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I didn’t want to do this unless I didn’t have a choice I….im unable to currently afford living in my apartment and I could really use any help anyone has to offer with paying my rent due by the 3rd of the month. Reasons I really didn’t want to get into but to put it simply I kicked out my last roommate from the past 7 months because of abuse. Mainly mental and verbal, I won’t name drop and I won’t say some of it wasn’t my own fault, but living with them was driving me to a place I couldn’t stand anymore and I’d rather struggle than be even more depressed than usual and deal with someone that made me very uncomfortable.

My rent is over $1,000 and I only get paid every two weeks and my checks are hardly $600 on a good week. I’m trying hard to find a better paying job, I have a degree and even that’s not helping. It’s tough. I also have my cat and honestly I’d rather starve before I let anything happen to her because she’s all I have. She’s taken care of just fine but I’m really stressed out about rent and upcoming bills. Honestly if everyone donated a dollar I’d actually have enough to cover the other half of rent for the next 2 months at least which would help tremendously. I can draw things to help with donations, I don’t believe my art work is amazing or anything and it’s traditional but I’d appreciate any help I can get so my cat and I don’t get evicted. My PayPal is I’m doing it this way instead of typing out a gofundme. Please please help if you can, thank you.

thundercatsanddc  asked:

Can you draw Louis and Maite in 3B??

send me 2 characters & a pose


Chapter 25

A/N: Holy shit! Chapter 25, so this is double the length of the normal chapter (2,000 words). Thank you to the wonderful and talented @meesaa Let me know what you think

We spent the next day in bed. At some point I fell asleep, and was woken up by soft piano music. I got up, found my underwear, and wrapped Seth’s blanket around me.  

Some decency had to be maintained. I found him in the music room, and leaned against the doorframe. I closed my eyes and just listened. I didn’t even notice that he had stopped playing until he spoke.

“How long have you been standing there?” I grinned, and moved to stand beside him at the piano.  

“Long enough to know that you have been holding out on me.” I had spent too much of my life sitting in front of one myself to not notice talent when I saw it. He raised his eyebrows. “You got skills, my friend. I am guessing you have the basic Für Elise down?” He played the first couple of bars. “How about something a little harder?” He played, and my eyes went wide. “Tchaikovsky’s Sweet Reverie.” He smirked up at me. This boy had game. “Basic but why aren’t you a concert pianist? I mean you get to play the tortured artist and you get say pianist all the time.” He cracked a smile.

“I liked animation better and RISD was expensive.”

“Damn those liberal arts schools.”

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#LastYoungRenegade past references | PSNDDF

Put Up Or Shut Up - The striped background.
So Wrong, It’s Right - The birds.
Nothing Personal - The skeleton.
Dirty Work - The bottle being popped open.
Don’t Panic - The monsters.
Future Hearts - ‘Driving in a car with broken tail-lights’ + Back To The Future Hearts Tour poster

@karawek and I are doing four quick collabs of the chloya love square because it’s a universal fact that it’s blessed. so here’s the first where she sketched and i linearted & coloured the two raging civilians ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)