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10 questions for readers/writers

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Rules: always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, write 10 questions of your own, tag 10 people.

1. Who is your favorite author/poet and why?
Don’t make me choose lol

2. Do you have a pre-writing/reading ritual? If so, what is it?
Nah. The words just come out of me whenever and I just pick up a book and start reading.

3. What project are you working on that you’re most excited about?
Nothing right now. It’s all pretty spontaneous.

4. What piece of literature has resonated most with you and why?
Oh wow, sooo many! Too many to think of right now. I really love books, if you can’t tell.

5. What is the best advice for life/reading/writing you’ve ever received?
Just to be true to myself, in all things.

6. If you could shadow anyone from any time period for one week, who would it be and what would you hope to learn?
Jesus. There’s so much to be learned, but I guess mainly how to love best.

7. Do you have a favorite fictional trope? What is it?
I really enjoy time travel stuff and epic adventures.

8. If you could change anything about society, what would it be and why?
Oh boy, where to begin? Lol. I suppose eliminate the hate. I think it’s the basis for most of the world’s problems.

9. What is your favorite book/series?
It’s been awhile since I read a series and I’m blanking

10. What major influences have made you who you are as a person/reader/writer?
Depression and anxiety have affected me in every aspect of my life perhaps more than anything.

My questions:

1. Do you write/read books every day?
2. What genre(s) appeal to you most?
3. Is there a book you wish you’d written? If so, what is it?
4. Libraries…yea or nay?
5. Used books…yea or nay?
6. Are you a sucker for an eye-catching cover?
7. What author, living or dead, do you most wish you could be besties with?
8. Is there any author whose writing style you wish to emulate in some way?
9. Fiction or nonfiction?
10. If you were to write a memoir of your year so far, what would its title be?

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Vanilla (M) || Dom!Jimin Smut

gif is not mine

Genre: SmUuUuuT || Fluff (?) at the end || Dominant!Jimin
Word Count: 5.6k of pure fiLTH
Warnings: Hair pulling, light spanking, light choking, overstimulation, fingering, a lot of dirty shit okok prepare yo self

Description: Jimin is a busy guy. The idol life is not an easy one.
With you missing him for three months due to his schedule, all you wanted was to spend his first night back with him. When that doesn’t go to plan, you end up spewing shit about your sex life with Jimin – or better yet, your lack of one.

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The Saturday morning cartoon The Fake AH Crew!! 

A friendly gang of criminals set out to have a good time of fun in the nice city of Los Santos. This totally kids-friendly show takes the crew out on heists, things to do’s and simle play time to goof around. No swearing, no killing each other, no mugging, no raging anger and hatred and no one ever fucks up and ruins everything for the 104th time like somekind of asshole. nope. none at all.

the trailer for ep 34 : *comes out on friday*

ep 34 : *doesn’t come out on monday*

me, knowing full well that if a trailer comes out on a friday the episode will never be released on a monday :

as a non-native English speaker who’s fully fluent in both English and Spanish, i can tell you with the utmost honesty that regardless of how fluent i am in English when i’m excited it all tends to go over my head and even as a fluent speaker i find myself completely and utterly lost at times when my excitement is through the roof. don’t be nasty and rude about the people at harry’s show tonight.

most of them were probably screaming not because they didn’t respect him or what he was saying but because they probably understood very little or nothing at all of what he was saying because excitement tends to cloud a non-native’s speaker understanding very easily. this was made very clear when the crowd quieted down immediately after the traductor spoke.

so, bottom line is, don’t make assumptions about those fans because most weren’t screaming out of disrespect for harry or the topic of the manchester tragedy but because they weren’t fully aware of what was being said. please, take that into account before you say rude things about them

— aquiver | 04

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings: mentions of death, slight angst, mentions or mature themes, fluff
words: 10,495
summary: Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…
note. inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the main character’s past occupation haha

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 ::

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yuzuru hanyu || world team trophy 2017 cm (x)

Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 6 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: … or not

Warnings: Smut, and everything that comes with it

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta! 

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here! l Read Part 5 here! l Read Deleted Scene here!

(Y/n) (Y/l/n) and Dean Winchester

And even if his feelings were all to clear to him there still was a thing he could learn for sure: Your true feelings about him.

The sites appeared in front of him, ready for him to choose any of them. His eyes focused slightly on the photos that first came into view of the two of you. They seemed to be high quality and he actually remembered the scenery they were depicting. Until he realized it: it was from actual episodes of Supernatural. There was also one of the two of you really close to each other, faces only inches away and he searched in his mind to remember when that had actually happened.

Unless it was about to happen?

Dean shook his head, clenching his jaw to fight away the second thoughts. He needed something more true, more sure and not what his hopeful mind made up because of his heart. He decided to click on the first link that came up. It was about a site with the “(Y/n) and Dean” tag and several powts there from different people, pointing out their opinions and others posting pictures. He once more saw that photo of the two of you close to each other but he just scrolled past it, reading on the small posts. Most of them were about things he had taken notice of himself, during his everyday life and, well, the episodes they saw.

There was one thing people pointed out the most and that was the looks you would give him when he was not looking.

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Reasons ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Is Great
  • There’s a sassy baby
  • You get to see Neil Patrick Harris as a woman
  • There’s a gay couple and it’s not fetishized at all
  • Hypnosis
  • Murder
  • A complimentary pile of rocks
  • A little more than heavily implied pedophilia
  • Lemony Snicket crying over a 200 page handwritten breakup note
  • A scene in which two characters converse by mostly hissing at each other
  • Words such as “prostitute” and “orgasm” being said in different languages
  • A 12 year old gets bitch slapped
  • Child labor
  • “If I were standing closer to you I would slap you in the throat.”
  • Fourth wall breaks
  • “I decided to treat myself to some popcorn because there is nothing exciting happening in my life at all.”
  • Henchman of indeterminate gender
  • A black woman cast as Aunt Josephine even though she was white in the book
  • Violet in a violet dress
  • Three people hiding in a piano
  • Running up and down stairs with a knife as an exercise routine
  • Count Olaf in a wedding dress
  • “Orphans!”
The Surprise

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Loki x reader
Words: 2641
Warnings: SMUT and fluff
A/N: So here it is, guys! I saw that a lot of you wanted a fic inspired by this gif, so I decided to write something. 
If it’s your birthday when you’re reading this, have a very happy birthday! 
Please forgive all the grammar/spelling mistakes I’ve made. 
Hope you enjoy!

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You were reading your favorite book while lying in the sweet embrace of your boyfriend, the God of Mischief, Loki.

Too caught in the story of the book you ignored Loki’s words. That was until he shook you gently and looked down at you.

“Just because that book is more interesting than me holding you in my arms, doesn’t mean that you should ignore me, love” he chuckled and you smiled back at him after you put the book down and turned around so you can look at him.

“Did you say something… I’m sorry, I did not hear you” you apologized and kissed the corner of his lips, softly.

“Yes. Just a reminder that your birthday is in two days, so I wanted to know if there is anything you want for your special day?” he asked while caressing your cheeks.

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I have always been starving for you

A snowbaz one shot

Written by: all-snowbaz

Wordcount: 1.7 k

Summary: Simon and Baz are both feeling too much, and yet not enough. Simon has broken up with Agatha, but not for the reason Baz may think. So when Baz is about to leave at night, Simon follows him…

Published: The 15th of August 2017



It finally sounds like Simons asleep. It took him a long time today, but I can hear his breaths are getting slower and slower, so that’s usually a good sign. I am so thirsty. I never leave the room at night to hunt, if Simon’s still awake. I know that he’s fully convinced that I’m a vampire, but giving him more evidence would just be stupid. He already thinks I’m plotting, I can see it. He gives me these looks all the time, like he’s trying to figure something out about me. I guess I could just choose to not care, but it’s not that easy. I like to have him look at me at all times, even though I know it could never be like that. He has Agatha anyway, and that’s just how it is. I should have made peace with that, years ago.

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The Kraken’s Arms: Euron Greyjoy x Reader

Originally posted by proinsiascassidy

You are the last surviving child of Cersei and Robert’s only true heir. Having Tomman passed, you decided you didn’t want the crown, handed it to your mother and stand by her side at all times. With war coming, your mother has to make allies and the only way to make allies, is with marriage.

(Y/N) = Your Name 

***If you’re blonde, just imagine dirty blonde because you have darker colored hair in this*** 


Warning: Maybe smut?????? SHHhHHhhhHHH.  

Your mother, never looked better on the Iron Throne. You knew you were never fit to sit on it, rule over everyone when so many people were against you and your house. The last surviving Baratheon child of Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon. 

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Chaeyoung: How am I supposed to share creative funny stories when nothing exciting happens in my life, at all?

Jeongyeon: Just use a story from the sims and pretend it actually happened to you

Mina: One time, I was swimming but the pool ladders disappeared and I couldn’t get out so I swam for 10 hours then died

Dahyun: Classic

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