nothing but dark tans

Son of the Sea

This is dedicated to the shadiest person around. She’s always out there killing us with her fics, so this week a group of us are out to return the favor! And we’re doing it in the most loving way possible of course😘  Happy birthday to the beautiful and talented @kpopfanfictrash ! I hope your birthday was everything and more! ily <3

Taehyung: hinted demigod au.

Caution: Smut

Word Count: 5.2k+

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“She’s a product of bein’ raised in the country
She knows her roots and works hard for her money
A southern drawl with dark tanned legs
Ain’t nothing like a woman southern born and bred
Now she loves her mom and daddy and the Lord to death
Just actin’ innocent; playin’ hard to get
With the girls tonight, man their out on the town
GRITS, man a girl raised in the South” -BG

Tayvin Baby Blurb

“Watch her,” Taylor warned, wading away from Adam. She pushed herself up out of the pool, biceps flexing as she pulled herself out, kicking her legs for an added push. She snatched a towel hanging from the back of a chair and wrapped it around her waist, water streaming down her legs. “Don’t let our baby drown, babe,” she trailed, quite cavalierly.

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anonymous asked:

I know this is not related to baekyeol. But can you please address why baek has been getting so much hate? He doesn't deserve it :( and maybe give some insights to his behaviour that some people may misunderstand.

This is totally my type of question because I’m Baekhyun biased (SFS is too, but her other bias is Luhan so her heart is split in two, lol).

This is going to be loooong [warning: picture and gif heavy]

Let’s see if you can read it all!

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