nothing can make this scene justice


When I heard the grizzly news last night, I thought, “don’t blog anything right now, someone else who is more awake will write something. With the solidarity that’s been shown with Ferguson, Ukraine etc people will make sure something is said. This new social justice scene is more alert”.

But no.

Nothing on my dashboard about Steven Sotloff.

The second beheading of an innocent journalist and not one ripple of condemnation or outrage.

Is it because we’re numb? We’ve already seen James Foley come to his end and so now we're desensitised to men meeting their horrific demise?

No I don’t think so. I think people only get passionate about things right in front of their face. Passive ignorance as it were.

You can’t get offended and shocked and outraged at one thing and not the other. What is the fucking point in that?

I’m disappointed that this man’s face is not in your head today. Steven Sotloff was an innocent observer in Syria.

The only reason we know what’s going on in this world is because of people like Steven.

He has had his head slowly cut from his body using a knife, because he was a journalist in the wrong place.

Let that sink in.