so last monday after I bought a Marimo, me and Rianne were walking back to the dorms/back to go eat, and this lady dropped a credit card, so I threw my stuff down, ran to pick it up, and then ran back to give it to her because she hadn’t noticed.

When I returned Rianne asked if I felt good, and I have to say I didn’t really feel much, it’s just something that you gotta do yanno. I don’t feel pride when I do good deeds they are just something ya gotta do and I want to. 

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i have kind of a weird question.. i was browsing thru your ocs on your weebly site (because OMG im in love with them) and i was just wondering how did you make your weebly site? was it expensive? did u just use a theme? the reason i ask is because ive always needed a place to sort ocs and yours is soooo slick and organized so i wondered if the source code was free of if you made it yourself and if u had to pay much to use weebly. thank u for being you I LOVE UR ART BTW!!!! <3

weebly is free! its a free hosting site that has a buncha themes there you can choose from. its super easy to use you don’t even need to code anything. i recommend just signing up and messing around with it, it’s easier than me tryin to explain how it works haha

AND THANK YOu!!!!!!!!!!!

also i will say just bc we’re talkin abt my silly oc site, taking inspo from mine is fine obvs but id appreciate if ppl didnt straight copypaste from it with no edits of their own (its happened before weirdly)! THANK 

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“Hey there, KIDDO, you must be feelin’ mighty hungry by now.” Malcom commented as he unzipped the doorway stepped into the small quarters he’d procured for the boy, a decent plate of food in hand. “Brought you some food, ain’t nothin’ TOO SPECIAL, but it’ll get you by.” Pulling an apple from his jacket pocket, he placed both the plate and fruit down on the side table. “Don’t tell no one ‘bout that.” He added with a small smile, gesturing the ruby red apple. “We’ll call it a TREAT for good behaviour.”

A little theory about Genesect

Nothin special but you know how MIssingno sometimes appears as a Kabutops skeleton.

And Genesect is always considered to be a Kabutops

What if Genesect is a captured Missingno?

Josiah & Javier


What do you have in your backpack? It’s Friday, it’s going good. How about you?

Candy, charger, and a hoodie. Nothin’ special. I just thought it was a cool bag. My friday has been cool. You must be new. I’m Josiah