nothing against this ship but

The Reality of Voltron Ships
  • Sheith: "you're like a brother to me"
  • Heith: YOU MADE A JOKE!?!
  • Klance: I hate you, but only a bit
  • Shidge: Oh thanks for saving my brother
  • Hance: Brotp
  • Shatt: We had like .5 seconds of screen time together
  • Hidge: "Hey can you pass me the--Hunk stop barfing-- can you pass me the hard drive?"
  • Shallura: These kids stress me out, but we can be stressed together
  • Shance: "Nope, we're not doing that" "LANCE"
  • Lallura: *lances flirting intensifies* "Ugh"
  • Kallura: We were emo enough to run away together and good enough to resolve our conflicts
  • Kidge: I will protect this child.
  • Lancelot: "Who's Lotor?"
  • Pallura: She likes peanut butter.
  • Please no I have nothing against any of the ships lmao

There is always those ships out there that you have nothing against. You may not ship it but you don’t mind it. You wouldn’t have hard feelings about it if it were to become canon…but then you get introduced to its shippers and can’t help notice that every post made by them is nothing but hostility to others and filled with so much immaturity you’re torn between wanting to reply to it or not, but you don’t want to feel as if you are arguing with a ten year old. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know some of you like to instigate and start arguments just to put other people down, but all you’re really doing is hurting your ship by forcing people to hate it. I can’t tell you how many ships I’m now disgusted with just because of its awful following. Please stop hating and be a little nicer, if not for your ship then at least for yourself.

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Damian Wayne problem 8,783: Your best friend and girlfriend hate each other and are jealous of the time you spend with the other. She also ships you with your best friend and is responsible for approximately 47.4% of the current slash fiction about you two, and has been since you were Robin and squeaky voiced.

Damian Wayne problem 2,445: SuperBat fan fiction is the most popular pairing in the universe and has been since before you were born. You hadn’t even met the new Superboy and there was already slash fiction about the two of you. You want to blame Drake for this, but know it’s your father’s fault.

Person: I don’t like Pharmercy because of the age gap, it’s too big and it’s too creepy :/

Me: Points out the fact that there’s only a five year age difference between Pharah and Mercy

Same person: Also ships, which has a four year age gap between them too, and Bunnyribbit, which has a seven year age difference

How to Destroy SavageHopps (Violet Diaries)
  • Judy: Jack, why don't you come with us to my nephew's wedding.
  • Jack: Pardon?
  • Nick: Yeah, you calm me. I won't bite any rabbis when you're near.
  • Jack: Well if you two would like me to...
  • Finnick: Bad idea.
  • All: Huh?
  • Finnick: Take the hare to that wedding and Judy's family will spend the entire time trying to hook her and him up.
  • All: Ugh...
  • Nick: UNLESS, we get Jack a date!
  • Judy: Good idea! But who?
  • Nick: Someone who would immediately convince the Hopps that Jack is taken. Someone who would smash any and all hope of savagehopps to the ground...
  • Nick: *slowly looks to Finnick*
  • Nick: *smiles*
When your ship isn’t the most popular ship in the fandom.

a.k.a me being salty

Searching for fanfictions of any ship other than ereri can be really frustrating. As for some reason, writers feel the need to tag every side ship in their work, whenever it’s a past relationship or even an implied relationship.

from my experience this is how searching for top fics goes:

Oh you want some eruri? here have this ereri fic featuring Erwin Smith as Levi’s evil ex, instead.

IS eremin what you are looking for? nope. but consider this,ereri with a sprinkle of one sided-eremin.

Looking for Yumikuri ? how about this 500k+long ereri fic where yumikuri is briefly mentioned. (same as basically every other ship in the fandom)

I have nothing against these typical portrayals of characters in fictions, it’s really not my point. I simply don’t see the need to tag side ships, it only makes people’s life harder.

Remember when the Batjokes fandom used to be one of the nicest fandom and new people were always amazed to see there was no drama here and that we were just a bunch of shippers enyoying Bats and Joker together and no one was shitting on what version the others liked better?

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Aww man, so how was prom for yoongi and jimin?? Did they kiss??

Jimin: It was going great..we were dancing and having fun!

Jimin: Then one Namjoon  came and took me away??

Jimin: I guess they already had a plan to get Hobi and Yoongi together? because that’s exactly what happened..

Jimin: Yoongi  just went with it as well so i guess he was fine?

Jimin: I ended up going  home early after that..I couldn’t stand being there..

  • Me, when I ship a non-canon gay ship: just a reminder that I don't think this ship is canon and I have nothing against their platonic relationship!
  • Me, when I ship a canon gay ship: just a reminder that I like platonic relationships and I don't think all relationships have to be romantic!
  • Me, when I ship a non-canon straight ship: I just ship this
  • People: love is beautiful

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Why will you draw pewdiplier and other ships but not septiplier?

Bruh! Dun’ worry, i’ve drawn a lot of septiplier art in the past (a LOT) !However, i just don’t feel like it anymoar and i’ve always prefered to draw rarepair Brotps ! ~ヾ(^∇^)

Those that nobody cares but needs a lot of love!//wink wonk// 

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what do you think of the ship Klunk?

Is it bad to say I don’t like it?? I mean, I don’t HATE it, but it isn’t something I would wanna draw or go out of my way to find fan art or fan fiction for. Like, if I find it on my dash, I won’t immediately unfollow the person, I’m just not a fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hunk, just not with Keith and Lance. 

The filtered Shance ao3 tag

I’ve been trying to look for nice Shance fics to read but came across a problem I’m sure some of you encountered as well… Half the tag is either Shklance, some other poly or past Shance with some other ship as the main. So I took initiative and filtered out all the main Shiro and Lance ships I could think of, and created the filtered tag where Shance is 99% the only Shiro/Lance ship mentioned.

Here it is

*They may still feature as a side pairing, I didn’t go through all the pages but I skimmed over some of them and it seems like it’s the main ship in the vast majority so that’s great.

**The ships I filtered out: Shieth, Shklance, Klance, Shallura, Lanelot, Shatt, Hance, Shunk

***Unfortunately, this process has probably eliminated fics where one of the ships above is in the past and the main is Shance, and I am sorry for all the authors of these fics. I have nothing against any of the ships I filtered out, the only thought I had in mind was easier search for Shance exclusive content. From 620 fics, we went down to 366, and I think that number alone is evidence to how much this filtered search was needed.