nothing becomes canon

HQ season 2 is so good! I can’t believe OiSuga is finally canon :’)

“i really hope starco doesn’t become canon. nothing against starco shippers, you can ship what you want, but their relationship reads 100% platonic to me and it’s so nice to see a m/f friendship that isn’t turned into a romance. i just want them to be super cool supportive best friends the rest of their lives. that’d be rad”

- Anonymous

Headcanon - Killua Has a Crush on Gon?

I don’t mean like a full-blown, ‘I want to be your boyfriend’ crush, but like a really sweet, barely-even-acknowledges-it crush. The sort of feelings a twelve year old (such as Kil canonically is as the start of the series) might have for their best friend, who’s always by their side. Just very pure and innocent.

I mean just look

at the way

he looks at Gon.

I mean, sure, I know nothing like this would become canon in a shounen series (at least not in this decade) but as for a headcanon I really like the idea that Killua has a sweet boy crush on Gon.

Ok yes. Mashima does sort of "shove Nalu down our throats"

But theres a reason. He doing it because he’s making moments to lead up to them becoming canon. You all know. He wants it to happen and he will make it happen because it’s his story god dammit. He can do whatever the hell he wants even if it doesn’t please some of his fans.

But a large fraction of his fans will want Nalu to happen. That’s just how it will be and how it always be. Bringing Lisanna back wasn’t just so Nali can become canon. She does have a brother and a sister. And a guild. And maybe Mashima wanted to bring Lisanna back in order to strengthen her friendship with Natsu and to develop one with Lucy.

At the end of the day, it’s not up to us to decide the end of Fairy Tail. Who knows, maybe nothing will become canon. This is just my opinion so don’t bash. That’s immature.