nothing better than this beautiful face

whatever you do, do not imagine christmas morning with calum bc it hurts!! like just think about his beautiful smile that would adorn his face all day and the way his eyes would sparkle more than the lights on the christmas tree, and imagine how cute he’d look in sweatpants and a loose white t-shirt with messy hair bc even on christmas he wasn’t a morning person. and like just think about how excited he’d be for presents despite being super sleepy bc he loved seeing how happy everything made you and nothing made him feel better than your happiness. and his face lighting up more than it already was when he opened the present you got him (something small but very personal) and him laughing when you opened the present he got you. OH and can you just imagine the super loved up happy sex you’d have before christmas lunch to thank eachother for the lovely gifts, it would be so amazing!

SHIT MY RP PARTNERS HAVE SAID 4 [sentence starters]

“you precious and beautiful, naughty person.”
“nothing better for a hangover than another drink.”
“ I miss making out with people. I wanna make out with a stranger.”
“i need some dicking in my life again.”
“just ignore my penis and we’ll be good.”
“ew am i actually flirting with you.”
“I let the guy who was buying me drinks come home with me, and when he got to the door I was like, ‘well, goodbye’ and closed the door.”
“I just wanted him to pay for my uber”
“SOMEONE ACTUALLY WANTS MY ASS FOR MORE THAN SLOPPY DRUNK KISSES. i never thought i’d actually say that shit.”
“Taking a nap is like pressing the reset button on your day it’s amazing I love it.”
“nope. fuck you all. i hate you. i don’t love you. at all.”
“come love messily on me for the whole world to see.”
“i can’t let you all think that i love you, now can i?”
“i’m a fucking booze hound swimming in alcohol. so it’s a type of mermaid.”
“man i’m gonna get some good dick.”
“fam i can be salty about anything.”
“go peeeee.”
“ew no. why. pour some water on that salt.”
“i think she uses discord for game things like ur supposed to”
“let my legacy live on forever in a textpost meme”
“'shitty af'probably won’t fly with this professor”
“shoulda put rum in my coke”
“I eat nothing but garbage all day everyday, at least it seems that way.”
“how dare that grape tumble away”
“both my cardboard cutouts just fell on top of me.”
“my hair is so straight, unlike my sexuality.”
“i’ll always follow food.”
“i just rediscovered shrek memes and i’m not happy with myself.”
“i appeared cause there was gay stuff.”
“i’m tearing into this sandwich then i’m gonna get my life together.”

This is decidedly my favorite character of game of thrones. She is stubborn, ambitious, strong, and beautiful.

“Fear cuts deeper than swords”

“I’m the ghost in Harrenhal, she thought. And that night, there was one less name to hate”

“nothing isn’t better or worst than anything. Nothing is just nothing “

- A little Lady shouldn’t play with swords.

- I wasn’t playing. And I don’t want to be a Lady.

Love this song  ♥

Being intimate with Steve would include

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  • him wanting you really bad but being scared of hurting you
  • “stop me if i hurt you, okay dove?”
  • holding hands while making love
  • moaning into kisses
  • sucking on your lower lip
  • leaving hickeys all over your neck and chest
  • caressing your gorgeous body with his fingers
  • “you’re so beautiful and you’re all mine”
  • holding your face in his big hands and looking into your eyes with love and tenderness  
  • tracing his chest with your nails
  • droplets of his sweat falling on your hot skin
  • putting love and devotion in every thrust
  • listening to his small moans and deep groans
  • whispering sweet nothings to each other
  • “are you okay doll? am i hurting you?”
  • assuring him that you’re okay (better than okay)
  • feeling his warm breath on your face 
  • “c’mon pretty girl”
  • kissing you while you’re seeing stars
  • after you’re both finished, taking you in his strong arms with your head on his chest, and singing you to sleep
  • “i could do this all day”

Author: fanficsfortheneedy

Title: Mirrors

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word count: 1208

Warnings: Mentions of sex, fluff

“Nice to meet you.” You watched as Steve introduced his date to Bucky. They were a gorgeous couple. Both blonde, long legged, and beautiful. She was beautiful. Her little black dress enhanced her perfect structure and her red lipstick made her teeth whiter that the polar ice caps. Steve deserves a girl like that.

Bucky deserves a girl like that.

You didn’t have double Ds or even Ds for that matter. You didn’t have luscious blonde curls and framed your face better than the frame on Mona Lisa. You were just you. Nothing special.

This kept you awake that night, laying on your side, back facing Bucky, contemplating on why Bucky liked you, or even if you were good enough for him.

Bucky lay awake as well that night. He faced your bare back, wondering why you were so quiet and distant. In the silence, he listened to your uneven breathing and he knew you were awake.

The both of you lay there for a while, not moving. Sick of not knowing what’s going on in your head, he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you to his chest. Your back made contact with the firm muscle and your heart fluttered. You loved it when he held you in his arms. It made you fell safe and warm like nothing could ever hurt you.

“What’s wrong.” He murmured into your hair, smelling the coconut shampoo you had washed your hair with earlier.

“Nothing.” You lied. You didn’t want to talk about it. You were afraid that upon telling Bucky your worries, he would make sense of it all and leave you. After all, you were no leggy blonde supermodel.

“Tell me.” He said as he nuzzled his nose into your damp brunette hair. His arms wrapped around your waist, holding you firmly to him.

You remained silent for a while, thinking about the question, debating whether you want voice it or not. Minutes past and Bucky remained patient, waiting for your answer.

“Why do you like me?” You finally say.

“What?” Disbelief chiming in his voice.

“Why do you like me?” You repeat, apprehension creeping up your spine. You felt his arms tighten around your abdomen.

“Because your beautiful and -”

“But there are so many more girls out there. Supermodels. You could literally walk into a fashion show and pick one out. Why me?” You interrupt.

“Is this what it’s about?” Bucky pulled his head away from your hair and sat up, leaving you back bare and cold.

“No… Maybe… Yes?” You sat up as well but continued to avoid his gaze.

“Oh Y/N, my darling, sweet Y/N.” He chuckled pulling you to his chest once again. He looked down at you and kisses the top of your head. “How did this start?”


“You think Steve is the competition?” Bucky laughed, “I mean he is very beautiful but-”

“No! Steve’s date. The blonde one.”

“Ella? You jealous because of Ella?”

“Is that her name?” You reply bitterly. Even her name was pretty. How could you possibly compare to her.

“She’s not my type.” Bucky shrugged.

“Then what is your type?”



“I know.”

“But she’s got the long legs and amazing figure. She’s blonde and sexy. She’s got it all.”

“Come here.” Bucky got up, pulling you with him and he walked you to the full length mirror in the corner of the room. He stopped you in front of it and stood behind you, looking at you through the reflection.

“Y/N, what do you see.”


“Do you know what I see?”


“No. Well, yes.” His hands went to my hair, sweeping it onto your bare right shoulder.

“I see luscious hair that I could nuzzle my head in all day.” His hands moved to your face, caressing it with his flesh hand.

“Cheeks that blush adorably red every time I kiss you.” Bucky leaned down and kissed your exposed left shoulder, lingering there for a bit before looking back at you in the mirror. At the touch of his lips, you felt heat creep up to your cheeks.

“Lips that I love to kiss,” He leaned down to your ear, nipping your earlobe gently, “and bite.”

You held back a moan as he continued on, lowered his head down to your neck and kissed the sensitive skin, inhaling your scent.

“You smell delightful, doll.” His hands moved down to your beasts, cupping them in his hands.

“There’s not much.” You said sadly, ashamed of how much coverage he is giving you with his hands.

“They are perfect. I wouldn’t want them any other way.” He murmured into your neck, sending a tingling sensation through your entire body.  You could feel I’m growing harder behind you as you felt wetness dripping through your lace panties.

Bucky grabbed your waist and turned you to face him. You felt him hard against your pelvis and his hands trailed down your lower back and grabbed a handful of ass.

“Mmmm… And this. I love your ass. The way you sway it back and forth when you walk. God, it turns me on.” Bucky kissed you quickly and rested his forehead against yours. He let go of your behind and his fingers traced around your hips ever so slowly and trailed down your pelvis. The cold metal of his left hand slips underneath you, feeling the slippery substance lubricate his fingers and he palms and plays with you. His fingers move at an even place that almost sends you over the edge.

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

You grab onto Bucky’s shoulders tightly as you were finding it quite difficult to stand.

“Don’t even get me started on how much I love this” He whispers into your mouth and he pulled his hand away, leaving you breathless and wanting more. His hand made its way back to your waist and pulled you closer. You blush as you feel him throbbing against you.

Brown met blue when he finally met your gaze. You saw nothing but admiration and adoration in his eyes.

“Your eyes.” He breathed, “I love getting lost in them first thing in the morning and I love that they are the last thing I see before I sleep and dream about you.”

“You’re beautiful.” You smile shyly up at him. Feeling better about yourself. Bucky always made you feel better.

“You’re my type.” He promised. You didn’t speak, you just nodded and reached up, kissing him fully on the mouth and he held you close to him, as if he was afraid you were going to run. His lips left the kiss and pulls you into a secure hug, kissing your hair.

“But there’s only one of you so I guess I better hold on to you. Wouldn’t want a beautiful man like Steve to pick you up.” He smiled into your hair and you giggled.

“I guess Steve is the real hazard here.” You said and wrapped your arms around Bucky’s waist.

The two of you stay there for minutes, enjoying each others presence until Bucky broke the silence.

“I don’t think I could ever truly tell you how much I love you.” Bucky whispered, resting his chin on your head.

“Show me then.”


Thanks for reading, guys! Let me know if you want a part 2!


I’ve honestly never felt so beautiful or healthy in my life. It’s not about the cheekbones but there’s nothing better than looking in the mirror and every single time you think you’re beautiful. I look healthy, my face isn’t swollen because I haven’t binged in ages, I’ve been eating foods my body craves (including sweets and pizza and chips), I’m taking care of myself and it’s paying off.

Good Mornings

Sorry for the delay! T^T but I hope you enjoy!

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“Wonwoo…” You mumble into your pillow.

He ignores you, persistently pressing kisses along your shoulder.  

“Wonwoo, what are you doing?” You giggle as he licks your neck. The cool air he blows against your skin causes the hairs on your arms to stand. He has an arm draped around your waist and fingers caressing the side of your stomach with small circles.

You glance at the digital clock on your bedside table and groan. There was nothing better to wake up to than Wonwoo’s kisses, but it was only six in the morning and you had had a long night. You want nothing more than go back, but your boyfriend was being a little needy.

“Morning beautiful,” he whispers as you turn to face him. You return the smile and gaze into his eyes. You only intended it for a quick peck, bus as soon as your lips meet Wonwoo’s he had you trapped, the gravity of his lips is inescapable.

You didn’t notice Wonwoo trapping you under his body until his hands were pinning your wrists onto the bed.  He pulls off the cover hiding your body from his sight and the look in his eyes darkens.

“So gorgeous,” he murmurs.

“Thanks baby, but it’s too early for this. Can we wait until I’m fed?” You know what he wants. You want it too but you weren’t sure if you could keep up. He didn’t exactly make last night easy on you…
“Don’t worry babe,” he leans down and moves the hair away from your shoulder. He was so close. Every time he spoke his lips would brush your skin ever so lightly and his breath would send tingles through all of your nerves. But the implications of his words had you quivering in delight, “I’ll make sure you’re fed.”

He caresses your neck with his plump lips, pressing kisses all the way to the middle of your breasts where he spends a delicious amount of time paying close attention to each mound. He kisses them, rolling each nipple in between his teeth one after the other, hands kneading and groping whichever breast was unoccupied by his mouth. And just like that your resistance crumbles. It’s not fair; he knows that’s your weakness. Your hands start to do his bidding, falling down back, all previous thoughts disappearing into thin air along with your sanity.

He chuckles at the disappointed whine that you emit when his releases your nipple from his mouth but you don’t have enough time to demand him to continue because before long, he licks a line down to your stomach and repositions himself in between your legs.

Then he dips his head, tongue poking out in slow motion before giving your core a long, leisurely lick that has you throwing your head back in satisfaction. “Oh!” you moan, concentrating on not squeezing Wonwoo’s head between your thighs as his tongue busies itself with your folds.

His presses a hand under your thighs and spreads your legs wider, clamping his mouth around your clit. He kisses your lips as if they were the pair on your face and it has you writhing underneath him.  In a husky plea you call out his name when he plunges a finger inside of you. He’s gentle at first, in and out, in and out in a rhythmic pattern while his devious tongue continuous its ministrations on your clit.  

Then one finger becomes two and soon enough you find yourself pulling him up by the shoulders to smack your lips against his in a needy, searing kiss. His fingers speed up and he loses his rhythm but it doesn’t matter, not when he’s got you begging for release, the sound of your sweet, sweet moans going straight to his member. It’s thick and hard and more than ready to feel your tight, walls clench around it but Wonwoo is patient. Good things come to those who wait and the feeling of your nails scraping down his back and the sound of you whimpering his name is enough of a distraction to hold him back.

You let out another groan when you open your eyes and see Wonwoo kneeling in front of you, his swollen cock ready to go. He meets your gaze and he’s waiting for your signal. But you don’t give him one, instead you push him down until he’s flat on his back and you straddle his hips, grasping his cock in your hand and giving it a few light pumps.

“Oh shit,” he curses when he feels your wet slit press down on his lower half. Your hands are splayed on his chest while his find purchase on your waist. You lick the length of his neck and swirl your tongue around each of his nipple, earning yourself a light groan.

“Please baby, I need you,” he pleads through half-lidded eyes and you can’t help but give him what he wants because he looks at you with such intent that it’s exhilarating.
“Say no more,” you whisper as you slip onto his erection. You feel his chest rise sharply as he takes in a quick breath. Your hands slide from his chest to his clutch shoulder and his grip around your waist is almost painful.

“Y/N!” He gasps as you pound into him. He bucks his hips into yours and he’s glad he waited to please you because fuck- you feel so damned good around him. But because he had to hold himself back he doesn’t know how long he can last. Especially when your grip on him was so blissfully mind-blowing.

You move your hands on the bed, in between his head and grip the sheets in your fists as you worked hard to reach the end, that familiar euphoria that only he could bring you. You were close and by the way he tugged you down for another kiss, you could guess that he was too.

You open your eyes and see his warm, brown orbs piercing yours and they’re speaking to you, telling you the things his mouth wouldn’t be able to comprehend. Then you break and stars are bursting in your vision and the only thing you can feel is the adrenaline bursting throughout your body as Wonwoo manages to hold you up for a few more pumps before he finished with a loud yell of your name.

You collapse next to him, panting and barely able to catch your breath. You trace the outline of his face and he pulls you closer, stroking your hair until your eyes begin to feel heavy.

“Good Morning,” he mutters as he kisses your forehead. He reaches down to cover your bare forms with a blanket and you rolls your eyes, “You already said that, dolt,” you murmur, nuzzling your face into his shoulder.

“Oh, did I?” He laughs, “Must’ve forgotten. See, I had this really great view a few seconds ago and- ouch!”

“Stop it!” You laugh, whacking his arm in embarrassment. You hide your face in his shoulder blades but you couldn’t stop the smile that erupts on your lips as a sense of gratitude overcomes you.

You are so lucky to have Wonwoo. No one had ever showered you with as much love as he did and no one else could compare to how he made you feel. He made you feel like a goddess, spoiling you and pleasuring you as often as he could. Which in all honesty isn’t as much as you’d hope it to be, but mornings like this remind you that no matter how long or far apart you are from each other, it’s all worth it just as long as you’re together.

Oi Cyclops!

Doesn’t it feel great now that you got it over with? Nerves are sometimes frightening, but once the deed is done, there is a great sense of “I did it” right after. I’m really proud of you  You are a beautiful person both inside and out, and nothing screams at my heart to fall in love better than you. I want to protect you from the bad days, and wipe away your tears. When you get up to dance, I will beat the drums even louder so that I can see the smile on your face grow. For you, I just want to see your happiness shine because you deserve nothing less.

Dance on,


P.S. My hair is all yours to play with.

P.S.S. Let me play with yours too  

Quotes For Bedroom Walls

“Wait for me somewhere between reality and all we’ve ever dreamed”

“I can’t fall asleep but I sure can dream”

“Chase after your dreams”

“Here’s to staring into the sun when you used to close your eyes”

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

“Nothing is impossible”

“All good things are wild and free”

“You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling”

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”

“Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow.”

“I hope you feel beautiful today.”

“Hello, gorgeous.”

“There’s more to living than being alive.”

“She ran away in her sleep and dreamed of paradise.”

“It’s not rocket science.”

“Eat diamonds for breakfast & shine all day.”

“Remember to breathe.”

“Good things will come my way.”

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

“She changed her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.”

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

“The cure for anything is saltwater; sweat, tears, or the sea”

“Stars can’t shine without darkness”

“It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


I squeezed my eyes tight together and waited for unconsciousness—almost eager for my nightmare to start. Better that than the pale, beautiful face that smiled at me now from behind my lids.

Shrooms: My first time

My first experience on shrooms.

Let me just start off and say, shrooms were nothing like how I expected. I was expecting it to be like LSD, where everything moved, where lights would spiral down to the floor, where people’s faces would melt. I was expecting the trip to be long, to be scary or for it to feel like my body wasn’t real. I was wrong. Shrooms made colors brighter, made music better, sex was magical, kittens were so adorable I cried, the world was more beautiful than it had ever been, &I could only listen to songs that were mostly instrumental. The first thing I felt was how amazing the couch felt on my fingers, I remember that driving around the block was horrifying but perfect because I could feel the engine working through my foot. When we arrived at my friends house, I started feeling restless, I wanted to explore. I explored the apartment like it was a place I’d never been to. I loved the feel of the carpet on my toes, I hit my head against a table, and yes it hurt for a minute but the pain was gone in minutes. I was never in a bad mood. The first two hours felt like I had been reborn. I found a kitten in the apartment and when I pet the kitten, I got so overwhelmed at how soft she was, I cried. I wanted to be outside, so I stood out on the deck and stared at the night sky and saw rainbows. The wind sounded like music, the air smelled wonderful, and the cigarettes I had tasted so much like chocolate I smoked one after another until I had no more. Experiencing the whole world all at once like this, was so much to take in. Life was beautiful.

When the overwhelming high started to fade, I was relaxed, music sounded so much better than I expected that i couldn’t stop listening to this playlist called “Mushrooms” on Spotify. I had been staring at the hanging light on the ceiling. When it moved a trail of colors followed behind it. I didn’t realize how long I was staring. A half hour went by.

When I got home with my significant other, it started raining. I wanted to dance in the rain. Sadly my boyfriend stopped me and told me to come inside because it was 4 in the morning and we do have neighbors. I know that clothes were uncomfortable, I wanted to be free of everything so nude was how the rest of my night was spent. Sex, sex on shrooms felt like the first time. My GOD, I could feel everything. I could see every color during it. And when you’re in love and in the moment, the overwhelming feeling comes back. I cried, happy tears.

I went to the bathroom an hour later, I remember taking off all my makeup and staring at myself. This was the first and only time I had ever felt beautiful.

My high started fading 3-4 hours in, by a lot. I didn’t take much shrooms. A gram and a half I believe. But it was magical. Eye opening.

I will admit, when you’re coming down you feel sick. My body ached the next morning, but it was worth it.

In all honesty, shrooms are the best thing a person needs when they’re lost, you feel free and happy, and then everything makes sense, you start thinking you start dreaming.

And in the end, you might find peace with yourself.
I know I did.

Every Little Thing part 8

Summary: Jensen and the reader spend a family day at the park.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count:  1,000~ish
Warnings:  Language, super fluffy, little twist
A/N:  Sorry its so short, I’ve been super busy between school and work so I thought a little something was better than nothing!  I promise the next one will be longer!
This is no disrespect towards Daneel and Jensen or their beautiful family!! This is just a story and does not in anyway reflect how I feel about Daneel, she is queen and I love her and Jensen together!  Please constructive feedback as always!


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I am interested in the way that you always manage a smile, even during your darkest days. You never seem to stumble too much when life tries to drag you down, but I know that you try to hide it. You are strong, so much stronger than you know.

There are constellations in your eyes and galaxies within your soul; a beautiful combination made of nothing but your own heart and your own hands. I wonder if you look up at the stars and see the connection. You are beautiful, inside and out, and you will always shine bright.

Your face can make my day better and hearing your voice can calm me on the worst of days. I think I may be falling for you, perhaps too fast, but my god do I want to spent the rest of my breaths by your side.

—  Falling into you

One day you will be in a city you love, with a person who loves you and whom you love, doing things that you love to do.

I know it’s hard right now and you are very exhausted of hearing people tell you the same old things, but trust me; life does get better.

You are not a punching bag, and there will come a day in the near future when the universe will come to that realization and leave you be.

So keep you head held high, and plaster a smile on your face, make them believe you’re okay.

And then suddenly, you’ll open your eyes to the most beautiful sight ever, which is your actual happiness. Because there is nothing more gorgeous and attractive than pure and true ecstasy.

I have to say this: People have been hating on Sophie Hunter for more than a year for literally nothing. They’ve been spending their days being disgusting people and being bitter hating on a woman that they don’t know, because of nothing.

Meanwhile the same woman takes her time to go to an hospital and bring some happiness to children and parents that are having a difficult time. To make their Christmas a better one. To put a smile on their faces. To actually make a little difference in the world. To make people feel good, to make them feel important (because you know, she had NO obligation to go to the hospital with Benedict).

People are spreading hate towards her and she is bringing LOVE to the real world.

And now everything I can think about is that love is indeed the best weapon against hate.


Well, I found pictures from a year ago and realized I should be proud of myself even more than I am. Life is great. I AM GREAT. IM MORE THAN GREAT. I HAVE SO MUCH SELF CONFIDENCE AND RESPECT IT’S CRAZY. IM AMAZEBALLS. I HONESTLY PRAISE THE GROUND I WALK ON. nothing is better than having that. nothing. i am so happy i am alive. i’m so happy for my body. i’m so happy about everything. it’s beautiful. i am beautiful. and it’s a shame it took me so long to realize it. 

Do yourself a favour. Learn to love yourself. Love your body. Love your face, your hair, every single feature. You are a cute marshmellow and I LOVE YOU. 

I know i am nothing. I am not special. You’ll find someone who’s better than me. If i will leave, you won’t even notice it. Soon, you’ll forget my name, even my face and how i touched your soul and heart. I am just a nobody and you will never remember me, not at all. I won’t be a beautiful memory that you want to cherish. I know, you’ll be doing just fine without me in your life. But still i want to be that person you’ll bump in to someday and you’ll gonna tell yourself “no matter how much time had passed, i still know her and the feeling she gave me.”


Prep your skin for the perfect makeup application.

“The question I’m most often asked is how to get healthy, glowing skin. The secret to achieving this is both how you take care of yourself and what you put on your face,” says Bobbi Brown. When it comes to your complexion, there’s nothing better than having a whole team on your side. Bobbi Brown’s skin-saving collection is that team. Her glass-bottled creams and tonics work together to turn even desert-dry, parched skin into an oasis of moisture. “Our products are designed to replenish skin with immediate hydration and nutrients—exactly what it needs to look fresher, smoother, and healthier,” Brown explains, adding, “They’re also the perfect start before any makeup.” The Sephora Glossy tested a handful of lotions and potions from the line to better understand its quenching benefits and more.  JESSICA VELEZ


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic

Once you untwist the lid, you’ll immediately discover it smells like a gin and tonic. That’s because the mineral water inside is blended with cucumber extract, among other things. But, instead of dehydrating your skin like cocktails tend to do, the alcohol-free formula does the exact opposite by applying moisture and removing impurities in the same swipe.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream

It looks like a cream inside, but it applies and feels just like a gel. Of course, satisfying your skin’s thirst is its major highlight, but it’d be a shame to dismiss its other qualities. It also improves your skin’s ability to lock in moisture in the future and combats toxins in the air. Who knew all that power could fit in a single bottle?

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

If gel isn’t your preferred texture, look to this creamy counterpart. Like the rest of the collection, it smells like something you’d experience at a spa. Unlike the rest of the line, it’s packed with algae extract and caffeine for plump, ready-for-the-day skin.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Intense Night Cream

The thickest-textured of the bunch, this night cream will actually make you excited for the sun to set. And, if you feel like you’re losing productivity at night, note that it does double—no, quadruple duty while you’re catching z’s. Here’s its nightly to-do list: hydrate, repair, soften, and even skin’s tone.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Like a mind reader, this eye cream knows you’re going to follow up with concealer afterward. It uses that apt prediction to prepare your undereye area with emollients that prime skin for its next step. It’s formulated specifically for fast absorption so you’re not left twiddling your fingers waiting for it to dry before moving on. Cream that saves your skin and time? Win-win.