nothing bad will ever happen to you

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

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Hamilton Act II: A Summary

What’d I Miss: french fry is back, this time with jazz

Cabinet Battle #1: my talents include looking snazzy, quick comebacks, and eliminating all chances for friendship upon first meeting people

Take a Break: I will try to get away *doesn’t try* well I did my best I think

Say No to This: let’s play a game called ignore the ensemble

The Room Where It Happens: I’m going to continue my theory of “maybe if I just stand here nothing bad will happen ever” but this time I’m going to be standing next to senators

Schuyler Defeated: I’m sure he already knows *looks out window to see Alexander lighting Burr’s house on fire*

Cabinet Battle #2: you must be outta your gODDAMN MIND

Washington On Your Side: salt squad assemble

One Last Time: you’re all exhausting I’m taking a permanent vacation try not to kill each other

I Know Him: *gets out a bucket of popcorn* I’m ready to watch your life fall apart

The Adams Administration: in addition to dressing snazzy, having quick comebacks, and being bad at making friends, my talents also include getting fired and not handling it well

We Know: it’s a good idea to tell a bunch of people who hate you something they could use to ruin your life

Hurricane: we’ve established that I don’t make very good choices but just in case you don’t get that yet I must do another stupid thing

The Reynolds Pamphlet: oh shit wait I shouldn’t have done that maybe

Burn: these letters are on fire and you will be too if you mess up again aka FEELINGS

Blow Us All Away: “what if he shoots me” “why would he do that, here take some guns see you at dinner”

Stay Alive (Reprise): get ready folks, once the tears start they aren’t going to stop for a while

It’s Quiet Uptown: no more politics for me they ruined my life

The Election of 1800: ok maybe just a lil bit more politics what could go wrong

Your Obedient Servant: shit that’s what could go wrong aka sass

Best of Wives and Best of Women: meeting means both meeting and gun fight apparently

The World Was Wide Enough: shooting your friends generally results in the realization afterwards that it was a bad idea

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: if you thought you were done feeling things you were WRONG. feelings time lasts until you’ve run out of tears

Paranoia ⇝ M

“Does it look like I want to be stuck with you for the rest of my life?”

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Summary: Because waking up beside the one you have always despised isn’t something that you thought would ever actually happen.

A/N: I wrote half of this after my surgery while being drugged up. I was hesitant on posting it but..well you tell me what you think. xD 

Genre & Warnings: Fluff, humor and  minor angst…I think. Nothing bad really, just implied smut and alotta cursing. ((: {Yoongi x Reader}

Words: 8.9k

You felt the warm sun rays beam through the sheer curtains, lightly hitting your face while you let out a soft grumble. Your body has never been as sore as it was now, and your head was pulsing and you knew exactly from what—a hangover. Your eyes slightly opened, and you looked around the room and realized you had no clue as to where the hell you were.

Your eyes fluttered shut, falling back onto the plushy mattress while grabbing the fluffy blanket and pulling it over your face to cover it from the sunlight. You had no idea what happened last night, but as long as you were still alive, it was all okay. You smiled, thankful that you were actually in a nice hotel room, and as you were slowly falling into the deep depths of slumber, you felt arms wrap around your waist. You smiled, turning in your spot and feeling the arms pull you into a warm, broad chest. You felt like you could sleep peacefully now, and as you dug your face into the chest—you couldn’t be any happier knowing you had extra warmth to provide you in bed.

Wait a minute..


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anonymous asked:

Oh gosh! I loved your Archie in bed imagine. Would you mind doing one for Jughead?

Jughead in bed/during sex would include:

  • I really feel like Jughead’s really caring and gentle in bed unless hes angry
  • He’d probably be into missionary rather than you on top because it brings you closer
  • soft open mouthed kisses all over your skin
  • his fingers drawing little circles on your skin
  • lots of foreplay because youre a literal angel to him
  • slow passionate movements because he wants to show you how much he loves you wow im crying
  • making you feel good because thats all that matters to him
  • him wanting to hold his orgasm so you two could cum together
  • holding you until you fall asleep because you are his world and if he can prevent it, nothing bad will ever happen to you
More Writing Prompts.

Because, instead of working on the stuff I already have, I thought, “Why not make more prompts?!”

Angst-y Love Prompts:

  • Sometimes lying is the right thing to do, so I lied to you.
  • Pretending like nothing is wrong is only going to make things worse.
  • I loved you, once upon a time.
  • What’ll happen when I wake up, and you’re not there?
  • You say you love me, but all you’ve ever done is hurt me!
  • I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love.
  • You can’t do this to me! Not now!
  • I wonder if I’m better off without you.
  • I’ve done bad things, but let me ask you… am I that shitty of a person…?
  • They left me for a reason, you know…

Romantic Prompts:

  • I love you more than anything…
  • I’m so lucky to have you.
  • I love you! I’ve always loved you, and to have you look at me the way I look at you… Well… That’s my dream.
  • I’m never going to let you go, not without a fight.
  • What do you want me to do? Kiss you in the rain? Buy you a dozen roses? As long as you’re happy, I’ll do anything.
  • The way you make me feel is the way I felt when I ate all of the marshmallows out of a Lucky Charms box. Pure joy.
  • I look at you, and I see all of the things I wish I was…
  • I can feel my heart beat faster when I think about you.
  • Are you going to kiss me, or are you just going to stand there?
  • Marry me.

Fluffy Prompts:

  • This is my favorite song!
  • I don’t think that’s considered dancing, it’s more of a flailing action.
  • If you keep eating french fries, you’re going to turn into one.
  • Can I borrow a pillow?
  • So, that’s a no to the roller coaster?
  • You took my jacket like a month ago, can I have it back?
  • I’d split a candy bar with you.
  • Why are you shoes on the stove?
  • What if aliens really do exist? just… Think about it!
  • You set someone’s hair on fire in Chemistry last year.

I’m in love with my Best Friend Prompts:

  • I want to find someone and I want to tell them, “You deserve to be in an art museum because of how beautiful you are.”
  • Can I sleep here with you…? The movie really scared me…
  • I don’t have a date and I don’t want to go alone…
  • H-He’s not my boyfriend(alt: S-She’s not my girlfriend).
  • I remember when we first met…
  • When are you going to tell them that you love them?
  • You look really beau… nice…
  • I keep dating all these other people in hopes that my feelings for you would go away.
  • I never loved them, I love you.
  • I fell in love with my best friend… And i’m not ashamed that I have.

Roommates Prompts:

  • Let’s play a game to get to know each other.
  • It’s cheaper than living on your own, dude.
  • Stop leaving the toilet seat up!
  • What do you mean you ate my last hot pocket?
  • It’s your turn to do dishes tonight.
  • You lost the spare key to the apartment?
  • You’ve been in the bathroom for like, an hour.
  • The girl you brought over last night put a hole in our wall.
  • Give it a rest, I’m trying to sleep over here!

Totally Angst-y/Angry Prompts:

  • I can’t stop the bleeding.
  • They’re… dead…
  • I hate you!
  • I was sent here to kill you.
  • I thought there was good in you, but there’s nothing but disgust and hatred now.
  • I stopped feeling emotions a long time ago.
  • They weren’t strong enough to save you, and because of their foolishness, you’re mine now.
  • Nothing will bring them back! You can’t… turn back time!
  • You tore my heart out and crushed it with your own hands.
  • Fuck you.
Hamilton Act I: A Summary

Alexander Hamilton: doNT FOR GE T MY NAM E

Aaron Burr, Sir: pls stop talking pls pls

My Shot: grab your torches and pitchforks everyone we’re mobbing England

The Story of Tonight: SURPRISE FEELINGS

The Schuyler Sisters: and Peggy

Farmer Refuted: *internal screaming* *EXTERNAL SCREAMING*

You’ll be Back: psycho bf will kill you and your family if you try to break up with him

Right Hand Man: Burr close the door on you way out

A Winter’s Ball: fukbois everywhere


Satisfied: shit less cute more sad abort abort

The Story of Tonight (Reprise): we are drunk and you are in marriage prison

Wait for It: maybe if I just stand here and do nothing nothing bad will happen ever


Ten Duel Commandments: shoot your friends as an extracurricular activity

Meet Me Inside: daddy issues x 26374882

That Would be Enough: whoops you got sent home bc I’m pregnant not bc you’re an idiot (but also probably bc you’re an idiot)


History Has Its Eyes On You: wait shit come back we need help

Yorktown: you thought this was the act 1 finale? no. you were wrong. it somehow gets better. don’t ask how bc tbh we don’t know

What Comes Next?: awesome, WOW


Non-Stop: I will alienate myself from everyone to start a bank and the sad part is that I haven’t alienated myself far enough yet juST YOU WAIT


If print journalism is dead, what am I doing here? The Blue and Gold isn’t dead,Juggy. It’s just dormant. But waking up. You’re writing a novel, right? About Jason Blossom’s murder? I am. Riverdale’s very own, in Cold Blood. Which started out as a series of articles. I’m hoping you’ll come write for the Blue and Gold. I just don’t think the schoolpaper’s the right fit for my voice. Juggy… Jason’s death changed Riverdale. People don’t want to admit that, but it’s true. We all feel it. Nothing this bad was ever supposed to happen here, but it did. I want to know why. Would I get complete freedom? I’ll help, and edit and suggest. But it’s your story, it’s your voice. Doesn’t sound like complete freedom, but… I’m in. Okay great! Um, in that case, I have your first assignment. 

I want to lay my head on your chest and rest my hand on your stomach. Not even in a sexual way just in a I want to be close to you and feel your stomach rise when you breathe and hear your heart beating. I want to nestle my face against your neck and gently kiss it and feel you pull me closer as I do. I want to lay so close to you that we don’t know where I end and you start and there’s absolutely no distance between us anymore and I feel safe as if nothing bad could ever happen to us. I want to hold your hand and rub my finger against yours and kiss you goodnight. I want to fall asleep beside you and when I wake up I want your beautiful face to be the first thing I see, so I can kiss your forehead and watch you try to open your tired eyes as a small smile stretches across your face and you bury your head in your pillow with a soft “baby it’s too early.” I want to spend my days laughing with you and my nights kissing you. I want to be with you today, tomorrow, and the rest of forever. You’re my home, my soulmate, my forever. You’re my sunshine, my girl, my love. It’s you. You’re all I need.
—  10:30 thoughts about you 💕

prompt: #99 “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” 
pairing: destiel
tags: friends, fluff, 

please see through illogical stuff 

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drabble night!

“Okay so for the last time, fuck.”


“Cas, I’m not going to calm down! This is not cool. Not cool at all, you hear?”

“You’re exaggerating. Once the storm is over, we’ll be able to get out of here.”

Dean groaned and sank down on the couch, kicking off his shoes.

“Do you even hear yourself right now, Castiel Novak? Once the storm is over. How long is that gonna take? Two days? Two weeks? Two months? Two ye-”

“Until tomorrow, if the weatherman is right.” Castiel calmly said, sitting down next to Dean. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. “We have a TV connection, Dean, it’s not that bad. We’re just not allowed to go out in the storm tonight.” 

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Kai x Reader

17: “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

47: “No one needs to know.”

99. “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.”

You tugged at the door for what felt like the hundredth time, desperate to get out of the cabin you were in. After finally coming to the realisation that the door was firmly locked, or spelled, shut, you slowly turned around. “Don’t,” you snapped at the smirk that was already creeping across Kai’s face. He lounged languidly on one of the sofas in the cosy looking cabin, merely raising an eyebrow in response to your words. 

“Looks like we’ll be trapped here for a while,” he began suggestively.

“Seriously, Kai,” you said, a bite to your voice that would have warned anyone else to shut up and leave you alone. “I’m really not in the mood for this right now.”
“Hey, Y/N, look on the bright side. You’re stuck in an incredibly cosy, some may say romantic, cabin, with me, the one and only. What could possibly go wrong?”
“We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” Sarcasm dripped from your voice as you sent a scathing look across the room to Kai. 

“Well, I’m assuming if we’re locked in here then anyone out there is also locked out, if that makes you feel any better.”
“You forget, I’m locked in here with you. I’d rather face whatever’s out there.”

“Ah, I forget, my reputation precedes me. Are you sure I’m as bad as everyone says I am?”
“If I’m honest, I’d really rather not find out.” You wandered across the room to take a seat, as far away from Kai as possible. 

“You don’t know how long we’re going to be stuck in here. We’ll have to find some way to kill the time,” replied Kai, a flirtatious tone to his voice. You found the nearest object to you, which happened to be a cushion, and flung it forcefully across the room towards Kai. With a lazy flick of his hand, he flicked it away using his magic. 

“Actually, give me that back,” you demanded. “I need something to block out the sound of your voice.”
Kai chuckled, but didn’t deign to move and retrieve the cushion.

“No one needs to know,” teased Kai in another failed attempt to persuade you.

“Maybe I could just ram the cushion down your throat instead,” you mused, already dreading however much longer you would have to spend in here with him.

Sorry it’s so short! I’m a bit out of practice

prompt: “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.”

for @inarex <3 <3 thank you for all your support!

“Do you believe in ghosts, Lil’ J?”

It’s not the question Jeremy expects from the Fake AH Crew’s Golden Boy when, after trudging for hours through tangled forestry, they finally emerge into a clearing and come upon a rundown little cabin. To him, it’s a blessing, clearly sent from the Lord Jesus himself to save them.

But Gavin’s staring up at the building, not with the disgust Jeremy might have expected at the sight of a place probably filled with spiders and dreaded dirt. There’s fear in his eyes, and Jeremy pauses.

“No,” he replies, slowly. “I don’t.”

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Outfit 133: “No Chill”

Breaking Bad S04x07 “Problem Dog”

Our hearts break as we get a great view of this truly awesome jacket. Its got weight and texture and a very flattering oversized collar. J looks very put together as he comes undone.

“If you just do stuff and nothing happens, what’s it all mean?”

This is the moment Jesse’s outlook on life, on existence, is verbalised for us. I’ve tried to do some readings to tackle this one…Nietzsche, Camus, Sartre, even crusty old Heidegger, but I haven’t found what I was looking for (does anyone, ever?). So I’m going to freestyle this shit & apologies in advance.

This line is like the moral equivalent of ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?’ - I’m sure that is a terrible equivalency, but it takes me where I want to go. J’s trouble is that he expects judgement and punishment to fall upon him from others in the world since he has broken both the law of his land and his own moral philosophy. But, there have been no external consequences: no imprisonment by the state and no punishment from Gus (scare tactics notwithstanding). So, is an act still wrong if there is no judgement?

If you believe in an objective, universal morality then the answer is certainly yes. A Christian would believe Jesse will get his when he’s zapped down into the depths of Hell. But, Jesse ain’t religious. He’s a moral relativist, meaning his understanding of what is right and wrong is subjective to his own experience. I see J as essentially Nietzschian and we are privy to the edges of his moral philosophy quite often in the series. We know he’s against harming children or involving them in criminal pursuits - this is a hard and fast Jesse commandment. Selling drugs he qualifies with to whom they are sold. Mothers? Okay if you’re a hooker and I haven’t met your son (Wendy) but not cool if I’ve met your son (Andrea). Recovering addicts? He was okay with it but seems to have changed his mind. Selling drugs to everyone else? Not a problem! What about generalised stealing, like say from your employer? Totally okay. Dude is  pretty down for greed and lust if we want to get traditional with our sins. But, murder…J’s not entirely sure. He’s into wrath/vengeance as this is one of his greatest flaws (more on that another time) and at one point thinks he’s fine with murder under this condition. But, in the contrived us vs. them scenario of murdering Gale, Jesse falls to his conscience. Still, we opened this episode with him practicing murder. He’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma if I ever saw one. 

Although he is confessing in this scene, he’s is also pleading for punishment. When the NA leader validates his wrongdoing, he escalates the stakes by confessing again. He needs consequences. His outlook on the world is in chaos without them. Without punishment, he has no choice but to restructure his moral code. It’s his only chance to alleviate his guilt.

Let’s all send our love and support to @starbotdubs, @camilaart and all the other women Ultima has abused. It’s a real shame something so awful has to happen but just know that no matter how bad something is there’s always 100 times more good to battle it. For all the women in this world who have been abused whether it be from Ultima or someone else: we love you and you have our full support. You are very much appreciated in this world and I hope nothing like this ever has to happen to you again

He pauses for a moment, then pulls something out of his wet jacket. You’re shocked, at first, but it’s him. It’s always him. You know nothing is as shocking as that was, so there’s no point in being shocked now. 

At the back of your mind, you’re a little glad. Warmth is the only way around loneliness. Yes, you tell yourself, it’s the only way around it. Even if the loneliness is a big sweeping blanket of darkness, warmth will always guide the way. It always has. It’s nice, you think to yourself, holding him for so long. You don’t know when it will happen again. You don’t know if it ever will. 

All that is solid melts into air, and you, too, melt with it. Such is a world where nothing ever happens; no good, no bad. Just a silent, still place where you hold him in your arms. But that’s no good. It’s no good for either of you. You’re not one for sitting in the same position for too long. Your arms cramp up, and you’ve had terrible constipation recently. Getting up and walking around is on the same value level as gold, platinum, even diamonds would be. (You laugh at the notion a little. General diamonds aren’t truly the most precious gem out there. It’s actually the rare Fancy Vivid Pink diamond that is the most valuable. Specifically the Pink Star diamonds, mined in 1999).

In his hands, he holds it out to you. Not a diamond, nothing inherently meaningful in the place you both come from. But in this new place, perhaps it is. In this darkness enshrined cavern you’re both lost in, perhaps it is time for a readmission of wares, of importance, of price. You set the bar now. Yes, you control this side of the world. Perhaps he is holding out to you the most precious thing that this new world will ever know: the most beautiful gem; the most sought after wife; the hardest lottery ticket to buy. Surely, this is how it worked.

Yes, this is how it worked. You knew nothing of politics, but you knew of democracy. There were only two of you now, and no one else. Like Adam and Eve, and no apple. Perhaps he was holding out the apple right now. There was no way to tell, only to decide. 

Eve, come at once. The garden of Eden has opened it’s golden gates. Halt, Eve, be careful where you tread. The Underworld is full of hands reaching through the gutters- little fingers that will wrap around your ankles and pull you down. Careful, Eve, for your bones must stay. Your organs must work. There is the day you’ve been bestowed with. You’re flattered, you accept it at once. 

Would Thanatos open the gates for you? Would he open them for him? You wonder to yourself. You think hard, and you think quietly, and his hands are shaking from holding out the gift for so long. But it’s okay, isn’t it? You sat for so long with him in your arms, it’s only fair he waits like you have. He hasn’t said a word. You will only look once his lips part and something comes out – nothing physical, only sound. You want to hear sound.

Something you realized about this place is that sound does not exist outside of you both. You heard his organs swishing around, moving as they did. You heard his humbled speech.

You have not heard your own voice. Perhaps it is because you have not said a thing. You think to yourself, and then you shake your head. You really must get out of such a bad habit. Thinking. It is a terrible habit, you think to yourself.

Of course. The gift. He’s still holding it out for you. You won’t look until he opens his mouth. You won’t look until he talks. God, dear sweet God, you want to look.

In the back of your mind, no, in the back of your soul, you beg him to. You wonder if he can heard you. You wonder if he, like others have not, has the ability to look beyond how you appear and see into your soul. Like a God, you laugh to yourself. You wonder if he can look beyond what is there, physically, and see what is there, emotionally. He can’t, you tell yourself, but you remember the letters.

Such sweet letters. You wish you were back there now. You wish you were walking to your physics lecture with his letters in your bag. You wish you were returning home after a long day in the library, and were being greeted by ten new letters from him (he sent them in small bundles, you realized. It saved stamps, he explained in his 48th letter). You wished that time turned back its calloused hands to whenever it was you were holding him in your arms. 

You realize you hadn’t decided whether time exists in this space or not. You roll the idea around on your dry tongue. Time isn’t all bad, sometimes. It’s gentle, even. You remember when you used to count down the days to his next letters. They arrived irregularly, but sometimes you could guess when. The emails hinted at it. Oh, the emails. He never sent voice clips, though, and it was a rare occasion to hear him talk. Perhaps he’s embarrassed. 

One hour… the time it takes for him to go from sitting to speaking? It’s a rude jest, and he doesn’t know it, but you laugh.

Maybe he does know it. He could be God. You never know. You can’t think. You’ve thought enough.

You decide to wait until he offers a thought, and then you shall resume thinking. Then you shall look into his hands and see what diamond he offers you. Then you shall partake in the petty sport of utopia. 

Ah, utopia. It’s been a long time since you’ve heard that word.

That yowapeda aesthetic:

  • Rearranging your skeletal system to go faster
  • Muscles bulging from under your skin enough to scare off Mr. T
  • Screaming whenever you put slightly more effort into anything
  • You fall behind in a race? You’re dead to the world now bucko sorry i don’t make the rules
  • Can’t get past someone? Shove your face into their ass until they move
  • Take both hands off of your handlebars. go ahead. nothing bad happens when you go 80+ km/h with no hands, nothing bad ever.