ok this needs to be said

taylor IS a good hearted person who has earned HER success and I’m tired of everyone INCLUDING celebrities bringing her down. Celebrities are more in the media than politics, which is sad, but back to the point, its safe to say people get most of their judgments from what’s already out there or from what another celebrity has said before. the ‘shading’ and ‘sipping tea’ memes needs to stop. taylor is a human fucking being who spreads her love to everyone she meets whether they are a fan or NOT.

taylor swift you keep being you because that’s who WE all love. You’re talented, selfless, amazing, kind, sweet and SO MANY OTHER THINGS. KEEP SHINING BABE AND WE WILL ALWAYS BE RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE SUPPORTING YOU.

🕊It’s hard to browse news these days, hope we can all find beauty and appreciate one another, without prejudice and regardless of skin color.🕊
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