nothing but hate

concept: i swing my feet as i sit on a low wall, listening to music from one earbud, my heart is softly swaying with an ache for something more, there’s a drink temporarily forgotten on the wall beside me, the sun licks at my toes and there is a low buzz of laughter from the park round the corner, i don’t need to do anything, be anywhere, be anyone, this moment is just still and smooth and undisturbed as if i’m lying on the surface of a lake

but nah imma be a stan for a second (just for a second) and gush about how i legitimately think that for the most part lars’ character development felt realistic and believable and logically it can’t go anywhere but up so i’m excited for him and despite the small nitpicks (and a couple bigger ones) i have with how he was handled i’m happy overall. it also doesn’t bother me that the fandom majority just started liking him now because i believe it shows how strong the writing can be on this show and i think it was done well. :3

can we all just take a moment to appreciate andrew garfield; he was literally fired for no good reason, had a character that he loved dearly, taken away from him and then SONY goes and REBOOTS the movies again. And he took it like a champ, you could tell he was so upset but said nothing bad about sony and showed no hate toward tom holland and even complimented his acting and wished him luck… your FAVE could NEVER. 

SONY never deserved him, he was and is a treasure! 


What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]

the list of things ive gotta draw is longer than neils old identities but here i am drawing neil in a jong bc fandom mom @coldsaturn said it should be so

shoutout to the zine chat for making me aware of the awful wonderful concept i love my disaster son


i hate myself part 3 (part 1) (part 2) (part 4)


[insert powerful and meaningful song here]

Princess Rapunzen, the true hero of this rat fairy tail.

It all started here, thanks to @windaura