nothing can hold you back

Mars in the Signs

🥇  Nothing can hold you back when it comes to

Yourself, your own goals and aspirations
-mars in aries
-mars in leo
-mars in capricorn

Your mind, your ideas, ideals, visions
-mars in gemini
-mars in virgo
-mars in sagittarius

Protecting what/who you love
-mars in taurus
-mars in cancer
-mars in scorpio

Fighting for others, justice, fairness, kindness
-mars in libra
-mars in aquarius
-mars in pisces

Split - Kai Scenario. Part 5

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family.

Word Count: 2076

A/n: I know this is short but I’d rather upload something now and something in a week than nothing at all. It hasn’t been the best times for me on this blog lately but I can’t stop writing this story for myself and you guys…


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 6

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I recommend rereading part 4 before starting this chapter!!!

You wake up on a Sunday morning with a sigh. Now you perfectly understand the meaning of that one saying. As if you’re a schoolgirl and it’s finally the last day of your holidays. But in your case you haven’t missed what’s to come even for a bit.

But this time, you decide not to sulk and make the most of the day which will probably be the last one you’ll ever spend with your complete family. Negative thoughts try to find their way into your mind but this time you do your best to keep them out and just enjoy last Sunday you’ll spend happily.

You won’t ruin it.

You quickly get out of the bed. this time you don’t wake up next to your almost ex-husband which is quite a disappointment, but then you sneak a look inside Tae’s room and see him hugged by his father in sleep. And it’s quite enough for you. You can share Jongin with your son even if you’re very selfish.

You don’t lose time swooning over the perfect picture and step inside the bathroom to get ready for the day. After washing up and putting on a comfortable sundress, you head to the kitchen. You plan to make this day perfect for everyone and in your family’s case that means food.

Although you like the thought of healthy diet, the thought of Jongin and Tae’s happiness when they see fried chicken for breakfast is enough persuasion you need.

Time goes quickly while you do everything to make sure that the “breakfast” table is flawless. And just when you’re about to put the last plate on it, you hear footsteps and soon both of your favorite boys step inside the kitchen. You don’t know who’s more excited when seeing what they’re about to eat.

“You’re just in time for breakfast.” You say with a big smile, even though it’s already half past two in the afternoon, it’s normal with Jongin and Tae who goes after his father in everything.

“The smell woke us up.” Jongin can’t take his eyes off the table. “This smells so good, how could we have slept more.” He laughs and sits next to Tae. They’ve both already started devouring the food.

“Wow this is really good.” Jongin comments. “I haven’t tasted anything better for a while, where did you order this?” he asks while handing Tae the neck of chicken. “Start with this.” He adds.

“I made this actually.” You say quietly. Jongin stops and widens his eyes while chewing slowly. “Mommy is the best cook ever, isn’t she?” Tae says with a full mouth. You laugh and wipe his lips.

“Yeah, she is.” Jongin says quietly and you feel your cheeks redden. It’s like you’re returned to high school phase, or just the start of your friendship with Jongin. Not as if you’ve spend years next to him.

Almost an hour passes when the three of you are finally finished with the food. Tae tries to keep up with his dad whose tummy seems to have a hole and is never satisfied. But when the plates are finally empty Jongin suggests watching television so the three of you move to the living room and get comfortable on the couch.

And that’s how the last day (as you hate to call it) is spent. Nothing is special but amazing at the same time. The only time either of you move is to get to the bathroom or get the next fill of snacks. You’re watching cartoons and the Disney movies even Jongin enjoys singing along to.

When the sun is set, Tae runs to his room to get his favorite blanket and returns jumping in his father’s lap. He covers both of them with it and grabs your arm to bring you closer. You’re hesitant at first – you don’t want to make Jongin uncomfortable, but then you see them all cuddly and warm and there’s nothing that can hold you back from joining.

You move closer slowly also getting under the blanket but keeping some distance from your husband but you’re surprised, that when your neck is getting too uncomfortable for it to be laying naturally, Jongin is the one to pull his arm around you and let it rest against his shoulder, right in the position where you can also reach to kiss Tae’s head. You didn’t expect it. Definitely didn’t but for the first time in a month you feel that you’re warm again and you hadn’t even realized how frozen your body had become, deprived of his warmth.

There’s something different about him. Always has been. Just like no heating system can warm you up as well as a walk under the sun can, Jongin’s arms are the same. He’s your personal sun, your only natural way to life.

You can’t even imagine how much you crave for it.

After a while you realize that Tae has fallen asleep on his father’s chest. But you can’t blame him. Jongin is just so warm and so comfortable all you want to do is to finally get the good night’s sleep peacefully for once. But the other part forces you to stay awake to remember every single second of the time you finally felt so, so happy.

In that moment you clearly realize one thing.

He’s here. With a woman who will soon become his ex-wife. And there’s one logical question jumping in your mind.

“Jongin?” you call out, quietly enough not to wake up your son.

“Yes?” he answers, so softly that you never want that sound to leave your ears.

“How does she feel about you being here?” you drop the question, you’re truly curious about. But nothing could surprise you more than what Jongin says next.

“Who?” he asks.

You don’t know if you’re imagining it, or that you’re already stepped into your nightly dream, but you think his fingers are slowly caressing your arm. He truly seems to not recognize who you’re talking about.

“Fei.” You answer with a single word. That name won’t ever leave your memory.

You look up at Jongin secretly and see momentary confusion dwell in his eyes.

“Oh, her.” He adds and stays quiet for a moment. “Well I don’t think she likes that I’m here. She told me not to come.” He says quietly.

Of course she doesn’t. As negatively as you might be inclined towards that girl you understand that she wouldn’t want Jongin to stay over here. But you can’t sympathize when she’s the one going after a still-to-be-divorced man.

Soon after another thought occupies your mind. You know it’s childish to compare how Jongin treats Fei to how he treated you, but she told him not to come and here he is, in your living room. Not once would Jongin ever make you uncomfortable with his decisions when he lived with you. In the good old times he wouldn’t have left you alone like he did with Fei.

You’re absolutely sure of that and that thought makes you even warmer inside. Curling deeper into Jongin’s chest you have no negative thoughts raiding your mind.


On a Monday morning Jongin wakes up just on time without the need of an alarm clock. Slowly dressing in his formal attire he proceeds to the bathroom and kisses the head of his son who’s diligently brushing his teeth. Next he walks inside the kitchen and sees her.

She turns around to look at him and doesn’t even try to form a smile. Jongin can see how the light that was so bright inside her eyes yesterday is now completely gone. Breakfast goes in a quiet matter, so unusual to this happy household. Jongin offers to take Tae to Kindergarten and soon sees his son jumping inside his backseat. Moving like a robot she walks over and fixes his tie, he doesn’t even notice it was crooked. Well she was always better at handling it anyway.

Turning around she slides a sheet of paper in front of him, Jongin looks closely and sees lots of too professional words he hates so much.

“I signed it.” she says quietly. “Like I promised. You’re free.” That’s it. just a little doodle of Jongin’s signature is needed and everything will be over. Isn’t it what he wanted? Without a word he slides the papers inside his laptop bag and walk to the door.

Similar to the times before she walks him to the door and just like it used to be usual, he kisses her forehead and says “Bye”. But this time it doesn’t feel like usual at all.  

The day goes as usual for you. Just like it’s been this past month. You go to work, use your lunch period to pick up Tae and chew on a small bun to get you through the day. You make sure Tae doesn’t mess around and does his homework, then you take his hand and go back to the journey back home. You unlock the house, take off your coat, wash Tae’s hands and heat up the dinner you cooked the previous day. As if everything is the same but at the same time nothing is.

Even if usually you always manage to put a smile on your face just for the sake of your son, today you can’t. Today you can’t force yourself anything. You don’t have enough energy. And you know Tae feels it. Not just your feelings but you can see the same mood from him. Your son hasn’t smiled all day and you hate it. You hate it more than anything.

You know what changed. The hope is gone. Even if you spent the month alone you hoped, you wished Jongin would wake up and just come back, for you the bright future of your family wasn’t torn. You still hoped, deep down in your heart. Now you know it’s over. You lost. You lost him.

You finally manage to set the table managing not to break down seeing the number of plates. You will stay strong for your child. He deserves to have you properly functioning. Tae comes from his room slowly and sits down by your low table.

“Eat well, Tae.” You smile warmly and reach to kiss his head. He smiles too. And how can a five year old’s smile even be so full of sadness.

You’re just about to eat when you hear the lock of your front door open. You don’t know what to think. Your motherly instincts are reaching for Tae in case of a burglary. Why would a burglar step inside your house so calmly, it’s irrational you know, but you can’t give yourself any false hope that maybe what you think is happening, is actually happening.

You’re only looking at Tae, afraid to look straight at the entrance and you see your son’s face change. From curiosity to confusion and finally a shy and timid smile forms on his face.

“Daddy.” He calls.

You finally look forward.

“Started dinner without me?”

Jongin is standing with his suitcase, dressed warmly in a winter coat, his shoes are already neatly arranged in their proper place. There’s a small pout on is face for emphasis.

He looks godly.

He looks like home.

Tae looks lost, but you’re sure you’re even more confused. But your son fixes himself in a second and runs to hug his dad, like he would every day. Your son can control himself very well, but you’re sure Jongin can also see just how happy he is to see his dad, home.

You don’t let down your guard yet.

You stay frozen at your seat.

“Ahh, today was such a tiring day at work, I can’t even stand on my feet.” Jongin yawns and takes off his coat. “I’ll go wash my hands. Y/N can you please check my bag? There’s so much trash in there from work, could to throw it out? Or I’ll forget and it’ll stay there for days…” he continues talking down the hallway, his voice slowly disappearing.

I have to add a plate you think, but first, you walk over and pick up Jongin’s suitcase, opening the zip. You see paper, torn to little pieces. Torn so fiercely you wouldn’t have recognized it hadn’t you put it here in the morning. 

It’s the divorce papers.

And even though they’re destroyed, you can clearly see, there’s not a trace of Jongin’s signature.  

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Don’t tell me no one would miss you.
Yes, the sun will rise and set every single day and night even without you, and yes, the world would go on.

But don’t tell me your mother wouldn’t set a place for you at the dinner table and then break down crying the moment she realizes. Don’t tell me your dad wouldn’t stare into space wishing it wasn’t true. Don’t tell me your friends wouldn’t sit at lunch and stare at your empty seat or text you even though they know you’ll never respond again. Don’t tell me your dog wouldn’t run to the door every time it heard the car and that your cat wouldn’t stare out the window waiting for you to come home. Don’t tell me your teachers wouldn’t skip over your name on the attendance sheet and hold back tears knowing there’s nothing they can do for you now. Don’t tell me the doctors who tried to save you won’t lay awake at night thinking about how you were one they couldn’t save. Don’t tell me that every time someone drove by your house, they’d not feel their heart break. Don’t tell me the person who secretly fell in love with you wouldn’t have every regret in the world. Don’t tell me the newspapers wouldn’t talk about you like a lost hero.

This world needs you.

—  don’t go

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Could you do a post-trespasser react where the inquisitor breaks down and tells their LI that they aren't good enough for them anymore?

Cassandra: (Not Divine) When he tells her that perhaps they should end things between them the Seeker’s heart stops. It has always been her worst fear, that she would find true love only to lose it forever. And this blow comes on the edge of those terrivle hours when she was sure she would bury the man that had slipped past her armor and into her heart. That she is losing him regardless seems too much for one heart to bear.

But when he tells her why- tells her that he is only going to hold her back and he wants her to be able to rebuild the Seekers- the ground settles beneath her. Cassandra has seen this before in comrades who have suffered such an injury, and is sure of herself when she gives her answer.

“No, my love. We are together in this. Nothing can hold me back when you are by my side, and I know you will overcome this like you have every challange. And we will go forward together.”

Sera: The Red Jenny doesn’t even let her finish before the Inquisitor is in her arms. Because Sera remembers the fear and the uncertainty, remembers not wanting to go forward with a relationship when things get scary and unsure. But her Inqy was there was Sera’s faith in them was shaken and now the archer is ready to shore up her wife’s doubts.

“No way, Honeytongue. Only need one hand to put two fingers up at the nobs who wants to hurt poeple. ‘Side, we are all kinds of married now– that means I get to love you when it’s good or bad.So come on, Heard Thingy; let’s throw some pies.”

Blackwall: Like Cassandra his blood runs cold when the Inquisitor wants to break things off, though for all that it shatters his heart he is willing to leave it that’s what she wants. But when the true reason for the conversation finally comes to light Thom refuses to listen.

“No, my lady. This takes nothing from you, lessens nothing about you. You brought out the best in me, made me better. Made me worthy of you, when I was nothing. And if you will still have me, love, I will never leave your side.”

Iron Bull:  “Katoh.”

It comes out of his mouth without hi being fully ware of it. But he’s been there, been awash in doubt and fear as an exploding dreadnought burned his connection to the Qn. He’d felt useless and unworthy, but his Kadan had been there for him. He will do nothing less for them.

“I’m pretty strong, Kadan, but you are the strongest person I’ve met. You might  not feel it now, but I know you’ll push past this. And we can do it together twice as good. Horns, up Kadan.”

Dorian: Far away, in the heart of Tevinter as he struggles to fix what is wrong with the Imperium, the now magister sits and listens to the man he loves say that he no longers feels like that should be together. Dorian curls around the crystal, trying to fathom what  has gone so terribly wrong. And then, joy of joys, he gets the added terrible pleasure of listening to his amatus explain that he no longer feels worthy of beng with Dorian. And that throws him for a loop, but the mage finds himself talking- even babbling- without much forethought.

“No amatus. You are the man I love, and nothing….Nothing has ever stopped you before. You saved the world. Literally, the world is saved. YOu have taken on risks and championed the voiceless and stopped a crazed magister bent on world destruction. By Andraste, you even choked down in the ham in Orlais! I have total faith in you amatus, even if you do not.”

After they speak when the other man has gone and Dorian is alone with his thoughts, it takes only a moment to begin making plans for the man he loves to come to Tevinter. Hang tradition– he is there to change things.

Cullen: It breaks his heart to hear this remarkable woman- who saved the world but still had time to see the best inhim- doubt herself. She is the strongest person he’s ever had the honor to meet and it has been the highest honor in his life to serve at her hand. Nothing can part him from his wife’s -and oh the joy of that word- side, and especially not this. While words have never been his strong point the commander means every word he speaks.

“Do not doubt yourself, my love. FOr I promise you I never will.”

Josephine: She finds herself crying even before they finish, and the Inquisitor will find themselveswrapped in the Ambassador’s vice like embrace. They have been a symbol for hope for years, have saved the world and her life and even her family without ever asking for thanks, but now that they are faltering she can barely breathe for the pain. And faced with that private agony her fine words fail her as she speaks soley from the heart.

“No my love, no. There is nothing….how could you think…. I love you. I will always love you. Nothing can separate us, not when we have done so much. And not when there is such a life ahead of us.”

Mod Fereldone


Harry heard Bellatrix Lestrange’s triumphant scream, but knew it meant nothing. Sirius had only just fallen through the archway, he would reappear from the other side any second… But Sirius did not reappear.
“SIRIUS!” Harry yelled, “SIRIUS!”
He had reached the floor, his breath coming in searing gasps. Sirius must be just behind the curtain, he, Harry, would pull him back out again…
But as he reached the ground and sprinted toward the dais, Lupin grabbed Harry around the chest, holding him back.
“There’s nothing you can do, Harry —”
“Get him, save him, he’s only just gone through!”
“It’s too late, Harry —”
“We can still reach him —”
Harry struggled hard and viciously, but Lupin would not let go… 
“There’s nothing you can do, Harry … nothing…  He’s gone.

Speak To Me

Be still, my love

I will return to you

However far you feel from me

You are not alone..

I will always be waiting

And I’ll always be watching you

Speak to me..

I can’t let go

You’re every part of me

The space between is just a dream

You will never be alone..

I will always be waiting

And I’ll always be watching

We are one breath apart, my love

And I’ll be holding it in ‘til we’re together

Hear me call your name

Just speak, speak to me, speak to me, speak …

I feel you rushing all through me

In these walls I still hear your heartbeat..

And nothing in this world can hold me back

From breaking through to you..

We are one breath apart, my love

And I’ll be holding it in 'til we’re together

Hear me call your name

Just believe and speak, speak to me, speak to me.

Be still, my love

I will return to you…

Cry If I Want To

This is a little thing just for some fun. Our heroes with a Nuetral S/O who seems super tough and untouchable emotionally but instead they are a huge crybaby when it comes really cute things (like “Dogs Reacting to Soldiers Coming Home” or “Kids Getting Pets for Christmas” videos). This is not based off of any persons (*cough cough* Its Me *cough cough*


All requests must be sent to my personal messages and not my inbox (as it can’t accept asks). I’m happy to keep you anon.

This is for 76, Hanzo, McCree, Reaper

Soldier 76–

° Was attracted to you because of this tough exterior. He likes that you are so strong and independent, he finds the fact that you can handle yourself in all situations.

° However, when he found you, all snuggled up with blankets in your room, only your face being exposed and your holopad illuminating your features that he saw a totally different side of you.

° When you turned to look at him when he entered your room, he was taken aback to see the tear stains on your cheeks and he was just in shock. He had never… Would never… Expect to see you in such a state. His first thought is–

° “Someone is dead”

° But you calm him down by raising a hand explaining it was your own fault, you saw a really sweet video of a boy consoling a sick bird and you lost it. Nobody hurt you so instead he kept thinking

° “Why would someone do this to themselves?”

° But as he took in your puffy red eyes, the way your lip kind of trembled when you laughed at yourself, and you wiping your eyes with the blanket… My god…

° You looked absolutely adorable.

° So instead of chidding you on your poor choices, this sweet old guy moved over to you and climbed up on the bed. He pulled you into his lap and hugged you tightly and suddenly the water works started all over again.

° “Jack it was just so cute…” You sniffled and he couldn’t help but smile as he held you tight.


° He would never admit it, but he envied a lot about you. You were just so strong. Able to let just about anything roll off your back in any given situations. He never saw he angry or upset, just confident that everything would work out if it was supposed to. He wished he could be like this.

° However, one day he had caught you, your hand over your eyes and just sobbing. There is a moment of absolute panic. He is completely clueless on what the heck to do.

° However when you look up to see Hanzo there, you also panic and quickly rub your eyes. You apologize and explain it was a video of Kittens Finding Homes that had done you in. You were so embarrassed, your cheeks are bright pink. However you see Hanzo look relieved this was the reason and not that something had harmed you in any way.

° You goes and sits on the couch and he can’t help but tease you, but it is in a very endearing way that makes you cover your face with your hands again to hide that your face had gone bright red.

° Hanzo actually finds this part of you very beautiful. Like it is your release since you are always so strong in front of others. Will often make you tea afterwards and give you small kisses on your hands and cheeks.


° He LOVES this strong independent you. He likes that you are unafraid of anything and that you always put your best foot forward no matter the situation, however he does fear you bottling things up when they should be let out.

° When he finds you crying in your room, he’ll immediately rush to you and give you a big tight hug. If anyone made you cry like this he will skin them alive. He won’t let them live, not for a second.

° And he tells you that, over and over again. When you pull yourself together, you can’t help but laugh at his comments and you shook your head quickly.

° No no you explain it was a video of a dog finding its owner after 4 years that had broke you down in such a way.

° You go on further to say that you are a bit of a crybaby when it comes to cute videos like this and they always make you cry. He can’t help but smile gently at you and take his thumb and wipe your cheeks.

° “Sugar, you always are surprising me,” he states before holding you to him tightly and you recieve all the warm loving forehead kisses you can stand.


° Lord help him

° Why are you crying

° Who did this

° Who even dared–

° You have to stop him quickly as he had turned around pulling out his large shot guns as he was about ready to tear down every building he could till he found the culprit who made you cry.

° He likes how feisty you are. How nothing can ever hold you back, he likes how fierce you are and how nothing seems to be able to tear you down.


° But as you explain that no one had hurt you and that this only happened because you watched a really cute video and it made you cry because it was so damn cute he looked almost offended by this as well. But soon he relaxed and couldn’t help but laugh at you. He saw you huff and he immediately pulled you into a tight hug and scattered kisses all over your face.

° He keeps you all wrapped up and makes you watch gory horror movies cause seeing you cry actually hurt his heart and he doesn’t want to see it ever again.

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So how about it?

So these two requests were similar and I just decided to put the two together! Thank you for sending in your requests and I hope you enjoy this! The ending is a little bit so-so but the process of writing this had been fun! (Though I do have to tell you, I got distracted a lot of times by watching Kitchen Nightmares).

It is Saturday night and you are currently working away on the documents that have kept you from going back to your apartment early. Not that you quite minded: things between your boyfriend and you have started to become really dull and he also just does not quite understand the commitment you have to your job. It made going back to your space unbearable. Sometimes he ever accuses you of having an affair with Bruce! As if he would go for someone like you.

Almost every single day, you have to reassure him that he is the only one that you love and that he is the one you are in a relationship with but it was starting to get very tiring of having to repeat the same thing over and over again every single day. Even though you would really love to be in your bed more than anything right now, the thought of having to see your boyfriend and sit through his accusations is really not appealing.

You let out a sigh when you finished proofreading the third out of ten documents. The meetings had ran late causing more papers to pile up on your desk. Some of your fellow colleagues have already called the quits and went home but you knew you can at least manage a few more before you would not even be able to make any sense out of the documents anymore.

You are halfway through the fourth document when a knock resounds throughout your office and you are startled out of your reverie. You stare wide eyes at the door, tensing slightly but the moment the door opens, you visibly relax.

Bruce looks at you with that almost smile of his and you let out a sigh, willing your heart to stop racing. Just because Wayne Enterprise has one of the top notch’s security, it does not mean that no one might try to break in to the building. As you recall, there had been several attempts a few times. You are horrible at fighting despite taking self-defense classes.

“You scared me, Bruce.” You place your pen down on the table and gently massage your wrist. You definitely did not know how tired you had been until you placed that pen down.

Bruce shakes his head. “Highly doubt that, Y/N. I was about to head down to grab some coffee but saw that your lights are still on. Do you want to grab some coffee with me before we dive back in to finishing the papers?” Bruce feels a little bit guilty that he is making you work overtime but those documents need to be on his table come tomorrow morning. Though, despite the guilt, he is quite happy to be able to be spending some time with you now.

You nod your head. “Oh, sure. Coffee sounds so good right now.” You abandon your table and Bruce gives you a full smile, motioning for you to follow after him. You thought by heading down, Bruce had meant the pantry but apparently not, since the two of you headed to the elevator, heading towards the ground floor. “I may have to grab my wallet –“

Bruce shakes his head, cutting you off. “My treat, Y/N. Because of me, you are behind on those documents. The least I can do is offer you some coffee.” Right at that moment though, your stomach growls, demanding to be fed and Bruce chuckles. “Perhaps we should grab something light for dinner too?”

You laugh sheepishly, patting your stomach to calm it down. You don’t even remember when was the last time you had eaten anything. You remember eating a granola bar for breakfast that morning but that was about it. No wonder your stomach is protesting – you missed lunch too.

The walk to the closest café took about ten minutes and in that ten minutes, you have come to realize that Bruce Wayne is extremely handsome and has very good humour too. Your boyfriend used to have some very good humour as well until he started becoming very cynical and just downright annoying you. At times, you wonder why you are even with him.

“So how’s life?” Bruce asks as he holds the door open for you and you accidentally let out a sigh. Bruce raises one of his eyebrows. “That bad, huh?” You thank him and the both of you walk in to the café. You gave him a nod, letting Bruce lead you to the counter.

Bruce hasn’t always liked you in the first place. He had thought you were a tremendous worker and you had obviously the passion for whatever it is that you do. He thought you were a nice friend, one that is not afraid to state your opinions too. He enjoys being friends with you. Somewhere along the way, the respect he had for you grew and he started seeing you in a different light. One that he had troubles getting his head around but now, he’s used to it. He knows he has feelings for you – it’s growing in to something bigger than just a crush now – but he also knows he won’t do anything since you are currently in a relationship.

“Thank you.” You immediately grab a table for the two of you. Bruce brings over the tray filled with drinks and sandwiches, taking a seat across of you. “I know I say this a lot but thank you for this, really. The last time I had food was probably this morning.” You tell him reaching for the sandwich.

Bruce chuckles and reach for his own sandwich, taking a bite. It doesn’t taste as delicious as Alfred’s but it will have to make do until he gets home. “No problem, Y/N. I would not have been able to finish the documents without you.”

You laugh, shaking your head. “That’s a lie – you probably would have stayed in the office the entire night.” You pointed out, taking another bite of the sandwich. “This is pretty decent. I feel like I’ve tasted better.”

Bruce nods his head. “I can’t lie about that and true, Alfred makes better sandwiches but this is decent and the place is pretty nice as well.” Bruce comments, looking around the café. There weren’t a lot of people, that is expected since it’s pretty late at night already but the fact that this café is still open, it’s definitely a great place to go to for late night supper.

“Yeah, I do agree. This is pretty nice and not far from the office too.” You finish eating your sandwich and began taking a sip of your drink. The two of you are quiet as Bruce continues to finish his sandwich. The silence had been nice and comfortable – not awkward at all – though the moment is broken when your phone began to ring endlessly.

You pick it up and let out a sigh, sending an apologetic look at Bruce. He shakes his head. You answer the phone and sigh. “I’m still working – I sent you a text earlier, right now? I left the office to grab a bite at the café – of course, I am with Bruce – come on, can we talk about this later? Please just drop it for now.” You exchange a few more words with your boyfriend and hang up the call after that. You press your hand to your forehead, feeling a headache coming from the conversation.

Bruce frowns. You didn’t look well after receiving that call. He supposes it was from your boyfriend – he had briefly glanced at the ID caller earlier – and wonders how you are truly feeling. “Trouble?” He couldn’t help but ask.

You nod your head. “It’s just things have been rough lately and I feel like I’m not in to him anymore. He’s a nice guy but lately, I don’t know.” You have no idea why you are telling this to Bruce but you really needed to let it out. “Every single day he is always gripping me about something and I just, I feel like I am starting to get really tired of it all.” You used to really love your boyfriend – you had been high school sweethearts too – but nowadays, you are starting to think that maybe it’s time for the two of you to break up. Your eyes widen slightly when you realize what you have just thought of.

Bruce nods his head. He has a lot of things he wants to say but he doesn’t because he does not want to be the reason you break up with your boyfriend. He rather you break up with him on your own accord so Bruce can pursue you after that. “I have nothing much I can say, perhaps you can try stopping yourself by holding back. If you aren’t happy, make a change.” Bruce offers an advice, thinking about all the times he had been unhappy with the situation in his life. Thankfully, he had Alfred to help him. Perhaps all you needed in your life is an Alfred.

You ponder his words for a few seconds before nodding your head. “That makes sense.” It really does. Perhaps you need to move on from the past to be able to live in the present.

“Should we head back to the office?” Bruce takes note of your absent-minded look. You blink a couple of times before nodding your head. “Though I do want you to go home and rest even if you did not manage to finish going through all of the documents.” Bruce reminds you and you smile at him.

Tumblr Rising @ SXSW

Oh hello Tumblr. We’re down in Austin, TX putting a spotlight on some of best up-and-coming acts at South By Southwest. For the next few days, stay tuned right here on for live, exclusive interviews with the artists you oughta know about. And get this: 80% of the musicians we’ll be highlighting are female fronted or all girl bands.

Here’s what’s on the agenda: 


A R I Z O N A (@thisisarizonamusic) is a band from New Jersey who found each other in Massachusetts and are currently performing in Texas. Their geography-spanning genre-bending songs retell traditional pop narratives of love and loss with inventive production and left-field influences. Check out their music here and tune into their interview at 1 pm CST.

Sweet Spirit (@sweetspiritatx) is a native Texas nine-piece that mixes throwback pop, doo-wop, and a touch of funk to create their unique and immensely catchy tunes. Listen to ‘em and tune into their interview at 2:30pm CST. 


Flint Eastwood (@flinteastwooddetroit) “is what happens when friends and family gather in the forgotten spaces of an embattled city and are left to create with no rules, no boundaries, and nothing holding them back.You can find her music here, and you can watch her interview at 12:00pm CST.

Weaves (@weavesbandis an art-rock band from Toronto. Their sound is marked by their willingness to have fun and push boundaries, which they do through their unique brand of music as well as their performance antics and love for audience interaction. Lend them your ears and stay tuned for their interview at 2:30pm CST. 

Woodes (@woodesmusic) is the stage name of 24-year-old, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter/producer Elle Graham. Her collaborative project with fellow producer Elkkle has gained tons of independent radio play in Australia over the past couple of years, her first solo EP is out a little later in 2017.  Go listen here, and watch her live interview at 4:00pm CST. 


The Big Moon (@commoonicate​) are all girls, all friends, and all-ternative. This London group channels PJ Harvey and The Slits, but with wide-eyed harmonies that are all their own. Their single “Sucker” is out now. Keep listening right here, and don’t miss their interview at 11am CST.

The Loss of a GodFather

Harry stood in the Ministry fighting against the Death Eaters with the DA and The Order at his side

Harry: *knocked to the floor after being hit in the face*

Harry sat there for a moment the feeling cold blood against his finger tips

Harry: *Stumbles once before standing upright*

Harry: *spots his godfather in trouble across the room*

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Things I’ve Learned From Being an Aroha

aka life lessons with MK

I have been an AROHA since November 30, 2015, long before we had a name or more than, like, 30 blogs on tumblr.  I’ve made a ton of wonderful friends through our mutual love for ASTRO, and I’ve had chances to experience things that I might not have experienced otherwise.  Here are some things that I’ve realized since being an AROHA, or things I already knew that have just been cemented in me even more.

1. Always, always be kind.

AROHA means ‘love’ in Maori.  If we don’t show that love to other people, then who would we be as a fandom?  There are people behind every blog, and a different side to idols that we never see.  We don’t know what goes on in every person’s life.  We don’t know what their past holds, so be kind to everybody that you meet.  Kindness is often met with kindness.

2. Believe in yourself.

If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.  This comes directly from my experience in running @astrofantastic since I first learned about ASTRO.  The blog started off small, and I just kept thinking, if it’s even for one person, I can do it.  The blog has grown to much more than I would have ever expected.  The members of ASTRO believed that they would continue on and debut, and they did.  They believe in themselves, and we believe in them, and so we should believe in ourselves, too.

3. Be proud.

Most people sell themselves short.  They don’t think that what they do is good enough, but it is.  We need to be proud of what we have accomplished, as little or as big as that accomplishment is.  There is never a time when you shouldn’t be proud of what you have done and who you are.

4. Someone is always going to listen to you.

AROHA are such an open community that there will always be someone willing to talk to you.  It might not seem like it, and you might be intimidated, but you shouldn’t be!  I can name 10 people off the top of my head who would willingly strike up a conversation with a random AROHA.

5. Keep going.

Don’t ever give up.  Even when your goal seems ridiculous, keep going.  You will get there.  Set your mind to something and you will be able to accomplish it if you are proud of what you have done, and if you believe in yourself.  Keep going with a heart full of love and find people to share your passions with.  Nothing, nothing is holding you back.  You can do anything.

Burn Part 2

Seth Rollins x Reader

Part 1 Prompt: You’re an ascending WWE Superstar. After your title match a fan attacks you. You have to leave the WWE for 4months because of your injuries. Seth helps you thru these hard times and you begin to grow closer to eachother

Word count: 1122

Special thanks to @50shadesofadamcolebaybay !

Originally posted by moxley-master

You never thought that your dream could turn into a nightmare so fast.

You had to hand back your Diva’s title because of your injury. A disappointed fan poured highly concentrated hydrochloride all over you. He was caught by security and had explained that he didn’t like your character and wasn’t fond that you won the title match against Charlotte. You were shocked to hear that. You knew that some fans were obsessed with wrestling, you too were obsessed with it, but you would’ve never thought that somebody couldn’t distinguish between kayfabe and reality. That a simple reign change could enrage somebody that bad to physically harm someone else. The recovery was rough. 2/3 of your upper arm and your shoulder were burned by the acid. It reached to parts of your neck. Luckily, it was only some sprinkles of acid that hit you there. To your luck the quick reaction of the staff members saved your arm. By pouring water over it they rinsed most of the acid away. Unfortunately, your burns were still severe. You didn’t want to think what would have been if nobody had reacted that quickly. You had to apply certain lotions that were supposed to let your wounds heal quicker and reduce the scarring. In addition to that, you had to wear a compression suit that reached from your left hand to your upper body.

The first week of your recovery was exhausting. You had to stay at the hospital for three days. Many of your colleges sent you cards with their well wishes. On social media the hashtag ‘getwellsoonY/N’ trended for a long time. Some of your friends even managed to visit you. Of course, Seth was one of them. He managed to get some time off even only for a few days. You couldn’t understand why and protested but he just smiled and said you would do the same for him. And he was right.

After your hospital discharge, you decided to stay at your parent’s house for the first month. Both because you were nearer to your rehab center and because you couldn’t bear to be alone. At least not the first few weeks. Constantly fearing getting attacked again, you reduced your time outside. You barely left the house. Only for medical appointments and rehab. Your interactions with your friends were getting fewer and fewer. You just couldn’t handle their pity anymore. You knew that they only meant well but it was overwhelming you. Even Seth was hard to bare some days. You even ignored some of his texts and calls because you just didn’t have the strength for another talk about yourself. At the same time you felt so sorry for being such a bitch to your friends.

When you finally moved back to your own flat you were alone. You isolated yourself, abandoned your training and your anxiety got even worse. At night you would wake up panting and crying because of the never ending nightmares. You were afraid and on edge 24/7. At week 8 of your recovery you felt like you were going crazy. During the day you would just lay in bed or on your couch, watching TV or listening to music. Overthinking everything that happened the last few weeks. What would come now? Was your career at its end? It had just begun… And what about your friends? You abandoned them. Would they be still there? But even if they were, would you have the strength to apologize to them? You were torn apart. On the one hand you wanted so badly to come back to the WWE. But on the other you were afraid of the encounters with your friends and fans. Would the WWE Universe even care for your return or did they already forget you?

A knock on your door pulled you out of your own thoughts. Your whole body tensed. Who was at your door? You didn’t expect anybody. You began to shiver, a panic attack slowly rising in yourself.

Another knock.

“Y/N?” you knew that voice. Still shaking but a bit less tense you got up from your couch. Slowly walking to your door.

“Y/N, it’s me, Seth.” He almost whispered, “I know you’re here. I saw your car outside…” Silence. “I just wanted to see you” he sounded so sad. You couldn’t let him stand out there.

After a short hesitation you unlocked your door. Opening, you saw Seth giving you a small smile. You gave him a weak smile back. You were slightly shocked as Seth suddenly pulled you in a tight hug.

“I missed you” he mumbled into your hair.

“I missed you too!” you said sniffling. You hadn’t even noticed that you started to cry.

“Seth, I-I’m so sorry!” you cried.

“Shh, Y/N. Don’t worry. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Still holding you tightly, Seth walked in, closing the door behind him. You two just stood there in a tight soothing hug. You crying your heart out and Seth doing his best to hold down his own. To see you like that hurt him.

You two settled down on the couch after a while. You are still sniffling a bit while Seth holds you close to his chest.

“I’m sorry,” you begin, “I’m sorry that I was such a bitch. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It was just too much attention from all of you and it overwhelmed me. I know I shouldn’t have pushed you away, I-I…” you were on the brim of crying again.

“Everything’s fine sweet pea! You did nothing wrong. It’s normal to react to something traumatising in such a manner. My main point is, as long as you let me help you from this point on, everything is going to be ok again. Heck, even better than before:” he told you reassuringly.

“You sure?”

“Of course I am! We just have to get through it. But together we will do it!” he smiled down at you.

“Thank you Seth! You’re just too good to be true. What did I to deserve such a friend?” You looked him in the eyes. When you said those last words however, something in his eyes changed. He broke your gaze. He almost looked hurt.

“So, well,” he began, “what do you think about going with me to get some coffee and getting out of this hole?“ Standing up harshly and pushing you off of him. You didn’t think too much of it.

“That sounds ok.”

“Just ok?” he asks raising an eyebrow, “trust me, Y/N. It’s going to be more then ok! Come get up, take a quick shower and then lets go!“ He took your hand pulling you behind him to your bathroom.

As you got out of your shower you hurried to dry your hair and dress yourself. Seth sat in your living room busying himself whatever he was doing. You didn’t want him waiting for you. You already put on your jeans and wanted to get your compression suit on as your eyes found your reflection in your mirror. You inspected your reflection. A sad exhausted face looked at you. Your gaze wandered to your arm. It still looked horrible.

You hurried to put on the suit not willing to look at your burned skin any longer. The tight fabric wrapping around your arm, shoulder andupper thorax. As your eyes found your own in the mirror again you began to weep again. You jerked a bit as something in the mirror slightly shifted. In the reflection you saw Seth standing at the door. Not willing to meet his gaze you shut your eyes tightly, trying to get a bit more composure. Soft footsteps coming closer and closer, then you feel two gentle and warm hands on your shoulders.

“What’s the matter sweat pea?” Seth silently asks as he gently rubs your uninjured arm. “Do you wanna tell me, what upsets you so much?” You sniffled some more before you could say anything.

“I just can’t. Every time I look into the mirror, every time I see and feel this suit on my skin. It’s just too much. How am I supposed to wrestle again if I have to wear this crap for at least a year?” It was silent for a moment. Seth looking you up and down in the mirror. Then your gazes met.

“You know how I see it, nothing can hold you back from wrestling. Not even this thingy.” he pointed at the suit. “Who knows, maybe there is an alternative to this that makes you more agile. If it even restricts you in any way.”

“But I look so strange in it. What kind of gear am I supposed to wear into the ring? They’ll joke about me!” you exclaimed close to tears yet again.

“I don’t see a problem with that. You can wrestle in a normal t-shirt if you want. And to be honest with you, that suit makes you look even more badass. I would say you have a slight similarity to the winter soldier.” he said teasingly. You chuckled from his remark and playfully hit his chest.

“You’re such a dork sometimes!”

“As long as I make you smile, I’m ok with it,” he said grinning like a cheshire cat.

Part 3

Striking Twice

Shaxx x female Guardian | oc: Alexandra Warren | angst and drama | smutterific | NSFW

This fic is for @illiksis as part of our art trade and stars her beautiful Titan Striker Alexandra and Lord Shaxx. Alexandra, a civilian member of the Firebreak Order around the time of Twilight Gap, is keen to prove herself as good a fighter as any Guardian. Meanwhile, Shaxx is struggling with his complicated feelings about his newly formed rift with Lord Saladin. 

But we begin the story in the Tower, pre-Ghaul, where Shaxx is shocked to re-encounter the newly resurrected Alexandra. 

Shaxx, The Tower, pre-Ghaul

Behind his one-horned helmet, Shaxx blinked. The young woman waited, her determined expression slowly becoming uncertain.

‘Uh, have I got something on my face?’ She swiped at her chin and looked at her fingers.

Her face was strong and open, with feminine curves to her cheekbones and mouth. Beautiful eyes which were accentuated by her short pixie cut. It was the face of a dead woman.

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A Real Viking

Preparing for the coming up raid, Harald wanted a meeting to go over things.  Going to see him, you walked in the room, no one was there, except Harald and Halfdan.
“Where is everyone”? You questioned them as they watched you take a seat at the table.
Harald cleared his throat. “We don’t want you coming on this raid”. He looked at Halfdan.
You huffed, crossing your arms. “And why is that”?
Harald and Halfdan looked at each other, then at you and back at each other. Thinking I was going to leap over the table and slit their throats.
“Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to ask someone else”? Anger getting the best of you.
“A King”. Was all they said.
“King, what king”? “King Ragnar”? Your eyes grew big with surprise.
They nodded. “Yes”. “He doesn’t want you in battle”.
“Its a raid, what could possibly happen”?
Harald sat up straight. “We listen to what King Ragnar wants”.
“You’ve never before, why start now”? You asked getting up from your seat.
“You’re his only daughter and if anything happens to you, we are dead”.
Huffing, storming out of the room. You tracked down Bjorn. He was sharpening his axe.
“Bjorn, you talk to father for me”? “He’ll listen to you”.
“Y/N he doesnt want you hurt or worse killed”. He replyed, not taking his eyes of his axe.
“I can defend myself, I am a sheildmaiden”. You informed him. “Mother and Father have taught me well”. “You did too”.
“You are his only daughter, he will do anything to protect you”.
“The one he should be watching out for is Ivar, he’s a hot head”. “He tried to kill his brother”.  Getting in his face.
“Ivar is a man, he is a warrior”.
“That makes alot of difference, Bjorn”. “All cause he’s a man”. You rolled your eyes.
“So I’m a girl, theres no way I can fight”.
“Right”. He smirked. Wanting to slap that smirk off his face, you whispered.
“Mother will hear about this”. You stomped off, cursing your father. Bjorn groaned.
Traveling to your mother, Lagertha. You couldnt help but be angry with your father and brother. Men all together.
“I can’t believe your father”. She said throwing a her knife at a block of wood.
“Bjorn said that it was because I was a girl”. You shook your head. “If that is the real reason”.
“That is a ridiculous reason, girls can be Viking just like boys can”. “Look at me”. “I am Queen of the Vikings”. She laughed.
“I want to fight, I want to raid”. “I want to make a name for me”. Not just the daughter of King Ragnar".
She kneeled beside you. “You can do what you want, there is nothing holding you back”. Kissing your temple. “Especially your Father and brother”. “Go for what you believe in and the Gods will grant you”.
“Thank you Mother”.
Lagertha handed you a knife and nodded her head to the block. “Think of it as any man saying you can not do something he could do”.
Drawing your arm back you let go of the knife, hitting right in the center.
“Powerful”. She said as you celebrated your hit.
You spent some time with Lagertha before heading off to see King Ragnar.
Walking in to your father’s home, you saw him talking to Ivar.  Not wanted to disturb him, you went to walk out, Ragnar called for you.
“Y/N my daughter, come to see me”?
“Yes Father, I have”. You walked over, looking at Ivar.
“Ivar, how is one son of Ragnar Lothbrok”? You smirked.
“I am great Y/N, talking about the raid”. He licked his lips.
Your smirk faded. “Dont tell me you’re going”.
“Indeed, I was just telling Father goodbye”.
“That is impossible”.
You yelled at Ragnar. “Father I dont see why I can not go but a crippled can”. “He cant even walk”. You said pointing to Ivar’s legs.
“Y/N you be kind to your brother. Ragnar’s voice boomed through the house. Ivar snared at you.
"I just dont see why he can go but I cant”. “It is not fair”. You whimpered.
“Ivar leave us”. Ragnar spoke to his son. Ivar glared at you wickedly as he took his picks, clawing the floor as he left..
“Y/N sit”.
You took a seat beside him.
“Y/N I dont want you on this raid, can you understand that”?
“Father”? “Is it because I am a girl and not a boy, do you think I can not survive out there”?
Rganar thought about it. “I know you can survive, you are your mother’s daughter but where we are raiding, these men are bigger than you have fault before”. “They will hurt you”.
You chose to not listen and changed the subject that would help you out to get what you wanted.
“I went to see mother today, she said I could join her”.
“If I wanted to”. You looked at him, he was hurt.
“You’d leave me”?
“I want to be a real viking, to make something of myself”. “My brothers are known for something, all I am is King Ragnar’s daughter”. “So you’ll marry me off to someone, just to be rid of me and I dont want that”.
Ragnar looked at you with curiositie.
“ I will go with Lagertha, she wont belittle me like my brothers, other vikings and you do”. You saddly said.
‘If that is what you wish"? He stood up and stuck out his hand. His smile making the tension ease.
“It is”.  You shook it.
“Then this is goodbye, but not forever”. He placed you in a hug. You cried with joy.
Your father, King Ragnar understood you wanting to make a name for yourself as he did for himself. He was proud.

When did
“It’s all Jesus”
Become pride
Instead of giving glory?

When did
My bragging
On the only One
That deserves all of my affection
Somehow become
How I feed my pet monster Pride?

When you set gifts in me
And called me out
Why did I drag
this disgusting beast along?

Your glory isn’t for
my selfish gain
Your honor isn’t for
My own pride to feed upon
Your fame isn’t
For my celebrity

Your glory is yours
Your honor is yours
Your fame is yours

These gifts are for your glory
Your word for your fame
You don’t have to earn it
You don’t have to prove yourself
You don’t have to reveal it all

Let the monster starve
That I can serve you
With nothing holding me back
Let the beast of pride die
That my humility may live
Show me your glory
That it becomes the only thing I feed

And You Flew

50 Prompts

#7 – Wings

Miraculous Ladybug

Prompt List

- - - -

Sometimes he swears Ladybug has wings. The way she swings and propels and launches with that yo-yo, it’s as if the laws of physics don’t apply to her. She’s like a feather on the wind, floating serenely at the highest arc of her swing before being whisked away through the buildings of Paris.

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