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for the record, the FCC privacy bill has nothing to do with net neutrality. i’ve seen a lot of people refer to them interchangeably when they are quite different:

the FCC privacy bill will allow ISPs to sell your browsing history to third parties

net neutrality is the principle that ISPs should provide the same internet service to all customers, instead of dividing their service into “slow lanes” and “fast lanes” and only allowing fast lane access to large corporations. 

net privacy and net neutrality are both important, and of course the GOP will do their damnedest to destroy both.  


Born in 1880, Elmer McCurdy was an infamous outlaw, but interestingly enough, his fame didn’t come until his death.

McCurdy ran away from home at the young age of 15, working odd jobs and developing a heavy drinking habit along the way. Eventually he joined the military and ended up leaving with an honorable discharge. Once out of the military and not knowing what to do to take care of himself, McCurdy used his military expertise in nitroglycerin to become a train robber. McCurdy did not have the best luck as a thief, using too much nitroglycerin to blow up the train safes and actually melting the money in the safe, other times, he chose the wrong trains and ended up netting little to nothing from his robbery excursions. But the fairly unsuccessful train robberies were short lived, as less than a year into it, he was wanted by the police for a robbery, with a $2000 reward in place for turning him in. McCurdy was turned in and woke up to 3 sheriffs and a group men trying to capture him. That turned into a shootout between McCurdy and the group, and McCurdy ended up being shot to death. Normally, that’s where the tale would end, but not in Elmer McCurdy’s case!

McCurdy’s body was subsequently taken to a funeral home, where it went unclaimed. The undertaker embalmed McCurdy with an arsenic based preservative, used at that time to preserve a body for a long period of time. And then the mortician decided as no one claimed the body, he would put it on display to the public and charge them to see it. He dressed the corpse, put a rifle in his hands and stood it up in the corner of the funeral home and allowed visitors to view McCurdy, charging 5 cents a person.

After several years and the undertaker making quite a bit of money off of the attraction, a man paid him a visit claiming to be McCurdy’s brother. For whatever reason, the undertaker bought the story and released McCurdy’s body to the alleged brother. The fake brother was actually a carni who worked for a traveling circus.

A few weeks after obtaining the corpse, it was put on display as a “freak show”. Initially, McCurdy’s corpse was known as “Oklahoma’s outlaw mummy”. After some time, the circus, along with the corpse, were passed along to several different new owners and with that, the history of McCurdy was lost and he became a fun house prop, with carnival owners and visitors alike just assuming he was a creepy prop.

Years went by and a television crew was set up to film inside of a funhouse and MCCurdy’s corpse was displayed on set. Someone was moving him around and an appendage came off of his body, revealing it to be a real corpse. He was then taken to a coroners office and identified as Elmer McCurdy and shipped back home to Oklahoma, where a funeral was held for him. In April 1977, Elmer McCurdy’s body was buried at the Summit View Cemetery in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

100 Banging Kinks: Crossdressing

Pairing: bucky barnes x reader

Word Count: 722

Warning: SMUT, Dom!Reader, Sub!Bucky, 

This is in celebration of Bucky Barnes reaching 100 years old and in part with @bucky-plums-barnes​​ 100 banging kinks which I am so excited to read all of them!, the list of kinks is HERE along with the guide lines HERE! Enjoy little sinners x

“Well doesn’t my baby boy look all nice dressed up for me” you stalked around the bed looking down at your prey. The six-foot ex assassin was sprawled starfish on the bed. Wearing nothing but a pair of fish net stockings, a red silk thong adding the black garter belt he looked beautiful. You cast your eyes up to the red tie covering Bucky’s eye as his chest moved up and down rapidly.

“You like wearing all these nice things for you Mistress?” you purr, letting your fingers brush over his thighs. Bucky twitched violently underneath your touch letting out a small whimper.

“Yes” you were impressed with Bucky willingness to submit, you were surprised when the first signs on Bucky’s submissive side showed. It made the Dom in you purr with pleasure. You perched on the edge of the bed, letting Bucky feel the dip in the mattress he turned is head towards you. Placing your hand on his thigh you let it travel up towards the small red satin material, it was barely covering him and straining against the raging errection. Licking your lips you let your nails graze over him, he bucked up into your hand letting out a low moan as you snapped the strap of the garter belt against his skin.

“You’re such a good boy Buck” you praised, kneeling onto the soft mattress you swung your leg over him, letting him feel your dripping warm cunt through the silk material of the thong.  

“Now, you’re going to do exactly as I say, pretty boys who like to wear their mistress’s underwear need to be taught a lesson” you nip the shell of his ear, hearing his breathing increase you trail your hands over his splayed out arms. Grinding your pussy over his straining cock you moaned softy as you rubbed your clit over him.

“You feel how wet you make me feel baby?” you gasp out.

“Yes…mmmm, I want to taste you so bad” he whimpered, with lightly fast reactions you reach down to grab a fist full of his hair. Pulling him up into a sitting position, you pressed his lips into a bruising kiss. You felt Bucky shiver as you bit down on his plump bottom lip sucking it into your mouth.

“Still not understanding out little agreement little boy, that’s ok. I’ll refresh your memory” You push him down hard on the bed, shimming down you hook your fingers in the flimsy string of the thong and pull hard. Ripping the material off him you were greeted with his dick standing at full attention.

“Why hello there soldier” you grin, his dick was a glorious sight and you were positive it was something you would never get over. You wrapped your right hand around the base of him, hearing the low hiss you looked up to see Bucky. His back was arched as his fingers gripped the sheets tightly, smiling you moved your hand up. You knew the agonizing slow pace would be torture for him and you were right. He let out a long whine filling the air with an array of soft curse words.

“Please…oh, please Ma’am. That feel’s soooo good” he mewled, running his metal hand over his chest he took a pillow in his flesh one and held on tightly. You continued you methodical hand movement, holding his dick with a firm grip you swiveled it around his tip then pulled down to his base.

“Such a pretty little sub” you mused, reaching up you pulled the blindfold down over his eyes and placed it between his teeth. You watched as Bucky eyes rolled back into his head at the sight of you wearing nothing but the red heels he got you for Christmas.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight Bucky” You pressed a kiss to his sternum, your fingers trailing the patents of his fishnets that were being held up with the garter belt around his hips.

“Now stay here, while I go get some toys for us to play with” you smirked as you stood walking away from him, the red tie muffled his moans as he watched your naked form retreat into your wardrobe his dick twitching at the sight of you. Oh yes, you were going to have a lot of fun.
8 Days at the Kingdom: (8 Nothing Good on TV), a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
50 Reasons to Have Sex Fic challenge by richonnejustdesserts. Rick and Michonne as well as several members of The Family are taking a short stay at the Kingdom for King Ezekiel's birthday; however due to some pesky intruders their weekend stay is elongated to eight days.
Fic: How Lucky We Are (6/?) (M)

Author’s note: Thank you all for your patience! This verse is so much fun; I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did writing it.

Summary: What happens when a revenge obsessed pirate meets a princess at a ball?

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 6

Emma stared at Tinkerbelle, flabbergasted. Nothing made sense. “Not Blue? Tink, you must be mistaken. That makes no sense!”

Tinkerbelle simply looked worried and sad. “Emma, I know what I saw. I’ve known Blue for a long time. That fairy wasn’t her. I swear. It’s hard to forget the woman who banished you.”

If Tinkerbelle was right, then the corridor was no place to discuss such things. She grabbed the other woman’s hand and nodded up the hall. “My room’s just ahead. We can talk there.” She could also find out if Killian was back from his interrogation.

Emma threw open the door, looking around eagerly for her pirate. “Killian? You here?” Only silence greeted her. “Killian? Tinkerbelle is here?” More silence. Don’t panic, she thought wildly. There could be a dozen reasons he wasn’t back yet.

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Who knew Adam Levine has basketball skills like these?!


March 25, 2017


by Fin DAC

Something old, something new. In 2016 for the late Tony Goldman’s Wynwood Walls outdoor museum Fin DAC was one of more than a dozen artists invited to contribute a statement on the theme “Fear Less.” Originally from Ireland but now living in London, Finbarr Notte, aka Fin DAC, decided to mix things up just a bit. His exotic raven-haired beauties with dripping eye-masks are immediately recognizable but while widely appreciated are certainly nothing new. For Wynwood however he added a new dimension. On almost invisible netting, free to flutter in the wind, float a kaleidoscope of butterflies. While assembling this metaphorical piece Fin DAC spoke briefly to “Chop Em Down Films,” saying that for him personally the theme “Fear Less” speaks to his initial “fear of failing or making a fool of himself” which was only overcome later in life when his “fear of never, ever [pursuing art as a career] overtook that fear.”  @findac  @wynwoodwallsofficial  @wynwoodmurals