nothing can bring you down


“Come on Spence. You can get through this.”

“How would you know?”

“Because, I know how incredible you are. Nothing can bring you down, especially not some drug. You are Spencer Reid, the smartest guy I know and the smartest guy I will ever meet. I love you, I know that you are gonna get through this.”

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You don’t notice any of the horrible things that people do to you when you’re creating.
Most times, the by product of creation is positive vibes, happiness and satisfaction.
When you’re happy, nothing can bring you down.
When you’re satisfied, you don’t want more, you don’t expect anything from anyone.
When you’re exuding positivity, you attract the same.
What else could I want?
I’ll only create.
Sentences. Smiles. Sparkle.

Fire and Ice

TITLE: Fire and Ice


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine after childbirth you’ve fallen gravelly ill with a horrid fever. Nothing can bring it down, no matter how many remedies you’ve tried and how many herbs healers have given you. Frigga advises Loki to take on his Jotunn form and hold you to try and transfer some coolness into your skin and bring the fever down. Loki is still not completely comfortable with the idea of becoming Jotunn and he’s still embarrassed about it, but when he realizes it’s the only way to save you he steps up and does it.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Another fic as a result of homemadecupcakes request. 

The baby screamed loudly as it declared to the realm their heir to the younger prince of Asgard had arrived. The healers took him away to give them the time needed to care for you, as you had had considerable difficulty bringing him into the realm.

“Where…” you whined miserably as the healers set about healing the minor wound the baby had made as he was pushed from your body.

“He is just being cleaned up Your Highness, nothing to fret about.” One of the younger healers soothed.

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1. How old? 22. turning 23 in april.
2. Current job? trying to get one lol
3. Dream job? opera singer or teacher.
4. What are you talented at? uh i can sing and sketch p well?
5. What is a big goal you are working towards/have achieved already? getting the substitute teacher’s certification.
6. What’s your aesthetic? cold rainy days with fuzzy socks and a cup of warm coffee.
7. Do you collect anything? does makeup count?
8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversations? dachshunds.
9. What’s a pet peeve of yours? when people pick at their skin? UGH IT BUGS ME
10. Good advice to give? try to have a positive outlook on your day. every day is about attitude. if you have the attitude to make this day a good one – nothing can bring you down for too long.
11. Recommend three songs or more: i’ll give opera songs bc y not. “tu che di gel” - turandot, “signore ascolta!” - turandot (pls listen to anna moffo), and “e lucevan le stelle” - tosca. lol offers songs from puccini operas. enjoy!

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goatcrossinq  asked:

god u called urself pretty lol.

@diaroon @saiyanhero When it’s obvious someone forgot to hit anon, lol.

Listen goatse, the reason I called myself pretty is because I AM pretty! I know I’m not model-tier, but I’m still pretty confident in how I look. Honestly, if I truly am ugly to you then I guess you don’t look any better because it’s well known that people just project their insecurities onto others because they feel unsatisfied with themselves, but instead of seeing a therapist or working out their issues in a healthy way you have to go and find someone who’s perfectly happy with themselves in an effort to make them feel as shitty as you.

Welp, been there, done that! Went through a shit ton of issues with my looks before and now that I’ve walked that tightrope, nothing you can do can bring me down! In fact, why not celebrate with a few photos?

anonymous asked:

Hello sir! Me again, I hope your day today was great in classes and fantabulous to relax when you got home♡ my day got a little stressful but I'm okay! I hope your day continues to be the best ever and that nothing brings you down along the way xoxo

Can’t believe that you are seriously keeping this up.

Thank you for he warm wishes :) Sorry your day got a bit hectic. Tomorrow is a new day though.

Imagine after childbirth you’ve fallen gravelly ill with a horrid fever. Nothing can bring it down, no matter how many remedies you’ve tried and how many herbs healers have given you. Frigga advises Loki to take on his Jotunn form and hold you to try and transfer some coolness into your skin and bring the fever down. Loki is still not completely comfortable with the idea of becoming Jotunn and he’s still embarrassed about it, but when he realizes it’s the only way to save you he steps up and does it.

Larrie Anthems: 148+ songs /// 9hrs & 44mins+

im currently on a semi break from the fandom - i only update this blog but ive been staying away from my 1d twitter & personal 1d blog, this playlist has helped me a lot (& yoga … lots of yoga & sleep) so i thought i would share it with you guys cause maybe it will help you with future events or fandom stress in general, i made this playlist based on being a larrie / 1d fan so its lots of girl power, freedom, love songs (cause larry cute and i cant help it) & more, listening to this playlist has made me feel powerful - like nothing can bring me down, maybe you will feel the same enjoy. +

hands are the first thing that come to mind when i think of the word love. it’s such an abstract feeling that, to me, can only be best represented by, well, hands. the vulnerability of hands, yet the inevitable strength that comes from wear and the build up of callouses that remain as a physical reminder of memories past. i think of the act of holding someone you care about’s hand for the first time, that moment where you feel so on top of the world that nothing can bring you down. i think of the heat rushing to each person’s cheeks as their fingers interlock, the silence that has yet to be broken, and the eventual nervous laughter as both hearts struggle to remain calm.

i think of the loving touches that come later. be it weeks or months, eventually love manifests itself in physical forms, among these are the simple and absent-minded touches that occur when the two hearts have joined as one. interlacing your fingers into someone’s hair, placing your hand on the small of their back. little actions that speak volumes without ever needing words. something so simple that spins the world on its axis.

i think of lazy sunday mornings sprawled out in bed with the sunlight peeking in through the curtains, your hand in mine. the television off, no sound. no talking. just your thumb brushing against mine and the feeling that maybe, everything will be alright. that’s love.

you are love.

—  m.t.//things i’ll never say out loud
Know Yourself. Love Yourself

To all my girls and young women out there. Embrace the journey to womanhood. Take your time to truely and completely know yourself. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to happen over night, but it is so imporant.

Once you have learned who you are and have accepted your qualities and flaws, nothing and no one can bring you down. You will gain confidence, being aware of your worth, but also the humility to know your limits, therefore work to overcome them.

Know yourself. Appreciate yourself. Until you do that, you will not be able to do the most important thing, to LOVE YOURSELF. Love who you are with all your heart and with all your soul.

When you really love yourself, you will not allow anybody or anything to destroy your happiness. Toxic relationships, fake friendships, addictions, low self esteem. All the negativity is going to disappear from your life, because you are not going to let it enter in the first place! Love yourself to find peace. Keep loving yourself to maintain peace.

Tonight I feel the need to share this message to all of you out there, because I hear too many stories of too many girls caught in terrible degrading situations, in their household, at school, at work, in their love life. All that could stop if you just started to love and appreciate who you are and started fighting to find happiness and never let anybody take your peace away from you. You deserve to be loved, respected, cherished, appreciated. You are worth it

“cause baby your not alone- cause your here with me and nothing’s ever going to bring us down- cause nothing can keep me from living you and you know it true it don’t matter what I’ll come to be cause your all I need to make it through” -Darren Criss

Lifting life up

If the bad stuff is getting to you too much, create more good stuff. Nothing can bring you down when you’re busy lifting life up.

Don’t fight the negativity, because that will just draw you in deeper. Instead, overwhelm negativity with positive substance.

Constantly complaining makes you more invested in whatever you are complaining about. Resist the temptation to complain, and find a positive response.

Let the negativity be, then let it go. Free yourself from its grip and with that freedom, move forward.

You don’t have to be naive to be positive. Though the negative things are still there, you can choose to focus all of your energy on creating new goodness.

No matter how difficult things are, there is always something good you can do. Lift up life, and put more of the power of positive living in your world.

— Ralph Marston


“I’d like to let you know that you make me so happy, Y/N. Everytime I’m with you I feel like nothing can bring me down. You are amazing.”

“Thank you, Steve. I love spending time with you too. You make me feel safe.”

“Good. ‘Cause I want you to know that I will always keep you safe and I will always love you.”

“D-Do you love me? Like, for real?”

“Listen. I’ve lost a lot of things but now I have you. You make me feel like I belong somewhere.”

“Wow, that’s brand new information. I’m glad I let me know how you feel, Steve. I really am.

“Can you please be more specific about your feelings? I’m telling you I love you.”

“Oh, my feelings… Well you surprised me today.”

“Oh, no.”

“But it’s a good thing. Lucky you I love you too. So this isn’t going to be awkward.”

“It’s already awkward, Y/N.”

“Sorry Steve. I mean… It’s always like this with me.”

“I know and I don’t care to be awkward if you acept to be my girlfriend.”

“I’d love to be your girlfriend. Are you a good kisser?”

“Let’s figure out.”

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Positive stuff about the signs
  • Aries: you guys are leaders and you're so strong too like nothing can bring you down!
  • Taurus: you guys are such social butterflies! You're so energetic and love positive vibes
  • Gemini: since you guys are the twin sign you're good at a ton of things at the same time! Also super duper smart good job!
  • Cancer: you guys seem super hard and emotionless but in reality you're so nice and caring!
  • Leo: you guys are very loving people, really charismatic and very good in relationships
  • Virgo: everyone says you're super narrow minded but you guys are so cool and have very attractive vibes and are very understanding
  • Libra: you guys are creative! you daydream about "the one" a lot and you're very thoughtful
  • Scorpio: you guys are probably the wisest and are very powerful, don't know why you guys get such bad rep
  • Sagittarius: you guys are super optimistic and bubbly,and your curiosity will take you far in life
  • Capricorn: you guys are kinda split down; some of you love to reach the top while others like to lay low and just chill but both are willing to take any challenge!
  • Aquarius: you guys are the trendsetters! You guys are also very big thinkers, busy people as well!
  • Pisces: you guys are big idealists, also sensitive people! You're in love with the idea of romance and tend to stay on cloud 9