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i’m 10,000% sure this has already been discussed but i am so on board with this ‘she’s my collar’ having been written b 2-d about murdoc and his’ relationship just with the pronouns switched to female ones to try and hide it, but imo murdoc’s not that daft and knows the song is about their relationship but couldn’t part with such a good track and begrudgingly allowed it be put on humanz. and here is a dumb analyzation of that —

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The rug is getting faded these days but it’s still good.

Renovated the bun pen!

They have water, two litter trays, living works puzzle toy, some ramps, grass ball (attached to the left because dusty hogs all the greens so hops doesn’t get any. This is out of dwarf reach), pent house (goes very cool in summer when a frozen bottle added), wooden tunnel, a box, some toys and a bit of binky space.

Opens up to give whole room access when supervised. Access to the room is via a child auto closing safety system and two doors because dog.



im 200% sure it’s been too long since you’ve seen this


All 16 videos and all gifsets compiled in one big post yay! Thank you so much to fondhalo for gif-ing these for me as we went. :)

  1. “Na Na Na” - Video - GIF set
  2. “Stand Up” - Video - GIF set
  3. “I Wish” - Video - GIF set
  4. “Medley: I’ve Got a Feeling, Stereo Hearts, Valerie & Torn” - Video - GIF set
  5. “Moments” - Video - GIF set
  6. “Gotta Be You” - Video - GIF set
  7. “More Than This” - Video - GIF set
  8. “Twitter Questions” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2 - GIF set 3
  9. “Up All Night” - Video - GIF set
  10. “Tell Me a Lie” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  11. “Everything About You” - Video - GIF set
  12. “Use Somebody” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  13. “One Thing” - Video - GIF set
  14. “Save You Tonight” - Video - GIF set
  15. “What Makes You Beautiful” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  16. “I Want” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2 - GIF set 3 - GIF set 4

anonymous asked:

It’s (literally) crazy the amount of revisionist history & changing tactics that appear on Purv’s TL. I’ve been around since the beginning & she used to be very proud of her internet “research” and would post reams of “truths” from her “great detective work." Now she is “shocked” at the “mining” that “shippers” do and she & her followers exclaim their outrage, hoping that repeating something over & over again will make it a known truth. Perhaps someone recently discovered the movie Gaslight??

Twitter is a funny critter. I’m sure she’s scrubbed some of the more damning evidence that she is the originator / instigator / chief offender of all of the tactics she is currently decrying, and I’m sure there are… well, some, anyway, new followers who have no way of knowing all the underhanded ridiculous inflammatory OTT nonsense she got up to, and don’t believe anyone who tries to tell them.

But just as a reminder, she has, in no particular order:

1. Shamed, harassed, lied and spread rumours about a longtime close friend of Sam’s.

2. Hounded bystanders to tell her what they saw / didn’t see and used this information to spread more rumours.

3. Stalked the SM accounts of ANYONE (friends, family, hairdressers) known to be within two degrees of Sam or Cait, and used this information to spread more rumours.

4. Plumbed Google’s depths to uncover anything at all about Tony (how would she know he’s not on SM except by looking for his accounts?), and publishing whatever scraps she could find, including information about his mother and brother, and what charities he gave to 10 years ago.

5. Plumbed Google’s depths and mined Abbie’s Twitter / FB / private IG accounts to uncover anything at all, and then shared details / spread rumours. How did people find out she…was a school teacher? liked sunflowers? liked candles? liked sushi? liked avocado? liked coconut water? was in Los Angeles? was in New York? was in Miami? That was ALL PURV.

6. Posted photos from both Cody’s and Abbie’s locked IG accounts. In Abbie’s case, she posted a closeup of Abbie’s face along with a multi-point description of her connection to Sam, her profession, her family, her home city, her likes and dislikes etc. etc. etc., and broadcast these details repeatedly.

Small wonder several of  the people targeted by Purv have since scrubbed their SM accounts. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that Purv is at least as guilty of every sketchy practice she has ever accused anyone else of is a 🙈. For anyone in Purv’s 🎪 to complain about anything anyone else does in the way of information-seeking is almost too ridiculous to even laugh at. As is the knee-jerk assumption that anyone outside their team who employs the same methods is a shipper. Here’s the facts, friends: 1) If Purv’s methods were legit, she would have no need to protect her sources because people who aren’t doing anything wrong have nothing to hide. 2) Purv’s very existence proves that not all nosy “fans” are shippers.

My $.02