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Pizza People

Prompt: Hey there! Could I request something? Like, imagine working at a pizza place the Avengers are always calling so you’re like they’re #1 pizza deliverer & one day after the civil war thing you deliver the pizza & then Peter is sitting at the table too & is too shy to act properly or something. (Like the other Avengers know you already & he gets all flustered & shy) …does this even make sense? Idk, but thank you anyway & I hope you have a great day! 💗

Characters: Avengers x Reader

Requested by: todiewouldbeaawfullybigadventure

Words: 400+

It was once again a calm day at work; people hadn’t really been ordering anything today. A couple of kids had been in the store, but quickly turned around and walked out, when they saw that you didn’t serve burgers. 

The phone rang and your boss was quick to pick it out. “Crazy Dough Pizzeria, you’re talking with Mario, may I take your order,” he sounded really desperate; he scribbled something down on his note block and smiled. 

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Hiraeth 2

Hiraeth: (n) homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Jimin is a vampire who would stop at nothing to save his dying mother. What lengths would he go to if the only cure to her disease was destroying you?

Series warning: angst, emotional abuse, physical abuse, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, fluff and eventual smut.

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Part 1

Wordcount: 2.3k

After you had gotten cleaned up, you got out of the faint red coloured water. You looked for a towel to dry yourself and found nothing. The toilet like the rest of the house was painted white with occasional black square marbles scattered around diagonally.

You opened the door into your temporary room and picked up the clothes you dropped on the floor before you bathed. They were stained with now dried blood but you decided to wear it anyway seeing no other option, you were shivering from the harsh November weather.

You felt empty, not just because you hadn’t eaten anything the entire day as being at the hospital meant no breaks no food, just occasional break to catch a breath. But you didn’t even feel hungry, you had too much grief, too much confusion and there’s no one to answer your questions. You were really alone. Sally’s death seemed too strange to you yet the grief had now overcome you even completely. Shutting your eyes as you laid under the covers of the bed centred in front of a black wall, you let some of your tears fall again. What were you going to do? Was there a point to even think about it you’re dying soon too anyway. You soon fell into slumber.

“Why did you leave me?” You were faced with sally looking right into your eyes, looking just like you had left her in your apartment. “Why did you run away? To save yourself?” She asked with tears in her eyes “N-no! No Sally I’m sorry, it’s not like th-”

Her teary aged face scrunched into an angry one, you were met with eyes that resented you for your so-called betrayal. She had cut you off screaming “What else did you leave me for? Huh?! You were always selfish you took what I gave and what did I get back from it?! You walking away with everything I had! I took you in when no one did is this how you fucking repay me?!”

You were speechless, all the thoughts that you had locked up inside your head only to ask yourself over and over again, there was no escape. You couldn’t have tried to help her, there was no way.

“I real- no- there was no way I could’ve helped you I swear! You were dead I was too lat- I’m so sorry!! I love you”

“You could’ve stopped it!” She said before you open your eyes to the real world. You were faced with nothing but darkness, you were sure it hadn’t been much since you tried to sleep judging from your still very wet hair. You lifted your arm to wipe away what felt wet on your forehead, you were covered with your own sweat and the water you bathed in earlier. You could tell you were getting ill. It felt cold but you had to fight it, you didn’t have much of an option.

You were woken up soon again from the cold, you gather all your energy to sit up on the bed, groaning in the process. It felt as if your body was hit by a truck and all your limbs felt numb. You pushed aside the covers to attempt to stand up, sleeping in this state made you feel so stuffed and somehow anxious. You put a foot onto the floor and tried to stand up straight looking like a baby taking its first steps in the process. You took steps towards the large balcony to close any open glass yet all were closed. You felt so helpless and you didn’t know what to do, you just wanted to feel warmth than anything else through this cold night. You looked up at the stars at the sky and wondered if things had happened differently, how life would turn out now. If your family didn’t abandon you, would Sally be alive if you didn’t cross paths with her.

You sat down in the corner of the room just where maximum moon light hit, and crawled into a ball in attempt to gather as much warmth as you could from your own body. And soon closed your eyes.


I could hear footsteps in the room where she stayed thanks to my supernatural ears, worried that she was attempting to run away I opened the door of my room to watch hers. The steps she took were enough to guide her to the balcony, knowing that room as well as his as they all mimicked the same design. Worried she might jump off, I put my hand around the door handle but hesitated to twist it open. After a few seconds, I opened the door to see her in a foetal position leaning against the wall shivering asleep. I tried my best to push away any reminiscent human emotion as far as possible, I can’t afford be affectionate to a human being let alone somebody I need to kill for my own benefit, I wouldn’t be able to sacrifice her.

I returned to my room to grab a grey rib-knitted blanket that laid on my bed for decoration, and went to her room again to cover her frail frame, just to prevent her from getting ill I thought. Before I turned my heel to exit the room, her arm stretched to pull at my hand. She must be really out her fucking mind for doing that, I warned her not to touch me. I turned around prepared to choke her back to reality only to find her eyes still closed and her steady beating heart, indicating she was asleep.  “Don’t leave me… Please” she was sleep talking, just like hours before. She must be dreaming again I thought before taking her hold off me and returning to my room for the second time.

There is no doubt that you had triggered something in Jimin ever since he first saw you. He had been watching you long before you actually met him, he wasn’t expecting to have a hold on you so soon but when he saw you wandering the streets at night nearly being run over by a car that you had never even noticed, he needed to take you away, protect you before you do something stupid to yourself, where the curse would eventually be useless. You had to be alive for it to work. You were his last hope for his mom to be cured.

The truth is, he didn’t give much thought into why the curse came to be or exactly how it works. All he knew that it was casted by your mother, where killing you would grant the killer a wish. The only problem is that he didn’t know any potential consequences, he was willing to do anything for his mother, even if it would to have an influence on him but he couldn’t risk it if it could have an effect on her.

The next time you opened your eyes you were greeted with the same blonde man from the night before, Jimin. His eyes looked a normal shade of brown and he looked much less intimidating as the sunlight hit his skin, he looked almost like an angel. You let your arms that covered most of your head fall and lowered your gaze, catching the sight of a blanket that didn’t cover you the night before. Knowing it was his gesture, there was nothing you could say to a man who’s planning to do whatever is not good to you.

“Why did you bother to shower if you were going to wear the exact same clothes today? I can smell the blood on you” he said

“I didn’t have anything else to wear.” You replied glancing up to him for a moment before looking away.

“Oh so she speaks!” he mused before nodding and leaving the room

You managed to stand up and feeling a bit better after some rest than when you woke up in the middle of the night, even though a small headache remained. You walked to the bed turning yourself around after hearing Jimin come in the room again.

“You can wear this for now” he threw at the ground, “It might not be exactly your size but you have to deal with it for now”. Did he really have to do that you thought, is he bipolar? One minute he wraps me in a blanket and the other he doesn’t even treat me like a human being. But again you thought, he wasn’t even human the last time you looked at him. Then it all hit you…

“Are you okay” you asked curiously earning a confused look from the man in front of you.


“Y-you were shot yesterday…” you tried to sound as logical as possible

“If I wasn’t okay I wouldn’t be standing like this now, use your head” he spat “Try on the clothes” he said before turning around. At least he had a bit of respect in him.

You lifted the clothes and took your dirty clothes off. The shirt you put over your head was way too small and hug way too tightly over your chest and waist. The girl who owned this must be at least two sizes smaller you whined before buckling the buttons of the jeans that accompanied it.

“I’m do-” you tried to say in a loud voice before he comes into the room again and takes a good look at you. He scanned you from top to bottom then up again.

“I figured it would be a bit small” he said as he paced to the balcony and looking up as if he was thinking of something.

“I need to get groceries, I live alone so there’s not much food here” he said before turning his heel to the door again.

“Can I come along?” you tried to ask knowing well you were most likely going to be rejected.

“Why? You want to try and run away?” he asked smugly “You know, it won’t work”

“No, I Just need new clothes you said” looking down “I don’t have anywhere else to go anyway even if I tried to run away, you’d just catch me”
He smirked at your words and nodded. With hands pushing the blonde locks away from his forehead, “Don’t make things hard for me” he warned before he walked off, instructing you to follow him.

The house appeared even more beautiful and simple in the morning, the sun light had lightened up the entire house through the glass. The black sofas were not visible to your eyes followed by a massive TV screen that was buried between a library of books. Jimin had opened the door with a swipe of his thumb and the sound produced in the process alarmed you to your purpose of why you were downstairs.

You walked behind Jimin carefully, you analysed the surroundings of the house. The neighbourhood was quiet, it could be because it was only 9AM but the stillness of the view in your eyes had a much heavier feel to it. You were then greeted by a black Audi R8. Jimin had walked to the passenger seat while you awkwardly looked at the door to your seat, was he going to kill you if you touched it too. “You can get in you know” he said as if he could read your thoughts.

The journey to your destination wasn’t long, it wasn’t very loud either. Both of you were quiet and you distracted yourself by looking outside the black tinted window. Your thoughts wandered to what you would be doing this minute if everything was normal. Would you be getting ready for your shift? Or in the comfort of your own bed where you slept the fatigue away. All that didn’t matter anymore though, you had lost your definition of home.

“If you want to be able to go outside again, don’t try anything stupid” he warned again before he got out the car and you followed suit.

“I won’t try anything, I promise” you said, more to yourself before you followed him to the large supermarket.

You were prevented from wandering around alone, Jimin was pushing the cart which was slowly filling up with different types of food. He instructed you to stay still while he finds something. You were busy scanning the different types of herbs before an arm tugged at you, thinking it was Jimin you turned to face a man who seemed to be your age and about 6 feet tall.

“Hey, I uhh…” he tried to say while looking into your eyes before rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

“This is going to be awkward but, I… you’ve caught my attention in a way I can’t explain” he tried to say, it would’ve been really annoying and creepy if you were in the situation with someone else, but he seemed sincere.

“Oh… Thank you?” you tried to say laughing it off

“I’m sorry this is weird, I know” he said looking around for a second before looking at you again “My name is Jungkook” he extended his hand in your direction.

“Y/N” you said before extending yours to shake his

“Can I- get your number or something?” He asked shyly

“Actually, I don’t have a phone” you tried to explain but you knew you would get into trouble if you said anything else

“Really? I thought this was the 21st century” he laughed “That’s a harsh way of rejecting a man you know”

“No really, even this isn’t a good idea” you said pointing back and forth between your bodies.

“What do you mean?” he looked at you before you were both interrupted and met with the familiar blonde, with now red eyes.

“I think we should get going Y/N”


Moodboard/header made by the fantastic @theenchantedgalleryofstories

Pairing: Leonard McCoy/Reader

Summary: Confession of feelings and semi-awkward first date with Leonard McCoy.

Word count: 2,697

“So, what are you up to this evening?” you asked when you caught up with him.

“Well, I would study for that tactics exam but Jim’s probably going to try to drag me out to a bar,” he shrugged.

“Do you want to come by my place?”

“Don’t you have plans with what’s his face?”

“Nah, I turned him down.”

Leonard looked over at you and raised an eyebrow. “He’s been hitting on you for nearly two weeks.”

“Your point?”

“Have you just bene stringing him along?”

“I’ve been turning him down every time he asks me out. Not my fault he’s persistent.”

“You should go out with him. He clearly likes you and seems like a decent guy.”

“And I don’t like him. I have my eye on someone else.”

“Oh, do you now? Why haven’t asked him out?”

“Because it’s not time to yet,” you answered before splitting off from him. “See you at seven?”

“Yeah, unless Jim physically drags me out,” he called after you.

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Wearing Jareds Clothes HCs

Request/// “Hc’s for when s/o wears jared’s clothes

I honestly loved writing this so much omg

Also!!!! Feel free to send in more requests!!!! My inbox is always open!!!


• when Jared sees you wearing his clothes he lOsEs HiS sHiT

• he loves when you wear anything of his

• from his graphic tees to his cringe worthy emoji snapback

• one time, you were helping him fold his laundry like the good date mate you are, and decided to get comfy and put on a pair of his clean boxers and his Star Wars tee accompanied by his black and grey beanie

• the boy almost DIED of an heart attack

• you just looked so good

• goddamn

• he especially loves when you wear his stuff out to like the mall or school etc

• it gives him a sense of pride bc everyone knows that’s his clothes so

• it’s like a cute way of him being able to show people that yall are a thing yanno??


• he loves the way you like drown in his shirts like !!!!

• he thinks it’s hella cute when you do that thing where you tie it in the back with a hair tie, yall know what I’m talking about??

• and when you wear one of his button up fancy shirts he has to have for fancy dinners just !!!!!

• and it like goes just over your thighs and you leave the first few buttons undone


• but he also teases you ofc I mean it’s Jared

• “Jesus Y/N, be careful or you’ll get lost in there”

• he’s an asshole

• IF YOU A BIGGER PERSON (bc not everyone is a skinny mini aka myself I get it)

• he loves the way you just fit his clothes so good like !!!!

• he literally can’t keep his hands off you

• fuck yes

• especially if you got boobs and that shit presses tightly against the fabric

• yall know what im getting at

• ;)

• n when you wear one of his overshirts with nothing underneath???

• expect Sexy Time my friend

• he just loves seeing you in his stuff I literally can’t stress this enough

• “You honestly look better in that than I do, and quite frankly I’m offended that you’re trying to upstage me Y/N”

• what a fuckin dork

• just wear his clothes plz

• he loves it man

Imagine telling Rick he looks just as good with a beard as he does without.

(Not a request but a little imagine for the day, i’m having a bbq at my cousins and won’t be able to complete and post the requested imagine. Better than nothing :D Gif not mine /Credit to the original owner/Found it on google)

You were all together in the woods for weeks and weeks. You were all obviously dirty, since none of you had the time to groom.

Until a man named Aaron came along.

He had brought you to Alexandria and felt like you could enjoy yourself. Once set up in your houses, everyone cleaned up good, having time to wash and change their clothes and cut their hair.

You were walking out of your house when you noticed Rick standing on the porch of the other house.

He was much different, shorter hair, clean shaved face and obviously clean for once. He was what most people would consider attractive.

However, you couldn’t help but find Rick slightly more attractive during your days in the woods despite the lack of hygiene.

There was just something about his tight shirt, long hair and beard that made you slightly weak. Especially his beard. You weren’t always keen on facial hair but something about Rick just made it work.

You walked towards where he was and he immediately smiled at you. You smiled back and you hugged each other. He kissed you and you jokingly told him “Almost didn’t recognized you there!”

He chuckled and touched his face. “Yeah…Might be because i’m clean for once!”

You nodded and replied “Of course…but you know Rick…you’re very good looking…”

He got shy and slightly shook his head.

“Oh stop it…You’re only saying that because we’re together…”

“No, i’m not…to be honest…You’re so handsome even with the thick beard…you still managed to look as good as you do without…”

He couldn’t hide his smile from all your flattery and it only made you chuckle to see him all shy.

changing-roads  asked:

your opinion on pre-war fashion?

[ask for Fahren’s opinion]

“It’s ancient and needs to be updated?”

She offered a brief shrug, “There’s a lot of clothing we currently have that is based on the old world stuff with a little twist applied. Although, I will say- there’s nothing better than a man in a good looking suit. Can’t say that would ever fall out of style.”

That's My Shirt... [Michael Smut]


Summary: Innocent little Mikey has no idea what’s about to hit him.

Warning: My smut is extremely detailed and graphic.

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God, look at him. How can someone be so god damned sexy just by singing into a Mic? Honestly Michael was just breath taking.

The way his green eyes lit up as he sang the words, the way he would smile as he leaned against his microphone, strumming away at his guitar.

The scene was addicting, and it made your mind scream with dirty images and thoughts- but sadly your boyfriend (of a year today) was a virgin and didn’t seem to want sex. Of course you two have fooled around, but anytime it came even a little close to pants flying across the room he was up and in a cold shower in seconds. It aggravated you to the max, but you knew better than to push him into something he didn’t want to do. 

Though, lately you’ve been thinking of ways that he could just trip into it.

When the concert was over and the boys piled backstage, you threw your arms around your boyfriends neck, your lips meeting his soft ones.

“You guys were great,” you smiled up at him as he rested his hands on your hips.

“You think so?” He smiled down at you, the sweat around his face and In his blonde hair making your insides go wild. You nodded your head at him. “Maybe you should show me how great I really am when we get home.” He said quietly, smirking down at you as he goofily wiggled his eyebrows.

You knew the words were empty though, he doesn’t want to have sex with you just yet- he’s told you this many times but you’re determined to wait because you love him, and there’s no one in this world that will treat you as good as he does. He’s one of a kind.

The drive home was silent, but the only thing that was on your mind was him between your legs. It was frustrating being a girl with high sexual needs and no one willing to help you out with them.

“Babe?” You looked at Michael, seeing his eyes on the road with one hand on your thigh and the other on the wheel. He hummed in responce.

“How come you’ve never had sex before?” You asked. You’ve always wanted to ask, but you never wanted to step over the personal boundaries line.

He looked over to you, his eyebrows drawn together and his green eyes lit up in slight confusion. “Why are you asking me this, Y/N?”

You shrugged, “just curious, I guess.”

He turned back to face the road, “I don’t know, I’m just kind of scared too I guess… I know it’s stupid, but I just want to make sure that when I do have sex, she isn’t going anywhere after.”

Your lips pulled up into a small smile. You wanted to reassure him that you weren’t going anywhere, but you had no idea how to nor did you know if he’d even believe you. So, instead you leaned over and kissed his cheek.
“That’s not stupid, it’s completely understandable Mikey.”

He squeezed your thigh, and suddenly your forgotten hormones were back and rushing through your body.

Michael was in the shower, so if you were going to do anything for your year anniversary than it should be right now. But what?

You decided if he didn’t want to have sex, you could at least tease him. There’s absolutely nothing that could go wrong with teasing him.

You step out of your jeans and shirt from the concert, slipping off your underwear and bra for the day as well. Looking through your drawer, you decide on a pair of pink laced panties and a matching bra to put on, along with a pair of knee high socks. When you heard the shower stop, you ruffled your hair up a bit, then reached for the black shirt that Michael had slept in each night.

“Babe? You awake?” Michael called from the bathroom, most likely drying himself off at the moment.

“Yeah, I’m out here!” You replied, smirking at yourself in the mirror. The door opened shortly after, exposing Michael in his boxers and rubbing the towel over his wet hair.

You turned around to face him, seeing his movements stop as he stared at you from head to toe.

“…That’s my shirt,” he said softly, his eyes not leaving your body.

“Oh, sorry,” you tried your hardest to hold back your smile. “I’ll take it off.” You smiled and he just stared, unable to say anything as you slowly reached for the bottom of the shirt, sliding it off of your body seductively slow.

You walked over to him slowly, holding out the shirt for him to take. Your stomach jumped with joy as you saw his bulge growing behind the thin cloth.

Your lips spread in a slight smile as you “accidentally” dropped the shirt behind your head.

“Oops,” you smiled, turning around. You bent over slowly, hearing him inhale a sharp breath as you pushed your hips against his slightly. You grabbed the shirt and stood back up, feeling his hands find their way to your waist then they slowly slid down to rest on your hips.

“Y/N,” he growled softly, gripping your hips tighter, pulling you closer to himself. His growing boner made you grow even more excited as you felt his length pushing up against the thin cloth of the laced panties.

“Hmm?” You hummed, beginning to slightly grind up against him, throwing his shirt on to the bed.

“W-what are you doing?” He stuttered, his voice becoming throaty as he continued to breathe out just a little harder, yet when you felt his warm breath fanning your neck it made your knees want to buckle.

You smiled, turning around to face him. You put your hands on his shoulders, then slowly pushed him to sit on the bed.

“What do you mean?” You asked, putting your legs on either side of his body as you sat on him in a straddling position. You felt him throbbing beneath you, making you pool between your thighs.

“You know what I mean…” He blushed, his hands gripping your hips. This time, he wasn’t telling you to stop so it was progress. You cupped Mikey’s cheeks then pressed your lips to his. You put all your love and passion into it, along with your lust for him. You wanted him to see that he’s it for you, and there’s no way you’d be going for anyone else.

When you pulled away Michael’s green eyes lit up as if he were in a daze. Yet, it didn’t last long and was soon replaced with worry.

“Y/N, I don’t know. I want too, God I really do- but what if I’m not good enough for you? What if you realize you could get anyone else who’s more experienced and better looking than me-”

Suddenly you wanted nothing more than to slap him.

“Michael Gordon Clifford don’t you ever say anything that stupid again!” You looked him straight in the eyes, resting your forehead on his. “Michael you’re it for me. You’re my love, and I won’t ever leave you. You’re the only man I ever want to kiss or steal clothes from or laugh with or do anything with again. Michael I love you, and there’s no way in hell that I’m going anywhere, okay? I’m right here and I always will be.”

Michael was quiet for a few seconds, then he slowly pushed his lips onto your own, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull your bodies closer than it seems that they’ve ever been.

The kiss was soft and sweet at first, but it wasn’t long before your hormones kicked in and you began to push your hips down onto his, grinding against him. The foreign feeling made Michael’s breath hitch as he kissed you and his fingertips dig into your skin.

You let out a soft moan as he gently bit down on your lip, pushing his hips up to meet your own. Your lips left his, sliding across his jaw and down to his neck. You left a trail of wet kisses on each side before you bit his skin, licking over it to give him more pleasure as you left your love bites.

Michael let out a groan, his hands sliding down to grip your ass. He reconnected your lips, holding your body close to his as he stood up and turned around, slowly laying you down on the bed.

“I love you too, Y/N,” he breathed out. “And, I’m ready.”

Your body exploded with excitement at his words and It took everything in you not to squeal out.

“Condom?” You asked and he bit down on his lip. He walked over to the dresser across from the bed, opening his underwear drawer. You let out a little giggle. “Hmph, so even virgins have their own stash, I see?”

“Shut up,” Michael blushed. “Ashton gave me some ‘just in case.’” He mocked, turning around to face you. Your heart was pounding as you saw the outline of his hard on through his boxers. He slowly began to walk towards you, a nervous expression covering his face. You sat up in the bed, watching as he came and stood in front of you.

“Are you sure?” You asked Michael and he smiled reassuringly at you.

“I’m positive.” He said, determined.

You smiled and reached up to the hem of his boxers, slowly sliding them down his legs. He tensed up slightly, letting out a sharp breath.

When his full length was out and in the open, you let out a gasp. How could he be so big and be a virgin? It seemed impossible..

You tore your eyes away from him then reached up his body to get the condom. You ripped it open, then slid it on to his length making him let out another sharp breath.

You stood up slowly, staring into his eyes.

“You can undress me, Michael.” You smiled at him. He stared at you, then slowly reached behind your body and undid your bra clasp. He brought his curious fingers up to your bra straps then slid the cloth off of your arms. His lips parted slightly as your chest was exposed to him, and his eyes never left your body. One of his hands came up to cup your breast, making your breathing immediately uneven.

He slid his hands down to your hips then, he hooked his fingers around the sides of your panties. He slid them down your legs, biting his lip as you stepped all the way out of them. “God, you’re so beautiful.” He said as his eyes raked over your body once more before they met your own. You smiled at him, pulling him closer to your body to connect your lips.

You slowly laid yourself back down on the bed, scooting up a bit so you could fully lay down. He watched you, biting his lip before he slowly crawled between your legs, his hands on each side of your head.

“Ready?” You asked, sliding your hand down his chest then to his length. You gripped him in your hand, watching his eyes darken at the feel of it. He nodded his head as you rubbed the tip of him along your slit.

“Fuck,” he breathed out as you finally pushed the tip of him inside of you. He re-positioned himself slightly, sitting up a bit as he began to push himself further into you.

You let out a soft moan, wrapping your arms around his neck. He watched your facial expression as his throbbing length pushed all the way inside of your tight walls.

It didn’t take you long to adjust to his length, yet the feeling of him finally deep inside of you made you want to come already. Michael slowly began to push his hips against yours, thrusting into you slowly. You were a moaning mess as he got deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“Faster Mikey,” you begged, tilting your head back as your hands tugged at the hair on the nape of his neck. He didn’t take much time to pick up his pace, breathing out a little harder as he began thrusting into you faster and harder, one of his hands resting on your waist to hold you in place. “My god,” you gasped as he found your G-spot. You felt like you could come at any second, but you held back- never wanting this to end.

Michael let out a groan, his head going back slightly as he began to thrust into you faster, gripping your waist as he penetrated your body.

“I’m close,” you whined out, your back arching into him as he quickened his pace once again. He let out a little groan.

“Me too,” he said, his voice deep and throaty. He brought his lips to your neck, kissing your neck and biting down. You let out out whines of pleasure as your nails slid down his back.

The pressure began to build in your stomach and between your thighs, making you whine out his name as your legs began to shake and your body fell limp as you released your juices. He moaned out against your neck as he spilled into the condom, stopping his movements. He breathed out harshly against your neck before slowly pulling out of you, collapsing on the bed beside you.

“Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” You breathed out. He looked over at you, chucking between breaths.

“Positive. You’re my first.” He blushed slightly and you smiled.

“And last.”

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