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being friends with the core four would include

REQUEST: can you do one of those would include things with being friends with the core four. love your work!💋

- being childhood friends with Archie, Betty and Jughead
- having loads of childhood pictures together and looking at them together from time to time
- getting along with Veronica really well when you start to hang out with her
- having milkshakes at pop’s together
- sleepovers with Betty and Veronica
- supporting Archie and believing in him when he says that he wants to make music
- being there for Betty when she has another fight with her parents
- being there for Veronica when she has problems with her mom
- being there for Jughead when you find out that the drive in shots down and trying to help but there’s nothig much you can do
- going to cheer tryouts with B & V and becoming a Vixen
- supporting Archie at football games by cheering
- catching the boys stare at you in your cheerleading uniform
- letting Archie try out his new music on you
- guitar lesson from archie
- going bowling with the core four
- movie nights with the core four being stuck inbetween the two boys as V & B snuggle up
- helping the girls get Chuck kicked off the team for disrespecting your girls
- kissing jughead infront of Reggie so he gets off Jugheads back
- blushing a lot of blushing
- inside jokes, a lot of them


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sophies-sideshow as someone dabbling in the story (just a one shot! nothig big!) i can tell you that. i adore vampire au’s that involve normality. i’ve never been one for vampire au’s. ever. but then the thought struck me, and i went over this au with a friend on this site over and over again, and the both of us absolutely couldn’t get enough. 

a land where predators, a select majority, still require blood. 

so they set up safe clinics to draw that from prey in order to continue living stable and normal lives. 

you can become a donor, or you can just sort of know it exists. it would be like donating blood in this world! just… you do it if you want! 

and, if there’s something off with your blood, then they’d be the first to know. 

the clinics would save lives- being able to detect firsthand if anyone had a disease beginning to accumulate in their white and red blood cells. 

judith hopps doesn’t ever want to be a donor. 


but circumstances put her into the position where it’s not an option, and a monthly setup is created for her to see one of the feeders on a bi-weekly basis. 

his name is nicholas wilde. and he is definitely going to be in for a surprise. 


(sms: littlefish) What are you talking about? I called you this morning
(sms: littlefish) Check your voicemails.
(sms: littlefish) You don’t want me at your parties. I’d probably ruin them
(sms: littlefish) Don’t eat the pizza you dropped on the floor whatever you do

( imessage ;; cat ) there’s definitely nothig ther
( imessage ;; cat ) you haaaave to come, you never do
( imessage ;; cat ) party pooper
( imessage ;; cat ) but it’s pizza cat pizza. you have to eat pizza

My Favorite Helper...Chapter 2 (JokerxReader)

You move into your new home and get to officially meet, the one and only, Mr. J.

Warning: Nothig Major as of yet. ▪️▪️▪️

You awoke to a knock at your door the next morning, a slight headache hitting you. You look around and you’re in a nice ass hotel room. Where the hell am I?

You get up to go answer the door and find the same two guards from last night at your door. Your past actions of last night suddenly hitting you. Oh fuck.

“We came to take you to your home to grab any belongings you want, Mr.J wants you moved in today.” The one on the right says.

You just look at them for a second. “Uh, okay. I need to freshen up at home anyway.” You look down seeing your clothes from last night. Gross. You shrug and follow them out the hotel and into the shiny black Aston Martin.

Upon arrival to your apartment, you invite the henchmen in. Overall your apartment was nice, so Mr.J had better have something this good, if not better. They take a seat on the couch and flip on the tv. You roll your eyes.

"Well can I at least get the names of you two?”, you raise an eyebrow.

"I’m Franky” one smiles. It seemed genuine.

"And I’m Ted. We’re bosses most trusted men” the second smiles, seeming much more cocky.

You chuckle, “well my names (Y/N), I’m going to go freshen up, in the meantime, in that closet are boxes and tape, can you put together about 15? Oh and call a move in truck?”

They nod and get to it. You turn and advance to you room. Did the secretary have some kind of leverage over them? Or were they just being nice? Who knew.

You finished showering and got dressed in some blue skinny jeans, a pair of roshe sneakers and a basic white t shirt. Throwing your Michael Khors sunglasses on your head you headed to the living room, today you meant business.

"Franky, Ted, thanks for the boxes.” You noticed there’s only three put together though, “What time does Mr.J want us back by?”

Franky looks up from the TV, “he just said as soon as possible, need any help?”

You nod, “do you know by chance, what exactly I’ll need?”

"Well your home is fully furnished so just clothes, but J said if you want, we could get you new ones too.”

You grin, “did you call that move in truck?”

"Nope, figured you’d ask what you just did, and then decide you didn’t need one.”

You grin and pick up a box. Without having to ask Franky grabs one and Ted the other. They follow you to your room and you pack a few of your favorite shoes in your box. Clothes and such going in the other two boxes. The boys seal them and you walk to you vanity and grab a few pieces of jewelry, putting them in your purse. You decide you could buy new makeup, better makeup with the money you’d be making. “Let’s rock and roll boys.”

You approach a tall skyscraper looking building. It’s filled with multiple law firms and things of the such, but at the top is where J Enterprises sits. It takes up 5 floors. 3 being solely business. 1 being for the workers to lounge in, and the very top floor housed with a variety of different home spaces. It had its own separate elevator section as to prevent unwanted people. The top floor had marble tiling, and was nicely decorated. Door mats in front of each apartment. One of which was yours. One belonging to Franky. One belonging to Ted. And the rest belonging to other holders of Mr.Js important employees.

You walk into you new living space and it’s beautiful. Open concept and spacious. White and black the main color schemes. Light flooded in from the windows wrapping around the living room and into your room. You must have had a corner unit. “This is nice!!”

Franky and Ted agree and you share small talk until Franky gets a message. “Boss wants to meet up with you.”

You nod. Eventually you’d have to see him again. You all exit your apartment and descend two floors down. There’s a room with glass walls, Franky and Ted escort you in. “J will be here in a few minutes. You got this, no pressure. See you in a few.”

You smile and wave, you had come to like the two. A few minutes pass and he opens the door. “Nice to see you, (Y/N). How are you today? I see you decided to stick through.”

You smile, “Same to you Mr.J, and of course. A deal is a deal after all.”

He nods, and grins. “Well I’m just going to give you a few things, a quick briefing of this week, which we will do every Sunday night, and a list of things for you to do today!”

You grin back, ready to listen.

"Okay well firstly, here’s a handy little device. It’s lightweight and works just as nice as your desktop will, just portable. You’ll need this when we go places so don’t break it.” He slides it over to you then grabs something else out of a bag. “This is your new phone, you don’t need your old one anymore. This is synced to your tablet and desktop. It also has the contacts of Franky, Ted, and of course me. Over time, you’ll gain more contacts.” He slides that over to you as well. “This is your office key, don’t lose this, it’s a pain in the ass to go get a new one made.” That slides over to you. “And finally, here’s a little guide for you. Has all the answers inside to questions that are work related. Also a run down of clients I’m in business with and their standing with me, blahzay blah.” That comes across to you in a new Michael Khors tote.

You grab it excitedly and look at him. “You did not!”

He grins, “if you haven’t noticed, we have a look to uphold. By the way, loving the casual look but make sure that’s only on off hours. We dress nice while on the clock.”

You nod feeling slightly chastised. “Yes, Mr.J!”

"Now! For a quick overview of this week! I’ll be telling you what’s going on, but this is normally where you’d tell me all the things I have to do and the sorts. It just so happened I had to do it on my own this week, so I’ll enlighten you.” He leans back in his chair as you eye him over.

"Tomorrow we have two meetings with prospective business partners. You’ll be attending those with me. One at 12pm the other 2pm. Lunch is at 3:30 at Chateàu Gardens with some other employees where you’ll be introduced and what not. Tuesday should be rather easy, one meeting and that’s it. You’ll be off rather early. Wednesday is packed, it’s where we go and visit all my owned places here in Gotham. It’s usually an in and out for most places minus the few we may have to fix up. Thursday I have two more meetings with prospects, 11am and 12:30pm. Another with a current partner at 2pm. Friday we have a meeting as a whole unit at 12pm. It’s about 13 of us, I’ll need you to run some errands for me that morning. After the meeting your weekend begins. Normally Saturday’s are your day unless something pops up, in which case you’ll be notified. Overall, this job isn’t that hard but can be rather demanding at times. Can you handle that?”

You mock roll your eyes and smile, “Of course I can Mr.J! Now what’s the best time for me to be present at my desk?”

He grins at your excitement, “roughly 10:00-10:30. My office is right next to yours, I like to be checked on when I arrive, and I normally request some kind of breakfast and my favorite coffee.”

You add the items to your tote, “and what’s for today?”

He sits back up, “ah yes, I want you to take this. He pulls out a black credit card from his jacket. Your name engraved on it. “Revamp your wardrobe and once that’s done go get a new car. It’s has $150,000 on it. Your income will be added to that weekly. Franky and Ted will accompany you for today. After that, you may be on your own a lot of the time.”

You get excited, you loved shopping. “Oh yay!! They’ll love shopping with me!”

He chuckles and gets up, “Let me show you your office.”

You follow him into an open area busy with workers and take a left down an open hall filled with offices. All glass walls. You smile at how normal this all felt.
"This is your office and this is mine.” You’re at the end of the hall. Your office the last door on the right and his office on the wall facing down the hall. His was much bigger, as expected, but you did notice you had a bigger office than the others. You grinned.

You awaited the arrival of Franky and Ted. Once they got there you squealed and they sighed already aware of what was going on. “Let’s go shopping boys!”