nothin to say huh

The conversation

it’s been about two solid weeks since I found out my secret and I knew it was time to tell Stefon before he caught on and called me out. He had just walked through his door from a long day of trappin and flippin on the streets but I knew there was really no other time to bring the pleasantly unpleasant news. I knew at least if I told him now and the reaction was bad I’d still have enough daylight to make it back to my apartment because I hated traveling through Brooklyn at night. He called out to me to which I answered my location in the house. He met me in the kitchen, shirtless. I sat on the counter, fingers intertwined with a rush of worry on my face. I had taken all the pregnancy tests that I hoarded the past few weeks and set them on the counter beside me. He stepped down into the kitchen and saw my face and his whole aura changed. He hadn’t seen the tests sitting on the opposite side of me yet but he knew something was coming.

He stepped closer to me and greeted me with


“wassup?? That’s how you say hi now? No kiss no nothin just ‘wassup’ huh?”

“nah don’t even try to hit me with that. You the one sittin in here all ominous and mysterious and shit like you got somethin bad you finna tell me. Shit I don’t need no more bad news today. I heard one of my niggas down in Bronx got shot up by some fuck niggas and now his whole team fucked up. So honestly I got alotta shit on my mind right now Kala so yeah when I come in the house and you lookin like you got a secret imma say ‘wassup’.”

I couldn’t get shit past this dude. He was good at reading people.. I guess that’s what made him good at his little “occupation”. Though I don’t agree with it, he makes his guap and keeps his peace and everyone respects him. He been doin this shit, seriously since he was 17. Now his ‘businesses’ have bought him this nice ass updated brownstone just on the outskirts of Brooklyn and anything he wants or needs.

“ just sit down babe. I wanna tell you somethin”

He sat down on the counter across from me. It was then that he looked down and saw my tests sitting there. He let out a sigh and a disgruntled “fuck” under his breath

“Kala.. Fuck is this??”

“they’re pregnancy tests Stefon. I know what you thinki….” He cut me off

“nahh, nahh..this… This is crazy bruh. Nah. I ALWAYS PULL OUT! I thought you was on birth control? How the fuck this happen? Is this even mine?” He snapped. Multiple questions comin out at once.

“look I was on birth control and I don’t know what happened. And apparently no you don’t ‘always pull out’ other wise we wouldn’t be in the predicament. Look, I’m shook myself Stefon. But I know this is your child cuz you the only one I’m fuckin! So don’t even think about playin that card cuz you know and I know 'wassup’. But I did do a little bit of research and apparently this shit can happen. It’s rare but it happens.”

“fuck you mean you did some research???“ He asked obviously taken aback with his face twisted. "How long you know about this?”

“ well I just found out a couple of weeks ago…but I been tryin to give it a little time to be completely sure that I was pregnant and not just havin a scare.”

“ yeah, well you definitely fuckin pregnant” he snarked pointing to the pile of pregnancy tests.

for a while we sat in silence. I looked down to my hands that were sweating pressed up against the tops of my thighs. I could feel the frustration in the air. I finally spoke after a few minutes to break the silence.

“you know.. this wasn’t a solo act Stef.. Last I remember it takes two to make a child. Trust me I haven’t made up my mind on what I’m gonna do yet. So you might get off the hook but what you’re not gonna do is disrespect me and force me into doing something I don’t want to do. I know you already have Tatiana and another child isn’t want you want right now but oh well. It’s coming.. I’m only twenty-two and a child is not beneficial to all the things I’m trying to do to get myself on with my salon plans. But I don’t have a choice. I’m forced to face this and so are you. Yes we were responsible and we took the necessary precautions but sometimes it’s not always effective. ”

my last words rang in our ears as we sat in an even longer limbo of silence. He changed his attitude but was still quiet. He sat there mostly in a state of shock and I sat there waiting for the shock to pass. He finally spoke after what seemed like an eternity.


FYI: no you didn’t miss anything before this lol. I just decided to take Kala’s save and make it into a mini story for right now at least. I hope you can tolerate my writing 😩. Lol it’s kind of my first crack at telling a story with actual dialogue. Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Jack The Horse vs Vasquez

“Who’s Daddy’s special boy?” Josh cooed to Jack, his prized widow maker of a horse, as he offered him another carrot.

“You are. That’s who.” He rubbed under the animal’s chin and patted his shoulder before grabbing his brush back up to finish grooming him.

Vasquez came back from the livery stable after caring for his own mount, stopping to watch Josh pamper his demon stead.

“That horse lives better than most men, eh?” He remarked, leaning against the corral fence.

Josh rubbed Jack’s nose, turning to look at his Mexican comrade.

“This is no ordinary horse, my friend.” He said with a proud smile plastered on his face. “He’s a decorated veteran. A war horse. Carried soldiers at Bull Run, Antietam, and Fredericksburg.”

Vasquez raised an eyebrow.

“What?” Josh asked. “It’s true. Cross my heart.”

“Hm. Did the traveling bronco vendedor tell you that, cabron?” Vas sent a smart ass smirk his way.

“I don’t think I like what your gettin’ at, mister.” Josh frowned.

“He doesn’t behave like a soldier.” Vasquez stated.

Josh turned and walked up to the fence, Jack following him like a loyal old dog would.

“I see what your deal is, amigo.” He grinned at Vasquez, reaching his arm under Jack’s neck and rubbing the fur on the other side.

“You do, huh?” Vas scoffed.

“Yeah. I do.” Joshua confirmed.

“Tell me then, cabron.” Vasquez challenged him. “What is my deal?”

“You’re jealous.” Josh said, smirking.

“Jealous? Of what?” Vas asked with a frown.

“Of my handsome boy, here.” Joshua replied, rubbing down Jack’s face.

Vasquez cursed under his breath.

“I’m right ain’t I?” Josh grinned triumphantly.

“No you’re not.” Vas growled. “Why would I be jealous of that horse?”

“Well I can’t say for sure.” Josh shrugged. “But I wouldn’t worry yourself too much. Nothin’ you can do about it anyway.”

“Why you say that, huh?” Vasquez asked him with a frown.

“Look, I’m sorry to say it, muchacho, but Jack here will always be this cowboy’s numero uno.” Josh replied, kissing Jack a pat and kiss on the nose.

“Really, Guero?” Vas raised an eyebrow.

“That’s right.” Josh confirmed with a nod.

“Even I if did this?” He didn’t give Josh any time to think. Before the gambler could do anything else Vasquez had grabbed him by the vest and pulled him up against the fence, smashing their mouths together.

Josh made a noise of surprise as he was kissed, but he had no further objections.

Jack, however, wasn’t having any of it. If either Josh or Vasquez had been paying attention they would’ve seen him angrily lay his ears back against his head, and disaster could have probably been avoided.

The jealous stallion squealed as he lunged forward and chomped down on Vasquez’s arm.

“Mierda!” Vas cursed, yanking back immediately, and actually shoving Josh as he tried to escape. He managed to pull free but Jack ended up taking a piece of his shirt sleeve.

“Jack….” Josh frowned at his horse. “Now why the hell’d ya have to go and do somethin’ like that?” He ducked under the fence and approached Vasquez, who was clutching his bleeding left arm and cursing in pain.

“He gotcha pretty good huh?” Josh gritted his teeth. “Here. Let me see.”

Vas uncovered the wound to let Josh look at it. Jack hadn’t done as much damage as he could have. That was a blessing at least.

“At least he didn’t take a chunk out. Just marked ya up a little.” Josh observed, looking over the bite marks Jack had left on Vasquez’s forearm.

“Stupid horse!” Vas growled, glaring over at Jack, who was still watching from the fence.

“Hey now, don’t be like that.” Josh frowned. “He thought you were tryin’ to hurt me is all….Now come on, amigo. Let’s go get this cleaned up.” He put an arm across Vasquez’s shoulders and led him away from the corral.

Jack snorted after them, throwing his head around and pawing the ground.

Vas turned back to him, throwing an ugly glare.

Pilot and E.N.D.O.
Mr. Kenyon
Pilot and E.N.D.O.

Hello, Pilot!  I am E.N.D.O., your External Navigational Directions Operator!  I am here to assist you with your first flight in this particular machine!  I noticed that the standard pre-flight checklist has yet to be performed.  Please allow me to help with getting things started.  First, we must…

Hey!  Neat!  I’ve never had one of these on a flight before!  

I wonder…


…what’re you doin’?

Huh?  Nothin’.


As I was saying, then, we should finish the preflight checkup within the next…


Stop that.

What?  I’m not doing anything.

Just…don’t.  Seriously.  Tryin’ to help ya here.

Oh, I know.  Finishing the pre-flight checkup?

Yes, if all goes according to schedule, we should be ready for takeoff in approx-



What kinda sick, twisted robot are you?  Your immediate reaction to a floating orb assistant is for you to try and lick it?  What’s your freakin’ malfunction, Pilot?

I’m sorry, I just…

Bah.  Y'know what?  Fine.  Ya wanna be all Licky McLickersons, you can do the pre-flight check your own damn self.  I’m gonna go check on the cargo.  Call me when you can keep your freakin’ tongue inside your head!

A bit of audio, testing out rebornica’s ideas for Pilot (and his nifty radio voice) and the Pilotverse version of Endo.  No meme jokes tonight, kids!

Dean glared ahead at the person who delivered the comment. “Bull. Shit,” he growled, knocking a glass of scotch to the ground. “Sam? You got nothin’ to say now, huh, smartass?” Dean glanced around the room, only to find his brother gone. “Wh-where–? He musta left..I-I didn’t hear the door…” The longer Dean thought, the more he understood that maybe Sam was a figment of his imagination. “No. My brother; my baby bro is real. H-he survived that fire, he’s been with me ever since…?” Dean’s breath quickened and he started to fidget. “Sam’s real. Real. Real,” he murmured to himself.