nothing becomes canon

HQ season 2 is so good! I can’t believe OiSuga is finally canon :’)

“i really hope starco doesn’t become canon. nothing against starco shippers, you can ship what you want, but their relationship reads 100% platonic to me and it’s so nice to see a m/f friendship that isn’t turned into a romance. i just want them to be super cool supportive best friends the rest of their lives. that’d be rad”

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best end: the Golden Gay Ships (n*rumitsu, kl*pollo, j*nithena) become canon. also applies if one or two become canon while the others remain otherwise unbothered.

fair end: nothing becomes canon, all ships are permanently ambiguous

okay i guess end: thalassa marries phoenix

bad end: the Het Nonsense Trio becomes canon

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As much as I love my ships, I genuinely pray that NOTHING becomes canon. All hell will break loose, Antis would literally be the death of the fandom on that less than .0000001% k/ance happens, other ships would be significantly less obnoxious but probs still be kind of shitty because somehow this amazing show I've come to love has been reduced to just shipping. No ships at all would be a delicious up yours to everyone for taking it so seriously and a much needed reality check

Honestly same here this is basically me

Headcanon - Killua Has a Crush on Gon?

I don’t mean like a full-blown, ‘I want to be your boyfriend’ crush, but like a really sweet, barely-even-acknowledges-it crush. The sort of feelings a twelve year old (such as Kil canonically is as the start of the series) might have for their best friend, who’s always by their side. Just very pure and innocent.

I mean just look

at the way

he looks at Gon.

I mean, sure, I know nothing like this would become canon in a shounen series (at least not in this decade) but as for a headcanon I really like the idea that Killua has a sweet boy crush on Gon.

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Hi! I was wondering if I could ask your opinion on a potential romantic relationship between Dorian and Manon; I know you're a Doraelin shipper so I was just wondering. Have a nice day!

to be blunt: i think m*norian is total garbage, and even the possibility of this trash ship becoming canon is probably one of sarah’s biggest jokes. when i was reading qos and came to the realization that this might be something sarah was trying to push forward my brain literally ate itself. these characters have drastically different personalities, and the two of them have nothing (!!!) in common

m*norian becoming canon would be so out of character for the both of them and ??? for what reason ??? why force a ship that you pulled out of the walmart dumpster when you’ve got something much more genuine with actual romantic potential like malide???? that’s a ship that’s organic, and sweet, and totally plausible whereas m*norian ??? a joke

and i genuinely can’t wrap my head around that fact that there are people who already ship them when they’ve had only two (?) scenes together??? not to mention the first scene features dorian attempting to provoke manon into killing him and then in the other scene they wave to each other like……….. ya’ll need to pick up your standards if this is the type of stuff you think is cute 

there is no ground for this ship to stand on, and i will be completely disappointed if these two characters, who do not need each other, are pushed into this shitty excuse of a ship by the next book

disclaimer: yes i ship doraelin, but i’ve almost entirely (at least logically lmao !!) accepted the fact that that shit ain’t happening, so my feelings against dorian/manon have nothing to do with the fact i’m holdin’ out for a pairing that most likely isn’t going to happen

Also for @marblesodafox I did take the light part of your poth kids name. BUT! Hole the phone! Now give the phone to me. I feel that Orion ( @inkchara23), StarLight ( @marblesodafox), DimLight (me), and Pastel ( @blogthegreatrouge) should be brothers! :D (And I really hope this becomes canon because nothing I do ever becomes canon. Its not like I never get positive comments, or have my stuff canon. Ik going in the corner now, not like I’ve ever done it before ._.) #poth #pallette #goth #starlight #dimlight #orion #pastel #i hope this becomes canon ;w;

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Top 20 Most Reblogged Ships
Ship: (noun) Short for “relationship,” an imagined romantic pairing of two people, fictional or otherwise.

18. Olicity
Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak


Tumblr stats of the year 2014. [x]

Can we take a second to realize that our Ship has not only come from nothing and become half-canon but also that it has only been three seasons and we’re in a top 20 of Tumblr Ships most reblogged?

Ok yes. Mashima does sort of "shove Nalu down our throats"

But theres a reason. He doing it because he’s making moments to lead up to them becoming canon. You all know. He wants it to happen and he will make it happen because it’s his story god dammit. He can do whatever the hell he wants even if it doesn’t please some of his fans.

But a large fraction of his fans will want Nalu to happen. That’s just how it will be and how it always be. Bringing Lisanna back wasn’t just so Nali can become canon. She does have a brother and a sister. And a guild. And maybe Mashima wanted to bring Lisanna back in order to strengthen her friendship with Natsu and to develop one with Lucy.

At the end of the day, it’s not up to us to decide the end of Fairy Tail. Who knows, maybe nothing will become canon. This is just my opinion so don’t bash. That’s immature.

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Josh just said his final scene was him putting out Katniss after the bombs! We all believed this was canon. Now we know. He was there! He made it to the circle. He got burned putting her out. I'm in tears!

What?? Oh god, we’ve discussed it for years but there’s nothing like suspicions becoming canon. ;_____________;

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Bethyl shippers are so determined to find proof because they’ve got the most to prove; they know, on some level, that their ship not only won’t happen, but *should not* happen. Rickyl shippers are so zen because we know we’ve got nothing to prove; the natural character growth on the show is headed straight for our ship, and even if Rickyl doesn’t become canon, it would be because of social pressure and bad writing, and it would not true to the characters or the show.

Literally everything about this–thank you, anon. I refuse to believe that any television show would depict an abusive, ephebophilic relationship in a positive light.

And that’s entirely true, I love how you put that–we have absolutely nothing to prove. If you look at it entirely objectively, with no heteronormativity, prejudice, or homophobia, Rickyl is the most canon, non-canon ship on that show. If Daryl were a woman, for example, I assure you that Rickyl would have already happened. And seeing as Daryl’s very, very viably gay and Rick could easily be portrayed as bisexual based on his past developments, there is literally nothing stopping Rickyl from becoming canon as far as the characters, development, or plot goes. Social pressure and bad writing indeed–which is why I’m hoping, if Rickyl doesn’t go canon, that they’ll leave them both single. Not out of malice, of course, but out of the belief that they are truly perfect for each other and it would be a shame to see them paired off with anyone else.