to get rid of the painful pounding in the back of my head. I shut the cabinet, and as it makes a loud and startling sound as it closes, my eyes avert to the oven timer that’s glowing in bright green characters.


That’s strange, I thought, usually she was downstairs by ten. Whether she was watching TV, or reading a book by the large window, y/n was normally downstairs rather early.

I open the fridge to grab some water, but as my hand loosely grips the handle of the refrigerator door, I notice a small blue post it note with a key to the house glued onto it. The small key casing with the depiction of a cartoon character lets me know that it’s hers. I read the post it note.

‘I’m sorry you had to do this to me’

I drop the bottle of advil, sprinting up the stairs and pushing the door to her room open aggressively. Her bed is neatly made, and her nightstand that once held a wedding photo and an album copy now looks empty. I open the drawers, only to see magazines with our faces on them shoved inside without any traces of her clothing.

Her restroom is cleaned and there aren’t anymore colorful baskets to hold her appliances in. There aren’t anymore fruity shampoos or colorful lotion bottles, and my heart is suddenly caught in my throat.

‘Stop being a delusional fucking child and grow up’

I quickly run into my room to find my phone. I have to call her, I have to let her know that I love her and that I was tired and angry and that i’ll give up everything for her. I walk into my bedroom and grab the phone on the bed, realizing that it’s my second phone rather than my first. I feel even worse than I already did- if that is possible.

Because as i’m standing in the bedroom that I kicked her out of months ago, a phone filled with text messages from other girls in my shaky hands, i’ve never felt more like shit in my life.

I take the second phone, angrily throwing it on the ground. I pick it up and throw it against the wall and it shatters. I leave it and walk down the stairs slowly, I still need to find a way to talk to her.

I find my phone wedged between the two cushions of the couch and turn it on, immediately seeing numerous text messages on the lockscreen. I immediately type her name into the ‘new message’ box, composing my thoughts into short blue bubbles. I type a message, beginning with an apology but I figure that a pathetic ‘Hey, sorry for marrying you and then cheating on you with like 20 other women’ won’t fix the situation at hand. I continue typing and deleting messages.

I know this girl, I know her enough to marry her and i still know that she needs reassurance.

‘I still love you’ I send to her. The text message fails to go through and instead i’m met with a red exclamation mark and a ‘not delivered’ displayed in small red letters on my phone screen.

I set my phone down and rub my hands along my face, feeling my eyes grow wet.

I didn’t mean for it to get this far. It was just one night in London, and all of a sudden I was uncontrollable. I’ll never be able to justify my actions and I think that’s what hurts the most- the fact that I let it go on. That it wasn’t ONE drunken mistake, but multiple sober ones.

I reach for my phone blindly but instead find myself grasping a familiar black velvet box.

I thought she’d at least kept the ring.

The possibility of her coming back suddenly disappears and I feel my chest burning. The pounding in my head from the hangover is incomparable to the amount of hurt I feel in my stomach. She left without even telling me.


5 PM

I know that i’ve been a pathetic excuse of a husband lately, blatantly cheating on her and then denying the accusations when she finally confronted me. I remember how beautiful she looked, even when she had stains of black running down her cheeks from her mascara.

My phone buzzes and I look down to see a text message from Geoff, I probably owe him an apology as well.

“Y/n is at our place. I think you should talk.”

I’m suddenly interested and I quickly type back as a small sliver of hope remains in the back of my mind.

“Pass the phone over to her Geoff, I need to talk to her”

Following the small letters notifying me that Geoff has read my message, I call his phone. The phone continues to ring and with each ring I begin to sink further and further into a horrible mental state.

“Hello?” Geoff answers and I immediately feel relieved.

“Let me talk to her.” I demand, and although I meant for it to come out in a nicer way, my urgency can’t help but make my words seem demanding.

“I don’t think she wants to talk to you right now, Shawn” Geoff sighs, and I can almost picture him looking over at her frightened state.

“No, give me the phone” I can faintly hear her voice in the background, and I automatically remember how much it means to me. I can tell she’s been crying and I feel like absolute shit for being the cause of it.

I hear shuffling on the other end of the line and then a quiet.

“Hi.” She bluntly states an introduction and I immediately wish I was there with her. Her voice sounds shaky and I can hear her ragged breathing through the phone.

“I love you” I blurt out. I may not have a long time on the phone with her, so I decide to make the most out of these limited minutes. I need her to know, even if she doesn’t believe me.

“Shut up, Shawn” She says and her voice becomes higher. I can tell she’s on the verge of tears, and my chest begins to ache again.

“I love you. And I know i’ve treated you like shit recently, I know i’ve taken you for granted and completely ruined everything we had. I know I was so selfish and I know that nothing I could say into this phone right now could fully make up for it.” I fidget with the small velvet box, flicking it open and closing it repeatedly with my thumb.

“I woke up this morning and I saw the key and the note on the fridge. I saw all of the magazines you’d left behind and the pink bottles of shampoo in your restroom weren’t there anymore. And then I” I wipe away tears that are involuntarily slipping from my cloudy eyes.

“I walked into my room and I just didn’t want to be there anymore. I didn’t want to be in my own bedroom, so I could only imagine how shitty you felt when you were here. You were cleaning my room and making me dinner, you were tucking me into bed after I got home from being with other people and I can’t imagine how horrible you felt while doing that.” I can hear her breathing heavily on the other line.

“So i’m sorry. I stopped by Geoff’s yesterday and I remember all of the pictures he had up with his girlfriend. I remembered taking down our pictures because I was being selfish, because I decided i’d rather hurt you by making you think I didn’t care, rather than telling you that I was wrong. I took those pictures down because I didn’t want to feel guilty every time I looked at them, but now I realize that I should”

“Please come back. I put all of the pictures back on the shelf. I made your favorite dinner on the table, even though it may be a little bit burnt. I need you here and I want you here. I love you.”

“How long?” She croaks out.

“How long did I cheat?” I ask back and I can almost feel her wincing at my words.

“Too long. It started out with one girl - a model at a party. I knew she was using me because there was a rumored headline the next day. I remember feeling so bad that I ignored for you the whole day. You were crying when I got home and I could hear you through the walls so I put in my headphones and slept on the couch because I was selfish.” I tell her.

“I talked to a lot of girls, you probably know that. But every time I found myself with them… my mind seemed to wander to you. I would wonder what you were doing, whether or not you finished that book you loved or what you ate for dinner while I wasn’t there.”

I begin another sentence but she interrupts me.

“Why did you do it?” She asks, and I can tell that she’s refraining from asking them all at once.

“Because I was selfish. Because we got into an argument, and I gave up on us just like that. I messed up the best thing that ever happened to me because of one argument and if I could take it back, it’s the first thing i’d do.”

“No” She tells me, and I feel obligated to reply.

“You did it because you were dumb. You were reckless, and you threw us away because you didn’t want to fight. We got into one argument Shawn, ONE. What happens when we get into our next? Will you go cheat on me again? I can’t trust you anymore. I can’t be the girl who waits for you to come home every night so she can tuck you into bed and then cry herself to sleep. I can’t be that girl for you because I know I deserve better than that.”

Her voice continues to crack and she has to pause at certain points. I’m sobbing with my head in my hands and I can’t seem to fight back because she’s right.

“You’re right” I lick my lips.

“You can’t trust me, I can’t even trust myself. But I can try. I can try to be better for you because I know that you’re what I need.” I tell her.

“Please come home” I beg her.


Howdy I’m back tired but back anyway this is for @winterfells-targaryen who I think is really cool and I love your responses

Davos has seen his fair shares of storms as a sailor and smuggler, but last night it was horrible. He had too many problems on his mind, a war to win, a Hound asleep on deck, a Baratheon bastard running around and no King in the North. The storm of last night reminded him of the fury of the night Daenerys Stormborn came into this world, but that was another story. The King was missing from his chambers and Davos, being himself, feared the worst as in that Jon Snow perhaps had an accident and fell into the arms of the Drowned God. Jorah Mormont and Gendry came out and placed themselves on a bench near the Hound, still eating and discussing some matter. Tyrion Lannister came later, carrying his usual cup and went to enjoy the view and fresh air.

-Lannister! Have you seen the King?-

-No, I have not. As you see, I have a missing Queen. She’s usually precise as an arrow and wakes me up at the same exact time for council and to make sure I don’t turn lazy, but this morning she didn’t come.-

-Seven hells, what if something happened to my boy? What if he was on deck and he didn’t make it?-

-He’s not an idiot, Sir Davos. He probably fell asleep on accident somewhere else, after all, we recently had to fish him out of the cold grip of death.-

With those words, Jon came out of the bottom part of the ship, yawning and stretching like a cat. He walked over to Davos with a smile and greeted everyone. Davos grabbed him by the shoulders.

-Where were you last night? I was worried sick! You could have died AGAIN in that storm last night!-

Jon still looked dazed. He just grinned like a child who stole a cake from someone. Davos noticed the crimson and purple spots on his neck and the faint scratches visible bellow his unfastened shirt. Davos realized he’s only in his breeches and shirt, as if he lost his armor somewhere. His hair was undone also, making him look younger, hell, his entire face seemed more youthful.

Davos raised his eyebrows, mouth agape. The he patted Jon on the back.

-Lord Tyrion! The King smuggled something last night!-

-What? - asked the Hand, turning around. He immediately saw Jon’s state, took a large sip of his glass and put it down.

-And what did His Grace smuggle?-

-Sit down, boy! - Jon sat down between the men and leaned on the wooden wall.

They sat in silence for a minute, before Davos lost his patience.

-What happened last night? Did the wind blow you off deck?-

-I don’t know about you, but I had a lovely evening.-

-And shall I ask where you spent it? Or between what did you spend it?-

-All I have to say I feel like a new man.-

Jorah and Gendry walked over to see why the three men were excited. Tyrion opened the bottle of wine with a pop and poured himself a glass.

-What happened to you, Jon?-

-Many things!-

-Many things? - asked Jorah.

-This is the only cup I have, so you have to share like in the army.-

Jon took a sip out of the bottle and handed it to Davos.

-So, my King, can you tell me what you were doing?-

-Nothing of great importance, I suppose? It’s not smart to you to be worn out during this time. – Said Jorah looking genuinely concerned.

Gendry finally caught on, raising his eyebrows. He took the bottle from Davos and sipped.

-I suppose congratulations are in order?-

Tyrion noticed the small tear in Jon’s shirt.

-Seems like you ripped your shirt, it will need mending. Unfortunately, the only woman on the ship is our Queen and she will stick a needle in your eye if you ask her.-

Jon rolled his eyes.

-You can poke me all you want, Lannister, but nothing can ruin my mood now. Nothing. –

-And where’s the Queen? - asked Jorah, now in denial.

With his words, Daenerys Targaryen came out from below deck. Her hair was in a simple braid, she wore a dress and a scarf over her shoulders. She looked very pleased and happy this morning.

-My Queen. –

They all greeted her, making space for her. The Hound suddenly snored loudly, forcing everyone to look at him. Jon made space for her and gave her a hand, guiding her to sit down next to her new lover. She bit her lip while looking at him, eyes radiating desire.  He smirked and leaned forward, putting his elbows on his thighs. The situation was getting out of hand now.

Jorah Mormont finally caught up and went pale. Gendry’s grin grew even wider and he and Davos exchanged suggestive looks.

-How are you today, my Queen?-

-Wonderful! And you, Gendry?-

-I had a good night sleep, although there was a nasty storm last night.-

-Ah yes, there was! But it didn’t disturb anyone, didn’t it?-

Everyone nodded. The Hound finally wake up and walked over to the group to see what is going on.

-Are we there yet?—

-No, we have at least a month, Clegane. Did you hear the storm last night?-

-A little. But some fuckers we’re making noise last night.-

-Where did you fall asleep, Clegane?-

-In the hallway near the main chambers, why?-

Tyrion and Davos laughed, pointing their gazes to the two royal lovers. The Hound rolled his eyes.

-Fucking disgusting.-

Daenerys looked over at Jon.

-The King and I have some matters about our alliance to discuss. Shall we?-

He smiled like a hungry wolf and followed her to the door. Jon jokingly patted her on the butt, pushing her forward. The Queen turned around and playfully pushed his shoulder, giggling. He responded by picking her up and putting her over his shoulder. The group laughed out loud, even the Hound. Jorah Mormont sat down, putting his head between his hands, looking desolate. Tyrion patted his back.

-There, there, Sir Jorah. You don’t want to join the Drowned God, won’t you?-

PS. Team Incompetent. You realize if your cash crow breaks you have nothing? Because that’s what you are driving him towards.

Or is that your objective knowing that he’s going to dump every single one if your pathetic asses the minute he can? And if you can’t be a part of his success you don’t want him to have any success at all?

I know you want to distract us from the beauty that is Chris’ book that is an absolute tribute to their love. Well you succeeded in ruining my morning but I’m now back to obsessing about the book.

Please set him free.

Please, Google Now, I really can’t take any more news about killed and tortured children from around the world every morning!I have a young daughter and I’m sure my Google search results reflect that.“Google Now” however, interprets this interest as “Totally ruin this guy’s day by telling him about every single gruesome crime against or accident involving young children in this world every single morning”.After months of this, I’m now completely convinced that ignorance is bliss. There’s literally nothing I can do to prevent these things, there is little to no benefit to knowing about them and they crush me every day. As selfish as it may sound:I’d be happier if I didn’t know about the father who slit his 2 year old daughter’s throat and left the body for the mother and the girl’s older brother to find.I’d by happier if I didn’t know about the parents who accidentally doused their five year old in burning gasoline and then had BDSM sex instead of getting help when the disfigured boy was screaming in agony for days on end.I’d by happier if I didn’t know about the three year old girl who was found in a canal two weeks after the adoptive father supposedly locked her out of the house or likely killed her.I’d be happier if I didn’t know about the terrible car accident that killed one little girl and left her sister an orphan.There’s no “Not interested in /keyword/?” option above these articles, I see no way to disable them. I can block the source it’s coming from but Google Now pulls these form all different sources.Most other things Google Now shows me are reasonably relevant to my interests and I’m hesitant to give up on an otherwise useful service over this but I really feel like it may be better for my sanity in the long run.And child related news technically are relevant as well … I’d love to know when there is a puppet theater for kids in the neighboring town or when a new playground opens or when there’s a fun event at the nearby zoo. And Google Now often shows these as well. But learning about a little girl being raped and left for dead on another continent does not make me a better dad or more functional human being - it crushes and paralyzes;dr: Please, Google Now, I can’t take much more news about dead and abused children … I just can’t.

Love & Misadventures: Chapter 6

Love & Misadventures, a sequel to Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


Chapter 6: Impromptu Meetings

January 28th 2015

Your POV

I decided to skip classes Wednesday since Harry was here; I didn’t have an exam until next week so I didn’t care.

After our encounter with the paparazzi we had before and after dinner last night, I just wanted some alone time with him.

I ran my finger tips down the side of his naked body and blushed thinking about the incredible night we had after dinner.

Harry slowly stirred, “No class?” He mumbled as he pulled me closer to him, eyes still closed.

“I didn’t want to go today, I don’t mind skipping for you.” I kissed his chin.

“Mmmmk give me 10 more minutes baby, then we can do whatever you want.” He mumbled again and drifted back to sleep.

I wrapped my arms around him and laid there thinking about the conversation we had at dinner.


“You want to officially announce we’re dating?” Harry leaned in closer to me. He decided to sit next to me, instead of across.

“I don’t know… It’s just a thought. Maybe it’s the frustration getting to me.” I looked down at my hands in my lap.

“But what about your parents?” He wondered.

I looked up into his eyes, “I already told them we’re together.” 

“What? Really? When?” His eyes widened with each question.

“Monday… They came here to talk to me.”

“How did they react?” He placed his arms on the table.

“I had already told my mom when we were in L.A. but my dad was angry at first, now he’s accepted it, sort of… still isn’t happy.”

“Oh. I see.” He frowned.

“What about your parents…?” 

“My sister and mum know. Haven’t had a chance to see my dad yet, he’s going to visit me in Australia, so I’ll tell him then.” He took a drink of water.

“You don’t have too…”

“I want to tell him love but I don’t think we should go public yet…” He wiped the sides of his lips with his thumb and finger.

“Yeah? It was silly of me to say it out loud,” I bit my lip.

“No it’s not silly, it’s just that right now you’re already getting a lot of attention and we haven’t even said anything; once we go public it’s going to be non-stop. Eleanor, Sophia and Perrie went through it for a while, it finally calmed down not even a year ago… I just need you to be ready for all of that.”

“You’re right… I don’t think I am.” I shook my head.


I lightly kiss Harry on the cheek and slipped out of his arms to grab my phone.

I checked my messages to see that Louis and Eleanor had texted me last night, and replied.

Louis: What time is your flight getting in Saturday? Is Madeline and Oliver coming too?
Me: My flight gets in at 3 in the afternoon and yes they are coming too!

Eleanor: Hey! What are you getting Harry for his birthday?
Me: I HAVE NO IDEA. He’s here until tomorrow night so I can’t shop, plus it’s been snowing like crazy here… So I’ll probably spend all day Friday scouring NYC for a perfect gift :(

It was still really early in California, so I knew they weren’t going to reply for a few hours so decided to check my social media apps while I let Harry sleep a bit more.

I scrolled through Twitter to see that #HarrysInNYC was indeed a trend. I chuckled as I saw pictures of me and Harry and read tweets from One Directioners freaking out. It was funny because five months ago, it would’ve been Madeline and I freaking out that Harry was in New York.

Apparently the fandom had figured out my personal Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and my follow count had skyrocketed within the last month. I had maybe three pictures with the guys on my Instagram and they went completely insane.

I chuckled and shook my head as I read someone’s caption of a picture of Harry from last night that Madeline had retweeted. 


I heard Harry yawn as he woke up, I glanced up to check the time, 30 minutes had already passed.

He rolled over to my side of the bed and kissed my cheek, “Good morning love.”

“Good morning,” I turned my head and kissed his lips.

“What’s so funny?” He stretched his arms and legs out and the bed sheet had fallen down to his waist to reveal his tattooed body.

“Apparently your good looks can ruin people’s lives.”

“Oh really now? Has it ruined yours yet?” He winked.

“Nah, you’re alright.” I teased as I set my phone down.

“Just alright? Well I guess that’s better than nothing, I’m honestly just a 6 out of 10.”

“Yeah 6 sounds about right.” I joked again, he was more like a 100 out of 10 to me ever since I’d fallen in love with him.

He quickly rolled over on top of me and kissed me passionately.

Harry pulled away and looked me in the eyes, “You’ve ruined me Y/N.”

I had to catch my breath, “I- I ruined you?” I blinked up at him.

“Yes. I am completely ruined by you, you’re the only thing on my mind all day, every day.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I blurted out, “Did I… shot you out of the sky?”

I felt like an idiot after I said it.

“Yes, you’re my kryptonite,” he replied with a huge grin.

We both bursted into laughter immediately.

“I love you too Harry,” I said after I calmed down.

After we showered and got dressed, he wanted to cook breakfast together.

“Hey so can I see your studio?” He asked as we ate. I realized that I had never actually showed Harry my studio.

“Sure?” I shrugged as I took a sip of my coffee.

“Well the only time I’ve been in there, it was dark and plus my attention was on you…”

I just nodded since I had a mouthful of toast.

“Can I request a song?” He stuck his tongue out and raised his eyebrows.

“What-” I nearly choked on my food.

“Please?” He pouted.

I took a drink of coffee to wash down my food.

“What song?“ I grabbed a napkin and wiped my mouth.

“Well band, but you can pick the song.“ 

“Who?” I picked up my plate and put it in the sink and he followed.

“The 1975.” He grinned.

I smiled at him, I actually loved that band and already knew a bunch of their songs.

I drank some more coffee to wash down my food then grabbed his hand, “Come.”

I lead him into my studio; I turned on my PC, the sound system and the recording system, explaining to him what everything was in the sound booth.

I pulled him into the recording area and grabbed my black guitar that was hanging on the wall. I sat down on the couch and he next to me. I had already written a mash-up of Chocolate and Robbers but I had never sang it for anyone.

I started playing and singing for Harry and I saw a huge smile spread across his face. He stood up and got really excited when he heard the two songs mixed together.

“Holy shit! I love it!” He jumped around like a kid.

I chuckled, “Good!”

“Baby, you’re so amazing.” He kissed my cheek, “Why haven’t you ever uploaded this cover?”

“I really don’t know, but if you really like the mashup, I can record it and post it.”

“I absolutely love it! Niall and Louis are going to lose it!” Harry leaned in and kissed me again.

I broke the kiss and handed him my guitar, “I want us to record Free Fallin’.”

“Right now?”

“Yes please! We sounded really good together yesterday.” I smiled at him as I adjusted the microphone in front of him, pulled up a second microphone and plugged the guitar in.

Harry and I spent about two hours practicing and recording; we kept laughing and joking around so much that it took a while. We kept having to stop and start over cause we would make each other laugh during different takes.

When we finished, I laid on top of him on the couch, listening to our cover playing throughout the room.

“I love your voice.” He said as he tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Thank you, I’m quite smitten with yours as well.“ 

“I’m going to miss you so much when I’m on tour.” He sighed and ran his fingers through my hair as I rested my head on his chest.

“I’m going to miss you too.”  

“Can you just please come with me?” He pouted.

“I wish I could… but not until the summer.“ 

"Wait, you would really come on tour when your semester ends in May?” He looked at me.

I lifted my head and looked at him, “I mean, if you… want me too?”

"IF? I would love for you too!” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my face closer to his, his hands laced in my hair as he kissed me.

Minutes later we felt vibrations, Harry fished for his phone out of his pocket as he pulled away from the kiss. 

It was Nadine, so he put her on speaker as he answered. “Ello?”

“You little shit! You left L.A. without telling me?”

I let out a laugh and quickly covered my mouth.

“Oy! Be nice! Yes I wanted to see Y/N.”

“Tell her I said hi- you could’ve texted, I looked like an idiot waiting outside your house for half an hour thinking you were asleep. I called Jeff thinking you were with him.”

“She’s here too and I’m sorry.”

“Hi Nadine!” I said.

“Oh hello Y/N! Kick him for me! Harry, when are you coming back? We have a party to finish planning you know!”

“Tomorrow night.”

“Alright see you then, bye Y/N, bye Harry!” Harry tossed his phone on the ground.

“She’s planning your birthday party?”

“Yeah… Her, Louis, Liam, Eleanor, Sophia, and our PR team… I just said ‘sure whatever you guys want’. I just picked the place.”

“Well that’s really nice of them! I hope you have fun babe.” I kissed his chest.

“I wish you were coming, it’s why I came here all of a sudden…”

He kissed my forehead, “Missed you so much.”

“Well after you leave you won’t see me until mid-March…”

“Bloody hell,” He groaned.

Harry lifted my chin and kissed me roughly.

Just as things were getting heated, we heard my doorbell ring.

“Oh bug off!” Harry mumbled as I pulled away from his embrace.

“I wonder who that could be.” I straightened out my clothes.

“I’ll turn everything off, go answer it love.”

I looked down at my watch to see it was just about 1 in the afternoon. I checked to see if I was presentable in the mirror that hung near our door before proceeding.

I swung the door open and my eyes immediately widened. 

Oh my god.

“Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?”

“Well it’s good to see you too darling.” My mother frowned and then threw her arms around me.

“We thought you might be in class but we came any way.” My dad smiled.

He wrapped his arms around me, “We wanted to see you for a bit before we took off to Atlanta for the week.”

“Oh.” I felt my heart pounding.

“Let’s grab some lunch, get your coat!” My mother smiled at me as they stepped inside.

Oh my god, my parents are here.

Harry’s here. 

I can’t even warn him.


As my parents and I walked into the living room, I heard Harry’s footsteps.

I am officially freaking out on the inside right now.

“Hey! Who was tha-” Harry emerged from my studio into the hall and he tensed up.

My mom dropped her purse on the floor from being startled by his voice and my dad just stared at the two of us.

My heart was racing. I was not prepared or ready for this today.

“Mom! Dad! This is Harry!” I quickly said something as my eyes apologized to Harry.

Thank god Harry had a long sleeve shirt on because I did not want to deal with my dad’s smart ass remarks about his tattoos. Hell he didn’t even know about mine.

“Oh, the infamous Harry Styles! Hello!” My mother kindly smiled and held her hand out after she picked up her purse.

“Mrs. Y/L/N, it’s great to meet you, I can see why Y/N is so beautiful now,” Harry shook her hand.

“Oh! I like him already!” She squealed.


“Mr. Y/L/N, it’s nice to meet you, I’ve heard great things about you.” Harry held his hand out.

My dad firmly shook it without saying anything.

“Well we came here to take Y/N out for lunch, join us Harry! I would love to get to know you.” My mom clapped. She was very excited which was the complete opposite of my dad.

I saw my mom nudge my dad in the arm as Harry looked at me

“Yes, come have lunch with us,” My dad monotonously said

“I would love too!” Harry replied rather enthusiastically.

“I’ll grab our coats,” He smiled as he headed to the coat closet.

“I need to grab some boots,” I quickly said and ran to my room, I did not want to leave them alone too long. I rushed into my closet and grabbed the first pair of boots and a random scarf; I quickly grabbed Harry’s scarf and headed back out into the living room to see my mother and Harry getting along as my dad stood there trying to not look pissed.

I knew he was probably wondering: why Harry was here, if Harry was staying here with me and when Harry was going to leave.

“Oh you must share with me your experiences in Brazil! I’ve been wanting to go there with Y/N and her father but we are always so busy.” My mother said as we headed out the door.

“Of course!” Harry nodded.

Harry wrapped his scarf around the bottom half of his face and pull his hood over his hair before we exited the building, needing to conceal himself.

Harry and I climbed in the back of my parents BMW SUV, as my parents climbed in front.

- - - - - 

We pulled up to Madeline, go figure, my mom loves this place and entered the building.

When we finally were in the elevator, Harry pulled back his hood and uncovered his face.

“Have you been here before?” My mom asked Harry.

“No I haven’t but I heard it was amazing from quite a lot of people." 

"You’re definitely going to love it!”

As we exited the elevator and walked up to the host stand, my dad greeted the hostess, “Hello we have a table under ‘Y/L/N.’”

“Oh yes, someone from your party just arrived.” She lead us to our table.

I looked at Harry, what? 

He just shrugged.

As we turned the corner we followed the hostess up the platform to our usual table; I saw someone’s shoulder but it wasn’t until she moved out of the way that I recognized him.

Oh god, what the hell is Derek doing here?! I panicked.

I looked over to see that Harry had not noticed him yet since he was turning his phone on silent.

Harry looked up at me to see panic in my eyes and then turned his head when he heard my father’s voice.

“Derek! Good to see you again!"  Derek stood up and hugged my father and my mother.

"Y/N!” He smiled, “Harry! Nice to see you again.”

They shook hands.

What the fuck did my dad do?

“Oh you two’ve met?” My dad looked surprised.

“Oh yes, the other night at Y/N’s and Madeline’s. We all had dinner together.” Derek replied as he took his seat.

 Harry’s POV

I had no idea how to react when I saw Derek. I felt a surge of annoyance at the site of him hugging her parents. I pulled out Y/N’s chair and gestured her to sit then I took the seat next to her.

Derek sat next to me, her father next to him and Y/N’s mother, next to her.  

Fucking round tables.

I felt Y/N’s hand on my thigh as we tried to figure out why the hell Derek was here.

“So dad, did you invite Derek?” Y/N boldly asked.

“Actually, I invited your parents out for lunch and I told them to pick you up on the way, and Harry, I figured you were still here so I made sure to get a fifth chair.” He explained.

“Thanks,” I tried to stay calm.

“So son, when are you heading back to L.A.?” Her father asked Derek. 

SON? I gripped the menu in my hand. I felt Y/N’s hand slowly rubbing my thigh to keep me calm.

I knew that she knew what was going through my mind as we sat there and listened to Derek and her father talk. Why the fuck does he bother me so much?

I was so relieved when the waitress finally came to take our order, her dad was acting all close to Derek, which made me even more nervous and frustrated.

After she left to get our drinks, her mother started the next conversation, “So Harry, tell me how did you meet our daughter? She refuses to tell me anything about you two.”

I smiled at both of them, “It was at the Starbucks not to far from here. I was here in New York for work. I needed coffee and a place to write so I went to the nearest one. I sat down next to her and accompanied her while she studied.” I put my hand on top of Y/N’s under the table.

“Oh that’s cute!” Mrs. Y/L/N clapped.

“She didn’t even know who I was until she left,” I squeezed her hand.

“You didn’t recognize him?!” Her mom was shocked.

“I was too busy studying.” I shrugged.

Derek interjected, “So Harry, when does your tour start?”

Why the hell does he care?

“I’m heading to Australia on the night of 4th of February, first gig is on the 7th.”

“So you’ll be on tour for how long?” Her father’s voice surprised me.

“Nine months, I won’t be done until end of October.”

“That must be nice to get away and travel.” I knew her father only said that because I would be gone and won’t be distracting her.

But two could play, “Yeah but I’m excited that Y/N will be coming along during the summer.”

I could tell her father had almost popped a vein when I said that. I felt Y/N kick me under the table. It took all of me to not laugh.

As lunch continued, I could sense her father was trying to get under my skin by talking up Derek and mostly to Derek. It was very frustrating.

But on the bright side, I really loved her mum, who kept asking me questions and genuinely tried to get to know me. She was really funny and sweet, she made me miss my own mum.

I kept calm and brush off her dad’s behavior as best as I could, but it wasn’t until he suggested that Y/N go to The Grammy’s with Derek in L.A next week that was making me lose my patience.

There, right then, I saw Derek’s eyes light up when he heard that suggestion.

“I don’t know if I am going to go this year, just depends if I have a test or not.” She replied.

“Oh I know you can handle both,” her father said. He was pushing her to go to The Grammy’s with him to piss me off. But that wasn’t what bothered me.

She raised her eyebrow at Derek for help, who was already looking at her.

I felt myself turn pale, I could see by the way he was looking at her that he was in love with her. I knew because I looked at her that way. 

I shifted in my seat. 

“Well I’ll be going with my girlfriend.” He awkwardly said.

When he said that I saw her father’s face turn sour.

“Your what?” He asked.


“My girlfriend.” Derek chuckled at Mr. Y/L/N, then turned back to Y/N, “But you’re definitely welcome to come with us, you and Madeline, I have seats reserved for me.”

But that didn’t stop her father from trying to get under my skin.

“So Harry, where did you go to college? Derek here went to Berklee College of Music.” He asked and gloated.

He damn well knew I came straight from The X-Factor to the celebrity scene when I was 16. Before I could reply, the waitress had came with our main entrée. 

Thank god.

Y/N completely changed the subject by asking them what they were going to Atlanta for. 

When lunch was finally over, we all thanked Derek for paying as he headed off back to work. 

Y/N insisted that we take a cab back to her condo and told her parents to head on to the airport.

I bade them farewell and to have a safe flight before they got into their car and we hopped into a cab.

“I am so so so so so sorry for the way my dad acted Harry.” She held my hand as we sat in the back seat.

Of course I wasn’t mad or angry at her, I was frustrated because I wanted her father to like me but obviously her father wants her to be with Derek.

“It’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I know but I know my dad was acting like that to try to get a rise out of you, thank you for keeping your cool.” She kissed my hand.

“Yeah well I tried my best. But I think there’s something off with Derek.”

“What, what do you mean?” She turned her body towards mines.

“Nothing, never mind, forget it.”

“No you have to tell me.”

“Can we talk about it when we get back to your place?” I lifted my chin towards the driver.

Fifteen minutes later, we pulled up to her building, the second we were in the door, she had already started, “Tell me Harry, what is off or wrong with Derek?”

I took off my coat and scarf and hung it up as I shook my head.

The entire ride home I had replayed in my head the lunch we just had.

The way Derek looked at her.

I just knew.

She stood in front of me with her hands behind her back, waiting for an answer.

I took a deep breath, “Derek’s in love with you.”

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