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The canon Johnlock arc (in a fic)

I know I complain a lot about Johnlock fanfic. I have a lot of ifs, ands and buts about writing and characterization, but the truth is, I’m just insatiable, because there’s actually a lot of great fic still out there. I’m sure there’s authors I haven’t even started reading yet (’cause I haven’t found them– I’m always up for recs if you share my tastes, by the way!) Yes, this means I’ve found a tiny trove of new TJLC-friendly Johnlock fics. They’re both quite enjoyable, in rather different ways.

- For All Intents and Purposes, by ggggnashville: This is just a sweet and innocent bit of post-S3 get-together fluff, but I love these. You could almost say it’s a genre, of sorts, imagining John and Sherlock’s conversation where they finally tell each other those words neither one can bring themselves to say. Here, it’s surprisingly simple. Why does it have to be complicated? The truth is a powerful thing, and John isn’t particularly good at talking about these things. This is just a few moments out of time, once the current plot arc is over, where we’re back to domesticity, movies and take-out and general domesticity at Baker Street. This fic is a little bonbon, just enough to wet your palate and make you think about what John and Sherlock’s actual conversation will be like. 

While I do enjoy this mini-genre, I still yearn for beefier, broader-based fics, particularly ones that don’t start their emotional arcs after HLV already resolves. Essentially, nothing matters to me as much as seeing the continuity when it comes to characterization in any fic that’s not an AU, these days in Sherlock fandom, in any case. That’s where the other fic comes in.

- Long Division, by AuthorGod: this is the one I didn’t know I was waiting for. Longish, angsty but really just intense, this fic is grounded in a believable John backstory and hits all the right highlights and lowlights from the three series (including TAB). John feels so real, and it all hangs together! There’s little missing scene details from several  of the eps, which really do feel like they could be missing scenes, because John and Sherlock are so in character– including the stuff from the months-long hiatus in HLV, about which I’ve always wondered. Mary and Mycroft don’t have a large role, but what is there seems spot-on, not overstated and nothing too easy. One of the things that I’ve found to be a pitfall of fics that focus on TJLC-friendly Johnlock post-S3 is that things feel too easy, because all of them that I’ve seen so far skip actually doing the whole plot resolution thing, so it’s like skipping to the end of the book. With ‘Long Division’, we get an overview of the whole arc, so the resolution feels well deserved, and we see much-needed details about John’s real thoughts the whole time. Moreover, I was delighted to see that Sherlock’s responses in HLV weren’t romanticized or made overly fluffy: he’s still a prickly, painfully awkward and immature man who really likes to shoot himself in the foot. He just wouldn’t be Sherlock if he was too earnest, just as he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t explode into vulnerability, too. So basically I feel this fic addressed all my needs and desires, smothered me in meaty angst and a wonderful, in-character John POV, and then offered a smoothly satisfying resolution.

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Episode 200: Why Were You Like This

The time has come to wrap up my thoughts on Episode 200. Not a task I’m looking forward to, in part because it’s the signal that I’m really done, and in part because I’m still pretty upset at how much complaining I’m about to do.

You have disappointed me greatly, Episode 200.

This isn’t how I wanted the finale to go. It failed me on pretty much every possible level, from storytelling and pacing to character interaction and emotional resonance. I can’t tell you how much I don’t want to conclude this liveblog project with a post yelling at an episode. BUT HERE WE ARE. I’ve not pulled my punches on any of the previous 199 episodes, and I’m not going to start now.

Episode 200, then. How it was a shitty series finale, and every last way I’m bitterly disappointed.


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If you are going to posts things about the new ep of RvB tonight

-Only post things under a read more

-That is tagged with rvb13 spoilers and nothing else so it isn’t in any of the main tags

-Put a big title so people know they’re spoilers

-Don’t post photos from the episode they are not as easy to miss

And Again

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That's #gruvia love, bitch.

Seriously, I don’t think anyone can make me think otherwise about this sentiment behind Gray’s butterfly shirt. I mean Gray Fullbuster—either he’s wearing something masculine, battle clothes or wearing nothing at all (heh). But a darn butterfly shirt? It makes me want to create a GIF set solely on that butterfly shirt in ep 26. #gray’sjuviabutterflyshirtappreciationpost

LOL I can just picture Mashima, —”how to dress Gray?” —”Oh, that’s easy, shirtless!” —”Wait… how about a shirt?” —”…With a butterfly on it.” —”And not just a small butterfly on the bottom of the shirt.” —”No, the biggest fucking butterfly on a butterfly shirt you’ve ever seen!” —”How masculine you are Gray.” —”It really brings out the Juvia in you.”

Next we’d probably see Gray wearing a shirt with a flower on it, right? Right??