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There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


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Name: Joanna
Nickname: Internet peeps usually recognize me by FacelessScar or Scar. Some real life pals have come to call me Jo or Jojo recently tho
Birth Month: October
Ethnicity: American/White as shit
Orientation: Questioning Asexual but for the most part I’m straight
Favorite Vegetable: I’ve grown a liking to broccoli
Favorite Book: “The Black Cross” by Greg Iles
Favorite Season: Faaall :3c
Favorite Scent: hmm.. lightly sweet scents. Nothing too perfumey but nothing too sickeningly sweet either.
Favorite Animals: I always find myself loving wolves and horses, but recently I’ve been neck deep into loving deers~
Favorite Beverage: mmm, Tea. Sweet tea or Hot tea. And hot chocolate~ I’ll make that shit during summer~
Average Hours of Sleep: uhhhhh… it ranges. I usually get my 6-8 hours of sleep though
Favorite Fictional Character: Hmmmmmm… Toboe from Wolf’s Rain or Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Usually just one until winter then it’s usually 2-3
Dream Trip: Germany :3c and Japan (gotta go visit my Japanese sister someday XDXD)
Blog Created: My first post says January 17, 2015, but I’m sure it was set up beforehand.
Number of Followers: 167. It has been stuck at the 160’s for a while now lol
I Tag: @kaeru01, @noonaxchrissy, @staryeclipse, @talecgos, @enderquus, idk im not tagging twenty people

And NaruSaku relationship was always like

Sakura: Hey, Naruto, I was always ready to put my life, my dreams and my goals on the line just to protect yours. You were the only one who understood me, changed me into a better person and made me believe in a better ending for our team… You became a hero, you saved our village and seeing you matured causes my heart go doki-doki… and my face goes blushy, but NOTHING MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP, OF COURSE! CAPTAIN YAMATO AND SAI KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY FEELINGS, though they are ANBU and probably can read people’s feelings and emotions… Besides Sai knew well when my smile was fake… Whatever! DON’T FORGET THAT I ALWAYS LOVED SASUKE AND IF YOU SOMEHOW SAW I WAS MOVING ON, IT’S JUST A RED HERRING!
Remember when I lied to you to protect you from the feel of guilt and pain? This is why I am a bitch and no good for you! So don’t get very upset :)

Naruto: And I always liked you when we were kids, I was the first who complimented your forehead, understood your pain about Sasuke, wanted to protect your smiling face, and I failed, so I blamed myself for that. I always thought I am not good enough for you, because I couldn’t keep my promise, so I tried to win your love by being the best for you, but LOL I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT LOVE, SO YOU ARE LIKE A SISTER TO ME NOW! AND IF SOMEONE THINKS THAT YOU LOOK LIKE MY MOTHER AND IT WAS A PARALLEL, IT’S JUST A RED HERRING!!
Sure, I am not upset at all! It was just ten years of crush, nothing serious, Sakura-chan! :) I think falling in love in few days is fully okay! I finally understood what true love means, and thanks to Hinata, she is a pro in love things! Btw, how do you think… Is peeping on sister okay? Whatever… I think, since Hinata is okay with living with a man who fapped on another woman the whole his life, she will be okay about that as well :)